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12/08/2003 3:41 AM

OOC: This is an idea I played with once upon a time, and had going for about two years in email. Thought I would try importing it to Krynn. The basis of the story is there are two groups feuding. One is compirsed of a tycoon woman who runs this genetic engineering plant known as geneworks. The other is a resistance group known as the 3WA. So heres a break down of the two groups and what they're fighting for...

Geneworks: Offically run by Zephyr Gi'oni, it has made many advances for Krynn medically. Many of the clerics of old were replaced by thier technology and medications. They have been secretly kidnapping children from remote locations for as long back as anyone can remember. Secret Mutations in the lowest deapths of the lab have become common place, and have caused new species to appear on Krynn.
After about thirty years Geneworks began to amass armies of all sorts of creatures, and slowly began to take over Ansalon resulting in its owning half. Its major strong holds are Palanthus and Solace. Minor groups of resistance have stopped the advance of the geneworks armies..
major groups of resistance are the knights of Solomnia and Tahkisis, as well as of Neraka and Steel. Clerics of all the gods of good and Neutriality as well as well as most of the mages. (The exception being black and grey robes..)

3WA: Was formed by telepath Naomi Wilks in her escape from the Geneworks compound. Is hidden amongst the Valenwoods of Solace. The 3WA has been slowing the progess of Geneworks, and it's attempts to become the world ruler..

Rules: Most races are playable for any side, as long as they're not gods.. I dont think the gods of krynn would particularly get involved as its more political than anything else..
Two begining settings:


Geneworks compound:
Zephyr Gi'oni took her place atop the pedastool, her three Body guards Cyanide, Hemlock, and Arsenic to either side. She looked out at the vast meeting hall as it began to fill with her beloved employees. She paid them peanuts compared to what her salary was, but she didn't care.

She shuffled her papers, going over what she was about to say, and to appoint her new generals to command the legions of armies she herself had helped create. She had to talk about the atacks on her Palanthas headquarters and her plans on squashing the resistance. But most of all she was here to talk about her newest project. Project Yenrab.

She had created millions of creatures in the past. Elf Ogres, Dragon elfs. She had even created dwaomes. Those were probably her most annoying creature. But she wanted more. Much more.

Yenrab was her most ambitious project to date. It was amixture of Krynn dragon and Grey dragon, mixed with human for a smaller frame. A much smaller frame.

Yes. Today was a day that would live on in the history of Krynn. Today was the day that would seal her grip on Ansalon forever.

Naomi wilks was sulking in the inn of the last home, drinking her normal combination of rum and coke. Geneworks was growing everyday, and she couldn't do a thing to stop it.

Hell even the knights of Somomnia hadn't been able to stop it. That's how bad the thing was getting. It was raging out of control, like a plauge of mutations. What else could one do but sit and watch it spread.

She looked to her small collection of resistance fighters. They were a rag tag bunch, but the group had grown since the early days. They had rebuilt the legendary Inn about sixty years ago. She was the offical owner and proprieter. Under the Geneworks rule, she had managed to keep it open, and secretly fight them every step of the way. In fact, tonight they were set for another scirmish with the Genetic tycoon.

That was, as soon as thier contact made it back with the newest security information. They were going to take out an energy tower tonight. Hopefully slow the plant down enough to buy the knights of somomnia time to attack the main compound. She knew it was futile. But as long as people believed in her dream, she supposed she had to believe in it to. Turning back to the customers at the bar she sighed again. The night was just begining.

It was going to take forever....

12/10/2003 7:06 AM

The kender, Tinker, fell through the door, as he tripped at the entrance. He was the informant they had been looking for. He landed flat on his face, and shouted, "Run, they're after me".

Tinker managed to get up and run towards the other side of the room, before the door was blasted in.

OOC: I am not sure if this is meant to be furturistic and with magic, a bit like Shadowrun. Also is it only the process of gentic engineering that has evolved or have the weapons evolved, e.g. a gun!

12/11/2003 8:14 AM

OC: I am not sure if this is meant to be furturistic and with magic, a bit like Shadowrun. Also is it only the process of gentic engineering that has evolved or have the weapons evolved, e.g. a gun!
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OOC: Yes, you're looking at a more Shadowrunish enviroment. I really like Arandur's idea and thought ity would be fun to try :)

Naomi looked up at the Kender and blinked.

"Who's after you?" She asked, not looking at all amused that the door to her inn had just been rudley broken down.

She pulled out a skillet from behind the bar and stalked over to the door, swining it by the handle.

"Who did that?!" She shouted. Alreayd being in a crappy mood, she almost felt sorry for the person that would incur her wrath.

