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05/26/2003 6:32 PM

Hunter sat in his small apartment, sipping a cool bottle of synthahol, desgned to mimic scotch. Checking his messages he had one, and it was one too many for the headache he was drinking off. A man who's dressing style screamed Corp came on the vid screen, mid-forties by look, greying hair, and eyes that screamed "Illegal Activity".

"Excuse me, Mr. Fayne? Yes Lucas Fayne, I was wondering if you would take a job I need to be done. You see, I run a small business of sorts, and my competitors are always looking for ways to gain a bargaining chip, and my Daughter is to be wed in three days, and I need a team of guards on site to prevent any happenings. My private cabin is where they'll be residing, and I'll take care of... disposal. I just need you and a small team of discreet others to take care of the defense. Double Rates, I'll call you..."

The image vanished and a black screen then shut off.

"Well drek, there goes my weekend, and my plan to simply drink myself into unconsciousness. Null Perspiration Johnson, I got just the crew."

Placing some phone calls to old chummers of his, Hunter got a party of six together, well, he got their answering machines together to call him.

05/26/2003 6:47 PM

High Performance Guns was my job. Thats probobly why I was called. I was one of the few who were able to weave magic into my bullets, and use the forces of man and of the supernatural to my advantage. I was known for that.

When I was called by Lucas Fayne, however, I was just annoyed. I had told the man, that after our very near death expierence at his mistake back at Angus Redout, I would never work with the man again. I wasnt sure how well that was join to turn out though. I did owe the man a favor for getting us out of the very same situtation he ahd gotten us in.

I hate owing people things...I shouted in my mind, as I made my way to the video reciver. I diled the AP address quickly. Lucas answered the phone.

"Lucas, it's Zenaar, what do you want of me this time?"

(OCC: Hows this? I dont know much of this kind of stuff, but I really like the idea of tech and Magic in one.)

05/26/2003 7:28 PM

(OOC: Depends, if you're Shamanistic you can bless the bullets to add accuracy aswell as extra damage to undead, some sgamans practice flaming their bullets, but I mean that's high up on the rarity lists, Mages usually use their guns to me more accurate, but I mean Shamans and Mages use magic only in almost all situations, so, I mean my thoughts, use magic sparingly, because a guy in 2XS did and then used guns when his magic was a little low, but like DL, it'll wear you down.)

"Zenaar, hey chummer, thought you'd ignore this, listen mild drek here, simply Johnson asking for a guard duty on his daughters honeymoon, null perspiration job, you in? Any stop calling me by Lucas, you sound like my dad, it's Hunter now."

05/27/2003 1:06 AM

(OOC: Actually, one of the few restrictions on magic in shadowrun is that you can't put it on projectiles. The reason for this is that magic requires it to be linked to a lifeforce. The moment the projectile reaches free motion, it is no longer in contact and any spell on it would be broken. What you can do however, is enchant the gun shooting the bullet, to have better accuracy. This would still be rather difficult, but could be done. The closest exception to this is an anchoring focus, which basicaly enchants an item to trigger a spell under specific conditions. After many months of reaserch into pretty much the same idea, I did find one way to do it, you can check it out here. The other major limitations on magic are that it cannot affect the space/time continuum (including teleporting), you must have a link with the target, and it can not see the future with any accuracy. Note page 47 of MitS and 191 of SR3.)

(OOC2: It's not really a matter of magic running low, actually. They way magic works (for those who have it, and use it for spells) is that when they cast a spell, first a check is done to see if the are succesful in casting it. Then a test is done for drain. Failure on this test results in stun damage to the caster. Too much stun damage, and you get knocked out. If you continually pass your drain test though, you can continue to cast spells for as long as you want. For many mages, the decision to use guns is situational, rather than health. A spell can be sustained over time as well in some cases, with periodic tests for drain.)

(OOC3: Another word of advice. Cyberware and magic can be done, but not very well. To put it simply, the more cyber you have, the less powerfull magic you can have. There's lots of criteria about this, but that's the short version of it.)

(OOC4: Dogwood, Paper, Radical Edward, Zapper, Detral Smith, Gally, Gene, Kenshin, J'mes, Lagomorph, Lighter, Loti, Nightshade, Sanosuke, Setzer, Shishio, Smashbits, Thistledown, Timesplit, Vash, Walter. I think thats all of the ones I have stats for right now. Let's see, which to use... Dogwood, Detral, Lago, Lighter, and Nightshade aren't really mine, so their out. Walter is independently employed, Timesplit, J'mes, Paper, and Gally already have incarnations on this forum, Thistle is overpowered, Setzer is not discreet, Ed's a decker, don't really want to do the kenshin bunch, so him Sano and Shishio are out, and Loti's no good since I never finished the empath to go with him. Gene and Vash are a bit too similar to Zenaar, so that's out. I guess I'll go with Zapper. He's a specialist mage... sort of...)

(OOC5: While I know plenty about the rules, I'm not as familiar with some of the slang, so you'll have to bear with me on that. Oh, bty, the default location for most shadowruns is near Seatle. Wow, that's a lot of ooc's.)

Zapper returned from work to find the message on his machine. "Hmm. Might as well. Nice to take a change of keeping someone from dying, instead of killing them." A quick examination of his appartment showed it very different from most. The almost total lack of any computerized device in the entire room was bizare for the times. Archaic mechanic counterparts stood for most of the things common in a normal room. It wasn't that Zapper was opposed to technology, far from it. A closer look at his hands though would reveal the problem. A constant blue crackle surrounded them, enough to short out almost any electrical device they touched.

Calming himself, Zapper focused on the charge, lowering it to a minimum. He then picked up the phone and called up Hunter. "Hey Hunt. I'll come over. Just remember to turn off your deck. You remember what happened last time."

