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01/10/2004 6:32 PM

OOC; This is the Taladas thread! All ooc's and requests to join go in the ooc's and recruitment's for Taladas.


The wind swept over the Burning Sea, hot, and reeking of sulfur.

On a small peninsula, jutting out into the sea of lava, the wind howled around the tower, it's namesake, the Citadel Of Wind.

Inside of the chamber, the highest in the tower, a fire burned, crackling cheerily. A woman, sitting near it, shivered, and looked nervously over her shoulder.

A voice sounded inside the chamber.

"Mistress, Master Kilerombei is here to see you."
She sighed wearily.
"Send him up."

She rose, knowing it would take roughly a minute for the visitor to arrive.
The mistress of the Citadel Of Wind walked over to the window, overlooking the mighty sea, formed in the Cataclsym.

The white door opened, and a man in bright orange-red robes entered, closing it behind him.

Silence reigned in the room. Neither were willing to speak.

"You know why I am here."

His voice broke the silence.

The woman turned to face him.
"Yes, I know why you're here!!" she spat.

At 28 years of age, Rebbecca Dawnflower was beautiful even in her anger.

Her hair was shining black, cut short, as it sculpted lovingly around her face.
Her robes were a light blue, and a network of fine white silken threads, seeded with tiny pearls, held her hair in place.

The Mistress Of Wind, as she was known, had eyes of beautiful green, reflecting everyone who looked into them, and often enough, they could not look away without aid.

She walked down the small flight of stairs, and sat in the green chair in front of the fire.

Serving Master Of Flame, Kilerombei, strode across the room.

"You know, but you do not act! You sit here, like the old man before you!"

Rebbecca rose, and advanced on the man, two spots of red on her cheeks.

"How dare you! What would you have me do? Travel to the Abyss and challenge this demon? Have me travel back in time and retrieve the Device?"

Kilerombei, undaunted, strode foward.

"Not you retrieve it, but look over the others who are here, and are seeking glory, by finding it! There is hope! We can defeat this demon! Set the library ghosts to their studies, so we can learn how!-"

She interrupted him.

"Hope? Hope? Hope???? You speak to me of hope? Hope died with the master of the orders. There is no hope."

She saw him open his mouth to argue, and cut him off.

"Are you tormented by the visions at night? Seeing the sea rise, and cover all of Taladas in a flood of fire, seeing men, women, and children, all burning, dying in the new hell. Do you feel the constant futility of going through countless pieces of parchment, and only finding references, but no actual truths? No. You do not. There is no hope. The device is gone. We are doomed.

Worse. We are damned."

As she spoke, KIlerombei had seen the images f fire and death in her eyes. He shooked his head.

His yell broke through the air. She stared at him sharply.

"Where there is life, there is hope! We must find this dragon they spoke of, on the Misty Isle, the dragon of both darkness and light, the dragon of white and black."

She sighed.

"Go. Look over those poor fools. See if any of them are insane enough to veture to the Misty Isle, and face certain death. Go."

He glared at her, and then turned, hurrying down the stairs.

Rebbecca faced the fire again, and tears, hot and wet, slid down her face.

For the first time in her young life, she knew true despair.

Kilerombei hurried down the stairs, to the hall, and took a seat near the fire, wondering if anyone would enter through the great wooden double doors, willing to try and save Taladas.

He shook his head, Someone had too or else they were all doomed........


Outside of the tower, an arguement raged.

"..........I think you are finally truly and completely crazy, kender."

The source of this chiding, a tall and thin kender, with thick brown hair, and equally large brown eyes, giggled, swinging his hoopak playfully.

"I'm not crazy. I know we can do this, and I think we should at least try and help!"

The young woman, with short, black, curly hair, and a sword poking over one shoulder, remained unconvinced.
"You're suicidal, damnit!"

The kender looked up reprovingly, his brown eyes shimmering yellowish green.

"Lily, you're being very un-noble."

She stood her ground.