12/12/2003 8:11 AM

Tinker pulled out his hoopak, (although Krynn has aged and new technology has been formed the kender still used the hoopak), the kender jumped towards the door and hung himself updie from the top of the roof above the door and ready to swing his hoopak down on the heads of his pursuers.

"There were five, three half orges and two dragon ogres"

12/12/2003 10:50 AM

"And where did you find these people?" She hissed to the Kender. Naomi glanced around.

"I don't see anything.." She whispered. "Besides the small group of Kender over there.. And.." She opened her eyes.

"Grrr.. And you lead them back here.." Running up along one of the steel suspended bridges, she pulled her gun out of its holster and aimed for one of the dragon ogres. Hesitating only for a moment, she pulled the trigger...

12/12/2003 6:17 PM

((OOC: I like this idea, but how much of a tech advance are we talking here? Mass produced goods and cars? Or Civil War-ish tech? I would like to be the contact if possible. A fellow Telepath of Naomi perhaps?

I get the feeling this is more of a cross between Mutant X's Genomex and FF7's Shirina(sp.))

12/13/2003 7:11 AM

OOC: *nods* Quite acctually. You'd probably be looking closer at final fantasy 7's abttle with shinra tho :) Technology seemlessly mixed with magic minus materia.. heehee...

12/13/2003 7:50 AM

((OOC: Addapted to Krynn of course? Ok, I like the idea, I want to be in. Can I be the informant? If so, I'll post a char bio, nothing awesome, but close enough so you get the idea of my character. ok? Sorry to bog down your post with OOC:s. Ill delete them after if they become a problem.))

12/13/2003 9:01 AM

OOC: No problem. Im glad its taking off :) Yes, you can be the informant :)

The character in essence is yours to create, just be the informant. LOL.

12/14/2003 1:08 PM

OOC: Hmmmmmmmmm.


Well, I might join this, we shall see.

(BTW, krackah, is this Zephyr similar to our Diverne Zephyr? And what happened to D'verne????)

12/15/2003 1:19 PM

OOC: Y Es mam. :) I tend to recylce alot of my characters. It died... :( *Cries*

12/15/2003 2:53 PM

OOC: Can I have a race that was created by Geneworks? If I can, I'll probably join.

12/15/2003 7:24 PM

OOC: Hai hai. Pick anyone.. Its up to you :) LOL. Your character.........

12/16/2003 8:20 AM

Tinker held his hoopak higher as he saw his companion hold out her gun, he brought it down as soon as an enemy came into the tavern.

The hoopak swung down and hit a dragon ogre full blow in the face, the orge fell over backwards and Tinker's hoopak snapped.

He jumped down from the door and ran across the room, he looked behind and was annoyed at himself, he had broken his hoopak and he was watching the dragon ogre get back up slowly.

12/18/2003 4:26 PM

Naomi sighed inwardly as she watched the Kender hit the creatures with his hoopak. All the technology in the world, and it still used that damn stick.

Pulling on the trigger she shot one of the creatures inbetween the eyes before jumping down onto a lower bridge. She shot off another two rounds, making two more of the creatures fall crashing to the ground. She cupped her hands to the Kender.

"its alright! I took care of them!"

12/21/2003 10:46 AM

"But there are two left", cried Tinker as the last two came bursting into the room, one Dragon Ogre and one half ogre each carrying a gun and was just about to pull the trigger.

Tinker scrambled around inside of his many pouches and came across this dust, he suddenly remembered where he had 'found' it, and chucked a handful of powder onto the floor in front of the Dragon Ogre and Half ogre. A great flash of light and several screams later, the cloud of smoke dissapated and now two sheep were walking aimlessly around in the inn.

Tinker laughed and said, "Now, we got them!"

12/21/2003 9:02 PM

OOC: Here I be!


Valkeriey walked into the room, gagging on the dust caused by Tinker's transformation of dragon/ogre to sheep. "Naomi! What the hell is this madman up to now??"

Her red hair was in waves, and came down to her shoulders. Her black eyes were closed against the grit of the dust in the air, showing her light colored eye lashes were as nearly invisible as her eyebrows. She was dressed in a pair of plain black pants, with a silver blouse.

12/22/2003 9:21 PM

Naomi smiled to Valkeriey.
"He just took care of a pair of ogres. I think he deserves to be called something a little better than that man."
Looking out the door she scanned the horizon. The sun was begining to set...
"It's almost time to begin." She smiled. Pulling a map out of her backback, she spread it out on the counter of the inn.
"I'm thinking we're going to take out the main processing plant tonight... That seems to be where the guards are the thinnest."

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01/30/2004 11:31 PM


Hiya *Waives*
I'd be interesting in picking this thread up again, if the players are still interested!
Post here! Thanks!


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