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03/23/2003 1:59 PM

OOC: okay, so far i've seen several stories based off of the Legacy stories, and while they are very good (Don't get me wrong about that) They all seem to push that the children of the "Heros" were pretty competant...so....

Enters the Mediocre Hero....:) Steel Brightblade's illigitamite son (Heh.....go figure ;)) Justice Brightblade (and he is nothing like his name....not yet anyway....;))

This will take place sometime between Dawning of a new age and DOFS

BIC: Juste frowned, his smoke grey eyes clouded with concentration as he struggled with the plow as the mare that pulled it began to buck at her harnesses. He wiped his forhead and bushed damp, curling black locks of hair away from his brow.

"Justice! Get her calmed down or we will never finish!" His Mother, Rila Surshah, cried. Juste let go of the plow and reached the mare's side. He gripped the halter and realized the mare's eyes roll back in real fear. Abruptly the birds in the trees went silent...then burst from the treetops in a flurry of feathers and ruccus cries of alarm.

Juste stood there and watched in growing horror as the Mare bucked again and broke the straps holding her to the plow. He struggled with the Mare, to keep her calm, the muscles in his tanned arms straining against the strong beast. He dimly heard his mother scream as the mare Reared, and pawed the air with her iron shod hoves.

Juste was thrown to the ground, and he rolled, arms covering his head as the mare bolted. He rolled to his back and stared at the blue sky..... and finally he saw what made his mother scream...and the mare bolt....and he choked back a cry of his own.

The huge black dragon flew low overhead. The vile creature was immense....and could be no other than the Dragon Overlord Onyxsablet. She passed over the feilds, and concentrated on the villiage ahead. Acid streamed from her jaws burning homes and the people within. She made a second pass, and with a roar that was filled with wicked laughter, she flew off.

Juste stood and ran towards the ruined villiage, his Mother and the rest of the workers that where in the feilds, close behind him.

OOC2: Okay, Juste can handle only two basic mystic spells....Sleep and create small fires...thats it. He pretty much sucks at other weaponry....though he was raised doing such farm work as reaping wheat....so we can use that as a bit of innate skill...we'll need someone willing to teach him later on....right now people will look to him as a hero, which he's not, just for his name.

okay...we'll see how this goes.

03/23/2003 3:05 PM

OOC: I hope it's okay that I join. Here's my character. Any useful criticism is welcome.

Malus, looking up from his job of reaping hay, saw the huge black dragon pass overhead, and screams of horror. Long brown shoulder-length hair blew up in the ferocious wind caused by the beating of the Black's wings. Dragonfear hit the farmer like a blanket, smothering him, stopping him from breathing. Oddly, he quickly mastered the fear, using it to his advantage, changing it into adrenalin.

Malus ran forward toward the village, just as the others who had lived there with him were doing. His dark blue eyes, softened by the years, widened and hardened at what he saw. Destruction, death, and murder. Damn that dragon! Damn it to the Abyss! Her Majesty was gone, yet her children still reigned terror.

Now in the middle of the town with the others, looking around at the destruction, Malus sighed. He knew one day this would happen. He would never be safe. He thought he could finally have a peaceful life, here, farming. Why did the fates seem to never want him to be at peace?

Running to his home near the middle of the village, his heart stopped. Near the door to his house, there was his wife, Sara. She lay on the ground - there were no burn marks upon her. The dragon had not killed her, not directly. Instead, a smoking carcass of a horse lay atop her, crushing her. Running forward, Malus bent down to his wife, his eyes wide and filled with pain.

“Sara... Sara, no.. Stay with me.” He said softly, soothingly. Perspiration wetted her forehead, and her lips were beginning to go blue. “No!” Malus yelled, tears blurring his vision. The farmer tried to move the horse from her body - he tried to push it, but he could not. He knew there was nothing to be done. The clerics in the land were no more, and the healers not within 10 leagues. Malus was losing her, quickly.

He bent down over her once again, his long wet hair matting his face, sticking to it like glue. The farmer brushed away the hair from his wife’s face, to look at her, and she at him. “I.. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I couldn’t help you,” He said, quietly, the last words said without breath. Sara brought her hand up to his face, and pushed his hair behind his ears - ears that were slightly pointed, not entirely human.

