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12/31/2003 3:50 PM

Rianna cringed reflexively as the captain of the guard shattered the vials of oils and jars of herbs that where scattered across her work table. She watched as her livlihood crashed to the floor, creating an indistinguishable mess. She struggled to stand, but the guard behind her slapped her hard, making her stumble.

"No! Please!" She cried, her long dark hair falling loose of it's braid, spilling like a dark pool of ink around her. Her pale blue robe and cloak where stained with dirt, water, and blood....

"Mishakal...fogive them...they know not what they do!" she cried, her tears falling free. The captain grabbed Rianna by her hair, bringing her face close to his. "Blasphemous Witch! These "Gods" are gone...forsaking their people...." He threw her roughly to the ground, laughing.

Rianna lay there, her tears mixing with the oils, herbs, blood and dirt. "Take her to the fith floor cells....we shall have our fun in due time..." The guard bound the girls' wrists' behind her back...pulling her to her feet, marching her before him. The captain followed, torch in hand.

The people of Haven had gathered around Rianna's small home...some in shock, others filled with a rightious glee. The captain turned, setting the roof ablaze. "Rianna Siveran, is accused of herasy and witchcraft....her sentance will be carried out at sunset tomorrow....if there is any who wish to champion her...they have till that said time"

Rianna stared at her home....as it went up in flames...tears in her eyes....then her head bowed, and she turned, walking steadily before the guard that held her bonds. She may die tomorrow...but her heart told her otherwise....Mishakal told her otherwise.

A figure watched from within the shadows, the trim of black robe, hemmed in silver, dusted the stone ground. The woman was filed passed, many jeering, taunting, cursing her for witchcraft....heresy. The mage sneered...Fools, all of them...but then he sighed, heavy, burdened. Word of the Gods, Mishakal no less. He pondered this, letting the knowledge, which he soo treasued, roam his mind, find a place amoungst the memories, the power.

He quickend his steps, keeping to the darkness which he was accustomed to. Following the group closely. What would he do? Rescue her? One of his order? Why not? In this age his robe wher favoured less, but still respected enough for the power they wielded. And yet....even that wasn't often enough.

The mage followed the guards that where leading Rianna away...watching, studying...waiting his chance.

12/31/2003 4:19 PM

Delcan lead the young woman down the street toward the jail. Her hands secured behind her back, he held them just above the wrist in case she decided to try anything funny. With all the things found in her house, who knew what she could do without them? And wether he agreed with his captain's sentence or not, he had his orders.

Finally arriving at the jailhouse, he lead the woman inside and to the fifth floor. taking the keys to an empty cell down, he unlocked it and led her inside.

Looking at her in the eye brieflly but not knowing what to say, he turned away muttering something about dinner soon. He walked out of the cell and locked it, glancing at her again before walking away.

01/01/2004 12:58 PM

"Hey... Such bad manners you have!" sneered Zeda "You don't need to push me like that!"
The guards didn't answer, they just opened a cell and threw her inside, then they locked the door and left.

"Idiots" she muttered to herself. She looked like a porcelaine doll with big blue eyes, pale skin and delicate features. People never believed she could be dangerous and she usually took advantage of that, but luck had turned her back on her that night.

She run her fingers through her blonde hair, whilst she looked around and noticed that she was not alone in the cell. Her cellmate was a woman in blue robes. She smiled at her.

"Good evening, lady. Nice to have some company in here. What have you done to end in this filthy place?" she asked looking at the dirty floor with disgust "My name is Zeda".

01/01/2004 1:15 PM

Rianna looked up and absently brushed her dark hair away from her face. "Other than help others and heal their hurts, i've done nothing. Though there seem to be those who think that in itself was enough..." She said softly.

01/01/2004 1:30 PM

"That doesn't surprise me at all" said Zeda with a hint of steel in her soft voice "How long are they going to keep you here for that?" she sat down beside the woman smoothering the folds of her green dress.

01/01/2004 1:39 PM

Rianna's eyes focused outside of the cell, the bars on the window created striated shadows across her face.

