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01/12/2004 2:52 PM

Iridia sat in her cell and stared at the wall before her. She sat on the hard bed with crossed legs, her hands clenched her black robes nervously.
She had been in that cell for at least a week, but she didn’t know how she had been brought there. She remembered that some dark clerics had approached her claiming that Takhisis herself needed her services. But all the rest was gone from her mind, she only remembered waking up in that cold cell.

They kept her alive because she had something they wanted, something that maybe they could use only if she lived. She sighed and her hand went mechanically up to her left arm and touched the spot where a black prism was melted with her flesh. The prism was a powerful magical artefact that her parents had created when she was still a child. Her parents had been attacked by renegades and her father had set the prism into her body to save it from the enemies, then he had sent her away. Both her father and her mother had died fighting the renegades the same day.

Iridia wasn’t sure of why the prism had been created. She didn’t even know what power lied in it and neither did the mage that had raised her. But she knew the prism could be a dangerous weapon. She had inadvertently summoned its power a few times when she had been threatened. Her enemy had been completely exterminated, but she had paid a price for the power she had used. She had been very sick for weeks after each episode and that had discouraged her from using the power of the prism again.

Since the beginning of her captivity she had been lead to a laboratory once a day. There a few clerics examined her carefully and used different spells to extract power from the prism and stock it inside a few gems. The process didn’t hurt her, but she felt exhausted at the end of every session and every day it took her longer time to restore her energies.

When she had awakened in the cell the first time, she had tried to use her magic to get out, but she had failed. They had put a collar around her neck and it prevented her from using her magic. At the time she had been confident she would find a way to get rid of the collar, but she wasn’t so sure anymore.

Without her magic she couldn’t get in touch with anyone. But even if she had had her magic, who could she have got in contact with? She had no friends, no family. She was born a dark elf, daughter of two black robes that had been cast out of the light before her birth. She had never seen Qualinesti and she hated all the elves even if she had never talked to any since the death of her parents.

She despised most people and cared only for her magic and her dark god. But there was one person she could try to reach. Her ex lover. He was a black robe too and maybe he could get the help of the conclave. She had no wish to get the conclave involved, but who else would be interested in helping her?

She imagined how he would mock her for her weakness. She hated him when he mocked her and made her feel like an helpless child, but she needed him to get out of her prison. She swallowed her pride and touched her silver ring, then she closed her eyes and focused her mind on an image of him. When she thought she had established a connection, she sent him pictures of what was happening to her and hoped he could find out where she was and would come to her rescue.

01/13/2004 3:26 PM

Juri bit back a cry of pain as the cleric behind her twisted her arm further behind her back. "That hurts you clumsy oaf!" She spat. Gods, the things she got herself into! Her long auburn hair came loose of its braid and spilled in loose waves down her back, as her emerald eyes sparked with firey anger.

"Let me go!" She snarled but the cleric said nothing further as they opened a cell door and uncerimoniously threw her to the floor inside and they slammed the door shut.

Cursing fluently in elvish, the human woman staggered to her feet. "Damned fools..." She growled, though this time there was a smile on her face. She turned and noticed that she did indeed have a cell-mate... and smiled again as the girl here matched the descriptions given to her.

"Hello there... Name's Juri... or "Phoenix" if you will... and I would assume you are?" She prompted, not wanting to give herself totally away just yet.

01/13/2004 3:44 PM

Iridia's concentration was broken when the door was slammed shut. Startled she cursed and looked up to the woman standing before her. She regarded her appraisingly before she answered her question.
"My name's Iridia. What are you doing here... in my cell?!?" she frowned and her almond shaped green eyes narrowed slightly whilst her brain worked fast, trying to find out if and how she could get any help from the newcomer.

01/13/2004 3:54 PM

Juri nodded. "Good. Exactly who I was looking for..." She said, as she turned her gaze to the cell around her, and fixed her green eyes on the barred window.

"Perfect." She turned to the cell bars and watched as a winged shadow landed on the window sill. The crow that peeked in fixed it's dark eyes on Iridia and then winged its way to juri's shoulder.

"Keep a lookout." she said and it swooped off her shoulder to land on the floor.

"lets get that collar off of you first..." Juri said softly as she turned back to Iridia. After a quick inspection, Juri found that she could quickly undo the buckle on it, though she could feel the magic on it tingle under her fingers.

01/13/2004 4:24 PM

"You were looking for me?" asked Iridia puzzled. What was going on? Why were there so many people suddenly interested in her?! She didn't like it. She looked at Juri and her crow with suspicion in her eyes.

"lets get that collar off of you first..." Juri said softly as she turned back to Iridia. After a quick inspection, Juri found that she could quickly undo the buckle on it, though she could feel the magic on it tingle under her fingers.

Iridia shook her head in disbelief.
"You undid it just like that...?!" She couldn't believe she had been freed from that horrible collar, but she could feel the magic running freely inside her body again. She closed her eyes and sighed enjoying the pleasant feeling for a few moments, then she opened her eyes again and fixed her gaze upon Juri.

"Well, thanks. Now we'll have to get out of here... There are a few things I need to find out. Did you see many guards? Clerics?"

01/14/2004 12:52 PM

Shandor raised his head from his book, one of the ancient spellbooks kept in his personal library. Something, someone was calling him. It was distant and weak, but it was a connection.
A look of surprise appeared on his smooth, ageless face, as images of an imprisoned mage followed one another in his mind. At the same time the silver ring he was wearing, grew hot.

"Iridia..." he whispered to the darkness, then the images blurred and disappeared. He tapped his fingers on the table and regarded the ring with his cold blue eyes. He wondered why he was still wearing it. He had made two identical rings and given one of them to Iridia when they lived together, not out of love but just to have a way to control her somehow.

"The little wench is in trouble and seeks my help. Very interesting." He patted absently the wolf lying at his feet. "Such a little fool" he said softly thinking of the black robed elf. "A little exotic pet who obviously didn't like to be a pet." He laughed. He had never cared for the girl, but the prism she had in her arm had intrigued him.

"I don't care what they do to you, Iridia. They could kill you and I would not shed a tear, but if they have captured you, it's because the prism is important and is meant to be used for something... I can't leave you in their hands, the conclave needs to find out why the prism has been created. And when that is solved, we'll see..."

He mused on the situation, a sly smile on his thin lips. He walked to a shelf in the darkest corner of the room and touched the stone that rested on it. It was ovalshaped, polished, black and blank. It reflected the light and was cool to the touch. Touching the stone was like touching the prism in Iridia's arm. He remembered vividly the feeling and the tingle of magic under his fingers.

