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03/11/2003 6:36 PM

It was cold.

Wind and snow blew from every direction it seemed in a never-ending wall of white. Yet the hooded figure trudged forward, a figure that walked with a strange and awkward walk, and a figure standing a mere 4 feet tall.

There was not a single creature or building in sight, just the seemingly never-ending carpet of snow. But the figure had a destination, or so it seemed, for it trudged through the snow with determination in its stride.

And indeed, for only a short moment later a dark spot was spotted within the blizzard, barely visible even against the wall of white all around.

The figures pace quickened, snow and wind drove against it as the figure came closer the dark area, which now proved to be a small cave set within a mountain side.

It entered, the cave was almost as bad as being out side, damp and freezing, but away from the driving wind. The figure shivered violently, then sat down, drawing back its hood to let the cold air bite at it's face.

And such a face, for this hooded creature was no man, no human at that. It was a goblin. Wabuguk by name and coward and thief by trade. His green warty skin was splotched red from the cold, and his devilish red eyes shone with a fury. Baring his crooked and pointy teeth in a stupid smile, Wabuguk reached within the folds of his cloak and drew forth a small statue.

It was a small lion, pure platinum with eyes of an abnormally bright ruby. It radiated a strong power of magic, yet Wabuguk was unaware, to him it was a piece of money, something he would sell when he had the chance. Then, he hoped, he could live the rest of his life in gluttony, so he thought.

The lion was not his of course, he and his brother were thieves, very unsuccessful thieves at that, and had gotten extremely lucky on their last run. Well, lucky for Wabuguk at least, for his brother had not made it out alive, struck down by a guard on the run out.

They had stolen from Grand Maester Kreff, a ruling eunuch in the city of Panthar (made up city....). It had not happened on purpose of course, the goblin brothers where normally too cowardly to even attempt much more than a lame pauper or beggar. But the strange hooded man had promised them 100gold if they attacked the horses of a richly decorated carriage that was passing through the crowded streets.

And of course Wabuguk and his brother had agreed, as the carriage passed the two goblins leapt out and attacked the horses, which resulted in his brother being kicked savagely in the knee and Wabuguk getting thrown to the side.

But apparently it was enough, for the hooded man and a gang of others dressed in a likewise manner had sprung out during the distraction and had attacked the carriage, which turned out to contain Grand Maester Kreff himself.

And twenty of his elite guard.

The battle did not last long, the hooded man retreated with more than half his troupe killed or wounded. But it was not ineffective, the hooded man himself had stricken a lucky blow to the Grand Maester himself, which sent the man sprawling to the ground, yet hardly wounded.

But the fall was costly for within his garments the platinum lion tumbled out, right into the lap of Wabuguk himself. Without further delay the goblin and his brother made a mad dash to escape into the twisted alleys of the city.

In the confusion of the battle it took several moments before Kreff organized a pursuit. Not only did his elite guard give chase, but also the hooded company was close behind. They wanted the lion.

The goblins seemed doomed, for the alley continued endlessly, and the waddling goblins were no match for the long strides of the humans. Especially since Wabuguk’s brother was running on a bum knee.

Then suddenly the alley erupted into shapes, beggars and the homeless sprung from the shadows, from every crevice and hole they came, a swarm of reaching hands and gaunt faces.

It was the homeless that saved them that day, or at least Wabuguk, for his brother was caught in the mob, and the Grand Maesters guards struck him down without pause or question, but the guards too were caught in the mob. It was a sad day for the homeless then, as the guards tried with all their possible power to retrieve their Masters precious lion, hacking away at the poor beggars with abandon.

But Wabuguk escaped, running into the harsh lands around the city, and now he had been running for three days with little to nothing to eat in the blistering cold, running to an unknown destination. But he had his lion, and the goblin was satisfied, all thoughts of his slain brother forgotten by his greed.

He knew they where following him, or at least he assumed, at he was right. About fifteen of Grand Maester Kreff’s top elite guards were close behind, and gaining a little each day on the goblin. Not only this, but the strange company of black cloaked men led by the ‘hooded man’ himself where also on his trail, running parallel with the elite guards in hope that they might claim the lion for them selves……

(OOC: first time posting a story, I dunno…. just be whatever u want and go with it… :) )

Yous a flea.

03/12/2003 3:56 AM

OOC: Mind if your hodded "man" was actually a woman??

BIC: Mirisarl clenched her fists on the reins of the black charger that pranced restlessly beneath her. "All my weeks of planning! For NOTHING!!" She snarled, her black eyes filled with such malice that two of the men facing her flinched and stepped back a pace involinarily.

There was no ounce of light within this woman...her skin alabaster pale, long blue-black hair, and deep obsidian eyes. She wore robes of deepest velevet black, but no protective runes where stitched into hem or sleeves....she had no need of them.

