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08/10/2000 9:48 PM

Period: 540 years before the Cataclysm
Place: The Tower of High Sorcery, Istar

Istar, city of the gods... Istar the majestic... Istar the Blessed...

These thoughts raced through Fistandantilus's mind as he received the missive from his ancient master, Mertonius. He has developed a new method of extracting expended life forces from the dead and now he will impart this to his most gifted amongst his apprentice.

Apprentice. This is how Mertonius viewed him. But he is proud of this. The apprentice is now the most powerful mage on Krynn. But he still acknowledged his master greater, for none has seen the Dark Renegade fully revealed in his majesty other than he.

Something bound them together from the start. And it is the Magic. And something bound him further to Mertonius, and it is ambition. Both have the same desire but differ only at the end result. Both want to defeat the Queen of Darkness. But One wished only to gain the crown, but the other to gain a soul taken.
Outside, a number of apprentices tended the garden that surrounded the tower. A number of them looked up and noticed the arrival of a few strangers...

(OOC: This story takes place long before any of most of the characters in this posting were born. A couple like Pyranthas would be present, though he would be considerably younger, and Mertonius the Dark Renegade. Try new characters, parents, grandparents or even great great great grandparents of your normal characters if you can)

08/11/2000 1:05 AM

Aestas ran a hand through her fine silk hair, flashing brilliant ash blonde hues in the melting sunlight.

Watching them as she absently slips pruning shears into her gown, she chews her lip and sighs. He was never going to come. She was stupid for even imagining it was him.

She closed her black eyes, her soft eyelashes hiding an unwanted tear or two. Shaking her head, a faint smile twitches at the corner of her mouth.

'I'm beginning to be like those stupid dramatic women...crying at everything...dependant on their man...psht. Bullshit. I can take this ride."

The smile burns slowly to an infectious grin and she almost laughs.

Cinnamin, she thinks. Cinnamin takes a backseat to no bobka!

08/11/2000 3:55 AM

Taisedar stood in the shadows or some of the hedges. He was caferfullt avoiding any of the workers. He studdied the tower.

It was crazy He thought. He Knew.

"It'll be the greastest robbery ever" he thought to himself.

His senses told him someone was comming so he took hold of the pruners he'd grabbed and started pruning the shrubs in front of him. His disguise was perfect he wasn't worried about being recongized.

AS the person passed he made up his mind.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

08/11/2000 8:14 AM

A dark skinned man walks up to Aestas. "Would you like some water miss," he politely asks. The man is clad in a plain white robe. There is a belt synched tightly around his waist, revealing him to be well muscled underneath his robe. He is bald, his brown skin gleaming in the sun. His brown eyes look at her with a gleam of curiousity in them.

08/11/2000 11:21 AM

A kender is hopping throu the garden.
The kender seem's normall for one of that race, with the usual kender topknot and colorfull clothes.
"I hope there is something interesting here."He ponders to himself."Maybe someone can teach me the art of magic!""This is a Tower of High Sorcery!"


Joe Ghostbuster, In ancient kender form- "To learn magic..."

08/13/2000 8:41 PM

*Tao Qui Bonna walks up to the group, a twitch of a smile coming upon her face, but nothing more. Sighing, she looks up into the tower, lowering her silver hood for a better look. She frowns in thought at the group, exposing the strong features of her chin. she runs her hands through her golden-red hair in a nervous habit*

Umm, does anyone know what we're doing here?

ooc:Man, mertonious, thanks, I kinda like what I'm making...it's a breath of fresh air.

08/13/2000 9:22 PM

"That Lady."

Taisedar stepped from the shadows. It seems odd how well he was hidden in the faint shadows considering the white shirt and red leather pants he wears. Around his waist many different colored pounches hang from his snakeskin belt. A single dagger is strapped to his left forearm. His hair which is just a bit longer than shoulder length and flowing freely is a blueish-black looking much like a raven's feathers. His Green eye sparkle with life.

"Is a good question. But let us think. Why would we be summoned to the tower of high Sorcery? Have you all already tested?"

