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08/12/2003 12:02 PM

OOC: My last thread, erm...died, so i had to end it .:( But here's a new one!
The basic gist is, the sea dragons (if you don't know what they are, go look on dragonlance.com) have decided that they are tired of being ignored, and want to conquer the seas of krynn for their domain. In this war they've enlisted their cousins, the Amphi dragons, and an evil tribe of sea elves, the Ger-dalo tribe. A few white and black dragons(because of their ability to breath underwater) have decided to join their cousins conquest.(hoping for some terrtory of their own, as well as spoils from treasure ships) So this nasty force has decided to start attacking every ship that they come across, as well as fishing villages,and pirate havens. (in case you hadn't guessed the pirates are getting screwed in this whole deal) Even more worrying, there are rumors that the minotaurs are considering an alliance with this bunch, so the dragons and other beasties stop attacking their ships.

BIC: Adrien shimmer was near Palanthas harbour, and despereately trying to avoid the harbour watch. She snuck down and knelt by her ship, the 'Star Pillager' and began to cut it loose. "Trying to escape?" came from behind her. Fajas, captain of the palanthas city guard stood behind her, sword drawn. "Well that was the general idea" She replied. "You never learn do you? I HAVE to kill you, because you can reaveal me to the lord of palanthas. You probably don't realize how handy it was that wolf of your's, dorian killed the former captain, when he tried to turn him over to Mistress Kyana. I would have done it soon but,

he provided such a wonderful scapegoat, the gods must be pleased with me indeed. No one will believe a wolf like him, or any of his half-breed friends. But you, on the other hand, you are a human, and a citizen of palanthas. They have no good reason NOT to believe you. so that is why you must die." After Fajas finished his explanation, he raised his sword, but adrien leapt foward and into the boat.

She quickly rolled as he struggled his sword out of the wood of the dock. Cursing, he abandoned the sword, and lifted the crossbow from his shoulder and began firing. But he was too late, and the boat was already sailing away. She was steering for a haven made for sailors, both legal and unlegal. It was made from a rock that stuck up in the middle of the sea, and had been built on for years. Because in the cataclysm, many sailors had been caught by a current and dragged into the rock, it was called Sailors Rest. She steered her bark into a harbour, and docked. There were few ships docked.

She hurried up to the inn that was somewhat like a meeting hall and ordered a room and late supper. She asked the innkeep, Thirol, "Why is it that there is hardly a ship here? All the other times i've been here, there was next to no place to fit a kender, the harbour was so packed."

Thirol leaned closer and said "Tis because of them sea dragons, they is attacking many a good mans ship. Ones that go near a lair of the beasts never are seen again. They is attacking all ships they find, with demon elves from the deep. We been getting lot of castaways and many a shipwreck survivor with a terrible story to tell." Adrien frowned.

Sea dragons were peaceful enough, as were the sea-elves. WHy would they start attacking ships?........

08/12/2003 1:48 PM

OOC: Just so you don't get the wrong idea as you read this, no, I'm not joining this thread...not yet anyway. Maybe not ever. I'm in quite alot already as it is. Anyway, your writing is getting better. And about your last threads dying, have you learned anything useful that will help you keep this one afloat?

08/12/2003 2:10 PM

OOC: Does reading that thread "startin threads and making them LAST" count?

08/12/2003 3:10 PM

OOC: Does reading that thread "startin threads and making them LAST" count?

OOC: I think what Straea means is, have you come up with storyline ideas to keep the game going?

By the way, are Mages allowed in this game? If not, what types of characters all you hoping to have in this game?

08/12/2003 5:01 PM

OOC: I think what Straea means is, have you come up with storyline ideas to keep the game going

My last thread's plot wasn't particularly good, and not much room htere. This one is such a more expansive story, that there is a lot more room.

By the way, are Mages allowed in this game?

Of course.

If not, what types of characters all you hoping to have in this game

The beauty of this plot is that about anyone can find a reason to be on a boat, and in turn be attacked by sea dragons. BUT, a mage, or a knight of takhisis or solamnia, and perhaps just a normal wandering adventurer would be good. I'm not sure how well electra would fit in, but she definitely could.

08/12/2003 5:43 PM

The beauty of this plot is that about anyone can find a reason to be on a boat, and in turn be attacked by sea dragons. BUT, a mage, or a knight of takhisis or solamnia, and perhaps just a normal wandering adventurer would be good. I'm not sure how well electra would fit in, but she definitely could.

OOC: I have many more different characters besides Electra. :D

08/13/2003 2:44 AM

OOC: Does reading that thread "startin threads and making them LAST" count?

OOC: Definitely! :D If you read my wonderfully wonderful posts. :D

08/14/2003 12:50 PM

Does ANYONE want to join this thread??????!!

08/16/2003 2:17 AM

OOC: What the hell. Im game. Just call me krackah the thread killer!

The waives crashed and roard as the ship made a sharp turn to the west. Men who were unfortunate enough to be on the deck were strewn to all sides of the ship. Another wave crashed down, pummeling the deck and sending some men cureening off the sides.
Ronin Ri'eva shook his head, holding on to the autonomously spinning wheel. The sea began to froth, tiny bubbles popping on the surface.
Slowly the ship began to lift out of the water, the wheel coming to an abrupt stop.
"What the.." Was all he managed to spit out. Infront of him, staring him in the eye was an aqua colored serpant. It's giant yellow eye peered out from the dropping water. Ronin slowly began to back up, not realizing how close to the edge he truly was. His booted foot hit a puddle of water, causing him to slip, he fell, the last sensation he felt was the cold breath of death filling his lungs.

The world slowly came into focous, the clouds from the storm still lingering over the small port in the city. Ronin debated trying to stand up, but quickly changed that idea as he coughed up some murky brown water. His head spun, and his throat was dry as sand paper. He shook his head trying to clear it. Glancing around he realized he was had made it to land.
"Hullo there!" Came a cherry voice from behind him. He spun, coming face to face with a kender. "My name's Bini Throttlebottom, what's yours?" Ronin's head began to ache even more. Did the Kender.. Rescue him?
"Ronin..." He murmed. "Look, I need something to drink, do you have any idea where I can find something like that?"
"Acctually.." The Kender began. "I know this great place, it's just up the road... but im not allowed in.." Ronin began to ask why, and then rememebred who he was talking to.
"Can you show me where it is?" He asked. "I wouldn't want to go to some seedy place." The kender quirked an eyebrow.
"I don't mean to complain, but you look pretty seedy yourself. Your clothing is al tattered, and you have water from head to toe. And that long black hair, that's really ragged."
Ronin grunted, feeling to his side for his sword. He'd end this kender's life right now..
It was gone. He glanced to the kender. It was twice his size, no chance in the abyss the kender could have lifted it. He shrugged.
"Well me matey, lets get this journey started then."

A few minutes later the man and the kender were happily seated in the inn which the kender informed him was a meeting hall of sorts. He glanced over, taking in the crowd. It was nice enough, but he felt he didn't fit in with the crowd... His clothes being drenched and all. Bini looked up, trying to supress a laugh.
"You know, someone might mistake you for a sea elf with all that seaweed in your hair."
Ronin Grunted ordering another ale. He had to find another ship to get back to his homeland, and more importantly find out what that thing was that had attacked his men...

08/16/2003 6:37 PM

ooc~ ahhh well ill have my little mage join hehe, It'll probably be a stupid post but -sighs- oh well im new or sorta at this hehe

bic~ Alisha strolled down the road next to the sea. The waves Splashed upon her, drenching herself. Shivering Slightly she continued down to an inn, which Alisha saw drunkereds. Sighing to herself she proceeded passed a couple of tables, sitting down beside the fire place she leaned back, seeing the door open , Alisha sighed, Knowing what was entering.

The Kender, Taro, entered, seraching for the one, He always Followed around. Seeing Alisha, The Red Robed Mage, Sit down he ran over to her, "Acquiring" a few items here and there. Pulling out the seat in Front of Alisha, He heaved himself up in the wooden seat and looked around

08/16/2003 7:22 PM

Thanks Krackah the thread killer and Ice cold!!

BIC: Adrien was sitting in the inn when a kender and a man looking tattered and, surprise surprise, wet. He sat down by her(sorry if it's using himm!:D) and she noticed the barkeep glaring at the kender. She caught the barkeeps eye and glared at him. He looked annoyed,but returned to wiping the mug grumpily.She noticed a mage and kender enter. Something was going on. The man beside her looked like he had been a castaway. She asked him "What happened to you? Sea-dragons?"

08/16/2003 10:58 PM

OOC: Bini is male :)

IC: Binny looked up at Adrian, his eyes wide.
"Why yes! How did you know?" Ronin looked down at his clothes and back at his clothes and let out a sigh.
"Is that what that big blue thing was? I never acctually bleieve they existed. . ." Ronin gazed out the window looking back at the sea. Bini piped up,
"Hullo, my names Bini Throttlebottom, and this is my friend.. erm.. Ronin!' He gestured to the man in tatters. The man in tatteres waived weakly, giving off an air of slight annoyance.

08/16/2003 10:58 PM

OOC: Bini is male :)

IC: Binny looked up at Adrian, his eyes wide.
"Why yes! How did you know?" Ronin looked down at his clothes and back at his clothes and let out a sigh.
"Is that what that big blue thing was? I never acctually bleieve they existed. . ." Ronin gazed out the window looking back at the sea. Bini piped up,
"Hullo, my names Bini Throttlebottom, and this is my friend.. erm.. Ronin!' He gestured to the man in tatters. The man in tatteres waived weakly, giving off an air of slight annoyance. Bini's hand casually began digging through Adrian's pockets,, looking for anything that may have accidently dropped into them by mistake..

08/17/2003 7:53 AM

OOC: Got to be careful about clicking the post reply button twice. I once posted the same topic twice. EEK!

BIC: Adrien laughed."It wasn't hard to guess. You're the third ship already this week.I'm Adrien Shimmer. Do you know what sea-dragons are. It's a pity your crew didn't, or they would have known how to fight it."

08/17/2003 7:54 AM

OOC: Got to be careful about clicking the post reply button twice. I once posted the same topic twice. EEK!

BIC: Adrien laughed."It wasn't hard to guess. You're the third ship already this week.I'm Adrien Shimmer. And kender, don't rifle through my packs. They bite. Do you know what sea-dragons are? It's a pity your crew didn't, or they would have known how to fight it."

08/17/2003 9:21 AM

OOC: Got to be careful about clicking the post reply button twice. I once posted the same topic twice. EEK!

OOC: Heh, it's ironic that you clicked the post reply twice too.

08/17/2003 10:10 AM

lol, i would agree on that one :D

08/18/2003 12:57 AM

OOC: LOL. Everyone makes mistakes guys. Jes chill!: )

IC: Ronin glared at the kender and then turned around glancing at Adrien.
"I had heard of them. Always thought they were legend, but then again i suppose i should have learned from the war of the lance." Ronin shrugged and glanced out at the sea again.
"What are the authorities doing about the problem?"

The kender pulled his hands out of the mans pack, glaring at him between squinted eyes.
"Do they really bite mister? My aunt got bit once by a gully dwarf and her hand turned all pink. It was quite disgusting really. And then the gully dwarf put some magic spell on her..." He shut up at another glare from Ronin and bean rummaging through his own pouches. Lifting up a piece of glass he showed it to Adrien.
"This is a piece of dream mirror from the isle of teh dragons. Have you ever been there?"