"There's a reason why they have legends about men that were heroes, so old and famous of legends. Do you know why?"

The kender brightened.

"They were noble!"

"No. They're dead, so everyone sings songs about them, since they aren't around to say anything."

The kender sighed, and grabbed her wrist.

"Come ON!"

And dragging her with him, entered the tower.

Lily jerked the kender viciously by his long brown braid.

"What are you thinking!" she hissed, and dragged him into a dark corner, near the door.

"Making us heroes!" he pleaded, flailing fruitlessly.

Lilian sighed.
"Alright, ALRIGHT! We'll do it if someone else worthwhile joins as well. No way we're going if it's only us being suicidal."

With that, she sat him down again, and leaned against the wall, waiting.

Waiting for heroes, if there were any that hadn't gone and gotten themselves killed yet..............

01/11/2004 10:45 AM

Far away (and about 20 years before), in the great library of Palanthas:
"Timeplit! How wonderful to see you again." The young dragonrider said to his old friend. "What brings you to Palanthas?"

"Business I'm afraid. But something I was hoping you could help me with."

Seing the look on the mages face, J'mes grew more serious. "What is it?"

"It involves Taladas."

J'mes's face grew pale at the memories of his other trip there.

"I would go myself, but I am ... unable to at the moment. It involves the recovery of a certain artifact. I can give you a visual reference to get there, but I must warn you that it is about 20 years in the future."

"If you think I'm needed, then I'll do whatever it takes for this planet."

They then went to discuss the details of what J'mes would need before he set off.

01/11/2004 1:39 PM

The ship rocked along the waves, as land came into view. Several of the sailors moved about the deck, creating more commotion since the lookout had shouted "Land Ho!"

Kyniastarr T'sedrin stood near the prow of the ship, her long hair wipping in the wind, as the salty spray dampened her cheeks and her clothing. She stared upon the shores of Taladas...Of Home.

The Kirioyal's blue eyes scanned the shoreline, smiling softly to herself... she had been away too long.

::Many would say that you had no right to leave at all...considering your position.:: came the soft voice of her Guardian Kyel. He was safely stabled below deck, and he prefered it that way, he hated to travel by sea.

Kynia frowned, her delicate features creased in anger. ::Who else would have gone? and who else would have been taken seriously? Some nobody of the court or me, the Ruler of our people?::

Kyel's mind-presence shied at her vehnmence, though he completely agreed with her... and he reached out to her with reassurance. ::I mearly ment that some will be angry with you when you return... I am on your side with this one Chosen....::

Kynia nodded, her acceptance of his words clear in her mind, and he saw this there as easily as if she had spoken the words.

"Time to go home..." She said aloud, and she could feel Kyel's heartfelt agreement.

01/11/2004 2:37 PM

After he finished gathering his things togather, and closing down his cave for a while, he mounted his dragon. *Ready boy?* he thought to it.

*Let's do this* it thought back. They started to rise off the ground slowly, then J'mes took a last look around. Visualizing the picture in his mind that Timesplit had given him, he told Sarumth to go between.

Traveling between is always dangerous, but far more so for traveling between times instead of just space. If the rider does not have a good enough picture in his mind, he could arive at the wrong place or time, or far worse, become trapped between for eternity.

Total darkness engulfed them, along with an intence bitter cold. Then after nearly a minute of this, they flashed into the air near the citadel. Gliding down to a platform near it, the brown leathery dragon made a short landing near a woman with short curly black hair and a kender.

"Am I in time, is this the right date?" He asked them.

01/12/2004 5:48 PM

a woman with short curly black hair and a kender.

"Am I in time, is this the right date?" He asked them.

Lily stared as a man rode a dragon down, and the kender dropped his hoopak with a thunk.

She drew her hood nervously over her face.

"Um, the right date for what?" she asked.

The woman sank deeper into her hood.

Two scars, a deep purple in their bottoms, ran along the cheek bones on each side of her face, straight as arrows. They had been a punishment by her drunkard father years ago, and the red-hot knife had done it's work well.