He smiled broadly and cocked his head slightly. It was then a jagged scar could be seen running along the side of his neck up behind his ear. It seemed the only flaw on his finely chiseled body. For he was indeed in great shape, yet not muscle bound either. He indeed has a slim. wiry look to him.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

08/13/2000 11:49 PM

damn, and i woulda settled for raistlin ;)

Aestas is surprised at the follicly- challenged gentleman. the hours in the sun had made her thirsty like mad, but she shakes her head.

"I'd take a drink from you, but i dont' even know your name."

08/14/2000 10:16 AM

ooc:Damn you, beserker! I wanted my hair that color but I didn't know how to describe it! *sigh* now I have to settle for a blond...No, Tao has deep blue eyes and...black hair, sadly, it's not raven black though. Grrr.

I'm a considered by some a mage. I belong to a new order that takes from all three moons. I wasn't allowed to participate in the Test, though.

08/14/2000 3:28 PM

ooc oops! sorry *grins*

Taisedar winks at her. "Then my lady we are much the same. Renegades, they call us. I have been forced here to take this test or be forced from the world I know as home."

He grins slightly as he starts to walk around everyone.

"I do wish they'd hurry though, I've been waiting for some time now"

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

08/14/2000 4:07 PM

Hmm, I was just told to come immediately..They did say something about Testing, but not much.

08/14/2000 4:32 PM

"Well my lady"

Taisedar bows his head to her.

"I am Taisedar Sostar. Commonly known as "The Breeze" May I have the pleasure of your name?"

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

08/14/2000 7:32 PM

Fistandantilus watched the group as the prattled their meaningless banter near the Gates of the Tower of High Sorcery.

"As I thought, none can enter the blessed grove that surrounds this tower without forgetting their reasons of why they went here... Much as the Tower of the Ruins inspire deep passion and the Tower of Daltigoth create sleep..."

With a sibilant gesture he disappeared, then, reappeared at the foot of the main tower. Silently, methodically, as a plan formed in his mind, Fistandantilus made his way to the gate.

Still youg,spry and handsome (newly strengthened by a dark infusion of life force as rumor circulated among the mages though they did not dare speak of it in front of him) Fistandantilus is an impressive sight.

Moving with deliberate casualness, he smiled at the group, his eyes glittering, "Welcome to the Tower. I trust you have some important errand to come here to the Tower of Istar?"

08/14/2000 8:25 PM

Dark eyes flickering over him, Aestas says,

"I am here to see the head of the conclave."

08/14/2000 10:36 PM

Taisedar's eyes flicker with anger as he looks at Fistandantilus. Instantly disliking the man. He tried to walk through his memories, but all was cloudy.

I expected this.. was prepared for this.

He almost instantly remembered a letter in his pouch. It would explain everything if he could just get alone. Rvrn now he remembers he's after something in the tower. When he made up the story to the girl about being a renegade, it had seemed right.

"I'm having a bit of trouble remembering what I'm here for.. a test I believe.." He did his best to look confused.
--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

08/15/2000 7:29 AM

"I'm here to see my Uncle Thingymaker! He's my uncle you know, and he always lets me visit him and maybe even build something!"
"But I wouldn't mind learning magic either!"


Joe Ghostbuster, In ancient kender form- "To learn magic..."

08/15/2000 10:00 AM

Aestas concentrates on the kender, and soon he is spinning around and around, the words coming out of his mouth but making no sound.

"I will teach you a little magic." she nods to Thorn and takes the kender's hand.

08/15/2000 10:38 AM

*Tao was about to give her name when she saw the figure of Fistandilus. She took a step back and memories flooded her mind. Imortality*

08/15/2000 10:46 AM

ooc: Damn, someone go over it, HOW do you do italics, again?

08/15/2000 11:23 AM

ooc: to do italics type at the end (or it might be >i).

The darkskinned gentlemen looks up from pouring his water. He senses the appearance of something dark and turns to see a man in dark robes. As Aestas walks by towards a kender he leans close to her and whispers, "my name is Boln."

He surveys the other people around him and seems uncomfortable. he reaches for his belt and shifts a mace that had been covered by the folds of his robe.

08/15/2000 3:26 PM

Taisedar glanced at Tao as she stepped back. He had already decided to befriend the woman and was glad to she her unfavorible reaction to Fistandilus.

Fistandilus.. How had he known the name?