(OOC6: last one, I promise! Ok, Zapper is technically a mage, hoever he does not cast spells as per a normal mage. His family has a history going back hundreds of years of being state executioners. Because of this, his family has gained a magical mark on it, causing him to become basically a walking "Electric Chair." He has many ways he can manipulate the electricity that cources through him, many of which are very similar to spells. However, he has a very difficult time keeping it turned off for any period of time. It's like a normal mage trying to sustain a lightning bolt for the same period of time. He is following the family tradition, of course, and routinely carries out execution orders at the state prison near Seatle.)

05/27/2003 9:39 AM

(OOC: Okay, finally finalized the character I was creating for this thread. Yeah, he may not be very original as a street samurai archetype, but he's got a few surprises. Besides I've wasted too much time on character generation already. :p So here goes...)

He walked in out of the cold rain of the seattle night, breathing heavily and and grasping his side. The latest run-in had been a mistake, pure and simple. While he was a man on the ru from authorities, the dreks he had crossed tonight had been nothing more than common street scum. He should have just left them alone...or maybe they should have left him alone. In either case, he had some bruising on the side from where and orc had kicked him, and they five dreks were now bleeding in some alley under the moonlight.

For once, he was glad that he was alone for once. He didn't want to involve his friends in this, especially not Leine. Not after all the trouble he had gone through to find her again. He climbed the stairs to the flat slowly. It was an old Lone Star safe house, but he still didn't want to take any chances. He probably shouldn't stay here long, he reasoned to himself. It was always better to keep moving. At the entrance he opened the door slowly, one hand resting on the handle of one of his slash-guns, an ingenious weapon design he had bought from a dwarven fixer. A handy investment to be sure. When no one appeared to be disturbed by the cracked door, he entered quickly.

He was called Thunderblade, for his characteristic slash-gun attack. However, his real name still evaded him...but someday...someday.

A flash of movement caught the corner of his eye. With reflexes only cyber implants could acheive, one slash-gun whipped out, the only sound was the tinkle of the chain that attached the weapon to his arm. A small high pitched squeak was all that greeted him.

Thunderblade immediately blanched and sheathed the weapon, realizing his mistake. "Sorry Leine, I forgot you had your remote with me."

A small device, looking for all the world, like a child's doll crawled out from under the bed from where it had dived. It resembled, cartoonishly, a woman with light blue hair, and eyes the color or tropical seas. It was Leine's remote interface; being a decker, it was one of the more subtle ways for her to stay in contact with her lover.

"Thunder, you scared the void out of me?" the doll wailed piteously. "And I'm not even really here!"

Thunderblade stooped down to pick the small animated device up. "Geez, I said I as sorry, babe. But that's part of the reason I'm not with you and Alpha. I can't be too careful nowadays."

"Ooh! Oooh!" the doll began to hop up and down, a rather comical sight considering the interface's oversized head tended to unbalance it, "That's what i've been wanting to tell you! Alpha found you a job!"

"A job?" Thunder asked, "What kind of a job."

The doll flopped itself down into a sitting position, "He said it would be pretty easy. Just protection for someone. But he said it should give you an angle of protection from the people looking for you if you can pull it off! And that means you can come back to us!"

Thunderblade scratched a finger through his trim beard. "Sounds almost too good to be true...but it's the best thing to happen in a long time. Did Alpha get any more info on the job?"

"Yupp! All the information is already dowloaded to our matrix account so I can access it and give you the directions at any time," Leine said helpfully, "So are you gonna do it."

He was silent for several seconds as he pondered his choices but in the end, his mind was already made up. He pushed his orange sunglasses farther up on the bridge of his nose and said, "Tell that Elven sword monger thanks, and that i'll be paying him a visit soon."

"Hee hee, don't worry Alpha will know," Leine's interface said as it hopped from his hand into the pocket of his black trenchcoat.

"Hey, what're you doing in there?" Thunderblade asked, frowning.

"I have to give you the directions of course," leine siad, her interface beginning to pout. "I want to help!"

"...fine, not like I can stop you," Thunderblade replied as he gather his small sack of gear, and proceeded to leave the safehouse behind. "It'll be nice to have company this time."

05/27/2003 12:10 PM

OCC: Yes, My character weave magic into his weapons in a much similer way to Gene Starwind's Caster Gun. Magic of his own, he is curative and defensive magic only. He is also Psionicly powerful, but he has no real offence other then his guns, and he is not a cyborg or anything, he is 100% human.


Curative/Defensive Magic

(He is very mobile and quick, but extremely weak physically.)

Weakness: Strength

OCC: Ill post in an hour.

05/27/2003 3:19 PM

"But you think its more then that, dont you Lucas." Zenaar said smiling. Empathy was a fun thing for him.

"I mena it must be, seeing as how you called in me for assistence...." He continued.

05/27/2003 5:46 PM

OOC: Hey, I was wondering... can you be a full cyborg? I am wondering because I like the idea of this shadowrun thing. I have never read the books so bare with me when I post. That is if I can join.

05/27/2003 5:56 PM

OOC: I want to get in on this thread. I have a few character options to choose from. One is a Super-Soldier with a trigger happy complex (ask Thistle or Rokangus about this one), a Juicer ( I know it's a RIFTs thing, but he fits perfectly into Shadowrun), a Gunslinger, or a huge-freaking Troll. Just post a reply with the option you think is best. If you need to know what any of the above things are, if for instance you have no idea what a Juicer is, just let me know and I'll explain.

05/27/2003 6:17 PM

(OOC: Ooo, this is really a tough call for me to make. On the one hand I've seen the super soldier in question from such runs as "blowing up Matt's Minion's with a grenade". Yet, i really want to see a Juicer in action too.

In the end, I think I'm gonna go with the Juicer. Sounds like there should be a lot of fun possibilities with that one. :D)

05/27/2003 8:50 PM

(OOC: Soaring, no, but you can have enough cyberware to replace all but your brain from what I understand, but it's realllll expensive, Thistle might be better for this I think)

"That's right chummer, I have one of those feelings again, meet me at my place, I've gotten a few calls during our talk, and don't bring anything electronic, you know how Zapper the human Spark Plug gets." Hunter said, grinning as he sipped his synthahol and turned off his telecom.

