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01/19/2004 2:31 AM

Okay I had this idea to try and create a timeline that incorporates the various tales woven here upon this board as a point of reference for the players here, whether this works or not, only time itself will tell. I thought it would give the boards a unique and somewhat alternate history of Krynn, one that our characters have forged and been part of.

I have begun by using Tassana's details in the Leaves of Qualinost (OOC) thread and cross referenced those with actual dates from the Novels, here is what I have so far. I have included some information of threads that I have been included in and look forward to anyone else wishing to include their tales and characters. If people post details below the timeline I will continually edit the timeline post so that the timeline is current.

Anyway here goes the experiment (It will be worked upon but here is what I have so far):


268ac: Cherizal Soelvstjerne is born in Silvanost.

337ac: Zander Morganith is born in Palanthus, within view of the Wizard's Tower and dread Shoikan Grove which holds a morbid fascination for the boy.

343ac: Cherizal goes to the Tower of Wayreth to undergo her Testing for entrance to the Order of High Sorcery. She passes and is Accepted into the Order of Lunitari. For her decision, she under goes the ritual of exile and named a dark elf to her people.

344ac: Tanis Half-elven is magically seduced by Tahkisis resulting in the birth of a daughter, Karina who is left to her own devices to raise herself in Solace.

346ac: The Companions of the Lance set off upon their own journeys, seraching for signs of the Lost Gods, last seen during the cataclysm.

348ac: War of the Lance begins.

349ac: Silvanesti falls and the Speaker of the Stars uses the Dragon Orb, inadvertently warping the Silvanesti forests into a thing of nightmares.

352ac: The Whitestone Council is held.

353ac: War of the Lance ends with the defeat of Tahkisis as she attempts to enter this world in Godshome, Neraka. Cherizal and her companions undertake quests and adventures, after the war is over they all part ways.

355ac: Gunthar uth-Wistan becomes the first Grandmaster of the Knights of Solamnia since the Cataclysm.

356ac: Raistlin Majere, the Master of Past and Present along with his brother Caramon, the Revered daughter of Paladine Crysania and the kender Tasslehoff Burrfoot travel back through time with the intention of challenging the Dark Queen.

357ac: The Blue Lady’s War. Kitiara in her guise as the Blue Lady launches an attack upon Northern Solamnia. In the Abyss Rastlin Majere sacrifices himself to hold back the Dark Queen. Ariakan the son of Emperor Ariakas is freed from his captivity by the Solamnic Kighthood.

358ac: Zander Morganith goes to the Tower of Wayreth to undergo his Testing for entrance to the Order of High Sorcery. He passes and is Accepted into the Order of Nuitari and becomes Dalamar's first apprentice.

360ac: Riverwind and Goldmoon help rebuild the plains tribes and are chosen to lead the united tribes of the plainsfolk. A renegade Wizard known as Fin'lar conquers Northern Ergoth. A delegation of the three orders of wizardry led by Cherizal and containing the white robe Eve, and Zander Morganith of the Black robes as well as their companions travels to Ergoth where the renegade is confronted and defeated. Xander disappears, renouncing his apprenticeship to Dalamar the Dark (Renegade).

362ac: A union of elves: Porthois Kannan the Speaker of the Suns and Alhana Starbreeze, princess of the Silvanesti are married in the hopes of unifying their two nations.

363ac: Tassana is born the daughter of Tasslehoff Burrfoot and Dareana Nightshift who leaves her daughter in the care of the Elves of Qualinost. Cherizal sends word to her old companions during the War of a quest, they leave in search of the fabled lost City of Shalandar. At the quests end Cherizal becomes Dalamar's new apprentice.

366ac: Karina goes to the Tower of Wayreth to undergo her Testing for entrance to the Order of High Sorcery. She passes and is Accepted into the Order of Nuitari. It is during the test she learns of her mother Tahkisis, and of her innate talent for magic and the connection with darkness is revealed unto her.

367ac: Zod Ennis, the son of Zael is born to a line of Wizards and is raised in the Tower of Wayreth.

370ac: The Knights of Tahkisis are born.

