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05/08/2003 6:04 PM

OOC: ...Sorry, just wanted to get all of y'all's attention for a minute or two. I'm kinda writing a story 'bout Calista, Airi and Matt... but I need a lil help. Permission to use characters, please? Oh yeah, 'n I was wondering... who of the current villagers would still be alive in say.... 450 years? Gimme any questions or comments ya might have 'bout the story. Below is what I've written so far.... I'm warning you... It's already three pages on word... Lem'me know whatcha think, kk? Thanks a bunch! Tootles! ~ ~ Airi

Calista stormed out of the cave, her silver eyes flaring with anger. She would not allow her mother to speak to her as if she were still a child! She was nearly half a millennia old, how could her mother still treat her as if she were only fifty? Calista brushed her long, auburn hair back away from her darkly-tanned face. How much longer could she tolerate her mother, Kilairiandralsilvantaslik, the Ancient Dragon? True, her father was an ancient but Airiana, as her mother was known amongst mortals, was far less tolerable.

Calista was in an open field now, big enough for her to resume her true form. Thinking thus, the seemingly teenaged girl began shifting. Her long, auburn hair growing longer and enveloping her entire body, becoming the large silverish-red scales they truly were. Her face elongated and her fang teeth did likewise. Leathery wings sprouted from between her shoulder blades and her elegant hands became clawed paws. A tail appeared from seemingly no where and grew in length as her knees bent backwards and her feet became claws much the same as her hands had. She grew in size until she was her true height: around one hundred feet. With her tail, she was about one hundred and fifty feet in length of pure reptile. She was a dragon.

Calista sighed heavily to herself and stretched her gigantic wings. Her wingspan was almost as wide as she was long. With the sigh she tensed her strong leg muscles and leaped into the air. She gained altitude and flew lazily in the morning air. Where am I going? She asked herself in her mind. After a few moments of reflection, she answered the question: No where and everywhere!


Airiana sat quietly by the fire of the Inn. She had helped build that fireplace, that mantle. All of it. She had been here as long as the village had. To be sure, she and her family were among the first villagers. Since that time, however, much had changed. The Inn, built by a Kender raised among Elves, was now in the ownership of the Kender’s two Dragon companions: Tinsel and Coby. Few of the travelers that frequented the Inn knew that the inhabitants of this once-small town boasted the residence of five Dragons—four Dragons, Airiana corrected herself. Calista had decided to go her own way.

Calista left two days past and still Airiana knew not what to do. She was a teenager, after all. All of us blow up on our parents and run away at least once. I hope at least she does not do as I did at that age… I hope she decides to return home.

Airiana stood up with a sigh, brushed off her red, velvety dress and looked around the Inn. By the Gods, so much and so little had changed! Few of her companions still lived. But, Airiana reminded herself, that often happened when one chose to live amongst mortals. What was once Fernwood Village was now a thriving town. It had modest beginnings, as most do. It was established four hundred and fifty years ago.

The Inn was large when built—Lady Tassana had had large dreams—but since the growth of Fernwood had required it, expansions had been made. Some of the forest that surrounded the town had had to be cleared to accommodate the steady flow of people who arrived and passed through. It was amazing at how mortal settlements could grow so quickly! And the town could very well boast of being the most culturally and racially diverse on all of Ansalon: Elves, Humans, Dwarves, Dragons, a few Plainsmen, Kender, and even a couple Goblins and an Ogre, who worked as a bouncer for the Inn.

Airiana called to the nearest Dragon Innkeeper, which happened to be Coby. He was the youngest Dragon among them all, save Calista, but he had a good soul and a high respect for the Ancient Dragons. ‘Coby?’ Airiana bespoke him, making eye contact from across the crowded room. ‘Dost thou have a glass of Elven wine for me… when thee have a moment, of course. Thou art busy tonight!’ She telepathed, smiling.

‘That’s the truth, Ancient One!’ Coby replied, his Elven form smiling back at Airiana. ‘I will attend you as soon as I can.’ He said as he set down a bowl of stew at a table on the other side of the common room.

Airiana was a gorgeous creature in any form, but her best, by far, was her favorite: Elven. She was tall as a Human with a slender, lithe, and darkly tanned body. Her hair was long and a color darker than the darkest onyx stone. Her eyes were large and almond-shaped with the color of silver. Her lips were lush, full, and a deep ruby in color. Her nose was small and her Elven ears were gracefully pointed. Her hands had long, elegant fingers and always had perfectly shaped and manicured nails. Around her neck was the ever-present Heart Emerald, given to her by her Dearest Friend in all of Krynn, Furanthas.

