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05/08/2003 12:15 PM

Benn-Salian had spent many days on the road to Wayreth. He expected it to be many more days still. He was travelling to the Tower of High Sorcery to take his Test at his 86th year as a Qualinesti elf.

Benn-Salian had spent a few years in the town of Fernwood and had expierenced many things. He would have been content on living there throughout his elven years if it hadn't been for the gnome, Detontrophe.

The gnome had spoken to the mage about his adventures with the Greygem Trio. As a mage-bard, the elf couldn't help but be inspired by his friend's stories and sought training in several places. He picked up Branchala's Tale of Life from the pixies in Ergoth and Hiddukel's Tale of Lies from the shadowpeople of Sanction. He was even so lucky as to be granted Gilean's Tale of Knowledge from one of his mistresses that resided in Palanthus.

Benn-Salian became prepared to face his Tests or death, whichever the gods dealt him. He sat beside the fire he had created with gnomish rocks; he was still conserving his magical energy. He was about to close his eyes and rest for another night when he saw a hawk watching him for a tree limb. Benn-Salian was sure that such birds didn't frequented the skies in these parts.

"You are right. A hawk wasn't the best disguise to use, but nevertheless it is time to fly with me back to your home of Fernwood. It is not your time," the hawk replied telepathically.

"No! I am here to take my Tests. Either let me take them or try to slay me. Either way I am here much to your regret," The blue-robed mage shot at the bird of prey.

"You will die you know. Not could die. Will die. IF I am to leave without you behind me forces of massive power will take chase and you will be powerless."

"If that is my Test, then I shall stand to meet it."

05/08/2003 12:52 PM

"Benn Salian...i am Gait Firestorm. This is your first test if you chose to accept it. Go to the tower of Wayreth and find Raislin Majere. I know this is kinda Quick but he will give you your prize. If you do not find him, you shall perish and die." Gait walks away.

05/08/2003 2:31 PM

Benn-Salian watched as the messenger of Gait Firestorm left into the blackness of the Forest of Wayreth that formed around the young mage. Find Raistlin Majere? In Wyreth? Sounds dubious indeed. Benn-Salian knew that the archmagus was the Master of the Tower in Nereka (formally Palanthus), but this messenger must know something that he did not.

Benn-Salian picked himself up and started on his way, remembering not to put out his fire for fear of becoming lost in the forest. Upon a few steps, Benn-Salian saw eyes illuminating from the brush. They were the eyes of a cat but with one difference; the pupils were shaped like hourglasses. Once the eyes realized that they could no longer hide it emerged from the darkness. The figure phased from its bast form into a black robed mage with golden skin and silver hair.

"I see that the young mageling can at least recognize me. I wasn't sure you could find me on your own, that is why I sent my messenger before me. Such a good familiar, he is. I also doubted that you could make it through the Test alive. It is near impossible to do so. Even I have to admit that I had help from another," Rasitlin sneered at his reference to Fistandantilus, "I have prepared to offer you the same proposal. I shall help you in the same way I was helped. I only ask for your acceptance."

Raistlin Majere threw back the covering he wore upon his robes. He exposed the Staff of Magius and the golden runes of Protection that adorned his black robes made of wool. "I will also offer you the Staff of Magius, since I don't seem to have much need of it," Raistlin added.

Benn-Salian recited a verse of the Tale of Knowledge and was able to call a spell to mind from its inscription. Water fell from the heavens and saturated the ground beneath the archmage. "I do not know who you are, but I know you are not Raistlin Majere. Majere would never have use of familiars or runes, nor aid from the Staff since he gave that to Palin Majere," Benn-Salian retorted to the image of Rastlin that deteriated before him, "Also, wool would be to itchy for the delicate skin of the Master of the Tower."

The image before him blinked out and left the young elf by himself once more. Benn-Salian turned on his heels and went back to his fire to await the night. Left in the wake were a few rose petals.

05/08/2003 3:41 PM

Out of the rose petals arose another black robed figure, this one cloaked so entirely that one could not see the slightest bit.

"Ah, red with blue robes." Came a feminime voice from behind the hood. "How unusual. And yet you still managed to be exiled from the Qualinesti. Stubborn, are elves."

There was a flash, and a staff appeared in a gloved hand. She looked up into the sky, and her hood fell away, revealing straight black hair. "You're going to Wayrenth, are you? Ah, good, then fetch my daughter. Her name is X."

She turns around, to stare at the mage with cold, black, orbs. "And tell her that her mother wants her out of that Tower."

She holds a hand out, and a crystal with gray swirling mists appears. She tosses it to him. "Take this,Benn-Salian. Not only will it help you in your quest for me, but many in the future."

"I am Karina Majere. Do not cross me. I expect my task to be carried out, or vengeance will be swift." With that, and a piercning look, she dissapears.

05/09/2003 8:27 AM

Benn-Salian peered into Karina's Orb. The cold chill it gave off made the mage apprehensive to hold it any longer than needed.

"Why must I always attract the black robed mages? Do I give off some sort of scent?" Benn-Salian mumbled as he went out on the mission he had been given.

As he walked he noticed that more and more trees lined outside the path. The trees themselves began to blur and become two smooth faced walls and the path itself leveled off into a floor. Have I always been inside a building or was this the illusion? It mattered little in the scheme of the moment. In order to advance towards his Tests, it would appear that he meet with X. X is quite an unusual name for a daughter, but who am I to judge? The elf walked down the newly reformed corridor running his hand along the wall and pausing at doorways.

Benn-Salian paused at one of the doors for a moment longer than the others. He could feel magic in this room. This seemed highly possible since he had concluded that he wa walking in either the illusion or actual Tower of High Sorcery. Something about this magic seemed off. Uncomplete. The blue-robed mage held his palm against the door in an effort to sense more of what was inside. a humming noise came from inside the room and the door retracted on its own.

The room was dimmly lit by bottled lamps that lined one side of the walls. Inside the bottles were organisms that were both hideous and beautiful in nature. Under each of the bottles was a letter or a number. Following the alphabet, the elf found the bottle that he was looking for. X. "Finally, I can bring this back to the black mage and be off again," Benn-Salian announced proudly.

Taking a look inside the jar revealed a starfish-like creature. The creature continued to try to pick itself up from the bottom of the jar. Upon closer evaluation, Benn-Salian realized that there was a purple glow underneath the creature. So the creature is trying to perform magic. The poor thing, once I make it leave tower it will no longer be able to do such magic.

Behind him a figure arose from the dust. "I see that you have located my daughter. Hand her to me so that I might take her away from such influences," the figure replied.

