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08/16/2000 10:16 AM

Recently, I (the Thorn) have been appointed head of the silver robes. We are looking to increase our numbers (from 2) by taking young, open minded mages under our wings (my apprentice is Leana). This new order is different from any other order of magic. We may be considered renegades (although no official announcement about this has been made by the conclave). If you are interested in our new order, I am free to talk and answer any questions you have. You may also be able to contact me at our home, the Silver Tower. I hope to hear from you soon.
-the Thorn

08/16/2000 10:24 AM

i have some loose jello okay

08/16/2000 11:11 AM

What does that have to do with anything?

08/16/2000 1:25 PM

*Bowing deeply to her master*

She gets like this once in a while...try to ignore it. Anyway, I too am willing answer questions, though I know significantly less than my master, the Thorn.

08/16/2000 8:16 PM

well you said you liked muppets, so i was thinkin of that...i got a little carried away... ;O)

08/17/2000 8:05 AM

*A voice from afar is heard, dimly, faintly.*

I am Kistar Dragonstar, the founder of the Silver Robes.
The First Chosen to Serve all three Gods. Solinari,
Lunitari and Nuitari approve of this measure, Thorn. Fear
no reprisal from the Conclave.

And to all others, I am gone from Krynn on a mission of
greatest importance. But I can still watch over
my home. If any of you have questions about things, see
Thorn first, but you may send your question, if he cannot
help you along this magic path:


*The sense of a faraway presence fades.*

08/17/2000 5:20 PM


why are you making a new order



08/17/2000 7:48 PM

I am looking to become a mage... will you have me, or am I too evil for you? I'm very open minded, if that helps.

08/17/2000 7:49 PM


08/18/2000 8:06 AM

"We have created a new order that draws magic from all three moons. We are able to cast spells of great power that combine different parts of magic. The goal of our order is to further the education of magic. Along with that we try to learn more about the world because it may be important some time. If anyone ever has a question about magic we are inclined to answer them to the best of our abilities. Our order is open to all, as long as you are willing to do the afore-mentioned statements. The color of your robe does not matter now, because upon joining they will turn to silver. I was once a renegade, a brown robe. Leana wore robes of black," says the Thorn.

08/23/2000 11:02 AM

Standing with both hands within draw to together, holding a bottle of Silvanesti wine. "Sir Thorn, may I introduce myself?" the black robed mage begins. "I am Obnad Majere, I offer this vintage wine as a gift of meeting. I was informed by Lady Nightbreeze that as her shilafi, you might have information about my staff. It has also come to my attention that you belong to a new order of mages. I am interested. I only fear that her magesty may not like me changing robes. What god do you serve?" As quickly as he began speaking, he stopped, and along with the silence fell an ominous warmth withi the room.

08/23/2000 11:12 AM

"That's my concern, too. When i decided to wear the black robes, it was because i wanted to worship Nuitari. And you are still a renegade.

A mage with no god has no guidance. What reason do you give us to follow you?"

Aestas sits in a high-backed red chair and pulls her hood down.

08/23/2000 1:41 PM

We are not renegades, Aestas, dear. We take from all three gods of magic...we follow all three gods...Get it?

08/23/2000 4:34 PM

"Lady Leana Nightbreeze," began Obnad in a hollow tone.
"I speak of her Dark Majesty herself."

Obnad brought one hand about his side. Out fo the darkness that radiates about him appeared a wooden staff. As his delicate thin framed hand gripped the staff, the crystal upon the top of the staff began to radiate a gentle glow.

"Do you worship her as well? And if you do, is Paladin also worshiped?"

08/23/2000 4:41 PM

The RED robes are for those who cannot choose their own path, not this new silver. How can you worship good and evil at the same time? These are jealous gods... i have already chosen my path; to convert is to say that Nuitari is not good enough for me. My dedication to him, my love and devotion and all of my sacrifice- what hypocrisy is it to say that the white and the red are wonderful too?

You do not know the treason you have commited!

08/23/2000 5:19 PM

OOC: uh... the red robes are for the followers of Lunatari.And Lunatari is a god in her own right.

08/23/2000 7:13 PM

hehe i just realized that... but what i mean is, many red robes are those who cannot choose the black or white (some of them Do Have Good Reasons).