378ac: Tanis Half-Elven and Caramon Majere travel to the isle of Storm’s Keep in order to plead with Steel Brightblade, the son of Sturm Brightblade and Kitiara uth-Matar to not take his vows to the dark knighthood. Tanis attempts to take his knowledge of the Dark Knights to the Knights of Solamnia, the Temple of Paladine and the Wizards of High Sorcery but few heed his words.

381ac: Wizards storm the keep. Wizards of the Order of High Sorcery attack Storm’s Keep with disastrous results. Justarius, the head of the Order is killed along with many other prominent Wizards. Dalamar the Dark becomes head of the Order.

382ac: Porthois successfully ends Lorac’s nightmare in the Forest of Silvanost. Gilthas is set upon the throne of Qualinost after a coup led by General Konnal. Sturm and Tannin Majere become the first non-Solamnics to become accepted into the Knights of Solamnia. Garthalas Kalinyas, the Qualinesti with whom Tassana has fallen in love with, leaves Qualinost with his parents. Raistlin Majere, bound in torment by Tahkisis in the Abyss is offered a chance to relieve his pain. He is made consort to Karina and from their union a daughter Xreona is born, fully aware of her heritage and divine powers. Zod Ennis undergoes his Testing for entrance to the Order of High Sorcery at the Tower of Wayreth. He passes and is Accepted into the Order of Nuitari.

383ac: The Chaos War begins. The second Cataclysm occurs by the emergence of Chaos. Tassana and Gilthas, whom she has befriended, both decide it’s time for Tassana to leave, knowing she can never return. She enters Darken Wood and meets the Forestmaster and is given a pendant that allows her to call upon magical creatures.

384ac: The Tomb of the Last Heroes is erected in Solace. Silvanoshei the son of Porthois and Alhana is born. The Dragon Overlords first appear. Palanthus is attacked by Khellenderos the Blue Overlord.

385sc: Tassana leaves Qualinesti for the first and last time. She goes to Solace and meets Tiger, the kender. They travel to Palanthus meeting the woman Gail Silver. In Palanthus they meet Crysania, who tells Tassana about Tasslehoff Burrfoot. Tassana calls upon a pegasus stallion, Brightsky using the pendant gift from the Forestmaster. A letter comes to the Temple addressed to Tassana from Garthalas her love. Tassana and her companions, travel to Neraka to meet with Garthalas. They meet Darrel, a Knight of Neraka at the city gates. A love burgeons between Darrel and Gail and Tassana is reunited with Garthalas

386ac: Riverwind and his daughter Brightmoon are killed while leading an army of Kender against the Red Dragon overlord Mallystryx when she destroys the Kender homeland and reduces the Bay of Balifor to a desolate waste. Tassana and her companions, Darrel now included, fight alongside Riverwind. During the fight, Tassana calls upon a silver dragon but her call is headed by two dragons, Tinsel and Coby. The mysterious entity known as the Herald appears.

387ac: The Dragon Purge Begins. The Legion of Steel founded by Sara Dunstan, the foster mother of Steel Brightblade and former Dark Knight herself. Garthalas and Tassana are married marry. As are Gail and Darrel. Zod Ennis claims to recieve a Vision from the Platinum Dragon, the Vision causes him to leave his old Order and joins the Order of Solinari, thus beginning his two years of further study under the Archmage Falagar.

388ac: Goldmoon upon the advice of a mysterious sage discovers mysticism, bringing healing back to Krynn once again.

389ac: The Knights of Tahkisis expand outwards from Neraka as enforcers of the Dragon Overlords. The Draconians under the command of Kang claim the village of Tethyr as the first draconian nation.

390ac: Despite the absence of Wizardly Magic Palin Majere becomes head of the White Robes.

391ac: Goldmoon founds the Citadel of Light on the Isle of Schallsea.

392ac: Lord Gunthar uth-Wistan dies and is replaced b Liam Ehrling who reveals the revised Oath and the Measure.

394ac: The Inn of the Last Home is rebuilt by Tika and Caramon Majere in Solace. The Shield is erected around the elvish nation of Silvanost.

395ac: The Ocarina containing the spirit of the Shadowlord Minoa falls into the hands of an interrogator named Usur. Usur is intrigued by the spirit and gives the instrument to his daughter, Krystal who is inadvertently bound by the spirit within.

396ac: Belladonna claims rulership of Hylo.