“Do not be sorry... I am glad... that my last moments... are with you, Malus Darkblade, my Half-Elven...”

Malus smiled sadly, his hands shaking as they touched her face once more. “You were never afraid to call me that... Wait for me, Sara... at the gates to the afterlife. I will.... I will be there soon.”

“You must live, Mal... Live for me, please.. don't give up.” Sara’s voice cracked, blood cacking her soft, smooth and young lips, now lifeless. Her eyes fixed in her head, clouding over, going to a far away land that only the dead can see. Malus gave another sad smile, and closed his wife’s eyes.

The widower stood from his place, his face hardening and his eyes cooling into hard, cold steel. Taking in a deep breath and exhaling, Malus strode inside of his farming home and went straight to the closet he and his wife had shared. He pulled out a large and heavy chest into the middle of the room, and looked at it gravely.

“Est Sularus oth Mithas,” He said to himself, quietly, putting a blackened key into the chest and unlocking it. Slowly, the former farmer lifted the lid of the chest to reveal an ornate sword atop a black cloak trimmed with blue. The sword’s hilt was decorated with blue and a dragon head as the pommel. The scabbard was black and gold, and the blade itself was also black.

He pulled the sword out and the belt it was attached to and laid it upon the bed, as with the cloak. The sunlight glinted off of something in the chest - a black breastplate, decorated with the death lily entwined around a bloody axe, the symbol of the Dark Knights of Takhisis, or Neraka, if you preferred.

The Knight adorned his armour and walked outside - something he hated to do. He had forsworn that evil god Takhisis years ago, after she had left, in order to live in peace with his new wife - but now his wife was dead, and all he had left was his honour.

And Vengeance."Hope is the denial of reality. It is the carrot dangled before the draft horse to keep him plodding along in a vain attempt to reach it." –Raistlin, Dragons of Autumn Twilight

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03/23/2003 5:38 PM

As Blake was reaping hay, like many of the others, he saw the black dragon fly towards the village. The gust of wind from the dragon's wings pushed him to the ground. He got up and ran to the village. He looked towards his home. "No!"

He ran towards it and as he did so his father came out holding his mother. "What happened?" He asked his father. Then he looked at his home. He saw what had happened, the roof had caved in from the dragon's gust of wind.

"Your mother is.... is ... dead!" And as his father said this the old man fell to the ground and wept. Blake knelt by his father. "... Don't worry father, I will avenge mother." And as he said this he got up and with a fierce look stepped inside and ripped open a secret conpartment.

Within in it was a sword, bow and arrows, and a red cloak. He grabbed the sword , bow and arrows, and the red cloak. He put the arrow pak on his back, along with his bow. Then he grabbed his sword and belt and strapped it to his side. He then put the red cloak on.

He put up his hood so that no one would see that he was crying. He came back out and his father stood in shock. These weapons and cloak were his fathers but, he was to old to go. That is why his son had got to them before him. "Father you are to old to go off and fight this dragon, that is why I will."

His father said nothing. "If you go.. I will... I will disown you!" Blake stepped back as if he was hit. "But..." His father turned around and said nothing more.

"Fine then." And Blake stepped away and went to look for others to see if they would come. He would have vengence... no matter what.

OOC: If you can tell, he knows how to use a sword and a bow. Well hope he is good enough.

03/23/2003 6:37 PM

OOC: Yup, they're fine :)

BIC: Juste ran foward, panic rising in his throat. He jumped over some scorched and fallen lumber and found his home...torn to shreds.....

"Juri?" He cried, frantic. There....beside the main structure, a good portion of debris lying upon her. Her dark grey eyes stared up at her twin....

"Just....Justice??" she coughed, and blood stained her lips. "You...didn't leave me....."

"Never, Juri...I could never..." His voice hitched as He realized that her gaze was fixed somewhere above his head.....she was gone.

"No.....Juri...." He sobbed. He brought her close to his chest. "Juri......" He sobbed quietly, rocking her still and bloodied form, oblivious to the pain and horror around him.

