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08/19/2000 12:10 PM

Where's Nadja? Does anyone know, I haven't heard from her in at least a month.:(

08/19/2000 12:13 PM

Second Time I've screwed up posting, makes me mad.

08/19/2000 12:32 PM

me too....

ah i think maybe she decided to move in w/ one of her million kids. or maybe she shacked up w/ some bad boy biker dude. who knows?

maybe we should keep this post up until she comes back... or why don't you get her email address and ask her...no don't do that I will...byebyez

08/19/2000 3:03 PM

This post does not belong in here. If anywhere it belongs in the general forum. Please stop posting in this thread.

Thank you


Bronzeblade Keep

08/19/2000 6:47 PM

Pyrathas, she never went to the general discussion. I'm asking the people of Dragonlance roleplaying if they know anything about where's she's gone. I am sharing my concern for a fellow role-player with other role-players. If it's such a crime, no one will come.

08/19/2000 8:10 PM

As you enter this forum it says on it that this is for in character only i can cut and paste it for you? Well I will do it anyways.

Roleplaying Forums

Forums dedicated to roleplaying. In character forums ONLY so be sure to stay in character! :)

Bronzeblade Keep

08/19/2000 9:11 PM

Aestas and Leana are hanging out in the bar or whatever, doing their mage-gossip or whatever over are nice bottle of amber wine or WHATEVER.

Leana turns to Aestas-
"Say, have you seen Nadja?"

"No," Aestas says.

"Maybe she went to live with one of her million kids. maybe she shacked up w/ some bad boy Raistlin-wannabe. Who knows.

Anyways, my cat just go ran over so i don't care."

08/20/2000 8:38 AM

(ooc much better thank you)

I haven't seen her.

Bronzeblade Keep

08/20/2000 10:38 AM

ooc:could we just constantly do "ooc"?

Anyway, I'm worried.

08/20/2000 12:48 PM


"You SHOULD use parantheses when you talk, ahhhrrrhmph!"

08/21/2000 9:03 AM

ooc: that should've been in ooc you bad girl! Anyway, I never use parathese. I use stars for actions and just leave what I say the way it is, like you'd do for a script or something. like:

*Leana sipped her drink*

Maybe that guy Mikhal knows about her.

08/21/2000 11:07 PM

"Where's Nadja?" Autumn asks.

"Dunno," everyone answers.

(OOC--the RPGC is a big place. If Nadja wanted you to know where she was or why she wasn't here, she'd let ya know. Every word I type now takes up cyper space. Get it? This space is for RPing.)

Sips her cup of tea, "So, where's Nadja?" :)


Hi. I'm happy.

08/22/2000 10:02 AM

ooc: understood, unfortunately I can't delete this thread.

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