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03/13/2003 6:38 AM

The three gods of magic stood together contemplating.

"I really don't know about doing this my friends. I mean this spell seems really risky. Its blends too many travel spells together." Said Solanari, sounding a little worried.

"Tsk, Solanari, you are such a worry wort sometimes." Said Lunitari.

"It just combines time travel, cross diminsional travel, and traveling between different worlds. Thats really only three types of travel." The Neutral goddess said smugly.

"Well, it also worries me because it seems almost too powerful, even for its maginitude. What do you think Nuitari?" Asked Solanari.

"I agree with Lunitari that you worry too much. Don't let caution interfere with your passion for the art." Rasped Nuitari.

"All right lets do this." The three said in unision.


Blue Light was flickering around, plusating violently.

"It's going out of control!" Cried Solanari.

"I've got the counterspell." Said Nuitari.

The light disappeared.

"Ah, well it doesn't look like any damage was done." Said Lunitari.

"Thats because nothing was transported from Krynn. But, people have been summoned to Krynn." Said Nuitari.

(OOC: In this thread you can use your favorite anime character as a character. The post above sets up how they got to Krynn. The action in the thread will take place a year later after the botched spell that occured.

I only have one loose rule. Try not blowing up things right away. Exersize discretion. I will post later.)

03/13/2003 10:08 AM

I am going to be on my hiatus this week, but when I return I would like to control a Ranma 1/2-like character. Maybe it'll be an elf that turns into a gully dwarf when they get wet! Yes. I'll use "Roland-kun" next week.

03/13/2003 3:13 PM

What is a hiatus?

I think i will do a Mage/Sayai-jin. WHen he usese little magic he gets a white aura, when he uses medium magic he get as a blue aura, and when he does big magic his hair turns gold! ......I willl call her Zara-san

03/13/2003 6:06 PM

OOC: Actually, Eliar's a pretty anime-ish character. But I'll wait and see...

No fear, threads won't blow up unless they've been abandoned.

And POD...

hi·a·tus (h-ts)
n. pl. hi·a·tus·es or hiatus
A gap or interruption in space, time, or continuity; a break: “We are likely to be disconcerted by... hiatuses of thought” (Edmund Wilson).
Linguistics. A slight pause that occurs when two immediately adjacent vowels in consecutive syllables are pronounced, as in reality and naive.
Anatomy. A separation, aperture, fissure, or short passage in an organ or body part.

03/13/2003 6:22 PM

OCC- and when we start, I will be Yuskie From YU YU Hakusho.

03/13/2003 7:11 PM

(OOC: Good, people are interested. And so far some neat characters. I will be Tamahome from Fushigi Yugi. I will post more tomorrow.)

03/13/2003 8:13 PM

OOC: Cool on the choice Silvermagess....I'd choose Miaka...but not sure yet....too many to choose from!!! AAAAHHHHHHH!! LOL!!! I wasn't sure that "Mysterious Play" was that well known. :) I may use Shido from "Nightwalker: Midnight detective....I know him better, since I only have one tape of Fushigi Yugi....my other two favorites may not intergrate well....Sailor Moon, and Revolutionary Girl Utena......hmmmm we'll see...maybe I'll think of something....:P

03/13/2003 8:23 PM

OOC: okay....forget all the ones I just posted about....though they are all tempting....this is really a good one.

A young woman hovered in the air above the city of Palanthas. She had golden brown hair, and kind blue eyes. two small blue triagles marked her cheeks, and an elongated blue diamond-shaped mark was centered on her forhead.

Belldandy's hands where clasped before her, her head bowed in prayer. "I am from the Goddess Relief office and I have come to grant you one wish!" She opened her eyes and blinked twice...to find no one in front of her.

She looked around. "Has there been some type of mistake? A Virus in Yaggdrassil? She tried to gate back to the Heavens....and found that she couldn't! She summoned Blessed Bell, but her Angel was as at a loss as she was.

She looked down at the city far below her, and figured she might as well see what was going on.

"This doesn't seem like Earth....Where could I be?" She wondered as she landed her bare feet touching the cold cobbled stone street. Several people gasped and pointed. She could hear the whispers. "Is she a Mage?" "But she wears no color of allignment" "Maybe she's a dragon!"

All in all , many kept their distance from the odd young woman, and many fled from her when she tried to ask a question.

03/13/2003 9:45 PM

(OOC: LOL LOL LOL!:D I suppose any anime could come from you Kalia. This is the first time an anime thread has had such a good reason to be happening, so I think I'll go with it. So many choices though. Let's see, Gally (alita), Haruko (FLCL), Alucard, Celes Victoria, Walter, anybody from Kenshin, the guy from kite, Mahoro, Nausica, The Paper, Miss Deep, Vash, any of the people from X, Ashetaka, love hina people ... Just too many choices. Suppose it wouldn't be fair to bring an eva in. It'd run out of power in five minutes.

Let's narrow it down some. I'm not really that fond of vampires, so Alucard and Celes are out. The only cool thing about the guy from Kite is his gun, which Thistle already imitates, Mahoro just doesn't make enough sense, Ashetaka and Nausica are too finished, don't really care to be some of the people in X. Kenshin people are too easy to do with normal characters...

Kalia, you've seen me roleplay enough, which do you think I should use: Walter, Haruko, The Paper, Arashi (x), Arusegawa (x), Gally, or Kaola.?)

03/14/2003 12:02 AM

OOC: Haruko rules.

Well, no Eva? Bring in a Gundam then.

03/14/2003 12:08 AM

OOC: This is just too good to give a miss, just give me a bit of time to sort out my char.

03/14/2003 10:16 AM


Well, no Eva? Bring in a Gundam then.

Just as overpowered for a thread anyways.)

03/14/2003 1:27 PM

OOC:hmm...I dunno how to help you much Thistle....I've only seen the "X" Movie...and only recognize the chars from Naussica and Mononoke....and yes you're right Eva and Gundam would be way too over powered....hmmm....

You'd probably do well as Shido from NightWalker...but you already said you don't like vampires...:S hmmm....though Tenshi would be an interesting choice, and not too overpowered.... *shrug* not sure.

03/14/2003 2:35 PM

I noticed your avatar lost the little markings on it's face.

Mononoke is cool. I read a fic about it crossed with DBZ.

03/14/2003 4:01 PM

OOC: Yea. I took them off to make the pic look more like Wylin.

LOL!! I have to do this OOC!

The moonlight shone on a single spot, illuminating a Slim girl with long blond pigtails. She wore a red and blue sailor skirt-suit, and she raised her hand to her tiara in mock salute.

"I am Sailor Moon!! Champion Of Justice! And You're Moon Dust!" She blinked and choked on her words. Staring straight at her was a huge Red Dragon. It snarled and let loose a ball of oily flame.

Serena stood there, singed and blackened....


Sorry....had to the idea just hit.....hehe

03/14/2003 4:17 PM

(OOC: Thought you'd seen more than that. You really should get the series for X. It's much better than the movie. As hot as Arashi is in that long skirt, I think I'm going to go with the Paper. The others are too specialized.)

A lady in her earyly twenties sighed as she finished the last of her book. She had been reading it for some time, sitting on a bench with a large pack on wheels beside her. Looking up from the book, she stared around, not knowing where she was. As this was actually quite a common occurance for her, she did not think it strange, until she noticed the strange clothing and buildings nearby. "What?" She asked, rather sonfused. She reached into her coat when she saw a comotion starting and an even stranger person walking down the street. The person wore white clothing with lots of blue trim, and had strange toe-less and fingerless socks and gloves.

(OOC: I assume Bell is in her traditional apparel? For those who don't know, The Paper is from the OVA Read or Die.)

03/14/2003 4:55 PM

OOC:SWEET! I love anime! This is so cool! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!

The proud warrior was confused. One moment he was training in his pod, the next he was watching some twit getting singed by the ugliest monster he had ever seen. He scratched that. Almost ugliest monster he had ever seen....he shuddered as he remembered what Bulma looked like first thing in the morning. He walked over to the girl and chuckled.
"Girl, this is how you take care of things," Vegeta stated, as he grabbed the dragons jaws and clamped them shut. "Now he can't breathe fire at you." He then proceded to swing the dragon in an arch, and throw it way off into the distance. He turned back to the girl.
"Where are we and who are you?"

03/14/2003 4:57 PM

OOC: lol! Strea sweetie, The bit on Sailor Moon was just a gag, it wasn't really part of the story

03/15/2003 4:04 PM

Tamahome sat up brushing himself off.

"Where in the name of Suzaku am I? This can't be Miaka's world." He walked over to a man at a booth.

"Um, Could you tell me where I am?" The man looked at the strange looking, strangely dressed youth.

"Why sonny this is Palanthas. Capital city of Solomnia. How can you not know that?" He looked at Tamahome like he was a loony.

*an hour latter*

"I still don't understand it. Is this all some bad dream? Yeah, that has to be it. A world were my own money doesn't work is definatly a nightmare."

03/17/2003 6:34 PM

OOC: Sorry Kalia....hey, maybe we can finish her off! Cuz I don't want to redo his entry...so, maybe he can feed her to a dragon, or let her get carried of by goblins....wait! I've got it! Let's have her get dragged off by a group of traveling kender!

03/17/2003 9:57 PM

Elsewhere in Palanthas, another girl walks down the street in a black jumpsuit and brown coat. She is younger than the one with the bags, and has short black hair. Her hands seem very strange, to those who take a close look. Sensing something in an ally nearby, she desides to investigate. Pearing into the ally, she saw a pair of street ruffians, the larger one holding a sword to the neck of a merchant.

"Please, take my money, just don't kill me!" The merchant cried.

"Keep him quiet. We can't have him drawing attention." The smaller one wispered, peering about. The girl remains out of site, her face cold. She runs into the ally, jumping and planting a double kick on the larger man's skull, severing the head from the body.

She turns to face the smaller man. "Where am I? What are you doing to this man?" She demands.

The man, shocked at the gruesome death of his partner by this tiny sweet thing, can only stamper before turning and trying to run. "No you don't!" She yells as she jumps into the air, sumersaulting before planting her feet at the base of his neck and snapping it.

She turns to the merchant, who is still in shock. "Now. TELL ME WHAT'S GOING ON!!" She yells at him. He faints to the floor. "Shit." The girl says, grabbing the heads and stuffing them in a bag. *Now, who do I take these to around here?* She thinks to herself as she heads out of the ally, into the crowd looking for somebody intelligent enough to have a clue what she was doing here, that would not be alienated by her questions.

(OOC: One easily influenced killer cyborg, the Battle Angel Alita. I've only gotten through the first two mangas, so I'm setting just a little after what happens to Hugo. Yes, I'm still running the Paper as well, but I'm waiting on Belldandy's response on that one. For those uninitiated in Gunnm, Alita is a cyborg made using much more advanced technology than here contemporary cyborgs. She lives as a bounty hunter in the scrapyard, a huge city with almost no rules at all. Above the scrapyard is the flying city of Tiphares, which a friend of hers dreams of going to. She woke up in her current body with no memory of her past about a month ago, so she's a little bit naive still, and even more confused than the other characters in this thread.)

03/18/2003 12:20 AM

OOC: I was planning on taking a character from X aswell, is that ok with you Thistle??

03/18/2003 12:49 PM

(OOC: I ended up using characters from Read Or Die and Battle Angel, but it'd be great if you played someone from X.)

03/18/2003 1:22 PM

OOC: Cool, i was gonna use Kamui....but can't decide between him and Subaru....hmmm...help?

03/18/2003 6:25 PM

(OOC: Real Kamui? ;) Could be fun, if it's the one from the series, one in the movie doesn't do much. As to subaru, that's the mage, right? Cherry blossoms? Already have enough mages on krynn, so I'd say go for Kamui. Neither are among my favorite characters, but they could work well.)

(OOC: Sorry for posting non-dl pics here, but it I wanted some better descriptions of my characters:

The Paper:


Kalia's Belldandy, in the clothes I assume she is wearing. And her angel Bell:

03/19/2003 10:20 AM

OOC: Ok, Kamui it is then.

IC: A dark clad figure strolled down the well trodden road, his head down cast from the night sky. The black suit and clock did well to hide him in the night, his feet walking to his own pace, a pace that stopped for but a heart beat. His amber eyes glanced up at the strange moons adoning the sky. Two moons? It will take time to get used to those....what is this place...It feels strange., continuing the slow pace, he was all too aware of the eyes watching him from the dark undergrowth to the side of the road. From which the four men emerged.

"Looks like an easy catch this night fellas...not more than a boy this one...", all four laughed, their yellow teeth barely glinting in the silver moonlight. Kamui didn't raise his head to meet their eyes. "Tell me...what is this place called?", it was not what the men expected.

"What you talking about Kid.....you're on Krynn.....", he whispered to those next to himself. "Maybe he's ill in the head....even easier.", after another gruff laugh, two launched to grab Kamui. They only caught air. From the darkness, Kamui's fist slugged one of them in a spray of blood and teeth.....the rouge collapsed to the ground.

"Why you little bastard....get him!", all three lunged forward, two brandishing a short sword. None reached him. His eyes flashed a bright gold, the air seemed to shift, blue tendrils radiated, his hair and clothing stirred by an unfelt wind. All three rouges were lifted off the ground, and propelled back into the truck of a tree one on top of the other. Each fell, out cold. Sighing, Kamui continued onwards to the town that he could just see upon the horizon.

03/19/2003 5:26 PM

OOC: I might join this one (and no, not after this is abandoned.) Anyway, Dark-chan, you're playing Kamui, eh? The one from the series or the movie? Leave a space for the really gay Fuuma. You people know whom Doraemon is, right? Or Hello Kitty? Maybe I'll play one of them. Mwaha.