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03/24/2003 4:35 AM

OOC: Hope this is ok Kalia

IC: The wind raged passed him, blowing strands of snowy white hair across a sweat licked forehead. Clouds, black and angry, thundered overhead as another bolt of lightning cascaded downwards, striking the ship that tossed upon the sea ahead of him, wood splintered, caught fire. Dozens screamed, some went overboard, falling into chill and dark waters. His brow knitted together, the lines of concentration deep and dark on his pale blue skin. A water spout rose up, tall and serpent like, the wind causing such. The thin but deadly column raced across the sea, slamming into the ship, virtually snapping it in two. It went down, slowly sinking.

The wind stilled, clouds retreated, allowing the sun to break through and warm his cold and clamy face. Taking a shuddering breath, the young lad turned from the ocean, a Solamnic breastplate washed up on the shore, no doubt to be followed by planks and bodies. The Dark Knight strode forward to him. "Excellent....the commander will be pleased with this, the Solamnics will have to find reinforcments from somewhere else.", he laughed harshly, the other officers and footmen followed like wise. "Put the pup on his leash....we'll head back to camp now....load him in the wagon....Maelstrom...", a rough hand shoved him towards the caravan....he got in the back, two soldiers chaing his ankles and wrists....like he would escape anyway....

Tears fell freely from already red and swollen eyes...too many tears had fallen...his thin frame shivered, not from the cold, for the air already warmed slightly with the return of the sun. How many more had to die at his hands....hundreds? Just like the hundreds that alread had died? "Mother....forgive me...", was all he said before leaning to the side and allowing the darkness of slumber to wash over him and claim his throbbing head to sleep.

Maelstrom...no one else save his mother knew his birth name, but his current one suited his abilites well enough. The son of Du'Kuli Stormbringer and Alysia Lightsky, Mystic of the Heart, and prisoner to the Dark Knights of Neraka. How else could they chain him.....save using his mother life to blackmail....his services for her life...even if it were against her wishes.

The caravan rolled to a stop. "Out.", Maelstrom complied and shuffled to the rear end, jumping down with his chains still attached. A spear prodded at his back, forcing him to move towards the make shift cells of the camp. The door opened and he stepped inside, lost in darkness save for the sliver of light that was allowed admittance. "Don't worry....your Maw is being taken care of....real good care of...", a spiteful laughter ecohed as the Dark Knight walked away, leaving the three guards to watch over him....a flicker of lightning ran down his skin.On the wings of heaven does my spirit soar high,
Under the ocean does my heart swim free,
In the bones of the earth does my mind lie secure,
And in the pit of fire....my passion burns forever.

03/27/2003 12:06 PM

OOC: Yea!! they got it fixed. :) oh, DM, you posted twice....I can't post now just wanted to bring a notice on it :)

03/27/2003 1:34 PM

OOC: YES!!! Now we can continue!

03/27/2003 4:45 PM

OOC: Whoohoo! hehe, I'll wait for someone else to post.On the wings of heaven does my spirit soar high,
Under the ocean does my heart swim free,
In the bones of the earth does my mind lie secure,
And in the pit of fire....my passion burns forever.

03/28/2003 12:41 PM

Cornelius stood staring blankly down at the wreckage of what had once been his house, his family. The man still stood tall, but the wrinkles in his tanned skin traced the intricate roadmap of a long life. He took a faltering step forward, still staring at the ruin of all he had spent his life building. Then he picked up the black metal walkingstick that had been the only object to survive the destruction of the house and limped off slowly."Ah, they have a cave troll....."

03/29/2003 3:30 PM

A soft voice shook Justice out of his grief.....the sun had moved....nearly an hour had past and he still sat there, Jury's head lying in his lap.

The blacksmith, Smith Orlthnal, stood behind him.....Justice's mother laying limp in his arms. Smith looked down, his eyes filled with remorse. "I'm sorry Justice....She tried to get my youngest out of my collapsing home....the beam fell at the last moment....She didn't linger.....I'm sorry...." Gently Smith lay Juste's mother beside Juri.