Benn-Salian recognized the voice as the black mage, Karina. He turned around and shot a look at the mage. "I cannot allow you to forbid the magic from this creature as I have done to myself," Benn-Salian proclaimed, "The magic does no harm in the ahnds of this creature. I do not care of your claim to her. I shall defend her right to her art."

"Why you snot-nosed little elf! Are you to wet behind the ears to realize that you are nothingness in my path?" Karina explained.

With that she charged at the young qualinesti in her attempt to reach X. reaching into his robe pocket, Benn-Salian found the crystal that she had given him. She never explained what it did, but Benn-Salian proposed that anything it did do couldn't hinder the flimsy chances that he had.

Karina continued charging at the elf and stopped right in front of him. She looked at him and smiled. "You haven't moved boy."

"Where do I have to go? I have no other task at this moment other than stopping you from taking away the one thing that this creature has."

"Precisely. You have acknowledged you desire to sacrifice for the magic. Not your magic, because it doesn't belong to you. But the magic of everyone," Karina expanded, "it was amusing to see you try to attack me with my own artifact. Perhaps I shall allow Takhisis to bless it for you and adding to it a sense of direction. You seem like you could benefit from it."

05/09/2003 7:37 PM

Then, she sneered. She snapped a silk-gloved hand, and the jar appeared within it. "Do you see? This is not my daughter. She is a woman, full of desires and ambition, lust and honor. Perhaps you truely will meet her...or perhaps not. And you will know when you do, as well. And for that artifact, yes, i believe i will LEND it to you for the moment. I do believe it will help you. I believe that you have completed this test sucessfully. May the Queen walk with you."

05/12/2003 9:43 AM

A thick fog developed in the forest. Visibility became short as the mage walked on. Going farther he encountered a man in a blue coat and hat leaning against a tree. "It has been a while." The man said. "You haven't aged that much since then... but then, you elves don't." Surprinsingly, the speaker had hardly aged a day since the two had last met.

05/13/2003 6:46 AM

"It has been a while." The man said. "You haven't aged that much since then... but then, you elves don't." Surprinsingly, the speaker had hardly aged a day since the two had last met.

"I'm sorry sir, I don't believe we have met. This is my first journey to the Tower of High Sorcery," Benn-Salian explained to the man in the coat and hat.

"I have to admit that I was a little bit startled when you could tell I was elven. But then again, if you are in this forest there is more chance that you are able in arcane magic than not," the blue robed mage shared with the man, "I should introduce myself. My name is Benn-Salian, I am from Qualinesti and have traveled from Fernwood Village. I have come here to take my Tests, but it would seem that there a few black robed mages that have needed my assistance thus far."

05/13/2003 10:45 AM

(OOC: In your first post on fernwood village, you said that he had already taken his test. But then how is he traveling from Fernwood Village now? Hmmm. So is this after or before? I will keep it neutral for now, and can work this either way. Just, don't figure out who I am, it will mess up the surprise I have planned.)

"I see." The fog was still too dense to see the man's features, though a smile grew on his face. "In any case, I sence that you will have trouble ahead. I offer you a choice," he said, pulling something from his coat and holding forward his staff. "You may chose one of these items to accompany you. I trust you to return it after your quest. You will know how to find me."

In his right hand, the man held a tall metal staff. One end was shaped and enclosed a glass hourglass, with the sands frozen in place. The other end was split like a short tuning fork.

In his left hand, he held a strange device. A large cylinder, with a handle off the side at one end and a short pertrubance just before the handle. A strange belt accompanied it.

"Remember that both are mearly tools. It is up to you to decide how to use them. Both will have benifits and drawbacks, but both are useless as they are now. Chose, and I will tell you what must be done."

05/13/2003 2:52 PM

I had watched as the mage Benn-Salian began his test, and I had watched even now as he continued to labor through the motions of his work. He seemed to crave an adventure of his test, not much like several elves that ahd taken it before him. The test was different for each who took it. I knew that. I can still remember the time I look my own test. I remembered wnating to feel the thrill of adventure as well. In this mage, I was now able to see much of myself. I was able to see myself, several years young, and several time bolder then I had been ever before.

"He is indeed a most interesting character..."I thought as I watched on. He continued his work, choosing between two tools that would mean his life or death in either respect.

"Soon, I will have to make a little test of my own for this quite interesting magi. Soon enough, he will have the adventure he seems to crave. The only question will be, if it was adventure to much..." I thought still, As I watched on.

OCC: I have a rather elaboret test I think you may engoy when you are finished with your current one. Tell me when, And I shall reveal myself to the 'Sugester of Illusion'

05/13/2003 3:29 PM

OOC: This takes place after. I appologize for the post you mentioned. Since I began using him I have let him evolve and no one has questioned it. I have fixed that error and will try to spot others out. Congratulations on the inight.

BIC: The man held two items in front of the mage. Both items lingered in Benn-Salian's memory. The staff reminded him off the like that his former sponsor collected. The device appeared to be of gnomish make. Normally this would frighten the most eager of travelers, but this reminded the mage of Detontrophe. The gnome he had met on his travels accross Krynn during one of his hiatuses from Fernwood. It seemed to the mage that he had alreadt chosen and began to reach for the object.

His thoughts then turned to Karina's Orb. The mage felt a pain of awareness to the balance of acquistions. He stole his grasp back for a moment and fished through his robes. "Sir, in exchange for your loaned item, I offer this one to take it's place," Benn-Salian replied, "I am not sure it's worth, but then again I do not know the worth of your device. Perhaps we shall find ourselves lucky that they are of equal worth for the time being."

05/13/2003 5:47 PM

"Perhaps." The man said. "This is as much help as I have been allowed to give, and that on the condition I remain annonymus until after your tests. Use it by pointing this end at your enemy, and squeeze this part."

"There are 6 shots in this. Each one is different. But it has a lock placed on it. Find room 835 in the tower, and you will discover a steel box within it. If you succeed in opening the box, you may use the key within."

(OOC: Logically, that would be 8th floor, room 35, which does not exist, but 834 and 836 are there. Good luck finding it. And something about a guardian for the box.... I'll give more clues when you find the room.)

05/14/2003 8:47 AM

"Perhaps." The man said. "This is as much help as I have been allowed to give, and that on the condition I remain annonymus until after your tests. Use it by pointing this end at your enemy, and squeeze this part."

"There are 6 shots in this. Each one is different. But it has a lock placed on it. Find room 835 in the tower, and you will discover a steel box within it. If you succeed in opening the box, you may use the key within."

Benn-Salian looked at the device again. He hadn't thought that the device would work like that. Leave it to a gnome... Benn-salian accepted the loan of the artifact and examined it for a small while. He looked up to ask the man the direction to the tower. Of course, the man was gone and in his wake the trees had gathered close together to form a walls and the dirt ground leveled off for the floor.

