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12/10/2003 5:00 AM

In between the eras of Krynn exists a small island, untouched by time, and seemingly forgotten by all of Krynns inhabitants. An island made of the thinnest smoke that solidifies in the minds of mortals alone.
A world created by the goddess of darkness before she tempted her brothers into creating thier play thing. A place where she could create trouble without being noticed.

A place where she would have complete control.

Breathing life into the very mists she created this mythical island out of, she molded it into solid life forms. The first of the Rofur Mories were born. Realzing her creations would need a place to begin thier havok, she created the trees of cedpeiton for them to begin to build thier first structures.

Slowly the race evolved creating many structures such as mortal government and even ways to punish these mortals for disobeying the rules the Rofur Mories set down. However soon the mortal races began to evolve, and the ideals that the Rofur mories set down began to become more and more extinct. The mortals began to develope free will, and ways to combat the Rofur Mories and thier evil ways of mind control..

That is until the end of the war of souls.. when our mistress died.. The seal that once held our sacred island between time and space was destroyed, and all of our precious pearls of treasure were scattered... We as a race were flung into the world of Krynn. Needless to say we don't know our own strength....

creating a task force was our first priority. After we were free we lost control of our chaotic abilities, and many of what we call "rumors" were created. These rumors are creatures that have the ability to take on the form of any living thing on Krynn and to pose as them in day to day life.. We at the rumor millcreated a team to stop these rumors before they start...

I suppose I should explalin a bit here. Just because a person is created evil, dosen't mean they can't eventially see the error of thier ways.. I guess thats what happened with us.. Anyway.. this is our story..


Alarms and sirens buzzed all over the room as Ri'ovx Frentol ran out into the hall. His magic had been sent into a buzz. Another rumor had surfaced somewhere in the mortal town of palanthus. Throwing his hand up into the air, he opened a blue and green portal and stepped through, to hopefully confront the rumor.

A female figure was already at the scene. A female he recognized as Dic'inert Notecoiton. They called her Dice around the station.

"What do we have here?" Ri'ovx asked Dice in his cool manner. She looked back to him, her almond shaped eyes piercing. As a race the Rofur Mories resemebled the high elves of Krynn, but found themselves to be much more attractive. Thier skin was the color of autumn leaves ranging from a vibrant yellow to a deep brown.

Dice shook her head. "The others aren't here yet? We could sure use them.." Ri'ovx shook his head.

"It's that bad huh? What are we looking at exactly?"

Dice shook her head. "Its a grandiose Rumor.. One of the kinds that coukd potentially destroy someones life."

"Who's the lucky victim this time?"

Dice whispered a few words, And an image of a man shimmered in the air. It was shadowe,d and the mans features very hard to distinguish.

"I see why it's so bad now.. We don't have a clue who it is.."

Dice nodded. "Exactly." Ri'ovx pressed a finger to his temple.
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