Mirisarl or MidnightSong in the Draconic language, was a DarkTwin....The youngest of the brood that belonged to Crystalamira (Glimmer) and Navare...the star crystal and the Dark Crystal Dragons repectively. She rarely took to her natural form of late...prefered to remain Miri, Mistress of Night-as many have come to call her.

The snow billowed around her, but she took no real note of it, while her men where shivering in the bitter cold, she sat upon her horse and glared down at them. "Enough rest....RIDE!!" She snarled, though encased in human flesh, she sounded every bit of the dragon she was.

She mercilessly kicked the horse into a wild gallop, though it flailed wildly in the snow. "I'll have that Lion.....Mark my words......"

03/12/2003 6:48 AM

OCC- As is my trade mark, I will join this post as a Magic User, but strangely enough not a wizard, but a Sorcerer, win in born gifts, because I want to be able to cut down people with a sword.....I like swords...::Evil Grin::

::Kaba, under his armor, and clothes, was shivering. As son of Grand Maester Kreff, and a soldier in the elite Guard, Kaba had to go and find the theif of the Lion. It was his duty.::

::No one knew that Kaba was the sun of the Grand Maester. It was said by his father's political officers, that if the city knew that his son, his very own flesh and blood, were a magic user, then his public oppinion would fall. People really didnt like magci-users much, and many were seen as blastfromers.::

::Kaba had discovered his magicl abilities as a child, no more then five years old. He was palying in one of the palaces, what Lights bean to flare up around him. he ws hidden days later, as to protect his father public view. There he was trained by wizards, to udnertsnad his owers, and also picked up abilites with Swords. He was determiend to prove to himself to his father, that we was not a berden because of his magic, but an essential part of his family.::

"I will get the Lion back...." He said to himself, as he walked along with his company hunting the theif."To see your world in a grain of sand,
and a heaven in a wile flower,
To hold Infinity in the palm of your hand,
and an eternity in an hour."
-William Blake

03/12/2003 7:25 AM

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03/12/2003 9:40 AM

"A platinum lion? Very well. I'll get on it right away." Javert Roguesbane turned and walked out of the guard's office. *Better find the others hunting him first. Before they botch the job for me.* He thought to himself. Although an old man now, Javert had been the best marshal in solomnia for a very long time. He had retired once, but could not let down the chase, so would still take odd bountys on occasion. This promised to be an amusing diversion for the brown trenchcoated man.

(OOC: This could be fun. Bit of a family reunion when Javert meet's up with Mirisarl, considering he already confronted Navare long ago. Cource, she'd have to be in dragon form for him to notice the resemblance. And no, he doesn't know that Kaba is in the hunting party, he just knows that city guards are normally either incompetant or show up at bad times when he's after the same target.)The sword, it thirsts to drink of man.
The sword, at last must win.
Today is gone, and yesterday,
Must echo in the wind.

03/12/2003 5:55 PM

Wabguk had never meant to doze off, he had hoped to rest for a few short moments, then set off again, into the blistering cold and away from his persuers.

He was unsure how he even managed to fall asleep, he was hardly tired and the uncomfortable and cold made it hardly a good time to nap.

But some how it had happened.

He rose quickly, readjusting the crude rusty spear on his back, and set back off into the storm.

He seemed to be going even slower now, the poor goblin seeming to run into every snow covered hole, and trip over every rock on the hole mountain.

But he continued, for the sake of greed drove him forward, drove him into the never-ending blizzard.

(OOC: Basically the Lion is a great artifact, and is trying to be caught, by the subtle problems it causes Wabuguk. Also the guards and hooded people are about a half-days march away, but getting closer each day.)Yous a flea.

03/13/2003 5:18 AM

::Kaba was becoimg annoyed very quickly. As the company of Guards approched the next feild of plains. He could sense the Lion's power nearby, but the guards were so slow udner all their armor to get there in time before the theif began to move again. Kaba was tempted to use his in born magic to pass up the company and go ahead, but he stayed his tallents. He had to keep his magic a secret. From where he came from, magic was seen as blastphemous. If he used him magic, now, he would be taken down by his fellow countrymen. So, he had to wait, and see how long it would take them all to get to the Lion.::

::Natraly, these restrictions didnt stop Kaba from casting a suttle spell. As he thought under his helm, a few golden sparkles erupted from the feet of the horse, and they speeded up, rather quikcly. Normally, and enhancement spell such as that would take minuets to verse, but, since Kaba was a Sorcerer, and not a wizard, his thoughts called the spell into existsence. Now, they would be upon their pray in but a few hours, weather he rode a horse or not....::"To see your world in a grain of sand,
and a heaven in a wile flower,
To hold Infinity in the palm of your hand,
and an eternity in an hour."
-William Blake

03/14/2003 8:03 PM

(OOC comon people this stories good and u know it! JOOOOOOOOOOOOINNNNNNNNNNNN!)