"I don't think they shoud allow Lunitari to do anymore house decor around here, all this phasing could make a man sick," Benn-Salian replied easing his tense stomach.

The mage folowed the corridor around the corner aand elevated himsef up all the stairs he could find. Eventually he made it to the eighth floor. He walked down this hall reading all the numbers on the door. 33...34...36! The blue robed mage stopped in his tracks.

What kind of Tomfoolery is this? Surely this was insane, Hiddekul must be laughing at me.

The Qualinesti sat down on the ground for moment or two. He told himself to calm down and reminded himself that he was in the Tower of High Sorcery. He knocked on the wall next to the 34th door and made his way to the 36th. He paid close attention to the sounds that he made. He wasn't quite sure, but he thought he had heard a difference in pitch as he made his way. He took the device that the man had given him and he pulled on the lever that the man had directed him to pull and he waited to see what would happen.

OOC: Feel free to redirect Benn-Salian so that he fits into what you want for the test. I trust you not to abuse it.

05/14/2003 11:54 AM

OOC: Return of the evil magess!


"Missing a door, Salian?" A quiet voice asked. "It appears that you have bargained off my possession.....that does not please me."

She snapped her fingers as the Orb appeared in the open hand. "tis a pity that your newest tester will probaly think you took it instead..."

She laughed, and disspaered

05/14/2003 1:26 PM

(OOC: The room is actually a shadowrun reference, requireing a lot of hacking. I like your solution better, but you overlooked something.)

Squeezing the trigger, the mage prepared for the worst, when to his surprise, nothing happened. The words of the man floated back to him.

"But it has a lock placed on it..."

The mage looked more closely at the device.

Within the steel box, the key felt itself being needed. Sencing the device in range, it activated it.

The mage was starled when the device started glowing a moment later. Barely, he managed to point the device at the wall just before a huge stream of acid began shooting from it at high pressure. The wall began to quickly desolve under the corrosive flow. The flow splashed about the hallway, some of it landing on the ropes and buring tiny holes through it.

When the flow stopped, the section of wall was gone, revealing a small room within.

*No gnome made that!* The mage thought to himself.

Watching through a scrying device elsewhere, the man in blue chuckled to himself. "Well, that's one way in."

Within the chamber, a pair of ancient eyes locked on the intruder. On a small table before it, sat the steel box. Pipes ran criss-crossing throughout the room, many coming from the cieling above. The rear of the room was occupied by a large tank of some sort.

(OOC: Trust me, you don't want what's in the pipes. Or the tank. I'll leave what you are fighting up to you, and how to defeat it. But the gun will not fire again until you open the case and insert the key. The case is welded shut on all sides with no opening. But it rattles.)

05/14/2003 2:17 PM

OOC: Don't know anything about Shadowrun, sorry. I didn't really overlook the lock. It confused me and I had no idea if it work or not so that's why I left it off where I did.

BIC: Benn-Salian stepped into the room in hopes that he could adjust his eyes to see in the darkened room. He was geniunely surprised when it worked. He manuevered toward the crosswork of pipes but he was shy to touch them. Unfortunately he saw the steel box on the other side of them.

Upon further exploration of the room, Benn-Salian became aware of the glowing eyes. The eyes narrowed in the mage's inspection and sway back and forth as the came closer to Benn-Salian. Some light flickered into the room and showed the transparent body of a spectral minion. I knew these had been known to frequent the High Tower in Palanthus, but not here. The specture kept a close distance to the steel box. It's protecting it! That must mean that it is a Guardian. Benn-Salian motioned towards the specture.

"I am Benn-Salian and I have rightful claim to that artifact you are guarding. Please give it to me," the mage demanded.

"Password. You must have password to claim artifact. If you try to claim it without a password I will kill you," the specture replied cooly.

Benn-Salian realized that he did not know of any password and any pitiful attempt would only anger the specture and ruin his chances. The mage widened his stance and began to tighten and loosen his musles in a rythmetic flow. He timed his breathing patterns to resemble those of a wave at low tide.

Once the mage felt in complete control of himself physically and mentally he allowed himself to recite the words of the Tale of Lies. The tale was shown to the mage by shadowpeople and was transformed from a song sung by the god Hiddukel before he made his dealings. The tale spoke of stories that weren't true, but were so fantastic that the listener willed them to be true. The specture began to believe that his quest would be lifted because this was signal and that this blue-robed mage was going to releave him of his duties.

The gaurdian not only allowed the mage to pass but he retrieved the steel box from behind the pipes for him. Benn-Salian stood before the specture in room 835 of the High Tower and opened the steel box.

05/15/2003 1:41 AM

(OOC: Very nice. How did you open the box? Doesn't really matter I suppose.)

After opening the box, the mage looked inside. A thin sliver of metal glowed inside. The metal began to hover in the air, then darted into the back of the device; into an until-then unnoticed slot.

(OOC: dada duh da, da dadada dah, duh dada dah duhduh, duh dut! (zelda music))

A short note was left in the box.

'Greetings. You have done well. But you must continue on. All will be explained upon completion of your trials. You may use the device until then, but bear in mind it has few shots remaining.'

(OOC: Next tester)

05/15/2003 8:16 AM

Benn-Salian looked around the room and noticed that he no longer saw the specture. He must have departed to the Abyss. The blue robed mage swung the belt of his device around his waist and fastened it.

"It weighs down the robe a bit. Hopefully it will come in use again because I would hate to hold onto this for nothing. At least I don't have to check for Karina's Orb at the moment.

05/15/2003 3:57 PM

As Benn was about to turn to leave, and voice called to him. It was a clam a southing voice of what appeared to be a human male. However, in adittion to the voice, there also appeared to be the sound of wind chimes, and crackeling fire. The vocie had seemed to hold much mystery, and in the same time, seemed to hold much truth.

"Greetings, Benn-Salian. It is nice to talk with you. How goes your test? Well I assume?"

As confusion seemed to spread across the young elf's face, the voice game a small kind of giggle/laugh.

"Come now, surely you are not as puzzled as you look. Im sure you are already formulating ideas as to who and what I am even now."

The voice had seemed to come from everywhere, and no where at the same time. It was almost as if it was but an echo, bouncing off the many walls of the tower.

"Well now, I suppose it is time that we begin to cunduct our bussness. Fallow the little read light, Benn Salian, the self styled, Sugester of Illusion..."

With that, a little read light appeared before the mage, and slowly floated out into the hallway before the chamber....

OCC: Just respond to this as your character naturally would. Im kind on banking on that to make this all work. Also, sorry for spelling and gramer mistakes, i had to write this up quick, and was unable to out it through a spell cheek.

