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08/09/2000 7:02 AM

The Menzoberenzen information dealer's contacts in Sorcere had just informed him that the wizards in Sorcere had discovered something, something big in a heavily warded and previusly undetected chamber below Sorcere. He pondered what it could be while walking briskly toward Sorcere. He knew something was going on and HE would definatly NOT be the last one to know.
he entered Sorcere and was promptly stopped by one of the students who said "Go away no one is allowed here right now," The information dealer wondered What had been found normally he would be allowed into Sorcere without a second glance but now... He pondered his choices and decided he may have to use force to discover what has been going on in Sorcere of late. He then returned to his cave to memorise the necessery spells.

08/09/2000 11:41 AM

Lurking in the shadows around Sorcere Mirzhe watched the whoe thing transpire. With deadly accuracy she disposed of the student guard and sliped into the building. Keeping to the shadows as much as possible she began to explore and to try and find what had been discovered.

08/09/2000 2:44 PM

Later the Information broker returned and was surprised to find the student guard no longer at his post.
He enacted a spell of invisability and ented Sorcere. After looking around for a while he saw Mirze and realized
that Mirzhe was not a student of Sorcere. He decided to show himself to Mirzhe. He became visable again then asked "who are you and are you searching for the same thing I am?"

08/09/2000 8:20 PM

As the strange man appeared out of no where and spoke, Mirzhe jumped and spun around a scimitar in her hand ready to be used. As she studied him she responded "I should ask you the same thing, and who are you to demand that infromation from a female." She had a semi-threatening gleam in her eyes. She stood and stared at the male then decided that he might be of use to her.

08/10/2000 6:35 AM

He (also thinking she could be useful) responded
"what do you know about what the wizards have found? I
am just a humble information broker I sell information to the highest bidder, Perhaps I could tell you something useful."
He said thinking he could get something useful out of her while not giving away the fact that he probobly knew even less about what was found then she.

08/10/2000 8:21 AM

"I am not able to tell what has been found." she replyed. She stared at him trying to gage how much truth he was putting into his words. "Oh to the nine hells with you, standing around here like this is getting me no where, out of my way." She then commanded.

08/10/2000 9:41 AM

The information broker stepped aside and cast his invisability spell
again. He wondered how much this mysterious stranger really knew.
He decided to follow her and see what happens.

08/10/2000 11:12 AM

As the strange elf disappeared once again, Mirzhe wondered if she should proceed or to stay in the shadows. Unfortunatly she couldn't tell if he had gone off or was still close to her. After waiting about 15 mineuts she crept off again. This time heading towards the top of sorcere, knowing what had been found was in the basement. As she rounded a corner she heard a faint noise, it sounded like footsteps but she couldn't be sure. Quickly using her levitation spell she disappeared towards the cealing. Just then the master of sorcere came around a corner.

08/13/2000 6:44 AM

The information broker moved into the shadows and quickly muttered a change self spell
so he would apear as the student of sorcere who had been guarding the entrance. He dispelled his invisibility and steped out of the shadows and waited for the master to speak to him.

08/17/2000 9:23 PM

ooc: hey, sorry bout this but I have to quit posting for a couple of weeks. will take it back up when I get back. Mirzhe.

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