His thoughts where cloudy.. he'd put himself through to much the last few weeks. That he knew.. he just couldn't remember what. He had worried the tower would take all his memories after all his mind had been through.

what has my mind been through? Taisedar was forced to ask himself.. as he could no longer remember.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

08/15/2000 8:35 PM

>iooc:let's see if this works.

*Tao swallowed slightly, but kept calm otherwise*

Fistandilus, I expected...but why?

*She closed her eyes to work through her clouded mind*

08/15/2000 8:37 PM

ooc:I guess it didn't.

08/16/2000 8:57 AM

Aestas takes a small blue globe from her robes and places it in the kender's hand. It begins to glow, sparkles floating around inside.

Where had she heard that name before...and did it have something to do with why she was here?

08/16/2000 2:23 PM

"Oooooh it glows!"
The kender throws the globe up in the air, to see if it will float. Unfortunately, it doesn't.
"OOOPS!! I'm so sorry, I'll get you a new one, I really will!"
"I'll get you an even better one than this, or my name isn't Whopper Lillypad!!" He vowed.
Whopper then wispered to Aestas; "Who's the guy in the black robes?"


Joe Ghostbuster, In ancient kender form- "To learn magic..."

08/16/2000 8:10 PM

Completely taken with the kender, she shakes her head and smiles.

"S'ok. It was really cheap. the good ones float."

her eyes dart up to Fist.

"Oh its just Mertonius pretending to be a bigwig. don't worry."

OOc: its just a kender don't worry

08/17/2000 11:16 AM

*her bravory growing with Tao's temper*

Well, Dark Mage, we're all here for a reason, different as each one is, and I'll bet each reason has to do with you...Why are we here, Fistandandilus?

08/17/2000 5:05 PM

Fistandantilus. the d is silent dear.

08/17/2000 8:50 PM

A dark grin forms on the Great Ones Face.

"It seems that you have forgotten your intention of taking the Test. But please, I am forgetting my manners..."

Eyes, dark and mysterious like a swriling maelstorm stare into their souls.

"Welcome and Enter the Tower of High Sorcery of Istar!"

With this, Fistandantilus fades from their sight. A number of far more younger apprentices appeared and started leading each one of the guest to rooms located inside the majestic tower.

08/17/2000 8:53 PM

a swirling maelstrom?

08/18/2000 4:23 AM

Taisedar's eyes stay locked on Fistandantilus untill he disappears. As they enter the tower he begins to look nervous. His eyes gaze into every shadow. His eyes never stop moving, in fact.

H follows the appreantice to his room. Once inside he touches his amulet and quickly pulls a folded piece of paper from his belt pouch.

He reads it quickly and then rreads it before putting it back in his pouch.

now he knew why he was really here.

He closed his eyes and sighed.

"It's what must be.." he muttered

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

08/18/2000 4:59 AM

While Whopper is being lead to his room he notices an orb that might replace the one he dropped.
Losing the apprentice,he followed the levitating orb to the center of the tower.
Expecting to see many mages of all orders, he was suprised to find only mages of the Black robes.
Immedietly curuios, Whopper turned to one of the mages:
"Excuse me, where are all the mages of the white and red robes?"


Joe Ghostbuster, In ancient kender form- "To learn magic..."

08/18/2000 7:59 AM

Boln silently follows the rest of the group. Not being a wizard he feels out of place. After some time of navigating the tower he notices the kender has disappeared. He smiles, thinking of the trouble the curious one could get into. He looks up at Aestas. For some reason he likes her, the way she was kind to the kender. He reaches up to his neck and pulls a small medallion out from his robes. "Give me strength," he whispers, following the group.

08/18/2000 1:34 PM

ooc:Fistandantilus? Why couldn't the man just get a name like Fisty?

*Tao takes a small stone figure from her robes and holds it cupped in her hands. She closes her eyes as she follows the guide, muttering a few unheard words as she does. After a moment her eyes open with a flash, and she drops the small statue, letting it shatter on the floor*

This isn't right.

08/18/2000 6:23 PM

Mertonius appeared before Fistandantilus just
before Afterwatch. Some of the higher ranking
mages and apprentices made their way to the Hall
of Testing to see the new wonder the ancient mage
would bestow upon his likely successor.

