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08/08/2000 4:13 PM

Torrents of rain pummeled the woodland, forcing all creatures to find shelter from the storms unrelenting fury. Eerie creaking sounds emanated from the trees as the winds battered the majestic branches, robbing them of limb and leaf.

In the distance, lightning flashed, momentarily illuminating the forrest in a ghastly white glow, giving Quinaria a fleeting glance at the rage contorted faces of her persuers. She fled from the chasing ogres, ran faster than she ever thought her delicate elven feet would take her, to the abandond stone garrison that lay deep in the outskirts of the Qualinesti forrest.

She screamed in frustration as she pulled on the locked door. Over and over, she pleaded and begged for it to open. She heard the ogres splash closer to her. Mysteriously, the door opened flinging her into the bastion and closing forefully on her attackers.

Drenched and frightened, she peered into the darkness. An unnatural light leaked from a doorway in a stone corridor ahead. Noticing that it was slightly ajar, she slowly pushed it open and gasped at the scene before her. Eight figures, shrouded in deep purple robes and hoods sat in a semi circle around an orb, pulsating and glowing with the unearthly light. They motioned for her to enter.

She gathered to courage to speak just above a whisper, "My utmost gratitude for your shelter from storm and scourge, may I thank you each by name?"

08/08/2000 4:59 PM

Drenched and momentarily dispirited, Willy Willknot watches curiously as the elfen maiden speeds beneath the tree in which the kender is perched.

"Poor thing," he says to himself, "I wonder what she's running from, or to..."

Hearing the heavy footsteps that could only be orges, or some other band of meanies, Willy leaps from the tree intent on protecting the elf. His topknot a wet rag around his little neck, he follows her to the stone garrison and sees her struggling with a door, screaming and crying.

"She needs my help," he decides then sees the door fling open and light poor out.

Scurries up to her feeling right at home and tugs on her clothing as he peers into the room at the eight gathered there, "Interesting looking, aren't they?" he asks her casually.

08/08/2000 5:23 PM

Kalitas stood under a tree, the rain matting his thick reddish-brown fur. He carefully removed his horns from the lower branches and stood too his full height. He stood only a few inches under 8 feet before his 2 foot long horns. His hooves sunk deep in the mud. The elf was in trouble, even more so now that a kender was following her.

He wondered for a moment if he should take the Ogres on. He stepped out into the rain to due just that. Then he realized it wouldn't be fair to take them on in the rain, they'd be at a disadvantage.

He dropped his horned head and rushed the door.

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08/08/2000 6:25 PM

Karn Dayhue, Solamnic Knight of the Rose, watches the concealed minotaur rise from the branches of the tree. He follows the minotaur's gaze to the door of the ruins, and sees the small child-like kender dash into the room behind the elf.

The ogres are clearly visible as outlines amongst the fleeting shadows of rain and storm. He moves clearly from the underbrush onto the path, and turns to face the ogres.

He looks back to insure the lady's safety and sees the door to the keep slam close. "Minotaur!" he screams. "Hold your step, where do you think you're going?"

Looking from the quickly approching ogres to the minotaur and back he finds the minotaur a greater challenge and turns to face him.

08/08/2000 6:51 PM

Kalitas stopped and turned toward the man. He snorted.

His hand slid towards the cutlass on his belt. With a quick twist his other hands releases his strange belt. The belt is made of 6 foot long metal rods joined by chains, with a handle made with an extensive hand guard. He slowly twirls the weapon with obvious mastery.

"What it to ya, little man?"

With a quick glance he looks at the man.
"you, turn now, or cut down from behind, you be."

He steps foward and to the side.

"Kalitas, stand with you. Though Me want to fight them fairly." He gestures to the rain with his hand. "Now me just kill quick"

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

08/08/2000 8:33 PM

Quinaria glances by her leg and sees a kender's smiling face. At least there was one friendly face around here.

"Stay behind me, little one." Quinaria whispered to the kender. "I don't yet know if they are friendly or not."