It was a beautiful necklace that lay just over her heart. Where there is usually a chain, there was instead a rope of fine diamonds. The centerpiece was the Heart Emerald itself. It was a large emerald that was shaped as a heart. Its color changed with the feelings of its wearer and often drew the eyes of those around her. Currently, the Emerald’s color was a deep green that was shifting back and forth between the said green and an equally dark blue, showing contentment and sorrow, respectively.

Knowing that Coby would make it a point to attend her within a few moments, Airiana sighed at sat back down at her chair by the fire. Across the table sat a Dwarf who was heartily eating twice his share of stew. Airiana smiled to him. “Art thou enjoying thyself?” She asked him, smiling, though she knew that most Dwarves abhor being interrupted at mealtime.

“Aye, madam. That I am.” Was his gruff reply while he heartily tucked back into his stew, tearing off a hunk of bread and sponging up the last of it. His hair was a reddish-brown in color and his beard was quite long. His face was impassive, but his eyes twinkled in the firelight.

“Dost thou wish for more? I can call the Innkeeper for thee if thou wish…” Airiana said smilingly; glad to be thinking of someone besides Calista. Besides, she reasoned, he seemed like he was still hungry, and must have traveled a long way, quite the accomplishment of a Dwarf at his age. His beard would be turning gray soon, she judged, and so he most be at least halfway through his life-cycle.

The Dwarf looked grumpily up at Airiana. “I can call ‘im myself if I so wish, madam!” He said, bringing an earthen cup to his lips that from the smell could be nothing but Dwarven spirits.

Airiana smiled to the Dwarf and murmured something that sounded like “As thee wish”, while turning her attention back to Coby, who had only just filled her a chalice of Elven wine. ’While thee are at it, Coby. Bring with thee another bowl of stew and hunk of bread for the Dwarf across from me. He seems to need it, though he told me not to call for thee. I’m sure he did not realize that I might bespeak thee, as it is uncommon among mortals…’

Coby smiled as he set the chalice of wine on his serving tray and grabbed a bowl from a shelf. ’Should I bring another double bowlful for him?’ He asked, his back to Airiana as he began ladling out the stew in heavy measure.

’Thou may have need of it, young one. He seems in a ripe hunger. I wonder, dost thou know from where he travels? With such an appetite, I would wonder if it were not from Thorbardin itself!’ Airiana said, her mental voice laughing gently at the end.

’Truly, Ancient One, I know not. Though he has eaten more than a few of our other customers combined! I will be there presently.’ Coby told her, setting the bowl carefully on the tray and adding a large portion of bread that he tore from a large loaf.

Airiana smiled and nodded to Coby and returned her gaze to the fireplace and the large fire within. She seemed to be in a trance, not truly focusing on anything as she stared into the flames. I wish Calistanoanlikathlik would have used her brain before her feelings, Airiana found herself thinking as Coby made his way to the table. Mayhap then she would not have left me here to worry over her. True, she wished only to visit the Tower of Wayreth, but she is still a youngling! Such a journey is not fit for a young Dragoness of only five hundred years! She thought, shaking her head so that she was no longer mesmerized by the flames.

Coby had already set down a fresh glass of wine for her and was giving the Dwarf his stew and asking if he wished for a new glass of spirits to accompany his food. The Dwarf, unsure as to why more food was being given to him, gruffly nodded his head in assent and glanced at the “Elven” beauty across the table from him.

“Had you anything to do with the replenishment of my aliments, madam?” He asked, eyeing the woman and then his bowl of stew suspiciously.

Airiana chuckled lightly and sipped her wine. “Now, dear Dwarf, why would thee suspect me of such a thing? Hast thou heard me utter a word to anyone since last I spoke to thee? How could I have anything to do with this?” She asked, putting her hand to her heart in mock shock and horror, but smiling the whole time.

The Dwarf again eyed his soup, as if suspecting something from it to reach out and grab him or some equally strange and horrendous occurrence. “Ye’ve cast no spell or put poison in this, have ye?” He asked, sniffing it lightly.

Airiana laughed outright at this. “Of course not! In the name of Reorx himself, why would I do such a thing? I only thought that thee might still be hungry, for thee look as though thou hath traveled quite a ways…” She said smiling truthfully at the Dwarf, her Heart Emerald shifting to a springy yellow-green with her amusement.