03/19/2003 8:35 PM

OOC: Thanks for posting a pic of Belldandy for me....:)

BIC: Belldandy walked through the streets, quite confused. The heavens barred from her, even her Angel didn't know where they where.

"I have to get home, Skuld and Urd will probably be worried about me...." She wondered aloud as she watched the people scurry past her in an effort to remain out of her way. She turned to see a girl dressed pretty similar to the girls she knew on Earth.

"Hello there!!" She called, waving her hand and ran through the crowed to get to her.

"You- you're from Earth right??" She asked, a bit out of breath.

03/20/2003 1:39 AM

A huge smile comes across her face. "Yes, I am. I'm Yomiko Readman. Are you from earth too? I hope so. I'm not really sure where we are, do you know?" She finally stops her string of questions, giving Bell a chance to reply.

Elsewhere in the city:

Alita continues to roam the city, a pair of heads in a sack behind her. *This sure isn't like the Scrapyard.* She thinks to herself. *Could I be in Tiphares? How did I get here?* She continues on, searching for somewhere to collect a bounty on the heads.

03/20/2003 4:13 AM

Belldandy's hopefull expression fell. "No, I do not know where we are.....and no, I am not truely from Earth... I am Belldandy, Goddess First Class with no restrictions.... I am from the Goddess Relief office....I had thought I was answering a call...when I found myself here...."

Belldandy continued to look around, the wind fluttering through her hair and her dress.

OOC: thanks again,but this is one of my favorite pictures of Bell :)

03/20/2003 11:45 AM

OOC: I don't mind you being Fuma Swifty...and i've only seen the movie, been trying to get my hands on the series but i can't find it anywhere save the web.

03/20/2003 2:10 PM

Vegeta sat up and shook his head. That was a pretty strange dream he had. To think that he could have been transported to another world was ridiculous. Or so he thought until he looked at his surroundings. He groaned. He tried to remember what happened...One moment he was at home, the next he was in this strange land, hallucinating about saving a stupid girl.

There hadn't been a girl, there had only been him, walking along a narrow path and hitting his head on a low lying branch. That, at least, explained one thing. But it didn't explain where he was or how he got there. Well, one thing was certain, he wasn't about to walk anymore. He stood up, cracked his neck, and flew off, searching for a town. He eventually found one, and landed in the middle of it, people everywhere scattering at his arrival. A few were passed out, having fainted dead away at the sight of a person with unusual hair dropping out of the sky.

Vegeta looked around, searching for someone who could hopefully tell him where he was. He saw no one who looked like they would be of any help. Shrugging, he went to a nearby inn. He walked through the door, not bothering to shut it behind him, and up to the bar.
"Give me the strongest thing you have," he demanded.
"Y-you have anything to p-pay with?" the frightened inn keeper asked.
Vegeta just glared at him, and the inn keeper, deciding he'd rather live than piss off this strange looking man, fixed the Sayian up with a tall mug of ale. Vegeta looked at the small man one last time, turned around, sat on a stool, and drank his ale. He would wait until he got his senses about him to look for someone to help him.

03/21/2003 8:14 AM

Tamahome walked around feeling even more depressed. He had managed to get a few coins of something called steel from some type of priest person in white robes. He was busy trying to find some place to eat. Unfortunatly, all the food looked so...bizarre. He finally settled on a particular inn.

"Well, its as good as anything else." He stepped in. He saw a bunch of people shying away from a guy with the strangest hair he had ever seen.

"Hey, can I get some food?" He asked sitting at he farthest table he could find. It wasn't long before a really thick soup was brought over.

"Uh, Thanks." He said as he wrinkled his nose at the questionable substance. He quickly found the food to be semi-edible. Of course, after eating Miaka's food, he had learned to stomach anything.

"I'm going to need to figure away back home. And soon. I don't know how I'm going to make enough money to last here."

03/21/2003 9:15 AM

OOC: I don't mind you being Fuma Swifty...and i've only seen the movie, been trying to get my hands on the series but i can't find it anywhere save the web.

OOC: Ah, that explains the lack of badass-ness of your Kamui. In the anime series and the manga, he's a total badass (especially the anime) Hehe... MWAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Nah, someone else's playing Fuuma.

03/21/2003 9:19 AM

OOC: Hehe, compared to Evas and Gundams, a Saiyajin's even more powerful.

03/21/2003 10:56 AM

OOC: He's my fave character right now...my second fave is Kenshin. Anyway, I figured I had to cover my tracks after my mistake, and that's what I came up with.

BIC~Vegeta finished his ale and tossed the mug over his shoulder. The drink hadn't done him any good. He was still pissed off and confused. He noticed a young man sitting at a table by himself, and went over to him. People quickly ducked out of his way as he passed their tables. He pretended not to notice.

He arrived at the table and stared down at the young man. He noticed that this guy wasn't dressed like all the other freaks in the strange place. Vegeta took that as a good sign. Maybe he could get some answers now.
His dark eyes shining coldly, he looked the young man up and down. Yes, definately not like the wimps around them.
"Who are you?"

03/22/2003 3:29 PM

Tamahome nearly jumped. The guy who had just sat down radiated power.

"Uh, I am So Kishu. But, everyone calls me Tamahome." He felt nervous.

"Who are you?" He looked at the guy suspicously(sp). With Tamahome's luck, this guy was the reincarnation of Nakago.

(OOC: So Kishu is Tamahome's real name. Tamahome is his name as a celestial warrior of Suzaku.)

03/23/2003 6:26 AM

Vegeta kept from smirking. This guy was afraid of him. Oh well. It wasn't like the Sayian wasn't used to this sort of thing.
"I'm Vegeta," he said, keeping his voice low. He stilld didn't know where he was, and so didn't want to let too many people know who he was.
"Where are we?"

03/23/2003 3:35 PM

"You mean your not from around here either?" Tamahome took the other guy's cue lowered his voice.

"Well, I am not to sure, but apparently this is some town called Palanthas in some place called Solmnia. What ever thats susposed to mean." He still could feel the guy's power, but he could tell he was in no way Nakago, let alone a warrior for any of the four gods. He was something even more powerful.

03/23/2003 10:41 PM

(OOC: I thought about that pic, but I didn't think Bell would have her wings right then so... Nice pic though. Let's give them a bit of direction, shall we?)

"Somebody here must know where we are and how we got here. Maybe a library or something." The Paper said. "Excuse me?" She said to a merchant nearby. "Can you tell me how to get to a library?"

"New to Palanthas? Hmph. Follow ...., then, ..., then... and you'll be there. Not that the like's a you'd get in there." The shopkeeper turned away to help a customer.

"Well Bell, want to go on a book hunt?"


Alita finaly found somebody who looked like they were in charge. Or at least, some sort of guard. "Excuse me?"

"Why hello little thing. How can I help you?" The guard answered.

"I found these ruffians in an ally. They were harasing a merchant and I'm sure they have bounty's on them. I can't seem to find a factory collection point though. Where should I take their heads too?" As she shows him the heads in the bag, the guard freaks. "You monster! You're coming with me right now!"

"What? What did I do wrong?" She pleaded. *Should I resist? I know I can get away, but I don't want to be known as a criminal. Guess I'll go along. These police are such a bother.* "Fine, take me with you, I can explain to the factory bot what happened. It can reference the others and prove that I'm right."

*This girl's crazy.* The guard thought as he led her away.

03/24/2003 9:45 AM

Vegeta crossed his arms. At least he knew where he was now. But he still had no idea how he had gotten here. He got the feeling that nobody would be able to give him the answer to THAT particular question.

He studied the person across from him. Yes, this guy was strong, but he wasn't as strong as Vegeta. Still, in this strange place, it would be a better idea to have an allie. He stood up and motioined for the youth to rise as well.
"We're leaving this establishment, and we're going to see if we can find a way back to our homes. I've got a score to settle with Kakkarot, and if I don't get it taken care of I'm going to be very upset."

03/25/2003 12:18 AM

Kamui crossed under the archway....the guards seemed to regard his attire with some skeptisim as they rolled their eyes. Nevertheless, he continued on...someone shouted 'Palanthas'. Is that the name of this town...city...Palanthas...sounds odd.... The sights were strange to him. Their clothes, their lives, everything that was strange to him, seemed normal for them. A man in white robes hurried passed, he eyed Kamui strangely, but continued his brisk pace. Shrugging, he moved on, hoping to find something to help him.

03/27/2003 11:19 PM

(OOC: Kalia, give me something to work with here.)

03/28/2003 8:20 AM

"Hey, who died and made you emperor?" Tamahome may have been scared of this guy, but he didn't like being pushed around either.

"I'm not going, just because you say so. At leat not for free."

03/28/2003 8:58 AM

Vegeta glared at Tamahome. So, he wasn't just strong he was insolent as well. He didn't need this kind of attitude.
"For your information, I am a prince," Vegeta growled. "If you want to stay here in ignorance, fine. I'm going to find my way home." Vegeta shoved his chair back with such force, that people behind him had to duck and dodge out of the way of the flying object. The chair shattered against a wall.
Taking one more look around, Vegeta glared at everyone, and then stormed off outside. Maybe he would "accidentally" hurt whoever did this to him when he found that person.

03/28/2003 1:51 PM

Belldandy watched the girl and smiled....

"Books? well maybe...if only I could access Yggdrasill's central computer...I could find out exactly where we are...but I cannot...." She sighed and followed her newfound companion

03/28/2003 5:35 PM

"Iggdrasill? That's Norse, isn't it?" Yomiko asked as they followed the merchant's directions. Before Bell could answer, they found themselves before a large building. Ancient in its design, it appeared to have been there long before the rest of the nearby buildings. "I smell books inside." Yomiko said, a huge smile on her face. "This must be the library! Come on!"


"We don't take kindly to murder in this city, missy." The guard spat as he hauled Alita before the council.

"What do we have here?" The judge asked.

"I found her in the streets, your honor, with this bag. Inside of it were two heads. Both belonged to criminals wanted by this court."

"Vigilante, are you?" The judge pointed an accusing finger at the young girl. "No matter what the circumstances, murder can not be condoned within the city. Take her--"

"Your honor!" a man called from the back.

"What is it now?" The judge asked annoyed.

"This woman saved my life. I'm the merchant she rescued." The man responded. "At least let her speak in her own defence."

"Hmmf." The judge scoffed. "Very well. Young lady, declare who you are and describe what happened today."

04/01/2003 12:10 AM

(OOC: Ah, come on. Nothing for four days? )

Yomiko rushed up the steps to the great library. Upon reaching the top though, she found the doors closed, as usual. *Hmm. Must be a private library.* She thought to herself. ^Bang, Bang^ she knocks on the door. "Hello? Can somebody let us in?" She calls out.


"My name is Alita." The young lady began. "I'm a little confused about how I came here today. I'm a friend of Doc Ido, and I'm a registered bounty hunter at factory 33. I don't remeber how, but I found myself walking down the street and looked into an ally. Two men were threatening a merchant, and looked to be ready to kill him. I stopped them and took their heads to turn in as proof they were dead. I admit I did not know their current bounty status, but judging by the situation and they way they carried themselves, I knew that they must be wanted men. After I took the heads, I tried searching the city for a deckman to turn over the heads to, but couldn't find one. I found this guard, who appeared to know what was going on, and asked him. Then he brought me to you." Then her face changed a little. "Sir, am I in Tiphares?"

04/01/2003 6:41 AM

Vegeta wandered around the city, his ever present scowl in place. People ducked out of his way as he passed them, but he didn't seem to care or notice. None of these people that he was coming across had anything to do with his being here. Of course, if his situation didn't change soon, none of that would matter. This entire place would become nothing but rubble.

He stopped in front of what appeared to be a library of some sort. He looked at it. Great, a geek santuary, he thought. Perhaps I'll find something in here about how I got here. He started to walk up to the building, and didn't notice the girl standing there until he was at the bottom of the steps.
"Who are you?" he said lowly, and crossed his arms, waiting for the answer.

04/02/2003 1:26 AM

(OOC: Vegeta might get along a little better with Alita. But whatever. BTY, if you found Yomiko at the library, you found Belldandy too, so I'll let here answer first.)

04/04/2003 10:50 AM

(OOC: Sorry I took so long.)

Tamahome leaned against the wall.

"Well, at least I know that I'm not the only stranger stuck here. But, that Vegeta guy can't be from 'The Universe of the Four Gods.' And this is definatly not Miaka's world.

I wonder if I actually left the book. This could be an illusion." His faced scrunched up. This was a really bad time to be trapped in another world.


A force stirs somewhere. An ancient and alien mind awakens.

"So the road has opened once more."

04/08/2003 12:04 AM

(OOC: I'm still staling for Kaylia in Yomiko's half, but I'll continue in Alita's.)



"No, young lady." The judge responded, confused. "That is perhaps the most outlandish story I have ever heard. As if you didn't know, this is the city of Palanthas. Now I will take your plea into consideration, and the testimony I have heard. I'll return with my verdict in one hour. Until then you will be held in custody here." The judge walks off *I need a mage.* He thinks to himself.

04/08/2003 7:01 AM

Belldandy turned, and she smiled. "Oh...hello there...I'm Belldandy, of the Goddess Relief office..." she bowed slightly. She turned and inspected the door again. "Allow me..." she said softly

without key or force.
for the knowledge within

I seek a passage
and the way shall open.

There was a blue flash as her hands finished the complicated movement, and the door clicked open.

"There!" She said cheerfully.

04/08/2003 10:47 AM

"That was neat Bell. Oh, who's this?" She asks as she turns and sees vegeta. Then she catched the smell of books again and her nose turns her towards the library entrance.


