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07/17/2000 6:12 AM

We all know that Draconians are created from the eggs of good dragons,but what would happen if the eggs of bad dragons were transformed... If a cleric of Paladine were able to acomplish this would it be a Draconian that was good??? What are you thoughts on this matter?

07/11/2000 11:10 AM

Theoretically it could happen,

But I don't think a cleric of paladine would do such
a thing. Corrupting an egg is considered an evil act.
A good cleric would probably just destroy the egg...

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

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07/11/2000 1:03 PM

Well ok but what if it was done by neutral clerics then... What do you think there powers would be like? Of course the most powerful of them would be the Blue so hmm a blue Draconian vs. an Aurak.... interesting.. has anyone ever experimented with this before?
Andross Majere

07/11/2000 2:02 PM

Actually if it was to happen the Red would be the most powerful. Reds are the most powerful and are the only chromatic dragons according to dragonlance that can polymorph with out the aid of magic.

07/11/2000 7:22 PM

"I'm with Py. Being a mage who serves all the gods, I have no remorse aout giving it a try. If you want, I shall try."

07/12/2000 1:13 PM

Yes please do but be careful there is no telling what may happen...

Andross Majere

07/12/2000 6:44 PM

"Gotcha. Be back with the result later."

07/14/2000 11:56 AM

Theoretically, it's possible, and I think that good clerics would do it. What many of you are saying is that the eggs would be corrupted. Why so? Wouldn't a good cleric purify the evil eggs to make their draconians instead of corrupting them.
Also, I firmly believe that the blue dragons are the most powerful and cunning, this having been proven when Skie outwitted Malys when she was trying to become a Goddess.
As for neutral clerics performing the ceremony to create draconians, would they operate on shadow dragon eggs?

07/15/2000 8:51 PM

The shadow dragon is not a neutral dragon. It is chaotic evil. As for the blue and red, the red is actually the most powerful of the chromatic dragons. Blues are next in line. As for the 5th age, yes Khellendros was more intelligant than Malystryx, but that does not mean that all blues are more powerful than reads. If you compare the stats of the two races at great wryms, the reds breath weapon does quite a bit more damage than a blues and the red has better abilities also. The also can polymorph in the dragonlance campaigns, where the blues need spells to do it.

07/16/2000 1:30 PM

Tarohl walks in with a draconic of each chromatic color "Good news. I tried the experiment on all the chromatics." Gesturing to the ones following him, "They are loyal to their creator and any he says to obey."

07/17/2000 6:12 AM

ALthough the Shadow dragon is not neutral, it is the closest thing that appears in the Dragonlance setting. Yes, reds do have better statistics and abilities, but if everything was based on stats alone, would Tasslehoff have ever been able to capture Chaos. I feel the blues are better then then reds because they, for the most part, don't let their tempers get the better of them. Blues think things through instead of rushing in, which helps them win many battles. If we only went by stats and abilities, wouldn't that make the silver better then the gold?

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