05/16/2003 6:52 AM

OCC: Yes, you should fix spelling. I though Benn-Salian was actually talking to a clam. It has been some time that I was referred to as the Suggestor of Illusion. Especially by someone else!


"Greetings, Benn-Salian. It is nice to talk with you. How goes your Test? Well, I assume?"

I'm not dead yet, so I must be doing fine. Unless I have fallen into a trap and I haven't spotted it yet. Perhaps Hiddukel is furious that I invoked the Tale of Lies. Benn-Salian began wondering the identity of the voice, perhasp it was the God of Lies, himself.

"Come now, surely you are not as puzzled as you look. I'm sure you are already formulating ideas as to who and what I am even now."

"Who I think you are matter as little as who you really are. I have no choice but to listen to you if I wish to stay alive and complete such Tests," Benn-Salian revealed his thoughts to the voice.

"Well now, I suppose it is time that we begin to conduct our business. Follow the little red light, Benn-Salian, the self styled, Suggester of Illusion..."

The mage waited a moment before the red light was almost out of view and then he began to follow it. If it is trickery that is involved, there's no need to hurry to my demise.

05/16/2003 4:14 PM

The red light lead Benn-Salian through a rather complex path through the tower. The mage had to work his way through several minor puzzles as he went. All the while, the red light lead him further and further into the tower.

Eeventually, the red orb leaded Benn to a huge door, with runes eching all over it.

"I am behind the door, Illusionist. Using your items, firgure out how to get to me, and the final portion of your test will begin."said the voice.

05/16/2003 7:13 PM

Benn-Salian studied the door in front of him. More importantly he studied the runes on them. The mage cursed to the gods that he had not paid more attention when he was confronted with them in the academy.

With a thought, Benn-Salian sat himself down on the floor in front of the door and crossed his legs in front of him. He tensed his body for a second an calmed it immediately. He slowly breathed away all feeling in his limbs and saw the runes on the door with his mind's eye because his mortal eyes had shut themselves already. With a steading breath he recalled the words to the Tale of Knowledge. The tale being taught to disciples from the god, Gilean of the Book. As he recited the words under his breathe the mage saw the runes shapeshift into word that he could read and saw them as they were meant to be seen.

Say To Just Open, and Why were the the words that were depicted. Mental reorganizing lead Benn-Salian to believe that the door said: To Open Just Say Why.

"I need to pass through door, because I must meet my destiny that has been forseen by the Tests of the Tower of High Sorcery," Benn-Salian declared.

The elf stood in front of the door and awaited the door's response.

05/16/2003 7:30 PM

Good Benn-Salian. You have taken the first step in finishing what i could not do. What i should have been able to do...The voice said, but this time it was not in his head, or a chimming whisper. This time the vocie had form and reality too it.

Before him, behind the door, stood what appeared to be an ethereal specter. The images appeared to be that of a human red robe mage, in his fifties, wearing a beautiful set of ruby robes, and carring a staff of black ivory with a ruby like gemstone at the end that seemed to radiate power.

"Greetings, Illusionist. I am Hellforge, the Caster of Flames, ghost of the final test."

OCC: I see you are on. Care to post volly this a bit, and get it going?

05/21/2003 9:21 AM

Good Benn-Salian. You have taken the first step in finishing what i could not do. What i should have been able to do...

"Are you suggesting that I am a mere tool for you?" Benn-Salian asked the red-robed one dubiously.

The Qualinesti mage took a step closer to the the one called Hellforge. Checking his hip to make sure that he still had his device, Benn-Salian stepped up to confront the mage. "I have become aware that I have sparked the interest in at least a few of the mages around the Tower. However, what I do is for the magic and myself," Benn-Salian explained, "If you were counting on my assistance, I suggest that you keep that in mind because I might as likely shut the door again."

05/21/2003 12:21 PM

"If you were counting on my assistance, I suggest that you keep that in mind because I might as likely shut the door again."

Hellforge snickered.

"Such a feirce temple Illusionist. Actually, if is your attitudes of magic that make you one of the few that can even take this portion of the test. You will need my gidance to get there." The Ghost said.

"The test is different for every mage," Hellforge began. "But there is one thing that every single test over all of time has had in common. Each test has certain phases, and portions. As I understand you have gone through a few of these already, and gained many things from such portions..."

"If you wanted, you could end your test now, and be considered a mage, but I dont think you want that. I Have a feeling that much like myself, you have a thurst toe xpand your knowlage, and your power. Like myself, several years ago, you are being offered the chance tot ake a test that few other mages were even allowed to attempt. Even fewer still, had passed. If you decide to do this, then you will require my guidence, for sure, as for I am the only one, as the it's Guardian, who opens the gate to the final test..." The ghost finished.

05/21/2003 7:13 PM

OOC: When Hellforge's portion is over. I'm joining in the fun.

05/22/2003 9:06 AM

"An addition to the Test?" Benn-Salian wondered aloud, "I accept this invitation. I employ you to talk more about such tasks as we continue so that I may prepare myself."

The mage took in step a small ways behind Hellforge. "Since you are the guardian, I believe it is cusomary that you venture first. Becuase you should know the way, of course," Benn-Salian explained his positioning before the red robe could ask.

05/22/2003 3:00 PM

"Are you sure you want to attempt this? If you fail, you will become an ethereal form, much like a ghost. Unable to interect with the Physical world, and limited in magc to only those casted by yourself. It is a rather pittiful existence." Hellforge warned.

05/28/2003 4:59 PM

"Pitiful existance?" Benn-Salian asked the red robed Hellforge, "and how is that different than pain that I would expierence if I turned down your offer and was unable to have access to the magic of which you talk."

Benn-Salian then waved the mage in front of him to continue with great haste.

05/28/2003 6:11 PM

"As you wish, Illusionist." Hellforge said as he began to move down the falls, at a quick, not not quite running pace. As they walked down the long stone hall they passed pictures handing on the wall, of Sorcerers long past, and some of quite great renound.

"We walk now through the hall of heros. Recorded here are some of the greatest magic users of all time. We will be where we need to go shortly." Hellforge said.

(Sorry this is so short, im not feelin to great right now. Ill post longer soon i swear)

05/30/2003 7:55 AM

As a mage, you'd think that I wouldn't have to walk from end to end of this tower, Benn-Salian thought to himself with a shrug and continued to follow Hellforge through the hall of heros. Heros of Ansalon or just the mages? his answer was confirmed as he passed a portrait of Raistlin Majere in front of the Portal to the Abyss.

05/30/2003 12:59 PM

"It is time Illusionist..." Hellforge said, stopping before an empty wall at the very end of the hall.