"Frag, well, double standard, shouldn't be too bad."

(OOC2: Agreed, Juicer sounds fun.)

05/28/2003 12:16 AM

(OOC: Since your soldier is still working for the military, it'd be sort of hard to work in. Be a heck of fun though. Go with the juicer, since you don't have to make stats for him here.)

05/28/2003 1:42 AM

The little red light was blinking on the message recorder. Somehow he had missed another call while doing things elsewhere.

"I wonder what monkey buzzed me today?" he asked as he pushed the playback button.

"Mr. Mason we have some news for you. A job opening has come through to our office and we have assigned it to you. It is a protection job for an important official. Your contact will make arrangements with you shortly. Have a nice day."

"Great, a stupid protection job. More like babysitting. At least it's a simple job."

He took a swing at the nearby punching bag and knocked it off its moorings. The bluish-purple sludge flowing through the various tubes connected over his body flowed a little quicker.

"At least I've been keeping in shape. And I got to find a better way to attach this thing." He begins to rummage around the flat to find a manual torsion device.

OOC: It's a really bad post, but I need time to get back into the groove. I'm having trouble coming up with a street name for him. The only things I can come up with are Revenant (means ghost), Ghoul, etc. This is the one part I've never been good at.

05/28/2003 9:48 AM

(OOC: LOL! Dang it, man. Now I'm going to b thinking about your Juicer trying to tighten his plugs with a monkey wrench for the rest of the day! :D Hmmm, as for a name, have you considered "Bane"? :p Nah, but seriously, maybe something related to the fact that he depends on serious hard-core drugs just to do the simple stuff like opening the door to his fridge? Something like 'Twitch', 'Spazzout', or 'Crazed Dervish'. Or if you're really desperate, you can go with a real winner like, "Surgeo". Okay, I'll stop now, honest. Man that last one was really bad...)

Riding through the back streets of Seattle, Thunderblade let his mind wander, something he was trying to break his habit of doing. The thrum created by the engine of his Yamaha Rapier, racing bike had something of a calming effect on him, almost like highway hypnosis. It almost always caused him to slip back into Nostalgia.

Thunder suffered from a rather serious case of amnesia. The farthest back he could remember was waking up on a bench in a park on the outskirts of Seattle, wearing little else but some tattered blood-stained rags, and the mysterious chains, that were now attached to his slashguns, wrapped around his arms, like troll bracelets. When he had tried to remove them from his arms, he had nearly collapsed from the pain. For some reason he couldn't explain that were as firmly a part of him just as much as his arms or legs.

He might not have lived long after that day, had he not met the elf who was known on the streets as Alpha Samurai. Alpha had taken Thunder under his wings and did much to help Thunder discover little clues from his past. It was from Alpha that he had learned that he was once a part of a failed super-soldier program undertaken by a clandestine group within the UCAS. That was why Thunder was being hunted by the remnants of that group, led by a mysterious swordsman known as Divo. Though Thunder hadn't had a run-in with Divo for several months, he knew that his sworn nemesis wouldn't leave him alone forever.

Like Thunder, Alpha was also part of a super-soldier program. However, unlike Thunder, Alpha retained nearly all his memories. Alpha had once been a Yakuza enforcer named Shigeru Otomo. When on the brink of death, Japanese scientists had used his near-dead body to contruct the ultimate samurai soldier. however, their experiment was deemed a failure, and again Alpha had been left for dead, only to barely bring himself back from that dismal point. From that point on, Alpha had made it his life mission to help others like himself. And that had led him to Thunderblade, whom he made his apprentice of a sorts.

Shaking his head, Thunder tried valiantly to concentrate on the moment. Though Alpha encouraged Thunder to discover more about his past, the Elven samurai would probably tell him right now that dwelling too much in the past would be unhealthy for him.

Checking the street signs, Thunder turned his bike down a street into an area full of residential flats. He was close to the address that Leine had given him. Thunder grimaced; likely there would be other runners involved in this job. Being social was not one of Thunder's strong points, that was a job he usually left to either Alpha or Leine. Parking his bike across the street from the given address, Thunder leaned back in the seat of the bike, and pretended to be resting. he would wait to see who else arrived, and would enter the premises when he felt ready.

05/28/2003 2:35 PM

OOC: How about a spoiled rich human kid whose father wanted him dead. But, his mother asked that he be made into a cyber soldier. Losing all memory about his past. So... what about that??

05/28/2003 6:20 PM

"All Right then." Zenaar said, hanging up.

(Sorry for shitty post, I dont feel so great. Ill do more l8r.)

05/28/2003 9:47 PM

(OOC: I don't know man, as I said, have to be somewhat human, yeno? Maybe a juiced up Ork? or! We could use either a techie or a shiftter! Shifters are born as an animal and they're bigger, and stronger versions of that animal,. and can change from that to human and back, and ignore a lot or non-silver damage! Could be a thought.)

Brushing off his secure longcoat and re-oiling his Colt Man-Hunter, Hunter took to the Telecom to make a call for some food to be delivered, for the planning of the defense.

"Alright, two pizza sheets one with the works, one with meat lovers onions, and black olives, all with garlic crusts.... yes I know it's all synthetic, just make it taste good... I know that's your job... listen, do I slot my credstick or is this free? Thank you. Alright."

Moments after the phone was called Hunter went through every curse word and combo-curse he knew.

05/28/2003 11:32 PM

(OOC: Ok, here's the deal with cyberware. Every person has six points of essence, no matter what type of person they are. Each piece of cyberware deducts from this. If your essence reaches zero, you die. Very few exceptions, and none that anybody here would have. (It's called cybermancy, and no, you don't want it.) To give you some basic values, an un-augmented arm or leg cost one essence point each. Other things like wired reflexes and implanted memory cost varying amounts. Tell me what kind of cyber you want, I'll run the numbers and tell you if it works.)