'Today, as of midday rising ..., the doors of my library were opened by the goddess Belldandy, using magic not of this world.'

(OOC: Ok, I don't care that alita's timeline is faster than the others. It just started earlier in the day.)

An hour later (alita's time, not the others.)

The judge returned to the courtroom. "After studying your case, and consulting with the mages, who have expressed an interest. I have found you guilty of two counts of Murder in the Second. However, do to the nature of the crime, and the circumstances of your arrival, which other sources have verified to me, I am willing to release you into this mage's custody, until he deams otherwise."

Alita looked at the mage in question. From what she had overheard in the last hour, he didn't match the descriptions of mages. He wore a blue coat, and had much more familier clothing that the locals around here. Still not clothing like she was used to, but close.

"I am known as Timesplit." He said. "Come with me." And he walked towards the door, Alita following after him.

04/09/2003 10:01 AM

Vegeta watched the girl Belldandy open the door using some sort of weird spell.
"Hmph. I could have opened it easier than that," he said in his low voice. He started to walk inside, not caring if the other two followed him or not. There was going to be someone in here who could give him answers, and he was going to find that person.

He marched down the hall, watching as people scattered this way and that. Finally, one very frightened man stood before him.
"I'm s-sorry sir...b-but you c-can't go an-any farther," the man stammered out. Vegeta looked the man in the eye, reached out, grabbed the mans right arm, and tossed him aside. No one was going to stop him. He continued on his way, until he reaced a door at the end of the hall that looked different from all the others. Well, looks like I've found what I'm looking for,he thought as he shot a ki blast at the door.

04/09/2003 1:57 PM

OOC: well...this will be interesting....

BIC: Belldandy assisted the fallen man, watching the strange one walk further into the huge library. She turned and rushed after him, hoping that no more would come to harm from him. She flew through a door that had literally been blasted open, to see Astinius, and the strange man standing face to face.

Astinius put his pen down and glared at the man. "Do you not know how to knock?"

04/09/2003 3:31 PM

The paper was facinated by the huge amounts of books in the library. Not as many as where she worked, but they all seemed so.. ancient. She glowed in the radience of the books she adored, a huge smile on her face. Then she heared the door explode, and grabbed some papers out of her coat pocket as she spun around.

*Oh, it's him.* She thought. "Wait! Don't hurt the books!" She yelled then ran after him. Not really caring nearly as much about the people left in his wake. She caught up with the rest of the group at the entrance to Astinus's study.

"You?!?! You wrote all of this, didn't you?" She asked confused.

"Yes I did. This is my library. My private library. A hint of anger almost dared to show itself on the historian's face, but not quite. I know you all have questions for me. Which I will answer as soon as the others arive. Please be seated until then. History passes and I am not at my desk." With that he returned to his desk and picked up his pen again.

"You mean, you write history as it happens? But how?" The paper asked anyways.

"Quiet please" He said as he motioned with the pen.

She fell silent and sat in the chair. For about two seconds before she began reading the titles of the books in the room.


"We must hurry." The blue-coated man told Alita. I'm glad I thought to check the courts for people like you today."

*People like me?* She wondered. *From the scrapyard?*

"Some of my studies showed that at least 5 people came to this world from beyond it this morning. I know 3 of them are at the library, where I'm taking you. The 5th I'm not sure." He stopped walking after leading them into another ally. "Walkings too slow. Hold on." He said as he gripped he arm, feeling the strange steel shape beneath. He began chanting a spell to take them to the library.

In a flash, the re-appeared next to the remains of the door. Causing the recently healed man to faint again. "Oops, sorry." Timesplit told the man. "Go on inside. They're waiting for you. I release you from any sentance the court has passed." In another flash, he was gone.

"Wha.." *I guess that's that.* Alita thought to herself. She turned to look into the room where the others were sitting, then walked in.

'This day, of ..., the planeswalker Timesplit delivered the warrior known as Alita to me, as asked.

(OOC: Silver, get Tomo in here quick. Astinus is waiting.)

04/10/2003 10:29 AM

Vegeta looked around him. There was the girl who called herself Belldandy, and three other people he didn't know. He had a feeling that their situation was similar to his own however, and that made him feel a smidgen better. One thing that dind't make him feel better, however, was the old man who was ordering him around. It was one thing to order peasants around, but a prince? Was this guy crazy or something?
"I take orders from no one," Vegeta told the old man. "I am Vegeta, Prince of all Sayians, and the strongest fighter in the universe. Who are you to tell me what to do old man?"

"My name is Astinus," the old man replied, not bothering to look up from the book he was constantly writing in. The only times he wasn't writing in a book was when he was switching ledgers, changing pens or ink, or taking care of extrememly important business. The current situation at hand was important, but not until all five of the strangers came together. Until then, they could all wait. He motioned at Vegeta. "Go sit down."

Vegeta had been slightly annoyed before, but now he was getting pissed. He clenched his fists and started to advance on the old man.
"I take orders from no one old man," he growled. "Now tell me where the hell I am and how I get back!"
Astinus said nothing, but merely glanced up at Vegeta, and then went back to his writing. Normally something like that would be grounds for death, but the proud Sayian was oddly calmed by it. He went over to a corner, away from the other strangers, and leaned against a wall, arms crossed infront of him. He stood there, surveying everyone, and waited for the old man to give them their answers.

04/10/2003 2:24 PM

Belldandy was congfused by this whole ordeal. She looked to the girl that was studying the titles of the books, and then to the man, Vegeta, and sighed, and began to sing softly to herself, to calm her slowly growing fear.

04/10/2003 5:26 PM

The petit cyborg walked up to Belldandy. "Hello." She started. "None of you are from around here either, are you?" She asked. "My name's Alita."

04/11/2003 7:12 AM

Tamahome walked towards the libeary. He was seriously hoping that he might be able to find the "Universe of the Four Gods" there.

Walking in he saw a bunch of strange looking people and one familer face.

04/11/2003 9:43 AM

(OOC: Do we want to wait for Dark_Master's Kamui? Or go on? Also, where do we want to go from here?)

Seing the next stranger enter his study, Astinus laid down his quill and faced the party. "Good, you are all here now. There is at least one other person like you nearby, but I do not expect him anytime soon." He addressed the party.

"You have come to me seeking answers for where you are and how you got here. It is understandable. I will begin by telling you that you are on the planet Krynn, on the continent of Ansalon, in the city of Palanthas, the largest city in the nation of Solomnia. As you may have noticed, there are other races besides humans here. Our technology is not as advanced as some of you..." He focuses on Alita here, then continues. "But we also have our own forms of magic." He then focuses on Belldandy. "As to myself, I am Astinus the Historian. I chronicle the history of Krynn as it passes. I was one of the first people to arrive on this world, thousands of years ago, and I will be the last one to leave it. Because of my work, I remain neutral to all parties in this world. However, I am answering your questions because you are not of this world."

"A year ago, the gods of magic here attempted to cast a powerful spell. The spell backfired however, and brought you here. Yes, there are gods here, some minor, some major, but all very powerful. I suppose you have also come to me seeking a way home. That is more complicated."

(OOC: Ok, here's where we come up with our quest. What do we want to do with these guys?)

04/12/2003 10:14 AM

OOC: very good question.... and i have no clue.

BIC: Belldandy listened to everyword, and then nodded. "Well that makes more sense now...." She said softly.

04/12/2003 11:09 AM

OOC:Sorry guys, been kinda busy, here now.

IC:Kamui appraised the building with a concealed interest. He walked up to the door, pulling on the large cord that hung, swinging in the slight wind.

OOC: Unsure of what to do, someone help me into it all?

04/12/2003 10:31 PM

Astinus paused for a moment, then rang a small bell on his desk. "So, he has decided to join us after all." He said before a bald monk entered the room. "We have another visitor." Astinus told him. "Invite him in and bring him to us." The monk left.

04/13/2003 12:30 AM

Kamui was brought to a room, it smelled like library, somethings obviously never changed despite the world or time. He looked to the man sitting down, the one the monk referred to as Astinus. "I suppose your the one that knows why I'm here? How it happened?"

04/13/2003 9:18 AM

"Yes. I have already explained it to the others in the party. I am sure they will explain it later." Astinus said.

(OOC: Silver, it's your thread. Where to now?)

04/14/2003 9:04 AM

(OOC: Give me some time to decide. Advice would be very appreciated.)

04/14/2003 1:27 PM

(OOC: You mentioned an ancient entity in post 50, could do something with that. Or maybe we have to go somewhere or get something in order to get back. I want to get The Paper into a fight though, at some time early in whatever we do.)

04/14/2003 1:33 PM

OOC: Yeah I agree, we could journey to this entity thing, meet a whole load of people wanting to stop us along the way, and eventually meet the big E, and then fight him/her to get home?! :).....did I hear someone say far fecthed?....I would hope not, teehee

04/15/2003 11:12 AM

OOC: Yeah! Let's have some fighting! It's one of the things that Vegeta does best anyway! ^_^

04/15/2003 7:33 PM

and eventually meet the big E

OOC: Eliar Swiftfire? :D

04/16/2003 10:47 AM

(OOC: Good Ideas every one. Just to let you guys all know, I might not be posting regularly as it is nearing the end of the semester. And I'm not doing well at all. expect some conisitancy to return the second week of May.)

04/19/2003 10:34 AM

(OOC: If you want silver, I can post something for astinus. I want to keep this thread going, so i'll give you till tommorow to have him say something. I like the idea of going after the entity. I'll come up with some reason to.)

04/23/2003 1:09 PM

Vegeta looked at the other people. For the first time in his life he wished he had Piccolo with him. That damned Namek would be able to tell him what everyone else was thinking. As it was, they were all just standing around. It almost looked like they were waiting for someone.

Vegeta forced himself to walk calmly to the center of the room. He wanted to get home. Now. He looked at the old man once more. Astinus looked at Vegeta, his face expressionless.
"How do we get home?"
"You might start by searcing for the gods that brought you here," Astinus replied. "Most people would pray to them, but with you being foreiners, you might be able to seek them out more directly." Astinus looked at Tomahome as he said his last sentence.

Vegeta also looked at the young man. He recognized him, and snorted. Great, I get to be a baby sitter to a bunch of weaklings,he thought. He held back a sigh, and turned to face the rest of the group.
"You heard the old man. If we want to get home, we have to go find these gods," he stated. "I don't relish the idea of traveling with you, but it's the only way I'll get home." And if I don't get home, I won't be able to fight Kakkarot again.
Without waiting for the others to make up their minds, Vegeta marched out of the library.

OOC: I'm thinking we'll all go see the gods, and they'll give us a mission to prove ourselves worthy enough to go home. The mission will involve the entity. That's my idea anyway.

04/23/2003 5:49 PM

(OOC: If the god's wanted us to do a quest, Astinus would know directly.)

"STOP." The librarian said sternly. The saiyan having just passed the door.

"There is more to it than that." He continued. "There is one other, being, which has come to this planet. Before anything can be done to send you home, it must either be with you and willing to return, or dead. The spells can not send only a part of what was summoned before. Even my vision is unclear as to what this creature is, but currently it is to the northeast, in the City of Lost Names."

"This creature has considerable power, and there are many storehouses of information there. No doubt, it already knows as much as I have told you. It however, will most definately be wishing to stay here. It has already begun to create agents and send them out. You should be prepared for them on your travels."

"Once this creature is no more, then you will be able to return to your home planes. Good luck."

04/25/2003 10:04 AM

OOC: I'm not entirely sure that the other gods would let Astinus know about their plans. Oh well though. It was just an idea.

BIC: Vegeta resumed his march out of the library. So he had to go fight a monster. Given the overall weakness of every being he had so far encountered on this planet, he wasn't worried. Overly confident that he could handle whatever came his way single handedly, the proud Sayian made his way out of Palanthas, and towards the City of Lost Names.
"I'm going home, and that's that," he sternly told himself.

04/25/2003 6:54 PM

(OOC: The gods in general might not, but he is, for lack of a better term, the high priest of Gillian, the god of neutrality. So it might come with some knowledge type perks.)

04/26/2003 4:32 AM

(OOC: The gods in general might not, but he is, for lack of a better term, the high priest of Gillian, the god of neutrality. So it might come with some knowledge type perks.)

(OOC: His son. To be more precise. Although I always thought that he's the avatar. Ah well, typical of DL to shatter myths like this in the stupidest ways possible.)

05/02/2003 2:46 PM

OOC: Okay, gonna make this more interesting.

BIC: While the group talked to Astinius, two more strangers to this world appeared outside of the city. Both where silver haired, and had golden eyes. The taller and indeed the seemingly stronger of the two was dressed in mostly white, with a multi-colored sash belting the tunic at his waist.

What seemed to be a large, fluffy, silver/white boa hung around his right shoulder, draping down to his waist, this was however not a boa, but a tail... Two pale violet marks like tiger stripes marred his cheeks, and a dark blue waning crescent moon sigil on his forehead. His eyes burned a blood red as he attacked the other man with renewed fury.

The other man had the same silver hair, and gold eyes. Small wolfish ears peeked out from the silver tresses. He wore brilliantly red clothing, a loose tunic and pants. His teeth gritted against the pain as the other threw him to the ground.

Using the brief respite, the one with the tail rose into the air, looking around, obviously puzzled as to their whereabouts. He glanced up at the sky and saw the three moons, then began to laugh.

“Inuyasha... Looks like you have more problems than just me little brother, little Hanyou“ * The man sneered. Inuyasha stood, pulling free an old rusted katana. The air around it pulsed as a golden light ran from the blade’s tip to the hilt. The blade transformed, and Tetsusaiga, the Fang sword gleamed in Inuyasha’s hands.

“Give back the Shikon No Tama Sesshomaru!!” Inuyasha shouted.