08/24/2000 7:46 AM

*A portal opens and a young woman in red, black and white
with a silver cloak enters. Her gray hair is pulled back and
her tri-coloured eyes glitter with irritation.*

I am Kistar Dragonstar, the founder of the Silver
Robes. I am the daughter of a Lost Goddess and an Elf.

The Gods of the Moons are not strictly speaking Good or Evil
or Neutral. Solinari, Lunitari and Nuitari are more interested
in how their magic grows than the morality of how it is used.

We do not worship Tahkisis or Gilean or Palidine. We advance Magic
for Magic's sake. We are not here to enter into power struggles,
but to make sure that pure Magic is retained.

Knowledge is what we truly worship, in a sense.

Solinari, Lunitari and Nuitari have granted us the power to mix the
magic of the Three Robes so that we can study Magic without the Morality
that most mages attach to a color. There is no good or evil here. No nuetrality.
There is only the cold Silver light of learning for learning's sake. No white, no red
no black.

Do you understand now?

*She stands, waiting, irritated, on the verge of anger.*

Speak quickly, for I must return to Medren very soon. My time is almost up here.
I have work I need to attend to!

08/24/2000 7:55 AM

The Thorn bows to Kistar. "Good day, my teacher," he says to here. "I'm sorry to inconveinence you. My humble apologies please."

The Thorn turns to those who still question the order. "We are here to educate through the use of magic about magic. Much like the conclave only we put no restrictions on anyone due to the color of their robe. As for worshipping gods, our god is magic. The three gods of magic allow us to draw on their power because we are souly devoted to the drive of magic. Does this better explain?" he asks.

08/24/2000 8:25 AM

*Smiles, her irritation melting away.*

You're doing well, Thorn. I'm also sorry that I jumped in
before seeing your explination. It's just that foolishness
always irritates me. Now that I see you have everything well
in hand, I will depart. *bows gracefully to him*

if ever you need me, send a messanger to:

or find me in Medren. (www.angelfire.com/oh/medrenfrp then go to
the role-playing board)

Farewell, my student! Listen to your heart, for soon, the gods will
speak to you as they did to me!

*Waves her hand and a portal opens* I'm off again to Medren!
*steps through and vanishes.*

08/24/2000 8:59 AM

-Aestas's dark eyes burn at the pretentiousness and close-mindedness of this so-called leader.

"How was i to know that Nuitari approved of this? You leave me to think that this is all forbidden, not even explaining it to me! And you call me foolish? Well you, Kistar, are a joke. I have no respect for you at all, or your silly trips to medren. You can take a trip to the Abyss for all I care!"

Aestas turns to Thorn.

"You are much more reasonable. I would love to join your order; it would be the best choice i ever made. But i am sorry; I will not accept a slur on my honor, and i hope joe has the dignity not to also."

08/24/2000 9:03 AM

*Leana bows deeply to the founder of her robes*

I have always worshiped magic above all. I have learned as silver robe that magic will only prosper when it united as pact between the three moons. Mages have followed Paladine and Takhisis for too long. We have quarelled over who is better for too long. Are we like the clerics? Wraped in naive beliefs of power. United we can rule. Equal, true, a Golden Age for Krynn where magic and knowledge are rulers.

That is my dream, and that is why I have chosen this path.

08/24/2000 9:13 AM

"Did i say i didn't agree with you?"

08/24/2000 8:07 PM

Well I am only a novice, but I would wish to join. what must I do?

08/25/2000 8:07 AM

*Kistar reappears, her own eyes burning at the insult.*

I see not how anyone put forth the impression that this was forbiden. I was chosen by the Three Gods and I chose my successor with Their help.

And my "silly trips to Medren" as you call them are by order of the Gods! Will you try to push your will on Them?

I am a joke? The daughter of a Goddess! And going to the Abyss would actually be welcome since Takhisis stole it from my mother!

You, sir, are truly rude seeing has how I was speaking to Thorn only.
A slur on your honor! You who know nothing of what we are and how we came to be would pass judgement on me, who has seen two millenia pass!
You, sir, are impossible!

The goals of the Silver Robes were explained many times, both by myself and by my successor. Research is the key to magic, yet I do not see that you did any concerning this matter!

