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08/01/2000 12:20 PM

I strive to find all of the knowledge on Ansalon. From Bertrems writings to Kender map scribblings I try to see them all. Magic is what I seek the most. Being a wizard of BROWN robes, I hold feality to noone. I strive to educate. If you have anything to share with me or any questions, I'll be glad to chat.

08/03/2000 1:34 PM

I have had a great power bestowed upon me. I now wear a silver cloak over my brown robe to show my new station. I am now the Choosen Keeper of the Three Magics. I can cast spells drawing from all three moons. My knowledge has grown, and I'm now looking for an apprentice.

08/03/2000 9:14 PM

"An apprentice," Leana Nightbreeze, a mage of black robes repeats, coming out of the shadows,

"I'm interested..."

08/04/2000 5:41 AM

"As my apprentice the color of your robes would change. You would be the first of a new order, the Order of the Silver Robes. We worship only magic and draw strength from all three moons, not just one (such as Nuitari). Our purpose is to gather all the knowledge we can about magic and eventually pass it on. Are you still interested," asks the Thorn?

08/04/2000 12:45 PM

"Hmmm. Give up dark robes for strength from all three moons...Could I keep my staff and artifacts?"

Leana displays her ebony staff with gold etchings. The black crystal on top throbs threatening at the idea of being thrown away...

08/04/2000 1:58 PM

"Yes, you would be able to keep all artifacts and possesions. The only thing that you would have to give up is your allegiance to the black robes. You would become one of a new order that may be considered renegades at first but the knowledge you would gain may outway that sacrifice depending on how you use it."

08/05/2000 1:25 PM

After thinking for moment, Leana bows deeply.

"Very well, Leana Nightbreeze, apprentice of silver robes."

08/05/2000 2:44 PM

The Thorn waves his left hand from right to left. As he does the color of Leana's robe changes from black to silver.

"You may start your training immediately. The silver tower is where we reside. When I feel you are ready you may take your own apprentice. Until then, you may do research in the tower. As my apprentice the only obligation you have to me is that when someone worthy of our notice is in trouble and I ask you to help them, you do so without question. You will also be expected to answer any mages question that is within your power as our order is dedicated to spreading the knowledge of magic. Do you have any questions?" asks the Thorn.

08/05/2000 7:58 PM

"Yeah, am I insured for this?";)

Two serious questions, actually, you are already at the Tower, I assume? And how will I know if you have called for me?

08/07/2000 7:02 AM

"I am your insurance. I am at the tower but I will be other places also, just as you may be. You will know when I will call you, for it should be in only the most dire of circumstances that I would rip you away from learning."

08/07/2000 8:58 AM

"Hmm, this is going to be interesting...Meet you at the Tower."

08/07/2000 9:13 AM

To others who seek knowledge, you may asks me questions here or visit me at the silver tower.

08/10/2000 4:44 AM

A tall dark stranger in strange outlandish clothes approaches the silver tower of The Thorn.
"Can kender enter your order?"


Joe Ghostbuster- "I AM THE ONE, THE ONLY- i forgot."

08/10/2000 9:35 AM

"The tower is open to all, even Reorx's children," says the Thorn. "Just remeber that those who enter are expected to follow the rules of the tower while they are there."

08/10/2000 12:16 PM

"Rules... that can be a problem."
"Ah, Its probably boring anyway."
With that,the tall stranger walks away.


Joe Ghostbuster, Founder of The Order of the Plaid Robes in human form- "Martini is all!"

08/11/2000 9:22 AM

The Thorn watches the magiked kender leave. Too bad, he thinks, I really do enjoy a kender's company. Oh well.

08/18/2000 8:16 AM

The Thorn sits down on a tree stump and waits for someone else to ask him something.

08/18/2000 9:14 PM

Master Thorn...

*Leana bows to her teacher*

I'm sorry to disrupt your peace, but I have a question...Is there any record as to where the Bloodstone is now? Such an artifact is an important piece of Ansolan's(sp) history, perhaps it would be useful to our order.

08/22/2000 12:55 PM

"There was record of the bloodstone in the Great Library of Palanthas. I do not know if that record survived the fire but that would be the first place I would check. There may be some other small records that you could trace if that doesn't work out. Check that first lead and if it turns up empty come back and see me again," says the Thorn.

08/23/2000 11:27 AM

Upon a wooden table apears a fine ivory scroll case with black runes. After decyphering the runes, Sir Thorn removed the parchment and began to read. "May I introduce myself.." and as the name Obnad Majere was spoken, a cloud of darkness swirled before Master Thorn. Instantly, there stood a black robed mage with a bottle in his hand.

ooc:The rest is at your home, the order of the silver, i believe.

08/24/2000 8:27 AM

The Thorn sat amused at the spell that had just went off. Even the darkest of mages like to have fun once in a while he thinks. "Is there anything I can do for you sir," he asks the dark mage.

08/25/2000 12:14 AM

Bopwing to Master Thorn, Obnad sets the wine upon the table before him.

"I have come to you seeking knowledge of my staff. I have searched endlessly to find its abilities, and yet I know little." As Obnad let go of his staff, it stayed upright next to him.

"It preforms as I command it when I do not, and fails me when I do for I know not the magic within. I would be honored if you might be able to help me, my good sir."

"It also has come to my attention that you are recruiting fo rthe Silver Robes.
What is required of your followers? What are the restrictions of your order? And most importantly, do you protect those that give up the robes of the Dark Queen?"

" I can offer you these parchment pieces for information. As you can see, they are all weeved of the finest silver and have no magic laid upon them."

With a word, the silver parchment floated to Sir Thorn and rested before him.

08/25/2000 11:38 AM

"Thank you for your gift," replies the Thorn. "As for the question about you staff, I have the answers somewhere but it will take me a small amout of time to find them (check back on tues. afternoon and I should have something). As for my order, the only requirements are the same as the restrictions. I ask that the followers of my order devote themselves to the furtherment of magic. If someone asks you a question about magic, such as you asked me about your staff, I ask that you answer their question to the best of your ability. That is the requirement of my order. Those in our order have free use of our tower and resources. As for the important part of your question, yes we protect our own. I believe that the Dark Queen uses magic only for her benefit, which is why we are not allied with her. The same is for Paladine. If you have any worries, know that the three gods of magic look out for us. Does that answer what you need to know?"

08/25/2000 5:29 PM

Thank you for your time Master Thorn. That answers my question. I would like to visit your tower, with your permission of course.

*With a bow, the dark mage is gone.*

occ:i have entered conversation with yourself and others at the "Order of th Silver Robes," please reply there.

08/27/2000 4:11 PM

"I have found your information and should have it summarized in a couple of days," says the Thorn.

08/30/2000 8:04 AM

"I have found your information that you seek. It may not be what you are looking for but it is what I can do. Let me know when you are ready to talk about your staff," says the Thorn.

09/01/2000 10:26 AM

The Thorn moves back to the tree that he was leaning against before Obnad came to him with a question. He starts thinking about the events that are taking place around him. The growth of the new order of magic, several of his friends, kender, his apprentice and whether she is ready to become a master, timetravel, staffs, and sleep. He closes his eyes for a couple of minutes and waits for someone else to stop by.

09/05/2000 11:02 AM

ooc: you can reach The SIlver Tower thread by clicking on older messages down at the bottom of your screen.

09/20/2000 3:06 PM

ooc:Ignore my name,it is not my name

A great green dragon comes and polymorphs into a human."Can I join?" he says.

09/21/2000 10:58 AM

"A green dragon would like to join the ranks of our order?" asks the Thorn. "Might I ask why, and also what is your name ancient one?"

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