The Great One, Fistandantilus, watched as his
ancient and mysterious master in magic, Mertonius,
went to the main Hall table and laid a strange
artifact, a bloodstone with plain silver bindings,
and called upon an apprentice to bring a prisoner
taken from the slave pens of Istar. The man was
thin and exhausted from his stay. Under a word of
command from Mertonius, the man went to the table,
he was visibly struggling from he will of the
archmag but was losing, and made him lie down.
Mertonius the laid the bloodstone amulet upon his
chest then started chanting in the spidery
language of magic, the words burning into the mind
of Fistandantilus, as the Dark Irda Renegade cast
the spell.

Everyone gasped as the man on the table started to
shrivel and die before their eyes. The stone was
taking his lifeforce and transferring it to

08/18/2000 9:40 PM

OOC: Leana if he was called Fisty i dont' think anyone would ...ah, want to be alone with him. if you get...my drift? don't wanna sound perverted or anything...but hey... Fisty?

Aestas realizes, also, that everyone was a black mage. she figures its prolly 'cause whites and reds are losers... ;)

08/19/2000 4:21 PM

Taisedar slipped out of his room deep into the tower. He came across the room with the mages. He scowled quickly and slipped into yet another shadow.

not yet. he thought

He knew he needed an ally. He thought of the woman he was talking to earlier. He sought her out and slowly, quietly made his way up behind her. He moved in not making a sound.

"You never did tell me your name" He said suddenly right at her ear.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

08/19/2000 6:58 PM

*Tao nearly lept out of her skin, but made no sound*

My name is Tao Qui Bonna.

*She glanced around nervously*

I shouldn't be here. I AM a renegade mage, but I'm also a mercenary, (paid with power, not money, if you're wondering). I was sent to spy on Fistandantilus and his unseen rumored master, Mertonius. I think they're both here, but now, I doubt I'll escape with my life. I must admit I'm out of options, but maybe we could help eachother out. Do you think we can get the others and escape?

08/19/2000 7:18 PM

prolly not, cuz i will start a big ruckus

08/19/2000 8:16 PM

"If you wish I will help you escape, Tao. If we try to get everyone out" he pauses, "It will be noticed."

Taisedar smiles and winks at her. He seems all to well at ease.. even enjoying himself.

"Please do realize though Fistandantilus" He almost spits the name out, "Has seen you. If you are a renegade.. He will hunt for you.. You're a renegade and.. he'll be in his right by their laws to kill you."

Taisedar steps back into the shadows, still barely visible.

"Be quick.. I have work to do myself. Make up your mind soon"

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

08/19/2000 8:50 PM

psht...hehe. Now i'm Definately Going To

start a ruckus.

08/20/2000 7:10 AM

Not if I start one first!
Seeing that no-one was going to answer him, Whopper turned back and continiued following the glowing orb.
Suddenly the orb stopped.
Whopper was standing on top of a grating, and below were many mages of the white and red robes.
They look in bad shape." He said to himself.
Then Whopper noticed the black robes guarding the other mages.
"I should resue them! Ya, Then they would teach me magic out of thankfullnes!"
Whopper immediatly jumped down the gating and fell on one of the black robes.
He knew he could save them!


Joe Ghostbuster, In ancient kender form- "To learn magic..."

08/20/2000 10:53 AM

Oh, just peachy!

*Tao looks up hearing the alarm*

I think praying that I'll live fits the situation nicely.

08/20/2000 12:22 PM

Aestas feels tiny hands all over her as a large squirming creature drops from above. Fighting the urge to shreik, she batters it senseless and straightens her robes.

Then she realizes it to be the kender and she feels soooooo terrible. he was so cute.

(hehe like a dog or something)

then she reproaches herself for thinking of kenders condescendingly- after all, this was not an ordinary kender.

with a spell of healing, she revives him, but it is too late- everyone is already

In a Ruckus

08/20/2000 2:37 PM

"Thanks, Aeastas!"
Whopper looks around. "Hey, were is that Fisty guy?".
Dodging a Fireball (So what if you cant, I'm special!) He runs after a fleeing Black Robed Mage, leaving the Rukus behind.

Joe Ghostbuster, In ancient kender form- "To learn magic..."

08/20/2000 7:44 PM

"Oh such tedious work. Why did it happen now?" Asked Fistandantilus, with a sigh.

Turning, Mertonius gave a nod and with a deft gesture, a field of energy paralyzed the spies.