01/13/2004 7:35 AM

"I was told the Citadel in Taladas needed help." The rider told her. "I've been traveling for quite a while and wanted to make sure I got here before they explain whatever sort of help it is they need." Sensing the shock of the kender, he stooped to pick up the hoopak then handed it back. "Not a bad weapon. Friend of mine could offer some improvements if you want. Oh, my name's J'mes."

01/13/2004 9:22 AM

"I was told the Citadel in Taladas needed help."

"Um, so I've heard......." Lily said, confused by this man and the dragon.

he stooped to pick up the hoopak then handed it back.

The kender grinned enthusiastically.


Friend of mine could offer some improvements if you want. Oh, my name's J'mes."

THe kender eyed him.

"Improvements? That's weird. 'Cause the 'pak, it really is good now, 'specially this one. My name is Corin Dragonfur-Flypak, and this is L-!" he stopped as lily took the juncture to jerk the kender's braid.

"I am Lily. Pleased to meet you, J'mes."


Kilerombei rose, and, with his orange and red robes rippling about his ankles, hurried to greet the three figures at the end of the hall. He bowed.

"Welcome to the Citadel Of The Wind. I am Serving Master Of Flame, known as Kilerombei, and I am second-in command at the tower of Firehome. Mistress Dawnflower, whose authority is suprme in this tower, is unfortunately not available, and I have been instructed to brief you. Please," he said, gesturing to the fire, and several chairs appeared, "Sit."

The kender tried to duck behind Lily, but she once again jerked him mercilessly by the braid, and shoved him in front.

"You brought us here, you go first." She hissed, and marched over to the fire, taking a sat, with her face still hidden beneath the hood.

Kilerombei, still standing, smiled.

"Now, what do all of you know so far?"

01/13/2004 10:14 AM

The Armach Kingdom was in a heep of trouble as all the elves rushed to ready for the coming of the King. The king had trodded off to Northern Hosk to meet with a man by the Citadel of Wind.

The kings daughter, clad in thin dark armor, reached for a candle inside the darkened room. In her chambers, the candle only filled the room with little light. Her dull silver hair wasnt a bright as it used to be because of the climate changes over the month.

She took a small step over a vase on the floor, then another. Her destination was the door of her room, if she could live to get that far, that is. The vase was broken, little pieces of broken glass scattered.

"Milady Deribal, a messanger of the kings has arrived." The voice was of her most loyal servant and the voice was distant. "Send him up here!" She yelled as loud as she could.

She heard nothing in return of her reply.

Waiting for a few moments, footsteps were soon echoing up the stairs. She sighed and waited for the knock at her door. She heard him stop and she was about to tell him to open it. Before she even let out a breath, the messanger came crashing in.

Deribal dropped her candle. The wax missed her feet by only little, and glass was now sticking out of her feet. "Milady, your father has gone missing!"

01/13/2004 11:35 AM

"Endy!" J'mes called, and a tiny blue dragon, only about a foot long without the tail, flew over from the large brown and landed on his shoulder. J'mes walked into the room after the others.

"Now, what do all of you know so far?"

J'mes spoke first. "A friend of mine on Ansalon informed me that you needed help with something, and that he was busy and could not help you at the moment. A rather strange comment coming from him, but I was not busy, and figured I'd help if I could. He said it had something to do with a magical device, but told me he could not elaborate further. I think he knew more, but couldn't tell me for some reason."

01/13/2004 11:51 AM

"Now, what do all of you know so far?"

The kender spoke up.

"Well, we heard from a mage-guy that something was wrong, and that somebody had died, and the mages here needed some help, in finding something."

Lily shot him a black look, and nodded.

"Basically, yes."

J'mes spoke first. "A friend of mine on Ansalon informed me that you needed help with something, and that he was busy and could not help you at the moment. A rather strange comment coming from him, but I was not busy, and figured I'd help if I could. He said it had something to do with a magical device, but told me he could not elaborate further. I think he knew more, but couldn't tell me for some reason."