"Till tomorrow at sunset" She said, her eyes focused on the half-built pyre that could be seen from the window.

01/01/2004 1:55 PM

Zeda raised a brow. "Only until tomorrow? You don't look like someone that is so close to freedom..."
Her eyes followed the woman's and she cursed noticing the pyre.
"They are gonna burn you for helping people?" she frowned "If I were you, I would try to find a way to escape. You have nothing to lose. I'll help if I can."

01/01/2004 2:01 PM

A heavily robed figure entered Haven, watched the burning house with a smile that the sun glinted off of, and looking around.

"Pardon me, guard," He said in a deep voice, "But what of that fire?"

"A witch, serving the evil god of old. Mishakal or some sort." Replied teh guard, looking at the figure, "She will be burned at the stake at dusk tomorrow."

"I see," The stranger replied, "My thanks. Could you direct me to this witch?"

"The prison is down the street, sir. It's very hard to miss," The guard was beginning to grow edgy of the stranger, trying to get away from him as soon as possible.

He laughed softly to himself and nodded, "Again, my thanks," The figure replied.

"Anytime, sir." The guard replied, shuddering as the man laughed.

The cloaked man walked down the street, entering the prison. Reaching out to open the door, the sun flashed on the man's seemingly golden hand. Opening the door, he stepped in and nodded as he entered, "Where can I find the witch?" He asked the prisonkeeper.

"Firth fhloor," He replied in a drunken voice.

WIthout a thanks, the man slowly descended, until he reached the correct level. Glancing into the cell, he saw the blue-robed, black-haired woman, and another with a green dress. He kneeled down near the bars and peered at the blue-robed woman, his many cloaks disgusing all but a pair of seemingly-reptilian eyes.

"You serve Mishakal?" He asked in that strange, deep and inhuman voice.

01/01/2004 2:07 PM

Rianna's dark blue eyes turned toward the voice, and she shivered uncontrolled at the sound. "There is not point in denying it now.. Yes." she stood and moved nearer to the bars.

"Who are you?"

01/01/2004 3:13 PM

The man kneeled down on one knee and placed a hand on the floor with a strange 'clack', such as metal striking the stone floor, "I am....a follower of of the Gods as you are," He replied, "Do you know what the Disks of Mishakal are?" He had to keep the tone of excitement out of his voice.

The Disks! What his Queen had been searching for so long? Would they be this easy to find?!

01/01/2004 3:28 PM

Since the captain of the guard had sent him to check on something on the second floor, Delcan arrived back on the 5th floor to see two more prisoners in the "witch's" cell. Two women; one with black hair, the other wearing a green dress. There was also a third figure - a cloaked figure speaking to the woman that was to be killed tomorrow.

The handsome young guard shrugged as he sat down at the desk a bit down the hall from the blue-robed woman's cell. Visitors weren't unheard of here - especially if there was a death sentence. Delcan seemingly busied himself with cleaning his sword, but kept an ear open to the conversation.

01/01/2004 3:32 PM

Rianna regarded the man in confusion. "Disks of Mishakal? Forgive me, but I don't know what it is that you speak of..." She said, though there was something in this persons' demeanor that made Rianna take a step backward, towards the window.

Do not fear... all will be revealed in time... Soothed a voice in the back of Rianna's mind.

01/01/2004 4:06 PM

Hearing a *clanking* sound, Delcan looked up. He saw the blue robed woman backing away from her visitor and watched the both carefully in case there was going to be a promlem. Both had seemed to forget all others around them - including all the guards.

01/01/2004 4:44 PM

The man nodded slightly and repressed a snarl to himself, standing up too brusquely for his clothing to follow. He caught one of teh cloaks as it was falling, but there was a flash of glittering gold before he could hide

"Call Serac when you discover what they are. I will help you find them." He murmured, standing up.

01/02/2004 2:30 AM

Since the arrival of the cloaked figure, Zeda had not moved or spoken. But she had been listening very interested. The disks of Mishakal. Maybe those disks were what she was looking for... the reason why she had used her magic to make sure she would be locked in the same cell as the blue robed woman? She didn't know yet, but she was sure she would find out very soon.

