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10/21/2003 9:40 AM

((OOC: Okay everyone I'm going to lay down the set/everything. This is basically going to be a fun little course for everyone, I hope. I'm going to run something along the lines of a training camp. Your characters get to walk up and join a Solamnic Mercenary Group in Palanthas, just outside of the High Clerists Tower.

This'll take place.... oh let's say about 5 years before the The War of the Lance, just about when Raistlin and Caramon were training in their ways.

My character is the idiosyncratic one, a gnome wielding a half-spear and a small round shield, with one metal stud about two inches wide in the center of it.

His name is Gnishrennel Morodenin (the short version) He's 3'2" tall, 44 lbs, and he has long brown barky hair, pale yellowed skin, and deep and huge blue eyes. He also has a goatee on his face, with one braid on it flowing down to his chest. I'll start him out in Two hours even, be ready to laugh, he hates being considered a bad fighter.

(I played him in 3rd edition D&D, and he actually is a pretty strong character, Gnome Fighter:3/Illusionist:2 He's pretty strong for a gnome, and his shield covers most of his body, and he wields the spear fiercely, but only when he puts the shield on his back.)))

10/21/2003 12:09 PM

(OOC: Hey sly, haven't seen you around for a while. Kind of abandoned the SR thread, didn't you? Anyways, I'd love to have a character in this, but it's set too far in the past for me. Javert could show up, but doesn't really fit with mercenaries. Nice idea though.)

10/21/2003 2:12 PM

OOC: This looks like it may have potential.

10/23/2003 4:23 AM

Gnish walked up to the main desk at the Mercenary's sign-up "Hi, I'd like to be a soldier!" he said in his high and child-like voice.

"We don't let kids join." the officer said, not even looking up at Gnish.

Gnish became angry, so he climbed the table, bravely, and puled the officers papers away, and looked into his eyes with a glare saying commandingly... for a gnome anyway, "I am Not a child!"

"I see that, how old are you anway?" The officer said eyeing Gnish's small frame.

"I'm thirty-five, which is well within adulthood for a gnome you know." Gnish said, recaling how gnomes can live on average about two hundred and fifty years.

"Name? I mean the short version!" The officer corrected himself as Gnish was taking in a deep breath.

"Gnishrennel Morodenin." Gnish said, looking at the form, the next part was age, obviously filled in.

"Previous combat experience?" The officer asked.

"My dad was a hero! He was one of the only warriors in my family line and was great with a spear and shield, he taught me how to fight like he did, ever since I was ten!" Gnish said, holding up his fingers for emphasis on 'ten'.

"I see, so some training." the Officer said with a mock chuckle. "Measurements for your armor?"

"I'm three feet, and two inches tall, and my waist is twenty inches in circumference. My arms are both eighteen inches long, and my legs are both twenty four inches long." Gnish said, checking his notes.

"Weight?" The officer asked preparing to hold in a laugh.

"Forty-four pounds." Gnish said, hopping off of the deck and climbing in the chair.

"Weapon preference, armor and shield included mind you?" The Officer asked.

"Half-spear and a small iron shield, preferrably with one big stud in the center." Gnish said, remembering his fathers equipment. "Also, I'm used to wearing studded leather and banded iron armor."

The Officer took note of this and then signed the bottom of the paper, and passed it to Gnish to sign, which he did in large bold letters. He was shown to the testing grounds, to attempt entry into the arms later that afternoon, once the rest of the recruits of the day made their apearance.

10/23/2003 4:27 AM

((OOC: Note: My use of Iron, not Steel, I know that Dragonlance has a lot of historical accuracy, but since I place this at early renissance period, no steel. I always sigh when I read Weis and Hickman writing the word steel... it's so sad. So, Iron is the metal, whether steel exists or not, on the basis of this is a poorly funded merc. guild, and well, they can't afford quality things.))

10/26/2003 9:28 AM

OOC: DarkMaster? PrincessOfDarkness? Kalia? Anyone? heh, sheesh, I thought I might get a cold reception but wow, has being gone for a few months really made me that evil?

10/26/2003 11:34 AM


OOC: DarkMaster? PrincessOfDarkness? Kalia? Anyone? heh, sheesh, I thought I might get a cold reception but wow, has being gone for a few months really made me that evil?