08/18/2003 9:26 AM

OOC: thanks krackah, but I did that on purpous.hehe swift!:D By the way why did you call Adrien a man,krackah?It's a her. No prob. I do that all the time!
BIC:(By the way this takes place after the WoS) Adrien laughed at the man Ronin. "What the Palanthas authority always does with stuff like this. Close their eyes and wish it would go away. Sooner or later they will be horribly attacked, then open their eyes and run squealing to the Knights Of Solamnia, or to the legion of steel. Meanwhile we are left here to fend for ourselves. they have made their one move. They said that no one can survive the attacks, and if they have, they are in league with the dragons.Or they are officially dead. Anyone who comes back after an attack and says tht they survived will be captured and hung for silence. Brutal, but efficient. The head of palanthas city guard is trying to keep this quiet, and is doing an extremely good job. You have no future if you try and return to palanthas, because you will be found and silenced."

She shook her head sadly. "Their will be lots of people forced to never return to their home, because of the head of the city guard. If they go anywhere else, many other nations have taken the same protocol. And all port authorities have taken the same measures. All because they don't want to fight. " She laughed at the kender. "Yes my packs really do bite. especially ones that it recognizes to be one of the greygem races." as the kender rambled on about an aunt and a gully dwarf. Hse was startled now she thought about the drastic measures that the port authorities were taking.then she heard something unusual in the kender ramblings"....piece of a dream mirror from the isle of dragons. Have you ever been there?......"

She smiled at the kender and looked at the piece of glass closely. "I can guarantee you that's not a piece of a dream mirror. I've never been to the isle of dragons as far as I know."

08/19/2003 1:06 PM

OOC: Angel, Sorry about Adrien. :) Anyhoo, this one seems to be going somewhere... Im impressed. Even if it is just us! :)~ BTW im goin back to story format. It works better I think.

IC: Ronin's hand reflexivly went to where is sword had been. He glanced to the woman and then back to the kender who looked terribly upset.
"So this head chief... has anyone thought of taking him out personally? He sounds worse then the sea dragons..."
Bini sighed putting down the piece of glass. He was sure it was a piece of dream mirror. At least that's what the woman who had owned the mirror had muttered before it decided to fall on him. He glanced up at Ronin.
"Didn't you survive a dragon attack?" He muttered rather loudly. Ronin's face began to turn red.
"Shut it Kender." He whispered harshly across the table. The creature was certainly lucky he didn't have a dagger with him. He'd cut out that tounge of his. He glanced to Adrien.
"I need a new sword and some dry clothes.. Any idea where we could find those?"

08/19/2003 3:01 PM

OOC: tha's ok krackah
BIC:Adrien looked thoughtful. " Even if it has a bad reputation, this is a village none the less. There are shops and blacksmiths around.I believe there is a blacksmiths with a reputation for honesty. The red dwarf anvil I believe.Have you got any gold?" Then she listened when he asked "...has anyone tryed to take him out? "I heard that the assasins guild won't allow any of their members to try anymore, so many have died. Fajas is an evil man, but the dragons are worse. As if everything wasn't bad enough they say that the minotairs are considering an alliance with the dragons so that their boats can sail freely. In case you hadn't guessed, pirates are getting screwed on this whole thing."

08/19/2003 6:47 PM

IC: Ronin snorted. "Tell me about it..." He glanced to the kender and his eye locked onto his pouches.
"Say Binimy friend... Got any gold in there?" Bini's eyes widened a little bit.
"N-no sir! Not at all!" Ronin swiped all four pouches and dumped them all out borrowing someone else's gold from the kender. Slight applause was heard from the table next to thiers.
"hey! That's mine!" Shouted Bini glarng at the human. Ronin glanced up at Adrian.
"Yes, I have some gold. Shall we go to the smithe?"

08/21/2003 1:07 PM

BIC: Adrien had to smother a laugh. She looked reprochfully at the man. "Some of that might actually be his. The smithy is down the street a ways." She rose and headed towards the door, and stepped out.

08/21/2003 1:26 PM

OOC: Angel, I'm just dropping in to say I'm sorry for not joining your game. I've read it all and it seems coo, but I have got to much going on right now to join this one. Sorry. :(

08/21/2003 4:49 PM

The dwarf's name was Thorn Drumheller and he was a blacksmith by trade. He was also a smuggler and a pirate- but those were the sort of traits that one did not delve into too deeply when looking for a good blacksmith.

Thorn was working at his anvil, hammer in hand, and red hot fire blazing at one side, whistling an ancient dwarven folksong as he happily went about his work.

Thorn was in a good mood because his comrades would be bringing in a good cargo tonight. It was a full moon. A good sign that the Gods were watching over them.

OOC: Thorn does not know it yet but his precious cargo is about ot be sunk to the briny depths by the sea-dragons. That'll sour his good mood!

08/21/2003 4:52 PM

OOC: Luni- isn't that always an RPers life? :P

BIC: Ronin followed Adrien outside reflexivly stretching asthe semi fresh city air filled his lungs. Bini skipped happily after the two, not missing a beat in the conversation. Something passed over the sun, briefly robbing the trio of it's warmth. Bini let out a loud shiver, the hairs on the back of his neck prickling.
"Well it was a nice day.." Ronin muttered offhanded, as the sun came back into view. Bini looked up to Adrien.
"Acctually Mam, most of it is mine. It's just sometimes things have this innate attraction to my pouches." Bini nodded with certanty. Ronin glanced at the Kender.
"You are not to even LOOK at anything when we enter the shop. Is that understood kender?" Bini Glared back up at Ronin.
"But if im not LOOKING at anything then ill crash into something. Honestly, some humans can be soooooo dumb." He rolled his eyes. Ronin supressed a Grin, trying to remain straight faced. LIke it or not the kender was growing on him. He looked over to Adrian.
"So, do you patronize that tavern often or were we just lucky to bump into someone as knowledgeable of worldly events as you?"

OOC: Angel, I wasthinking maybe we could have a dragon attack or something to kind of get things rolling.. thats what the shadow was intended for.. or it could be something else I suppose :) But its yer thread so I didnt want to just take it over ;)~

08/21/2003 7:10 PM

OOC: tha's way ok luni. Krackah I don't know about a dragon attack quite yet but I'll think of something.
Welcome Jorza
BIC:Adrien was silently laughing at the kender. The only kender that could get money honestly were kender that were payed to leave people alone. She turned a corner and spotted the smith shop. The dwarf was whistling and seemed in a good mood. She walked up and gestured to ronin that he should order his weapon.

08/22/2003 3:04 PM

tha's way ok luni.

OOC: Thanks for understand everyone! Have fun! :D

08/23/2003 1:38 AM

Bini Skipped up to the dward and waved at him.
"Hullo!" He exclaimed excitedly. "What kind of wares do you have today?" Bini glanced at a shiny sword that appeared to be made of some form of silver, and a shiled that seemed to match the design on the hilt of the silver sword. His eyes widened as he took in the small smithe booth..
Ronin caught up to the Kender, allowing Adrien to bring up the rear.
"Sir, I'm so sorry. Has he touched anything? I promise it wont happen again." He glanced at the Kender. "You didn't take anything did yoU?'
Bini shook his head. "No sir, I was only Lo-
Ronin crossed his eyes. "I told you not to even LOOK at any of these things." Ronin bopped the kender on the head gently with his fist. Bini's face turned red, and he turned back to Adrien.
"Can I stay with you for awhile? You don't bop me on the head. I'll take your man eating pouches over this brute anyday."
Ronin smirked. A brute huh? Hee glanced back to the dwarf.
"My good sir, Im in the market for a new sword, a dagger, and prehaps some chain mail. Have anything thats REASONABLY priced?" He glanced at the dwarf, thinking he might have seen him somewhere before. Shrugging it off to bad karma, he waited the dwarfs reply.


08/23/2003 7:50 PM

OOC: Blow something up krackah? Hmmmm, that can be arranged........
BIC: Adrien smilled. "Believe me kender, man eating pouches are worse then him."
Karmalikandhshfklhlalhfihflanmfnamkfhofhohjahfmahlogiaohtnmnesjhlanhkajysruuhlkahmnalrjaljal, known to most humans as Karma the gnome was having a good day. He was testing out his latest form of dragon-slaying bomb on a large abandoned building his gnome assistant, Haledboomboombadaboomhlkahdjanfakhfakjhfkajhfjkahdkahfkjahfoehzkhorahfjk, known to humans as Haled (you can be him krackah:)) was with him. Haled had a passion for explosives that was legendary.

Anything was wonderful to him as long as it was a bomb. Karma Threw the bomb and they ran for cover. They heard a fizzle and then nothing. Karma poked his head out. This bomb, which was new and was Haled's work of art had not gone off. Furious, Haled stormed out to it and began to jabberveryfastlikethisthewaygnomesalwaysdo at the bomb. *^BOOM!!*^ Karma's world was rocked, and the ground slapped him. He woke up, and saw the world coated in gunpowder and ashes. He got up and hurried over to the curled up lump that was Haled.

Relieved to find his associate alive for the moment, he regarded the area with satisfaction. This without a doubt had been his most successful bomb yet!

08/24/2003 10:24 PM

IC: Haled sat up, rubbing his head.
"Whathappened?Diditwork?" He began stammering. He stood up looking at the destruction.
"Itdidwork!Theanti-dragonrepulsionanddestorysystemworkedperfectly!' He grabbed his friends shoulder's and began jumping for joy.
"The council will LOVE THIS!"

OOC: Ill wait to post ROnin and Bini until Adrien or the dwarf make a move :)

08/25/2003 7:34 AM

OOC: Adrien can't do a whole lot until the dwarf does domething, so I thought I should bring in the gnomes. Byt the way, I introduced adrien to the house of tassana burrfoot. She saw bini, but your next post didn't do anything with Adrien.

BIC: The ground shook beneath her feet. "What the hell was that??" she yelled. She saw a cloud of smoke on the other side of Sailors Rest. And heard high pitched fast yells from that direction...
Karma was overjoyed. "Lookwhatitdidtothosehugestonebuildings!Wedestroyedthemcompletely!Imaginewhatit'ddotoadragon!ThatdragonwouldbecomingandthenwewouldseethebombthroughtheairandthenBOOM!andthedragonwouldsplatter!WE"VEFINNALLYFOUNDAWAYTODEFEATSEA_DRAGONS!!"Karma began o do a little joy dance . "Wherearetheingredientslistsweusedforthatone??Wehavetoknowhowmuchofwhatweusedinthat." then Karma whirled around to the rock where the ingredients had been. a charred piece of paper was on it,. Pale, he ran over to it. all he could make out was '..21 tblespns grenspharrow...' Howling he ran to Haled and grabbed his shoulders "WEDON'THAVETHEMEASUREMENTSANYMORE!!" he waved the piece of paper beneath Haled nose, then collapsed on the ground wailing.

08/25/2003 8:43 PM

ooc- Ok i well join sad to say. I don't think you need a newbie but it never hurt to bed. Just a fyi I am NEW!!! so play nice. I try to do my best and this is my frist time in f.r.p.g.

IC- The tall red head was walking along the side walk when he heard the great boom. With a little deley he ducked without taking his eyes off the place. Once it was over he looked around to see who did it. HE see the 3 or so people cowarding.((ok frist tip I can't spell all that good)) After seeming they were back to there feet, he started to walk over to there place clamping his hands."MAn that was great !!!"

08/25/2003 11:17 PM

OOC: Im sorry Angel, I will make sure to say hi! :) Welcome Save =O) no worries, we were ALL newbies once. *Glares around*

IC Ronin Bini and CO:
Bini cowered behind Ronin.
"That was SOOOOOO wierd! Do you think it's the DRAGONS?" He asked wide eyed.

"Ithinkit'stimewetakeittothecouncil!" He exclaimed. "weneedtogetridofthosedragonsnow!" He ran back inside of the two's condo and grabbed morefeverfew from the pot.
"Weshouldtryputtingthisintoo! Addedpunch."

