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06/19/2003 7:35 PM

Marikisan smiled as the world shimmered into focus.... Krynn...different times.... three moons hung once again in the sky of her memory. The Dark Elf scanned the land, her dark violet eyes filled with pleasure to have reached her destination.

Her short dark hair was cut almost pixie-like, her ears standing out in plain evidance of her heritage.... Just past the War of the Lance....a War that had not happened in her time... for it never had the chance to start, for the Dark Lord had already claimed Krynn for his own in her home...

Mari swept her cloak around her shoulders, checked her daggers and her spell componants.... now to find the other... Herself.... and finally become a Goddess...


Livandraska sighed and dropped the steel coins into her purse. then brushed a sray lock of short black hair away from her cheek, her fingers brushing her pointed ears. Another job filled, another criminal dead. "yer horse lady... e's fresh from a week's rest." Said the stable hand, handing Li the reins. Li nodded and then led her newly gained horse away from the stables.

"Another day another Steel." She said and headed for the Tavern... for a drink before heading out.

OOC: Okay this is based off of "The One" Li and Mari are Identacle in everyway in their appearance, strength and abilities, only difference are their names and the slight difference in their mannerisms. Mari has searched every dimension in search for her "self" so that she can become a Goddess so that she may rule over a world...in place of the world she grew up in, under the barren rule of Raistlin (Twin trilogy, where Caramon and tass go ahead in time and see the destruction caused by Raistlin when he succeeded in destroying the Dark Queen and taking her place)

Hope this works out... something tells me it will.....

06/20/2003 4:54 AM

OOC: Heh. Me hated that movie. Jet Li's a shadow of his former self since he went Hollywood. Hmph."Ha! I never contradict myself, actually."

-Dark Elf Damien

"Quoting me mockingly in your signature. Real mature. Grow up."

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06/20/2003 8:30 AM

Li sat down in the Tavern, and ordered a lite meal and some ale. The barmaid nodded and returned quickly... and waited for her payment. As She fished out the steel coin to give the girl, Li tensed and paled a bit.

"Are you alright miss?" the girl asked. Li looked up and nodded, handing the girl the money. The barmaid looked at her for another moment then left.

I feel as though I'm being hunted..... Li thought to herself, she had hunted enough people to know how they felt... and she did not care for the feeling....


Mari searched and hunted, feeling out for her other "self" soon it would all be over.....

06/20/2003 6:57 PM

Ankh entered the inn nonchalantly, it was an every-day thing. Her exotic two-bladed, onyx-set sword flashed in the firelight, her cold gray eyes glinting cruelly. A gloves, with a blade sweeping back, was put into a pouch and pulled out a steel coin.

"A meal and an ale, please," She said, a kind tone covered by a snarp snap.

Her eyes swept over the tavern once, taking in the girl (no doubt an assassin) into account and noticing the several other people scattered, including two drunks and three gamblers.

Recieiving the food, she took the food back to a table across from the girl. (http://images.quizilla.com/T/trinitykills/1053662988_z3thetwins.jpg" border="0)want it.


06/28/2003 4:33 PM

Ryle thundered into the street on his courser, reining up sharply as he looked out upon the landscape before him. He turned to Ronogh Ironmaul, whose shaggy pony trotted up to stand alongside him.

"What in Sargonnas Swollen Sphincters?!!? This isn't Flotsam! Where the hell are we dwarf? Some suburb? And weren't we just making a flat out run for the docks?"

Ronogh squinted around, furrowing his brow as he scanned his surroundings. " You're right Ryle. You had just hacked up that psycho, and I runned over that crazy lady. We were heading to the docks when I.... Ooooh....."

"What?" The mercenary looked upwards where the dwarf was staring. He saw some clouds. "What are you looking at?"

"You see that up there Ryle?" Ronogh pointed up to the topic space. "This is "Desperate Measures with a '.', our thread was "Desperate Measures" with a '...' "

Ryle stared at the dwarf, edging slightly away. "What do you mean?"

"You see," the dwarf began, " we somehow misjudged the topic title to hae been "Desperate Measures..." posted by Dogar_Setton, but in reality this was "Desperate Measures." posted by Kalia_Majere. It was easy to mistake, the differences in the title are apparent but subtle; the '.' in this thread denotes a sort of finality, a sharp distinction of what is and what isn't. Yet the '...' in our title symbolizes a lack of direction, perhaps that of it's authors indecision on a plot structure...perhaps even of the indecisiveness of it's main characters, that'd be you and me, Ryle."

"You're frickin weirdin' me out, dwarf! Author? Title? Plot Strucure? What the hell are you talking about? We're on the run from the Flotsam city guard, remember?"