Facing the shrouded figures she again asked, "I thank you for saving my life. Will I be permitted to leave come daybreak?"

08/09/2000 1:51 AM

*The orb's unearthly glow dims slightly. One of the hooded figures raises his head. Unlike the others surrounding the orb this hooded figure wears black, although a small purple ribbon of silk is pinned over his right breast. Inside the hood is nothing but a black void. Light may enter the depths of that hood, but none ever escapes. The only visible body part being a pale white hand. The thumb and middle finger move constantly, in a silent snap of the fingers motion.*

"The famous elfmaiden Quinaria. At last we finally meet." Hooded says in a monotone voice.

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08/09/2000 12:09 PM

From his right side the next figure rasies his head. only half his face is visable in the flickering light of the orbes dim blue glow. Too dark purple eyes blazed behind horrible scares that coverd what could been seen of his face.
" I told you she would come. " he said to the facless one. as he rosie to his feet and moved toward the elfmaiden.
he walked around her studing her from very angel, and now she could see that it was only half his face that the scares covered. The remainder at one time many have been consdiered handsome to some but it was eviddent that the years had washed that away.
" she knows not who or what she really is" he said to the others while still staring at her. " but i can feel it.... she is to be the ninth.

08/09/2000 3:22 PM

Quinaria shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot, glancing for a quick escape from the strange happenstance she found herself in. For a moment, she considered running back out the way she came. Remembering the ogres waiting outside, she forced herself to stay calm.

"Famous? I'm afraid you may have me confused with another. I am but a Qualinesti citizen, with no mark or honor to my name," she replied to the one in the black robes. Seeing nothing but a void in his hood sent cold chills running through her core.

She faced the second figure. Again, the sight of the deep scars shook her. She wondered what they possibly they could want of her. "The ninth? I'm sorry, I truly believe that you are mistaken." Quinaria slowly started edging toward the door, visibly nervous by the pacing of the purple eyed man.

She reached back for the kender, waiting for the best opportunity to make a run for it. She took one more glance at the hooded figures. All of a sudden, the Ogres didn't seem that bad. At least she knew what to expect with that foe.

08/09/2000 7:01 PM

*watches the robed ones curiously and begins to shake excitedly. takes a deep breathe and looks up at Quinaria*

"You are special, pretty lady, they say so and they look like wise ones, or, well they have that look about 'em," keeps his eyes locked on her eyes as he quietly slips a small knife into one of her pockets, his hand coming away empty for the first time in his young life.

Winks at her then enters the room, "Hi! I'm Willy Willknot," holds out his hand, "What's your names," looks wide-eyed around the room, "My! What an interesting gathering, I bet lotsa exciting things happen in here," absentmindedly places a candle stub in one of his pouches.

*his head cocks as he hears a commotion of others outside*

"We have company," looks to Quinaria.

08/10/2000 1:05 AM

The scared figure straches out his hand and at once the chattering willy is frozen in place and is dead silant .

his purple eyes brun into him as he leans closer to whisper in his ear. " you...talk...too...much." then he looks from willy to quinaria, " be calm young one... i have no intent to harm him or you. " he looks back to willy and with a wave of his hand the spell is broken and willy is free again.
looking back to her he begins again.. " he is right you know, we are quite wise. wise enought even to know of what he sliped into your pocket. i warn you not to try and use it. That would be........a mistake. " He truns his back and walks back to the orbe..... with his back still truned he asks " you say you have no mark..no honnor, this is not the truth. Even though it is what you belive...... tell me young one..what do you remaber of your father? "

08/10/2000 4:26 AM

"What do you remember of your father's death?" Hooded asks Quinaria, his monotone raising slightly.

*Hooded notices the kender for the first time. The urge to kill the child like figure almost overwhelms him. However the prophecy foretold of one such as he. Addressing the kender.*

"You call yourself Willy now. Has that always been your name? Did your parents name you differently? A name so embarrassing, not even a kender would be prepared to be known by such a name?" Hooded asks the kender. Watching his reaction carefully.