Justice stood, the denial in his eyes, then his voice. "No....NO!" He cried. His world tilted and he feared he would faint......his vision darkened, and he felt something tug around his neck.... Absently his hand reached up, and found a heavy chain there......and dangling from it was a cool Jewel....the light that spread through him at it's touch.

He blinked and looked down....the Star Jewel hung from a chain around his neck. Smith Orlthnal gasped and backed away from Juste. Justice tugged in vain, attempting to snap the chain.....yet it wouldn't yeild to Juste's strength.

He looked down and in his mother's clasped hand was a sword.....beautiful....decorated with a rose etched in the blade. "NO!" He stumbled backwards and nearly fell.

"I don't want this!" He gasped....and the StarJewel glowed....

You will never be alone.... whispered a ghostly voice.....

03/29/2003 7:48 PM

As Blake walked through the village his anger grew. He walked and walked. Then he stopped by one of the other boys that he knew. Of course both didn't know each other very well but they had talked together before. "Justice... I'm sorry for your loss." He said as he looked at Justice's sister and mother.

"I too lost my mother and now that I am leaving my father has disowned me." He held back a tear."Well I hope you get over your loss quickly, because it seems the townspeople want to talk to you." He looked around to see the towns people gathering around them.

03/30/2003 12:07 PM

The box of a make-shift cell let in but the most meager slivers of light. The dull ache that cased his head had receeded somewhat, letting him think slightly more clearly. He had escape, but with his mother at their mercy....or lack there of....he could do naught but sit and wait until he was called upon to murder more Knights, innocents....or whomever the Dark Knights wished for dead.

Salvation came in strange forms, it had been something his mother would always chime when he was down. The sharp memory brought a bitter smile to him. There was a rap on the cell, a chain and bolt un-done, the door opened swiftly, letting the light flood in to suddenly blind him for a short but hazy period. "Out maelstrom, you got more work to do.....this one will earn yer dinner if done properly.", a cruel, and somewhat forced chuckle escape the man's throat...the Captain held fear back, anxiety. What was his problem...'collared' as Maelstrom was, the Knights feared him little, they were simply cautious and no more, but this one hid fear in his eyes.

Shrugging the notion off, Maelstrom stood, rubbed his eyes slightly before being pulled out with impatience hot on his neck as he was shoved forward. "Commander wants to see you....", The commander? He never wants to see me....only sends orders..., this was something new altogether. He would soon find out....though the feeling of un-ease gripped his guy tightly like a vipers coils.

The tent he was led to was imposing, and somewhat intimidating, only had Maelstrom seen it from afar. Entering, a man sat behind a large wooden desk, delicate engravings adorned it....slightly elvish in style. "Maelstrom....good...", he put down a scroll he had been reading and turned his, apparently, full attentions to the blue skin and white haired lad.

"Got another job for you boy....", he hated being called that, it raised his 'hackles' as a small shot of lightning traced his eyebrow. It didn't pass the Commanders notice. Smiling he continued. "It seems we have out lived our usefulness along the shoreline, the Solamnics won't be sending reinforcements to retake the bay anytime soon....", it was Maelstrom who then spoke, his voice seeming to be carried by a breeze, almost ethrel, hollow, devoid of feeling. "And this concerns me why? I am but a lap dog....you say jump.....all i need to know is how high.....Sir....",

"Why Maelstrom it concerns you greatly....a certain....being, wishes to meet you personally, it seems that your abilities have concerned her Majesty.", sweat beaded his head. They couldn't be serious. "Malys, has requested an auidence with you......", Maelstrom nearly fainted, day flashes crossed his vision, the world dimmed ever so slightly, straigtning himself, he locked a fear filled gaze with the Commander. "Please.....no....not Her....what does she want ....with...me?"

"I know not boy, simply that she has ordered that a contingent of Knight bring you to her domain as swiftly as humanly possible.....all to well you could reach her faster, left to yout own.....devices....alas, escape would be within easy reach. You leave immediately, make ready."On the wings of heaven does my spirit soar high,
Under the ocean does my heart swim free,
In the bones of the earth does my mind lie secure,
And in the pit of fire....my passion burns forever.

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