05/29/2003 9:35 AM

((OOC: I'm an all natural kinda guy, no essense reduction for me, and also, Shifters have higher essence right? Though, hehe, they regenerate tissue faster, so they'd resist the implants and force them out so it's really not needed that I mention this, also, shifters astrally look like their animals, so for examply, Nightshade, my Panther Shifter looked like a panther astrally, but not like a normal panther, like a huge panther with a white aura around him (I think?) so yeah. It's a good deal odd. Also, Zapper sounds like a really fun character to use to disable security measures!!))

05/29/2003 9:35 AM

(OOC: Yeah, Thistle has pretty much spelled it out when it comes to cyberware. Again, it all depends on what you want to do. To give you an idea, here's the cyberware that I can remember and what it does:

-Boosted Reflexes: Pretty much there's a chip in the brain that causes one to react faster than normal. So one can generally react faster than the average human. Costs 0.5 essence.

-Dermal Plating: Under the skin there would be a thin layer of armor plating over the vital parts that gives +1 to the body pool. Pretty much it just gives someone a little more leeway if he gets hit by anything. Costs 0.5 essence.

-Wired Reflexes: This is a cool upgrade, but costly in essence. Instead of just a chip in the brain, there are wires running throughout the body to make the reflexes that much faster. Pretty much it allows someone to get in twice the amount of actions he would normally have. Costs 2 essence.

-Muscle Replacement: Another really nifty upgrade. Muscles in the arms and legs have been replaced with much stronger artificial ones. At a level two upgrade (all the others I've mentioned were level one) you'll get+2 to your quickness and strength. Costs 1 essence per level or upgrade.

-Strength Enhancer: This one is weird. Apparently it has no essence cost, so I'm assuming its some sort of adrenaline boost or something. In any case it raises your strength another notch. Costs 0 essence.

-Ablative armor: Another zero essence cost. Pretty much it's just an enhancement to the skin. It doesn't increase his body, but it makes him slightly more resistant to ballistic and impact type damage. Costs 0 essence.

Then there are upgrades called bioware. Bioware is less costly to essence, since it more closely mimics real organs, but it costs more in the credstik department. ;) Plus there are some other weird side effects to bioware, depending on what you get. The one that stands out in my memory is this:

-Suprathyroid gland: This thing is just all around nifty. Increases my characters reaction, strength, quickness, and body. However it does add some side effects to my character, it restricts what other bioware and cyberware he can have. However in my character's case, that doesn't really become a problem.

There are lots of other sweet cyberware and bioware options. Like Thistle hinted at you can get whole limbs replaced if you want. You can also get certain limbs replaced with weapon mounts if yu really want. I think there's one that lets you have a gun in place of one of your eyes (if you don't mind losing your depth perception. ;)). Plus there are upgrades that let you heal faster, improve your character's intelligence or charisma (something about a pheromone producer I think?).

I know jacque's Juicer character uses a lot of stuff that performs the same stuff as bioware, but is linked to the drugs rather than any specific equipment. In any case, the options are up to you dude.

However, conversely, like somebody said, there are other archetypes that our team could use. Specifically I'm thinking some sort of rigger would be handy. Riggers come in two varieties: Vehicle and Drone. A vehicle rigger is able to plug himself directly into a vehicle and pilot it with his mind. Great if you need quick getaways or transit. Though since this is a protection job, a drone rigger may be more appropriate. Drone riggers have lots of little robot drones that they can control to do various tasks. They're great for reconnaissance or spywork, and even just in getting to little places that even a dwarf can't fit into. ;)

Anyway, I think I've wasted enough space. Hope some of this has been helpful.)

05/29/2003 6:33 PM

Zenaar had a bad feeling about this mission, and every part of him was telling him not to take it. Zenaar was usually right about these things, as his training at the Zenbudi Temple in the jungles of the sound, developing powerful Psionic abilities over the years. Whenever he got an empathic feeling, he usually listened to it, but this time he had a dept to repay, and he promised himself that he would forfill it to be done with it.

So it was off to the weapons locker.

Zenaar stood in the small rooms center, and raised his hands out around him. From the falls, the caged door sprung open telekineticly. From there, further, a large, body sized leather holster, and he began to slowly strap it onto his body.

Then Zenaar walked over to the nearest locker and pulled out two 9 .mm pistoles and put them in the leg spots for the hoslters. Then he took two ZEMGI sub machine guns and put them on the waist locations. The other spots, all but for one, would reciced a high accuracy .10 mm Smart Pistol. Then he put of a large and baggy trench coat, and on the back, he hoisted a Large Sniper Rifle. He was almost ready to go.

To his belt, under his coat he strapped one final gun, and a special set of 10 shells for it. This one was an antique, but even today he had yet to find a gun that could out-perform it.

The C-10 Caster Cannon

with that, he telekineticly closed the locker doors, and made his way down the stair to the building basement, where he entered the sewers, and made his way to lucas' last know residence.

05/29/2003 6:46 PM

OOC: WOW, lots of stuff for cyberware. Lol. I think I might have Boosted Reflexes, Wired Reflexes, Strength Enhancer, Muscle Replacements (Maybe just in his arms and legs), and finally Suprathyroid gland. Maybe some other limbs turned into cyberware. Maybe a healing one too. And maybe a built in gun on his arm? If you guys want to, You guys can help create my character sense I don't know much about Shadow Run. :)

05/29/2003 7:04 PM

OOC: Boosted Reflexes and Wired Reflexes are not compatible with each other. Wired Reflexes is not compatible with the Suprathyroid gland. The Strength enhancer is for cyber-limbs (that's why there's no essence cost). There's lot's of cool stuff to pick from, but you can only use so much. Talk to Thistle or myself and we can get you started.

05/29/2003 8:25 PM

Boosted Reflexes and Wired Reflexes are not compatible with each other. Wired Reflexes is not compatible with the Suprathyroid gland.