It seemed as though the Dwarf believed her, for after giving her a look that clearly meant “if anything happens to me, may Reorx have mercy on your soul because my vengeful spirit will not,” he placed a tentative spoonful of the warm stew in his mouth, but still he chewed its contents warily.

Airiana laughed at the Dwarf again. “Believe me, sir, if I wished to harm thee, I hath no need to poison thee. I work in much more direct ways. If I were after thee, thou would know it in earnest and would fear for thy life.” She said, smiling through her words a smile that showed the truth of them, while her eyes gave no hint of lying. “Pray, tell me, from where dost thou hail? Thee look as though a seasoned traveler on a long journey. What brings thee to Fernwood?”

The Dwarf took up another spoonful, and seeming to be happy with the results, took a long draught of his mug of spirits. “You are in deed a curious lady, if I may say so, madam. I have come to Fernwood in hopes of finding some Dragon that calls herself… Khilairi… hand-rhalsil… vantah-sik. By Reorx’s beard they have odd names! I don’t think its quite easy for anyone but a Dragon to pronounce. But, anyway, that’s why I’m here. You wouldn’t know where to find ‘er would ye?” He asked, scoffing down half the bowl between hasty, food sputtering words.

Airiana’s ears piqued when she heard the Dwarf stumble over her true name. Who would have told him that name? Only the closest of kin and dearest friend know my true name! Well, she added as an afterthought, at least he can’t say it correctly. She wondered to herself. And who would be looking for me here? And for what purpose?

She cleared her throat and sipped her wine thoughtfully to stall her answer. When she’d gathered herself sufficiently, though on the outside she never seemed to have changed, she looked at the Dwarf again. “What need have Dwarves of a Dragon? I thought thee hated them!” She scoffed and drank more of her wine.

“No offense, madam, but I wouldn’t be caught dead within one hundred paces of one of the great beasts! I am here to seek ‘er out for a friend.” The Dwarf exclaimed back as he finished his bowl of stew.

“Did thy friend give thee any other name or a reason why he asked for this Dragon?” She asked, though inwardly she smiled to herself.
Well, thou art very much alive and within one hundred paces of four Dragons, not just one! And thee hath managed to be within an arm’s length of the Dragon thee wish to find! What fun it would be to let thee know right now of all of this, ha-ha… I am sure thee would do no less than to be petrified with fear! She thought to herself with an inward laugh.

OOC: Found it!! :D :D :D

Kilairiandralsilvantaslik.. known to most as Airiana and Last of the Silver/Red Dragons

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05/08/2003 6:37 PM

OOC: First you mist an italic somewhere. Second, Krystal and Minoa are yous to command. I have decided that they will re-bond.....except more symbiotic. Krystal and Minoa will share the same body..... Rahter like a body with two minds, but this body can shift between who's controlling it.

What i'm trying to say is that they both inhibit teh same body, but they often fight for control it: when Krystal wins it's human, when Minoa wins it's shadow. I also give my half of Minoa/Reiha's child. (Kalia's got the other half)

So basically they'd both be alive. Krystal would appear about 40. She's now a sarcastic fighter with a broadsword. However, after Minoa was defeated a second time, she dissapeared from their view and Airiana (unknowningly) would assuem they're dead.

Um, that was longer then nessacery. Reply for any questions ^_^

Oh yeah, and is this a post, as in joinable?In reference to a friend who's name means cabbage, and he's sick: "Poor cabbage, he's wilting." -Blake

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05/09/2003 3:50 PM

OOC: :( I went back and checked... by I don't see anywhere that I missed the (without spaces, of course..)! Oh well... :( And thanks for the info! :D I wasn't planning on this being an RPG thread. I was just writing a story and wanted to know what the rest of Fernwood would think... But I could turn it into one! Are there any other takers besides PoD? Kilairiandralsilvantaslik.. The Abominiation... known to most as Airiana and Last of the Silver/Red Dragons

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05/09/2003 6:10 PM

Hm, the end is italics on purpose??

Ok, cya later Airiana!In reference to a friend who's name means cabbage, and he's sick: "Poor cabbage, he's wilting." -Blake

"A tribute to a friend for years that never passed, a tribute to an enemy for days that spanned years." Krystal, Fernwood Village

-Karina Majere
Princess of Darkness

05/10/2003 1:44 PM

:( No. It's not supposed to be, but I can't find where it went wrong either... :(Kilairiandralsilvantaslik.. The Abominiation... known to most as Airiana and Last of the Silver/Red Dragons

"All it takes is all you've got" -The Rock

"You taste like honey, Honey. Tell me can I be your honey?" -MB20 'Disease'

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