He chanted a few arcane words and traced a few symbols on the cool surface of the stone. The stone became trasparent as if it was made of glass and Shandor said loud: "Moridren, I am in need of your services. Please, come to me quickly."

He went back to his chair and started writing a letter addresed to Iridia.

01/14/2004 2:56 PM

…From the darkness of shadow in the recesses of the room a figure coalesced into human form. It crossed the room, black boots echoing on stone as they crossed to where Shandor wrote. The figure was pale skinned and had long black hair that framed a strong jawed face with eyes the color of emeralds, devoid of any human emotion.

“I have come as requested, Shandor.” The figure said simply and stood with hands resting easily on the twin blades that hung from a sword belt at either of his hips, his emerald eyes watching the wizard like a hawk. Across his back was sheathed the fell-blade Shadowmyre, it demon-carved hilt visible over the mercenaries right shoulder and the strange black gem, known as the ‘Eye of Chemosh’ set firmly within the pommel.

Dressed in simple clothing cut from fine cloth, the figure waited, the cold iron manacles that hung from his belt clinking softly in the silence of the room as Moridren awaited the details of the latest prey…

01/15/2004 3:38 AM

Shandor finished to write his letter before he looked to the blackhaired man that had just appeared in the room. He observed him for a short while with a thoughtful expression on his face.

"Moridren" he said "I want you to find someone for me, an elven black robe called Iridia. She's been captured by dark clerics and is imprisoned in a fortress somewhere far from here. I want her alive, but I don't care about who else you'll have to kill to get to her."

He paused, took his silver ring and handed it to Moridren.
"Take this ring. Iridia has one exactly like it. Thanks to the ring you can get in touch with her, send her thoughts or images and she can do the same with you. When you use it to track her, make sure you have a picture of me in your mind. She will believe she is in contact with me.

The head of the white robes may have someone watching the girl or trying to get her out of the prison. You stay clear of them. If you have to kill them, make sure no one can find out that it's been you. I don't want any trouble with the conclave, as I will need them, when the girl is in my hands."

He sealed the letter he had been writing and gave it to Moridred.
"Give this to Iridia when you find her. And beware, she has a magical prism in her arm. This prism has some strange power that she can't control. Don't threaten or anger her, if you can avoid that. Any questions, Moridren?"

01/16/2004 8:29 PM

"Back on home, back on home. I make my way to find you. Tonight I ride for Shantilore, to be with you my love..." Joran sang with his head leaned against the bars.

Amongst the floor were a dozen empty bottles and crazy wooden tools, handcrafted by Joran himself.

"Shut your mouth, Joran. We've had enough of your babble for today." One of the closer guards snapped at the prisoner. He abrubtly stopped his singing and turned to him with a blank expression.

"I want my cape back..." Joran said monotonously.

"For the fifth time today ya bastard. Your not getting yer cape back." The guard lethargically responded. The two have obviously gone through this many times.

"Sir Bartholemu, why is it I am in here again?" Joran asked with a fake confused look, staring at the wall outside his cell.

"I've had enough of yer tricks! If the Master didnt fancy you so much, my sword would be through your filthy gut." The guard snapped back in irritation.

"My gut isnt filthy, and why do you presume the 'master' fancies me? If he fancied me, I wouldnt be in this cell now would I, Bart?" Joran pondered.

"What do you want from me? You want more rum? I know your up to something, and the master says to just give you more rum when yer like this. Keeps you from thinkin, he says. He also says, you never reject it!" Guard Bart said grinning as he slid a couple of bottles into a small hole between two cell bars near the floor. Joran looked at them with lust.

"W-why would he say such a thing. Its not like im an alchoholic or anything." Joran said, trying to force himself not to grab for it. It was hopeless, he threw his arms onto the bottle and popped the cork, guzzling it down while on his knees.

"Oh, your not eh? Same attitude that got you in that cell, Joran. You started drinkin every day and becomin a looney. All you did was ramble on about bein the savior and riding around the fields with a white cape and all white clothing, sayin all this peaceful, realist crap. So, if you really dont remember, thats what happened! The master put you in here. You were once a good man, and a good fighter too. But now look at ya. Your like an animal." Bart said in disgust. Joran lowered the bottle, his face dripping with rum.

"Me? an animal?" Joran said in shock. Bart simply sighed and turned his back on him and continued to patrol the hallway when a sudden commotion started at the door. Bart ran to assist with a female who was giving the other guards a little trouble. Joran watched in awe.

"Another good lady to look at...but nothin more. Almost better that I dont..." Joran said, his eyes filled with desire as he looked through his bars, a couple of cells down, at the 2 women now together.

He leaned up against the stone wall below the window and tried to remember the man he used to be. He was still a young man in his late twenties, but it is rumored that he was so skilled as a teen. He never agreed with the master's ways, but needed a place to eat, sleep, and get respect. He was sort of like a bandit, they would remind him. He was a parasite, they would say....

Yet, Joran remembers one moment like it was yesterday. He was in the fields nearby the fortress. He was hunting a deer with his beloved bow. When he got it cornered, he remembered the deers face turning of that into an old man, pure and glorious in appearence. It glowed and told him of his mission in life. They tell him he was found in the field passed out, adorned in complete white clothing. At the time, he remembered his mission given to him by that holy creature. He continued to fight for the dark clerics, and was labeled "The White Fox", being known for his agility, quickness, and accuracy with a bow. All of this was tolerable with the dark clerics since he fought well and was a good thief and spy, until, Joran began starting to preach to the dark clerics soldiers of how the world was good, and peaceful talk, which the dark clerics found corrupting and contradicting to the Vision. They loved him for his fighting skill, but it was not enough to save him from the many physical punishments they cast upon him. He took up drinking from all the torture, to try and forget the good remaining in his mind, along with the mission.

Joran sat in the cell, ashamed of himself, suddenly coming to realize what he was and what he had forgotten for so many years. Why had he remembered. These women perhaps? There was something that triggered it...

His blond hair hung down to his shoulders, covering his eyes. He held the bottle of rum in his hands and wet his lips once more. He brushed away the hair from his eyes, and watched the women to see what they were up to.

He new the usual cellmate female was a dark elf and he heard the guards talking about how they could not "do anything to the bitch". Much to their dissapointment. Recently, Joran felt these comments strike his soul and become sad. He was gaining back the sympathy he had once gained after the "deer" incident.