(OOC: Hmmm, weird...I'm assuming we're using the same version of the character generator program...but when I ran those same upgrades together it didn't give me the usual error message it's supposed to...?:|

Smeck...I'll have to check that again to make sure...in any case, the individual cyberware components really only give you a basic idea for how to run your character. For the pruposes of this rpg, as long as you have some idea of what your character is capable of, you won't need to know every last bit of 'ware you have inside of you. General rule of thumb, 'great power comes with great responsiblity'. If your character has lots of nifty cyber- and bioware, there will be drawbacks and consequences of such.


05/30/2003 12:02 AM

OOC: I just did some checking up with the books. The Suprathyroid is compatible with the reflexes. I must have been thinking of something else. I don't have the main sourcebook so I can't check Boosted and Wired reflexes, but it makes sense to me that you can't have both.

05/30/2003 11:58 AM

(OOC: I think it might have been the synthcardium or the adrenal pump that was incompatible with boosted reflexes. If you really needed an example of cyberware gone bad, I can post Thistledown's for you. And I don't mean my kender.)

After hanging up the phone, Zapper went to gather his gear. Going to his closet, he gathered his insulated street jacket and shades, putting them on. Then he moved to a smaller portion of his appartment set apart by a large cage. Focusing on turning off his electricity again, he moved inside to get his more sensitive supplies. Picking up a few different grenades, he shoved them into the deep pockets of his coat. He then grabbed his tonfa of the shelf, as well as a light machine gun and pistol. He picked up some knives on the way out then shut the cage behind him. Finaly, he could relax his charges.

(OOC: The cage is something known as a "Faradise Cage," something used even today to keep current and fields out of a confined area. Pretty much the only way he can safely store things sentistive to his nature. The coat is not realy enough insulation to protect anyone, but it lets him hold ammo in it without exploding it. Tonfa are basically metal nightsticks, only with a slightly larger handle.)

05/30/2003 1:15 PM

Zenaar moved quickly, hopping to get to Luke's home without wasting more then a few hours. He though he could be there in only a few hours if he moved fast enough and satyed to the main piping system.

05/30/2003 1:36 PM

After receiving the call from his contact Sludge prepares to leave. He finishes gathering his stuff and begins to suit up. He clads himself in some old Army Surplus gear. He wears Tiger-Stripe camo BDU pants, tanker style combat boots, and an olive drab t-shirt. Over this he fastens his body armor, painted in the same style camo. Over all this is an olve drab trench coat. With all of it on he looks like something out of a bad sci-fi movie.

He then sheaths and holsters his weapons: one knife in each boot, two menacing looking short-swords (one sheathed at his waistand the other across his back), a pair of Colt Man-hunter pistols in drop leg-holsters, and a custom-made sub-machine gun slung over his shoulder.

He then dons the final piece of gear. A pair of goggles about the same size and shape as swimmer's goggles. These goggles, however, mimic just about every type of cyber-eye available.

He leaves his flat and locks the door. He makes his way down to the street to his wheels. He gets into his suped-up muscle car that sort of resembles an old Barracuda. He revs the engine and peels out towards the address given him by the contact.

On the front of the car is a cross-hair placed directly in front of the driver. Plus, a row of spikes (ala Death Race 2000) runs across the front grill and bumper. On the back is a bumper sticker that reads, "Don't do drugs."

05/30/2003 2:00 PM

OOC: How about I just be a Shifter. Ok?

BIC: In the shadows a large white wolf could be seen. The wolf jumped onto a window and into the shadows once again. From the shadows a human walked into the room. He was a Shifter. "Now, that was a good excersize. Now I have to get over to Lucas's."

He stretched out then went into another room. Inside of that room was weapons, lots of them. On the left were ammunition and on the right was his guns, swords, kniver, etc... He grabbed a couple of holsters. He then grabbed 2 9mm pistols, a silver revolver, 2 deagle pistols, and a spear.(Is that better? Sense he would be holding the wooden part I mean.)

On his 2 leg holsters he put the 2 9mm. On his back holster he put his blade. On his belt holster he put the revolver. He rolled up his sleeves, then he pulled out two mechanical objects that he put on his arms. The deagles were hooked onto the objects.

With one movement he put his hands into his gun holding positions. The objects snapped the guns into his hands. "There, they work perfectly and I just made them." He smiled. He grabbed his stuff and put them in a bag, all except for the spear.

Then he transformed back into his wolf form. He grabbed the bag with his mouth and also grabbed the spear with his mouth too. Then he jumped out the window and ran to Lucas's house...

05/30/2003 3:21 PM

(OOC: 'On the back is a bumper sticker that reads, "Don't do drugs."'
Hee hee...gotta love the subtle humor. :D)

Meanwhile, across the street from the designated address, Thunderblade continued to wait; his bike parked on the side of the road behind an old wreck of a motored vehicle. Currently he was taking his time counting the number of stars in the sky. Then some movement inside of his trenchcoat pocket made him lose his count somewhere in the quadruple digit area.

"This is boring!" Leine's remote interface whined, in it's almost cartoonishly pitieous voice. It tried to pull itself up out of the deep pocket with minor success. "When are we going to go inside?"

"When I'm good and ready," Thunder replied tacitly, none-too-pleased at having lost his count. He was pretty sure he was about to acheive a personal record.

Finally managing to prop its arms over the lip of the trenchcoat pocket, the remote interface looked up towards the street-sam expectantly. "And when is that gonna be?"

"I said when I'm good and ready," Thunder shot back, his voice tinged with indignation. "That means when I feel like it."

The remote interface looked back at him with a look of disappointment. "This is stupid. You should just go in and be done with it."

"You know how I hate to be first in. I go for fashionable lateness."

Pouting, Leine's interface began to clumsily crawl its way up Thunder's coat until it was perched atop his shoulder. Once there, it crossed it's arms and sat in a comical imitation of Thunder's posture.

"What're you doing up there?"

"I'm staying here until I'm good and ready," Leine stated through the interface, "And that means when I feel like it."

Thunder grunted and replied, "Suit yourself." Not knowing what else to do, Thunder began to review his list of gear that he had brought with him.