398ac: The Vision returns to the Knights of Tahkisis. Sara Dunstan, founder of the Legion of Steel dies.

399ac: Arandur uth-Grail is born at Storm's Keep, the son of Arequain, Marina Abrelle's castellan and confidant.

403ac: The mysterious entity known as the Shadow Sorcerer appears.

405ac: A Palanthian harlot, whom Zod Ennis has been seeing in Palanthus over teh few prior years falls pregnant. In his rage, Zod blames the woman's pimp and places a dire curse upon him. Zod takes the woman as his wife to save any public embarassmnent.

406ac: The Ennis twins Aust and Shael are born in Palanthas, their father Zod immediately returns to the Tower of Wayreth to begin their training in Wizardry.

407ac: The mother of the Ennis twins dies suddenly from a heart attack, her name remains unrecorded in the history of the Tower.

408ac: Berrylinthrannox, the Green Dragon Overlord conquers Qualinost.

411ac: The Last Conclave: During the last conclave the Shadow Sorcerer reveals the power of Sorcery to Pailin Majere who decides to study this new magic and formally dissolves the Order of High Sorcery.

412ac: Thorbardin is sealed. Berrylinthrannox attempts to conquer the dwarves of Thorbardin who seal their dwarf nation form the rest of the surface. Palin Majere founds the Academy of Sorcery in Solace in order to train those in the Art of Sorcery.

413ac: The Dragon Purge Ends.

414ac: A group of individuals known as the Heroes of the Heart openly challenge the Great Dragons. Mina is washed up upon the shores of the Isle of Schallsea and taken in by Golmoon. Tassana Burrfoot, the daughter of Tasslehoff, goes to the Tower of Wayreth to undergo her Testing for entrance to the Order of High Sorcery. She passes her Test and is Accepted into all three Orders of High Sorcery, a move that causes some disquiet amongst the Wizards of High Sorcery. The enigmatic village of Fernwood is founded. Garthalas is slain shortly after Tassana's completion of the Test.

416ac: The Heroes of the Heart manage to slay the Dragon Overlord Brynseldimer. Arandur uth-Grail undertakes his vows to the Dark Knighthood and is accepted into the Knights of the Lily.

417ac: The power of Sorcery begins to fade.

419ac: The Great Storm ravages all the lands of Ansalon. From the ravages of the storm appear a young girl named Mina who proclaims the will of the One God. The Dragons of Good are found to have disappeared during the Great Storm. Shael leaves his home at the Tower of Wayreth to experience the world. Little is known about his journey though rumours persist of his sightings in both Palanthas and Solace. Aust feeling his brother's departure devotes himself wholly to his magical tuition.

420ac: The War of Souls.

421ac: The surviving Wizards, loyal to the Order of High Sorcery, travel to the forest of Wayreth where they manage to defeat a demon of chaos who had taken the Tower during its disuse. Dalamar the Dark sacrifices himself to defeat the creature. Cherizal ascends to the lead the Order of Lunitari. Zod aids in the recreation of the Order of High Sorcery, though is not preasent at the battle with the demon and is shrtly after bestowed the title of Archmage. No Conclave head is selected and the Council of the Three Moons is established in place. Arandur uth-Grail, Tehran of the Red Robes and the Dragoness Kalia arrive at the Siege of Sanction by a Minotaur war fleet led by the insane General Brotak.

422ac: Minoa is released from his imprisonment havoc in Fernwood. Minoa impregnates Reiha, who bears Ariekne later that year (Due to the faster time at the plane of Light). Krystal agrees to go with Minoa in an effort to stop his swath of destruction, the pair return as Ankh. The union between Tassana Burrfoot and the deity Nuitari takes place. Saegle Darktime is concieved and born later that year and is raised with his father where Time moves differently. Saegle Darktime and Selina Silverwing are married in Fernwood. Shael Ennis, the disowned son of the reformed Black Robe Zod, becomes the caretaker of Fernwood's enigmatic Inn. Selina Darktime goes to the Tower to undergo her Testing for entrance to the Order of High Sorcery.

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01/19/2004 3:03 AM

275 AC: Geri and Angel are exiled from Quininost for taking up the black and red robes. Thier older sister Riva accompanies the girls, and decides to stay with them in the town of Asaroth.

