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07/11/2000 12:28 AM

Andross looks at his Staff, old bent decrepit but inside, much like himself, was power waiting to be discovered. being 6 feet tall, weighing approx. 120 pounds with white hair in his early age, white hair that he was born with along with his metalic clorored skin is what proves him to be a nephew of the once great Raistlin Majere, this is what also made it so his parents disowned him and put him into the care of others. Not being able to stay in one place for too long Andross traveled much during his life, supporting himself much in the same way his uncle did, doing small amusing tricks at carnivals, stealing books of magic for himself to read and learn having an un-natural ability to do so. People were afraid of him, Andross knew this and loved it. As long as people were afraid of him then he had everything he needed. He loved to walk by people and watch them look at him in amazement and in horror wondering if this was in fact the Raistlin Majere they all had learned so much about, the resemblence was quite similar actually, even his uncle Caramon and Aunt Tika were startled by this and it was a factor that made it impossible for him to stay with them. Being of adult age now Andross has decided to find his true power and explore it to its fullest, giving up whatever it may take as long as he has power he will have what he wants and what he deserves... Andross Majere

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