Sesshomaru pulled on a thin silver chain that hung around his neck. A small glowing orb hung from it. An amused smile played cruelly on his lips.

“You mean, all of this, just for this little glass ball?” Sesshomaru mocked, laughing.

Inuyasha’s clawed hands clenched on the Tetsusaiga, his golden eyes narrowed. “That’s no mere glass ball and you know it!” He yelled and leapt up to attack. Sesshomaru, being full Youkai* was too fast for Inuyasha. The Tetsusaiga only grazed the Youkai’s cheek.

Sesshomaru brought one clawed hand to his cheek, and stared in amusement at the blood that stained his hand. “Even though I hold the Shikon No Tama, you still managed to draw blood from me Inuyasha... Foolish Hanyou!” Sesshomaru said, his voice cold. A blast of bright light threw Inuyasha to the ground, and Tetsusaiga was buried into the ground, halfway to the hilt.

Inuyasha grunted as Sesshomaru pinned him down, his left hand closing around the Hanyou’s throat. Inuyasha struggled, but without Tetsusaiga in his hand, he was simply no match for Sesshomaru.

The Youkai brought his right hand back, his claws glowing a sickly, dark green. With the power of the Shikon No Tama behind Sesshomaru, one cut from those claws would be fatal.

Something made Sesshomaru turn, his eyes wide with surprise and intrigue. His right hand clenched into a fist, inches away from Inuyasha’s face. The Hanyou’s eyes where wide and he swallowed hard as he made to reach for the Shikon No Tama.

Abruptly Sesshomaru was gone, and Inuyasha’s hand closed on empty air. The Hanyou gasped for breath and struggled to stand. “Ses- Sesshomaru! The Shikon No Tama!!” He cried stumbling towards the Tetsusaiga.

“I haven’t the time to play with you today little brother....” He sneered and then dissapeared.

With Tetsusaiga in his hand, Inuyasha turned as the Youkai vanished. “Sesshomaru!!” He screamed.
“Damn...” He hissed and Tetsusaiga returned to it’s original form, the old, slightly rusted Katana.

“Now what...” He mused as he sheathed the sword. “Kagome? Kagome!?” He called.

“Where did she run off to?” He mused as he spotted the lights from the city, and then figured it was as good as any... He cast one look up at the moons and was worried now....he moved through the forest to reach the city walls.

OOC: Okay, I’m hoping some people here know “Inuyasha” ;) hope so. Inuyasha still wears that rosary from the second episode, lol....gonna get a laugh when Astinius tells Inuyasha to “Sit” lmao!

*Hanyou -- Half-demon, half human
*Youkai-- Monster or Demon.

05/02/2003 6:43 PM

i wanna join in on this one

every other story i'm in has died ubruptly...

05/03/2003 12:49 AM

(OOC: Glasswalker, welcome, just pick a character and join in. Try to keep it at about the same power levels as the others. Kalia, you going to do anything with Belldandy? I'd prefer somebody else to post before I act with Alita again, and the Paper's going to have to be pulled away from the library by someone (kamui or Tamahome?). Oh, and Kalia, when in the series is your Innuyasha from? I'm up to the episode where they just made a sword out of Goshinki's fang (the ogre which broke Tessiaga).)

05/03/2003 2:10 AM

OOC: cool...now for a character... he's gotta be tough... cunning...good looking...smart...and he's gotta be............. blue......yeah, that's right.... blue.

"Where am I?" he pondered. "I've never seen anything like this before..." he was perplexed, staring at an unknown land from high atop an Ergothian mountain range. "I can't get ahold of Alia, or Signas...where am I?" he asked again, amazed by the beauty of the plains below him. "Well, I can't stand around here forever...better get a move on, maybe I can find Zero..." he decided, and began to descend the mountain trail.

05/03/2003 4:07 AM

OOC: Its before that. I've only gotten through 20 episodes, and I'm sure that they have nearly half of the Shikon No Tama. he obviously still has Tetsusaiga. I'm just playing with the story line here. Gotta make our "enemy" more interesting, I thought bringing in Sesshomaru into it would do so.

The more interesting part is Inuyasha's Hanyou blood...his weakness is the first day when the moon goes dark... he turns human right? well....Unfortunately for him, Krynn has three moons, lol....but the bit with the rosary will definitely bring some comic relief.

05/03/2003 8:44 AM

(OOC: I think the rosary only works for Kagome, but I could be wrong. Not sure about the weakness, I missed a lot of the really early episodes. So... the entity just got a partner. Hmmm. Should astinus tell them, or let them go and find out themselves (I prefer the later idea.))

*So it isn't Tiphares.* Alita thought to herself. "Ok. Ready to go?" She asked Belldandy, Tamahome and Yomiko.

05/03/2003 2:18 PM

OOC: yea, I think you're right....hehe....but it would've been funny. and yes, they'll find out for themselves, Inuyasha will join the group, but only cuz he's searching for Sesshomaru and the Shikon no Tama.

BIC: Belldandy nodded and stood. Her eyes widened and she gasped. She turned towards the door then glanced back at Astinus.

"A battle was just fought....a great darkness was just brought to this world..." She whispered softly.


Inuyasha wandered the streets, looking around everywhere in wonder. "Where am I? and where the hell did Kagome go?" He wondered, as the few people that where out stared at him in shock.

He noticed this and stared back....the people scattered. "Geeze....you'd think they've never seen a Hanyou before..." He muttered and continued on his way, straight for the Library.

05/04/2003 3:04 PM

OOC: Hey, I wonder how Inu and Vegeta would get along? In this thread...I've played around with them before, elsewhere though, and usually with another rp character of mine...a female Sayian. But we'll see how they respond to each other here, hehehe

BIC: Vegeta continued to make his way out of the library. So far no one was following him. He hated to admit it, even to himself, but he was more than a little disappointed. He wondered why nobody seemed eager to leave this wretched place as he made his way outside. He was so absorbed in his thoughts, that he never noticed the silver haired stranger walking up the path towards the library. Until he collided with him that is. Vegeta quickly looked up at the stranger.
"Who the hell are you?"

05/04/2003 5:36 PM

Inuyasha glared at the man who had walked into him. His gold eyes narrowed and he glowered back. "Who the hell wants to know?" He growled.

great, I loose the Shikon no Tama, get the crap beat out of me by Sesshomaru, then run into this spiked-haired freak...

"the gods are laughing at me...." He grumbled and then looked back at the spiked-haired man.

"I am Inuyasha...." He said simply, keeping his hand near Tetsusaiga. "who are you?"

05/05/2003 12:50 AM

Seing that Yomiko was not going anywhere fast, Alita latched onto her arm and started dragging.

"Hey! Ow, that hurts." Yomiko said as she started to come along.

"Come on, the others are leaving us." Alita told her back.

"Huh?" Yomiko looked around confused, as she realized for the first time that the others were leaving. "Oh."


Alita and Yomiko exited the library to find Vegeta and the one calling himself Inuyasha squaring off. "Great, just what we need." Alita said to herself. "Another loudmouth."

05/05/2003 7:45 AM

Tamahome looked at the fight that was about to happen. As he saw a crowd of the native citizens gathering he got an idea. He began to weed his way through the crowd taking bets.

By the time he was done, he had about about 200 steel worth of bets. It seemed Inuyasha with his sword was a huge favorite.

05/05/2003 9:44 AM

"Great, just what we need." Alita said to herself. "Another loudmouth."

Vegeta, with his keen Sayian hearing, tilted his head slightly towards Alita. "Keep your thoughts to yourself woman," he told her. He then turned his attention back towards the fluffy haired freak. This guy looked like he had a small attitude problem, and alot of fighting spirit. He also seemed like the sort of person who would eventually win the proud warriors' gruding respect.
"My names Vegeta, and I'm trying to complete a mission so I can get home." Vegeta looked Inu over once more. "From the looks of it you don't belong here either."

05/05/2003 9:44 AM

Inuyasha blinked and stared around at the crowd that had gathered. Lowering his hand away from the hilt of the sword, he turned. "I don't have time for this..." He growled and began to walk away.

He stopped suddenly and turned. "Have you seen a Youkai? Goes by the name Sesshomaru?" He went on to describe Sesshomaru.

"I have to find him...." He growled and clenched a clawed hand.

05/06/2003 12:45 PM

when no one responded, Inuyasha tensed further and then turned away again.

"Forget it!" He snarled and began to walk away...

05/07/2003 9:37 AM

OOC: The following character isn't an anime character. It's a messed up idea I had for a crossbreed character. Since it wouldn't really happen, I've taken a little idea from FFX...she is a dream of one of the Gods...but I'm not sure which one yet. Maybe that will come to me in time.

"You won't get very far," a female voice said from the shadows. A cloaked figure walked out and up to the group. "He's far from here. You might as well stay with these people here."
"Who are you?" Vegeta asked the stranger. He didn't like it when people just appeared the way this person did. "Show us your face as well."
The figure pulled down her hood, and revealed black wavy hair, green slanted eyes, and pointed ears. (OOC: If I've changed her appearance, oh well.)
"My name is Salmina, and I'm here to help you on your quest."
Vegeta crossed his arms, his ever present scowl deepened. He didn't like this woman. She reminded him of someone he knew.
"Why should we believe you? You might try to kill us in our sleep," he coldly stated.
Salmina turned to face him, her green eyes void of light, her face expressionless.
"You have nothing to worry about anyone killing you here," she replied. "I don't want you here any more than you want to be here. Now, if you all don't mind, I think we should get out of here and get on our way."
She looked at Inuyasha for a moment, and then smiled a very cold smile.
"That includes you fuzzy."
Salmina threw her hood over her head once more, and took her place at the head of the group, ready to lead them to wherever it was they needed to go.

05/07/2003 9:41 AM

OOC: One more thing I forgot to mention in the above post...I may or may not bring in a third character. I'll have to see how I do with these two first. *wishes she could bring in her fanfic/rpg character*

05/07/2003 11:46 AM

"Well, I suppose we should figure out how we're going to get there first. It might be fastest to take a ship part of the way, we could try the harbor. Or just head out on the road."

05/07/2003 6:00 PM

"Finally, a town," he thought out loud. People were busy with their everyday lives, bustling here and there, doing whatever it was that busy people do. He drew his fair share of glances from the townsfolk. Most shied away from him, and many whispers glided among the crowds. "Um, excuse me," he said to one passerby. "Where wouild I go to get some help? I'm not sure where I am, I seem to be lost." The person just stared at him for a moment, perplexed. "Uuuuuuhhhh....the library. That's where alot of people are, maybe they can help you." The man hastly replied, pointing down a street, and hurried away."The library huh?" he said, as he walked down the street. He soon found the library, and saw that a crowd had gathered around the entrance, clearly watching two men who looked like they wereabout to go at it. He beganto nudge his way through the crowd, many people moving out o his way at his sight. It looked like a fight was about to break out. he watched cautiously, ready for action, buster keyed to charge at a moments notice.

05/09/2003 5:06 PM

OOC: Thistle, I just passed that episode of where that ogre broke Tetsusaiga. They made a sword of it, but it was Sesshomaru who got that sword...they fixed Tetsusaiga.

OOC: Okay..we'll say that the rosary still has it's power, however, the first one to say "Sit" will gain it's power over Inu! :) just to make things interesting ;)

BIC: Inuyasha frowned, he didn't like to be ordered around by anyone! "Fine...I don't need your help..." He snarled and began to walk away.

05/10/2003 12:41 AM

(OOC: I think you should give the power to Belldandy)

05/10/2003 8:34 AM

OOC: naw...I was thinking maybe either Alita or strea's new char.

BIC: meanwhile, Sesshomaru searched....and finally tracking down the power that lured him away from the fight with that foolish Hanyou, Inuyasha.

He stood at the feet of the Lords of Doom, the ancient volcanoes that constantly spewed forth lava, smoke and ash. Sesshomaru walked on, and finally finding an entry, moved deep within the violent mountain.

The Shikon no Tama glowed from the chain around his throat....as it protected him from the intense heat... Fowllowing the flow of power to the heart of the Volcano, Sesshomaru found it's source.....

OOC2: Um....I'll leave it up to you guy's what he found ;)

05/10/2003 4:19 PM

Salmina looked at Inu sharply. She did not appreciate the attitude that he or the pointy haired one were giving off.
"Sit down!" she ordered Inu.


05/10/2003 5:06 PM

The rosary beads that hung from around Inuyasha's neck glowed brilliantly and they pulled him sharply to the ground.....cracking the cobblestones there.

Inuyasha's cry of surprise echoed off of the buildings around him. "Damn....Kade-baba" (Kade-baba Meaning "Old woman Kade) He groaned, and knew better than to attempt to remove the rosary....

"crap... Only Kagome could do that before....where am I?" He said in wonder as the rosary released him and he sat back, staring around at the group...

05/10/2003 9:55 PM

*Must.. not... break... neck.* Alita seethed at Vegeta's comment, forcing herself not to kill him. *I need this guy as a party member.* She watched the confrontation and then the fuzzy one falling to the ground. "Well, that could be entertaining." She said in responce.

"Huh?" Yomiko said, looking up from one of her books.

(OOC: I changed my mind a little. My Alita is from just after motorball, but in my version, Ido got the berserker suit back before Desty got it. That's why she has it. She also has the Dimascus blade, but don't ask where. It'll show up if she needs it.)

05/12/2003 4:46 PM

He stood there, staring at the two strange men on the steps of the library. "Um, excuse me?" he said, finally breaking the silence from the crowd. "I'm a little lost...has anybody seen my friend Zero? He looks like me, but he's in red armor." He looked around, the scene finally clicking. "You guys don't belong here either do you? Do you guys know how I can get home?" He looked around again. "ARE YOU GUYS EVEN LISTENING TO ME?!" He screamed, firing his buster into the air when it appeared that the two men were ignoring him.