Kilerombei's eyebrows looked in danger of vanishing into his hair.

"Ansalon?? Then you have truly come a long way."

"The story is very long, and dull, in it's entirety, so I will deliver it to you in brief.

The Grand Master Of the orders as well as the Three, were assasinated, presumably, by the mighty empire of the Minotaurs.

We have been recieving threats fom a dangerous individual, who needs a device which our order came into possesion of, not long ago.

The Three and the Grand Master knew where this device was concealed, but since they are dead, we only know that a dragon on the Misty Isle is also aware of it's hiding place, and, thus, we need a group of representatives to travel there, and ask for the location.

We need to have people willing to travel to the Misty Isle, and then retrieve this device."

Lily stared.

"Are you mad? The Misty Isle? The Dragonhome?????"

Kilerombei nodded.


Lily sank back into the chair.

"Damn. You're crazy if you think anyone would even show up!"

The kender tugged her sleeve.

"Except us....." she muttered.

Kilerombei's voice broke through her thoughts.

"Any questions?"

01/13/2004 3:35 PM

*Scaled Ones.* Sarumth thought to J'mes from outside.

*I know Sarumth. Dragons who would kill dragons." He thought back.

*We've handled dragons before, they weren't nearly as hard as flying thread. Anything that's a threat's too big to keep up with me!* The dragon responded, sure of himself.

*Easy there boy.*

Throughout this thought dialog, J'mes said nothing out loud, just apperaing deep in though. Finally, he spoke.

"This dragon, that knows the location. Do you know if he will be giving it to us willingly, assuming we can reach it? Sarumth and I can get pretty much anywhere we need, but if it comes down to a fight on the ground I'm afraid I'm not much help."

01/13/2004 5:53 PM

From a distance, a howl could be heard. There was a comotion coming from outside. Then, the doors opened to a red cloaked teen boy with spiky hair and green eyes. By his side was a big grey wolf. "Hello, my name is Craven and this is my wolf brother Drake."

He then bowed and at the same time the wolf bowed too. "We heard that the Citadel of Wind needed help finding a secret device?" He asked this as he walked in and heard them saying....

we only know that a dragon on the Misty Isle is also aware of it's hiding place, and, thus, we need a group of representatives to travel there, and ask for the location.

We need to have people willing to travel to the Misty Isle, and then retrieve this device."

"Hmm, Misty Isle huh?" He looked at Drake.
What do you say Drake, shall we help them? Then Drake replied Yes Craven lets.
"Ok then, we'll help."

01/13/2004 6:26 PM

Kilerombei jumped at the arrival of the man in red and his wolf.

"Erm, your help is appreciated?"


Rebbecca looked out the window, over the Burning Sea.

Soon the sea will overflow, and Taladas will be buried beneath the lava, an unescapable hell.........

Her head fell into her hands, as tears began to trickle over her cheeks, hot and wet.

She lay down, giving up to hopelessness.

Darkness. Sleep. A voice.
Mistress? Mistress?
Rebbecca looked around.
Who's there?
No one.
She whirled, seeing darkness.
A figure hovered in the darkness, like a wispy S of smoke, glowing.
I am.
The sphere on your desk is incredibly macgical.
I take that you are here to help me?
I am.
Sorry, but there is no help. No hope.
There always is hope.
To defeat a demon? Ha.
It has been done before. But first....
The Dreamshadow hesitated.
First what?
Take those three jade orbs. Give them to the people downstairs, a woman named Lily, a man named J'mes, and a man named Craven.
I..cannot tell you. But it is essential. Do so.
Should I travel with them?
No. Someone else is coming, who will.Go!

Rebbecca woke up.

She looked over on her desk, and the amber sphere was glimmering strangely.

She found the three jade orbs, tiny, and impure with swirls of clear quartz swirling through them.

The woman sighed, and, carrying the orbs, called a novice.