08/26/2003 8:12 AM

Welcome Saveme!
W-what? You glaring at me krackah?? *whistles and looks at feet* *runs*
BIC:Adrien was alarmed, but not overly. "it's not the dragons." she said calmly."They wouldn't be stupid enough to make that kind of noise, then attack. Besides, their breath wouldn't be very loud. I believe they breathe steam hot enough to blast flesh off of peoples bones. That sounded almost like something from..Mt nevermind." she frowned. ~GNomes?~ a tall red head made a comment about the explosion. "I hope no ones hurt," adrien said, not very worried.Turning to the red-head she asked "Whats your name?"

Karma howled on the ground. "We'redoomed!we'redoomed!Wedon'thavethelistoftheingredientsthatweputin!Itgotburnt!WE"RESCREWED!!!!!!!!!!"
OOC2: I had an Idea that I'm thinking about posting. Tell me how it sounds.
It would be kind've like Ff2, only set after the war of souls. About 50 years after the WoS exactly. Two lost realms called. Kerothen, and Lirathia have appeared after vanishing beofre the cataclysm. Horrible necromancers, and beastmasters with hordes of bizzare creatures have taken over parts of ansalon. The necromancer rule Thorbardin now, turning it into a sort of City Of The dead. Their are also Evil sorcerors that summon creatures from the lower planes. However, some new good have showed up. Rangers and sorceresses, with armies of centaurs and woodwarves, as well as elves and occasionally, phoenixes. Techno wizards have showed up, with magic robots and gargoyles as well as other thing hired for them are in their armies. The knights of solamnias long-lost counterparts, the knights of the raven, have showed up, with armies of gryphons. So it's pretty much well a world war waiting to happen.What do you think? Is it workable?

08/26/2003 2:57 PM

ooc-sorry no opion

" Name??"" POndors the questin a bit and looks around.His head falls down stirring at the ground. Then whispers to his self. "so many names to pick from." HIs head rolls back up and looks to the girl. "Well my real name is Valor Pyratic Shadow, but I while back I got the name Save. SO call me that." He looked back to the blast. " By the way that was queit nice." HE looks back to her. " Fire, booms, heat all in my field. I am what you call a pyrotech."

08/26/2003 3:32 PM

OOC: KK. Btw, i'll put up my character desrciption for ya save
Name: Adrien Shimmer
Sex: Female
Race: Human
History: She's a pirate from palanthas area.
BIC: Adrien eyed the man, Save. "Odd name. I don't know about you all, but I'm going to go see what the hell that was." She headed off in the direction of the smoke.
Karma wailed. This was horrible!So ververyveryveryhorrible!
How could this happen to him!He howled and pounded on the ground.

08/27/2003 6:07 PM

OOC: NICE! Lol. Can I be Rydia? :P Oh I mean.. Umm. Yeah. Anyhoo, I WILL BE POSTING TONIGHT. Class starte dyesterday and Im bogged down with homework. But im still here :)


08/27/2003 8:28 PM

OOC: OK HOME NOW! LETS GET TO WORK! *cracks knuckles*

IC: Ronin and Bini

Bini began to glance around the shop uneasily. The thud had made his heart beat and to be quite honest he felt incredily scittish. The dwarf seemed to be off in his own world and Bini began to have the strangest feeling he was under someone else's control. His hand began to move toward a beautiful dagger, studded with red rubies and green jades. The sun glinting off of them made him feel.. well woozy. He saw his hand begin to reach toward the dagger, and then the handle of the dagger disapearing into his pouch. Then a small stack of coins somehow managed to land in there, along with a moldy sandwhich on rye, no onions, and a funny looking ring with a sunburst pattern on it. He glanced toward Ronin and Adrien and the dwarf and the newcomer.
He smiled and trotted back over to them.
"Wow, sure is strange the way that dwarf is acting. I think maybe he's one of them." He nodded. Ronin grimmaced. While the dwarf hadn't been looking Ronin had taken slight advantage of the man, however unlike the Kender he was quite aware of what he had been doing. He had slid two new daggers up his sleeve as well as one into his boot. He smirked and glanced at Adrien.
"Well no sense in hanging around here. Shall we go see what caused the explosion?"

Haled grabbed his friend by the cuff of his shirt and stood him up. For once he wasn't excited at all.
"My friend, we need to leave this place. If we're seen as the cause of the explosion they'll have our heads!!"

OOC 2: And that my friends is what we call an OOBKE or an out of body Kender expirience :)~

08/28/2003 5:40 AM

Giving Adrien a wierd look he turned and followed her. He knew she was up to some them and he was wondering what it was like always. Once they got to the smoke he saw the little guy pounding the ground. " YOu ok???"
OOC- I didn't know really what to do but I had to post...

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08/28/2003 8:40 AM

OOC: Krackah, was youre first post about my idea for the kinda ff2 after wOs?Homework sucks-school hasn't started for me yet. Whew!
BIC:Karma howled "THISISALWAYSTHEWAYITGOES!*SOB*FIRSTGRAYGEMUNITED ------------------------------------------------------------------
Adrien slowly walked, and reached the explosion site. (Btw, I think bini and karma should know eachother, because they're both in "Zanadie's journey"). Save was ahead, with a blur howling and pounding the ground at his feet. she recognized it as a dusty, scorched, gnome.

Another was hovering over it."What the hell happened here??"

08/28/2003 3:29 PM

"fire, fire, yah!!!" He looks around for somethen for him to blow up. He sees a barrel and wonders if it could be done. He looks at it hard tring to make the barrel heat up fast. Frist it cought on fire then it blew up with a small bang, but wood pieces flew every where. He smriked and then looked else where (not trying to get caught.) He acted as if the blast scared him, but really inside he was laughing. Afetr a while he looked back to the barrel. "what was that!!"

ooc- Sorry I had to put my powers in there... don't be mad

08/28/2003 3:32 PM

OOC: Yes I was reffering to your Ff2.. But i thought it was Final Fantasy Two not the post.l LOL.

IC Bini trotted up to Adrien and Save's side. He blinked twice, taking a double take.
"K-Karma! Was it you that made this hole?" ronin groaned. More graygem creatures.
Haled glanced at the kender and back at the gnome.
"thisisalwaysthecase!" He shouted. "Howcliche!Akenderandagnomethatjusthappentorunintoeachother!Whatkindofjokearethegodsplayingonus?!" ROnin groaned again.
Bini bounced up and down excitedly.
"Karma!ThisisAdrien,Ronin,andSave!We'regoingonaquesttostopthedragons!!!!" HE shouted, trying his hardest to sound just like the gnomes.

08/28/2003 6:42 PM

OOC: I'm seriously thinking about this idea. It'd be great if I had someone else to help keep things together. Want to try and help me do this krakcah?(saveme, your welcome too)
BIC: Adrien groaned. First a kender, now gnomes. Then that crazy Save started setting things on fire. "How the hell did you do that!?" she asked, amazed.Then Bini began telling her about the gnomes. "They're trying to stop the sea-dragons with bombs??" she shook her head. She hated to say it, but those gnomes might be on to something. And that crazy red head could probably help them.
Karma blinked. "Bini!Sogoodtoseeyou!Youcanhelpuswithourbombs." then a red haired human tarted setting things on fire. "Great reorxs beard!Canheshowushowtodothat!!???Wecanmaybeputthainthebomb,andthenthesea-dragonswouldbetoast!"
A horn sounded. "Great." Adrien scrambled up onto on of the small houses, and pulled out her spyglass. "sea-dragons are attacking. Slow, but they're coming. How long would it take you to make another one of those bombs, gnome?"

08/28/2003 8:58 PM

ooc- Ok I am not use to doing more then one thing at a time. I came from chat rping you see. I try though.
He looks to the others and the grin comes back across his face. " Ohh I just can control heat waves. And I make things over 1000 in second. And so much heat at once makes things go boom. And flame flame. Much fiire." He looks around. " heat is the best. He brought up his hand and it was engoffed in flames. he seemed to stare at it in a daze.

Next thing he knew Adrien was shouting somethen about a dragon. " Dragons really??? " He jumps up next to adrien to see the dragons. "Dragons!!!!" He jumps off the roof and runs after them.

08/29/2003 9:40 PM

Ronin shook his head, resting it in his palm. The stack of the world was piling up on his shoulders. He glanced to Adrienne and shook his head. Kender,Gnomes, A pyromaniac, and dragons. What next? He flicked his wrist, sliding one of the three stolen daggers into his hand.
Bini looked wide eyed and jumped up and down. "Dragons? I've never SEEN a dragon before. Ohmygosh!" He glanced to Haled who was busy thinking. He had a finger to his lips.
"I suppose we could have one made in acouple of days..."

08/30/2003 7:15 AM

OOC: if anyone could, please tell me whats happened so far. Im busy and its got to much to in a short amount of time. But it looks interesting. And would it be alright if i could add my darkelven ranger to the story?

08/30/2003 8:33 AM

OOC: Gait- Anyone who has a Suikoden picture in thier profile deserves a brief synopsis. So far Ronin was washed up on shore and Bini the Kender found him and dragged him to an tavern where they met Adrien Shimmer (both are pirates.. Meaning Adrien and Ronin.) Ronin needs a new weapon so they go to a dwarven smithe and Ronin and Bini steal from him while he's not looking and adrien kind of goes along with it...
Meanwhile the gnomes of mt. Nevermind have found out about the sea dragons and are planning to try to make a name for themselves, and expand thier territory and are testing thier bombs near by the small city. After the first bomb goes off our hero's are alerted and encounter Save, an enigmatic pyromaniac. They all meet and discuss using bombs on the sea dragons-
And then the dragons attacked. :)

08/30/2003 8:34 AM

OOC: Gait- Anyone who has a Suikoden picture in thier profile deserves a brief synopsis. So far Ronin was washed up on shore and Bini the Kender found him and dragged him to an tavern where they met Adrien Shimmer (both are pirates.. Meaning Adrien and Ronin.) Ronin needs a new weapon so they go to a dwarven smithe and Ronin and Bini steal from him while he's not looking and adrien kind of goes along with it...
Meanwhile the gnomes of mt. Nevermind have found out about the sea dragons and are planning to try to make a name for themselves, and expand thier territory and are testing thier bombs near by the small city. After the first bomb goes off our hero's are alerted and encounter Save, an enigmatic pyromaniac. They all meet and discuss using bombs on the sea dragons-
And then the dragons attacked. :)

08/30/2003 10:41 AM

ooc- Ohhh yah I was called a enigmatic pyromaniac. Ha ha my job is done. Btw I can't post yet!!!!!! some one post!!

08/30/2003 12:43 PM

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OOC2: Also, I would be honored to help you work on it. Drop me an IM either on Yahoo Instant messenger at Vgtbob@yahoo.com or on Aim as KrackerforU. :)

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08/30/2003 7:22 PM

OOC: Sorry i've been a slacker! Sorry krakcah-no yahoo account:(. I have a few other things that I need to get in a row before I do that thread. (character developements) No problem gait! Your welcome to join!
(Btw I went up a class! I'm a journayman! WOO-hoo!)
BIC: Adrien frowned. A couple of days?? They were screwed. Then the gnome Karma lifted his head. "Wait a minute! I could make ten minutes if we have a gully dwarf shaman! They know about explosives, surprisingly."adrien frowned find a gully-dwarf shamn?" A foul smell drifted out of a cave on the nearby hillside. Karma brightened. "Gullydwarfperfume!Quickletsgo!" He grabbed Haled and Adrien and ran into the dark foul-smelling cave.

08/30/2003 9:09 PM


08/31/2003 11:07 PM

IC: Haled blinked. Gully Dwarf Perfume? How-Bizzare.
"Whynotjustuseourmatterttransmitterthingamahjigandbringonehere!" He exclaimed coming up with another outrageous idea.
Ronin shook his head and just stared as the horns blew even louded.
"They are getting close.... too close if you ask me.. we should go take cover... We'll never get a gully dwarf shaman.. and even if we did he'd probably blow us up anyway..."
Bini sat down crosslegged and started going through his pouches. He had once visited a small castle and found a round orb thing. He had touched it and the strangest thing had happened. He had summoned a gully dwarf! Digging out the small orb, he touched it.
Nothing happened.
He touched it again.
Still nothing.
"Bini, what ARE you doing?" Ronin asked, becoming very agitated.
"Trying to summon a Gullly Dwarf!" He exclamied. Ronin looked to Adrien.
"What do you think we should do?" Casting a glance at save he added,
"Any ideas here would be helpful."