He could tell through the strange link with his chains that his pair of slash-guns were present and in fine order. Though he couldn't understand how or why, Thunder possessed a weak form of empathy with the chains that were permanently attached to his wrists. He could barely tell if they were connected to something else, like his slash-guns, and when he used the weapons as throwing weapons, he felt as if he could almost guide their trajectory through the chains. However, it as only a theory that Aplha had thought up, Thunder was still far from doing anything special with the chains. Even so, Alpha believed that the chains had some special purpose within the supersoldier program that Thunder had been a part of. Once Thunder could regan his memories, he might be able to unlock more secrets about his strange chains.

Rifling through his secure long-coat, Thunder checked the rest of his supplies. In one of the pocket compartments, Thunder found the ration bars and slap-patches that he always carried in case of an emercency. The rations were of a special variety, because of some of the bioware in his body, Thunder needed to consume more nutrients than normal in order to keep th e bioware component healthy. In another pocket, Thunder confirmed a small comm device to use to make an emergnecy call. Also inside were a few low denomination credstiks.

Around his belt, Thunder checked the different ammo compartments. Each compartment was filled with a few clips of different variety. Though about half were devoted to regular rounds, Thunder verified that he had also brought along hollow-points, incendiary, flechette, and a few phosphorus rounds. Thunder smiled ruefully, hopefully he wouldn't be needing any of the more expensive rounds in this run.

Satisfied that his gear was ready and in place, Thunder crossed his arms over his chest once more and decided to take another stab at his star-counting excercise.

05/30/2003 8:38 PM

(OOC: To whom is playing the shifter, you missed 2 rules, Shifters have an EXTREEM silver weakness, can't even touch it wthout burning their hands, and, also, they can only shift naked, edit it so you're carrying a duffle in your mouth with your stuff, cool?)

Hunter got the pizza's set up two table and eight chairs, two intended on being empty, but to set things onto.

"They should get here within the hour." Hunter mumbled, opening a fresh bottle of synthahol whiskey and getting 6 shot glasses, for those who were a little thirsty.

05/31/2003 12:19 AM

(OOC: Bty, Zapper's using a Colt M22A2)

Zapper locked up the apartment then headed downstairs then jumped on his modified Vespa. An electric scooter with the guidance removed. At least he never had to recharge it. He headed to the meeting, locked down and charged up the scooter and headed up the stairs.

(OOC: Now that's an anti-theft device.)

05/31/2003 12:40 AM

The Barracuda tears around the corner of the destination street and rips down the road. He throttles past a guy on a motorcycle with a doll on his shoulder. Realizing that he has passed the intended designation Sludge whips the car around. The intended 180 spin sends the car over the sidewalk and into some trash cans. The racket is enough to wake the dead. He peels down the street and parks in front of the building that is the appropriate address. He climbs out of the car and looks at his fabulous parking job. The car is facing the wrong way and is more on the sidewalk than on the street.

"Like a glove." Sludge turns and follows the guy who rode the scooter up the stairs, after arming the security device (nothing more than a flashing red light and a remote that makes a beeping noise).

05/31/2003 9:06 AM

Zenaar journey through the sewer systems had been quite uneventful, and he had now arrived. He was the first to knock on the door.

"Lucas, I'm here..." Zenaar said.

05/31/2003 10:27 AM

Hunter presses his hand to the maglock, disableing it and opens the door, waving Zenaar in.

"Long time no see." Hunter jumps as he hears a loud crash. "Frag it, Sludge, take a fragging driving lesson! Drek, some guys never change, eh?"

Leaving the door open Hunter walks over to the table and pours everyone a shot, before they get here.

05/31/2003 12:48 PM


The only warning Thunderblade had began with a small squeal from the remote interface perched on his shoulder. Then that same squeal seemed to be amplified to the roaring squeal of tires upon pavement.

As the modded Barracuda swerved past him on his bike, Thunder experienced a twitch. Normally, without his cyberware, a small twitch wouldn't have bothered him. However, with hundreds of wires coursing through his body designe to heighten his reaction time, a small twitch now looked more like an uncontrollable spasm. So as the 'Cuda roared past him, Thunder's cyber-enhanced reflexes sent him leaping off to the side like a bullfrog on angel-dust. Fortunately he landed in a relatively soft pile of garbage bags left in some corner.

Picking himself up, Thunder shook his head vigorously to clear the sudden sense of disoreintation. "Drek!" he cursed angrily, "Drekking son of drekking drunk dr...greh..jssh.....GAAH!"

Kicking the pile of trash for good measure, Thunder stomped back over to his bike, which had been knocked over after his ill-timed leap. Setting the kickstand back up, Thunder proceeded to brush the rest of the dirt and muck off his coat. Then a sudden realization hit him...

"Leine?" he asked quietly. He knew the remote interface had been on his shoulder just before he had twitched...but after that...

"Leine?!" he asked more frantically, searching the area around the bike more carefully. When he couldn't find her there, he ran back over to the pile of trash he had landed in. "Leine! Say something, drek-it! Where the smeck are you?"

Thunder heard a small "Gack!" as he tossed aside some of the garbage. Peeling back some old newspapers, he found the interface splayed out comically with it's googly eyes spinning around in dizzyness.

"Leine! Are you alright? Wake up already!"

The doll appeared to sake itself off, and looked back up at Thunder with a disgusted look. "See, I told you we should have gone inside sooner!"

Thunder grimaced, but was otherwise relieved. "You shouldn't scare me like that. I thought I had lost you."

"What're you talking about?" the interface asked back, "I'm fine, it's just my interface that got tossed around."

Thunder replaced the doll back in his pocket as he fumbled over his words. "That's not what I meant! I mean...it's not that, it's just...you know what I mean! It's the principle of the thing!!"

From inside the pocket, the doll made a disgustingly cute face, "Awwwww, you do wuvvles me! I knew you had a heart somewhere deep inside of you!"

Groaning as he made his way towards the stairs to the apartment, Thunder mumbled, "Yeah, yeah, I'm a real Cassanova. Just don't start making a big deal out of it."