"Once again, i mus ask if you are sure this is what you wish? From this point on, there is no turning back. You are given a very rare oppertunity. You stand at a crossroad in fate's plan, and you get to decided which you take..." he continued, already knowing what Benn's answer would be.

"All right then." Hellforge said, as he raised his ethereal hands toward the door, and the began to glow with some strage and uncertain light.

"Ira Sheila mastretas!" Hellforge shouted, as a swearling white portal appeared on the wall.

"This is it, Benn-Salian, the portal to the lost power, the Castle of Dark Illusions."

06/02/2003 8:00 AM

"Yep, White is the darkest color that I know of," The blue-robed mage quipped before following Hellforge into the white portal to the Castle of Dark Illusions.

06/03/2003 5:44 PM

Clearing the swearling white light, Benn-Salian and Hellforge came out upon a place that was much different from where they had started. Now, they sat in an open feild, that was rittled with corpses. The ground was chared, and it looked as if a mammoth battle had just taken place.

In the very center of the feild, was a massive floating castle, that seemed to have a dark aura about it. One of most pure evil.

Hellforge began to move toward the castle.

06/05/2003 9:28 AM

"Of course he's heading to the most evil-looking castle he can find," Benn-Salian mumbled aloud, "not to mention one that is floating in the air. How do you expect to get to it?"

Benn-Salian became silent with introspection, "That's right; You probably don't, that's my job isn't it? You want me to get us into that castle so we can find some inane tome of infinite magic that you will undoubtfully keep for yourself because I have already gained great expierence in the attempt. Bah."

06/06/2003 7:09 PM

"You are indeed right, it will be your job to get into the castle. I am a guide and nothing more. However, depending upon who you go about doing this, then perhaps my soul will finally gain rest. And as for the tome, well not quite." Hellforge replied.

He gave Benn a toothy grin.

"All you can do here is gain, and lose power. Your on your own now." Hellforge said, as he moved his hands about in the air in a strage pattern. A Glowing red rune appeared, and then flashed, and then, appeared a harge horn.

"The Horn of Heaven." Hellforge began. "It has been tooned so that i will hear it. Blow it when you think you need assistence, or perhaps, just someone to chat with.

And witht hat, Hellforge was gone...the horn falling into Benn's pouch.

OCC: We can continue this in one of two ways. 1) eswift takes over from this point, 2) i Continue on as a narrator/DM for you. You should pick.

06/07/2003 3:33 AM

Eliar Swiftfire appeared with a POOF! in front of Benn.

"Yup, my turn. I'm here cos' Par-Salian, that old whiny bitch, BEGGED me to come. Hah! Krynnish mages, pathetic. Can't even bloody cast a spell WITHOUT chanting. Look at me!!!"

Eliar snapped his fingers. Nothing happened.

"... er. Hang on. Let's try that again."

Snapped his fingers, and this time...


Nothing happened, too.

"F|_|CK!!!!!!! Oh well, forget about it. Let's just get on with the test. What horribly horrible, agonisingly agonising, insanely insane, recklessly reckless, dauntingly daunting, complicatedly difficult and dangerously perilous test should I set for you?" The spiky haired mage grinned as he racked his brains for an idea.

"Aha! I know! This will be a true test of your abilities! If you can outpansy my friend, King Ai Mer Beech von Marderfarker, outangst his companion the damned/doomed/haunted and very very dead Sir Schtolheim Erynius Reinbach, oh and be even more obscure than my obscurely obscure acquaintance Bardus Whose-Surname-I've-Already-Forgotten (Now how's that for being obscure?), I'll, uh.... name you the next High Magister of W'sad'nar!!!" He added softly to himself "Of course, you'd actually have to be able to travel to my world first, heh heh!!!!"

"Okay, let the test begin. There's that fag Marderfarker coming over right now!"

"Yooo~hooo~, Swifty-chan, it's been so long since we've seen each other. I've decided to visit you~!" Marderfarker said GAILY, as he walked up to them in his GAILY coloured purple royal robes with pink ribbons and tassels.

"Of course, if you can't accept this, I can understand. And you can just take the generic "find me a certain sacred/powerful/valuable/ancient object/artifact/weapon quest" that was always so popular in the old days. Damn, that's so cliched."


The first one. Is a test of RP skills.

The second is... well, just a test. You make up your mind. Any one is fine with me. :D

06/16/2003 7:27 AM

"I have to be more flamboyant than him?" Benn-Salian asked the new mage.

Benn-Salian walked over to the Marderfarker who he had remembered from the stories told by Detontrophe the gnome. This king was a rather weird one that would never have an heir. How ever would the blue robed mage even fake being more gay than Marderfarker?

Just then an idea came to Benn-Salian. He walked over to the Marderfarker, gave him the wink and slapped the king on the buttocks with a huge fake grin. "Just think of the magic....Just think of the magic."

With a surprised look that rose the eyebrows of Marderfarker on top his forehead, the gay king slapped Benn-Salian across the face. "Being turned down by a gay guy, that really makes me feel lower than...well, a gay guy," Benn-Salian announced.

06/16/2003 9:32 AM

"That's the gayest thing I've ever seen." Eliar muttered.

"I'm not gay, fool, I'm just flamboyant." King Ai Mer Beech von Marderfarker replied with a huff, before disappearing with his group of scantily-clad dancers.

"Oh well, to our next test. Lemme think now..." Eliar said.


Yeah, lemme think. I forgot what exactly did I wanted to test you. Since this post was written quite some time ago. Mwa hah.

06/17/2003 12:51 PM

OOC: I have one amusing test to give after Swifty is done. :D

06/18/2003 9:34 AM

"Aha! Outangst my friend, Schtolheim Erynius Reinbach!" Eliar nodded. "Hey! Schtolheim!"

A handsome swordsman walked into the place, he was handsome beyond belief, so handsome that he inspired elven poets to compose thousand stanza poems for him, so handsome that that the newest dictionary had his face beside the word 'handsome'. Yet, pure sorrow was etched clearly on his flawlessly handsome face, for, once again, he was haunted by images and memories of his tragically tragic past...

09/20/2003 9:56 AM

Upon request I want to be finished with this thread.

"Aha! Outangst my friend, Schtolheim Erynius Reinbach!" Eliar nodded. "Hey! Schtolheim!"

Benn-Salian saw the angsty gentlemen walk over to him. It would seem that this mage has decided to test the adaptability of my personality, Benn-Salian thought to himself, nothing I can do except go along with it and rise to the occasion.

The qualinesti mage decided to meet his challenge head first. He walked up to Schtolheim and greeted him with a hug. "How the hell have you been, good buddy! It's been a long time since last we've seen each other, as a matter of fact I can't remember the last time we did meet, Benn-Salian shouted in forced jubliation, "You really shouldn't do that to me. You know how much fun we have when we get together!"

