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01/19/2004 3:24 AM

The woman sat up, completly bathed in sweat. Her heart raced in its cage of ribs, trying to break free. she glanced to her left, and put a hand on the body laying next to her.

"Blessed Michikale.." She whispered in her native tounge. The body beside her was still breathing, if somewhat labored. Her partner's skin was taunt against it's body, and the body temperature had dropped strangely low..

"Gregorian.." She whispered. Pulling on her dressing robe, she whispered to herself, using her races inate ability to shapeshift.

No one knew what they really were onboard this ship. No one knew that below where they worked and toiled lay two of the worlds most dispised creatures..

Two Irda.

Gregorian coughed, a bubble of foam popping on her open mouth. The woman shook her head.

"Hang in there.." She whispered gently. Pulling on her boots, and thankful that Gregorian hadn't had time to shift back into the form of the Irda she loved, she opened the door. The creaking hinges echoed down the hall of the cramped ship.

She had to find a healer, or some sort of practitioner. She prayed to any god that was listening to help her friend, and prehaps save her life.

"A healer! I need a healer!" She called desperatly, tears begining to brim over the sides of her eyes. She whiped the fake blonde hair off of her forehead, trying desperatly to keepherself together.

"Someone please!" She shouted, her voice shaking in the wavering light of her candle.

01/19/2004 5:53 PM

The plank suddenly rattled. The ship shuddered. Erylaen threw herself against the ship’s wall, grappling onto a solid object to steady herself. The light had suddenly flickered off and she was tossed ito darkness. This area of the ship was the wrong place to be at this time of the night, she silently grumbled to herself, wihle clutching to the object on the wall.

Soon after the tremor had passed, she could hear a cry for help.
She hurried towards the source, her white robes rustling, her eyes trying to adapt to the sudden ambience. The medallion on her chest glinted in the darkness. Erylaen touched its cool ruby surface, and was immeidately assured by its presence. In a burst of motion she ran blindly as the cry grew closer and met dual contact with a feminine figure.

“Are you alright?” She asked, gasping for breath at the sudden collision . The darkness they had suddenly been pitched into expertly hid the weeping figure, however, and she waited for a response.

01/19/2004 6:28 PM

A commotion just outside her door woke Gaia. She jumped, alarmed.

What could have happened? A storm? she wondered.

A voice was crying for help, and she pushed back the blankets, and rose.
Her hair was a forest green, so dark it was nearly black, and her sking was a grayish-blue green.

She tugged a billowy shirt, far too big for her, coming all the way down to her knees, over her head, and opened the creaky door.

A woman lay on the floor, and had apparenty crashed into another, who lay weeping on the floor.

"WHat's going on???" she asked, kneeling to help the woman up. She recalled the captain callign her name...something foreign.....Erylin?Erin? Erylen? Erylan? Ery-Erylaen!

01/19/2004 8:10 PM

The woman glanced to the new comers, who had apparently heard her cry for help. Her heart lept out in fear for the life of Gregorian.

"My friend.. was poisoned... If we don't do something soon.." She whispered. "She'll die!"


Gregorian was in a dark cavernous place, the only light shining form a tiny hole in the ceiling.

A rock tumbled down the wall from the crack, followed by another, and another. As she watched, the cavern fell away, revealing a baron wasteland.

Smoke billowed around a tall tower surrounded by a dark green forest. A black light seemed to shine down upon it, giving it an eerie cold glow.

"T'an Uth Naktuv Chemo! K'ohn Vras Neut Chimono! Sarg'Nol Zimboi Hiduk'n! Morgia Nahtar!" A familiar voice rang out. A bright light from atop the tower show down burning the town beneath it. A silver and blue dot hovered slightly above the tower, a bright multicolored light shining around it.

The light touched ground, causing the Earth to shake and crack apart. The sky itself seemed to fall atop her, crushing the breath of her lungs.

Once the smoke cleared.. she stood alone in a dark void... Cold..


Krista lead the two into the room where her partner lay.. Her breathing had stopped, but her heart still beat weakly.

"Oh gods! We may be to late!" She exclaimed, tears begining to fall down her cheeks.

"Please! Someone! Do something!!!"

01/20/2004 10:02 AM

Two dragons circled high above the ship looking at it. One was gold, the other red.

"Yes. This one is perfect! Ender, lets ride this ship." The gold dragon gestured, obviously excited.

"For the last time, why the hell do we have to do this!?" The red dragon was in a cranky mood.

"Because, I've never rode on a ship before." Said the gold as she began to descend toward the ship.

"Sola, wait up!" Ender shouted as he followed her.

By this time Sola was only a few feet above the deck. She began to shimmer as she drifted down. Setting foot on the deck was a young human woman, about 18. She had bright blue eyes and wavy golden hair. She was short at about 5 feet and wore a simple green dress.

"Oh, this is so wonderful." She clasped her hands together.