08/31/2003 11:44 PM

OOC: SOrry, i know it's a double post, But I just wanted to say That Im enjoying this post entirly to much. So lets not let it die huh? COME BACK ANGEL! Lol.

09/01/2003 7:27 AM

OOC: I wouldn't abandon this thread! :O!
Now ontarys abandoned a thread. He abandoned Kalias "nightstalker" grrrrr-I'm in that thread, so him deserting is making me aangry!
BIC: Adrien frowned. "If tht insane gnome," she gestured to Haled, "can summon a bomb, I think we should try and go over by the seasman quarter. The houses there are stone, and we may be able to hold off the dragons long enough for him to get a bomb." Karma brightened. "Haled can try and summon a bomb while I look for a gully dwarf shaman!" He picked up his bag."I'll be back!" he hurried up the hill, and ducked into the foul cave. Adrien turned to Save. "If we threw barrels and stuff at the sea-dragons, do you think you could blow them up?" She turned. "We need to get going." She grabbed Bini, and pulled him along. They quickly

reached the seasman quarter, and Adrien found a building right by the shore. SHe dumped haled inside, and shewent out on the hard-stone wall. The dragons were close. Too close. She could now see the sea elves among them, blackskin, riding on turtle-dragons. They had weapons of all kinds. She could see that back up by the main part of town, armored guards were manning the walls. She sighed. How the hell were they going to hold them off for even a few minutes??

Karma walked along the slimy tunnel. He rummaged around in his pack, and found a lantern. He lit it up, just in time to run straight into a wal. At the bottom of the wall was a slimy pipe. He groaned. Carefully holding the lantern, he climbed inside and slid down............................................

09/01/2003 11:04 PM

Ronin's jaw dropped as he saw the elves on sea turtles and the bodies of the sea fragons weaving in and out of the water. An idea came to him.
"Save... You have powers over fire right? Why not cause some of the water to evaporate. . That will slow them down momentarily.. they wont be able to see."

09/02/2003 7:17 AM

OOC: Congrats on making apprentice, krackah!!
Saveme, why don't ya post!?
IC: Adrien frowned. "Thats a good idea, Ronin. If he can't do it,I don't even know if we can slow them down.If we had any war-bows, i'm a decent enough shot that I could probably do some damage, but other then that....." she suddenly thought. "Bini, you wouldn't happen to have a bow in any of your pouches?"
Karma howled as he slid through the slimy rat-infested pipe. He collapsed with a thud. He rose, and lit the lantern again. "You not hurt me! You not hurt me!" a grimy young gully dwarf was blubbering pitifully in front of him.

Karma grabbed the gully dwarfs arm and was assaulted by two things: his memory of working with the gully dwarf members of his society, greygem united, and an overpowering reek.He sighed. "I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to see the clan shaman. Sea-dragons are about to attack, and we need a shamans help." the grimy eyes widened at the words, ".......sea-dragons are about to attack...." "I take you to shaman, double fast. We go this way." "How far away is it?" Karma asked dubiously. "Oh not far, two minutes." he groaned and let himself be led into the dark.

09/02/2003 8:21 PM

Ronin couldn't wait. He needed to act. Now. He pulled one of his daggers out of his pouch and started poking holes in the ground.
Bini blinked.
"Arrows maybe... Or.. I did find an enchanted bow once.." He dug around, dropping silver trinkets, rings, corkscrewx, corks, women's lingere.. honestly, the things that found thier way into his pouchers!! finally he found the bow. He pulled it out, and it began to enlarge itself. He handed it to adrien. ronin blinked.
"Handy, having a Kender around isn't it?"

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09/03/2003 10:17 AM

OOC: You let your friend play with your hair??:O Gack! :P
IC:Adrien was startled by the bow. "I'll take what I can." She picked up the bow, and examined it. She yanked an arrow out of the kenders pouch. She investigated, and found that there were several in the pack. She picked them all up, and headed to a rooftop. She put one against the bowstring, and aimed at a large amphi-dragon's eye. A silver streak whistled through the air, and a bellow of pain resounded. "Now this is what I call a bow!!" She aimed, and fired again. "Where the hell is that pyrotech? We could use him."
Karma walked along the filthy tunnel. It widened, and they came into a sort of room. There were some gully dwarves eating rats in there, and started shrieking at Karma's appearance. The gully dwarf with him bopped them on their head's, and then bowed.

A gully dwarf, dragging a bag, appeared out of the gloom.You look for shaman?" the gully dwarf that had been his guide asked. "There she is." karma was excited. "Ohmygod,youhavetohelpmesavethisisland!Quickthisway!" he grabbed the gully dwarf, and half dragging her bolted back to the pipe, and up to open air.

OOC2: Krackah, did ya check out my new thread, shadowknight?

09/03/2003 3:08 PM

OOC: Yep. I am debating on dragging Miranda and her evil proffesor into it as well :) I think i might. :)

IC: Ronin balked as he watched the woman with the bow and arrow. She had a dealy aim. Almost like an elf...
"where did save run off to anyway?" He scratched his head and gtlanced atthe kender. The Kender was swinging his hoopak, which had suddenly appeared from no where. Ronin quirked his brow.
"I had it hidden out here... you know- just in case something like this were to happen." He nodded.

09/04/2003 9:23 AM

IC: Adrien grinned. "I'm a good shot, but not THAT good. This bow must be enchanted to allow better shots." There was a yell from up by the main town. The water was beginning to bubble. just infront, in the harbour. All the peopleon the walls were watching. Suddenly, in a blur of white, a white-dragon shot out of the ice, and into the air. It swooped into the air, and breathed a sheet of ice over the town. There were yells and curses. Then like a lantern being put out, it was silenced. "Dragonfear." adrien stated calmly.

"We're screwed."
Karma, with his gully-dwarf shaman in toe, bolted through the winding streets. He saw a hoopak waving in the air. ~ Where theres a hoopak, theres a kender!~ he thought and headed towards the building. The kender had found his hoopak, and the human woman had a silver bow and was aiming a a dragon that looked like a frog. "Ifoundagullydwarfshaman!WheresHaled?" he looked around and spotted Haled inside the building and ran in, still dragging the gully dwarf. The gully dwarf planted herself firmly. "What this about? You want help in make 'nother boomer?" Karma nodded vigorously. "Andfast,too!" The dwarf sat down and said. "Ok, where boomer case? I got stuff, make big boomer fast!" Karma dropped his bag and pulled out a hollow metal cylinder. He screwed off the end, and held it out.

"Lets make this snap snap. " The gully dwarf pulled out a dead rat that had been painted red and had weeds tied around it. She began to wail and wave it around. Then she dropped it in. "We gonna need sea-water." karma bolted out, and almost drowned getting a bucket of water. She poured it in, and then added various things, dead animals, "boomer-roots", some weird looking leaves and powders. then she handed it to Karma. "Thatt all I can do. Got any more forme to make?" he handed her another cylinder, and then he pulled out his pouches, and began dumping gun powder, fire-dust, and goo-blow up, then screwed on the top, shook it up, and holding it carefully, went outside. "Firstbomb!" he screeched, handing it to Ronin. "Throwitatadragonandwhenithitssomethingitblowsup.Aimwell!" He scurried back inside, as he and haled helped the "shaman" make bizarre bombs that might save hundreds of lives. Or destroy them.

09/04/2003 12:34 PM

OOC: I will only join the sea war if you tell me whats going on first. I know the plot of it, i read the first message. Im to lazy to read tons of replys. And if it is alright, i want to use Azkur, the dark elf.

09/04/2003 2:34 PM

OOC: The dragons are attacking, The gnomes are trying to make a bomb. Adrien(human) Ronin (Human) and Bini (Kender) are preparing for the oncoming battle. Dragons loom on the horizon and we're about to get slaughted. Did I miss anything Angel? :)~

IC: Ronin felt the adrenaline begin to bubble in his veins. Where the hell were the knights of Solamnia when you needed them? He wistfully thought of the metallic dragons, and how much help they would be.
He glanced to Adrien. "I feel it too. But we have to stay and fight." He glanced to the gnome.
"Well this should even the score.." Bini was visibly shaking with excitement. At last he thought it was excitement, but then again Kender didn't know the meaning of the word fear. He blinked, watching the tiny dark dots that lined the sky.
"They sure are pretty.." He muttered.

Haled grinned. "It's about time. I finished one to.. I think."

09/04/2003 2:34 PM

OOC: The dragons are attacking, The gnomes are trying to make a bomb. Adrien(human) Ronin (Human) and Bini (Kender) are preparing for the oncoming battle. Dragons loom on the horizon and we're about to get slaughted. Did I miss anything Angel? :)~

IC: Ronin felt the adrenaline begin to bubble in his veins. Where the hell were the knights of Solamnia when you needed them? He wistfully thought of the metallic dragons, and how much help they would be.
He glanced to Adrien. "I feel it too. But we have to stay and fight." He glanced to the gnome.
"Well this should even the score.." Bini was visibly shaking with excitement. At last he thought it was excitement, but then again Kender didn't know the meaning of the word fear. He blinked, watching the tiny dark dots that lined the sky.
"They sure are pretty.." He muttered.

Haled grinned. "It's about time. I finished one to.. I think."

09/04/2003 6:38 PM

OOC: Gait, Krackahs got the story down . Azkur is fine with me. You could have him be on a ship thats trying to flee the sea-dragons and get to sailors rest. he can meet up with the rest. Krakcha, have Ronin throw the bomb that Karma gave him.
Bic: Adrien yelled"Throw the bomb!We might be able to even the score if Karma can make more." She stared on the ege of the horizon, closer than the dragons was a ship. "Damn." she muttered. Unless they could come up with a miracle, the ship was as good as destroyed....
Falonishtpnojlonojmokdjikidosnmeho, the leader of the sea-dragons attempting to destroy this punt human settlement, howled in rage as another of those cursed silver arrows took out his liuetenant, Wave, in the eye.

He breathed a cone of steam into the air, the signal for Freeze, the dragon perched on the cliff over the city, to encase it in frost. A ship was a little ways ahead. ~"fools. They will learn."~ he thought, and grinned, then pursued the ship.

09/04/2003 8:56 PM

oooc- Sorry I cought the worm and was unable to do any thing!!! it is all better now and my computer is fine. I am sooooooo Sorry please let me back in. If you do here is a post.

Loseing his new friends, he jumps from roof top to roof top looking for them. " Ronin!!!! Bini!!!!! Adrien!!!! Are you any where!!!" HE spots Adrien frist and jumps on her shoullders then jumps to the ground spinning around. Out of breath he says " Where ... have ... ya'll.... been?"

09/05/2003 12:30 AM

OOC: It's aight. I had to reformat im comp. LOL.
IC: Ronin grimmaced as he clenched his teeth. He wans't going to make it that easy for these dragons to take down the city. He spun, holding the bomb in one hand and let it fly at one of the dragons. It exploded taking out a small group of sea elves and dragons in the process. Bini covered his ears with his fingers.
Turning he saw save. "Oh hi save. You finally caught up?"

09/05/2003 8:09 AM

OOC: A friend caught the worm-yikes! No problem, you are always welcomed. I haven't caught the worm, WHEW!, but I can't download songs anymore since the crackdown on music pirates. WAaaH!

BIC: Adrien was startled at Save's reappearance. "THere you are! We need your hellp. If we throw things, like barrels and stuff, can you blow them up once they reach the sea-dragons?" Karma scurried out holding another bomb."Ohyourback!excellent!" and handed the bomb to Ronin. "Makethisonecount!" He hurried back inside.