01/16/2004 9:50 PM

...The dark figure of Moridren looked to Shandor, his expression motionless. “Only one question Shandor. The fee, I take it this will be the same amount as the last service I performed?” he asked, though the mercenary cared little for the coin, it brought only a momentary flicker of comfort to a life that he had long ago lost a taste for.

“It would be faster if you sent me to where you last had contact with this woman.” He said, adjusting his sword belt upon his hip as he waited patiently for Shandor to cast a spell that would take him closer to the quarry. Despite his lack of emotion, the mercenary was eager to begin the hunt.

Prism, what a strange choice of words…

01/17/2004 3:29 AM

Shandor looked at the mercenary with a hint of impatience in his eyes.
"Yes, of course. Same amoust as last time. Maybe more. We'll see. I don't know exactly where the damned wench is, the connection was broken. That's why I gave you the ring. But I am sure she is somewhere north of here... Probably close to Sanction. I will teleport you to the outskirts of that town. When you get there, you'll have to use the ring to find out the exact location"

The black robed mage raised from his seat and stepped closer to Moridren.
"Let me know when you find her" he added before he started chanting the words of the teleportation spell. Within seconds Moridren was gone and Shandor was alone in the room again. He went to his library looking for a book he had found many years before. He was sure there were answers in that book, he just needed to look for them in the right place. He brought the book back to his study and began his search.

01/17/2004 5:31 PM

Leda padded softly down the dark corridors, clasping the smooth surface of the mahogany staff in her hands. The eagle figurine at the head cast a luminous light, guiding her way without any missteps or unfortunate bumps.

She met and received the guard, who hovered at the jail cell entrance, an anxious air evident in his fidgeting movements. There was a fluid exchange, and then she had moved freely forward to where the jail cells clamored with prisoners ranging from the most prominent to the filthiest.

The exchange left a mixture of disgust and relief marring her face. He was difficult to bribe at first but naturally, like all guards, he was greedy and sinful down to the very core. She had raised the amount thrice the original and he had quickly accepted, with those small mice like eyes of his nearly dilating with pleasure. The most difficult part of the plan was not in gettign past him, but in getting past the dark clerics who were stationed at the front entrance above them. It took her a considerable amount of magic to alter the persistent course of their mind, and a little more to walk past the supposedly hidden enchantments that hailed the area for intruders. Still, she knew her plan was not completely error proof. Its success lies in their ability to escape outside the facility unharmed and still intact. It was for the gods to decide, and Lunitari’s blessing to guide her through.
She raked her eyes down the row of jail cells, and focused the dark pupils upon the very last cell, tucked deliberately into the arms of darkness, shielding any untrained eyes from locating it.

She advanced closer, ignoring the comments several prisoners hurled at her. Her eyes narrowed with pleasure at confirmation of two silhouetted figures. Her accomplice had perfectly entered the jail cell and had done exactly as planned. She had carefully removed the enchantment from the dark elf and it was now Leda’s turn to sow her own harvest.

Her lips moved in a silent murmur and steadily rose in a loud guttural note. Satisfied, she planted the staff in front of her and seconds after, the entire jail cells instantly popped open from a mysterious source. Soon the jail area was flooded with prisoners viciously pushing against another to escape.

"Hurry," she said softly, her emaciated hands extended toward the stunned elf. Her eyes crossed the human briefly before they focused on the elf.

01/17/2004 6:52 PM

Chaos and pandemonium exploded throughout the cell as many men and womens dreams came true before their eyes. Joran looked at his rum in suspicion.

"What the spinzels is goin on here? Ah, I see... iz that 'willpower' trick. Every man in this cell was concentratin on the same thing, SIMULTANIOUS, and it happened!" Joran mumbled to himself, in great excitement. He zigzagged to the smashed down cell entrance and looked for a way into the wave of prisoners.

"My cape!" Joran shouted and ran the opposite direction, against the traffic. He pushed and shoved until he was clear from the mass of men and dove for a table, where his cape lay. He swung it over his shoulders. Three guards ran from a stairway and stared at Joran with fury.

"You maggot! How in the Abyss did you manage to pull this one off?!" One furious guard yelled, drawing his sword.

"The Abyss? We are not in the Abyss...But, heres a ticket!" Joran clumsily chucked the bottle of rum at the man. It hit the floor in front of him causing them to jump back. He began to sprint towards the other prisoners, all fleeing up the other staircase on the other side of the hallway. The three guards chased Joran through the mass of men. The prisoners noticed the guards and began to beat them down.

"Good work mates!" Joran shouted in relief. He shoved his way to the front of the mob and ended up at a closed door.

"Everyone halt! I know this place like the back a ma hand! This door leads to the main room. From there, many rooms branch off. Beware, they are filled with-" Joran instructed, but was interrupted by the angry shouts of the mob.

"Dont trust him! Kill him! He's still one of them!" Shouts filled the air. Jorans eyes went wide. He was stuck between two enemies now. Behind the door was a mainroom of a fortress filled with guards and clerics serving the Dark Queen. Yet, before him were a bunch of raving men, kept in cells for years, and thinking that he was an enemy. They began to swing at him. He decided to take his chances through the door.

Joran shouldered the door. He though of something and quickly as many guards turned to him in shock, their swords drawn.

"There comin, there all comin! They've escaped from their cells! The horra, the horra!" Joran said, running around and waving his arms. The prisoners stood hesitant at the doorway, looking in wonder, some in fear, at the amount of guards. One shouted above the akward, deadly silence.

"I for one aint goin back to that damn cell! Kill these bastards!" The prisoners roared with a renewed fierceful revenge. The guards rushed past Joran, not caring about him now, and the two masses clashed together.

Jorans plan had worked. He crawled on all fours through the fight. When he reached the main door which led to his freedom, there was a sound of a woosh and he was back in the masses. He looked very confused. It was extremely odd. He dove to the floor once more, and worked his way to the door.

Once again, he heard a swoosh, and this time a mans voice in his head. A bow of white wood materialized in his right hand.

Joran dropped it in shock. It shock back up to his hands. He ran to the door and pounded on it. His hand held fast and he felt as if his head was being forced to turn, as was the rest of his body. He began to panic in confusion and fear. A voice came to his head.

"Joran! It is your duty." The sweet, sultry voice spoke. Joran knew who it was. It was the same voice of the deer, and it wanted him to help these men. Paladine, wanted Joran to help these prisoners.

Joran looked down and saw his prisoner clothes had vanished and he was now wearing silky, white clothes adorned with decorative designs of gold wings on the chest area. A belt materialized holdng two twin daggers, as did a quiver full of arrows on his back.