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08/10/2000 1:56 PM

A dark figure strolls in from the rain, seeing the others, he approaches. "Well Met friends, I am Panamon, of Marsember, I am looking for refuge for the night until this storm passes, which by the looks of it, does not seem to be anytime soon. Perhaps I could get your aid?"

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08/10/2000 5:10 PM

"My father died when I was very young. I barely knew him. He was a good person and served his king well. As a mage in the service of his majesty, he died protecting his homeland. My mother would not lie to me."

A look of anger crossed Quinn's face. "Did you murder him? What part did you have in his demise?" Unconciously, she reached for the knife that Willy had dropped in her pocket.

Memories of a time long past flooded her sight. Her father, though often away on assignments for the king, always came home to the open arms of his family. She missed him so.

08/10/2000 5:54 PM

OOC:sorry can't resist using my all time favorite character even if he is from the forgotten realms.

Calmly scrutinizing the ogre encampment below him he quickly counted numbers assesed quality of armour and weoponry which as you might expect from ogres was low, and yet he thought he saw gold peices being being gambled in the fire light not an odd occurence in itself but it was not the first ogre band he had seen in the area and all had alot of gold spread between them and the way they were deployed it was almost a channel into the Fal Moran, an abandoned dwarven stronghold.
There was something very strange going on and most definately a power behind it this was far from normal ogre tribe migrations. About time he checked out this keep.

08/10/2000 6:01 PM

Outside Kalitas's fur stiffened on the back of his neck. His horns tingled.

"Magic" he spat out and glanced over his shoulder, towards the house. Was it good or bad for the woman? He had to be sure, but the Ogres.

He twirled the wicked and strange belt above his head. The Kausin hummed as he swung it into the largest tree near the path. The tree splintered at it's base, the wicked weapon smashing the tree with ease. Nodding he turned towards the house. He walked towards it.

He sniffs the air, not liking the smells at all.

Suddenly his massive figure is at the doorway. The wicked Kausin still in his hands.

--The Dark Beserker

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08/11/2000 6:24 AM

Willy blinks his eyes spasmatically as he is released from the spell and questioned. He is momentarily speechless, "I, I, I, I, um, well," scratches his head, "I have always been know as Willy, spooky mister," looks at Quinaria and sees the troubled look on her face and frowns.

Hearing the commotion outside, he whispers to the elf maiden, "Be careful," and steps to stand in the doorway and peers outside, "Oh! Hello there," grins up at Panamon.



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08/11/2000 10:17 PM

Quinn turns to see Panamon introduce himself behind her. 'Oh for the love of Solinari!', she thought to herself. 'Ogres outside, hooded figures inside, a kender beside, and friendly looking strager behind. Could the night become any stranger?'

"Panamon! How good it is to make your aquaintance! Are you on your way out? Because I would appreciate your company. There is a small problem of Ogres wandering the area. Would you be so kind as to see me out?"

Turning to the hooded strangers she tried her best to back away from them. "Your hospitality was most appreciated. My apologies for intruding on your privacy."

She backed up close to Panamon and whispered, "Let's go, let's go, let's go!! These people are very odd. And they frighten me. I think they may be evil renegade mages, or clerics."

08/12/2000 12:46 AM

The scared one spun around at hearing the elf's remark. " Evil ? " he spat. His teeth chanched.
" Evil are we ? why just a moment ago you were thanking us for saving your life . now suddenly we are evil?" .... he slowly begins to walk toward her with long slow steps anger bruning in his purple eys.
"Ahhh yes..... " He removes his hood and turns his face to allow her a clear look at his scared face. " well of course... beacuse some thing is ugly and you don't quite understand it , why then that makes it evil dosen't it? "
a sad look of dissapiontemt replaces the anger in his eyes as he sums her up yet again.
" You dissappiont me young one. It seems your not nearly as bright as your father was. .......... so... go " he truns his back on the maiden once more " but know this, leave now and you will never know the truth about what happend to your father."

08/12/2000 3:18 AM

*Hooded regards his colleague talking to Ingrid and nods.*

"Besides, do you really think we'll let you leave?"