09/05/2003 10:31 AM

The ship swayed back and forth. The dark elf looked around for help but nothing came. His saliors flopped all around the deck of the ship and he hung onto the steering wheel. "Hey Azkur, look at the dragon...they are most wonderful..." Azkur eyed Sitara, the kender, hanging and watching the dragons jump out of the water.

Azkur watched the other ships around him. "Hurry, and do something!" he yelled. He wanted the ships to hear his call but he didnt think nothing happen. Until, he heard a voice from the distance. He pulled Sitara back from the edge of the then couldnt seem to get his grip of teh steering wheel with his foot.

He slipped but was caught by a salior. It was his best mate, Taran the half-orc. Taran started to pull Azkur back but was shook by something enormous.

OOC: How is that? Need a little spicing? Tell me sometime. I wont be back on until monday.

09/05/2003 11:43 PM

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IC: Ronin smirked, tossing another of the barrles into the air. Bini pulled out a pea shooter. ROnin quirked a brow.
"What exactly are you planning on doing with that?"
Bini blinked. "Killing a sea elf. DUH."
Ronin rolled his eyes tossing the new bomb up at another dragon.
Haled watched as the bomb impacted one of the dragons.
"Ooh.. fireworks.." He muttered, as a giant dragon leg landed in front of him.
He paled and almost fainted.
"Eew.." He muttered. "Dragon guts.."

09/07/2003 12:14 PM

OOC: excellent post gait! Erm krackah, I'm trying to remember what boycott means...... Well, I say that If I get caught I'll wear a plastic hook-hand and an eyepatch+pegleg 'n bandanna to court!! (Music pirate)
BIC:Adrien groaned. "That is truly disgusting." Then suddenly, right in front of them, an Amphi dragon reared up, and prepared to breath steam on them. "THROW THE GOD-DAMN BOMB RONIN!!!!!" Adrien yelled. Karma who had peeked out at the words "dragon guts" fainted.

09/07/2003 9:55 PM

OOC: Boycott is to not do something. Im not buying any cds marketed by the recording indurstry and if I do I buy them used. :) Don't forget to wear wristbands with music notes on them:)

IC: Ronin Groaned and slapped his forehead.
"I've thrown the damn bopmb twice! Karma, quick! Gimme another one!"

Haled hiud behind bini. Bini growled.
"Stop that! Get out here and face this like a true Kender!" Haled blinked.
"I-I'm not a Kender!" HE shouted as he ducked even lower.

09/08/2003 10:02 AM

OOC: man guys you make me feel good! lol.

IC: Azkur looked around after the quite ruckes. He didnt know if it was surely the bomb or not or even if it was a dragon. He glanced around looking for Sitara. Taran luckly had hold of his leg still holding with great strength.

At first glance he thought he saw Sitara knocked out by the rail but on closer expection and the less splashing of water, it was rope rolled up. "AHhhhh!" Azkur looked alarmed, broke lose of Tarans grip and slid to the rail. Below he saw Sitara on top of A SEA DRAGON!

"By all gods..." He watched as Sitara was having fun on the dragon. Then he looked out ahead and saw ship closing in on him.

09/08/2003 1:02 PM

OOC: Sorry gait!
BIC: Falon felt a small weight on his back. ~"What in the name of Our Queen??"~ he wondered, and then saw a kender WAS ON HIS BACK! An elf was watching him from the ship. He breathed a cone of steam on the ship, and rolled over in the water, the best way to dispose of unwanted "riders".....
Karma shrieked like a teakettle, and handed another bomb to ronin, how ever, the amphi dragon leapt, and came down with a smash on the building. A dusty, enraged gully dwarf ran out. "THAT IT!!!!!!!!!!!" she yelled, and proceeded to smack the amphi dragon with her bag. Surprisingly, it withdrew. Adrien yelled, "RONIN! THE BOMB!" and ducked...

09/09/2003 5:47 PM

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09/10/2003 4:43 PM

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Deep breaths, Thats right.. Keep it coming. There, now yer gettin some color back in your face. I'd say good man but im not sure if your a guy or a girl so I'll just say good person and leave it atthat!. LOl.

IC: Ronin blinked, the dragon still coming at him at full speed. He felt the adrenaline of his body start to kick in.
He never thought he would ever have that feeling again. Dragons were rare enough, but sea dragons..
NO where was safe! He glanced back to the Kender who was trying desperatly to fend off the attacks of the gnome.

Haled was not pleased. He had always been afraid of things, and had never enjoyed the feeling, ever. When he got back to mt. nevermind he was locking himself up and never ever coming out.
Bini on the other hand lovedthe feeling of the so called dragon fear. It felt just like being chased for borrowing something. He smiled, enjoying the feeling. He glanced to Adrien.
"Isn't this great?!"

09/11/2003 8:52 AM

OOC: *in* *outttt* *innnn* *outt* And I'm a girl;) Shanah should have tipped ya off;) Btw, wheres this Ezboard? I'd be interested in helping you with you'r web-site, even if we're keeping this one. You could make it an original rpg board.

bIC:Adrien glared at the kender. She had felt dragonfear before. hell, she'd fought in the war of the lance and been in the prescence of overlord, but she never got used to dragonfear. She forced herself to breathe. But she seized up, and caught herself thinking of the first few times that she'd felt dragonfear..........

The huge black dragon was coming out of the well at Xak Tsaroth...THe uncanny darkness. The terror. And Riverwinds melted body.......

Pax-tharkas, the huge red Ember, battling Matafleur.. being chased with Tas and Fizban up the chain, and then the feeling of falling: she had been lucky, she had jumped at the last minute and had scrambled up a metal cord and gotten out to the valley, where Matafleur and Ember battled.....

the high clerists tower, with Kit on her blue, easily recognized by Adrien, her long ago friend.....

the chaos war, and seeing Tas killed by chaos........

She snapped out of it. She couldn't think about the people who had died around dragons: Tanis, Sturm, Tas, Laurana, Riverwind...... She had to focus on now and here.

She managed somehow to lift her bow and fire the arrow blindly.

A bellow answered, and she knew her shot had gone home. Then the sky went white. The dragon had swooped over the town she finnally succumbed to the insane terror.


Karma began howling. The gully-dwarf shaman somehow stayed calm. "We gonna be ok. Ances-ancec- dead people with us. We ok." He remebered that gully-dwarves believed in ancestor worship. The white swooped over, prepared to freeze all those crippled in terror, when a dragon war-cry answered it. A strange looking dragon swooped over, and attacked the white. He had never seen one like it. A scale fluttered down from it. He lifted it numbly. The dragon was a steel.

09/13/2003 12:39 AM

oOC: YAAAY! We're still here! :)~ Check out one of my posts.. I gotta dig up the addy.. But I have an idea.. Whats yer email Angel? We have much to discuss. *Evil grin*

IC: Ronin watched in horror as the sea dragons began to rise out of the water, riding up on the thermals that raised out of the sea. He envied the Kender, and envied Adrien for being able to fight off the fear so well.
He wasn't so lucky.
Niether was Bini, but Ronin had no idea how tortured the poor Kender's insides were becoming. He had never felt so torn apart and shaky. Even his normally steady hands shook like his grandmother did when she drank to much energy drink.
Haled still cowered behind Bini as a loud shrek rose from behind them. Ronin had grabbed another Bomb and tossed it at the Amphi Dragon, casuing even more of a mess.
"Adiren, we need more bombs." He stammered. "See if the gnomes can make one small enough to launch on your bows with.... With any luck the Sea Dragons scales are weaker then those of the land dragons.."

09/13/2003 6:58 PM

OOC: Lol, star2glimmer@hotmail.com:D. WHat ya should do is have Rp'ing for deathgate and Loerem (sovereign stone tril) That would be AwEsOmE!!!

BIC: Adrien was terrified. She plunged her hand inside her boot and struck wildly with her knife. The knife went home, and the dragon shrieked. Adrien yelled and stabbed the scaly eye. With a final howl, it sank beneath the waves. She looked at her dagger and was startled: she had never seen the blade in her hand ever before. It was shining silver dragonmetal, and was shaped like an extremely elegant dragon clutching a crystal orb in it's claw. She turned to Ronin in astonishment, and saw that he had a dagger that was exactly the same, and Bini had one in his hand. The gnomes didn't have any, but she heard a shriek in dwarven, and she guessed that the gully dwarf did. What the hell was going on???????

Far above Adrien and her problems, Swordfell was having his own problems. He had flown onto a cliff to try and stop the white dragon, but a steel dragon had come out of nowhere and attacked the white. He was dumbfounded, which Kinarii rarely are. His dragon like wings were in equal proportion to his human body, and his hair was dyed emerald green. there were tatoos all over him, mostly pictures of styilized dragons,or of bizarre creatures from his jungle home, but he was still fearsome-looking. The white screeched, and managed to charge against the steel, taking it by surprise, and pinning it against the side of the mountain. He sighed, and jumped off. He pulled out his razor-sharp sword, and plunged it into the white dragon's side. The dragon screeched again, and lashed out with it's tail. The blow caught Swordfell unawares, and knocked him out of the sky. He plummeted aimlessly, and fell on a section of town with stone building. Just before darkness took him, he noticed two things: a gnome jabbering, and the smell of gully-dwarf...............

09/14/2003 9:38 PM

OOC: Me will post soon. I promise :) Busy busy busy. Lol. Be back soon!

09/15/2003 12:20 AM

Ronin balked at the mysterious dagger, suddenly very confused.
"Damn Gullydwarves!" He shouted, shaking his fist at the sky. An elf warrior chargedh im, and he spun, plunging the new knife into a new earthly host. The man died in a choke of blood and oxygen.
Bini blinked.
"Adrien help!" Some wierd green thing was attached to his ankle, and he desperatly tried to shake it off. He tried to thwack it with his hoopak, but tto no avail. Haled jumped in front of him, put his eye to the Kenders boot.
"Interesting specimin.." He stammered. "Lookslikeabloodsuckingsandbeatle!" He exclaimed. "Theonly waytoremove it is to amputate the foot."
Bini's eyes widened. "there has to be another way!" He shouted, almost melodramatically.
"Well, we could just have the gully dwarf breath on it, but you're a Kender.. you like things interesting right?"
Bini blinked. HTe gnome was talking sensibly. The world was coming to an end!
"JUST GET THE DAMN THING OFF!" Bini exclaimed staring at the gully dwarf. Ronin blinked.
"there's more of those things coming!" He shouted.

09/15/2003 2:33 PM

OOC: I got a big plot twist coming up with those daggers.........hehe
Adrien noticed that something green had attached itself to Bini's foot.
"Adrien help!" He yelled. She turned around "CUT IT WITH YOUR KNIFE!" She yelled. Her knife had just cut a piece of solid stone, so she guessed that his would work on that. She turned to face a sea-elf. It jumped on her, and bore her to the ground. She twisted, out from under it, and stabbed it. The crystal glowed, and then faded. She shook her head. Her mind was playing tricks, she thought a man had just fallen from the sky.......

Swordfell staggered upright and took off. Then fell again. He landed on a human male this time, and hit a sea-elf.

Karma kept shrieking and began hitting sea-elves with anything that was handy. The gully-dwarf, Juju begn whacking things with her bag, and the shiny knife that had comefrom nowhere.....

09/16/2003 10:08 AM

OOC: i will not be on in a week or so, if anything ever changes. But while i am off i will be fixing on a new story and figuring out about this story.