He sighed and cursed to himself in dissapointment. He was really looking forward to escaping, but now he doubted he was even gonna make it out alive. Some guards in the fight spotted Joran and were shocked by his clothing and formed weapons. Joran was very confused and did not know what to do. He pulled out an arrow and the guards watched to see what he was going to do. He released the bowstring, sending the arrow whizzing across the room and striking the guard straight in the forehead. All the guards and the prisoners stopped fighting and watched Joran. The guards cursed and charged towards him.

"Willpower my brothers! It broke us out of our cells, so it can help us kill these men! Concentrate on them....uh....explo-AH!!!" Tons of guards lept on him. There was a sudden unseen force that knocked all of the guards off of Joran. A white gush shot out and spread out, striking the guards surrounding Joran in the face, and knocking them down.

"The dark elf, Joran, you must protect her. Make sure she escapes!" The voice urged to Joran in his head. Joran looked around nervously.

"Dark elf, dark elf, where is that damn dark elf?" Joran asked himself frustratingly searching through the crowd. He drew another arrow and shot it into a guards neck as he lept towards Joran. Joran got another one set as he ran through the chaotic brawl. The prisoners had little time however. Once the dark clerics were present, it would all be over. So Joran moved swiftly, realizing that the voice would not let him escape until the dark elf did. He had to hurry.

"DARK ELF!" Joran shouted above the clanking. He tried a few more times, shooting at a few more guards in the process.

01/18/2004 2:52 AM

Iridia was still waiting for Juri to answer her questions, when the commotion began. She could hear people running and shouting and the door poppped open. She looked at it confused trying to figure out what was going on.

Then she saw the woman standing before her and realized that she was free. She knew there was no time for questions, she would ask them later. Now they needed to get out of that dreadful place... But just not yet. Thanks to that chaos, she was sure she could get to the laboratories unseen.

She shot a quick glance at Juri, then she turned to Leda again and smirked.
"Thank you, stranger. Your help is much appreciated, but I can't follow you. I have business to take care of."

She bowed mockingly to the woman and started walking toward a staircase in a fluttering of black robes. Touching her silver ring she sent a quick message to Shandor and let him know that she was free and did not need his help anymore.

01/18/2004 9:23 AM

A white light shot towards the door. Joran squinted at its brightness, however nobody else fighting seemed to notice it. The doorway leading to the prison cells was now glowing. Joran, very upset, knew what this meant. He cursed to himself and ran back through the door.

The prison corridor was very empty. He caught a glimpse of feet running up a staircase opposite the hallway Joran was standing. Joran swiftly began to chase the person by instinct. Perhaps this was the dark elf.

The stairway was long and the sounds of explosions and steaming was getting louder as he rose to the top.

"The laboratory!" Joran whispered in a shocked tone. He looked at the steps before him and saw footprints in the dust.

"Slender, narrow....female..."Joran made the assumption. His bow was no good in this spiralling narrow stairway. He slung it over his shoulder and drew his daggers from his belt. He continued to pace up the stairs. This female dark elf must have had a mission of her own. Why would she be going to the most dangerous room in the fortress? For, in the laboratory, every guard or past guard knows, there are many dark clerics working very dark magic. Beasts being tormented and experimented with, magical artifacts being examined and tested. This dark elf must be good at whatever she does to have the sand to enter that place.

Joran stopped at the door with the symbol of a three headed dragon. The door was slightly open. Joran silently entered, not being heard over the loud bubbling and sounds of the laboratory. He heard talking at the center table of the laboratory and quickly hid behind a giant couldron. Joran peeked around the couldron very carefully. At the table were three dark clerics staring at something on the table. Joran assumed they would be here, and was not suprised.

"Where could that dark elf be?" Joran wondered, staring around with caution as of not to be caught. Joran realized something then. There were magical traps at the door and scattering the laboratory, yet, he had not been detected. He made the assumption that the dark elf did enter and removed these advanced spells with some magic of her own.

"Very interesting. Perhaps this dark elf is a very powerful one indeed..." Joran thought to himself. He would continue to look around till something came up...

01/18/2004 2:12 PM

Rekin sat in his room and studied his notes, when he heard shouts coming from downstairs. Annoyed he got to his feet and walked to the door. Guards were running back and forth in the corridor and he grabbed one of the men's arm.
"What is going on?" he sneered.

The guard looked at him with fear in his eyes. The dark clerics had taken control of the tower and didn't treat the people that worked there kindly. Threats and torture and murder were their normal way of dealing with the people under them.

"All the prisoners have been freed and they are trying to flee the fortress" ha answered.
Rekin tightened the grip, his eyes dark and narrow.
"What do you mean by that?"

The guard told him what he knew. Rekin was so mad that he wanted to kill the man for giving him such bad news, but he stopped himself in time.
"I don't give a damn about the prisoners, let them escape. Just make sure the black robed elf doesn't go anywhere. Find her and bring her to me alive, if you don't want me to eat your heart for dinner!"

"As you command my lord" said the guard. He bowed to the dark cleric and ran away.


Iridia went up the stairs, a determined expression on her face. She knew the way, she had been in the laboratories so many times. She didn't want to leave before she found notes about the experiments. Too many people were showing interest in her. She was sure it was because of the prism and they possibly knew much more about it than she did. She needed to know what secret the prism hid.

Her keen elven ears caught the sound of steps on the stairs below her. Someone was following her. Maybe the woman that had freed her or the one she had shared the cell with, or maybe a guard. She went into the room with the three headed dragon on the door after she had dispelled all the wards put to guard it, and hid in a corner.

A few moments later a man dressed in white appeared. She watched him walk toward the cauldron in the middle of the room and wondered who he could be. She approached him without making a sound, then she cast an immobility spell on him.
"Who are you? And why were you following me?" she whispered in his ear, her voice soft but cold as ice.

01/18/2004 2:38 PM

Joran tried to move but found he could not. He turned his head to meet the dark elfs eyes.

"I am Joran. I must help you escape. I cant explain...I just have to. Now, what are you doing in here? Dont you know this is where the clerics are, and they will put you back in that cell if they find you?" Joran whispered to the dark elf female dressed in black robes.

01/18/2004 2:53 PM

Iridia looked at the man trying to figure out if she could trust him or not. She decided to take the risk and released him from the immobility.
"I need to find notes, papers, anything that can help me understand what they have been doing to me. I won't leave unless I find some answers. If you are here to help, then distract the clerics, get them out of here somehow. I won't need more than 10-15 minutes. Do you think you can manage? I will meet you at the bottom of the stairs when I am finished here."