:)Yous a flea.

03/14/2003 9:06 PM

About 5 miles away and several hundred feet below, the Great Malfagstu stirred suddenly.

His great horned head lifted slightly, and heavy eyelids opened for the first time in over a century. Something had awakened him.

The great ancient red dragon cocked his great head, what had awakened him?

He remembered the dream faintly, but he remembered someone or something had called to him. Something tangent from the real world had reached into his dreams and called to him.

But what was it?

Malfagstu shook his head to clear the cobwebs and grew suddenly annoyed, he did not like being disturbed, especially when he was deep within his loved slumber.

He was about to rest his head back down, and return back his dreams of fried knights and slain golden dragons, when he heard it again, so faint, yet at the same time, so powerful.


Now the great dragon's head rose, his nose sniffed the air, yet there was no scent of anything unusual.


The Great Red recognized the call as magical now. Thinking some wizard was trying to summon him, the great red growled and sunk within his own magical powers. His telepathic burst reached a great distance in each direction, searching for any being of magic prowess in the area.

And such a find, among several magic users and a few items of power, one shone with such magic energy and resilience that Malfagstu was forced the repeat the spell to see if it was true.

And it was. Upon a weak goblin, a great and powerful aura surrounded some item that the goblin was holding.

Malfagstu smiled wickedly, baring huge rotting, yet still deadly teeth. This item was calling to him, he was positive.

And he would have it.
Yous a flea.

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03/15/2003 5:27 AM

Mirisarl whipped her horse into a frenzy, her anger rising, more dangerous than the arctic winds around them. The men kept a distance from her, all terrified, more of her than the storm around them.

She snarled with frustration....but still didn't shift, she didn't care to give the ruffians behind her heart attacks....they where of no use to her dead.....Yet.

Well versed in the old arts of Necromancy, Miri was contemplating using such magics....but no, not yet....she needed their ambitions...the magic of the Lion wouldn't work on the Undead.....

Suddenly she shifted in the saddle, her teeth bared in a weak immitation of her true snarl. She could feel the Darkness of a Chromatic dragon nearby....The same color that had killed her Sire... She hissed out a breath, her eyes taking on a red-ember glow.

"Keep going....do not worry if you cannot see me...I'll be ahead of you!" She urged the floundering horse onward, till they where both lost in the storm. With a sigh, she slipped from the saddle, took the few magical items from the saddle packs, and backed away from the horse, using a spell to keep it from bolting into the storm

One moment Miri stood there, black hair wipped to a fury from the wind, dark eyes glowing in the near-blinding storm. Black robes swirling around her like a falthomless void.

The Next the Black Crystal Dragon Was there....40 feet from nose to tail, 90 foot wingspan of glossy violet-black feathers. Her tail thrashed through the snow, and she stared at the terror-bound horse before her.

She took a deep breath, and let loose a gout of black flames. The hose neighed in terror, but couldn't move....The black flame consumed the power and energy of the horse, till there was nothing left, not even bones. The energy wafted back to Mirisarl in the form of black smoke. She breathed it in....this was her sustenance....

Energized, she took to the air, having no difficulty flying in the storm.

03/15/2003 10:39 AM

He felt refreshed, the cold biting wind felt like a lovers caress to his snowy white scales. The storm came harder, more fierce at his bidding. This was his element.

Soaring through the region, he suddenly caught sight of a lone goblin, traveling in the opposite direction of the city. Fool. He shouldn't leave the safe confines of the city, where the mages keep the temperature warm in the cold climate caused by his presence.

What he didn't take the time to notice was the power emanting from the artifact the goblin had in his possession. The sweet cold was numbing his mind in pleasure...


Back in his lair, Shiver took some time to admire his treasure. It was an impressive hoard, with mountains of steel, gold and silver coins, precious gems, magical relics and enchanted rings. His icy blue eyes lowered in sleep, and he slept the rest of the day, and he dreamt. He dreamt of a platinum lion..."You cannot reach them. We tried once, yes, precious. I tried once;
but you cannot reach them. Only shapes to see, perhaps, not to touch.
No precious! All dead." -Gollum

03/15/2003 10:48 AM

OOC: How about a bounty hunter who was sent by a old wizard? Might be interesting....

BIC:In the storm, out of the white void came a black cloaked figure. The cloaked figure swayed back in forth from the fearst wind. "Why did I take up this assignment? Oh yeah because of the big reward." The cloaked figure smiled an evil grin. "Lets see, what did that old wizard tell me again?"