09/16/2003 3:41 PM

OOC: Bye gait! :)

IC: Bini sliced at the green thing with his knife, nearly taking off Haled's nose in t he process. He screamed as more of the slimy green things inched thier way toward the group.
"Eeeeew.." He muttered. Haled shrieked.
"You tried to kill me!" Shouted the gnome. Bini growled.
' "Did not.."
"did too! I saw you!"
Bini rolled his eyes and looked to Ronin for support.
Ronin seemed to be a in a bit of a bind as well. three elves were surrounding him, and apparently they had the advantage. He had dropped his dagger a few feet back, and was getting cornered by the elves.
Bini jumped up on the back of one of the elves, hitting it in the back of its head with a hoopak. Haled jumped behind a rock.
Ronin flipped outo f the corner, grabbing his dagger on the way back up.
Embedding it in one elf, he released it, and dug it into another. They both collaped to the ground in piles...

09/18/2003 10:18 AM

OOC: i knew this would happen to me. Well my parents changed their minds so im back! yay!

IC: Azkur suddenly shot awake on a board floating on the water. His boat had blown up during the explosion. Where was everybody, and where was his crew? The water started to rise that instant, when he noticed that when he looked below the water, a shadow of a dragon was seen.

09/18/2003 10:41 AM

OOC: Yay! Glad that your going to be able to be on.
*does a happy dance* It won't be just me and Krackah!

BIC: Adrien whirled around at Bini's yells. There were sea-elves everywhere. She fought her way over to the kender, and dropped her dagger. "DAMN!" She yelled, and hurried over to the kender. She looked around in vain for her dagger. Then she saw the gully dwarf had hung a torch on the wall, and she saw a bottle of wine which the incapacitated Karma was holding. "Aw, HELL!" She said, and grabbed the torch and the wine bottle. She knew she was absolutely insane for doing this.

She took a drink of wine, then held the torch in front of her face. She spat the wine out into the flame, and a jet of flame took care of the bizarre green things. Then she saw Ronin was being overwhelmed. "Gods I hate having a conscience!" she said angrily, and took another drink, and blew it over the sea-elves that were crowding around. Several shrieks of pain rewarded her efforts, and the mass around Ronin thinned enough for her to reach him. "We need a miracle or we're all screwed!" She yelled to him. Then she took another drink of the foul-tasting wine, and tried again. The elves actually ran from the fire. "What th-?" she said, and then stopped. Of course! SEA-elves! They didn't have any contact with fire, and it terrified them. She looked around, and spotted a barrel, and broke it into pieces.

With her torch she lit them, and handed one to Ronin, and one to Bini. "The elves don't understand what fire is, and they're very flammable!"

The Kinarrii struggled to his feet. One of his tattooed wings was at an odd angle and was painful. But he had to get back up and finish off the white. He frowned, as he noticed that there were some gnomes, a kender, a gully-dwarf, and two humans fightinga mass of sea-elves. He felt for his sword on his back and frowned. [i] Where was it??[/i] he thought. He saw his blade five feet away, in the hands of a sea-elf. Cursing, he went after the elf as it ran towards the human male, with his sword in it's hand.

09/18/2003 3:23 PM

OOC: I was going to make a comment on Sea elves, but I can't remember enough about them to support it :)

IC: Ronin looked at Adrien, quirking a brow at the woman, and then looked back to the elves laying on the floor.
". . . You're going to trust HIM with fire?" He asked, glancing to the Kender. The Kender had been awe filled when adrien blew fire out of her mouth. Now he got to do it to!
"Hand me a torch and some wine!" He shouted. "I wanna try!"

09/23/2003 12:36 PM

IC: "It's not like we really have another choice unless you want to give it to one of the gnomes or the gully-dwarf!!" she yelled, and thrust a torch at Bini. She whirled around and shoved the torch into a sea-elf's face, and with a sizzle of burning flesh it fell to the sand screaming in pain.

Swordfell grabbed the sea-elf by the rope of sea-weed around it's neck and jerked it twoards him. it writhed out of his grasp, and lifted his sword. It pulled back momentarily, awed by the sight of the dragon winged man covered in tattooes. Then it made a rasping laugh, and attacked. He saw that several skulls of unknown races had been shrunken and put on the necklace that it wore. It lifted the sword, and attempted to skewer him. He ducked, and jumped onto it, bashing it in the head with his fist. The elf was stronger then he'd given it credit for, and it hit him with a blow that sprawled him on the sand five feet away. He shook his head, and crouched into battle stance, as it circled him.

In the sky, a deadly battle that had raged between the factions of dragonkind since the begginning of time was being played out, a deadly killing dance. The steel dragon managed to breath a jet of it's own dangerous breath weapon, a bolt of molten meltal that instantly hardened on whatever it hit, but the white, larger and more cunning then many of it's kind, swooped around and nipped his right leg with a blast of frost. He bellowed in pain, and retaliated with his specialty, a bolt of lightning.

09/23/2003 3:42 PM

OOC: You never sang my song.... All alone.. just once more.. you never sang my words...

IC: Ronin just blinked. Bini was drinkin and spittin' lighting all of the sea elves that crossed his path on fire. He felt a wee bit dizzy, but other than that, he could't complain. A pparently he had swallowed some of the alchohol.
A ll attention turned to the dragons in the sky. Ronin stopped what he was doing, as did the advancing army.

09/26/2003 11:09 AM

OOC: Um, krackah..tha' was undoubtedly one of the weirdest OOC's I've ever seen!;):D

BIC: Adrien noticed Ronin was looking a bit woozy. She hoped he hadn't swallowed too much of the stuff. Then she heard a yell, and looked over to her right. A large tatooed winged-man, was fighting a sea-elf with an unusual sword. Then she heard a trumepting call, and the sea-elves began to retreat, as did the dragons.

Swordfell saw the elf's distraction by the call, and ceased the chance. Heknocked the sea-elf down, and grabbed his sword.

Falon was irked. That puny elf had survived the destruction of it's ship! It would not survive this time, though, he hought, and began to swim towards it. He saw on the shore flickers of fire, and paused. The sea-elves were worthless when it came to fire, and it scared them out of their watery wits. He turned to his lieutenat, Kioreanams, and said "Sound the pull-back. Order the white out of the sky. We've tested their defenses enough for now. I have a small matter to attend to, and then I will return." He Drew in a breath, and prepared to blast out steam onto the elf......

09/26/2003 11:35 PM

OOC: I'm going to have Ronin get captured at some point further down the story line to fit into the OTHER post :) The OOC was from Final Fantasy Eight.. Your old avy looked like Rinoa Heartlilly. And Bini was the woozy one :)

Ronin was stunend. The Elves were retreating. They had clearly been out numbered, but there they were, plain as day. If they kept doing this he'd be back to his sea in no time. He repressed the urge to take Adrien into his arms and squeeze the life out of her. He had never been so throually scared in all of his life.

Bini on the other hand was disapointed.
"Never in all my years as a Kender have I ever been so disapointed. I was just starting to get the hang of it." He sighed, looking at all the charred bodies of the sea elves. He smiled and waived to Adrien.
"Look what I did!" HE shouted jumping up and down.

09/27/2003 7:06 PM

OOC: Ok, good idea, krackah. Hmm... now that I think about it, that DID look like Rinoa...haven't played FF8 in sooo long :D.

BIC:Adrien resisted the urge to start shrieking in joy, and run over and hug Ronin. She compromised by yelling to Ronin "We did it! We'll beat them in no time if this keeps up!" She looked over at Bini, who was jumping up and down. "Way to go Bini!"

then the sea began to churn. Adrien felt a surge of foreboding. With a bellow, a black dragon burst out from beneath the waves, cascading water high into the air. The cheers of victory from the town turned to cries of dismay. The steel dragon had his hands full with the white, and the black dragon was large for it's kind. It dove over the town, letting out a breath of deadly acid. Adrien knew that devastating affects: she had seen Riverwind's mangled body at Xak Tsaroth. All she could find to say was her most defining phrase. "Oh shit."

09/27/2003 11:31 PM

Ronib blinked, and Bini squeel with Glee.
Ronin cussed under his breath, grabbing the Kender, and with his free hand taking Adrien with him.
"The gnomes can fend for themselves.. we need to get out of here.." Haled blinked.
"We cannot! We're coming with!" He shouted, runnign as fast as his legs could possibly carry him.

09/28/2003 8:14 AM

IC: "Nowemostcertainlycannot!!!!" Karma howled, and bolted after Haled with a shriek like someone who knows their Life Quest is about to go to shambles right in front of them, in an explosive manner. The gully-dwarf latched onto Karma and ran wih them. "ME COME TOO!" Juju yelled, clutching her precious bag.

Adrien was grim. "I don't know where we can run! If there are anymore bombs, we could try and hit it in the sky. If we hit it's wing, we could bring to the ground easily, and finish it off there." she held onto the other pirate's hand, and said "Make sure that Bini doesn't try and meet it, or else he'd be meeting Reorx soon."

Swordfell looked at the large black dragon swooping overhead. It was time to rumble. He lifted his huge sword, and flew up to the black dragon. His magic sword began to glow, and he swooped in, scoring a blow against the top of it's right wing. It bellowed in pain, and turned to face him, it's red eyes alight.

OOC: krackah, if your interested you can control the black dragon.

09/29/2003 6:17 AM

OOC: No thank you :) Black Dragons are a little two lazy for my taste.. I roleplay to get away form myself.. hehehheheheh.

Bini glared at Adrien, his feelings almost hurt.
"I am not that stupid.. Iw ould never ever want to meet a black dragon face to face. I hear thier breath smells terrible."
Ronin smirked. "Poor Kender. You might end up dragon fodder yet."
Bini shot Ronin a glance as they watched the large black dragon. Ronin shifted nervously.
"We're out of bombs.. What about these knives? Think they could help?"

10/01/2003 1:45 PM

OOC: Hmmm..... I suppose that's the only real reason to Rp :P. If I RP'ed as myself, all my chars would be overworked,underpayed students surrounded by heaps of computer games and books ;):D:P

BIC:Adrien smiled at the kender "Some people aren't very cautious, and think it would be interesting to talk to a black dragon, so excuse me."

Adrien frowned. "Maybe, but how would we get close enough to the thing to stab it?"

The black dragon hissed at Swordfell. "Puny mortal. You think you can defeat me?!" In a fit of rage, it dove at him, and swopped so fast it pinned him to the top of a building, not far from where he had flown from, by the humans. "I will take you apart limb from limb, and then level this meager town!!!"

10/02/2003 11:25 PM

Ronin glanced to Adrien.
"Speaking of cautious, do you think maybe we should leave before the kender starts hurling stones at the dragon?"
Bini just stared at the dragon, his mouth agape. "Wow.. I've never been this close before..." He whispered. Then he saw the man and turned to Adrien and Ronin.
"We have to help him!" He shouted. He began to run toward the dragon, swinging hopak in hand.
Ronin leaped after the Kender.
"Waaait!" He shouted, grabbing onto the nuisances collar.
"We can't attack the dragon. To do so would be a fools errand."
"But Fizban says we need to help people!" Squeeled the Kender.
Ronin rolled his eyes. "If Fizban intends to save you from the Maw of a black dragon then let him come and do so. Until then, you're coming with us.' Ronin Nodded, looking to Adrien for support.

10/06/2003 10:15 AM

Azkur woke up once again from a knock in the head. He was sore and tired. He couldnt see strait, everything a blur to his vision. "Help..." He said, he kept trying to move and scream but no one came. "Someone help me!" Then he heard a rustle.

"Who is it?" he whispered. "Its me, Sitara...wow that hurt." Then kender rubbed her head. She had just got off riding a sea dragon which had crashed down on them sometime ago. "Do you think we will be saved soon?" asked the kender. "I wish i knew where we were, i think i got salt water in my eyes."

10/06/2003 10:44 AM

OOC: So what has happened so far? I had Azkur wake up blindly so i could stall. (lol) Plus, just for the record, do you have any plan on how this might end or what this story leads up to or when.