All this affection had taken Schtolheim off guard. The handsome man couldn't help but feel the infectous joy of the young man and soon recipricated it in vast amounts.

Benn-Salian saw his opening. "Speaking of which...Why haven't you written in the last few months? Did you just expect me to sit around waiting for word from you? I hope not!" the blue robed mage lashed out in his unexpected anger.

This caught Schtolheim by surprised so fast that the warrior could not retaliate and for that moment Benn-Salian was the more angsty of the two.

09/20/2003 11:17 AM

(OOC: I only just remember what i had you doing in this thread, and Im not sure what Eliar's got ya doin. Do you still need me here or you want to move along with him alone? If so, could you enlighten me as to whats going on thus far?)


09/21/2003 1:56 AM

OOC: Erm. Well, HF, I sorta thought that the test you gave Benny is over, so I came in and finished the trest, but if ya wanna continue your test with him... I can just...


Eliar looked at his wristwatch. "Hmm.... I think I came in a bit early. Maybe your earlier examiner had not finished with his stuff. But not bad with what you did with Schtolheim."

The spiky-haired mage nodded to Schtolheim, and the befuddled yet usually-angsty swordsman walked off.

09/21/2003 10:15 AM

Eliar clapped his hands twice. Two leather sofas appeared behind him. He walked over and sat on one of them.

"Well, come here and have a seat. We're going to have a little chat." The spiky-haired mage said. "An exchange of deep philosophical stuff... but only after you tell me stuff about yourself."

09/21/2003 1:00 PM

Benn-Salian squared himself as he studied the other mage. "Something tells me that you already know anything that might be useful about me," Benn-Salian disclosed, "But then again, I have no qualms about speaking bluntly. What is it that you want to know, fellow mage?"

09/21/2003 8:50 PM

"What is it that you think I want to know?" Eliar merely replied.

09/22/2003 10:05 PM

"I don't care how much you pressure me," Benn-Salian commented, "I will not disclose to you what I wear underneath my robes."

The qualinesti mage glared at the other mage to assert his point.

09/23/2003 12:07 AM

"I don't care how much you pressure me," Benn-Salian commented, "I will not disclose to you what I wear underneath my robes."

"Uh uh. Wrong guess. If I want to know what you wear underneath your robes, my first test for you would've been asking you to strip... and that would be waaaay too wrong." Eliar shook his head. "Perhaps I'll guide you in this. How powerful do you think you are?"

09/23/2003 12:22 AM

Benn-Salian thought carefully before answering the pitfall of a question. How dare I say I am truely powerful in the presence of this mage, surely he will only prove me wrong. Now, how could I say to the contrary, he will dismiss me just as easily.

"I tell you fellow mage," Benn-Salian paused trying to stall for more thought in the matter, "that I am as competant with the magic as my will would allow me to be. I believe that right now, my will is as determined as any that has taken the Test before me."

09/23/2003 12:27 AM

"I tell you fellow mage," Benn-Salian paused trying to stall for more thought in the matter, "that I am as competant with the magic as my will would allow me to be. I believe that right now, my will is as determined as any that has taken the Test before me."

"Nice answer. I can accept that." Eliar nodded. "So, simple question, kiddie level, what do you plan to do with your magic? Black, Red, White, which order will you choose? "

09/23/2003 8:29 AM

Benn-Salian eyed his counterpart to determine if he could see and alignment there. Not finding anything obvious, the quainesti mage spoke freely. "One does not choose the order, it chooses us. Different times and places call for different men; only the twilight mageic will allow me to be whatever I need in order to meet all of the future's needs. Sometimes I will work in other's interests while I may just work in my own," Benn-Salian paused to steal a smile, "that will just have to depend on who could benefit more."

09/23/2003 11:04 AM

"So, you are now saying that, in truth, you do not have the power to choose, and that everything is up to... the 'Order'? Because of this, you do not speak out your desires, because you already know that your choices had been made for you? It's strange, really, as far as I know, anyone would know deep within their heart what they really want before they take the Test, I'll be damned if Raistlin Majere walked into the Test, wanting to be a White Robe." Eliar said.

"After all, whatever you do, whatever you say, whatever you act, everything would very much shape your own alignment. Wouldn't that means whatever Order you get in the end is within your own powers? But then, it'll be bad if a trainee mage does everything merely because he wanted a particular Order to accept him. That's the reason why I sometimes feel that renegade mages are wiser than those who are bound to the rules of the Conclave."

09/23/2003 10:02 PM

Benn-Salian gave the mage a wry look. "Aye, but what need does a renegade have for taking his or her Test?"

09/24/2003 11:20 AM

(OOC: A better question might be, why are the mages allowing a renegade to take the test?)

09/24/2003 1:03 PM

There was a sly glint on Eliar's eyes. "Tell me then, what does this Test means to you?"

09/24/2003 11:49 PM

"This Test will allow me to prove myself," Benn-Salian replied as he glanced at the other mage's expression, "to myself. This is my first true challange in my magic and while I have contimplated my death here, I have not prepared to allow that to transpire."

09/25/2003 12:21 AM

"Usually, renegade mages are mages who have taken the Test, but are disenchanted by the rules placed by the Conclave. They do not want to be governed by some authority whom they do not believe in. So, think you'll be a renegade?"

09/25/2003 10:55 AM

"Like all mages, I am here for the magic. Presently I am not concerned about the idea of becoming a renegade. And if I was; would I disclose that in the very Tower of High Sorcery that is the very stronghold of the Conclave itself?"

09/25/2003 10:53 PM

"Like all mages, I am here for the magic. Presently I am not concerned about the idea of becoming a renegade. And if I was; would I disclose that in the very Tower of High Sorcery that is the very stronghold of the Conclave itself?"

Eliar grinned. "I have created a magical shield around here. Even the head of the Conclave himself can't hear a single word exchanged between us. And for safety's sake, I've also put up numerous illusions of myself so that those who can read lips will be flabbergasted too. As far as they know, our conversation topics ranged from the cute young sorceresses here and well, I guess that's it. Next question, you mages of this world sure give a lot of damn about your own magic, so, can you still survive without it? I heard of some fools who say things like 'a wizard must place magic first, and the world second', do you agree with that then?"

09/27/2003 10:58 AM

Benn-Salian was relieved by the other mage's revelation. "Wouldn't you agree that you disclosed your own opinion in that question?" Benn-Salian pointed out, "Without fear of reproach, I'm going to say that the magic is part of us. A part we can't live without, won't live with out. Gods may come and leave and take their own magic with them, but we all have it within us to create our own magic. When we feel love or compassion for another, is that not magic? When we sacrifice a piece of ourselves for the better good, is that not magic? I think that it is and therefore I cannot live without that magic."