"Yah, yah, wonderful." Ender said as he changed. In the red's place was a half-elf who stood at about 6 feet and a half with long, wild red hair and gold eyes. Dressed in red clothes and leather armor, with a bastard sword slung across his back, he was in stark contrast to his companion.

"Really, you could do better then that." Said Sola.

"You know this is the best I can do. Besides, you should be glad I'm going along with this stupid plan." Ender looked off to the side.

Why does she have to insist on doing all the things the stupid humans and demi-humans do anyways.

"Ender, this way. We have to go below deck. At least, I think this is a deck?" She said as she head below.

"Why?" Ender asked this even though he knew that he what he was going to hear.

"Because, we haven't paid yet. So, we will just hide under the deck until we get to...I guess the port?" She said as she clambered down the stairs.

"And yet we could just force them to take us there." Ender growled.

"But, that isn't the way humans do it." Sola said stubbornly. Before Ender could make another complaint, Sola put her hand up to his mouth.

"Sh, I hear something. Someone's...crying? Come on. We have to go help." Sola grabbed Ender and dragged him along.

"Why? Why do you always insist on doing this?" Ender muttered.

01/20/2004 4:30 PM

The ship suddenly rocked gently, and suddenly the light flickered on.
Erylaen was momentarily swayed, her hands had struck the wooden splinters of the quarter’s doorway.

“Ouch,” she breathed. She could see the woman somewhat clearly now, very tall and clearly outlandish in her apparel.

They entered the cramp quarter, and her nostril clashed with the stagnant air.
However, she suppressed the nauseous emotion that had came upon her and instantly took to the side of the injured woman.
Tilting her face and lowering it to the woman’s, she could feel a slight breath tickling the side of her cheeks. That’s a good sign. She checked her pulse and perceived it as faint. Not good.

Laying her hands upon the clammy flesh of the woman, she prayed to Mishakal. Goddess, take this woman into your embrace, heal her and cleanse her with your touch.

A glow emitted from the palms of her hands and flooded throughout the body of the woman, creating an almost halo like aura. She fell back, suddenly wearied from the energy she had released, feeling a part of the woman’s pain inside of her.

01/20/2004 6:13 PM

Gregorian coughed and sputtered as the poison vanished from her body. Her eyes fluttered opened, and she whispered something weakly.
Krista let out a cry of relief and hugged the cleric of Mishkal.
"THank you." She said, whiping a tear from her eye. "I was certain we were going to lose her..."

Gregorian smiled weakly at Krista, her heart beat returning ot normal. She still flet weak, and knew she couldn't cast anything for awhile... But she smiled anyway, the vision she had encountered flitting from her mind..

Krista smiled at the two people who had followed her into thier quarters.

"I'm sorry tohave disturbed you..." She began.. and then looked up, having come to a realization.

"I'm sorry! I didn't even introduce myself! My name is Krista, and this is my companion Gregorian.. We're traveling to Palanthas." She smiled, extending her hand.

01/20/2004 7:36 PM

Sola leaned against the wall listening. She smiled.

"It looks like everything is alright." She relaxed.

"Your hearing is good enough even in human form that you don't have to lean against a wall." Ender still didn't understand her after all these years.

"Oh, I changed my senses to those of a normal human. I want the full experience." She said looking at him. Ender groaned.

"Why me? Why?" He said. He glanced around. He knew that he was going to have to find a place for them to hide. Especially considering that Sola had proably negated her eye sight to a human level as well.

01/20/2004 7:54 PM

Magic seemed to fill the air aound krista as the hair stood on the back of her neck.

I wonder... She thought to herself. She smiled to her guests..

"Gregorian.. I know you just woke up honey, but please try to make our guests feel at home.. I will be right back.." Stealthly wakling up the stairs to the deck ofthe ship. Clinging to the shadows, knowing that her own innate magic would give her away if what she suspected was true, she walked until the feeling was at its peak intensity.

A half elf, and human stood leaning against the wall.

It's coming from these two? She thought to herself.. Walking up to the two, she smiled gently.

"Instead of eavesdropping on our conversation, why don't you come inside and join it? I'm sure it would be much more hospitable than up here.. and it's warmer besides.."

Gregorian smiled coldly to her guests and looked to the cleric.
"Thank you." She said, her eyes remaining cold as stone. She walked over to the make shift kettle, and started a small fire. Gingery pouring water into thier tea kettle, she gestured to the table.

"Please, make youselves comfortable."

01/21/2004 8:11 AM

Sola jumped. Twisting her hands together, she began to stammer.

"W-w-we-we weren't evasdropping. No. No. We were just-ju-just..." She was interupted by Ender clapping a hand on her shoulder.

"Forgive my companion. She can be an airhead." Sola looked at Ender in anger.

"No I'm not! Besides...its better... then being...a...a thug!" Sola hated the way the red always treated her as if she was an idiot. Worse, he always seemed to do it in front of other people. Sola thrust her elbow into Ender's ribs. He hissed in pain.