05/31/2003 8:18 PM

((OOC: Okay, is Thunder like Watt from "A Knights Tale" With the hole, "Your entrails will be your extrails, I... eh... PAIN, lots of Pain, you understand?" Because it seems like that! *YAY for Angry Scottsman!*))

06/01/2003 8:26 AM

OOC: Ok I changed it. My last post I mean. Oh yeah, and his name is Wolf...

BIC: He had been running for some time now and was getting thirsty. He saw Hunter's house. He leaped from a tall building and landed on the steps of the stairs, he rushed past a man with a doll and jumped onto a seat. He saw some whiskey and began slirping it down in his wolf form. He wouldn't be surprised if anyboy drew their guns on him..

06/01/2003 6:40 PM

Okay, is Thunder like Watt from "A Knights Tale" With the hole, "Your entrails will be your extrails, I... eh... PAIN, lots of Pain, you understand?" Because it seems like that! *YAY for Angry Scottsman!*

OOC: LOL! That's not exactly what I had in mind...but I suppose it works. ^_~ He's just the type that doesn't think very well when angry. Judging from your sig, a good approximation would be Black Mage I guess. When he *really* gets angry his first impulse is to either stab or shoot, not come up with witty come-backs. :p

06/02/2003 1:14 PM

"Hey Hunter, so what's the deal here?" Zapper asked as he walked in, leaving a small charge on the doornob. "No lead in the glass on this thing is there?" He joked, reminding some of the group of the time he had picked up a fancy lead-crystal champange glass only to have it shatter from the charge. He sat down at the table, leaving the shotglass sitting there for now.

06/02/2003 5:19 PM

"That's four of the six... Wolf, the bathrooms there, change back and get dressed, this is a fairly formal occasion, I ordered Synthapizza." Hunter joked listening to the two remaining members make there way in.

"We've got a big job... my friends, and fellow Shadowrunners, tomorrow we babysit." Hunter said, seriously.

06/02/2003 7:50 PM

Sludge walks into the room and tosses his coat onto a chair. Before sitting down he adjusts one of the straps on his armor. Some of the "juice" tubes are clearly visible on his forearms and shoulders. He sits down in the chair his coat is hanging on and looks down at the shot glasses.

"You shouldn't drink that stuff. It'll kill you," he states as he coyly tightens one of his plugs.

"And what a cute wittle doggie," looking at Wolf. "I didn't think they let you have pets here." He says all this knowing full well that Wolf is a shifter.

Sludge leans back in his chair and looks at everyone else. His eyes hidden behind the silvered lenses of his goggles.

06/02/2003 8:12 PM

A few minutes behind the Juicer, Thunder was making his way up the stairs. Pausing by the door, he paused, and made sure to push the interface's head back down into his pocket. More than to avoid any 'doll' jokes, Thunder wanted to keep Leine's existence a secret for her own sake.

"Stay down," he murmured quietly, "and don't say anything while we're in here."

"Why not?!" the interface asked inpertinently.

"It's for your own good. I don't know yet if anybody here knows Divo," Thunder explained, cringing as hementioned his nemesis' name. "It's for your own good. Now stay down, okay."

The small likeness of his mate dropped down. Taking a deep breath, Thunder opened the door and entered the apartment.

At a first glance, Thunder was impressed, but then again, Thunder spent most of his time on the street. Looking around he spotted a motely assortment of beings, but no one that stood out from the shady norms of Seattle's dregs. He spotted a pair of the usual mercs, both carrying good equipment for your standard street sam. One of them must be the leader, Thunder thought to himself.

In one corner, a strange pale man sat, running his fingers alongside a shot glass. Every so often a small blue spark would jump between his fingers. Thunder didn't know his story, but the chummer looked like the confident sort.

Nearby a...strange creature perched on a table. At first Thunder mistook the being for a strange cyber-enhanced punk (some of them liked to style themselves after certain animals). But a closer inspection revealed that the being was pure flesh and blood, something almost rarely seen in Seattle. Whatever the being was, Thunder decided not toget too close.

Then his eyes fell on the Juicer. These were certainly a rare sort, Thunder considered thoughtfully, and he had seen none with such extensive "pipings" as this one! *Poor chummer,* Thunder thought to himself, *I wonder how many more years he has left on him.* Still, he didn't doubt that the Juicer was mighty perilous; Juicers were just as capable of mayhem as any cyper-punk, if not more!

Revising his earlier impression of the group, Thunder decided that these were not your ordinary band of runners. Maybe this would be a fun experience after all?

As the respective beings in the room turned to face him, Thunder merely nodded in deferrence. Though he smelled the food, he decided not to induldge. Instead he took up another seat between the Juicer and the sparking chummer and waited for the meeting to begin.

06/03/2003 4:14 PM

Wolf jumped down and ran to the bathroom. After a few minutes a tall human walked out. "Just because I am a wittle doggie," copying what Sludge said, "doesn't mean I don't bite." He gave a smile. He went back to his chair and started to drink some more. He waited for the meeting to begin.

06/06/2003 1:53 PM

OOC: BUMP. Trying to keep the thread going...

06/06/2003 2:25 PM

Sludge looks around the room. The silence is nerve racking. Since the shifter returned no one has said anything.

"Are we just going to sit here and stare at each other? 'Cause if we are I'm going to go home."

He reaches into one of his pockets and pulls out a protein bar. "Hey, it's chocolate! Cool!"

06/08/2003 10:59 AM

Thunder silently agreed with the Juicer...things were starting off awful slow. Perhaps he had been wrong about coming here...he didn't have the time to waste with a group that didn't do anything.

But then, as his gaze drifted downward, he began to think about Leine. She deserved a better life than one on the run. Even though things might be starting out slow now, Thunder knew he needed to stick with this chance, for Leine's sake if not for his own.

Deciding to speak up for the first time, Thunder pushed his orange tinted sunglasses further up on his nose and said, "I heard this job had something to do with protection. This true?" He looked around the room for confirmation.