*turns to Thorn*

Remember what was said here, my friend. Those who pass judgement on others without knowing them make poor scholars! Keep the peace, but do not waver from your course. As soon as events in LothLorien permit, I will return.

*Raises her head to listen to the voice of Nuitari, which all can recognize, but not understand.*

A new threat is abroad in the land I have been ordered to protect! I must go!

*Begins to fade*

Thorn! Remember our calling! Let not the words of a conventionalist sway you!

08/25/2000 8:24 AM

"Daughter of a goddess? Like it makes you more likely to be a great mage? Like I care that you are chosen by the gods? Like i am a man?"

Aestas turns to Thorn.

"What have you to say? I am only stating what i believe- i DID believe it might be very unworthy of us to take our gifts for granted from the gods, who have rightly bestowed talents on us.

If you had explained it all, maybe my views would not be taken as foolish and close-minded- i am only afraid to be blasphemous or ungrateful to my god!! How dare she, the pompous brat, say these things to me?! How will i ever be able to follow someone who i believe should never touch a spellbook? I respect you, Thorn, as a leader and a great wizard, and you Leana, as a mage, but as you can see i must make a crucial decision, and neither of you have tried to help us.

Please explain your views. I would love to be able to talk openly with you."

08/25/2000 9:45 AM

Let me explain one final thing...I am not the "leader" here.
I am only the one who has the past. For two thousand years, I was
the only silver robe mage, and Solinari, Lunitari and Nuitari were
kind to me, they helped me and guided me. And then they ordered me to
leave and leave a mage I thought to be worthy in possesion of my tower and
my task, which is to make sure that magic does not become something that
they never wanted it to be. I left Thorn in my place. It was his decision to
start an order.

To be a silver robe, ALL the gods must accept you. The way you are going,
none of them will vote in your favor.

Nuitari is not pleased with you, sir. He does not think that you have the
temperment to be a Silver Robe. YOu care more about the concepts attached to the
robe color than the Gods' will.

And as for the insult you have laid at me, be wary. My mother was a great friend of your
chosen god's, Nuitari may take back the gift he has given you!

08/25/2000 11:27 AM

"I have heard much said here as of late," says the Thorn. "I don't beleive in passing judgement on anyone until they give reason for it to be passed. A thief may steal but does that make him evil? Our anger here at on another is misplaced. Some of us have jumped to conclusions and others have misinterpreted what we have said. Regardless this is the stance I'm taking. I founded the silver robes to educate the learning and knowledge of magic. I took Leana as my apprentice. Soon she will be ready to become her own master and take an apprentice of her own, and I, I will seek a new apprentice. The Order of the Silver Robes has been deemed worthy in the eyes of the three gods of magic. Solinari, Lunitari, and Nuitari, although they have allied themselves with different causes, those of good or evil, all have one commonality, and that is their love for magic above all else. This is the principle I strive for. This is what I ask of Leana. This is what I will ask for from all future pupils of our order. We may not be in the gods favor now, not all of the gods, not any of the gods. If we believe in our cause, though, the gods may look down upon us and give us their favor. This is my stance. I take Kistar's advice to heart but the decision is now mine. I ask to those of you who have been listening. Are you willing to sacrifice everything to further the cause of magic? Will you commit to our order?"

08/25/2000 5:17 PM

May I remind you all that we are here by the will of ALL gods!

The magics they have given to us is not for personal gain, but for the endevore of itself!

I care nothing for the color of my robes, but I do strive for the eternal relationship that can only be offered my magic and the gods that grant it to us.

Her Magesty has taken more from me than has been given, but that was my choice! Now I offer myself to the Order of the Silver robes, if they will have me.

Let it also be known that Obnad Majere stands against all who oppose this order.

*Looking directly at Thorn*

I offer to you my services and wish to stand gaurdian to all those that commit themselves to th Order of the Silver Robes.

The essence of my knowledge I give freely. The skills of battle I have, I offer without hesitation. My soul, I have already given to magic, therefore I cannot offer it to you.

It is the will of the gods that I come before you this day. I know now that I was meant to come before you for the sake of the Order and the protection of those who wish to come forward, but are afraid.

*Kneeling before Master Thorn, Obnad Majere lays his staff upon the floor.*

What say you Raistlin? Obnad says in a whisper. *The Staff of Magius glows brightly with silver light and then fades away.*

*Looking back at Thorn.*

I am bound by no other-what say you, Master Thorn? Will you imbue me with the honor of your order?