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08/12/2000 4:19 AM

Panamon steps beside Quinn and shields her from these figures. "We mean no ill will, we mean no harm, we wish to rest and eat, then we will be on our ways. If you can direct us somewhere else, there we shall go, as to not intrude on your privacy."

Panamon turns and looks at Quinn. "Fair maiden, I am Panamon Creel, I will see you out as you wish, ogres are not a problem, as I will be glad to take care of any that threaten you.
I will guide you to where you need me to."

Panamon looks over the figures, "Is there anywhere I and the maiden can rest?"
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08/12/2000 12:11 PM

Stares wide-eyed at the one with the scare and the purple eyes, "Neeeeeat...."

*forces his attention on the one called Panamon Creel and sees that he is much larger than he, and probably far better suited to protect the frighten elf maiden, and decides to give Panamon the chance to make himself the hero...Willy is feeling quite generous about this decision*

Shifts on his feet, yawns then smiles and goes back to the robed ones at the table and looks at the orb in the middle, "That is fantastic, may I touch it?" reaches for the orb.



V.P. of the Pandemonious Rootbeer Popsicklus and Consort to the Man for Chaos Inc.

08/12/2000 3:07 PM

The mention of her father halts Quinaria in her path. She was truly uncomfortable in the presence of these beings, but she hungered for the truth in her fathers mysterious death.

"Panamon, thank you for your kind offer. Will you stay for a bit? I must ask some questions of our hosts." Turning to the hooded figures, "Alright then. Tell me what my father had to do with your... your... um... oranganization. Just what is your organization anyway and how did he come to be part of it? He would never partake of any evil activity, nor would he associate with those who do. And you say I call you evil? Yes, you did offer me shelter from the ogres, but it almost seems to me as if you hired them to chase me here! How quaint that all is; elf walks through the forrest, a sudden storm appears, ogres chase me out of nowhere to this keep, then I gain entry whereas they do not. And now, apparantly, I won't be permitted to leave. This all seems so strange."

Quinn sees Willy reach for the orb and gets a distinct feeling that it would greatly upset the hooded figures. She didn't want to stay in the keep any longer than she had to! She ran to Willy and yanked hard at his tunic, just as his finger touched it...

08/12/2000 5:51 PM

a blinding bolt of blue light shot ouyt of the orb and struck willy in the chest just as the elf was pulling him away, it throw him across the room and he struck the far walk with a graet thud.
" Foolish creature.... perhaps that will teach him to go pooking about , too bad it will cost him his life..." said the scared as he look from the willys limp body to the elf.
he wacthes as the elfen gril;s eyes trun wide in hoorer and her mouth drops with an unhear scream as she see the gaping hole in willys chest.
" that is of course.... unless you save him" the scared one said with a slight grin .
he then truns and adress panamon before he can make a come..... a waves a warning finger ..
" ah ah ah ... i wouldn't if i were you. I know have you so very much would like to play the hero right now, but ask your self is being a hero worth that phathic creatures life? "

08/12/2000 8:59 PM

*Hooded watches appreciatively as the kender lays dying on the floor. Turning to Ingrid.*

"Our 'organisation' does the work of the orb. It is not an evil task. At least not all of it. As for your father, he died in a brave fashion. Albeit a stupidly brave fashion." At the last comment, several hooded figures look up to glare at Hooded. All of which he seems not to notice. "If you want to see what happened, simply touch the orb." There are mutters of disapproval from some of the eight hooded figures, while others seem to nod in agreement.

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08/12/2000 10:42 PM

OOC: Arrrgghhhhh!!! Just when it was getting really, really good!!!! I'm gonna be on vacation for the next week. Hey, Hooded (the one with the faceless void) Feel free to be 'Quinnaria' in my absence. ...and dont kill her off, damnit. I know how trigger happy you can be sometimes. ;)
Oh and KOLore, I'll e-mail you. Don't let D-Land burn down in my absence, ok? :)

Quinn gapped in horror at Willy's limp form against the stone wall. In anger, she reached for the knife Willy had slipped into her pocket and hurled it toward the hooded figure with the scarred face. "Thats for Willy, and my father!" She spun on her heels and headed for the orb. She closed her eyes and placed her palm down square on its pulsing surface.

