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04/02/2003 4:15 PM

OCC: Ok, the first time I tried to make this thread I did a half ass job and it was terrible, so i am going to try again.

It had been ten years. Ten years since the firey cataclysm destroyed what was once one of the most prosperouse world even created. Because of the peoples total rudeness to the gods, they punished everyone, and now, ten years later, Krynn is nothing but a firey hell hole. Natral desasters run rampand and evils unlike any other now raid the world. Life is dying. Hope is being depleted.

There are no cities anymore, and there are barely towns. People live like dogs fighting over a little scrap of food. There is no culture, no art. Only violence, and suffering. Only things that dont make people want to awaken the next morning.

THe magic orders are dispersed. Magic is now practiced by individual familes that happen to hold on to vast stores of magical knowlage. Like gangs these familys are at constant war with one another, in more devostanting violence. The Magi Familes are as fallows:

The Blue Robes:
The Blue Rodes are a family of mages that has practiced magic with the order since long before the cataclysum. When the order fell apart at the destruction of Istar, the Blue Robes had the most magical knowlage of the time, but since nearly all of Krynns population was lost in the cataclysum, the Blue Robes like the rest of the Magi familes was silent. The Blue Robes weild magic that was once the most powerful ever, but since the Cataclysum, their magicks have been failing them. Now, they are left nearly without any powers of their own, but due to their log history, they are excellent Sages, and forgers of magical artifacts.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Robe Color: Blue, or Gold

The Blood Magi:
These Qualinesti Elves are the most magicly powerful left of the orders mages after the end of the world. Sick with the heratige and fighting that has befallen their race, as well as the pompus attitude and arogant outlook on life have cased this Secht of Elves to remove itself from society. Drawing magic not only from their knowlage, but also raw magic from within the depths of their being, these powerful spellcasters would rain supream over the rest of the Kyrnn Magi Families if they were not so few in number.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Robe Color: Varies, Commonly Black or Red.

The Jaq'tahas:
The Death mages of the souther lands of Krynn seek only to cause destruction and vanted Chaos. To do this, they seek to expand their flegaling powers to beyond the Dark arts and assend into goldy hood. To stay secret they pose was normal travlers bearing the marks of clerics, but in reality, they are as evil as one can be when talking about mages. Intelligent, but spiteful, these mages are rare, but dangerous.
Alignment: Chaotic Evil.
Robes: White, Gray, Brown. Sometimes Silver.

OCC: Just some back information. I will post a bit more on the none magic parts of this hell-krynn next post. As I said before, this post will be basically a standard ADND party going on a grand adventure. (By standard party I mean a Magic User or 2, 3 or so Warriors, a Cleric subsitute and any other thats want to join. Ill post my char soon, when RPing starts.)

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04/04/2003 6:17 AM

OCC: More Information on Hell-Krynn.

As I had said before people for the most part are dead. Cities sit in ruins and many of the former towns of Krynn are now ghost towns, dripping with Undead. Magic, is fading, and very people people have even the slightest knowlage of it. So other then the few and far between Magi Families, there are few organizations that have raised up to help defend life on Hell-Krynn. One of which is,

The Fighter's Guild: The Fighters Guild was founded in the few short years fallowing the Cataclysum. It was foudned to help keep the few towns and senters of life safe from ravageing fiends and demon like creaters. Today, the guild is the largest organization of people in post cataclysum Krynn, though that really isnt saying much. The Guild is headed by a Fighter Lord. the most powerful of the warriors, and a Spell Sword, someone how has at least some limited knowlage of magic.
Alignment: Varies

Another group would be,

The Potion Lords: Skilled in herbal medicne, these people took up the task of healing life after the clerics and their curative magics disappeared from Krynn. Working as Sergons, Witch Doctors, a Potion Chemists, these skilled people serve life to their utmost ability, and will try and cure any ailment, as long as it is possible.
Alignment: Chaotic Good

"My people can only be repayed in blood, or maybe twice as much blood, or maybe three times as much blood...OR MAYBE IF YOU WENT TO HELL, AND EVERYTHING WAS BLOOD, AND IT WAS RAINING BLOOD, AND THAT BLOOD WAS ON FIRE, then maybe that would be enought....but maybe not..."

Blood Mage, Warcraft III

04/04/2003 6:11 PM

OOC: Not sure where youwant to go with this... an actual story, or creating a world? Well, I'm gonna start a charector story...if that's cool

Garet drug his feet through the ruins of a city long forgotten, crumbling buildings, parched streets, yards and parks with no vegetation. It was a sparce, barren land void of all life, but the strongest survivors. Nomad camps were common, especially among the more evil denizens of the once great world, the goblins, the hobgolins, and other monsters too foul to speak of...

Garet heard a sound in the distance... a sound he had not heard for a long time...the howl of wolves. "A goblin raiding party most likely..." he said to himself. Moving off of what was once a busy market sreet, he saught sanctuary among the ruins. Tightening the straps of his gloves, he flexed his fists. Not many men survived in this world without a trusty sword and sheild, or a strong spear, or even a dagger or two. Garet was a step above all of them. He was the last in a line of once great warrior monks, trained in the most deadly of fighting styles, his fists the only weapons he would ever need...though going up against a group of fighters with only your fists was suicide to most, he had proven himself against the odds many, many times.