10/26/2003 1:53 PM

OOC: DarkMaster? PrincessOfDarkness? Kalia? Anyone? heh, sheesh, I thought I might get a cold reception but wow, has being gone for a few months really made me that evil?


hehe, lol, i'm not ignoring you, sly *hugs ya* I'm just involved in alot of threads and don't feel liek adding another......

*glomps Sly*

10/26/2003 8:27 PM

OOC: *Glomps PoD back* Whee! I missed you too. How's life been? I bought the VHS of Reloaded, and am getting DVD soon, full of twiny goodness!!

10/26/2003 8:58 PM

OOC: Sorry Sly, I've been busy.

IC: Rufus entered the room of the mercenary office. He waited quietly by the door then walked forward.

"Hello there, I'm here to join your association," the officer handed the paper to Rufus.

"Name, fighting experiance, weapon and armor preferance and measurments," the officer sighed. Another young upstart sell sword.

Rufus filled out the paper asking for a longsword and daggers as weapons. Studded leather as armor. Rufus walked over to the gnome,"Hi, my names Rufus, guess we'll be in the same training group."

10/27/2003 11:47 AM

Another man followed in wearing a long crimson coat. "I hear you need men." He said.

"Yes, we do. And you are?"

"For now, please call me Amp. What do I need to fill out?"

"Here ya go." The officer said handing him the forms sceptically. "You a wizard or something?" He asked, eying the red coat.

"Something like that." He replied cheerfully as he filled out the form.

Age: 30

Experiance: Passed test in tower of high sorcery, some crossbow training.

Stats: 5'10", don't know the rest.

Weapon: Light crossbow
Armor: ____
Shield: None

"I'd prefer no armor, if that's alright?" He asked. "I have my own form of protection for that." He said with a big smile.

"Suit yourself. Head on out they'll be giving a briefing soon." The officer told him as he picked up the paper. "I thought you mages weren't allowed to use crossbows?" He added as Amp turned to leave.

Amp looked over his shoulder at the officer. "If you're charging at somebody holding a crossbow, would you know that?"

With that he walked out the door to the others outside. "Hi, I'm Amp." He told them cheerfully.

10/27/2003 2:00 PM

OOC: I'm here too Sly, but like POD, I really don't want to add another story right now...Yet... :)

10/27/2003 2:28 PM

Gnishrennel jumped onto the Wizards leg yelling cheerfully, "Finally! Someone who also uses magic! I only use illusionary, but still, it's very important to me to have a real Mage nearby! Can you teach me some more advanced Illusions?" Gnish asked happily, after greeting Rufus.

"I think this'll be a lot of fun for our training, I'm looking foreward to climbing and running, I'm a good climber!" Gnish said, excitedly.

10/27/2003 5:33 PM

"I think this'll be a lot of fun for our training, I'm looking foreward to climbing and running, I'm a good climber!" Gnish said, excitedly.

Rufus gulped as he heard the word climbing. He was afraid of heights. But he didn't want the other to know. He was the best sword fighter in his town and one several competentions throughout Solmania even beating out a few Solmanic Knights. Rufus had been trained by an old man, he never really found out who the old man was. His parents sent him over to help out the old man and in return Rufus learned the art of the sword and dagger. Knowledge was also granted to him. He would not be like the average cheesemakers son. He would be better than that.

Rufus smiled remembering the old man. He would train with these two but he wondered who else they would train with.

OOC: Sly if you want I can give them a ranked officer in the mercenary group. I have a good character design for one.

10/27/2003 7:18 PM

OOC: Well actually Flandrake, that'd be great! Seeing as how we've been around within 6 months of each others entry in this old place, I figure it only is fair that we should DM this equally. (Besides, we're two of the only people who use Demons in a good way, (How could I forget Cindertanin and Flandrakes adventures! Speaking of which that'd make a great thread explaining the sh*t we put them through!))

Hm... what do you think Flandrake?

10/28/2003 12:18 AM

"Illusion's huh?" Amp said. "Yeah, I can probably show you some of those." Suddenly Gnish felt a tap on the back, followed by the image of the mage disapearing in front of him. "Hehe. Don't worry. I'm right here." He said, appearing behind the gnome.