08/25/2000 7:28 PM

Joe walks in.
"Wow, you giys talk a lot!"
Joe walks out.



08/26/2000 2:38 PM

Yeah, can't debate that. Ok, well, I've already said, I do this for power, both for myself and all of Krynn. Well, I'm afraid I can't take on an apprentice just yet. I'm thinking of going on a sole quest to find the Bloodstone of Fistandantilus.

ooc:Hope to see you guys soon. If I don't, Happy Posting everyone!!! Oh yeah, Aestas is a girl, and Kistar is awesome. Just to clear that up.

08/27/2000 10:41 AM

Aestas walks past Kistar and kneels before the thorn.

"Please, have me as your apprentice. I serve the Gods always. Do not turn me away because others clouded my judjment. I am clen, and i have the gift of the Gods."

08/27/2000 4:08 PM

"I will accept both of you as new apprentices," says the Thorn. "Kistar trusts my judgement so she knows that I will do what I feel is best for the cause of magic. All I ask is that you obey me and strive to further the cause of magic. In return, you will be allowed free run of our tower, and I will teach you how to cast spells drawing power from all three gods of magic."

The Thorn raises his hand above his head, as it descends the two new pupils robes change to silver. "Go now and learn what you can, I will see you soon," says the Thorn.

08/27/2000 4:18 PM

Aestas kisses his hand.

"Thank you, and i will need to go now. Would you like me to spread the news of your new order?"

08/30/2000 8:01 AM

"Yes, and when you finish taking care of your business, please come to the Silver Tower so I may talk with you a little more in depth," says the Thorn.

09/01/2000 11:02 AM

"Go now on your journey. Godspeed. And remember to look for others who might join our cause. This goes for all of you my apprentices," says the Thorn.

09/05/2000 11:03 AM

ooc: you can reach The Silver Tower thread by clicking on the older messages at the bottom of your screen.

09/12/2000 3:33 PM

* A strange glimmer of light grows out a corner, followed by the distant voice of Kistar*

Well done Thorn! The Three Great Ones are pleased, as am I!

Luck to all the new Silver Robes!

*The glimmer of light fades, as does the voice.*

09/12/2000 5:40 PM

A smile crosses the Thorn's face. There is much hope left.

09/14/2000 7:00 PM

All of a sudden a man appears in the room. He wears black, silver and midnight blue robes. He has silver hair past his shoulders and penetrating ice blue eyes. He appears to be about 23 and stands about 5'10". In his hand he holds a staff with a silver claw clutching a black sphere on top. He Is Tarohl, Master of Time and Space.
"Hello friend Thorn. I have watched the silver robes of the future and have come to report to you. They are many and great in their power."

09/15/2000 10:35 AM

"That is comforting to know," replies the Thorn. "Although, I fear it may not come to pass. I have been unable to locate any of my apprentices for some time and it concerns me. It also seems that the number of mages is starting to dwindle."

09/19/2000 12:27 PM

The Thorn sends out a powerful magical message. IT IS TIME TO VISIT THE TOWER. He hopes it reaches several of his apprentices or maybe even his master.

09/19/2000 12:27 PM

The Thorn sends out a powerful magical message. IT IS TIME TO VISIT THE TOWER. He hopes it reaches several of his apprentices or maybe even his master.

09/19/2000 6:30 PM

YOu cloned.

09/21/2000 11:02 AM

"I need your help," explains the Thorn. "The Storn Over Krynn has returned" (ooc: see thread Return of a Tyrant) "We may all be in grave danger. I fear magic may cease if something isn't done."

09/21/2000 6:21 PM

"Agreed. I can lend my powers and my tower if we need to."

ooc)Please explain Thorn. I don't have time to read Return of a Tyrant.

09/26/2000 7:54 AM

"Okay, here is the shortened version of what is going on. Skie has returned. He is marshalling an army to take over Krynn. I have summoned a small group of heroes to battle Skie. They are building an army. You probably know several of them, such as Pyranthas. Py and I are creating a sword that should be able to kill Skie. I also sense a hidden danger greater then Skie. A ancient mage by the name of Mertonious may be able to tell you more. That is where we currently stand," explains the Thorn.

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