Now all he could do was wait, and hope they passed him by...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
May the forces of evil become lost on the way to your house

04/04/2003 7:33 PM

OCC: Good. I was creating a story, but wanted to lay down the world conditions and a few ideas of my own beforehand.

"Stalisala Metraota Entorisis." Eric said, waving his hands udner his black robes. the Purple runes endged into his robes and staff glew for a moment, and then the goblin in front of him spontaneously combusted.

Eric smiled to himself. He was getting better at this. The Blood Magi had taught him alot. Eric glanced around trying to see if anyone else was comming for him. He sensed many golins nearby, to many. He didnt want to rist fighting to many alone, so he would have to double back into the old city.

Eric was a Qualinesti Elf. His history was a rare one. He was orphaned as an infant, for reasons that he cannot be told. He was found and raised by a human family, one that gave him his human name. When he was 20 he left home however, and looked for his people. After a long and hard trech he had found them, and he had lived with them. He found out little about his past however. He lived in Qualinost for about 300 years, where he studies magic with the elves.

Then came the cataclysum. Everyone was killed, and it was a miracle that he survived. Reeling in loss for his friends, days after the cataclysum, he became park of the Tenn family, foudners of the Blood Magi. He had been training with them ever since. Now, hes out on his own again, studing the new magiks.

Eric doubled back toward the ruins. He was troubled, because he didnt know, even at 345 years of age, what his purpose was. But he was happy. He had found family among the powerful Blood Magi. Maybe, just maybe, he would find his purpose there.

OCC: As I said before, I am still a noob to Dragonlance, and I dunno is Qualinesti and stuff like that were aroudn so soon after the 'clysum, so if not, lets just pretend it it :)"My people can only be repayed in blood, or maybe twice as much blood, or maybe three times as much blood...OR MAYBE IF YOU WENT TO HELL, AND EVERYTHING WAS BLOOD, AND IT WAS RAINING BLOOD, AND THAT BLOOD WAS ON FIRE, then maybe that would be enought....but maybe not..."

Blood Mage, Warcraft III

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04/04/2003 7:44 PM

OOC: Hell, yes the Qualinesti existed at that time...long before actually If i remember correctly....and I may join give me a few to think on it...

04/04/2003 7:52 PM

OCC: Sure Sure Any time. We all luv me right o.O"My people can only be repayed in blood, or maybe twice as much blood, or maybe three times as much blood...OR MAYBE IF YOU WENT TO HELL, AND EVERYTHING WAS BLOOD, AND IT WAS RAINING BLOOD, AND THAT BLOOD WAS ON FIRE, then maybe that would be enought....but maybe not..."

Blood Mage, Warcraft III

04/05/2003 10:20 AM

"Was this city Palanthas...Flotsam...Nereka...I remember not..." Thought Garet. "I can't hide forever. But I am tired of fighting. Tired of killing. I am only one man. I began my life as a servent to my god. But now all I do is kill to keep my own life. What has this world become? Why is it such a living hell!? Why cant I do anything to help the people..." Garet had come to a crossroads in his life this night. He was a monk, celebate, pure of heart and mind, good natured, he believed in the good of mankind still, though it had done him no good these last ten years. The howls of wolves was growing louder, and the stench of Goblins wafted through the air. "I feel as though I will go crazy...my god has forsaken me...us, this whole planet. And yet nobody seems to care. Well I for one do care...I can't make a difference if I am always hiding...NO MORE!"

Garet strode back out into the abandoned street, and removed his cloak. Throwing it to the ground, he tightened his belt, flexed his muscles, popped his neck as he had always done, and prepared to stand his ground.

"They will not stop me this night, for I have ran far to long from the likes of them... They will feel my anger, pure and raging, the anger of the planet, and it's people. I will find a way to save this planet, or die trying..."

Fifteen Wolves came into view far down the street, each bearing a Goblin, eyes squinted in the noon day sun, through the blood red skies. Thirty sets of eyes locked on him, a fresh peice of food to animals that had not eaten in weeks, and they charged headfirst down the street towards him. Garet realized that in all his training, all his punches, kicks, pressure points, throws, and everything else he could use against them would be near pointless against a group that large. He had underestimated his opponents, and overestimated his own abilities, letting his newfound rage control him. He didn't care, as he took his fighting stance, "Let them come..." he thought. "I WILL KILL YOU ALL!" his voice echoed through the empty buildings of the dead city, but nobody heard his battle cry......~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
May the forces of evil become lost on the way to your house

04/10/2003 6:46 PM

OOC: Wow Kalia I love your signature... Long time no see ay? Hoping to join a game, This one looks interesting. Have to get back into it I reckon. That cool with everybody?"Just once I would like someone to call me 'sir' without adding 'You're making a scene' "


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