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05/09/2003 6:44 PM

OOC- I'll start with a litte note: This thread is based on the book 'A Warrior's Journey', about the Empire of Ergoth two-thousand years before the First Cataclysm. (Hopefully someone will have read it...)

Quick synopsis: the Ergothan Empire and the merchant city-state of Tarsis have long been at odds. Trade disputes have turned into full-scale war, many times over. With the brute strength of the hordes of Ergoth, versus the immensly wealthy Tarsian merchant-princes (who have hired tens of thousands of mercaneries), they are almost always even.

A new dispute over the trading rights in Hylo, the kender capital, has caused yet another war. Allied with the Tarsians are the Silvanesti, who together with a force of 50,000 hired mercaneries, are at war with the great hordes of Ergoth, fighting in the name of their Emperor, Pakin III.


The thread will start in the early stages of war, with delegations from the ruling guilds of Tarsis meeting in the imperial capital of Daltigoth, discussing the trade rights of Hylo.

Characters should be in the following classes: mage (following the rules of High Sorcery magic, Red or White preferably), Tarsian merchants (guild members, ambassadors, etc.), mercaneries (hired by Tarsis), Ergothan soldiers (or nobility, not in direct line of royalty),
kender (who are the victims, being in the middle), Silvanesti warriors/mages (sided with Tarsis, having already deceived and been outlawed by the Ergothan for their earlier treachery), Chief and tribesman of the Great Green (region of primeval woodland between Ergoth and the city-state of Tarsis) ((allied with the Tarsians)).

Characters that must be taken: Lord Tylocost, Silvanesti general of the Tarsian mercanery army, along with his own elves (role to be taken seriously); Prince Amaltar, first son of Emperor Pakin III, and heir to the throne of Ergoth (highest command of the Ergothan armies. a role to be taken seriously as well); Lucklyn the First, kender king of Hylo.
*If need arises, I will take on the role of the Emperor, Pakin III

From there, feel free to add a character that can be introduced as another twist in the war, without totally disrupting the storyline. ;)

That's all I can think of for now. I will post the intro following this post.
"You cannot reach them. We tried once, yes, precious. I tried once;
but you cannot reach them. Only shapes to see, perhaps, not to touch.
No precious! All dead." -Gollum

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05/09/2003 8:19 PM

OOC: I will give free reign, letting the war develop as it goes on. I will take on the responsibilites of DM if needed, but otherwise just have fun with this, as long as you keep to the basic guidelines.

The war has no definite ending, with either can win, depending on how the thread develops. Remember: Ergoth vs. Tarsis!


BIC: Imrahil, a merchant prince of Tarsis from the House of Fzar, fingered an ornately braided gold medallion on his neck, bearing the symbol of the guild of jewelsmiths.
He looked down on the scroll that lay on the table, and he didn't have to open it to know what information it held inside. Already he had been told that the Syndics had chosen him as their ambassador to Ergoth.

Many thoughts at once went through his mind. His closest advisors had stressed to him of the recent friction between Ergoth and Tarsis because of their raised taxes.
But that wasn't only why: Tarsis had already moved in Hylo to tighten their grip and renew old trade relations between their realms.

He knew of the hired mercanery army already amassed, under the leadership of general Tylocost, the Silvanesti. Ergoth would not take lightly to their pressed influence over Hylo. That's why they had chosen him: as an ambassador to Ergoth

The risks involved were great, but they had to tread carefully and hopefully not engage the Ergothans too quickly. He also knew of the complaints from the other merchant guilds: the drain on their coffers to support the mercaneries and the possible campaign.
The city navy was also a liability to be taken into account. He knew it for a fact that the merchants were not in a happy mood.


Prince Amaltar, crown prince of Ergoth, sat on his throne, reading a dispatch sent from Tarsis.
They were sending an ambassador to discuss the current trade disputes concerning the taxes and the trade rights in Hylo. As he had expected.

His personal scribe was already finished writing a reply to the Syndics of Tarsis, and awaited only his imperial seal.
After pouring a wad of red wax, the scribe presented the scroll to him, and he imprinted the seal from his ring. Immediately, he bowed low and left, bringing the message to a courrier who would relay the message to Tarsis.

That finished, Amaltar rose from his throne, and looked around the large room. Nobles, warlords, favor-seekers and foreign emissaries dotted the floor below the dais. Behind the throne, up more steps and behind many thick then gauzy curtains, was his father the Emperor, Pakin III.

Walking up, he pushed aside the last curtain and found his father sitting opposite a large polished oaken table, with legs that were carved to resemble those of a dragon. "Father, the Tarsians have elected to send an ambassador to discuss the matters of the trade disputes," he said.

A voice, loud and strong, answered him: "Good." Covered in shadow, Amaltar could not see the face of his imperial father.
Turning to his personal chamberlain, Pakin III issued orders to have preperations made for their arrival. Turning back to Amaltar, he said "Have the hordes been assembled?"
"Yes father," he answered, "all but one: the Western Hundred shall be delayed because of recent attacks on the border of the Great Green. They shall arrive within a matter of days."

Hearing a grunt, then the sound of soft snoring, Amaltar knew his father had dismissed him. With a quick bow, he left."You cannot reach them. We tried once, yes, precious. I tried once;
but you cannot reach them. Only shapes to see, perhaps, not to touch.
No precious! All dead." -Gollum

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