01/02/2004 2:10 PM

Disks of Mishakal? Serac? Confused but curious, Delcan continued his discreet listening. Not being the religious or magical sort, the young man didn't really understand the unlying meaning of what was being said, but he got the idea that whatever this girl was into it was a might more interesting than doing paperwork ll day in a jailhouse that was hardly used. As it was this wwas the most busy the jail had been in months.

01/02/2004 4:06 PM

Serac turned to the guard, "You will not remember any of this, human," His voice grated harshly and reptilian against his throat,"I will make sure of that."

A gold glinting hand reached into a pouch in one of the cloaks, pulling out a handful of black sand and holding it over the guard, '"Metera insidi tura metar." He mumbled, letting it go. The spell could be resisted, but this human didn't look like he had the ability too. If it did work, the human would remember nothing of this meeting.

He brusquely walked to the stairs, sitting down upon them. His cloak hiding his legs, he watched the guard and the 'cleric', to see if his spell would work.

01/02/2004 11:30 PM

Delcan started to draw his sword as the strange cloak figure approached him, but all that happened was a few chanted words and black sand falling over his head. Then the figure disaappered up the stairs.

"What the....?" the 18 year old mumbled in a slight daze of confusion as he absent-mindedly brushed the black powder from his dirty brown hair. He looked from the blue robed woman to the stairs. He couldn't seem to hit on exact details anymore, but he got the distinct impression they had been speaking of something of mysterious importants.

"You keep strange company M'lady." he stated to the woman, still trying to fight whatever the figure had done to him. Something about disks....

01/03/2004 11:19 AM

Rianna watched the "man" leave, and turned her attentions back to the guard. "are you alright?" She asked, concerned.

She had felt the magic that her visitor had used, and it made her shiver.

01/03/2004 2:33 PM

Rianna watched the "man" leave, and turned her attentions back to the guard. "are you alright?" She asked, concerned.

She had felt the magic that her visitor had used, and it made her shiver.

Delcan met her eyes, confusion still showing in his pale green ones as he tried to smile. "I'll be fine. Just a bit dazed is all. Thanks for your concern though."

01/04/2004 3:31 PM

Kalen made his way to the prison where they had taken the cleric. It was interesting seeing one in this day and age. True, she had the blue robes belonging to a cleric of Mishalkal, a goddess aligned with good, but that didn't matter to him right now. Right now he had to get to her and get her out of the cell she was in. He knew what happened to those who were considered witches. Not that Kalen was going to save her because she was innocent of being a witch. He wanted to know what she knew about the gods.

He entered the building, one moving shadow in the dark, and made his way downstairs to where the cells were kept. Kalen didn't search very long for the woman...she was the only prisoner wearing blue robes. There was one guard, but he seemed dazed and confused. The black robed mage sensed that some great magic had been used, and frowned. Who would come here, use magic, and leave again? And how could he, Kalen, have missed the magic user? He shook the questions out of his head, and approached the young woman.

"I don't believe you are a witch," he said without any sort of greeting. "If you want, I can get you out of here...but it may cost you."

01/04/2004 3:34 PM

Rianna glanced at the guard and lowered her voice. "What would the cost be that I could not pay? nearly anything would be better in the light of death Dark-One..." she said softly.

01/04/2004 3:46 PM

Kalen studied the woman for a moment. She was beautiful, no doubt about that. He smiled briefly to himself, and became serious once more. Her beauty didn't matter. She was a cleric, and had to know something about the gods. He too lowered his voice to answer her.
"The cost is something you can pay. Whether you will choose to or not is up to you. I know you are a cleric of Mishakal. I heard you call out her name, and it is also evident by your robes. I want to know all you know about the gods, and anything else that I may think of along the way. What say you?"

01/04/2004 3:46 PM

Delcan soon went back to sharpening his sword as the woman hadn't bothered to answer his thanks. He shook his head again slightly as he worked. He was now convinced that the black powder from earlier had been some sort of spell, but couldn't think of what it could have been for.