10/06/2003 7:59 PM

OOC: Sorry for the absence-needed to get the creative juices flowing.;)

Good post, gait. This is going to center alot on the magical daggers: their called the Daggers of The Sea King. They go with a large set of artifacts:

Four daggers made out of black dragonmetal

Two daggers made out of BOTH silver dragonmetal and black, known as the " mad blades" because they supposedly hold the souls of two insane dragons and can drive their bearer to insanity.

Two crystal spheres, similar to dragon orbs.

Four daggers made out of silved dragonmetal.

Ronin, Adrien, and Bini have three of the silver dragonmetal daggers.
Azkur I thought could have either the fourth silver dragonmetal dagger, or a mad blade.

When the four silver or black daggers are brought into contact with eachother, as well as a mad blade and a crystal sphere, they merge into a certain form: no one knows what this form is. Without the mad blade or the crystal, they form into weapons when put together. Two daggers make a large sword, and the weapon that if formed by three depends on the race. All four daggers put together form a magical suit of armor, with all the symbols of the wearers god, and basically turns them into a magical paladin, and allows them to touch the mind of their god.

I plan to center on the daggers in the second half of sea-war, which will be called "Sea-War act II" Th efirst part will be the actual "Sea-War". From Sailor's rest, they'll head to palanthas, from palanthas to solace, and from solace I haven't decided, except that they'll end up in the Malstrom and going to Istar to confront the evil sea-elven king, and the dragon that's leading the revolt.

I'll probably start another arc involving the negotiations between the minotaurs and sea-elves.

All clear? (go team! ;);):D:D)

10/07/2003 12:46 PM

OOC: Gait.. Where are you characters? We need to get you involved! Lol.

IC: Bini shook his head as he watched the goings on, wanting desperatly to go and talk to the black dragon.
Ronin glanced at Adrien and then back at the daggers.
"Well here goes nothin.. Gimmer yer bow for a second." Not waiting to be polite and get the awnser, he grabbed the bow, and prayed it was light enough, and more importantly that the bow was strong enough. Putting the hilt of the small dagger to the string, he pulled back, and let the dagger fly.
It was more like a fall.
Groaning Ronin quickly picked up his dagger, and held it by the tip. He tossed it into the air, striking the dragon in the belly.
"Well, I figured if we could have hit the heart..." The dagger was up to it's hilt in black scales. The dragon would be in pain. That's for sure.

10/07/2003 4:30 PM

IC: Adrien raised one eyebrow at Ronin. "Your briliance amazes me." she said sarcastically. The dragon gave a bellow, and twisted in the air.

Swordfell was startled as something shimmering and silver flashed through the air, hitting the dragon's stomach. It was all the delay he needed. the kinarrii dove through the air, and grabbed onto the dragon's nose. He heaved his sword back and plunged it at the red eye. It snapped of the hard ridge surrounding the eye. The dragon howled, and breathe d out a perilous rain of acid.

Hardly any of it touched him, but it was enough. The wind blew a little blast of it back . He howled in pain. Then it swerved in the air, and he caught the blast of it. Through the red haze of pain he saw his objective. the dragon's eye...........

He plunged his sword, and part of his arm, through the dragon's eye, and into it's brain.

Red shadows flitted across his eyebrows as the acid finished it's work. Then there were fountains of dragon blood, pouring all over him. The beast began to lose altitude, and all he knew was pain...........

10/08/2003 9:36 AM

OOC: Lets see, Azkur is hurt really bad as of now. The kender is sorta hurt. I understand the blades and things but... if Azkur has a mad blade, will Azkur go Crazy? Tell me sometime, because i need to know where i need to go.

10/08/2003 1:02 PM

OOC: The mad blade will TRY to make Azkur mad, giving him dreams where he;s killing people, and he thinks it's real, giving him weird flashbacks, but if he's strong enough, it won't work, or at least he'll be able to delay insanity. About 200 years before this, my were-wolf char, Dorian Blackblade found a mad blade, and it tried to drive him insane. However, he's a were-wolf, and he was strong enough, and a magical enough being that he threw it off completely. He took the blade and threw it into the lords of doom, the volcanoes by Sanction. Azkur needs to either meet up with Ronin, Bini, Karma, Haled, Adrien, and Swordfell here on Sailor's Rest, or her can go to sanction where they'll be heading next.

All clear?

10/09/2003 8:57 AM

OOC: I might just head to Sanction. I feel that floating on a board onto shore.

10/13/2003 10:05 AM

OOC: That board would have to float all the way over to the New Sea.

Krackah, I understand school, because I am currently deep in it, but GET YOUR BUTT BACK IN HERE! :P:P:P:D

10/15/2003 2:04 AM

OOC: *re-appears in a puff of billowy pink smoke* Erm.. scuse the color. Sorry Angel! I hybernated all weekend. Isn't that great? :-p Not really sure what to post.. so......

Ronin shifted uneasily at the silence left by the dragon. He groaned lightly.
This stuff was never easy...

10/15/2003 3:57 PM

OOC: *takes her angry woman pose* Where have you been? Hibernating!? Ha!!(:P:D)

BIC: Adrien gaped. suddenly, she realized the dragon was falling. Straight to them. As the scaled hide hurtled through the air, she screamed "Run!!!!" with all her might, and grabbed Ronin, and dragged him along.

10/15/2003 6:02 PM

OOC: *Spins into a sailor moon-esque outfit* "HIbernation is good for the mind and body. You have distrupted the sleep of an innocent. In the name of the moon.. I'll punish you! :-p Wow.. I have serriously been watching way to much of that show recently.. LOL. Go boxed sets!

On his way by Ronin grabbed the Kender, and the Kender grabbed the gnomes and they all dashed away together over a hill. (how poetic.)
Heaving, trying to catch his breath, Ronin shook his head.
"This is insane! How're we suppost to survive like this?!" Bini blinked, scratching his head.
"I don't see what's so bad about it.. Dragons are soo neat!" Ronin glared at the Kender. Turning to Adrien for some support he smirked.
"I'm not so sure I agree with Dragons being neat.. and more importantly, I think we need to find some shelter.. what do you think?"

10/16/2003 10:00 AM

OOC: .....well then, arent we all having fun? * spits* We got to get this show on the road.

10/17/2003 8:06 AM


OOC: *Spins into a sailor moon-esque outfit* "HIbernation is good for the mind and body. You have distrupted the sleep of an innocent. In the name of the moon.. I'll punish you! :-p Wow.. I have serriously been watching way to much of that show recently.. LOL. Go boxed

I haven't watched Sailor Moon in AGES!!

Lol, yes we are, gait:D

BIC: Adrien ran as fast as she could hurling herself through the air, until, with a final leap, she got in a stone house. The dragon crashed to the ground, part of it's whipping tail landing on the house. Anll she remembered was a crash, and the roof falling down, an dthen darkness.

10/20/2003 11:28 AM

Ronin Blinked feeling Adrien's name come out of his throat.
He glanced to the Kender and the gnome then back at the dragon.
Pirates had no buisness doing selfless things... Oh what the hell.
"Adrien!" HE shouted again. He jumped onto the the pile of rubble and began rumaging through it.
"Adrien!" ((I feel like rocky.. LOL)) Rocks flew everywhere as he continued to dig.
Bini came over and tried helping, moving things with his Hoopak.
"I can't find her.." He sniffed. "Where'd she go?"
"Dig deeper." Ronin commanded, tossing stones from side to side, not caring about the black dragon watching him from the sky..

10/20/2003 11:33 AM


"Adrien!" HE shouted again. He jumped onto the the pile of rubble and began rumaging through it.
"Adrien!" ((I feel like rocky.. LOL))


BIC: Adrien groaned. She shifted, and heard the grinding of rocks, and yells. I'm underneath rocks she thought dully. Then she came to her senses. "Ronin!!" she yelled. "I'm under here....I don't think I can get out......Karma and Haled are under here too....we're beneath one of the big flat stone pieces that was in the roof.......there's a tunnel...must have been part of the cellar....I think we can get out through it........"

10/22/2003 2:55 AM

Glancing to Bini he pointed to one of the larger rocks in the pile.
"Kender, help me move this." He grunted. Bini smirked and began to pry it off of the woman with the help of his hoopak.
At least Kender's were good for something. Finally the rock came off, and there lied the woman, and her two gnomish companions.
Haled blinked and looked at Ronin.
"nevergaian!" He shouted. "never!"

10/22/2003 7:41 AM

Adrien dragged herself out. she rose, but a sharp pain shot through her legs, and she fell, and grabbed Ronin. "$hit! I don't know if I can walk very far." Karma climbed out with difficulty, and glanced back. Juju was sleeping in the bottom of th hole....still."Wellatleastwe'reallalive!!"he said gratefully."ThankReorxforthatoddwingedpersonthatkilledthedragon."

OOC: Glad you're back krackah. I got dragged to a ballet of "Alice in wonderland" last night, and I have a head-ache this morning so if I got that a bit mixed up with your post, sorry.:):D. The ballet mostly confused me:P:P.

10/22/2003 6:10 PM

"Speaking of which.." Ronin muttered glancing over his shoulder.
"Where did he go?"

OOC: I'm thinking I need to make a new character to kidnap him, because he has to have enough of a relationship to Adrien to draw him back, and to cause him to be concerned. Lol. A ballet? YUCK. Musicals are the bomb, but a ballet? I have ANOTHER paper to write. ARGH! It's on the oddessy.. I need help on it. LMFAO.. Or maybe I should finish reading it first...... ((only 22 rhapsodys to go))

10/23/2003 10:12 AM

OOC: The Odessy? Sweet. The original version is boring, but the adapted versions are usually pretty good. Of course, the problem with many myths is that very few versions are exactly the same, making it difficult to research them. I doubt if you could find the "original" version of the odessy, due to the fact it was written a couple hundred years ago, in greek.;) I have a pretty good scope of the basic story, but again, I haven't read the actual "Odessy-by Homer".

Ronin could get captured by sea-elves and dragged onto their ship, where Swordfell is, and they could later get seperated and Ronin ends up in Sanction, waithing for Dorian to rescue him. Adrien can come looking for Ronin, and we can have some inter-thread action here.

Hmmm.......we could have Bini, Adrien, Juju, and the two gnomes end up meeting Sorina, Jess, and Faral(?) from "Quest of The Marduk", but that's up to you.

BIC: Adrien shook her head. "I have no idea."

10/26/2003 5:03 PM

OOC: Well, here's the second story arc of Sea War

BIC: Daraonals, a hal-elf, peered out the window nevously. This game of manipulatio0n was difficult, especially when dealing with minotaurs.

THey were in negotiations with the sea-elves, and he was desperately trying to block an alliance between the two as best as he could. The minotaur that he worked with was well aware of the half-elf's intentions, and dislied the idea of an alliance as much as him. He paced, waiting to know if there was an alliance between minotaur and elven-kind for the first time in millenia.

10/26/2003 9:42 PM

Faira bowed in front of Daraonals, paying falmce homage to her leader.
"The minotaur and the elveshave signed the treaty." She said smiling.
"THey are now our allies." She smiled gently glancing out toward the sea.

"I long to return.." She whispered to herself. "The sea is so tranquil.. Don't you think Daraonals?"

10/27/2003 8:36 AM

Daronals stared at Faira. "$hit! They signed??" Suddenly there was an explosion of noise from the room where the meeting had been going on.
"..........WE HAVE ALREADY SIGNED, AND NOW YOU TRY AND CHANGE IT, YOU SLIMY ELF??!! BY SARGAS I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS!!" and then came the sounds of ripping paper. Daranlas faced Faira. "We still have a chance. Unless i'm mistakn they just shredded the treaty.

10/28/2003 10:15 AM

Azkur abruptly woke up with a crab snapping at his leg. He quickly knocked it away. He looked around at people staring at him. He was on the outskirts of Sanction. He looked around for his friends who were missing apparantly.
But he held something in his hand. It was a knife of some sort. Then he heard something. "Go...find Daronals...k-" The voice stopped suddenly. Azkur was up and swimming out at sea.