"Take these down to Kilerombei. He is to give them to the humans."

The bewildered novice nodded.

Kilerombei frowned as a novice tapped him on the shoulder, and whispered in his ear, pressing a white cloth into his hands.

He turned, and straightened.

"The Mistress of Wind sends her greetings of luck, and these talismans."

He handed a jade orb to Craven, Lily, and J'mes.

Lily regarded the orb suspiciously, and shoved it into her pack.

Kilerombei returned his gaze to J'mes.

"We have a description of this dragon, a hybrid, a gold-red, as well as knowledge of the location of it's lair.

Anything else?"

01/14/2004 12:24 AM

Kilerombei jumped at the arrival of the man in red and his wolf.

"Erm, your help is appreciated?"

*I'm not letting that mutt on me.* Sarumth thought to his rider.

J'mes looked at the man and the wolf and thought back. *Then you're going to have to carry him. They're as insepperable as we are.*

*Hmmph.* The dragon thought back.

Anything else?"

J'mes held the jade orb up to his eye, his fire-lizard craneing its neck to see as well. "That's all I can think of for now. Will we have a way to contact you while we are gone?"

01/14/2004 9:26 AM

Will we have a way to contact you while we are gone?"

Kilerombei smiled.

"That will not be a problem. I am tied to fire, so you merely must approach a fire, say my name three times, and I will be able to contact you through the flame."

"I will travel with you to settlement of Carasthal, but from there you will be on your own. You will be able to purchase supplies there, and I have a contact with a ship that will carry you to the Misty Isle."

Kilerombei nodded outside.

"For those of you who would use a horse, there are several already prepared outside."

LIly shifted uncomfortably, and the kender spoke up.

"Let's go!", and darted outside.

Lily spat out a curse, and went after him.

"Fool kender would fall into the Burning Sea trying to reach a feather." she muttered, hurrying out.

Kilerombei went out, and found Lily chasing the kender around, as he seemed to have pilfered her dagger.

She grabbed the kender's braid agilely, and pulled the dagge out of his pack.

He looked up at her innocently.

"It must have fallen into my pouch."

She shooked her head, disgusted, and, still holding onto the kender, climbed warily into the saddle of a black horse, planting the kender in front of her.

Muttering epithets beneath her breath, she waited.

01/14/2004 1:07 PM

He looked at the jade orb for awhile before he put it in his pouch. He then followed Kilerombei out the door, noticing the girl chasing the kender around, he laughed. "Whats your name kender? And yours too." He pointed to the girl behind the kender. He had to know more about them if he were to trust them...

01/14/2004 9:13 PM

J'mes followed the others out the door again, where Sarumth awaited him nearby. He walked over to the dragon and put the jade in one of the many pouches and slings aranged on the dragon's harness. "I might as well make a better introduction of myself as well. I am J'mes, of the Pernese Exploratory Corp. The dragon is named Sarumth, and this little fella," pointing to the flying lizard on his shoulder, "is Endy."

01/15/2004 9:08 AM

The kender grinned at the man in leather armour.

"Hi! I'm, Corin Dragonfur-Flypak and this is-!" His sentence was broked off by a jab from Lily in the ribs.

Lily brushd a stray strand of hair out of her face, as her hood was down now.

"I'm Lily." Her gaze seemed to dare and threaten anyone to ask about the two blackened scars on her face.

Pernese Exploratory Corp.

"Never heard of it. Then again if it's based out of this "Ansalon", then that would make sense.

KIlerombei turned his brown mare, and started out the door, along the rocky road, with Lily and Corin following on the black stallion.

01/15/2004 1:07 PM

OOC: I am lost now. Where is the Citadel at or whatever? I am needing to know then i will erase this post. I am totally confused.

I will allow this one OOC.

The Citadel is on the shores of the Burning Sea. Thistledown, Soaring Eagle, and my chars all just left. What is with this Armach elf kingdom? Is this another arc? Please post your answer in "OOC's and Recruitment for Taladas".