"Not too sure about the training, actually. My fighting skills alone aren't that great really." He said. "What I'm really good at is helping other people do their jobs better."

10/28/2003 10:55 AM

OOC: Cool, I'll post the character now. And we should make a thread about Cindertanin and Flandrake. But not now I'm afraid. I'm pretty busy with school and I have enough threads but after we finish Renegade and/or Eaglehorn (I bet they'll be done around the same time). Also another arc should be opening in FF2 and you can bring in someone in Flandrake's arc as well.


"What I'm really good at is helping other people do their jobs better."

"Well thats my job now, young'n," a gruff southern voice spoke. The group turned around to look at the speaker. He was tall and very well muscled. He had a patch over his left eye hiding part of a scar that ran from mid forhead to mid cheek. His salt and pepper hair was cut short and he had scruff on his face. He wore a vest buttoned up in the middle. He wore thick boots that looked to be of dwarven make.

"I'm the one who's gonna be train'n ya," he moved the toothpick in his mouth around to the left side.

"Nice to meet yu, um..Sir...." Rufus hoped he made the correct move.

"Boy, drop down and give me push ups!"

"Um...how many Sir?"

"Did I say a number boy!"

"No Sir!" Rufus dropped to the ground and began to do push-ups.

"Alright I'm gonna go get our tent, when I come back I want him still doing push ups. And if he's not You'll all be run'n until dawn!" Crock, the ruffest, tuffest, meanest mercenary officer just so happened to be asigned to this group.

"Boy, you three are very unlucky. That theres Crock, I once heard he made one guy stand out in the rain with his mouth up beacuase he drank more than his share of water." The mercenary shook his head,"That boy could take a step outside went it was raining ever sense."

Rufus started to speak between breaths and push-ups,"Well, I guess.... we sure....got in....over our....heads."

OOC: Should we make some random mercenaries to join us? Cause I doubt three guys would be asigned to one officer unless this was a really small merc. group.

10/29/2003 1:18 AM

(OOC: Yeah, throwing in some extras would be good.)

*That's not very fair.* Amp thought to himself as the fighter dropped to the ground. He began preparing a spell in his head.

The fighter noticed that the weight in his pushups became lighter, until it was no work at all to keep doing them.

(OOC: He's just about levitating, in fact.)

"Oh, I don't think its that bad so far."

11/01/2003 6:29 PM

Rufus smiled,"Thanks." He continued his "push-ups" until Crock returned. He was with a few other men,"These guys are the rest of y'r group. Now lets head outside and get that tent set up." Rufus stopped doing "push-ups" and stood.

Crock marched the group out, they had to go back in the office four times before Crock was satisfied with their march. The tent was rather large needing to house several people. The group started to work.

OOC: How many merc should we add?

11/02/2003 12:50 AM

(OOC: A squad is about 8 people, a platoon is about 3 to 5 squads. For a small merc company like this, a squad would probably be the most they need to train at any time. So, the three of us and 4 or 5 more.)

11/02/2003 9:44 PM

OOC: I'd love to join if its not a bother, just give me a brief overview of what had happened thus far and waht are your plans, if any, of what u expect to happen. THanks!

11/07/2003 8:52 AM

OOC: I'd love to join if its not a bother

((OOC: Not at all, take an open space, use no spells too powerful, or no "God" characters, only because this has to be a challenge. (By the way, Gnish has his jaw wide open in terror)))

Gnish began to twitch with fear, "I didn't know they allowed giants into this group!" He thought outloud, looking around and sitting down. "I wonder when I can learn how to use my spear..." Gnish said whistfully, taking his mind off of Crock.

11/10/2003 4:09 PM

EDIT: haha. Sorry. 121 posts here and I still act like someone new.
Anyway, I'll just go on my way now. I don't think I'm apt for this thread, anyway. Hmm..Sorry to disappoint ya :P.

11/11/2003 8:25 PM

OOC: Crock is my character erylaen. I wouldn't have writen his actions and words even similar to what you wrote. Don't take over other peoples characters in the future. But don't let this drive you off.

11/12/2003 1:42 AM

OOC: True, maybe you could let Flan edit it? So that it could be more accurate to Crock and you change the post there?

03/09/2004 7:22 PM

(OOC: bump)

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