She smiled at the lady in front of her.

"Why we'd be happy to. I was so worried about what we were going to do for a room. Come on, lets go." She said grabbing Ender by the hand and dragging him along.

01/21/2004 4:39 PM

Gaia stared at the woman who was doing the healing.
A true healer.... she thought to herself.

Not so rare these days, but rare enough to be noticed.

The woman who had been healed, this "Gregorian" wasn't human. Gaia could tell that easily. She looked it, but something about her and her companion, "Krista", felt, wrong. Inhuman. Different.

Gaia shook her head. The woman had said poisoned, so that was her area. She swept up some of the froth that had come from Gregorian's mouth, and was on the pillow.

The elf sniffed it. The odor smelled of rotten meat, and spices.
Hmmmmmm. Moonshadow, perhaps? Garshem? That would seem right.

But something was out of place. Garshem was veryyy potent, and targetted all magic that was not of the black moon. Someone did not want this woman necessarily dead, but crippled.
If she even had any magic.

"Garshem poison. Very potent." she stated, facing Gregorian.
"Someone does not like you. It's a bit rare, being from the Moonshadow family."

01/22/2004 2:05 PM

Following Krista, Sola entered the room where the others were, with Ender behind her.

"Oh. Hello. My, is this is quite an a group here. Is something wrong?" Her curiosity about the commotion had returned and she was eager to help.

Ender leaned against the wall feeling suspicious. He felt he sensed magic, but he wasn't sure. He had never excelled at that point in his heritige. It was what he was smelling that was bothering him. Was it a poison? And the scents of some of these passengers were bothering him, but he couldn't understand why.

Then again, what do you expect from humans and the like? He thought to himself, disgusted that he had been dragged into this small space.

01/23/2004 2:31 AM

Krista sensed the groups unease, and knew the cause. However, she would play it off for awhile.

Walking up to Gaia she smiled. "Why don't be silly dear, Garshem would have killed Gregorian. It latches onto any magic not that of the black moon if i'm not mistaken.."

Then again, they were Irda. Smiling to the two who were not all they seemed she gestured to two more empty seats.

"Please, have a seat. Pardon the mess if you will.. We weren't exactly expecting company."

Gregorian huffed. She knew that it had been the Garshem that would have done her in.. Had her visions not vanished... All of her magical ability had been waning recently, and she was afraid that this was a sign thet she had lost all of her magic..

Except her polymorphing. Unaware that her face was showing a puzzled look, she stared off into space, ignoring the idle chit chat of Krista and the guests.

The pot began to squeel and Krista put the tea in with the water allowing it to soak.

She looked to the cleric next. "I owe you my largest thanks in return for saving Gregorian.. when we reach Palanthas name your prize and it will be yours." Her eyes showed that her word was genuine.

Gregorian snapped out of her trance and looked to the female of the dio that had just entered. She stood up weakly, quickly gaining back the strength she thought she had lost forever.

"Where did you say you were from?" She asked the woman.

01/23/2004 6:26 AM

"Oh, My clan comes from a bunch of islands. Very Small islands. My name is Sola." She smiled, excited to have the chance to make friends with non-dragons. She looked at Ender.

"Thats Ender. I don't remeber where his clan comes from." Ender didn't retort, but just leaned against the corner. Which made Sola really glad.

He's not going to ruin it for once.

"Who are all of you?" She asked.

01/23/2004 10:21 PM

Erylaen glanced around at the odd assemble. Cramp and dingy this room is, however, it invites a large amount of guests from banished concerns.
She observed the woman she had just healed, with a furrowed eybrows. There was something about her she just couldn't place. When she had healed her, an uncanny conncetion occurred. The shady effect it had on her was definitely different than many others she had healed before.

"There is no need," she said with a dismissal wave of her hand. "I do not do this for profit. Thank Mishakal for have given me the ability to heal you."

She continued to watch as Gregorian--that was what she called herself, what an odd name--turn towards the woman that had just entered.

01/24/2004 2:44 AM

Krista smiled at Sola, a smile that hinted at her cautiousness, but was non the less friendly.

"We're travelers also... From an island south of Ansalon. I believe I mentioned before that we are traveling to palanthas to meet a group of our friends... A Reunion of sorts."

Gregorian was processing information. A group of small islands... She thought for a moment, banishing the thought that these could be two Irda, and more uncertainly two dragons..

Gregorian smiled at Sola, cold and unwelcoming. "I see." She said, turning back to the tea pot. Krista stifled a giggle.

"You have to forgive her.. She's not very good with people." Krista turned back to Erylaen.

"I am thankful for your gift as well.. Please at least allow me to give you a cup of tea before you go back to your quarters.."


Thunder rolled in the distance, the waves becoming more and more choppy. A bolt of lightning crackled overhead, setting the sky ablaze with bright flashes of white and midnight blue.