06/12/2003 8:07 PM

"Security, yeah, we're running it in a cabin in the north UCAS, from what I udnerstand both people are Corp kiddies, you know the type, the guy's been with a dozen, the girl's been with zilch. Her first, his thirteenth, but because of Corp linkups, they'll be together until one gets iced.

"Now, a few important details, my Tech support will be out old chummer Jim, the 'Gatekeeper'. I also know that our gear will be state of the art. The Nuyen for this rig up is around 20,000 per. Gatey did some digging, the Corps name is Rayn, Malledell Rayn. The very same who outwon a dragon for a Corp that deals primatily in BTL and Simsense chips, so they have plenty of enemies who would dig for the site, now, the perimeter is one mile, which means we can't spread it all, we have nightvision, but that won't help everything, so we get Gatekeeper to lock up the place tight with cameras, and we stick close, I figure Zapper and I, circling the house at 100 feet, Wolf and Thunder in the house, and our mighty Juicer by Gatey, incase he gets fragged, or close to it.. Understood?" Hunter said, cocking his gun and passing out train tickets.

06/13/2003 12:23 AM

(OOC: How much has this group of people worked togather before?)

"Sorry, but like I've explained to some of you before, I'm not a mage." Zpper says as sparks cross between his fingers. "Much as I'd like to, flying is a bit out of my reach. If this Gatekeeper friend of your's is a drone rigger, you might try and have him get a hold of some airial drones or something to watch from up there though. As for the rest of it, sure. I'm not too busy." Then he thought for a while. "BTL's huh? I don't know. A lot of my standard ... clients ... are involved in that. I'd hate to run into a former employer when I'm standing at the chair, if you know what I mean."

(OOC: I'd appreciate it if you had the corp be doing something else, like bio-research or electronics. Some runners (albeit few) do have some morals about what runs they take, and I don't want to pass up this one. I'll edit my post if you change it.)

06/14/2003 2:03 AM

(OOC: For my character this is the first he's worked with any of them...but that probably won't change how he acts around them much. He tends to be a loner anyways. Hmmm, so he'll be in the house? Fun. Probably do better there than on the house, neh Thistle? (Everyone besides Thistle and Jacques can ignore that comment as it will make zero sense. :p))

Thunder accepted the ticket quietly and tucked it into the inside pocket of his longcoat. Inwardly though he felt somewhat bitter. He'd have to be inside...with the two lovebirds. Wondeful, absolutely wonderful. Oh well, as long as they stiad to themselves, Thunder reasoned he could keep his lovey-dovey induced nausea to a minimum. And at least this Wolf guy would be there to share in his pain...

06/14/2003 10:12 PM

He accepted the train ticket. "So we have to make sure the two don't die? Man, I hate security jobs." And with that he took another drink. If there is any action, I better get some..

06/15/2003 1:48 PM

The juicer grabs the train ticket and continues to munch on his "Chalkolate" bar.

"At least it's a job," he says while finishing the last bit of protein bar. He tosses the wrapper on the floor and dons his coat. "Who knows, maybe it'll be fun."

06/18/2003 11:49 AM

Figuring that the meeting was essentially over, Thunder turned about and began to head for the exit. Checking the date on the train ticket, he saw that he'd have a little time to prepare. Besides...if the job was really all the way out in the UCAS then it would be quite a train ride; plenty of time to make any preparations for the job.

Once he was down the stairs and back out on the street, Thunder reached down and opened the pocket of his longcoat. "Leine, you still with me?" he whispered.

"Of course, where else would I be, silly?" the mechanically artificed voice sounded a bit miffed, most likely for being ignored throughout the meeting.

"I need you to do a favor for me okay?" Thunder asked quietly, "I'm gonna tell you what I learned from the meeting, then I'm gonna need you to run the matrix for any extra info you can find, got it?"

"Already working on it!" the interface chirped cheerfully as it tried to crawl up and out of the longcoat pocket, "You didn't think I wasn't listening that entire time, huh?"

Thunder grimaced. Leine's efficiency was always extremely helpful...but sometimes it made Thunder feel almost like an extra wheel. "Right, I forgot you could do that..."

"Wanna know what I found so far?!" Leine shouted, sounding like a small child who found something rather shiny that she wanted to show off.

Kicking up the kickstand on his Yamaha, Thunder hopped on to the bike. "Not right now, I'm heading to another safehouse right now to prepare. Just keep looking and tell me what you find later."

As Thunder revved up the engine on the bike, Leine's interface appeared to think for a few moments. "Can I come on this job with you? I'll ask Alpha to come with me!" The interface put on the most pleading look it's mechanical parts could manage, which resembled the expression of an obstinate ork.

"No, stay with Alpha!" Thunder insisted forcefully, letting the bike's engine idle. "This is gonna be a solo mission for me. End of discussion."

"But whhyyyyyy?!?"

Thunder sighed as he turned the bike's engine off. "First of all, just because I got this job, doesn't mean it's safe for us to meet up again. I know the UCAS is a long way from the California Free State, but that doesn't mean that Divo doesn't have spies out there in case we show up. Secondly, I doubt this corp would hire runners like the kind I saw in there, unless they were serious about security. That means this mission is potentially dangerous and THAT means I want you as far away from that danger as possible."

The interface began to pout as it drapped it arms over the lip of the longcoat pocket. "Poophead."

"Besides, I only got one train ticket," Thunder added for justification, "So unless you plan on riding as luggage, it's out of the question. " To emphasize the point that the argument was over, Thunder started the engine back up, and pushed off into the street, zooming off down the dark alleyways towards the next safehouse. Thunder gripped the handles of the Yamaha tightly; sure, he knew that he had a tendency to be overprotective of Leine...but why shouldn't he? She mattered everything to him...the thought of something happeneing to her...the thought of Divo getting his hands on her again...

Thunder swerved as he nearly clipped a lamp-post. The street-sam chidded himself for losing his focus. He could think about his nemesis Divo later. Now he had an important job to prepare for.

03/09/2004 7:23 PM

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