01/18/2004 3:37 PM

Joran sighed.

"Sure, I'll help. But its out of your own good to trust me. Im not forcing you to do anything. Best bet is that table there. They are surrounding it. I'll get them away from there for a while." Joran stated then quietly ran to a cage where a large tiger-like beast was sleeping.

Joran took out his daggers and hacked away at a rope tying the door shut. He made a small whistle sound and the cat beast awoke. Joran ran to behind the cage and began to shake it. The cat beast roared.

The three clerics all turned there heads and ran for the cage.

"Whats happened?" One of them shouted.

"The rope is cut, sir." Another answered. The three cast some stun spells on the beast. The beast fought the enchantments and pounced on top of one of them. The clerics continued to fight it off.

While all this was happening Joran ran to a bunch of bottles and test tubes. He knocked over a table full of them and there was a lot of explosion and popping. The clerics were in a frenzy. The table with the plans could not be seen from where they were. The cat beast ran out of the doorway from which Joran and Iridia came. The clerics cursed and chased after it.

"No man can lay eyes on that beast!" One cleric shouted in a booming voice, echoing up the stairway. Joran looked around the laboratory. It was now safe. He assumed the dark elf was already at work.

"Lucky that one worked." Joran whispered to the dark elf. "I'll watch the door." Joran set an arrow in his bow and aimed it at the door, ready for anything that might enter. After a minute he turned to Iridia.

"Want me to help you look?" Joran offered, getting bored of waiting.

01/18/2004 6:21 PM

My plan had gone awry, she thought as she looked blankly at the chaos around her, the retreating back of the dark elf still lingering in her thoughts.
Damn her. This was supposed to be simple. Get the girl and find the means to escape. Simple! But no, the girl had a mind and an agenda of her own and now had headed to the laboratory, bent on finding out the mystery of her prism. Leda narrowed her eyes. She had gone here in spite of the Conclave’s wishes. There was no going back, if they had found out about this and her failure, her powers and position would be mercilessly stripped. She needed the girl!
Ignoring Juri, she rushed up the dark stairs, mumbling a freezing spell at incoming clerics. She narrowly threw herself out ofan incoming cat and hurled herself forward.
And then she was finally in the room, her breaths were coming out in harsh gasps. Too much of her energy was being spent, her heart sinking fearfully at the sudden realisation, energy that should have been conserved and used for escaping.
And then she saw a white robed man guarding the laboratory.
“Get out of my way,” she snarled, brushing past him.
She walked towards the elf, who was busy rummaging the files.
With a smug smile plastered upon her face, she said, “It’s futile. You won’t find them here.”

01/18/2004 8:30 PM

Joran turned back to the door right at the moment when a female mage shot through it. He released the string, however, being taken by suprise, did not aim well. The arrow whizzed right past her shoulder. The female mage ran forward and pushed the wide eyed Joran out of her way.

"Not a cleric..." Joran said to himself. He drew another arrow just incase and listened carefully to what she said to the dark elf. So, she wants her to escape as well. Perhaps he would simply follow her lead until further advice from the "voice". Joran looked back to the door in curiousity.

"What happened to the clerics?...and the cat? You must have run into them, no?" Joran asked the mage in curiousity.

01/18/2004 10:40 PM

“Clerics? Cat” she asked almost blankly turning a lazy eye at him, her smile almost straying into the brink of smugness.

“Oh, if you can take a peak down that flight of stairs, some of the clerics are quite still. For the moment that is.”

With a nonchalant shrug, she said, “And the cat, well, he almost had me, but it appears he had better preys to pursue. A bit more flesh than me, you know.”

She now turned diametrically to him, a dangerously playful smile painted upon her face. “And by the way, humor me with that toy of yours willyou? I won’t suffer so much as a nick.”

01/18/2004 11:11 PM

...A figure stepped through the door, clad from head to foot in black, bearing two longswords one in either hand, both blades bearing serated edges and spattered with blood as most of the tall figure’s clothes were. His hair was tied back with a simple leather throng and a piece of cloth covered the lower half of his face, the left side smeared with droplets of blood.

“Actually the clerics may sleep for longer than you think. I have come for the girl.” He said simply as he moved into the room, his blades ready and his pale eyes upon those that were already in there. The black orb that was nestled in the hilt of the greatsword across his back seemed to almost drink in the surrounding shadow, there darkness flickering towards the figure as it edged around the room.

“You other two may go. I was not sent here for you, only the black robe. Stand aside.” He said with a cold emotionless voice…

01/19/2004 5:07 AM

Iridia grinned at Joran's inventiveness. As soon as the clerics had left the room, she approached the desk they had been sitting at and began going through all the papers. There were many and most of them were incomprehensible to her. She found a bag on the floor and stuffed all the papers in it. She would try to make some sense out of them when she managed to leave the fortress.

She looked at the red robed mage that had joined them and shot her a cold glance.
"How can you know that I won't find what I need?" she asked her with a snarl. "And what do you want from me?"

When the black figure entered the room and spoke, Iridia rolled her eyes.
"Goddamned... Why are you all showing so much interest in me today? Did I win the lottery or what?" she said sarcastically. "Why don't you vanish, all of you? I intend on leaving this place... now and alone... So stay away from me if you don't want to get harmed." She spat showing her disgust and walked to the door without looking back.

01/19/2004 2:28 PM

For a brief moment, a crazed glint passed through her eyes and then disappeared. Leda was barely able to suppress herself from knocking the stubborn elf unconscious and that emotional restraint had left her hands trembling.
“The information,” she replied stiffly through clenched teeth, “are not in tangible documents for peering eyes such as yourself. They are enchanted and transferable only through magic, magic that unfortunately you have not the capability of rendering.” The thin lips drew into a wraithlike smile. “Although, Iridia, there are numerous ways you can endeavor to find out your desires. Hard the methods are, but still quite possible.”

A dark presence suddenly dropped into the laboratory. Leda felt the chills threading through her spine, and the hair on her neck jutted.
Iridia did not appear to be intimidated by the swift change in ambience brought in by the mercenary. In fact, she was rather more so irked, than unnerved, from her sudden exclamation of his appearance.
“I do believe,” Leda whispered to her as she ushered herself to Iridia’s side before she could exit, “That the secrets you want lies in the source of that warrior.”
With the man still advancing menacingly towards them, Leda instinctively grabbed the side of a stool and hurled it at him.
“Mage,” She cried to Joran, “Do something!”
Her mouth began to work on a minor spell.