The first drop of rain fell on the deck, echoing cavernously off the walls and residences that were under it.

Sea water began to flow atop the boat, shaking it's contents until they felt they could take no more...

THe bubbles popped at the surface, a tell tale sign that something watched from underneath.

It watched with eager gaping jaws.

It was only a matter of minutes until the storm would completly overtake the ship.. and then she would have her feast..


Krista steadied herself, holding her and Gregorian against a wall.

"Is everyone okay? It seems we've encountered a bit of turbulance.."

01/27/2004 11:45 AM

Sola bumped into the wall, barely managing to keep from fall over. Ender staggered but managed to hold his ground.

"You just had to choose this death trap." He scowled at her.

"I think ships are susposed to be this way. Besides, as long as it doesn't sink..." Sola said, though it was obvious that she wasn't as convinced now.

"Easy for you to say. You can swim." He couldn't believe that he let her talk him into these things.

01/28/2004 11:18 AM

Tea, Erylaen thought. I could stay a little bit for tea before I recline to bed. Although it was really uncomfortalbe to be staying in this cramped quarter. But for proper modicum, she supposed it wasn’t too much of a bother.

« Sure », said, gracing him with a warm, yet sleepy smile. « I’d love to have a cup of tea

01/28/2004 8:46 PM

A massivetail struck the side of the boat, causing the cabin and all of its inhabitants tos hift position.

"Oh my.." Krista whispered to herself. She excused her self momentarily, and hastily made her way up to the top deck.

Two yellowish green orbs floated in front of her, embedded in a hideous black head. Gaseous Acid seemed to tendril out of it's blackened nostrils.

"Fabulous.. A Black dragon.." She blinked.

"Dwelling in water? HOw.... odd.."

The two yellow eyes shifted in her direction, a guteral noise coming from the direction of the beast.

She turned, running quickly back down the staircase.

Bursting through the door, she looked to her newly found comrads.

"TH-there's a dragon outhere... A.. very odd black dragon who seems not to realize it's in the water..." THe boat shoook and creaked.


Oh how she enjoyed toying with her food. That woman had looked scared stiff, until she had turned and ran the other way.

No matter.. Shre would have her dinner yet.

01/29/2004 7:37 AM

Sola and Ender tensed up at the mention of a dragon.

"Tell me. How big was it? How old was it?" Sola asked, suddenly looking serious. She didn't like fighting, but she might have too. Ender was too likely to just try and bash it in with his claws.

Plus, if it was in the water, Ender could possibly get drug under. Not good.

Ender just stood there, waiting to see what Sola wanted to do.

01/30/2004 6:44 PM

Krista shurgged at the womans questions, suddenly very confused.

"IT was d ragon.. I'm not entirly sure how big or how old it is.. I just saw its head.. it had glowing yellow eyes..."

02/02/2004 8:00 PM

Erylaen smiled, obviously disbelieving the girl’s ramble. Black dragon with yellow glowing eyes? Who was silly enough to believe that? Though she had felt a bump on the ship, the thought of a dragon that caused it did not however register on her train of thoughts. It was possibly a protruding rock, a large fish or some other nonsense.

Then again, the ship was struck and became quite unstable for a brief moment. She nearly fell backward, but was fortunate enough to have caught a hold of Gregorian, nearly causing both of them to fall.
Letting go, and thoroughly annoyed, Erylaen made her way towards the door.

“I’m going to check out what’s really out there,” she called to them. “Are you coming with me, or not?”
She hurried up the deck, glad to be away from the cramped room, wondering if they would follow her. There couldn't be a dragon out there, so there wasn't any reason to be afraid.

02/02/2004 10:05 PM

sighing to herself, Krista smiled to the woman.

"I suppose.. But don't say I didn't tell you so.." Pullign back on her water logged overcoat, she barred herself for the worst.

The yellow eyes gazed at the still deck of the ship. Rain continued to pour down in torrents, and the waves roared against the hull of the ship.

Still no sign of life. Could she possibly have been mistaking? Was this a dead ship?

But she had smelt it! The smell of living flesh. And a rarity at that. The flesh of an Irda.

Two familiar scents wafted to her nose. Dragons. She shook her head. Not tonight... She would have these beings as her meal. The dragons could find there own... Inhaling a deep breath, the world seemed to fall silent. She allowed her dragonfear to begin to eminate from within her.

"Come out my children.. I won't hurt you..." She whispered.

02/03/2004 9:55 AM

Sola gasped, but managed to regain her composure. She ran after the girl.

Maybe I can reason with it. She thought as she ran up the stairs. Ender began to follow her. She stopped and turned around.

"No you don't. You just resort to violence." Said Sola. Seeing her companion wasn't about to argue with her, she continued up the stairs.

Ender looked after her, stunned a moment. Then he began to seethe.

Don't tell me she thinks it will listen to her.