374 AC: The rise of the new order of Istar occurs, purging black and red robes from Qualinost and all surrounding areas

375 AC: The sister's of asaroth are evicted from thier home town by the white mage Va'rins and begin thier trek to thier homeland of Qualinost... Marduk Chieftan Varan, Bodyguards Narissa and Krista, and seer Gregorian are born.

383 AC: The Marduk are attacked by the Enki and forced to leave thier isle and re renter the main continent of Ansalon. The four land in the small backwater village of Tarn' folias and decide to set up a base of operations...

385 AC: Varan, chieften of the Marduk opens up a small tavern in the small village as a base of operations for her and her three friends. Narissa, Gregorian, and Krista leave in search of awnsers to the disapearance of the gods..

397 AC: Human Ronin Ri'eva is born in Tarsis of a semi wealthy merchant family.

398 AC: Kender Bini Throttlebottom is born in Kendermore. Dark Cleric Miranda is born in the outskirts of Neraka.

400 AC: After a fifteen year seperation the four Marduk reunite and change thier mission.. This time it is to dig up resitance to the Enki that are plauging thier small isle.. The four compose a spell to create the space that is not.

419 AC: The Marduk were suppost to meet at the small inn, but the Enki attacked forcing Varan and her band of companions to flee.

420 AC: Gregorian's abilities as a seer begin to fade.. Human Pirate Ronin Ri'eva is attacked by A sea dragon, Befriended by a Kender, and captured by sea elves and taken to Neraka.

421 AC: Varan is told by the Goddess Mishikal that she has to find the temple of the high god that is hidden inside the abyss and meets up with Narissa while traveling with a small group of companions to Palanthus. Narissa befriends the cleric of Mishikal known as Aleria. At the same time Krista and Gregorian are traveling for Palanthus by water, when Gregorian is poisoned and has a vision of a disasterous future.

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01/19/2004 4:40 AM

Thanks Krackah but I need a little more detail, maybe a few lines of description of what happened (so far). ;)

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01/19/2004 8:58 AM


01/19/2004 10:56 AM

This is a good idea, and the reference will be useful for making threads. I will give some detailed information on my own threads as soon as I have time to type it all up.

01/19/2004 12:11 PM


Karina is born before the War of the Lance...but takes her test after...

so about 344AC....Karina is born to a magically seduced and drunken Tanis and a mortal form of the Dark Queen. She is raised mostly by herself outside Solace, practicing magery. She is always faithful to the dark queen and has an innate talent for magic, though she does not know why.

366 ACish: Karina takes her Test. She learns that she is a demigoddess and her apperance is warped into the grey skinned, black-eyed person she is now.

382ish AC: Tahkisis makes a deal with Raistlin to lessen his torment, and Xreona is born to Raistlin and Karina ten months later (It took a month of begging/meeting/trying etc) Xreona is raised knowing she's part god and is raised more on divine magic then Tower magic. She is unoffically granted black robes by Tahkisis.

395ish AC: The Ocarina containing the spirit of the Shadowlord Minoa falls into the hands of an interrogator named Usur. Usur is intrigued by the spirit and gives the instrument to his daughter, Krystal. Later that year, Krystal is bound by the magical powers of the instrument.

422 AC: Minoa is realized and razes havoc on Fernwood. Minoa impregnates Reiha, who bears Ariekne later that year (Due to the faster time at the plane of Light). Krystal agrees to go with Minoa if he stops destroying the villiage. Krystal and Minoa return as Ankh.

01/19/2004 1:48 PM

Okay have added most of the History of PoD's characters as listed above, just have a quick question though to keep the timeline in order though, how long ago did Ankh reappear, was it the same year as Saegle and Selina's marriage (422ac)or earlier?

01/19/2004 3:02 PM

It was teh same year. ^^

01/19/2004 3:21 PM

Thanks Princess, I have updated the Timeline with that info ;)

01/19/2004 8:02 PM

Thanks for those dates Krackah and will place them in the Timeline, just wondering do you have a name for the village where Varan settled?