01/19/2004 3:11 PM

Iridia was extremely irritated by the red robed mage. She didn't care about what she said, she just wanted to leave that place and be left in peace. She was not used to have all those people around wanting something from her and she felt angry and uncomfortable.

When Leda turned to face the mercenary, Iridia saw a chance to escape. If they fought among them, they would be too busy to notice what she did. She knew she was too weak to fight them and she didn't even had her spell components, so she had to run away.

She pushed Leda against the man in black and ran down the stairs as fast as she could. In the meantime Leda's words echoed in her mind The secrets you want lies in the source of that warrior. She wondered what the girl had meant by that, but she had no time to muse on it.

01/19/2004 5:01 PM

Joran looked at the red robed with confusion.

"I am no mage...." Joran replied. He saw the dark elf running back down the stairs. Joran ducked around the menacing mercenary and ran after the dark elf.

"Wait! You wont make it out alive! I know it....I cant explain....but i just know..." Joran said with extreme sincereity. He finally caught up with her.

"You know i mean well. I could have attacked you back there, when you let me go...but I helped you, no? I can help you get out....I dont know about those other two though. I believe the mage doenst want you in these dark clerics hands. She wants to bring you back to the conclave...wow...how did I know that? I just keep getting these messages in my head....Nevermind that...where do you want to go now, dark elf?" Joran said, stringing another arrow ready. He turned around in caution looking up the stairs.

01/19/2004 5:11 PM

…The stool sailed the shortening distance between the group and the dark clad swordsman, who sttod motionless for a moment and then exploded into a blur of darkness and steel as his left hand snaked out, severing the stool to fall either side of the figure.

Marefyce looked anew to the woman, his head cocked to the side as he regarded her in a new light, a possible obstacle between himself and his quarry, as he shifted the weight upon the balls of his feet and slowly sheathed his right handed blade before reaching up to grasp the demonic hilt of the greatsword, his pale eyes visible and narrowed as they watched the red robed Wizardess.

He noticed his quarry slip through the door, and allowed himself a small smile of satisfaction beneath his black veil. The quarry had indeed run, but thanks to the ring, he would indeed find her again. He continued watching the red robed woman as he slowly circled her, keeping to the edges of the room.

“Were you sent by the Conclave?” he asked in a dead voice that held little emotion…

01/19/2004 5:32 PM

White clothes does not mean he is a mage, she chided herself silently, though glancing curiously at his weapons, wondering how it could possibly get through the vision of the gurads, unless it was enchanted.

Quite suddenly, Iridia shoved her towards the man.
The nerves, Leda raged, catching a glimpse of the white dressed man running after the elf downstairs, before she turned to focus on the warrior.
They cannot get out of the fortress alive like that. They were running into the arms of suicide!
Her lips have unconcsiouly stumbled over the incantation, ruining the spell she had prepared.
Fear caused her adrenaline to pump for flight, but was counteracted by her sudden stance to buy more time for the fleeing elf.

“Yes,” she lied her, voice full of fasle bravado. “You don’t understand what you’re up against. If I am killed, they will send another, stronger and more powerful than I. Give up, slink back to your master and enlighten him with your failure.”

She cast an anxious look over her shoulder to see that they were good as gone from sight, before turning back to the warrior.

“You’re not going to bring her back to him,” she said determinedly, yet fear presented itself in the widening of her eyes, and the rising goosebumps upon her flesh.

01/19/2004 5:55 PM

…Marefyce watched the woman before him, his pale eyes fixed intently upon here, watching her every moved, his body ustill but ready like a wolf waiting for his prey to expose an unprotected flank.

“And who is a lackey of the Conclave to stand between that woman and the one she called for help.” He asked, his voice still flat and dead as he cocked his head to one side and began to commit details of the woman before him to memory. He noted her stance and colorings, the speech pattern as she spoke and also…the slight widening of her eyes.

“I have no quarrel with the Conclave, stand aside. What right have they in this matter?” he asked as he took a half-step towards Leda, his right hand still enclosed around the haft of the greatsword, his left holding the gore-spattered longsword…

01/19/2004 6:12 PM

The ring, that woman, she thought, the pattern cinching clearly now. Her former lover. She stumbled back, away from him, her eyes, roving for the measn to escape to no minute avail. He had her cornered, blocking the exit as his hands still lingered onto that bloody sword of his. She gently eased her hands to the pouch that hung at her side.

"It does not appear that she wants your master's help any longer," she said. "It so appears that she wants neither of our help for that matter," she gave a nervous laugh. "So lets make it even by giving up our pursuit for her, and leave her be, for now."

With extreme dexterity, she loosened the tie and launched the pouch towards the warrior, making ready for her escape.

01/19/2004 6:24 PM

…He eyed her warily. “And why would I want to do that? I have a mission, you have a mission. I will fulfill my hunt by whatever means necessary, even if I have to tie that woman to a saddle and drag her back to my employer. He said as he let his eyes flicker towards the doorway, the pale orbs searching for any signs of intruders or guards.

The sudden movement brought his attention snapping back as figure exploded into a blur of movement when the pouch left the woman’s hands, Marefyce throwing himself to the side and away from the flight of the pouch, he had long since learnt to be wary of Wizards and knew not what tricks this woman had.

Marefyce hit the stone floor hard and slid, rolling as he did and came up at last on bended knees with a hiss of anger and annoyance at himself for being caught so unawares. He looked back over his shoulder to where the red robed woman was standing moments before, his eyes narrowed with hate…

01/20/2004 1:52 AM

Iridia slowed down and looked at Joran with suspicion, a flicker of madness in her eyes.
"Where do I want to go? I want to get out of here! Show the way if you know it."

They reached the dungeons, the sound of fighting was still in the background, but it was far. Dead and wounded prisoners and guards lay on the floor, Iridia didn't even look at them, she stepped over them, the madness inside her was driving her forward.


Rekin was waiting in his study. He tapped his fingers on the table impatiently. The girl had not been found yet. Incompetent, that was what they were, all of the them. He had to do things by himself if he wanted them to be done right.

He called two of his fellow dark clerics and motioned them to follow him.
"The girl is still here somewhere, I would have known if she had escaped. We need to find her and take her to a new place, one that is safer than this" he sneered, his hands clenched into fists.

He lead his men down into the dungeons. He was sure the girl had not tried to escape with the rest of the prisoners otherwise she would have been seen, she had to be around...