10/30/2003 5:19 PM

The elven woman blushed, and tried to stifle a giggle.
"That was something we already anticpated anyway. I suppose we should go back to the drawing bored no?"

11/09/2003 9:20 AM

OOC: Ok, gait. You can have Azkur or Sitiara end up with Adrien, and thn the other can end up with my half-elf in the minotaur arc. SOund ok?


becomes wthout the ",


BIC: Adrien smiled. "At least we're alive." She slipped her hand into Ronin's. "That's what counts." Suddenly a lightining bolt exploded at the base of her neck, and the world flung her backwards, she groaned, and sat up in time to see Ronin, unconscious, being dragged away by a sea-elf. "No!" She screamed, and tried to get, up, but the world rocked beneath her. SHe attempted to get up again, in time to see him draged into a ship, before darkness took her.........


BIC:Daroanals smiled, and embraced the elven woman. "Not at all, dear. Things are going exactly the way we want them to. We don't want this treaty, and the bull headed-ness of the minotaurs is helping us quite well. Still, a swim does sound good, does it not, my love?"


The ship swayed like a drunken sailor, causing Ana to retch, and would have lost here foul meal of slave bread, if she hadn't lost it ten minutes before. All the elves she had encountered had been good sailors, but the sea-elves were worse then a crew of gully dwarves. She leaned back with a groan.

In her 17 years, she had been a poor peasant of Solamnia, but that had all changed shortly after he 18th birthday, a few weeks beofre. On their visit to Kalaman, the ship that they had taken from Palanthas to Kalamn, had been attacked by sea-elves, and destroyed. She had the ill luck of being captured.

The rocking had stopped for a few moments, and she heared yells outside. A door banged open, and several sea-elves scurried about, fastening down their newest slave, a man with the look of a pirate about him. THe door banged shut once more, ad the ship rocked and swayed along..............

OOC2: Krackah, would ya post on Final Haven:Destiny?

11/10/2003 4:25 AM

Sailors Rest

Ronin grunted as the elf dragged him away. He shouted;
"if anything happens to me... Take care of the Kender!!!!!!!" Bini squeeled as he rushed toward Ronin, tears streaming down his cheeks.
'Ronin! NooOooooo!" The Kender was seconds to late, as he reached the point wher ethe elf had been seconds ago, he grasped air instead or Ronin's clothes.

Mintoaur Negotiations
Faira couldn't help but feel a tingle of excitement as he held her in his arms. His hard, lithe body pressing against hers.
"Oh most certainly." She could really care less about the minotaurs, right now she wanted something more... solid. She giggled as she lead him out to the small pond inside the tiny grotto.

11/10/2003 10:24 AM

|Sailors Rest|

Adrien groaned. Something absolutely foul had been put in her mouth, and she was tempted to vomit. A stray thread of conversation drifted through her muddled head...".......thisdraughtshouldabsolutelyhelpherrecover,neverfear!Look,she'scomingaroundnow!" came an excited voice. SHe groaned again, and suddenly consciousness hit her. "RONIN!" She yelled, jumping up and knocking Juju to the ground Karma looked delighted. "SHE'SALIVE!SHELIVES!!"

he yelled, dancing in circles, and kicking something in the sand. Adrien wavered, and suddenly sucked in her breath. That mad gnome had captured a sea-elf. She lunged over, and pulled it up. It cursed in it's own tongue, and spat. SHe pulled out the dragon dagger, and rested it against the elf's neck. "Tell me where the ship went, or I will slit your throat."

11/17/2003 10:09 AM

OOC: *cough, cough*

BIC: The elf glared. Then the anger in it's face gave way to terror. "Th-the ship go to human city. Big city. "S" something! Please! No hurt worm me!"

11/23/2003 12:37 PM


Adrien stared, and then threw the elf to the ground. "We have to go back to the town." Karma stared. "Why????" Adrien started walking. "We're going to the home of Takhisis." She strode purposfully across the beach, and with a final despairing glance, Karma followed.

11/23/2003 7:51 PM

OOC: When did you post all those?

IC: Bini smiled as he heard thier newest location.
"I've never been to the abyss before! Have yoUA drien? Oh my gosh, this is going to be so much fun! Is Ronin coming with too?

11/30/2003 9:24 AM


11/30/2003 9:26 AM


OOC: When did you post all those?

When you weren't looking. ;)


"I've never been to the abyss before! Have yoUA drien? Oh my gosh, this is going to be so much fun! Is Ronin coming with too?

"Sanction,kender! And we're going there because the sea-elf said that's where the slave boat carrying Ronin went. We need a ship first, though. I'm going up to the town to get mine, the "Star pillager"." With this, Adrien turned down the first of the stony streets, and with purposeful tread, headed towards the docks.

11/30/2003 4:05 PM

Images of Ronin in a leather outfit made Bini blush. It was quite embaressing to think of ones friend like that.
"Sanctions scary... what if we find Tahkisis? Or even worse... her ghost!"

12/02/2003 10:57 AM

"Takhisis is dead." Azkur walked slowly towards the two. He was suprised to see them here and alive after the battle that had shattered his ship to pieces. "The dark god will not be here to ruin your plans...she will not as well ruin mine..." he whispered to himself.

OOC: heres the plan i have. First tell me when this takes place and i will tell you my little plan. Before or after the war of the souls?

12/02/2003 7:59 PM


First tell me when this takes place and i will tell you my little plan. Before or after the war of the souls?


Um, Gait.. *flinches* I always hate doing this! I'm afraid someone's going to be hurt, and I hate it when people do it to me! *flinches*

Gait, would you, um, mind.........capitalizing a few things? *flinch flinch*


heres the plan i have

How about,

"""Here's the plan I have."""""

EEP! I'm being fussy, but I can't help it!:(:(

war of the souls

"""""""War Of Souls""""""" like, """War Of The Lance"""'' Summer Of Chaos""
You see?
(((((((((But I'm interested in your plan:))))))

BIC: Adrien stared at the elven man who had walked up to her.

"Takhisis is dead."

Adrien grimaced. "So they say. I'm still not convinced. After all, they said the god's were dead after the Cataclysm, and we learned a very harsh lesson about the immortality of the gods during the War Of The Lance."

She suddenly felt a sharp pain, followed by a twisting feeling. She sucked in her breath at the sudden pain, and realized she was holding the silver dagger in her hand. Her hand was bleeding. She stared, and the awkwardly shoved the dagger into a sheath, and dug around in her biting, thief proof, bag, looking for a clother to wrap it in. Must have gripped it too hard.......

"Sorry about that. Must have held the damn thing to hard. We just finished fighting a bunch of your cousins, if sea-elves of Ger-Dalo and Silvanesti are related." she said.

OOC2: Adrien thought that she held it to hard, but that actually was her dagger's reaction to the prescence of a mad blade.

12/03/2003 8:17 PM

Adrien continued towards the dock. Her ship, The Star Pillager soon came into sight. She untied it, and hopped on board. Karma jumped on after her, and so did Juju. "Wherearewegoing????" Karma exclaimed.

"We're going after that ship. Or at least, I am." She turned to Haled, Bini, and the nameless elf on the dock. "You are free to come with me. I can't stop until I find Ronin, and I'm not just looking for him. I'm looking for a way to stop this war." With that said, she started unrolling the sail.

"Ihopeyoucansailthisshiponyourown.Idon'tknowhowtosail!" Karma exclaimed, tripping over a coil of rope. "Wherearewegoinganyway?"

Adrien turned her face towards the horizon, where the ship had dissappeared. For the first time in years, it lost it's age that did not belong on it, and looked much the way it had years ago, when she had first been rescued fro goblin bandits by a gruff dwarf, a young mage, and a knight..

She swung onto the rigging, gazing towards the horizon, still. "I'm coming, love."

OOC: Yo krackah. Come back!!!!

12/04/2003 1:11 AM

Bini smiled at Adrien and leaned over to her Gnomish companion.
"She is just going for Ronin, but we won't tell her we know." He winked.
Walking up to the front of the ship, he watched the on coming galleys with interest.

"Do you think ROnin's on one of those?" He asked Adrien.

12/04/2003 9:49 AM


"Do you think ROnin's on one of those?" He asked Adrien.

"I doubt it. I was out for awhile, and most likely they've headed to Sanction with all speed to avoid pursuit." She patted the wheel of the Star Pillager "But they can't run from this ship long enough."

12/04/2003 10:04 AM

OOC: You need to tell me when this takes place. My plan is that Azkur is disguised as the god Sargonnas to help find ways to retrieve the lost power of Takhisis.

12/04/2003 5:54 PM

Bini cursed. "Damn.. I was so looking forward to s howing him this locket I pulled from one of the sea elves.." He kicked a board with a huff of disgust.

Haled rolled his eyes and continued working on his small contraption..

12/14/2003 1:37 PM

Karma shrugged.

Damn.. I was so looking forward to s howing him this locket I pulled from one of the sea elves.."

"We'llfindhimsoonenough." he said, before turning back to the designs for his automatic leg amputator/apple & potato peeler.

He kicked a board with a huff of disgust.

Adrien smiled. "If it's any consolation, I would be most incredibly grateful if you would climb up there," pointing t the crow's nest, "and watch out for any more sea elf ships, or minotaur ships."

She turned back to the wheel, then suddenly turned.

"What locket?"

12/15/2003 7:41 PM

Bini dangled the small locket from his hands. "This one.. i think its what makes them breath on land.. but Im not really sure." He smield innocently, then put it behind his back.

12/30/2003 11:27 AM

*sniff, sniff*

I think that if you have already read my last post in "ShadowKnight", you know what this is about. Our beloved Sea-War is dead. Only Krackah and I post regularly, with Gait contributing every now and then.

This thread did have potental in the original idea, but it's gone downhill from there.

So, without further adieu, Farewell to Sea-War, my longest lasting thread.

01/05/2004 10:03 AM

OOC: Now, i want to say this: Sea war was probably my favorite thread so far on here. I want you to start something like this back up. Think about this: Make a Sea war that takes place some years after this sea war. This SeaWar was a prelude of things to come.
I hope you change your mind.
If you want, and i dont mind, Email me at " 06_brasier@gaggle.net " I would be glad to start the thread up again!

[Edited by gait_firestorm on Monday, January 5, 2004 10:06 AM]

01/05/2004 11:00 AM

*gets all teary eyed*

Awwwwwwww! That's really nice, gait!

Now, i want to say this: Sea war was probably my favorite thread so far on here

*hugs gait*

The thing is, gait, is that our beloved Sea-War had lot's of problems. For instance, I didn't really plan ahead when I began it. And it, at it's peak, only had three members/ And, no offense, you kept vanishing, and Leo seems to have completely vanished. *glances around conspiratorily*(((I think swifty's new avatar ate him)))

Well, actually, now that I think on it, I may have a plan......

Anyway,would you be interested in a Taladas thread that I've been plotting for awhile? It involves the Device Of Time Journeying, a renegade sorceress, and a demon.

01/07/2004 10:38 AM

OOC: I think it would be great. And please email me some. Taladas would be a tough one to do but together we could sort it out.

01/07/2004 12:22 PM

OOC: I think it would be great. And please email me some. Taladas would be a tough one to do but together we could sort it out.

Not necessarily. I'll e-mail you the details, plus a map of Taladas I found, if I can get it to attach right.

01/09/2004 10:25 AM

OOC: you Have a map of Taladas? I have been searching for one for a long time! Well, where did you get it?

01/09/2004 12:12 PM

you Have a map of Taladas? I have been searching for one for a long time! Well, where did you get it?

Ohhhh, um, hmmmmm...........

Crap. I can't remeber the web-site name, but I found it when I was searching for a map of Ansalon, on Google. If you can't find i, maybe I can attach it to an e-mail.

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