02/03/2004 2:09 PM

Quite satisfied at hearing footsteps behind her, she burst through a shaft and found herself upon the creaky antiquated deck. Her hands released the medallion on her neck and settled now comfortably on both her side.
The girl who followed her suddenly appeared behind her.

“Just as I thought. No dragon, no big green monster, nothing” Erylaen said, smiling.

But then her face twisted into a mask of fear.
The surface of the water had rippled, and she could almost hear it sizzle.
Something was coming up. Something big.

02/03/2004 2:36 PM

Her eyes opened wide. "Life!" She exclaimed to herself, a roar eminating from her jaws.

It was time to feast. Stretching out a long claw she reached for the mast of the ship.

"Come to me.." she roared in Draconic. "It's time for Nightfire to feast!"

Krista shrieked as she saw the dragon's claw coming for the group. Whispering a defensive spell, she tossed her hand up into the air, causing streams of water to create a cage like structure around the ship. The dragon hissed as the water struck her claw. she withdrew, her yellow eyes still shining.

02/03/2004 3:04 PM

Sola looked at the dragon and stepped up.

"I'm Solantris, called Sola by others. I must ask that you refrain from attacking the ship and the passangers on board the ship!" Sola delcared in Draconic, hoping she sounded authoritive.

02/03/2004 3:28 PM

Erylaen stood quivering, her hands, white knuckled, now unconsciously clutched firmly the medallinon.

She was surprised when the girl beside her suddenly transformed into a voice of strenght, a strenght that Erylaen, did not possess, however.

She waited, thinking the dragon was going to open its maw and obliterate them, for sure. Or strike the ship and devour them underneath the sea.

02/04/2004 12:39 PM

The strands of water crashed back into the sea, as Krista fell to her knees. She heaved, trying desperatly to catch her breath.

Nightfire watched the ship with interest, the silver's voice reaching her ears.

"You will leave my meal alone!" She shouted back to the female. "It's mine and you cannot have it!"

Nightfire swooped up, riding the currents just highenough to get a ful view of the ships deck.

They were hers.

"Dragonkind... Leave now or be obliterated." Taking in a deep breath, the glands in her mouth producing the noxious gas that would kill her pray.

02/04/2004 7:20 PM

Someone screamed. Her ears rang, and she was sure her eardrum had popped. The wailing grew louder, until she finally realized that it was she who was making all that ruckus.

She clamped her mouth shut, and winced, realizing that she had instead bitten into her tongue.

"Everyone get under the deck! Under the deck," she screamed, as she herself was hurtling towards the opening to get under the deck. Her mind had irrationally supposed that everything would be safe. Everything would be alright, once she reached down there. Right?

02/05/2004 11:24 AM

Ooh my. I guess I have no choice. Still, I think I can manage.

Sola dived into the water. Once submerged, she changed to her real form. She moved quickly and digged her claws into the black dragon's side.

Meanwhile, Ender was hiding down in the celler.

Damn her hide! Telling me to stay here! And trying to reason with it! Leave it to a metallic to come up with something stupid like that. I could have told her that a black dragon wouldn't listen.

Of course he didn't feel like going to help her now that she had failed. He would only help her if she asked him to or if she was in danger of losing.

It will serve her right to get beaten up already.

02/05/2004 5:32 PM

Nightfire bubbled to the surface, whailing in pain as the silver dug into her scaly flesh. She flapped her wings, rising to her full height. She looked down at the tiny Silver with thoughts of pity.

She had participated in the Dragon Purge and had fed off of her breathren. She had fought to attain her size and girth..

And it was time to put another one under her belt. Nightfire pulled in a deep breath, her glands mixing chemicals already present in her saliva. She could feel the acid burn in her mouth. Extasy...

Belching forth a great cone of noxious fumes toward the puny silver, she laughed inwardly...

Krista sighed at the womans antics. HAd thier lives not been on the line, she would have found it funny. Glowing gale blades flew at the humongous dragon, followed with another roar. Gregorian sat, legs crossed in a very feminine pose, atop the crows nest. She huffed, and jumped down, using her elemental magic to slow her fall. She landed next to Krista without sound.

"I see one of our guests isn't what she claimed to be.. I'd assume her friend is one also?"

Krista smield. "Glad to have you back.."

02/06/2004 8:52 PM

Erylaen happened to find a half elf when she reached the cellar.
"Endi-e?" she asked, having remembered his name resembling of that sort.
The ship rocked, tossing both of them against the wall.
She winced as her elbow struck a protruding shelf. It went numb for an instant before painfullly returning to sensation.
"Are you alright?" she asked, unable to see clearly whether the elf was safe of injured, from the constant flicker of the lights.

Outside, she could hear the great beasts roar, she could hear a painful battle, and she could almost smell the acidic fumes that the dragons released.
She silently murmured a prayer to Mishakal for protection.