With a voice that sounded like as it came from a grave he turned his will upon them. His eyes, bearing upon them, forced itself into their minds and started wrenching whatever he needed from them.

He glanced away after taking what he need, then gestured to the dozen of mages, white, red and black robes all.

"ANY who interfere with ANY work in the Tower of High Sorcery should be punished. Take them to the city prison and see to it that they get what they deserve..."

Mertonius turned away, accompanied by Fistandantilus.

Chapter 2
Heroes and Gladiators

Istar, during the ancient times before the Great Cataclysm and the time of the Kingpriest flourished as it was. One of its greatest attractions to date was the great Games held during Late Spring, Midsummer and Yule. It is nearing Midsummer in Istar, many are preparing fort the celebration.

Of course, there are exceptions...

The city guards and the mages kept a tight watch on the mismatched party as they were escorted to the main cells of the city. The city adjucator set judgement upon them to be sold as slaves, of which sent the mages raving about justice and punishment. The adjucator waved them off and sent them back to their tower in the middle of the city.

Greiz, head of the city guards, led the said party to their holding pens. He was about forty and heavily built as any of the guards. A look of pity can be seen on his eyes as he led them.

"Ya, You are lucky me young ones. The adjucator rarely allows anyone to be saved from the mages but argh, we common folk should stick together."

He eyed the renegade with some suspicion though he was friendly with the other prisoners.

Greiz raked his fingers through his thinning hair and polite opened the door to the cell. It was decidedly spacious enough for the entire company and he gave them a ruefull smile as he locked the door and had the mages cast a powerful locking spell to prevent them from escaping.

"They said that they are taking you to the block to be sold as slaves. I'm sorry for that, truly am... Farewell..."

He left them to brood over what tomorrow would bring to them...

(OOC: Nice touch eh? Like reading a book huh?)

08/20/2000 7:52 PM

(OOC:Am I the only one who feels that this is going to turn into one long campaign?)
Whopper was exited to the limit! First the Ruckus, then being frozen and teleported, and now being sold into slavery!
This was so much fun!


Joe Ghostbuster, In ancient kender form- "To learn magic..."

08/21/2000 3:10 PM

*Tao swallowed*

Just my luck, I was kinda looking forward to a short, easy death, but oh no. Now we're going to fight eachother to death in front of thousands of people. I swear, if I ever see Fistandantilus again I don't care how powerful he is, I'll kill with his own damned Bloodstone. Of, course there ways to escape from the Arena...

08/21/2000 5:38 PM

Aestas sits on the straw mattress, her face in her hands.

'everyone, we have to try and stick together. once we are sold we can escape easily. Lets just keep our chins up, okay?"

she smiles faintly at whopper's excitement, but her round olive-black eyes are sad.

"This is my fault, for starting the Ruckus. Oh well. it was fun while it lasted i guess."

08/21/2000 5:44 PM

Taisedar sat on the floor smiling. He seemed rsther pleased, or a least happy.

"Tao Relax. Kender Chill. Things aren't so bad. The floor's hard it's not too cold. And I bet we'll even get something that might pass as food."

He leaned against the wall and cracked his neck.

"Now we could fight each other to the death, whch I'm sure would be fun" he looks at the Kender, "But I think we could have a lot more fun if we escaped and plaed hide and seek with the guards. I bet the little one could run up and tag the guards then run off for hours bfore they tagged him"

He smiled a boyish smile. "Now me.. I'm getting out of here one way or another. I don't fight to please anyone. Anyone at all."

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

08/21/2000 5:54 PM

i'm with him

08/21/2000 7:37 PM

Whopper sobers up.
"While it may be fun to fight people to the death, I probably wouldn't get much of a chance to learn magic."
"So, should I pick the lock?"


Joe Ghostbuster, In ancient kender form- "To learn magic..."

08/21/2000 7:41 PM

aestas lies on her back on the mattress and shuts her eyes.

"Do what you want with the lock, but the whole room's protected by magic."

08/21/2000 8:17 PM

Taisedar chuckles. "Afraid of a bit Of magic?"

He picks up a smal stone from the floor and says a few quick words in the language of maic and spinkles some dust on the rock, then spits on it. He tosses te rock into the midle of the room.