01/20/2004 2:33 PM

Joran thought for only a second. He pointed to a staircase, the one leading to the mainroom.

"I guess the hardest way is our best chances. Theres a prisoner revolt up there. Just keep low and make it to the large double doors. Joran ran with her to the stairs, following behind.

"Halt!" Joran heard from down the hallway. Two dark clerics were running at them. Joran cursed and raised his arms in surrender. His bow was slung on his back and he would be killed by the time he got it. He flicked his wrists slightly and two small daggers slid up into his palms. In one quick, flowing motion, Joran threw the two small daggers at the clerics. One cleric quickly brought up a barrier, blocking the dagger. The other cleric took the dagger to the gut and fell to one knee. It was merely a wound, but better than Joran expected to get. The cleric quickly shot forth a flame sphere at Joran.

"The cape!" A voice shouted in Jorans head. He quickly reacted, throwing his cloak over his face to cover him. The cape seemed to grow, covering the entire hallway. Joran closed his eyes in anticipation of dieing and did not notice. The flame sphere bounced back to the dark cleric, who simply dove to the floor.

"Wow, I didnt expect that to happen!" Joran commented as he watched the fire ball slam into the opposite wall and burst. The wild cat from the laboratory came charging down the stairs behind Joran and the dark elf.

"Duck!" Joran shouted. The wild cat lept right over them, tackling the cleric which was dangerously close to Joran. The cleric fought with the cat as it scratched at its face and bit down on the mans shoulder.

"Run up the stairs! Quick!" Joran shouted, pushing her in the back in haste.

01/20/2004 2:56 PM

Iridia followed Joran absently, her mind empty. She watched him fight the two clerics without showing any emotion, she didn't even think of a spell she could cast to help the man. She just stared at them. It was like something had suddenly broken inside her. Her body was in the fortress, but her mind was travelling somewhere else, somewhere far and dreadful.

Joran's shout broke through the thick haze that had paralysed her mind and her senses. She shot him an empty look wondering what was happening.

01/20/2004 3:10 PM

"Up the stairs! Through the door!" Joran shouted, grabbing her by the wrist and yanking her up the steps. The cleric with the gut wound help a hand to his gut and started rushing up the stairs. He dove and grabbed Jorans ankle then cast a blindness spell.

"Holy Paladine!" Joran shouted in anger and shock. A white light reacted, burning the clerics hand. He pulled his hand away, and layed on the stairs, wringing it with his other hand in great pain.

"Oh damn! I cant see!" Joran screeched he felt for the wall and ran up the stairs, staggering. He slammed into the door.

"Through the door, dark elf! Its the only way out. Joran ran through the door. Tons of noise filtered out. The fight was still going on, but now, somehow the prisoners got there hands on weapons. Swords were clanking. Joran dove to the floor and crawled through the mess, blindly. He occasionally bumped into someone and got hit with clubs. He turned back the direction he came.

"Dark elf! Where in the bloody Abyss is that damn door!" Joran asked her in slight panic. It was hard to shout over the noise, but he managed.

01/20/2004 3:30 PM

Iridia let Joran drag her up the stairs. Slowly she began to awake, she recognized the place she were in and recalled she had been freed. She was still holding the bag she had stuffed with papers from the laboratory, but there was a big black hole in her mind. She didn't remember anything about the wounded cleric that had been following them for example.

She shook her head to clear her thoughts and noticed Joran slam into a door.
"You are blind?!" she asked him doubting of his words. When she saw him crawl in panic, she helped him to stand.
"Such a useless idiot you are! The door is on your left.. Just put your arm around my neck and I'll lead you out"

Avoiding the fighting men, she reached the door and pushed it open. She hesitated, afraid of meeting some kind of hindrance, but there was none. A few moments later she was out. She was free. She stopped and breathed deeply. The night was clear and cold. She shot a quick glance at the black moon and thanked her god.

01/20/2004 4:20 PM

Joran felt the cool breeze as he followed the dark elf outside, touching her arm so he didnt fall. The blackness slowly turned white.

"I think im getting my sight back a bit. It was all black, now its all white. I dont know what that cleric did to me. But, it cant last, right? I dont know much about magic..." Joran said, feeling around. He felt cold iron fences and walked along them.

"Lets go deep into the forest or something. Or the next town...I would like to stay at an inn tonight. I always wondered what its like to have a few drinks in you when your blind." Joran said, the last one to himself.

"Well, your my sight. Where shall we go?" Joran asked, feeling around for her.

01/20/2004 4:25 PM

Immediately after the explosion, Leda fludily burst past the warrior and rushed down the flight of stairs. Must find the elf, her mind reeled as her heart hammered in her chest. Whether it was due from the cause of the explosion or not, her hearing was slightly out of equilibrium. She stumbled forward, narrowly tripping over a motionless body of a dark cleric, who appeared largely in a sense to have been beaten to a pulp. Other bodies, guards and prisoners of the likes lay strewn on the frigid floor, giving the viewer an imagery of the bloody horror that had just occurred.

At that moment, she felt vulnerabiolity seep in from the sudden realization that she was weaponless and also the mere fact that there was very little energy left to muster up any attack spell. She cast a fearful glance over her shoulder, gathering the torn fabrics of her robes closer to her body. Her raven hair had fallen out its bind and straggled loosely over the oval face.

She had to get out of cell area, away from the warrior. A sudden bitterness bit into her when she saw a shadow of his figure on the stair wall. Her powder had only served to enrage him, not kill him.

01/21/2004 12:52 AM

"The cleric must have cast a blindness spell on you. It will last a few hours, I guess."
Iridia stepped back avoiding Joran's hands with an amused smirk on her lips.

"We shan't go anywhere. I will leave on my own and you'd better find a place where you can sit and wait for your sight to return. I have no use of a blind bodyguard" she said mockingly "But thank you for helping me out of the fortress, you have had your use at least. I will pay my debt and lead you to a safe place in the woods, and then I will say farewell"

She grabbed his arm and dragged him into the woods that surrounded the fortress. She wasn't sure of the direction she had taken, but she didn't really care, she just wanted to put as much distance as possible between herself and the dark clerics.


Rekin had been following Iridia and Joran very discreetly without being noticed by any of them. He was waiting for the right moment to strike. He would not rush things, he needed the girl alive and if it came to a fight, she could be harmed and that would anger his queen immensely. And Takhisis' anger was the last thing he wished to feel.