09/28/2003 3:08 AM

Benn-Salian was relieved by the other mage's revelation. "Wouldn't you agree that you disclosed your own opinion in that question?" Benn-Salian pointed out, "Without fear of reproach, I'm going to say that the magic is part of us. A part we can't live without, won't live with out. Gods may come and leave and take their own magic with them, but we all have it within us to create our own magic. When we feel love or compassion for another, is that not magic? When we sacrifice a piece of ourselves for the better good, is that not magic? I think that it is and therefore I cannot live without that magic."

Eliar nodded. "Good. This means that you know magic isn't just the spells that come out through our fingertips. It's more than just that. Wizards of this planet tend to lack common sense. They whine and bitch when they can't cast their magic, saying that they would rather die than to live a life without magic. Foolish fools, magic can still be created by their own hands, but in a slightly different manner. Very well, I've been asking you enough questions and I need to take a break. You ask me questions if you want to."

09/29/2003 10:46 AM

(OOC: Sorry, but I've got one last test when your done.)

09/29/2003 1:21 PM

"I am sorry elder mage," Benn-Salian replied, "but all the questions I have to ask are best answered by myself in the future. I know you are wise and could answer anything I have to ask, but that would take all the fun out of finding the answers."

Benn-Salian then chuckled a little bit. And even though the mage cracked alot of jokes, this was quite rare indeed.

09/29/2003 9:56 PM

"I am sorry elder mage," Benn-Salian replied, "but all the questions I have to ask are best answered by myself in the future. I know you are wise and could answer anything I have to ask, but that would take all the fun out of finding the answers."

Benn-Salian then chuckled a little bit. And even though the mage cracked alot of jokes, this was quite rare indeed.

"Ah, true, what black-robed sorceresses wear beneath their robes is something you have to find out by yourself. Very well then, I'll declare that you've pass my test... yay."

Eliar made a motion, and a couple of dwarven ballerinas poofed out of nowhere to dance around Benn-Salian.

"Tata." The spiky haired mage said.

Everything disappeared with a bright flash. And a portal opened before Benn-Salian.

09/30/2003 10:39 AM

Through the portal, a shadowy humanoid could be seen.

Rought 7 feet tall, with a black cloak covering his body. A hood covering his face, except for two glowing almond shaped coals.

It stood in an all-too familiar clearing.


For him.

09/30/2003 3:08 PM

Benn-Salian did alot of things he could never understand, but he always learned that afterwards was a terrible time to speculate on anything. When the elf mage saw the clearing where he began he walked through to great his humble beginnings.

10/01/2003 8:39 AM

Entering the portal, he saw all the people gathered frozen in place. He looked at one of the warriors.

Judging from the look on the warrior's face, Benn-Salian knew what he was thinking

[Lucas] really wished he was a mage for once.

He then heard a voice in his head. "Flee would-be-wizard. Your power is nothing here. Run away like you did before and I may spare you again."

10/02/2003 9:03 AM

I am excited as to where you are taking this. Perhaps we should RP more often.
Benn-Salian viewed the image before him. It was taken straight out of his subconscious, or he had entered it. Either way, it was very real and vivid - more now than it had when it occured.

The scene before him was his last in Fernwood. Many of those in the village were battling the shadow creature, Minoa. The qualinesti elf had been so fool hardy that he believed that he had been able to defeat the denizen with a simple light spell.

There's no way that the shadow creature could still be able to survive through this. He is a shadow, after all, [Benn-Salian thought to himself.]

With a better understanding of magic, Benn-Salian realized the folly in this, but he also knew that the villagers were able to defeat the creature without him. He had made sure of that before he departed.

"Trust me, I'm a mage, and even I know this is more complicated than it needs to be. I think everything is taken care of here - I'm going to go look for magic that I can use for my Test. Good day and good luck."

Benn-Salian looked around to whatever had triggered this sequence. "I never ran - I took my leave when I wasn't needed!" he rationalized to the thin air, "This isn't fair. Why do you threaten me with this? I am finished with my Test, I am far more capable of magic than I was then. Allow that to suffice... allow that to suffice..."

Benn-Salian fell to his knees and continued to watch the events before him.

10/02/2003 11:32 AM

"So, you will not fight, and you will not run. Then stay and watch what happened after you 'took your leave.'" Benn Salian's leggs became rooted to the ground where he kneeled, yet the world turned so that he was always facing Minoa.

"You remember of corse, your friend Coby.."

Walking over to Coby's limp form, he poked it a couple of times to make sure that he wouldnt be swallowed. That kind of wasnt possible, but he had no intention to glance at a dragon's maw.

With that, he completely stopped paying attention to Ariana and Elrin, and everyone else besides Coby and Nui. He dissolved himself and forced his gaseous state in between the dragon's scales and forcing them apart. (With some detail work, he discovered that this was supposed to hurt very much) once inside, he made his way up to wing joints and completely decayed them, making it impossible for Coby to fly again.

He forced himself back out the scales, opening the more, and took definate shape again.

"But no, you're petty magic wasn't needed."

10/02/2003 12:06 PM

(OOC: I have two more posts as the image of Minoa, then you can break the bonds and move.)

10/03/2003 8:07 AM

(OOC: You can reply between them, just not move or cast anything)

10/03/2003 11:53 AM

Benn-Salian watched some of the events that had transpired after he had left Fernwood. He saw one of the fellow villagers fall prey to the evil that he had decided was handled.

"I never could have altered that," Benn-Salian rationalized, "What happened to Coby is indeed terrible, but there is no way I could have known nor could I have stopped it. I would have needed magic, something I went to look for. Something I found. Something I didn't use when it was needed..."

10/05/2003 12:07 AM

More images from the battle flashed, until they all faded to blackness.

"But you were not needed. And still, you are not needed."
"Your weak magic was nothing. And still, it is nothing."

The image whirled again and they were in the clearing in the center of town.
Around the clearing were the other villagers Benn knew. All dead. The Dragons, the sylph, the mages, even Timesplit. All dead.

"Yes, I could have done this, if I had chosen to. It was certainly nothing of your doing that prevented it. You went and wandered about with a gnome and a kender, and returned long after the danger was past. You were recieving 'Encouragement'..."

"You were hidding!"

"And now, weak runnaway, you seek to become a wizard. You think your magic is grand enough to pass their tests? You know nothing. Pathetic Wretch. You will not pass the test here."
"Here you will die!"

The shadow began chanting, a strange spell the mage had not heard before. The
at Benn's hip began to throb warmly. Inviting him to use it.