05/12/2003 8:02 PM

Both Yomiko and Alita tensed and spun towards the gunshot, Alita reaching to her back and Yomiko reaching into her coat's pocket. "Who are you!" Alita demanded.

05/12/2003 10:10 PM

Inu lept to his feet at the strange sound and his hand pulled tetsusaiga from it's sheath....

The golden light ran along the old, rusted blade, and the sword transformed....

Inuyasha stood there, his gold eyes narrowed in suspicion....

"Yea.... who are you?" He asked in his normal, sarcastic tone.

05/13/2003 11:45 AM

Vegeta turned towards the blue suited freak. Great, just what I need, another weakling. He clenched his hands into fists, ready to go Super Sayian if need be.
"You better answer the question boy," he said coldly. "Who are you?"

Salmina looked at the group, and then at the newcomer. He looked familiar. Ah yes, now she knew who he was. She smiled, a cold, half-smile. Better for him to give his answer, than for her to.

05/13/2003 7:23 PM

"My name is X, and I'm a maverick hunter." he said, staring back at the group. "I'm obviously not the only who doesnt belong here. If you guys are looking for away to go home, so am I and I'm willing to help."

OOC: sorry guys, no creative juices tonight. Just wiped from work and want to get my character into the story...I'll explain him fully later, he's not quite like the normal Mega Man we all know.

05/14/2003 12:24 AM

*A hunter?* Alita thought to herself. *But he uses a firearm. Those are banned. Hmmm, not here I suppose. Still. Something about this guy.*

Yomiko flipped through her memory, then talks to herself. "Hmmm, X. Wasn't that a manga by Clamp a few years back?"

05/16/2003 3:48 PM

OOC: Why is it whenever I join a story it ends suddenly? Maybe i should join the Thread Enders Inc.;)

BIC: X stared at the people on the stairs, who seemed to be studying him. "Back home, " he began "There are not many humans left alive..." he looked around again, staring at all the people. "Most of the work is done by robots, and some go awry. We call them Mavericks. My job is to hunt them down. I keep the others safe. There is another Hunter like me, his name is Zero, and he may be here too, somewhere. But I need to get home. And I'll need help.

OOC: (again) Okay. We all know the Mega Man story. He goes through, kills the boss, getsa weapon from him to use on another boss, etc, etc. Some of us might even know the X storyline...I know parts of it.

My X is a slightly different version. He's a robot (X storyline) his nickname is Mega Man, and his Hunter name is X (kinda both stories I guess) he answers to either. He has none of the other armors (Falcon, Shadow, etc. X storyline) and his weapons...that's the fun part. Being a robot, his helmet moniters all battle information. (Speed, distance, damage, etc)

His Buster, which is his only weapon, (well, he's got Zero's Beam Saber ala X6 too) fires all of his 'special' attacks. This is what I REALLY changed. Whenever his helmet scans an attack that his buster can mimic, it processes the information and records it to a module, (kinda like a motherboard for a computer, just smaller) the modules are stored in his back ''pack'' (though it is kinda just built on to his back) along with his two spare energy tanks and one spare weapons tank (X storyline)

His Buster can load up to 8 modules in it at a time, the others are stored in his back. This gives him the flexibility of storing more than eight special attacks (The trademark amount) though he only has access to 8 at a time. The thing i like is that he can "learn" the attacks of his enemies. (No parts or anything) Those are the differences in MY X, which I have used in a couple other short stories. Compared to Vegeta, X is still rather weak, even with his buster.

Now that's done, and now, after reading it all, it's the largest post I've done in awhile and I'm sure that not too many people care...oh well. Somebody might be intersted

Hmmmmmm.........I wonder if Vegeta would teach the fusion dance to X?.....that could be a lot of fun ;)

05/19/2003 10:37 AM

OOC: No way in hell...Vegeta hates that dance.

BIC: Vegeta looked at X once more and smirked. It was obvious that the freaky blue person would need help. His smirk slipped a notch when he realized that everyone, himself included, needed help getting home. He gave a quick glance around at the group surrounding him, and his eyes finally landed on Salmina.

Salmina felt someone looking at her, and knew who it was. She glanced over at him, and then turned her attention back to X. He was an odd fellow, but she had a feeling that he would come in handy. She smiled to herself. He was the newest addition, but certainly not the last.
"Alright, we leave now. The sooner we get out of this city, the better."
She led the group away from the library, through the city gates, and out into the wilderness beyond. The journey had begun.

05/19/2003 1:25 PM

(OOC: Yea!!)

05/23/2003 9:24 AM

**OOC: Thank you Thistle. Also, I can't stand the horrible thought of this thread dying, so I'm bringing it back to the top. ^_^**

05/23/2003 9:53 AM

OOC: No worries. It won't die. I'm still watching. *evil smirks*

05/24/2003 11:14 PM

OCC: Well, hello everyone. I guess I need to introduce myself first. ;)

First off I'm a friend of Thistledown's; he invited me here because I've seen just about as much anime as he has, and I figured I'd lend my hand here to help you guys out.

Right then, so the best thing to keep a storyline from dying is to add some conflict! Right! So I suppose now is as good a time as any to introduce the first of our villains.

Oh and one more note...I'm very familiar with anime, but still new to the Dragonlance world, so I'm mainly depending on help from Thistle. But just in case, if i make a mistake please feel free to correct me. ;)

{Whhhheeeeeeee! Now for the fun part! I do so love villains! :p}


IC: Meanwhile…

Meanwhile, not far off from where the heroes began their journey, evil loomed off to the north. In the passes to the north, the way is almost completely blocked off by impenetrable mountains. Completely blocked off, except for one strong hold, known as the Clerist’s Tower.

The Knight of the Rose gasped in pain as he was forced to the floor. The man cringed as he heard the sound of soft laughter drifting from a figure lounging casually in front of him. The knight felt the fire of indignation rise in his throat, but those flames were quickly put down when he felt the prodding of a spear from behind. A spear held by a knight…no, what was another knight, somehow possessed by this…demon?

Looking upward, the Knight saw the lone man who seemed to so easily put men under his spell. The stranger had blue hair and strange golden eyes, and he wore strange alien garb, a white coat of strange cloth, with spikes protruding garishly from one of the shoulders. The bizarre man sat in the Tower’s throne, already acting as if he was the new Lord!

Suddenly, “So annoying…” the man whispered in a light voice.

Before the bewildered knight had a chance to ask what the stranger was talking about, the man spoke again. “It’s so very annoying. I can read your thoughts as plainly as if they were written in the air, but I cannot reach inside your mind like I can with the others. You nor any of the other members of your guild, whatever it may be.”

“Yes, that’s always been the problem hasn’t it,” the man continued, as he began to look up at the ceiling, “Despite my incredible gifts, even I too have my limits. But…it is no matter. This tower now belongs to me. I only need to sweep away the remaining scraps, like you and your fellow vermin.”

“Why have you attacked the Clerist’s Castle, Fiend,” the knight barked, regaining his courage, “What evil do you serve?!”

The stranger looked back at the Knight for the first time, and gave his unnerving, almost effeminate chuckle, “Why my dear, knight, why do you feel you must trouble yourself with such trivial knowledge. After all, soon you won’t even be drawing breath to use it. But very well, I will give you my name, so that you may carry it with you into oblivion. I am Legato Bluesummers.”

“But why! Where have you come from!”

The stranger gave pause. “You know…I’m not even sure of that myself.”

(Flash back)

Legato could only remember a few fleeting details. At one moment he had been in the familiar, leading on the rogue gunman, Vash the Stampede along with the rest of the Gung-ho Guns, and then Legato had felt the awful sensation of detachment, and for a moment he had almost believed himself dead.

And then he found himself in a strange dark chamber, surrounded by torches inside a castle he had never seen before. And the voice had spoken in the compelling tone.

“Legato Bluesummers. You have arrived to my summons at last.”

Legato rose shakily to his feet, still unsettled by the strange experience. “Who has summoned me! Who has become my captor.”

“My identity need not concern you. Your concern is that I have a need for you.”

“Show yourself to me, then,” Legato said turning this way and that, trying to identify the bizarre speaker, “Why, why should I help you!”

“Because you in turn need me,” the disembodied voice replied.

“Legato Bluesummers needs on one. But if you will not deign to show yourself to me, then I will make you do so!”

Legato attempted to reach out and claim control of the beings mind, but he quickly regretted doing so. The instant he tried to enter the unseen being’s mind, jolts of pain were sent shearing through his senses. Legato collapsed on the cold stone floor in pain, screaming.

“It is unwise of you to test your meager powers against mine. Still I bear you no ill, despite your foolishness. Again, I demand your aid.”

“Very well,” Legato grunted as he rose shakily to his feet once more, “I relent myself.”

“Excellent,” the voice replied with evident satisfaction. “I have summoned you here away from your world. Before us lies a world ripe for the conquering. However in my present form, I cannot lead the hordes to conquest.”

“So you need me to be your general,” Legato asked, “Is that it.”

“No,” the voice continued, “When I arrived on this world, I did not arrive alone. There are others. Others who will try to prevent our taking of this ripe land. They must be eliminated early before they have the chance to thwart my plans.”

“So you want me to destroy these whelps for you?” Legato asked while stroking his chin, “What is in it for me?”

“A share in my new kingdom,” the voice answered, “I know of your hate of the humans from your world. You may do as you wish with the ones you find here.”

“Very well. I accept your terms, My Lord,” Legato answered bowing his head before his unseen master, “I will make these would-be heroes squirm before they meet the end.”

“Go,” the voice commanded, “To the south to the stronghold known as the Clerist’s Tower. There you will find everything you need for the perfect ambush. I will leave the rest to your capable hands.”

(End Flashback)

Legato looked back towards the Knight of the Rose as he rose from the makeshift throne. Yes, his new master had been correct, here at the tower he had found everything he needed. Now all that he needed to do was wait for these so-called heroes to arrive. Then the real fun would begin. As much as he enjoyed torturing the minds of the few surviving Knight of the Rose, Legato was beginning to grow tired of such simple games. He longed to feel the adrenaline rush through his veins and feel his heart begin to pound, as he did whenever he was in the presence of his true master, Millions Knives.

/Take him away/ Legato commanded to the knights under his command. Immediately the guards began to drag the screaming knight away, back to the dungeons beneath the mountain keep. With his psychic powers, he held most of the Towers guard under his thrall. Yes, the heroes would definitely be in for a rude awakening when they arrived at the Clerist’s Tower.

“Come quickly, little heroes,” Legato spoke softly facing to the south, “I’ve been wanting to play for a long time.”

[Edited by Rokangus on Saturday, May 24, 2003 11:18 PM]

05/25/2003 3:14 AM

(OOC: Wow, great job Rok. Only one minor thing I should have told you, the tower's gates are actually east-west, like this:
......\__>.to tower.____|...|_____>road>
.................................. |.......|
....................................\_ _/



"From some of the maps I found in the library, we'll have to head through the High Clerists's Tower to Vinguard keep." Yomiko told the group as they traveled. "From there, we can head north to the city."

05/25/2003 8:43 AM

(OOC: Aw nerts, I'll get it right next time. ;))

Suddenly, as Legato gazed out of the high Tower's window, a stunning realization overcame him! The road to the tower ran not North to South but East to West! A large sweat drop materialized above the blue-haired man's head.

"Hmmm, perhaps it would be better if I anticipated the heroes coming from this direction..."

05/25/2003 2:17 PM

There is a loud thundering over head above the heroes as they make themselves ready to head out, when suddenly, there is a crash and through the ceiling landed-a mage-he stood up naked as a new born, his long white hair flowing behind him, he looked around.

"Ah, a new world, with new women....MINE FOR THE TAKING!" Dark Shnieder began to laugh histerically, his hands on his hips. Then stopped and stared blankly at the hereos.

"..." he glowered "Who-are-you?"

05/25/2003 4:05 PM

(OOC: Good Lord...Dark Schneider...on the heroes team... :D And there shall be much macking of chicks...:p)

05/26/2003 9:07 AM

OOC: okay, it's my understanding that "Legato" is under our "Mysterious Entity's" 'employ'? If so, Sesshomaru will probably pop in to check in on him from time to time....

BIC: Inu frowned, and shot a cautious glance at Salmina and then glared at the newcomer. "I believe that is our line..." He growled... "I'm not sure, but walking around nude, may cause people to laugh with more histarics than you where just doing." He snickered, as he leaned against a tree.

"How many more Freaks are we gonna come across anyway?" He sneered.

05/26/2003 11:23 PM

(OOC: Indeed. I think we should limit this to the last hero joining this thread. Sorry, but we just can't have more people keep showing up, unless they are summoned by the enemy. Since Rokangus is running the enemy, you might want to run those by him first. And yes, Legato is under the entity's employ.)

05/27/2003 9:47 AM

OOC: Awwww.....I wanted to have just one more person under my control...please?

BIC: Vegeta shook his head in disbelief. This just kept getting weirder and weirder. So far, there were nothing but a bunch of weak freaks, none of them worthy of his respect. Well, except for that cat thing maybe...but that was it. He looked at the new person, making a fool of...what was it, a guy or a girl? He couldn't tell. He decided to do one of the things he did best...stay silent.

Salmina looked at the strange naked person. Sighing, she took off her cloak, and tossed it to the newcomer.
"Here, put that on...you'll attract less attention that way," she said, shaking her head.

05/27/2003 10:00 AM

OOC: Inuyasha is a Dog demon, not cat :)

BIC: Sesshomaru stood near the high clerists tower. "So they are coming after all..." He mused and smiled. "Of course Inuyasha would be with them...never could acomplish much on his own..." He chuckled and walked inside.