02/09/2004 7:57 AM

Erylaen happened to find a half elf when she reached the cellar.
"Endi-e?" she asked, having remembered his name resembling of that sort.
The ship rocked, tossing both of them against the wall.
She winced as her elbow struck a protruding shelf. It went numb for an instant before painfullly returning to sensation.
"Are you alright?" she asked, unable to see clearly whether the elf was safe of injured, from the constant flicker of the lights.

"Endie?" He snarled for a moment.

"No...I'm not. I'm stuck in a wooden death trap, while Sola's playing hero." He had been trying to stay steady but was failing miserably.

Meanwhile, Sola was in a pickle. She swam under the water trying to think about what spell she might no which might give her the edge. Unfortunatly, she didn't know many combat spells.

What do I do? He's obviously more experienced then I am. And I don't think Ender could manage him either.

Swallowing, she lept out of the water, spanning her wings.

02/10/2004 12:04 AM

Nightfire smirked at the dragonness, as she flew at her, jaws agape. She was an amateur. Clearly no more than a hatchling..

"Give up now.." She hissed. "This be my meal.. If you leave now, I'll show you mercy.." She hovered above the ship momentarily, waiting for the Gold to change her course.

Krista and Gregorian watched in a semi-awe. To see two dragons in flight was quite a sight, regardless of the fact that it was thier lives on the line if the smaller gold lost.
The waves of dragonfear had begun to subside somewhat, and the two Irda watched, powerless to do anything.

"It's a shame really that it's a dragon.. It's pretty much immune to any of our attacks." Gregorian began. Krista nodded.

"Impervious to any of our magics anyway.. But what about the after effects?"

"What do you mean?" Gregorian asked, puzzled.

"Well.." Began Krista, about to delve into a lecture. Gregorian put up a hand.

"We're in the heat of battle.. now probablly wouldn't be the best time... short simple awnser please."

Krista nodded. "Well.. it can stop any energy attacks we throw at it.. But what if we used the surrounding elements?"

Gregorian looked around the ship.

"Nothing but a bunch of wood. Water and air aren't exactly deadly elements."

"Dragons can't fly without the thermals of the air my dear.. And if I recall correctly, you can effects currents and such.. unless that power has failed you too.."

Gregorian huffed, crossing her arms she focoused herpower on the air surrounding the massive black dragon. Spreading her fingers out in front of her, she pulled the air under the dragon towards her.

The black faltered momentarily, but quickly regained it's altitude.

"Too much air I'm afraid.." Gregorian whispered. "Any other ideas?"

02/10/2004 11:04 AM

Sola gawked at the black in anger.

"How dare you? Let's see you get out of this!" With that Sola lept on the black's back, gripping its wings with her claws.

02/11/2004 3:55 PM

"Endie?" He snarled for a moment.

Erylaen raised an eyebrow and thens aid innocently, "Sorry, Endier."

"No...I'm not. I'm stuck in a wooden death trap, while Sola's playing hero." He had been trying to stay steady but was failing miserably.

"Don't worry," she said soothingly, eventually we'll each have a time when we'll play a hero for someone else."
The ship violently lurched this time, and Erylaen was banged against the wall by inertia.

"We need to do something," she said desperately, feeling an immense helplessness flooding through her.
"Well you need to do something," she reconsidered. "I'll just pray some more."

02/15/2004 9:29 PM

Dawn was looking for her cat.

Her cat, Tasslehoff, had vanished, leaving a perplexed Dawn to hunt all over the ship, looking for the smug, black tomcat.

Then a dragon had showed up, while hse was up on the deck, and things had gone from bad to worse.

"Wow......" she said reverently, staring at the black dragon in awe. She knew she probably should move, in case it unleashed it's acid breath, but it was a black dragon!! How many chances like this was she going to get?

A barrel, knocked loose from it's moorings had decided for her. It rolled across the deck, hitting her, and knocking her down the hatch with it. It continued rolling, until it sturck a door, with her, and stopped. Dawn groaned. THe barrel was heavy, and rolling around like that was definitely not something she was in a hurry to try again.

She staggered upright, and opened the door, walking into the room, thinking it was hers. Several women were inside, talking.

She meant to apologize for bursting in, and ask about the dragon, but all that came out was "Have you seen a cat? A big black tomcat?"

02/17/2004 3:05 PM

Nightfire shrieked in anger. The ship had protection.... Puny dragons... She'd finsih taht.. She took a deep breath, feeling the acid begin to build up in her mouth.

A cone of poisonous gas shot from her mouth toward the Gold, hoping it wuld strike home..

Five bolts of lightning struck down from the stormy sky. The ship began to crackle and pop as fire began to burn the wooden ship. Waves crashed against the side, threatening to capsize the vessle.

A bolt struck at nightfire, hitting her on the head. Her world spun black as she crashed into the water.

Krista lookedto her side, realizing that her companion had fallen over board. Looking over the side, she lost her balance and fell into the black void...

02/17/2004 4:59 PM

Five bolts of lightning struck down from the stormy sky. The ship began to crackle and pop as fire began to burn the wooden ship. Waves crashed against the side, threatening to capsize the vessle.

