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05/16/2003 12:00 PM

*This story can contain many different characters. If you want to, just add them ot the story.*

In the Inn of the last home in Solace, a man sat at his table drinking his ale. The Inn has been getting strange visitors lately, cloaked figures. The rumors are all around now, the dark elves are killing people.

"You know that my friend was a dark elf, he was killed after the dark elf Dalamar captured teh shadow dragon. These people here, there dark elves trying to hide." Gait was telling the fellow people of the inn this story. Across the room there were some cloaked people.
"Gait, why dont we go over there and kill that thing off before it kills us." "No, just watch your back guys, if you will not to get stabed in the back. The dark elves will kill us, if we dont kill them." Gait took a drink of ale.
" Well if your not going to kill them, then i will."

Gait tryed to grab for him but it was too late. The man walked over to the cloaked figure and right away, the dark elf was so fast that it was a blur and the blood hit the floor.
"No!" Gait pulled his sword out of his sheath but he was hesistating as he saw the dark elves enter the inn, more and more.

05/17/2003 5:01 AM

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A kender by the name of Slopface Crappants walked into teh inn and looked at all the Dark Elves. "Woah, you guys havelots of cloaks!" He yelled merrily and put them in his pockets. "Hey, you guys should put some more clothes on!" In reference to a friend who's name means cabbage, and he's sick: "Poor cabbage, he's wilting." -Blake

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05/19/2003 11:13 AM

Ok im back and im going to go bad. Listen, where is the thread starters corp!? I would like to know. And, once again, you ruin peoples storys. You tell me what you think.

05/21/2003 7:36 AM

oceania the fair elven maiden walked into the room. wearing little clothing.

she walked up to the kender and tosses him out the window puts a few coins on the table. "will this pay for the window?" asked oceania quietly"i'm not the light but the darkness in which surrounds it." - me

05/21/2003 8:26 AM

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05/21/2003 8:28 AM

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-Dark Elf Damien

"Quoting me mockingly in your signature. Real mature. Grow up."

-Dark Elf Damien

05/21/2003 8:53 AM

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06/26/2003 1:45 PM

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