05/27/2003 11:12 AM

(OOC: Technically, it's Silver's thread, so it's up to him. BTY, when in the series is your vegeta from? My guess would be some time around the cell saga? Oh, and could you give a more detailed phisical description of Salmina?)

05/27/2003 11:45 AM


Legato sensed the approach of the...being from a ways off, but at the distance, the newcomer's intentions continued to baffle the blue-haired man. However, since the strange being travelled alone, Legato presumed that this could not be one of the heroes that his new master had told him of. So, as the being approached the gates of the High Clerist's Tower, Legato ordered the guards under his thrall to allow the being to pass.

As the being drew nearer to Legato's chambers, he became certain of one thing, this newcomer was no human. While he could read traces of the strangers thoughts, Legato knew it would be impossible to control this new entity. The thought of a possible challenge caused Legato's black heart to beat faster in anticipation.

When the stranger finally entered Legato's chambers, Bluesummers stood, and the two beings sized each other up. Legato took the measure of this new being. He had shock white hair with a piercing yellow gaze. His one remaining hand was clawed like that of a wolf or other predator. He was dressed in strange garb that reminded Legato of one of his fellow Gung-Ho Guns, the one who stylized himself as a samurai. At the side where the being seemed to be missing an arm, a simple Japanese style sword hung from a belt.

Spreading his arms wide, Legato spoke, "Welcome stranger, to my humble keep. I can tell that we are not dissimilar men. However, forgive my rudeness. I have not even introduced myself. I am Legato Bluesummers, servant of the Power that resides in the City of Lost Names. And my esteemed guest is?"

"Sesshomaru," the Youkai stated simply.

"Sesshomaru," Legato repeated carefully, "I'm afriad my master made no mention of you to me. Still, I have made you my guest, so feel free to remain if that is your wish...if I may be so bold as to ask you one request?"


"What is it that you wish?" Legato asked, his own amber gaze narrowing to slits, "Why have you come here to this place?"

(OOC: Tag Kalia, I suppose. ;) I figured Sesshomaru would probably join the bad guys, to fight Inuyasha if nothing else. Still, figured I'd leave the option open just in case. ;)

05/27/2003 12:53 PM

OOC: yea, basically :) also, Sesshomaru would have both the Tensaiga and the other sword forged from the ogre's teeth. (can't remember the name of that one right now)

BIC: Sesshomaru watched Legato with his usual calm, cool nature. He looked past him for a moment, his eyes straying to the western window.

"There are only two things I want... To return home...and to Kill Inuyasha..." He paused for a moment, his golden eyes turned back to Legato.

"He is with your little group of would-be heros..."

05/27/2003 1:54 PM

Dark Schnieder looked at the girl and smiled his evil,yet charming smile and snapped his fingers; a long black cape fell about his shoulders as tight fitting black leather pants and shirt formmed around his magnificently well sculpted body.
He chuckled again, lightly this time, putting a finger under her chin

"I didn't realize this world had such......tastefully beautiful women, I may enjoy it here yet..."

He then turned to the others and frowned, looking them up and down,
"And yet the charming and handsome main character, that being myself of course, is stuck with this rabble of a group of heroes, hmm, this could be bad for me....After all I DO have an image to keep up with....." he sighed, "oh, well, I can always start a new harem with the women I've got here," he winked at the girl next to him.

05/27/2003 2:09 PM

Inu literally snarled. "who does this creep think he is anyway?" He moved forward, his hand on tetsaiga's pommel.

05/27/2003 2:30 PM

Dark smiled his trademark smile again and turned to Inu.

"Why...I do believe I am being addressed?"

He studied Inu"hmm..."
Then with a shrug he continued,"I suppose since you are from another world you wouldn't know who the sexiest and most powerful sorceror in the world is, who literally conquered the world because he was bored. Very well, I am the most Omnipotent, th most magnificent, the most brilliant and above all incredibly hard to resist, Dark Schnieder, and you would do well not to forget you leader's name," he paused wagging a finger, "after all I AM going to help you all.......because, well I have noyhing better to do--for the moment."

He walked over to a darker part of the room and turned facing everyone, once again, studying them, he sighed, " Alright what have you got to take against our enemies?"

05/27/2003 2:55 PM

OOC: we're outside ;) And dont take inu's attitude personally, I'm doing my best to play him true to character.

BIC: Inuyasha burst out laughing, as he cleared Tetsaiga from its sheath...the old blade glowed brightly and and transformed. He rested the blade back on his shoulder and glared at "Dark Schnieder"

"I believe you've forgotten most annoying...." He growled.

Belldandy giggled and then turned to Schnieder. "I'm Belldandy... And I am sure that everyone would be grateful for your help." She smiled.

Inuyasha abruptly adopted a look of pure shock. "Hmph... of course... we're all so glad to have the creep along..." he spat.

05/27/2003 3:23 PM

(OOC: Goodness Gracious Holy Cow! De Thread be well and alive again! :D)


"There are only two things I want... To return home...and to Kill Inuyasha..." the white-haired being replied, "He is with your little group of would-be heros..."

"Aha," Legato murmured, "then it appears we alrady have more in common than I originally thought. Then please feel free to remain here. The geography in the area is quite appealling. This is the only passage the heroes have towards your destination. This Inuyasha you seek is sure to come by here along with the others. And for your help with dispatching these meddlers...I'm sure my Master can arrange to return you to your world. Less power for him to dole out after all."

"But come," Legato said, quickly changing the subject. He raised one hand and made a subtle gesture. "What kind of guest would I be if i didn't at least offer you some of what this fine Tower has to offer." At his gesture a guard entered carrying a tray with a bottle of wine and two glasses.

"May I propose a toast, to the success of our mutual goals?"

05/27/2003 3:31 PM

Sesshomaru glanced at the glasses with cool disdain. "Human food or beverages do not suit me... but I do wish that through the completion of your goal that mine also will be reached."

05/27/2003 3:40 PM

OOC: I didn't realize we were outside...oops. and don't worry about Inu's chara, I'm playing DS's chara as well as I can, too. :)

BIC: Dark regarded Inu ruefully and shook his head, then turned to Belldandy, and looked her up and down...
"oooh my, what a lovely young lady we have here, I KNOW you will enjoy my....er, help...", he smiled darkly, and turned back to the others.

"Well, we will start out now, the sooner we get this over the sooner I can start my harem," he began to walk away "come along now faithful companions, don't fall behind or I'll give you a reason to, and as long as you obey my every orders, we will all get along fine."

OOC: man DS is so kawai! but very arrogent. ;)

05/27/2003 3:54 PM

Legato cocked an eyebrow at Sesshomaru's refusal, but dropped the issue.

"More's the pity," he replied as he waved the guard away, "IN any case feel free to make use of this tower as you see fit. I greatly look forward to seeing your skills in action."

With that, Legato spun around and left the chamber. He had a few preparations in mind; a few surprises for the heros once they arrived.

05/27/2003 4:10 PM

DS got about 15 ft. away from the party when he realized no one was following, at that point his eyes began to glow red and he snarled,
"Well!? I don't have time to wait around for you fools! If you won't follow me I'll take care of those idiots myself!"

He continued walking, not really caring if anyone followed him or not, but he certainly had a good mind to make it Hell for them for this act of insobordination...unfortunately he also felt to lazy and decided he'd wait until he felt like it.

05/27/2003 6:36 PM

X had walked along quietly, not saying anything, merely scanning his fellow companions in what would prove to be a incredibly strange adventure. X was the first to step forward.

"I'm coming" he said. "No need for the attitude." X took a few steps forward, and stood there, as the group stood behind him, wondering if his new friends would come also. He was especially curious about the one who called himself Vegeta.

"He seems so powerful...my sensors go off the scale...I wonder if there is something I can learn from him?" he thought.

His thoughts drifted back to the scene, realizing he wasen't entirely sure now if he should go with DS.

"On second thought.... maybe i should stay with Vegeta, he's way stronger than this guy. I'll see what he does.'

05/27/2003 11:47 PM

Yomiko actually had noticed the man, having been talking to Belldandy before hand. Then she picked up another book and ignored him.

Alita noticed him quickly as well. *Hmmm. Another fleshy.* She thought to herself. Noticing his flirtations, she began glaring. *I've he even touches me, he's in for a world of hurt.*

(OOC: Not something that comes up often in either show. Oh, and fleshy is a person without cyberware.)

05/28/2003 9:42 AM

OOC: This particular Vegeta is from after the Buu saga. ^_^ Also, I've described Salmina before in another thread (one that I asked help in). Basically, she's half-elf/half-kender. She's kinda on the tall side, long redish brown hair, green slanted eyes, pointed ears, with a few "laugh" lines around the corners of her mouth and eyes. And, since a kender/elf liasion would never take place in DL, I decided to make her some god's dream. Kinda like Tidus in FFX. Also, I know who Inu is...but, in staying true to character, I had Vegeta call him a cat. It's the closest thing that he can call Inu without saying the actual thing.

BIC: Salmina rubbed the spot under her chin that had been touched. She hated it when mortals touched her. Nothing she could do about it now. She took a look at her surroundings. Palanthas was no longer in sight, and everyone looked as if they were getting tired.
"We're resting here for the night," she said, and sat down on the ground. "Any of you know how to start up a fire real quick?"

Vegeta smirked. He could start a fire for her...But that wouldn't be a good idea. The kind of fire that he would start would take down the nearby vegetation and alert any enemies that happened to be around. He walked silently to a tree, and sat down, leaning up against it. The moment his butt touched the ground, his stomach rumbled.
"Great," he said quietly to himself, "I'm getting as bad as Kakkarot." Not that he could remedy that readily. He'd have to wait until their "leader" decided what to do.

Salmina sighed. She had a feeling that this was going to be a long journey...one that she had no control over. She knew, instinctively, what somebody might think: That she was in charge. She wasn't though. She was merely biding her time until the true leader showed up. She sighed again.
"Hey, fire anyone?"

05/28/2003 9:53 AM

(OOC: Dang, where's Shishio when you need him? ;)

...Sorry, I couldn't hold that one back. Not all my puns are this bad! Honest! ^_^')

05/28/2003 9:54 AM

Inuyasha shrugged. "Don't look at me, that was always Kagome's expertise." He sheathed tetsaiga and lept into a nearby tree, leaning his back against the trunk, tetsaiga rested against his shoulder.

"Perhaps I can help" Bell said as she raised her hands out before her.

Sparks of the heavens,
pure holy fire...

Come to my hand
as is our desire....

A light sparked in the sky and shot down to Bell's outstreatched hand.... It literally bounced from her hand to the ground... a flame burst into existance and grew till Bell lowered her hand....

The flame required no fuel and did not give off smoke.

Belldandy smiled. "There we go" She looked around to the rest.

05/28/2003 11:32 AM

Alita opened her hand thoughtfully. Drawing a small breath, her hand began to glow. "Notsure if this will work, but its worth a shot." Placing her hand near one of the logs, she tried to transfer the heat. The hand instead went through the log, leaving black scorch marks. "Darn. Plasma's too hot I guess." Then she saw Bell do her trick. "Well that's a good trick."

Yomiko was greatfull for the extra light to read by.

Alita went over to her, and grabed the book from her hands.

"Huh?" Yomiko replied.

"Even with the fire, this light's bad for you eyes, don't you know that? Besides, you should talk more anyways."

"Really? Oh." She answered.

Alita sighed and sat down.

05/29/2003 11:39 AM

DS stared at the fire thoughtfully and smirked, "You call that a fire spell?", cracking his knuckles.

Then he turned to Alita, his patience beginning to wear thin, "If I wanted to touch YOU, then I would have no problems doing so, but at the moment I neither have time nor patience to put up with any of you, I will make my way towards that damned tower over there and fight the idiots inside. When you guys decide to show up don't bother doing anything, I'll have already dealt with the fools."

He glanced at Vegeta, and looked him up and down, then laughed,"It would be interesting to see you try to get rid of me," he turned to X," you can stay with him if you like but I assure, with him is NOT where the action will lie, and if you plan on leaving this irritable place, then I suggest you move, more than half of you here are more than capable of moving on, but," he shrugged "you waste my time I offered my help, you seem to think you don't need it, so.... goodbye, and pray that we don't cross paths again."

As he said this his eyes began to glow red, and an aura of immense power enveloped him in a flame that was 20 times hotter than the sun, everything within 10 ft. of him melted into nothingness and anything else caught fire, with that he flew into the air and stared angrily in the direction of the tower, and pointed toward it, in the exact location of where Legato stood.

His mind whisperd, (I know you are there, whoever you are, I can feel you, I know you feel me too, and I want you to know, I'm coming.)

With that he jumped down among the flames and began walking toward the general direction of the tower, gradually, a little more than peeved, but not quite pissed off, not yet, no, they would know when he was angry, everything within 3 miles would have been destroyed by one of his powerful spells, Venom, or Exodus. But he decided that kind of destruction wouldn't be worth his precious time, and wondered suddenly why he cared.

(damn that Yoko, even in this world I can't escape her confounded influence), then smiled bitterly as he imagined the pretty young girl glaring up at him and chewing him out for not having any manners. He sighed, he missed his woman already.

05/29/2003 5:39 PM

Meanwhile, up within the High Clerist's Tower, Legato sneezed quietly, as he felt the thoughts of another directed against him in hatred.

'I know you are there, whoever you are, I can feel you, I know you feel me too, and I want you to know, I'm coming.'

Turning from his scheme-storming session, Legato turned his amber gaze out a window in the general direction he sensed the eminating fury. The blue-haired man stared out the window for severla seconds with an expression of perplexion.