01/19/2004 8:10 PM

367ac: Zod Enis is born into an old tower family, and instantly is taken into the tower as a student under his father, Zael Enis. Zod quickly rises up the ranks of black robe students, and takes his test at fifteen. (382ac) He passes with flying colors and Joins the order of the black robes.
387ac: Zod claims to have recived a vision from the Platinum Dragon, and witches colors, becoming a white robe. For two years Zod retrains and studies further under an old white robe archmage by the name of Falagar.
392ac: Zod meets with a harlot in Palanthas and begins to visit her regularly. His power and knowlage also begin to increase and he finally begins to work past the shunning of other mages due to his change in robes. Zod again begins to climb up the ranks of the white robes, becoming an Archmage.
405ac: Zod visits his tell-tale leecher in Palanthas and inpregnates her. When he finds out be become furuios and blaming it all of the harlots 'pimp' curses him to look like a hunchback until he mends his ways. Zod marries the leecher from Palanthas as to keep public face.
406ac: Shael and Aust Enis are born to Archmage Zod Enis and a harlot from Palanthas. Zod instantly takes his children into the tower and begins
to train them from birth.
407ac: The boy's mother dies of heart attack.
411ac: Zond continues to train his children, even after the Conclave is disolved. Aust, his elder son (by fifteen seconds) shows great talent and skill with the art, even at a young age, while Shael, the younger has trouble working with even the simplest of spells.
419ac: Just before the war of souls, Shael leaves his fathers home to experiance the world. Little is known about his journey to any other then himself, but it is known that he spent at least a year in Palanthas, and a few months in Solace. Aust, missing his brother focuses more on his studies so that he might be able to become a mage and go find his brother.
421ac: Zod aids in the recreation of the Order of High Sorcery, though is not preasent at the battle with the demon. He continues on to become a stern, but respected white robe archmage once again.
422ac: At seventeen, Shael come to Fernwood. Aust holds off on taking his test at his father;s request.

01/19/2004 8:22 PM

Thanks Strikey, I will put this info into the timeline also ;)

01/19/2004 8:26 PM

Sreikey...hehe :)

01/20/2004 12:10 AM

Aaah, this brings back memories. About two years ago, there was a project to make a timeline for the forum. It got quite complex and listed every major character in every thread for about a two year posting period, then put them in the right order. I still have a copy of it if you'd like to see it. Might help you come up with some ideas.

01/20/2004 12:14 AM

There yah go Arandur! Anything else? :P

01/20/2004 12:34 AM

yeah sure Thistle, that would be great... :) my e-mail is arandur@optusnet.com.au...

Thanks again

01/20/2004 1:54 PM

Strikey...*chuckle*...I is goign to call you Strikey from now on.

01/20/2004 2:57 PM

Strikey, huh? *snicker*

I'm doing the time line for Indalico right now. I'll also set one up for Lucas and his family.

357 Indalico is born into the Merchant family, Jahdra, a renowned family in Sanction.

371 Indalico takes his test at the tower of High Sorcery. He is only 14.

380 Indalico agrees accept the arranged marriage his brother refused in hopes of getting his family off his back. Thankfully, he finds a soulmate in the girl, Lucretia, a daughter of a Ergothian family.

387 Emmaline Jahdra is born to Indalico and Lucretia.

402 A large cult movement comprimising a large group of renegade sorcerers gain considerable power. Indalico, then one the officers in charge of dealing with renegades, puts down the rebellion, killing its leader and his chief supporters.

Afterwords, Indalico removes himself from the handling renegades for reasons that aren't entirely clear.

415 Emmaline, aka "Emma" marries a mariner named Damar Marcleur.

417 Emmaline has a daughter, Margo.

420 Emmaline and her husband die of Illness. Indalico takes his grandaughter into his household.

422 Events of "Journeys Test." Indalico is 65, his wife 66. His grandaughter is 5.

01/20/2004 3:27 PM

381ac: Wizards storm the keep. Wizards of the Order of High Sorcery attack Storm’s Keep with disastrous results. Justarius, the head of the Order is killed along with many other prominent Wizards. Dalamar the Dark becomes head of the Order.

Justarious was not killed in that attack. He lost the use of his leg, but remained head of the conclave. The head of the black robes (Ladona?) died in the attack though, and Dalamar became head of the black robes.

01/20/2004 6:32 PM

Justarious was not killed in that attack. He lost the use of his leg, but remained head of the conclave. The head of the black robes (Ladona?) died in the attack though, and Dalamar became head of the black robes.