(OOC: There are many ways through this battle. One is through that gun,
though you
may prefer to do it on your own.)

10/05/2003 7:02 PM

The qualinesti elf could sense the danger. The warm sensation on his belt was only an afterthought. He remembered that the sensation was emitted from a device of a make similar to a gnome's.

You went and wandered about with a gnome and a kender, and returned long after the danger was past.

The words echoed through the mage's mind. He took the device into his hands. This may not be of gnomish make, Benn-Salian thought, but it has nothing to do with my magic either. Benn-Salian threw the device to his feet and stepped over it.

"I will pass this Test with my magic, or die with only it..."

10/06/2003 1:25 AM

(OOC: Sorry, I changed my plan and left out a post. Destroy him in a way that you see fit. It is not the real Minoa, of course, and I have a post planned for after you fight him.)

10/06/2003 9:06 PM

OOC: Could you tell me what it is I'm fighting?

10/07/2003 12:30 AM

(OOC: You are fighting whatever your character's mind percieves Minoa to be. Also remember that this is after Benn returned to Fernwood and fought alongside timesplit to protect the village from Minoa and his minions, so Benn should have a pretty good image. He is as hard as Benn's mind thinks he is, but he must be defeated by physical/magical means, ie. no just 'thinking' him away.)

10/08/2003 10:41 AM

Before Benn-Salian, who was still kneeling on the ground, was a large shadow. Minoa, Benn-Salian thought. The shadow wraith was so familiar that the wraith could be no other, and yet it was even too familiar to be him. Benn-Salian concentrated and looked closer at the wraith and he noticed that he wasn't looking straight into oblivion because he could see something there, something he didn't want to see there.

Benn-Salian thought he may have been having an out of body expierence. Here he was on the ground and yet he saw himself emersed in the shadows. It was his likeness that stood before him and that bothered him. The qualinesti mage noticed that his other self was acting independent of himself and was wispering something, almost chanting. Benn-Salian listened closly to what his other self had to say. The words got alot louder as soon as the mage willed to hear them.

"I hope I can learn some magic from Timesplit soon."

"I blame my inept ability on its forbiddance in my homeland."

"I am not a dragon, I am not inherently magical."

Benn-Salian became extremely upset. "That is not me! I have far better things to say than such babble," the mage insisted.

In an effort to prove it to himself, he made himself comfortable where he kneeled and began to use Gilean's "Tale of Knowledge." Benn-Salian focused all of his attention on the spell and tried to limit his exposure to the phrases coming from the supposed other self.

The spell began to work it's magic, but instead of the image turning into Benn-Salian's real enemy, the image stayed true and only became more imlluniated. The only thing that changed was what his other self said.

"Someone else should grant me magic."

"It's not my fault that I can't learn magic."

"Magic should have been my birthright, I shouldn't have to work for it."

Benn-Salian wasn't really all too shocked at these words, truely they were his own, if only in thought prior, but now he was only being confronted by himself. The qualinesti elf went to drop his head in shadow when he saw a familiar figure behind his other self. It was Airiana, the villager in Fernwood who was actually a dragon, she stood somewhat behind Benn-Salian's other self and was somehow blurry, but she was there nonetheless.

’Magic does not care what race thou be of!’ she said in his mind. ’The only thing that matters is what is in thy heart!’

Benn-Salian felt a feeling that most elves are proned to. He felt that he should react as soon as possible. It didn't matter what he did as long as he reacted soon. Timeliness was the key to the responce he needed to give the situation. Reacting from his soul, the mage shouted out some of the words to a spell so quickly that he didn't recognize it until he saw the results. A snap of electricity cut through the air and hit the illusionary Benn-Salian directly in the chest and disipated the other self.

"I think I just killed myself. Figures..."

10/08/2003 10:59 AM

(OOC: Not what I had expected, but I like it. So, Benn's mind turned Minoa into himself, then he defeated it. Works for me. I actually had two different endings planned out here, depending on how you finished. You get the good one.)

The image of Fernwood faded from his view, replaced by the confines of the tower of Wayreth. Before him stood Timesplit, a smile on his face. Recognition of the planeswalker dawned in Benn's mind. (remember, Benn couldn't recognize him before.) "Congradulations, Benn. I knew you could do it."

(OOC: If you try to find any of the things Timesplit lent you, he already has them back.)

(OOC: This is the ending I had planned if you had used the gun. I did not expect you to use it really, but it's a neat part of the story anyways:)

The image of Fernwood faded from his view, replaced by the confines of the tower of Wayreth. Before him stood Timesplit,a disapointed look on his face. When the planeswalker looked up, he attempted to hide it with a smile, but was a little late. Recognition of the planeswalker dawned in Benn's mind. Half-heartedly, the planeswalker replied. "Congradulations, Benn. You passed the test."

10/08/2003 11:52 AM

OOC: I can't be predictable can I? We should RP together more. My AIM is "BennySalian" and MSN is "Roland_J_McCain@yahoo.com". fel free to contact me about other project as I might with you.

BIC: "But at what cost dear friend?" Benn-Salian asked as he was comforted by the image of one he concidered friend, "I've killed myself; what significance does that contain?"

10/09/2003 10:31 AM

"Everybody destroy's something of themselves when they take the test." Timesplit explained. "Sometimes it is direct and physical, such as yours. Other times it is more subtle, such as the famous test of Raistlin Majere. For every gain there is a loss. You have gained much in magic today. This is part of the reason nobody escapes the test unscathed."

"For some people, it is a lesson in humility; if we can destroy ourselves, we are not immortal, and somebody else can to."

"For others, it is a lesson in ability; for the hardest thing to overcome is yourself."

"Look, I know I'm not great at explaining these things, but chear up, ok? You won."

10/10/2003 11:02 AM

Being a qualinesti elf made the mage quite dramatic, but Timesplit was right. Benn-Salian knew he wasn't the same as before, but better he kill himself first before someone else did it. He knew that there was significance there and it would help in the future.

With a nod to his friend from the village of Fernwood, the elf took off towards what he suspected to be the way out of the forest of Wayreth.

OOC: Does this conclude the thread? I'd almost feel bad about leaving it behind but a good ending is better than a prolonged or rushed one.

10/10/2003 11:58 AM

(OOC: That's all I had for you. I think it's a good ending but if anybody else has more to add go ahead. And yes, I'll add you to my buddylist. I mostly RP shadowrun, not dragonlance actually. You at all interested in it?)

10/10/2003 12:42 PM

I think we should end it here - thanks for the tale to tell when i become an oldie. I look forward to doing other things with you. Unfortunately I don't know anything about shadowrun. So, that's dissapointing...

03/09/2004 7:23 PM

(OOC: bump)

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