Finally he cocked an eyebrow in disgust and muttered to no one in particular, "About time. I was beginning to wonder if no one would show up after all."

Legato paused for a moment, debating whether or not to send a reply to the sender via his own telepathic powers. After all the fellow seemed to have gone to a lot of trouble to make his point known. However, in the end, he decided against such action. He could feel from the emotions tinging the mental message that the person was of the pompous, egotisical variety. Responding would only encourage the damn peacock. And Legato was in no mood to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.

So, instead, Legato turned back to the task of preparing an apt surprise for the heroes; a task growing more irksome as time went by. Though the technology possessed by the people of Planet Gunsmoke was hardly anything compared to the wonders spoken of by Master Knives, the technology here on...Prynn...no, Krynn was the proper name, was even more deporable. Legato held no illusions upon how his mind-controlled minions would fare against some possibly very powerful beings. Even if he swarmed the enemy with all the lackeys at his disposal AND even with the help of such a fine warrior as Sesshomaru, Legato doubted that would hold the heros for long. Besides, once Sesshomaru sighted his nemesis Inuyasha, the Dog-demon would likely abandon all else to confront his life-long foe.

No, Legato knew he needed something far more clever to truly test the mettle of his enemies. Though Legato knew his psychic powers were strong, even with all his concentration he might be able to possess one of the heroes, and even then only a rather mentally weak individual. And Legato's physical skills were somewhat lacking.

And so, Legato had begun spending large amounts of time consulting the largfe tomes stored within the Clerist's tower, hoping to find some secret within this world of Krynn with which to foil the heroes...and at last, Legato felt he might have found something worthy. It was only a theory...for the moment, but if it worked, it could provide quite a challenge for the heroes.

Legato began to chuckle to himself. "Well, well, I suppose now is as good a time as any to put my theory to the test..."

(OOC: Dun dun DUUUUUUUHHNNN!!! :p)

05/29/2003 5:49 PM

OOC: I've been following this thread for a while now and it seems that the "heroes" have some power on their side whilst there is only two "villains." I've watched some anime but don't know enough to play a character. I do consider Manga to be Japanese comic books, and on that not I have the perfect villain to bring in. He's not Manga or anime, but he is from the comics. But since this is an anime thread I'll refrain.

05/30/2003 11:22 AM

(OOC: Something to keep in mind ladysteel, "This is talking," while *This is thinking* in my posts. Possible to read her mind, but as dark was in the middle of a different action while she thought it, it would be hard. Cource, he could just be good at interpreting glares. Now if Ido was around... Him you might have some trouble reading the mind. I think Rok's the only one that knows why ;) )

05/30/2003 12:03 PM

(OOC: I don't think the entity would bring in anything it didn't know that it could control. So unless you make some changes to it, or something, I don't think he'll work. And to people besides Jaque and Rok, yes, I do know which person their talking about.)

05/30/2003 3:33 PM

Now if Ido was around... Him you might have some trouble reading the mind. I think Rok's the only one that knows why

OOC: Hee hee, I'd tell but then some people might go utterly mad. :D Oh wait, that only applies to Tiphareans...nevermind. ;)

I don't think the entity would bring in anything it didn't know that it could control. So unless you make some changes to it, or something, I don't think he'll work. And to people besides Jaque and Rok, yes, I do know which person their talking about.)

OOC: Actually, I think that particular character would work very well. The only thing that makes that particular character really tough is the fact that the heroes would have to use their heads (and most likely work together) in order to subdue him. True they may not be able to kill him off entirely, but they'll be able to hurt him enough that it'll be a while before he can get back up again and do anything. Also, since he's such a nasty particular character, the evil entity may eventually decide that it was a mistake to bring in the character anyways and send him back. That would take care of the whole "they either must be dead or together in order to lave clause". That's the only thing that would make the character hard to play against, not so much that he too powerful, just that he's really hard to kill. Anyway, just my two cents worth. ;)

06/04/2003 10:26 AM

There was a grumble within Dark's throat, as he walked towards the tower and sighed.

"hmm..."...the evil thoughts began to surge through his mind.

*I could take over this world simply enough, after all it doesn't seem too different from my own, but this means I'll have to get rid of whoever wants this world for themselves as well.....I suppose I could work with this ingrate, but.....nah, not worth my time I'll just do my own thing. Let this world burn for all I care*

After a bit of time he stopped roaming and paused before a small clearing, then pulled out his sword and began shaking it.

"Wake up! Wake up, you stupid lazy elemental!"

The sword began to glow a dull red color for a few moments then stopped.
Dark Schnieder glared at the sentient sword

"I said WAKE UP!!", he threw the sword forcefully into a stream.
There were a lot of pops and sizzles, then a horrendous scream shot through the air as a huge fire elemental formed from the sword.

"OWWWW!!!!!" it glared at DS, cringing in pain, "What does the master want?"

"Efreet, go and scout ahead for....anything, I'm too lazy to walk any further, if it proves to be promising up ahead, then I'll go" he waved a hand to dismiss Efreet. Efreet groaned, but obeyed staring a the fingernail that was turned purlple by DS's spell.

He didn't like the idea of obeying a mortal, but he wasn't about to be turned into a frog, either. Efreet shot through the air and speed to the tower.

OOC: Sorry for taking so long to answer....I haven't been able to get to a comp 'til now. :)

06/04/2003 10:36 AM

(OOC: OK I'm sorry but I have to bring Vash into this.)

"AHHHHHH" Thud <---- Vash
"meow" <---Trigun kitty

A large man in a red trenchcoat and spiky hair lands at Dark Schneider's feet. He rapidly hops up saying "I'm Okay!!! Anyone got any donuts?" The cat then decides Vash's face is a good place to be and promptly digs its claws into his face clinging for dear life "Meow"

"AHHHHH Get it off!!!! Get it off!!!!" Cries Vash. He then pries off the cat and throws it at DS."Oops."

06/04/2003 11:31 AM

"AHHHHH Get it off!!!! Get it off!!!!" Cries Vash. He then pries off the cat and throws it at DS."Oops."

Dark Schnieder calmly moves his head aside as the cat whisks by harmlessly and drops a huge sweatdrop, while staring blankly at Vash.


"ookay. That was different.", he then grins his evil grin," excellent you have now been voluntarily selected to accompany me on my conquest to take over--err...liberate...yess...that's it...liberate the world from the evil grasp in which it is clenched!"

He then promptly- sits down.

06/04/2003 11:34 AM

voluntarily selected

*in whiny voice "I have? But I don't wanna, I want donuts. Besides I'm tired" He then promptly falls over and falls asleep.

Meanwhile the Kitty is sniffing around trying to find a good face to claw. He then locates Efreet and promtly attaches itself to Efreet's face. "meow"

06/04/2003 11:50 AM

As the "kitty" attached itself to Efreet, he cried out in abject horror and veered directly into the side of the tower, the walls burst into flame around him as he rolls around on the floor, in pain, the scratch marks a bright color across his face.

"WHY!?WHY do I put up with this!?" he growled tossing the kitty in any general direction, which happened to be down the stairs into a large hallway that had strange gates above it.

Efreet lokked around, and seeing no one of any importance, shrugged and turned around to head back to his 'master'.


DS snapped his mouth shut and gritted his teeth. *not ANOTHER one...*

"Well you don't have much of a choice- whoever you are- and well, I have the perfect incentive, you follow and obey me, and I'll give you all the doughnuts you want. I'll just put this spell on you so you can uhh....conjure them up whenever you ....want."

DS began to chant the spell that would force this cretin to obey him, and as he finished Vash's fingernail began to turn purple.

Then, because he knew, for some reason, he knew, that if he didn't do this he would probably regret it somewhere down the line, placed a box of donuts beside Vash.

DS smiled, for once SOMETHING was actually going right for him since he got here...for once.

06/04/2003 11:57 AM

tossing the kitty in any general direction


placed a box of donuts beside Vash.

"DONUTS!!!!!" Gobble gobble gobble. The donuts dissapear before DS finishes his train of thought.

"Got anymore mister?"

06/04/2003 12:19 PM

He glared at Vash, "Not right now, first I must rest, I've waisted too much energy, and must regain my strength for the long battle ahead."

As he finished Efreet flew into the clearing and dropped beside DS.

"Find anything?" Dark looked at Efreet

Efreet shook his head" I wasn't able to get far. You see, this damned cat flew outta nowhere and clawed me, so I left..."

DS began to shake uncontrollably with rage,"WELL GET BACK THERE AND FIND OUT YOU SHIT FOR BRAINS CREATURE!!!!!"

Efreet flinched, but didn't move, not at first, but when he saw DS begin to power up for one of his bigger, nastier spells, he moved, deciding if he let DS finish that spell, he be in for the hurt, wishing the company of the cat over his Master's.

Once again he flew into the tower, quickly and began to search aimlessly about the complex. H efound himself strangel drawn into the direction where Legato stood, but doesn't realize he's there, yet.

Once he rounded the corner and spotted the blue-haired bishonen he crept up against the wall watching him carefully. He made a mental note of this beings features, then grunted and left.

When he returned to DS, he spoke quietly," I saw only one person there that could give us trouble, but I sensed another as well, a demon of sorts, by the scent of it. The first one I mentioned looked thin and physically weak, if you ask me, but I suspect he doesn't rely on physical power to defeat his foes. Not to mention it would be hard to lose him, if he escaped us, what with the blue hair and all."

DS nodded absently, and leaned against a tree, closing his eyes. "We will have a chance to meet this person, eventually. And when we do...."

DS began to laugh evily into the darkened night. In the distance one could still see the fire that raged throgh the tower caused by Efreets's 'little' accident.

06/04/2003 12:19 PM

He glared at Vash, "Not right now, first I must rest, I've waisted too much energy, and must regain my strength for the long battle ahead."

As he finished Efreet flew into the clearing and dropped beside DS.

"Find anything?" Dark looked at Efreet

Efreet shook his head" I wasn't able to get far. You see, this damned cat flew outta nowhere and clawed me, so I left..."

DS began to shake uncontrollably with rage,"WELL GET BACK THERE AND FIND OUT YOU SHIT FOR BRAINS CREATURE!!!!!"

Efreet flinched, but didn't move, not at first, but when he saw DS begin to power up for one of his bigger, nastier spells, he moved, deciding if he let DS finish that spell, he be in for the hurt, wishing the company of the cat over his Master's.

Once again he flew into the tower, quickly and began to search aimlessly about the complex. He found himself strangely drawn into the direction where Legato stood, but doesn't realize he's there, yet.

Once he rounded the corner and spotted the blue-haired bishonen, he crept up against the wall watching him carefully. He made a mental note of this beings features, then grunted and left.

When he returned to DS, he spoke quietly," I saw only one person there that could give us trouble, but I sensed another as well, a demon of sorts, by the scent of it. The first one I mentioned looked thin and physically weak, if you ask me, but I suspect he doesn't rely on physical power to defeat his foes. Not to mention it would be hard to lose him, if he escaped us, what with the blue hair and all."

DS nodded absently, and leaned against a tree, closing his eyes. "We will have a chance to meet this person, eventually. And when we do...."

DS began to laugh evily into the darkened night. In the distance one could still see the fire that raged throgh the tower caused by Efreets's 'little' accident.

06/04/2003 2:52 PM

(OOC: Thanks a lot for messing up the thread Steel. Why not go off and toast some dragons or a Torasque while your at it? Listen, if your guy really has this much power, then he can leave by himself too. Just send him back where he came from. He's overpowered and ruining the thread.)

As the fire went through the tower, its ancient wards activated, instantly snuffing the flames and removing the heat of the flames. Within moment, it had returned to normal. Well, normal for being under Legato's control.

06/04/2003 2:56 PM

(OOC: By the way, you are aware that it is against the rules here to have more than one account registered. So stick with one or the other. Save schitzophrenia for the chat rooms.)

06/05/2003 12:24 AM

(OOC: I was told to bring him in, so I'm going to.)

IC: Out of nowhere the hulking mass appears in the mountains. He is clad in a green rubber-looking suit with what appears to be metal piping and tubes wrapped around him. His eyes are masked by a pair of red-lensed goggles and his right arm is manacled behind his back.

The creature creates a path down the mountain as it makes its southward journey. Behind him trees have been uprooted and stones turned asunder. The creature comes upon a a gully dwarf encampment and the terror ensues. The gross little dwarves are ripped limb from limb and some even learn how to fly. The creature destroys everything in its way as it continues to move south. As the destruction ensues the only noise heard among the screams of the disgusting creatures is a deep gutteral, "HA, HA, HA..."

After completely decimating the encampment, the creature continues South. He is being drawn by an unkown force and nothing will stop him from reaching his destination. He kills small woodland creatures that happen to cross his path. He uproots gigantic trees and smashes through huge boulders without breaking a sweat. For being such an impressive force he moves quickly. His destination is in sight as he crests the top of a small hill.


06/05/2003 10:24 PM

OOC: Lord and Lady Steel aren't the same person.

Dark Schneider IS really that powerful... but then, yeah, DS is a cool character and all, but if everyone else thinks that he is TOO powerful for this thread, might as well do something that made him lose half, or all of his powers or something. (kiss a virgin and become a little kid again?)

06/08/2003 7:55 PM

"You see," Alita began telling Yomiko, "On my world, almost everybody lives in these two cities. Tiphares in the sky, and scrapiron on the ground. Scrapiron isn't much to look at, and it's really violent. That's why they have lots of bounty hunters to try and deal with problems. Everything's really run by the factory though, which supplies Tiphares with whatever they need. A lot of people in Scrapiron would like nothing more than to live up there, but nobody from the ground is ever allowed in. The Tiphareans just act like we don't even exist."