A bolt struck at nightfire, hitting her on the head. Her world spun black as she crashed into the water.

Krista lookedto her side, realizing that her companion had fallen over board. Looking over the side, she lost her balance and fell into the black void...

As the lightning hit Nightfire, Sola felt it course through her body as well.

"Oh, dear. This like that time I got zapped by that bronze." She whimpered as she was nearly knocked out. Released the black flapped her wings, just barely falling into the water.

She noticed Krista and her friend fall over.

"Ms. Krista!" Cried Sola as she dove into the water.

02/18/2004 10:53 PM

Krista held her breath as she struck water, her eyes quickly adjusting to the darkness of the deapths beyond. She heard a voice call her name from the surface, but was to preocupied with finding Gregorian to care.

Bubbled popped near her face, causing her to turn rapidly. Gregorian pointed to the surface, and Krista nodded, both swimming as far away from the ship as possible, without losing sight of the figures they had befriended. Krista broke surface first, followed only seconds behind by Gregorian. She saw Sola and waved a soggy hand to the dragoness.

"Over here!" She shouted. "We're fine.. Go find the others!" Krista whispered a few words, and the waves turned into a small cusion, pushing the two up into the air. The spell would be effective for a shortwhile, until she could no longer sustain it.

Nightfire sunk lower and lower into the deapths of the sea, a great dragoness defeatewd. She opened up a yellow eye, gazing to the fading surface... She would return...

02/19/2004 6:41 AM

The dragon was leaving, and no one seemed to have noticed the kender at all. She crawled to keep her balance on the heaving deck,and reached one of the women who had cast a spell.

"Are you alright??? Where'd the dragon go???"

02/19/2004 7:45 AM

Sola looked down at the ship and saw the poor kender.

"Don't worry! I'll get you!" Sola shouted looking at the kender.


Ender looked about.

"I'm going up. I don't want to be here anymore." He stopped for a moment.

If I don't ask, Sola will whine to me later.

He looked at the young lady who was below deck with him.

"Are you coming up?"

02/21/2004 3:43 PM

Ship's going down...We're all going to die...Erylaen grimaced at the heart plummeting thought.
Water was slowly rising on high, her robes were soaked to the knee.

"Are you coming up?"

"Of course I am?! Why wouldn't I be, unless i'm contemplating suicide!" Erylaen climbed up to the deck, nearly falling back down, when the ship shuddered. "OH dear."

She made it to the top with the elf's support, and was amazed at this new spectrum of vision and scope when she readjusted to her ambience.

The clouds were rolling as thunder clapped and flashed every intervals of a minute. So strong was the wind, she could barely keep her eyes pried open, and barely heard her own voice as she shouted urgently to the elf.
"What are we going to do now?"

Looking down as the ship tilted she knew the answer to her panicked question before the elf could even respond. Jump.

02/21/2004 5:26 PM

"If you think we're going to jump, you're crazy. I don't do swimming." Suddenly he changed shape. Where he had been was now a red dragon.

"So do you still want to swim? If not hop on." He smirked, even though the thought of letting some ride him was annoying, he also liked the feeling of supieroity he had.

02/22/2004 4:22 PM

Krista felt her energies begining to wane, if things kept going the way they were, she and Gregorian would find a new home at the bottom of the sea.

"Hang in there." Gregorian whispered in her ear, pulling her tight.

02/22/2004 5:25 PM

"Don't worry! I'll get you!" Sola shouted looking at the kender.

Dawn looked up.
"Yeah! Please!"

A movement caught her eye, and she pounced on the yowling black tomcat.

She sat cross=legged, and waited for the dragon to come down for her. Not like she could do anything else.

02/22/2004 8:19 PM

Was it dragon fear, she sensed as her body underwent a tumultous sensation? No, it was astonishment and a more of a big relief. She swore she heard several pair of wings flapping, but did not have the audacity of an idiot to turn her back lest the wind keel her over.

Wholly transformed into a massive red dragon from a scrawny tempermental elf, Erylaen didn't ahve to think twice of the request before she scrambled onto his scaley back and grabbed on for dear life.
"Let's go already then!" She cried, as the wind whipped her brunette hair across her face.

02/24/2004 11:21 AM

A movement caught her eye, and she pounced on the yowling black tomcat.

She sat cross=legged, and waited for the dragon to come down for her. Not like she could do anything else.

Sola picked up the kender in her claws.

"If you don't mind, I have to pick up the two young ladies who fell in the water. So hold on tight." She said.

02/25/2004 9:07 PM

Gregorian saw the draon, and waved, hoping it could see her in the darkness that had enveloped the ship. Smoke threatened to clog all of thier lungs, and send them all to the darkness of the great Abyss.

Krista smiled to Gregorian. "It will be alright." she smiled. "The dragon has seen to us.."