Eh? Justarius had always been limp (even during Legends). He became Head of the Conclave sometime around Palin's test (while Dalamar was head of the black robes), and I'm sure he died during the attack on Storm's Keep, allowing Dalamar to take over everything.

01/20/2004 9:53 PM

Yeah I was sure that Justarius died in the attack on Storm's Keep also. Where did you get that info from Thistle?

01/21/2004 8:10 AM

Don't remember. But I could of swore there was somebody talking to Justarious in Dragons of Summer Flame. I could be wrong I suppose...

01/23/2004 3:23 PM

129ac: Navare hatches (Last son of Takhisis)

137ac: Crystalamira (Glimmer) hatches (Last Daughter of Paladine)

354ac: Crystalamira (Glimmer) flees her home in the Dragon Isles to explore the world...only to land herself in the Dark Queen's clutches. Is rescued and turned into a human child by the Matriarch of the dragons, Gold Auricana. Aided by her friend, The opal dragon Asylynn, she is taken to the Majere family to be raised among humans.

377ac: Kalia begins quest to understand her nightmares, is abducted once again by the dark queen, and finds her true identity as Crystalamira (Glimmer) The last scion of the God Paladine.

386ac: Glimmer and Navare meet. Predestined to be mates, the two will form a new dragon race... Dragons of balance. Navare originally tries to force her to comply but in the end neither have a choice...for it was a part of Gilean's plan to spread more balance... their need for each other would slowly kill them unless they gave in.

403ac: Glimmer and Navare are now parents to eight wyrmlings. four eggs total, each giving a twin hatchling.

LIGHT/Lirana; Star Twin, Star Crystal Dragon: Lirana was the first to hatch...She has a noble heart, and can sometimes be overtly self-rightious. In human form , she has long silver hair and gold eyes, just like her mother. She tends to wear a crystalline scale mail armor with the symbol of paladine etched into it, even though his constellaion is now gone from the skies.

STARWIND/Sivarl: Star Twin, Star Crystal Dragon: Sivarl is Lirana's twin, he can be quite pessimistitc at times and is extreemly protective of his elder twin. He prefers to assume an elven form and chooses magic over brute force.

SKYTOUCH/ Silar: GreyGem Dragon: Silar is the eldest of the greygems....is headstrong, but responsible in most repsects. In elven form, he has steel-grey hair and cobalt blue eyes. He and his twin, Wylin, choose magic over brute force.

WINDRIDER/ Wylin: GreyGem Dragon: Wylin is Silar's twin, and also prefers magic. She has spent some time with Palin Majere, seeking out her Mothers adoptive family.

STORMWING/ Sorwin: GreyGem Dragon: Born just slightly after Silar, Stormwing is a solitary type, staying remote even from his own twin, Rilanna... He now stands a silent vigil over what is now the Lake of Death in Qualinost.

RAINLIGHT/ Rilanna: GreyGem Dragon: Sorwin's twin, and just as silent and brooding, is content to stay with her mother, and comfort her, as her grief of her mate's demise may actually one day claim her life.

NIGHTWING/ Nylar: DarkTwin; Black Crystal Dragon: eldest of the Dark Twins....Nylar was born with the normal leathery wings of the other dragons of Krynn, while the rest of his siblings, including his twin where all born with feathered wings. He is cunning and cruel, yet would do anything to protect his siblings and his mother....

MIDNIGHTSONG/ Mirisarl: DarkTwin, Black Crystal Dragon: Nylar's twin and the youngest of Glimmer's children. She can be as cunning and cruel as her brother

these dragons of balance have matured well beyond the rate of "normal" dragons.... they have aged like humans untill they have fully matured... where their development has practically come to a halt.

420ac: Navare dies in a chance encounter near sanction with the Dragonoverlord Malys.

that's all I got for now ;)

01/29/2004 12:14 AM

Arandur uth-Grail, Tehran of the Red Robes and the Dragoness Kalia arrive at the Siege of Sanction by a Minotaur war fleet led by the insane General Brotak.

Prymus Dragonsbane accompained(sp?) the three companions on their voyage to sanction and helped him in their fight with the sea dragon and pirates as well as seeing Glimmer's dead mate.

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02/14/2004 9:46 PM


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