"Yes friend Ryle. But we are also characters of a fanfic-ish type literature set in the fictional world of Dragonlance, I guess-"

"Yeah, Characters. Krynn isn't real, we're puppets of some loser fantasy fan, and there's a matrix within the Matrix... I'm getting tired of your stupid theories dwarf. C'mon lets go."

With supressed sigh, the dwarf shrugs his shoulders and follows his friend into the Mists of Fictional Cross-Overs.


OOC: sorry, I had to write this. The titles were so much the same and I think I'm a little bit sunstroked. I'll delet it if you want, though...
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06/28/2003 4:38 PM

LMAO, Dougar! There is no Matrix within a Matrix, it's the Part-Smith thing!!!!!(http://images.quizilla.com/T/trinitykills/1053662988_z3thetwins.jpg" border="0)want it.


06/28/2003 4:39 PM

OOC: OMG! I knew the title sounded familiar when I set it, man...sorry dogar... by the way, if you have gotten a IM request from MSN it's me, PantherMoon_2000@hotmail.com

06/28/2003 6:33 PM

Three Weeks earlier: A large muscular human looking man about six two fell to the ground he turned his head to see a blue and black portal above him. "Good, I have finally arrived." He looked around to see an inn close by(not the same in as everyone else). He walked inside completly naked and walked up to the first person about his size. People gasped barmaids blushed and others went to their weapons.

"I need your clothes, your horse, and your weapons!" The man began to laugh and other joined in. He stood and tried for a punch. But Raven raised his hand and easily blocked the punch. He pulled him down and crashed him through the table. About two minutes later he came out of the inn with clothers and a broad sword across his back. He climbed onto a horse and started out on the trail.

"Now I must find Marikisan other self and protect her."

Present Time: "According to my resources she should be in here," he raised his head to see the name, 'The Green Moon Inn'. Raven tied his brown and black then went inside. He looked around,'There she is.' He calmly walked over.

"Come with me if you want to live." Today is a good day to die...

06/28/2003 6:41 PM

OOC: lol, good one Flan...a bizzarre twist of Terminator and The One ;) I liked it.

BIC: Li looked up at the man and scoffed. "What nonsense are you spouting human?" she sneered and looked back to her meal. suddenly the air seemed tense as the door to the inn opened and closed.....

Slowly Li raised her head and nearly choked on the mouthful of wine as she stared at herself.....as though she stared into a mirror....

"In the name of all the Gods....." she muttered, her dark violet eyes wide in shock.

06/29/2003 2:24 PM

OOC: Hee hee hee.. it's okay Kalia, I don't mind... the thing was; I popped into this thread thinking "holy crap! someone actually posted something on my long-dead story, lets see what they wrote..." Then I was reading into your post and it hit me all of a sudden...this isn't the same thread!!! I think I was halfway afflicted with sunstroke at the time as well...

I haven't been on MSN in a while but I'll add ya when I log on, Kally... and I may try to post a few serious ones in this if I can finagle the time..I'll see how the homework scene works out. See ya! "Ha! They couldn't hit an elephant at this dist-."
- Gen. Sedgewicks last words, U.S Civil War

"Atheism is a Non-Prophet Organization."
- some e-mail

06/29/2003 8:46 PM

"In the name of all the Gods....." she muttered, her dark violet eyes wide in shock.

Raven turned,"Damn, I was hopping I could beat her to you," he turned back to Lia,"I have come to protect you, I will tell you more when we are safe," Raven unsheathed a dagger and tossed it up. He caught on the blade tip between his thumb and pointer finger and was ready to throw it at Marikisan.

OOC: I just saw Terminator yesterday and then Terminator 2 today ;) Today is a good day to die...

07/02/2003 7:30 PM

OOC: Well Ive got you beat cause I just watched Terminator 3, though i think it pales in comparison to 2.


*Ten minutes Ago*

Down the street from the bar, a man was going door to door. He was dressed as one of the city guard, his movements were sharp, precise. In his hand he held a scroll with a picture on it.


the door opened, and an older woman stood in the doorway.

"Good afternoon 'maam." he said, unrolling the scroll. "Have you seen this woman?"

She said no, but that alot of the younger people liked to hang out down at a local inn, The Green Moon, and pointed in the general direction. He thanked her and walked back to his horse, and mounted it. He then began to ride down the street very slowly, eyeing everybody. When he got within sight of the inn, he parked his horse and slipped into a dark alley. when he emerged, he no longer looked like himself, but like Li. He then entered the bar, only to realize that there was already another Li in the room.

"Damn, so much for THAT idea......."~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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07/10/2003 11:18 PM

OOC: Um Kalia in case you don't know wer're waiting for you, if you don't post I'm going to take control of at least the "bad" character have her kill the "good" one then the other people can try and stop her and maybe we can get this thread going again. Today is a good day to die...

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