02/26/2004 5:44 AM

Sola saw the arm waving.

"Hold on. I am coming." She shouted. Sola doved down and plucked the two up.

"Are you alright?"

03/01/2004 6:28 PM

Krista's body began to shimmer, the light of Lunitari seeming to reflect off of he rmelting skin. The skin itself wasn't really melting, but appeared to. Patches of Dark blue flesh began to show, the black human hair, turning into the shimmering silver hair of the Irda.

Gregorian gasped, as she watched the dragon head toward them. Grabbing hold of the dragon, and then Krista just as the water spell gave out. Krista had lost consciousness, but otherwise seemed to be fine.

"I think we're okay." Gregorian said, her face still showing no emmotion. "But... what about everyone else?"


He watched the goings on with a smile upon his face, as he moved the two game pieces closer together. Everythign was falling into plan.

"I don't normally enjoy spying.. But I couldn't help notice you're sudden interest in those Irda women."

He spun to see the goddess of the deapths had appeared before him.

"Zeboim.. What do you want." His eyes closed to a squint. "I'm slightly busy here."

"Sargas.. You know perfectly well what I want." Her eyes flashed with anger. "That Dragon took those girls from me."

"Another petty vengence scheme? When will you learn." Sargas scoffed. Zeboim smiled, pulling a small onyx game piece from one of her sleeves.

"We'll see... If you're planning what I think you're planning.. you'll need a group of these here.."


Gregorian patted the dragon on the head. "There's a group of isles just south of here.." She whispered. "We have to be careful though.."

03/01/2004 6:50 PM

The red dragon spread its wings and lifted them up into the air...whoaaaaaaaa, its was pure and sweet estasy, as she sucked in the fresh gale.
"This is wonderful!" she cried, as she looked below, seeing the sinking ship that she was on moments before.

03/01/2004 8:14 PM

Sola nodded and begin flying. She was bothered by something suddenly but she couldn't say what. There was something wrong with the two women she had in her clutches, but she couldn't say...suddenly she was aware of Ender next to her.

"Ender...you actually saved a human?" Her eyes nearly bugged out.

"Shut up." He growled. He looked at her and had to hide his amusement. It was just like Sola to get saddled with three passengers like some beast of burden.

The red dragon spread its wings and lifted them up into the air...whoaaaaaaaa, its was pure and sweet estasy, as she sucked in the fresh gale.
"This is wonderful!" she cried, as she looked below, seeing the sinking ship that she was on moments before.

"Don't get too amused. I might just drop you." He said.

03/02/2004 1:51 PM

Gregorian Huffed at the two dragons.

"Not exactly human, my dear dragon." She whispered in Ancient Orgish.
"I guess you could say we're a special kind of human..."

She looked to Krista. Her skin shone a light blue in the light of Solinari, Her normally straight hair plastered in a perpetual curl around her forehead.

"The island is just under where Solinari is right now.. We should be very careful there however.. It's major cities are under a sort of martial law.."

03/04/2004 11:13 AM

"The island is just under where Solinari is right now.. We should be very careful there however.. It's major cities are under a sort of martial law.."

"Martial Law? Whats that?" Replied Sola as she focused on finding the location. Ender who was by her side, shook his head.

"Martial Law is when a city uses it's warriors to keep people from breaking the law."

Sola glanced at him in distress.

"But, why would you need warriors for that? Why would they break the law?"

"Because their weak and stupid." Ender growled. They were getting close, but...what land was it?

03/04/2004 2:05 PM

Erylaen laughed. Dragons. Talking. About politics. This was just so wonderfully insane! She dug a firmer grip into the dragon’s scale. From the peripheral of her vision, a dark land mass loomed becoming increasingly apparent.

“Oh, dear,” she muttered. “Here we go.”

03/04/2004 5:04 PM

The Island seemed to sing to gregorian, a melody almost as ancient as the blood that ran through the planets veins. the beat of the dragons wings mixed with the natural singing of the bond she, and every Marduk had with thier homeland, seemed almost magical.

"What Island?" Gregorian asked, blinking twice. "It just so happens that you're about to be immersed in a culture very few on Krynn have ever expirienced." She laughed to herself, realizing she had left out that the women of isle she was referring too was being held by the blue skinned Male Enki. Oh well. They'd find out soon enough..

03/08/2004 8:33 AM

Sola was close enough to the island that she could land. Ender was close behind her.

"Well, here we are. Time for everyone to um...disembark!" She cried cheerfully.

Ender shook his head.

03/08/2004 7:11 PM

Erylaen slid down the great red dragon's back, her boots landing on loose sand. The lush forest that spread before them appeared to extend as far as the eye could discern, as she scrambled atop a boulder. An almost inhuman sound, traveled into her ear from a direction she could not distinguish.

"What was that? Did you hear anything?"

The forest had suddenly sprung with a natural life of its own as it peered at the small group, inturders, or welcomed guess, was yet to be determined.

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