When he heard the dark elf say that she wanted to continue on her own, he thought that luck was finally shining on him. As soon as she was alone, it would be extremely easy to cast a spell on her, immobilize her and take her to a new hiding place.

He smiled to himself satisfied and touched lovingly the medallion with the five headed dragon. Silently he followed the dark elf and her companion into the woods.

01/23/2004 2:31 PM

OOC: damnit! So sorry Cheri! I didn't mean to dissapear like that, Really I didn't.... can I still get back in this with Juri?

01/23/2004 2:55 PM

The dark-clothed figure’s eyes locked on Leda’s form as it stood in the shadows of the stairway landing, slowly sheathing its serrated longsword. Beneath the veil he smiled briefly before backing away into the gloom and making his way back to the room of the confrontation.

There had ben something vaguely familiar about his quarry, something that gnawed at the hunter’s normally dispassionate demeanor. The elf was familiar somehow, but he shook his head, it mattered not where the elf had come from there was only the mission ahead and the cold, lifeless reward of steel that had been promised unto him at the girls delivery.

Moridren took out the ring from around his neck and slipped it upon his finger, his mind concentrating upon the visage of Shandor. He concentrated for a few moments, finding the girl through the miasma of bleakness that separated them.

It is I Shandor, you pleaded for my help, now tell me where you are…

01/24/2004 3:35 PM

"Going to leave without me?" came a smooth voice from behind Iridia. Leaning against one of the thickest trees was Juri. "Glad to see you got out of there though."

The crow cawed noisily from the branches above Juri's head. His keen eyes had picked up the stealthy movements of cleric.

"And, unfortunately...it seems you have been followed by another." She said, calmly, almost sounding bored.

01/25/2004 11:33 AM

Iridia was looking for a place where she could leave Joran, when she heard a voice in her head.
Shandor... you're too late... she thought smiling to herself.
She touched the silver ring and sent him a message.
I am safe now, Shandor. I have fled the fortress, but I don't know where I am. I will find out though. You don't need to worry about me.

Then she heard someone address her aloud. She turned and noticed the woman who had freed her from the collar. She raised a brow.
"I didn't know we were supposed to go anywhere together... You say there's another one who follows me?!? Well, that doesn't surprise me much. It seems to me that today all the people I meet wants me for one reason or another... It must be my charm" she said sarcastically. "What do you want from me?" she added with a snarl.

01/26/2004 1:46 AM

…Moridren hissed as he broke connection, the woman had escaped the fortress and seemed to have had help. He mused for a few moments wondering if this new development was merely a fact that Shandor had neglected to mention. His mind wondered who the others were and why the girl had garnered the interest of the Conclave.

He held the ring once again and brought Shandor’s image to mind.

I have already left my dwellings, you called and I have come so at least do me the courtesy of awaiting my arrival. Find somewhere safe to hide and I shall be there shortly to take you away from here. he thought as he cocked his head to the side listened for any sound in the halls to the room in which he stood…

01/27/2004 2:00 AM

A look of displeasure appeared on Iridia's face when she received another message from Shandor. She shook her head and sighed, then with a resigned expression she touched her ring and answered his call.

I am just outside the fortress somewhere in the woods, with a blind man and an annoying woman. I will wait for you here.

She sat down and looked to Juri, still waiting for her answers.

01/27/2004 1:42 PM

"I personally want nothing from you... I'm only doing my job. I was sent by the conclave to get you out of there." Juri said, her voice a harsh whisper. "However I seriously doubt that this is the time for such arguments. Our visitor isn't of the friendly nature."

The crow mantled, his feathers standing out on end, as the bird literally hissed. He winged his way to Juri's shoulder, making soft chittering sounds.

01/28/2004 11:14 AM

Bleeding, bruised, and near to the point of collapsing, Leda finallyw as able to escape the fortress and reach the edge of the forest. Fatigue grappled with her, teasing her endurance, almost forcing her to yield to her plight. But her persistance won over, and she continued to struggle through the forest. She had to find the dark elf and in so doing, she must avoid getting caught.
Finally she sank to the side of a tree, and paused for breath. There came such a clamor behind her of voices, loud and angry.
« Find her ! I don’t care what you do with the others, but I want her here now ! »
The man’s voice continued in an ominous manner. « Or i’ll have your heads. !

Leda cringed, trying to burrow herself down to the earth to appear as little and unobtrusive as possible. Moments later, the voices became faint unti lshe could no longer hear them. She emitted a sigh of relief.

01/28/2004 2:40 PM

Joran felt around for an arrow. When he felt one he quickly strung it and aimed it where the voice was coming from. He listened to the women speak. Joran flinched at the sound of the crow.

"Who sent you for her? I was not able to leave the fortress unless this dark elf made it out safely. A voice spoke to me and told me I had to do my duty and save her. But, I believe your intentions could be getting in the way of my objective. All I want is to fulfill the voice in my heads demands, and then get back to my freedom." Joran said, looking around warily, yet still seeing nothing.

01/28/2004 3:10 PM

Juri stared at Joran, her eyes fixed on the arrow aimed at her. "It's not me you should be aiming at blind one." she said, her green eyes narrowed.

"I was sent by the conclave to get her away from the clerics... we should be working together here... I get paid no matter what. That and my curiosity has been aroused... I'm going to see this to whatever end there is... This Phoenix isn't battle-shy" She said, the crow silent.

01/29/2004 12:50 AM

Iridia patted Joran on the shoulder.
"Don't worry, she's not gonna hurt me. Actually, no one is gonna hurt me. They will all try to keep me alive and well, otherwise they can't use me" she said and laughed mirthlessly.

"As you are all interested in my safety, then we can just walk together out of the woods. Hopefully you know where we are, Juri, and can lead us to the closest village. We just need to wait a few minutes for one more of saviours..."


Rekin was spying on the small group with a look of this displeasure in his cold eyes. Too many people were gathering around the dark elf and would protect her. They were not going to let her wander away on her own. Cursing he went back to the fortress and called a dozen of clerics and ordered them to follow him into the woods and surround the small group.

"I don't want them to see you until it's too late for them, be very quiet. And for Takhisis' sake, do not harm the dark elf! If you do, I'll skin you alive. But you can freely kill the others."

01/30/2004 12:12 AM

…Moridren watched from his vantage point amongst the branches, cloaked in the shadows, as the men moved through the forest searching for his quarry. He narrowed his emerald eyes and studied the small group of dark cloaked figures his eyes finding their weapons, noting which side they hung from and which hand they seem to favor as he flitted through the woods like a wraith hunting the hunters…

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