"One of the main ways they keep the people in Scrapiron happy is the motorball cource. It's a great racetrack where people try and capture this floating ball and be the first across the finish line. Of cource, a lot of them just try to stop each other from crossing the line instead, but that's why you have to be combat ready."

"What about you, where are you from?" She asked Yomiko.

"Me? I suppose I'm from a pretty normal world." She seamed a little confused. "How do you know what makes your homeworld different from another world unless you've visited both. We don't have floating cities or giant scrapiron ones, but we have a lot of cities all over the place. Sometimes I work as a substitute teacher, but a lot of the time I work for the British Library system, as a field agent. They thought it appropriate since my talent is doing things with paper. That's how I got my nickname: "The Paper."

"What about you Bell, what's your world like?"

06/09/2003 12:00 AM

From the small hill the creature makes a leap. This leap, however, takes him high into the air and he travels towards his destination. He has gone nearly half of a mile (or nearest Krynnish measurement) before landing. If one didn't know better they would think that he was actually capable of flight.

The beast lands in the middle of a forest clearing. The force of his landing is enough to dislodge most of the trees in the area and some even topple. Spotting what appears to be a small woodland cottage the creature charges towards it. It smashes full force into the wall of the structure and breaks a hole through the wall. Inside is a small gnomish hermit working at a table trying to fix some clocks. After smashing through the building the creature begins to destroy everything. He takes hold of the small man and hurls him through the opposite wall. The gnome does not splatter on the wall, instead the body's path makes a hole in the wall and the bloody carcass lands several hundred feet from point of origin. Amongst the scream of the gnome and the crumbling of brick and mortar comes the creatures distinct laugh, "MA-HA-HA-HA!"

The cottage eventually collapses and the creature makes his way out of the rubble and continues South. As he makes his way out of the clearing he further crushes the gnome's corpse by stepping on it and pushing it into the ground. As he moves on a tree falls and covers the hole in which the gnome lays, now a shallow unmarked grave.

The monster makes another leap as he journeys South. Once again his final destination is uttered from his mouth, "CLHRR-SST. TOWW-HRRR."

06/11/2003 12:17 AM

Back in Palanthas, one of Astinus's monks took note of the strange being. Figuring out what it was, he turned to another monk, and said, "Doomsday's coming, did you bring your coat?"

06/11/2003 2:00 PM

Vegeta blinked. Suddenly, he was no longer in a forest, he was back home. He looked around. Only Salmina was with him. She shrugged and shook her head. No, she didn't know either, but she didn't look upset.
"I'm glad we're not on Krynn anymore," she said. "Things were getting boring."

OOC: Since I have become bored with this thread, I took my characters out instead of having them die.

06/14/2003 11:07 AM

The strange visitors talked for a few more hours, then went to sleep, with Alita and Inuyasha standing guard, later X took over. The morning came and they started out on their way to the tower. After a few hours hike, they arrived at the base of the tower.

(OOC: We can have a party member open the dor, or perhaps Legato will open it for them?)

06/14/2003 4:50 PM

OOC:X will go open it

X approaches the door, and finds that it has no handles and will not budge no matter how hard he pushes. "Clear the way." he says, stepping back. Charging his buster he fires a massive energy blast into the door....

06/16/2003 12:21 AM

The creature continues its great leaps towards the tower. Anyone near the tower can make out a shape leaping into the air and growing larger each time it appears. Behind the creature is a wake of destruction the likes of which no one has ever seen before. As it leaps the creature can make out the forms of several people near the tower and a sadistic grin comes over its masked face. However, something tells it that it is not quite the time to destroy them.

06/16/2003 12:19 PM


Legato was unable to answer the door...

About ten minutes before the heroes reached the tower, Legato was gazing out one of the tower's windows when out of the corner of his eye, he caught some movement. Leaning out over the window sill, Legato concentrated as he tried to espy what had caught his attention a few seconds earlier. Then he saw something in the distance...what was it? Was it just some bug that he mistook for a distant object? Perhaps a fly or something...yes, that made more sense. No physical thing could be moving around like that.

...There it was again! No, this could be no mere bug! But what could it be, leaping about like some sort of mad bullfrog!?! Legato began to feel much perplexed as he stroked he chin thoughtfully. A few more moments inspection showed that the...'thing' was still a ways distant but would reach the tower soon, before nightfall. Also, Legato was somewhat disappointed to note, there appeared to be only one of it, so it probably was not the group of heroes he had been sent to ambush.

Still, Legato was curious as to what this creature could be. Nothing in the many books he had read in the Clerists Tower spoke of a being such as this. So, steeling his determination and mind, Legato reached out to probe the mind of the creature...

...a few moments later found Legato cowering behind his makeshift throne, curled in the fetal position, and whspering, "Doom...doooom...I live...in a giant...bucket...dooooom...doooom..."

(OOC: Well, what else would you expect? :p For those of you who haven't figured out what's coming, just take a look at Jaqcues' avatar. ;) Also as a side note, Legato still has control over the tower guards, but at the moment they are frozen in place like statues. When he recovers...or should I say, IF he recovers from that failed mind-reading session, they will start to move to his commands again. As for the door opening bit...X blasts it, it opens up, they are free to explore the area. Note: any magical wards (such as the emergency sprinkler system) are still active and need to be taken into account. Plus Sesshomaru is still lurking around in there... ;) )

08/02/2003 4:08 PM

(sorry bout the caps thing....I'm just really excited)

This thread has been officially hijacked by Thread Enders Inc.

Please wait for further developments.

08/03/2003 11:10 PM




;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

08/04/2003 5:41 AM

OOC: Interesting...

08/04/2003 8:27 AM

(OOC: Right... maybe I should just call up Jaques and have his character finish what he's started.)

"Well, let's head inside." Alita told the group as she started walking in.

08/04/2003 5:29 PM

X volunteered the lead, charging his buster cannon as they walked through the door.

Strangely, as they had stood there debating what to do next, most of the group had mysteriously vanished......

09/04/2003 8:43 AM

"Hm..." Eliar, who had appeared with a manly POOF!, gave a hm'd. "Anyone STILL interested in continuing this thread? I will feel very... guilty if I have to blow things up like this."

09/04/2003 9:12 AM

Eliar, whatever you do... let Detontrophe know.

09/04/2003 11:29 AM

Eliar, whatever you do... let Detontrophe know.

"Sure, wait for my call." Eliar said. He placed the cell phone into his pocket again. "Right. I am a very very polite person, and I would TRY assuming that this thread is NOT abandoned despite the fact that nothing new had happened for a month already. Yes. Of course, if you want me to help tie in the storyline, I can help by summoning some anime superstar friends of mine. Mwady har."

09/04/2003 1:07 PM

Vicious appeared with a "puff" (note: not "poof") in front of Eliar. He smirked and drew his katana...

With a pencil...

On his doodling pad.

He handed it to Eliar and yelled...

"Have at thee!"

09/04/2003 8:35 PM

Vicious appeared with a "puff" (note: not "poof") in front of Eliar. He smirked and drew his katana...

With a pencil...

On his doodling pad.

He handed it to Eliar and yelled...

"Have at thee!"

Eliar scratched his head and stared blankly. "Er, you mean you want my autograph? Sure, kid."

He started scribbling something (a large 'E', actually) on the doodling pad.

09/04/2003 8:36 PM

(OOC: Yes, I know we haven't done anything. But it's not my fault! I can't run the thread by myself you know.)

09/04/2003 8:42 PM

Eliar, who heard a vaguely familiar voice from the skies, nodded grimly. "Yeah, well, I can give you the special package, where we Thread Enders actually do something that is related to your plot to end the thread. And you can get involved too. Uh huh."

09/04/2003 8:52 PM

X rushed out of the front door, searching frantically. Looking towards the sky, his eyes closed in on "the package"

"My alarm sensors were going haywire!" he exclaimed, plugging in a module to his buster.

"Good thing I scanned Vegita before he left..."

Charging his buster cannon, he began to glow a soft yellow. The glow intensitied into a blinding gold aura as X screamed


launching a massive energy blast into the sky......

09/04/2003 10:26 PM

"What the..." Eliar stared blankly at the massive energy blast. "Ka! Me! Ha! Me! Ha!"

He replied by hitting the energy blast with his own energy blast that he ripped off from the 'anime superstars friends' he mentioned.

Insanely humungous explosion occurred.

The world was reduced to half. Millions died.

"Fun." Eliar commented. "Perhaps I'll just ask the Saiyajins to come over here and destroy everything for the heck of it."

09/05/2003 8:04 AM

"He's gone." Alita said to herself.

"I don't think so." Yomiko said.

"No, not that guy." She indicated towards the spiky-haird one. "The thing in the city. Where we're supposed to go."

"Then that means..."

"Yes, we can leave anytime we want now. And I don't know about you, but I'm going home, now come on!"

"Where are we going?" Yomiko yelled as Alita draged her along.

"You'll see." As they ran into the tower.

09/05/2003 8:46 AM

"Fun." Eliar commented. "Perhaps I'll just ask the Saiyajins to come over here and destroy everything for the heck of it."

"Or a particular gnome..." replied an upset Detontrophe.

"I've been waiting around for hours and not a word from you!" The gnome replied furiously, "Ballsar would never have let me out of his sight for this long! Put me to use. I remember this one time when I became a weapon of mass kender destruction...."

09/05/2003 9:33 AM

"I've been waiting around for hours and not a word from you!" The gnome replied furiously, "Ballsar would never have let me out of his sight for this long! Put me to use. I remember this one time when I became a weapon of mass kender destruction...."

"Well, I've never seen anime with gnomes blowing shit up, dude. But if ya can come out with something that fits the theme, no prob! Say, like an orbital satellite right out of Akira, or some other spiffy weapons of mass destruction that shoots a crapload of Kamehama-style energy blast that are larger than large buildings." Eliar said.

09/05/2003 12:27 PM

Vicious nochalantly sliced random guys up with his katana.

09/05/2003 10:16 PM

Saito nonchalantly slices Vicious up with his katana. And looks spiff while doing it. Just kidding.

09/05/2003 10:20 PM

A couple of Evas appeared to rip buildings apart.

09/06/2003 10:18 AM

A giant robot with angel wings appeared in the sky and fired his two huge buster rifles at the Evas, reducing them to scrap metal, which a pack of gnomes set upon like vultures to carrion

09/06/2003 1:03 PM

"Well, I've never seen anime with gnomes blowing shit up, dude. But if ya can come out with something that fits the theme, no prob! Say, like an orbital satellite right out of Akira, or some other spiffy weapons of mass destruction that shoots a crapload of Kamehama-style energy blast that are larger than large buildings." Eliar said.

"Animae..." Detontrophe replied as he thought about the subject, "I have an idea! Let me grab some water and I'll be right back."

After a few seconds, the gnome returned with a bucket of water and dumped it over his head. Shaking his head free of the water, Detontrophe appeared shorter in statue with red hair pulled back in a pigtail. As everyone noticed, Detontrophe became Detontrophe-chan. A female version of his gnomish self. "Zeboim's tight unmentionables, I was suppose to become a panda!"

09/07/2003 12:12 AM

Eliar giggled gayly. "At least you didn't become a pig. Hm... perhaps I'll call upon a meteor."

09/12/2003 7:38 AM

Vegeta, prince of Saiyajins, appeared.


"Puny humans! I shall destroy the world right now! Grovel at my feet!" Eliar translated.

The prince of Saiyajins continued his evil smirk, before he gave a loud yell and turned into Super Saiyajin 2.

"FINAL FLASH!!!" He roared, unleashing a large energy ball on the planet.

Only a quarter of Krynn remains...

Vegeta looked happy with his own handiwork, he turned to the readers of this thread and gave a thumbs-up. "Sore yori, Eliar Swiftfire-sama o suuhai shimasu. Aidoru nan desu kara."

"By the way, I worship Eliar Swiftfire, he is my idol." Eliar translated. He looked at his two colleagues. "Well, Benn, Undead. Let's finish our wonderful wonderful job!"

09/12/2003 8:11 AM

"I guess that's our cue to leave." Alita said. Yomiko nodded, and they both vanished.

09/13/2003 9:14 AM

Det-chan was overcomplexed with the idea that he finally had in his possessions what all prepubecent gnome boys wanted. A firm, healthy rack. Deciding against destroying the world, Det-chan ran into the other room with a camera filled with film and a few pieces of fruit.

09/13/2003 5:01 PM

Vicious ran out of people to kill. No people to kill was a very bad thing for Vicious. So, Vicious went into a viciously vicious rampage and ran after the last remaining person to kill. Eliar Swiftfire.

He ran head on, with his katana swinging wildly.

09/13/2003 7:36 PM

Vegeta, who was hovering beside Eliar, smirked evilly and stepped between the spiky-haired mage and the crazed last boss of Cowboy Bebop.

"I shall turn you into dust too." The prince of Saiyajin said.

09/13/2003 7:42 PM

Vicious raised his sword to kill the funky-haired Sayajin standing before him, when a reincarnated "Mad" Peirrot Le Fou appeared beside him. Pierrot raised his gun and shot Vicious in the head, making a very bloody mess.

Then that giant robot cartoon character, which killed Peirrot last time, stepped on the crazy french guy.

09/13/2003 7:53 PM

"Hoo boy," was the only thing Eliar could think of saying as he watched the scene before him. "Well, I guess everything's chaotic enough. Maybe there's no need to destroy the world after all. Er, I'll declare this site officially um... ended by Thread Enders Inc."

He disappeared with a POOF! leaving whatever craziness was happening in the ruined planet (well, only a quarter of it remains, so 'ruined' will be pretty much an understatement).

Everyone rejoices.

The End

03/09/2004 7:23 PM

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