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12/23/2003 1:37 PM

Well, this thread will be set in Azeroth, the world of Warcraft's I, II and III.

A race of evil demons is attempting to take over Azeroth, and the orcs and humans must unite, or be swept away by this powerful enemy.

Each char will start with a grunt & spearman duo, or a footman & archer duos, depending on whther you choose to be human or orc.

It centralizes around a quest to hold Black Rock spire, since the evil demons are coming from the Red Rock Mountains.

After the defense of various places is complete, a trip to the Temple of the Damned is in order, to try and find out where the demons are coming from, and how to neutralize them. The day where all races must unite and put aside all their feuds is here.Chaos's forces will pick you off, until krynn is his. Unite or fall. ~ Avenging Angel

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