"I'd close your eyes if I were you" He says to everyone, Quickly closing his own.

Within seconds the stone flashes in a blinding blueish light. The blue light rips through many of the maical wards and enchantments.

"A good thief needs to be able to get rid of magical traps and ards right? I modified dispell magic a bit for just that purpose.. and made it castabe with items I could get in say...a jail cell"

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

08/21/2000 8:52 PM

After recovering from the flash, Whopper takes out a pick from his socks and uses it to open the door.
Unfortunately, the guards hear the sound of the door opening and come running.
Whopper turns away from the door, willing to let the fighting people take charge.


Joe Ghostbuster, In ancient kender form- "To learn magic..."

08/21/2000 9:15 PM

Aestas steadies herself against the wall and sends a thousand banana peels right under the mens' feet. all of them fall down.

08/21/2000 9:27 PM

Whopper giggles.

08/22/2000 10:14 AM

Well, I don't see any reason to stay with this fight. As long as there aren't any more magic locks...

*Tao snaps both her fingers, expecting to send the group to one of the crowded streets of Istar*

ooc: If you think this is too easy, someone can say it didn't work if ya want.

08/22/2000 10:32 AM

Before Tao can finish casting her spell s worn hand rests on her shoulders, disrupting it. "That won't be neccesary, young lady," says a gentle voice. "I too have seen what has been going on in the tower."

The party turns to see Boln. Somehow the preist had not been collected with the rest of the group and escorted to the jail. He explains, "after the ruckus I went back to my temple and then to see the kingpriest. I have been sent to fetch you by the kingpriest, you are now all free. I was on my way to tell you this when you decided to make your jail break."

He looks around at the group, his eyes passing judgement on each one. "The kingpriest would like to talk to you each about the tower and it's wizards," says Boln.

08/22/2000 8:34 PM

OOC: Sorry to burst your bubbles guys but the Kingpriest has not yet come to power. This is a couple of centuries before the Cataclysm, the Mages are at the height of their power. The Kingpriest during the time of the cataclysm has not reached the height of his power yet... Sorry. I bet you haven't read the initial setup of the story right?

Before the group can react a number of heavily armed guards accompanied by a number of black robes rush the party. Quickly subdued by the attack they were sent to the market to be sold as slaves for the Arena (escape for the women, they are notably bought by most noblemen to be either servants or mistresses, it all depends who wants to be the one.)

For some reason, one of the mages pull the kender from the party and whispers to him, "You're free. But to rescue your friends from the Arena try to go to the Silverstone Estate at the North End of the city. Your female companion, the renegade mage, was bought by Lord Silverstone of Silvanesti, a powerful elven senator, to be a 'companion'.You know what I mean. I'll be there to help you..."

The hooded mage in white continued on his way, accompanying the guards as the escorted the cleric and the others.

08/23/2000 10:21 AM

Well, it's safe to say things just went from bad, to worse.

*Tao noticed the white mage setting Whopper free*

C'mon, I'm counting on you...*she pleaded silently, risking a glance at Taisedar before leaving with her armed escort*

08/23/2000 3:24 PM

OOC:I'm guessing I have to save Aestas, so here I go.)
After being freed Whopper tries to find someone to tell him where to find Lord Silverstone.
On the way, he pondered who that kingpriest guy was.Maybe some up and coming power in the city.
After getting directions to Lord Silverstone's house, It was no problem sneaking in.
"I am after all, a kender!" he mutterd to himself while climbing down the chimney.
However, Silverstone was smarter than Whopper thought.When Whopper jumped down from the chimney, he found himself surrounded by guards.
"Oh Darn, and I don't have my hoopak here!" Then Whopper remembered the orb hed found in the Tower.
Throwing the orb at the guards and ignoring the sick glow that was spreading behind him, Whopper ran searching for Aestas.


Joe Ghostbuster, In ancient kender form- "To learn magic..."

08/23/2000 4:24 PM

Aestas, sleeping in Silverstone's bed, talks to herself in her dreams.

"Roses are red, voilets are blue...heh, heh, heh."

08/23/2000 4:54 PM

Taisedar Smiles at Tao as she's taken away and nods t her.

"I'll be there" he mouths.

He fidgits slightly and then suddenly kicks his leg out. His boot sails off into a nearby torch and expoldes in a cloud of smoke. Even as it explodes he's diving towards it.