01/15/2004 2:37 PM

Kynia led Kyel off of the ship, holding lightly onto the reins to the bitless hackamore that the stallion wore. From here they would head south and to the west (if i get this wrong sorry :S) towards the citadel of wind, and from there straight west to their own lands.

"Should we stop at the citadel and pay our respects?" She mused aloud as she tightened the girth on the saddle that Kyel wore.

::Considering how long we've been gone, I think it would be wise.:: Kyel intoned as he stood still for Kynia so she could climb into the saddle.

Kynia patted his shoulder and the companion started out. An amused smile played on Kynia's lips as the people moved out of their way without staring at her "Exotic" Looks, or Kyel's blue eyes... A Kirioyal and a Guardian companion weren't so uncommon here....

01/16/2004 9:46 AM

He laughed, "Well Corin you seem to have alot of energy for a kender whose about to go on a dangerous mission." He looked at Lily who seemed to be challenging anyone who looked at her blackened scars. "So Lily, how did you get those two scars?" He said as he came side to side with the black horse. "I mean I've seen some serious scars, but those make you look.... I don't know, kind of cute," he put with a smile.

Drake growled at him, What are you doing Craven? Craven growled back, What, I'm just telling her how I feel, remember you and the others taught me to always speak my feelings so, I am. He said with a smile yet, Drake just shook his head. This is going to be a long trip.... Drake thought.

01/16/2004 11:09 AM

So Lily, how did you get those two scars?"

Lily responded with a look so black that it could have withered a stone block, and steered the horse away from Craven.

Corin, who had hopped off the horse and was trotting alongside everyone, shook his head sadly.

"SHe doesn't like to talk about it." he said confidentially to Craven.

"But she had a reaaaaaally mean father, and one time, as a punishment, he took a knife and heated it up, and" the kender made a slashing movement along each cheek.

"It must have really hurt, cause she mumbles about it in her sleep sometimes, I think."

He looked at the wolf.

"Hey, nice wolf! What's his name?"

01/20/2004 2:32 PM

He felt tooken aback as Lily responded with a black look. Then after listening to Corin he understood. "So has he been punished?" He said as he clinched his hands together in a sick crackling way. He hated when people took out their anger on others.

"Oh, his name is Drake and he is my wolf brother. You see when I was little, a group of ogres attacked my village and slaughtered all. His wolf family took me in and when I was old enough, we returned to my village where they made there camp at. We made sure to take them all down." He then lowered his head, "May my fellow villagers rest in peace now."

As he said this Drake also lowered his head. Even though he didn't know the villagers as Craven did, he still felt bad. "Would you like to ride Drake, Corin? I would like to say sorry to Lily." He then got off and walked over to Lily, hoping to apologize to her.

01/20/2004 2:39 PM

Armen walked out from the side of the forest with a small dead rabbit in his hand. He laid the rabbit on a cloth and gathered some brush from the tree line. Armen made a fire and started cooking the rabbit. He sat on a stump that he had retrieved from the forest. When the rabbit was finished cooking, Armen sat down and ate his meal peacefully. Armen not having a drink for a while got up and headed out in seach of a river. Trecking through the forest for a short while Armen heard the sound of running water. Walking for a bit longer in the direction of the sound, Armen came upon a corpse. Unsure who the person was or why he was here, Armen rolled the person over and felt his pulse, nothing. The person was a male elf, Armen being polite set camp and started building a cairn for the elf. By sundown Armen had finished the cairn and was packing up. "I wonder who killed him." Armen thought to himself. Armen Started down the hill, he was close to the water and he knew it. He cleared some brush and there it was a huge waterfall. Armen got a drink From the water from the waterfall. After he quenched his thirst, Armen grabbed his flute and played a soft and gentle tune. Armen started glowing then diapeared, back at the road the air started glowing then Armen appeared. Holding his stomach Armen walked over to his stump and sat back down.

01/21/2004 4:25 PM

"So has he been punished?"