Glancing up as he heard the woman's soft vioce, he inquired standing up slowly, seeing the figure in black, "Are you alright m'lady?"

01/04/2004 6:24 PM

OOC: Since this is a bit before WotL, I'm going to assume your black mage knows about draconians?

Serac was happy his invisibility spell had also worked. As the black robe walked down the stairs, he promptly stood up and silently and invisibly crept behind the mage, listening to his conversation with the cleric. He smiled nastily to himself, pondering what to do next as he listened. This was a black mage, who could easily help him find what his Queen searched for.

01/27/2004 2:48 PM


01/27/2004 3:23 PM

Glancing up as he heard the woman's soft vioce, he inquired standing up slowly, seeing the figure in black, "Are you alright m'lady?"

Keran glanced at the guard. This could be a problem. He smiled to himself. He loved taking care of "problems". He turned back to the woman in the cell.

"Everything is alright, isn't it m'lady?" the black robe said. "What do you think of my offer? You needn't tell me any information right at the moment. All I need is a simple yes or no."

He said nothing more, merely stood looking into her eyes, and waited for her answer.

01/28/2004 1:23 PM

"Everything is alright, isn't it m'lady?" the black robe said. "What do you think of my offer? You needn't tell me any information right at the moment. All I need is a simple yes or no."

Delcan stood up, hand on the hilt of his sword. Glancing suspiously at the robed figure that spoke, the man's vioce reminded him of thick sryup: to smooth. However, he did nothing for now. Merely waited for the woman to speak.

02/07/2004 11:02 PM

Keran glanced back at the guard once more and narrowed his eyes. The other man looked like he could be a problem when the time came to leave. He looked at the cleric again. So far she had remained silent. He had no idea if she had heard him or not. He glanced up at a window, and saw that daybreak would soon be coming.

The mage sighed, uttered a few words of magic, and sprinkled some dust onto the lock. The cell door came open, and he walked in, not caring if the young guard would try to stop him. He grabbed the clerics arm, and forced her to follow him out of the cell.

"Look, I don't know if you are aware of this or not, but you are going to go up into flames if you don't come with me," he said. "Since you seem unable to make the decision yourself, I have been forced to make it for you. You are coming with me, and you will tell me what you know."

Keran looked around the jail cell once more. He noticed another figure also locked up. He shrugged his shoulders and let her out as well. The way he figured it, things would probably start to get messy, and another body couldn't hurt in helping him. After all, there was only so much he would be able to do.

"You...in the other cell," he called. "You should probably come with us as well. I doubt you are in here for your own pleasure."

He looked at the guard once more. If he left him here, then there would be people after them before they got out of town. On the other hand, if he came with them, then Keran wouldn't have to kill him. The black robe decided the latter would be the best decision.

"Guard...I think you should come with us," Keran said hypnotically. "Things will be more exciting on the road than they would be here. With us, you have the chance of protecting a lady and fighting goblins. What say you?"

02/08/2004 1:04 PM

"Guard...I think you should come with us," Keran said hypnotically. "Things will be more exciting on the road than they would be here. With us, you have the chance of protecting a lady and fighting goblins. What say you?"

Cocking his head to one side thoughtfully as the mage spoke, Delcan tried to decide if the Black Robe was casting a spell on him. It didn't much matter, the young man concluded. Because wether he was or not, the mage had a point - things on the road would definately be more interesting than here.

"I say yes." he agreed, grabbing his money pouch from his desk. "If we need them, there's a horse stable next store."

02/08/2004 4:46 PM

The Aurak watched the interaction with a toothy smile. He stood up, still cloaked in magic, and waited for them to exit. Every fiber in his scaley body tingled with the feeling of success. These people would know where to find what his queen desired.......

Deciding that bundling himself up in cloaks made him extremey conspicious, he decided to take another approach. Tearing the cloaks into strips and tying them around every inch of his golden-scaled body and then threw pants and a cloak over it. He now looked more like a bandaged man. HOlding a hood over that, he decided that he looked more more humanoid then before, and was now ready to find these Disks..

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