Quickly he's in the shadows. He lauches his other boot away and flips the knife out of his belt buckle. Using the small thin knife he frees his hands, while on the move in the smoke and shadows.

He's moving in the direction That they took Tao. --The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

08/23/2000 5:01 PM

in his bare feet

08/23/2000 5:17 PM

Walking as silently as he can (VERY silently) Whopper searched for Aestas.
Whenever he found a room he looked through the keyhole to see if she was there.
Finally he found her, pounding n the door.He whispered "Aestas, Its Whopper!" "I've come to save you!"(My Hero!;))
Taking out his lockpicking kit, Whopper gets to work n the door, happy it isn't magiclly locked.
"Come on Aestas!""Its really fun out here! There are guard's almost everywhere!"
"So, can you cast a spell to get us out of here?"
"Unless you want to stay for Lord Silverthingy?"


Joe Ghostbuster,Founder of the Order of The Plaid Robes-"Ghostbusting is all!"

08/24/2000 8:15 AM

*Tao snaps one of her fingers which are inconviently tied behind her back. Suddenly all the gaurds' weapons come towards her, cutting ropes. (Unfortunately they also cut her hands, but she's a big girl.) Free from the ties, she sent both the gaurds hurling into another plane and ran back to Taisedar in hopes of saving the others*

08/24/2000 9:04 AM

Aestas pulls the sheets around her, huddling in the cold room.

"Whopper? Is that you?"

08/24/2000 2:13 PM

"Yes, its me Aestas! I've come to save you!"
Whopper shakes Aestas."Come on,we gotta go!"


Joe Ghostbuster, In ancient kender form- "To learn magic..."

08/24/2000 7:10 PM

"Get me some clothes! Hurry!"

Aestas pulls the sheet around herself.

08/24/2000 7:25 PM

"Oh Damn, Oh Damn!"
Whopper looked around for clothes.Finding none, he diceded to go search for them.
"Wait here,I'll be right back!"
Whopper ran to the first door he saw and opened it.
Inside were a sleeping man and woman.There was a bundle of clothes on the floor.
Quickly taking the womans clothes, Whopper started back to Aestas, and then ran back and took the mans clothes too.
Giggling all the way back, Whopper gave the womans clothes to Aestas.
"Lets go,we need to rescue the others!"
Then he remembered,he was supposed to meet that white robe!
"We have a person to meet!"


Joe Ghostbuster, In ancient kender form- "To learn magic..."

08/25/2000 8:31 AM

OOC: heh heh heh

"Okay okay okay!!"

Hopping around and haphazardly throwing garment around herself, she steps in the tall boots and tells whopper to hurry and tie them.

"What white robe!?"

08/25/2000 7:18 PM

"The white robe that freed me!"
Whopper quickly ties Aestas's bootlaces.
"Now lets go!"


Joe Ghostbuster, In ancient kender form- "To learn magic..."

08/26/2000 2:18 PM

ooc: Gees, not much happened while I was gone. Anyway, I'm not sure I'll be able to talk that much anymore. Imagine...I'm being held away from DL Roleplaying by a foriegn exchange student named...of all things, "Leanna" pronounced exactly the same as "Leana". Kinda scary...Anyway, schools starting and I just got back from saying goodbye to my brother who is now officially in college (God, that was hard) and this girl's on the computer a LOT. So, who know's when I'll see you guys again, but I will, whether it be tommorrow or a year from now. Until then,

08/27/2000 10:32 AM

whats his email, since i never got to say goodbye! (matthew really made it clear that i should have been there)

"I'm ready!!" she dashes after whopper, but not before she lights a fire in Silverthingy's bed (he'd rubbed her the wrong way) and left a quick fireproof note (by magic) saying he should go to the abyss.

08/27/2000 2:27 PM

ooc: haha, Leanna's at a party with your brother, Aes. Beats the Hell out of me what me brother's e-mail is. Naw, the stupid g'bye party sucked. We did nothing but watch Duece Bigalow. Big whoop! He's going off to freakin college! Anyway,

*Leana dashes back to Taisedar and grabs his wrist*

C'mon, we can lose 'em in the market place!

ooc: wait a minute, who's the rogue, mage?

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