Corin shrugged. "Not really. No one was around to do it, 'cause no one knew. He accidentally killed his own son, a baby." Corin shuddered. "Lily said he got drunk one day, and fell into the harbour. She was gone then, and no one except his wife was at the funeral. No one cared."

my village and slaughtered all. His wolf family took me in and when I was old enough, we returned to my village where they made there camp at. We made sure to take them all down." He then lowered his head, "May my fellow villagers rest in peace now."

"That's really sad. I don't like ogres at all. They aren't even interestingly evil, like dragons. And their breath is awful."

"Would you like to ride Drake, Corin?

Corin grinned, and nodded enthusiastically. "Yeah!" He pulled himself onto the wolf's back, and held on, his small bony hands buried in the wolf's fur.
"Wheeeeeeee!" he cried, loving the feeling.

walked over to Lily, hoping to apologize to her.

Lily, seeing that man "Craven" walk over to her, kept her eyes stonily foward, as her horse slowly walked along the road.

Kilerombei, at the head of the group, spotted a man ahead in the road, holding his stomach and a flute, sitting on a stump. He pulled his horse up shortly.

"Can I help you?" he asked.

01/25/2004 12:14 PM

Drake started to smile, if you could call it a smile. Drake then started to speed up and then started to jump from tree to tree. Of course he made sure that the kender didn't fall off yet, he stayed close to the group and if he went to far ahead he would go back.

Craven looked back and smile. It seems your having fun Drake. Drake then looked back at craven and growled. Yes, it seems this adventure will be more fun than I thought. Drake then stopped because he too saw the man ahead.

Craven then turned his attention back to Lily. He walked up to her and the horse and said, "I didn't mean to offend you Lily. I just wanted to know more about you and the others. I don't trust many people unless I truly get to know them." He could still see that she was mad at him.

"I now know what happened to you and I'm sorry. Please tell me what I can do to make things better." He looked at her as he walked with her and her horse.

01/30/2004 3:07 PM

I didn't mean to offend you Lily.

You did anyway..... she thought to herself.

"I now know what happened to you

Hah. Everyone always says that. Always lie. The only people who did are dead now.

what happened to you

I don't trust many people

She turned in the saddle and faced him.
"If you really knew, or understood, then you would know that I too don't trust many people. People you trust either die or turn on you. Way of the world."

She spurred her horse slightly, and it trotted to the front, just behind Kilerombei, leaving Craven behind.

what I can do to make things better

Nothing. No one ever did anything when they could have, and now it's gone, past, lost. How many times I wondered that, what I could do to make everything stop. Nothing.

Warm tears crept down her cheeks, like blood from a scab that has been torn off.

02/02/2004 8:34 AM

Armen looked at the person on the horse,"No not really I'm just sitting here looking for a group to travel with."

02/02/2004 1:49 PM

He stood there in shock. He hadn't even made things better, he just made them worse. He then walked back over to Drake and jumped on him. He had practically forgotten about the kender. He just kept Drake moving along behind the rest...

02/02/2004 1:51 PM

*Must we travel so slowly?* Sarumth thought to J'mes as they plodded forward on foot. *Even flying strait is faster than this...*

*I don't like it either.* J'mes responded, *But we may have to split up later, and they'll need the runnerbeasts (horses) then.*

The dragon grumbled, not quite happy with the explanation, but willing to put up with it.

*Who knows?* J'mes thought back trying to comfort the dragon. *Maybe they'll let you eat one of those things after their done* He let out a short laugh afterwards.

*I'd rather have a heardbeast, but those might be okay.* The dragon answered, not getting the sarcasm.

02/03/2004 11:12 AM

,"No not really I'm just sitting here looking for a group to travel with."

Kilerombei snorted.

"If you are looking for a settlement, we're heading to the nearest one. Feel free to tag along."


Corin looked up as Craven jumped on.
"She yelled at you, didn't she? She yells at me all the time.She's always accusing me of taking stuff that falls into my pouches. It's awful."

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