08/13/2000 2:50 AM

Seeing Willy slumped in the corner, Panamon rushes over to aid the limp body against the wall. Panamon lays his pack down, moves hi scabbard to the side and feels for a pulse. A faint pulse is felt, so Panamon starts to heal the kender. Panamon applies a healing salve, rubbing it on Willy's wounds, Panamon feels Willy's pulse get stronger. He continues to aid Willy to consciousness.

"I do say," Panamon shouts with anger, "I do not want to see any bloodshed or violence here, I want us all to make best of this situation!" Panamon returns to his healing.

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08/14/2000 5:26 AM

*Seeing Quinnaria touch the orb. Hooded clenches his fists triumphantly. No doubt her anger would be directed his way once she understood what happened to her father, but the upside outweighed the downside. A soul as pure as Quinnaria's would no doubt be blemished by the orb. With the orb in perfect balance with four of the custodians heathen good. The other four blissful evil. The ninth would tip the balance. Seeing a mixture of anger and sadness dance across Quinnaria's face. Hooded sits back contentedly. 'Yes, the corruption of the ninth would be an easy one.' Hooded thinks to himself.*

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08/17/2000 5:14 AM

The trees parted as the looming walls of the Keep appeared before him, looking to the ground he spotted tracks, several ogres were here and not to long ago as there heavyset footprints in the mud were distinctive and some human nearer the entrance and posible a kender or dwarf but probably a kender vanished at the door. He counted 20 steps left of the door bentdown and slipped his finger into a hidden notch in the wall which then began to slip away. Finally his youthful adventures were paying off. Padding quielty down the maze of corridors listening at intsections until he thought he heard voices coming from a side corridor as he headed further down the voices got louder, he was getting closer.
A scream of pain echoed in the stillness as Drizzt broke into a run rounding a corner he enveloped the chamber in a globe of darkness and closed the last few feet....

08/21/2000 7:23 AM

.....Where he saw a young part-elven woman trying to fend off a horde of goblins. Her staff glowed, and a few goblins fell lifelessly to the floor. 'Great.' she thought. '3 down, 50 more to go.'

08/21/2000 8:36 AM

OOC: It's nice to be home! Hello everyone! :)

Quinnaria's eyes went wide as she witnessed her fathers senseless death. She saw the faceless one stand in triumpth over her fathers fallen figure. It should have been he that perished that night. She began to cry uncontrollably and shiver with the weight of the new burden on her soul. She sought to blame someone, anyone for the circumstances of her fathers death. Fear, anger, disgust flowed through her in a river of emotion. When she thought she would surely collapse, her thoughts lingered back to a happier time. Memories of days in the forrest with her parents, watching her dad amuse her with small magics. Quinn smiled.

She looked at the void within the hood. I know my duty and my place now. Teach me what you know.

'I will avenge him,' Quinn thought to herself. 'Not now, but the time will come, when the void that is his face, will envelop the rest of him, and his existance will be no more.'

08/21/2000 10:26 PM

Willy blinks and looks into the face of Panamon, "Thank...you..." it is a small sound and the kender struggles silently to his feet and adjusts his topknot and listens to the pretty elf maiden and the hooded ones and slinks against the wall, foot on his hoopak, pushing it closer to him.


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08/22/2000 3:26 AM

*Looking into the orb, Hooded percieves the battle against the ogres outside. Noting with approval as one of his colleagues orders the ogres to retreat telepathically. The combatants who engaged the ogres were cutting them to shreds. Turning to Quinn.*

"Yes Quinnaria. We will teach you everything you can handle. Plus a lot more. You must be strong, unlike your father. He was weak. He trusted and paid for it." Hooded says and lets the verbal barbs sink in. Nurturing Quinn's anger and mistrust would be a vital component to his corruption plan.*

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