"I will give you a large amount of money if you find this lion." The old wizard pointed to a drawing of a platinum lion. "So all I have to do is steal this lion." He pointed to the picture. "And you'll give me 200 gold?" said the cloaked figure.

"Fine then, but if I have to I can kill?" The wizard looked down. "Yes you may if it comes to that." "Ok then you got yourself a bounty hunter." Then he disappeared into the darkness.

:End of Flashback:

"But it didn't work out that way. A stupid goblin got the lion and now he will pay... with his life."

OOC: if you dont like it I will change/delete it.

03/15/2003 10:57 AM

Its fine.

I will post again soon.Yous a flea.

03/15/2003 11:19 AM

(OOC: Javert was basically a bounty hunter, but semi-officialy working for solomnia. we can have two I suppose, just might get a little strange. I probably won't post in character until I'm in the position I want to reveal myself. Don't worry, I'll show up again.)The sword, it thirsts to drink of man.
The sword, at last must win.
Today is gone, and yesterday,
Must echo in the wind.

03/15/2003 2:53 PM

OOC: I have a couple questions before i join, if that's okay. What time is this RPG set? Post/Pre War of the Lance, Chaos War, War of souls, what? I just need to know before I make my character before things get contradictory, and I mess up and stuff. Heh. "Hope is the denial of reality. It is the carrot dangled before the draft horse to keep him plodding along in a vain attempt to reach it." –Raistlin, Dragons of Autumn Twilight

03/15/2003 9:37 PM

(OOC:Basically pre War Of the Lance.)

Wabuguk noticed the sudden change of temperature a little to late.

He had fallen- again - into a deep hole of snow, and was just trying to climb his way out when he felt the intense warmth.

He should have been happy, a relief from the intense cold, yet the warmth was doing him no good. The snow beneath him became slushy and watery, and the poor goblin suddenly found himself sinking.

He had no idea it was the lion.

Wabuguk sunk lower, and began flailing about madly, trying to grab onto anything he could to save himself from what he thought death.

His head slipped under the snow.

And suddenly he was sliding, down a strange and surely unnatural tunnel of snow. It continued for several moments of sliding, then Wabuguk was shot out into a very different surrounding.

Instead of the shining white snow and cold wind, he now lay within a relatively warm cavern. There was no snow here, besides the tunnel he had just exited, and the rough cavern walls glowed with a strange redish hue.

Wabuguk grumbled and looked about, seeing only a single narrow passage that veered down.

With no other options he began down it.


Malfagstu sensed the item was now within his own domain, the vast underground caverns beneath the snow.

The Great Red stood shakily, having not moved in over 100 years. CHips of stone and dirt crumbled from him as he rose to his massive height.

But either he had grown considerably or the cavern had shruken since he had last been here, he could not reach his full height. Growling in frustration the Great Ancient Red Dragon cast a simple spell and took the shape of a human.

A human in flowing red robes and carrying a tinted red staff.

Grumbling, Malfagstu- now the puny human - moved, searching for a larger cavern where he could retain his normal form, and retreive the item.

The call came again, this time with visions of the power he could achieve with the lion.

His smile was full of malice as he walked. THe victory would be sweet he mused.

Then he would destroy. He would destroy all.

(ooc: ok, try and get your characters into the cavern if u can. )Yous a flea.

03/16/2003 1:01 AM

“Elizar, run! Stay away from him! The magic is being disrupted, get out!” Screams came at him now, and they seemed far away, distant. The words echoed through his mind, but all he could see now was black, pure and simple blackness. He only heard one more thing, before he fell into unconsciousness... “We don’t know where the portal leads...!” Before the void swallowed his mind and body entirely, leaving emptiness.

Elizar’s head snapped up, his eyes flaring wide open while he stared at his surroundings. He was no longer looking into the portal, he was no longer standing beside the altar. This place wasn’t familiar at all. Was he in the jails? Did they lock him up? How? Why would they? Many thoughts ran through the young Knight’s head, all coming onto him at once.

Standing from where he lay, slowly, shakily, Elizar raised himself from the ground and found he was in a long, winding tunnel, extending for hundreds, maybe thousands of feet. His head had lain on a rock with his helmet off to the side. The Knight bent down to pick it up, having to hold his hand against the wall to keep himself from toppling over.

The young warrior was not wearing what would be considered traditional knightly garb. In fact, he wore something contradictory, mocking of the knights. An ornate long-sword hung at his side. He wore black armour, glistening in the torch lit cavern. The black Lily and Thorn of violent death adorned his black breastplate, the flower’s severed stem entwined round a bloodied axe.

He wore a black cloak trimmed with blue, signifying him as part of the Knights of the Thorn, a group nonexistant in this time, an order knights who have become sorcerers, avoiding the Conclave and are thus considered renegades. Strangely, he did not wear the grey robes that his order usually wore, that showed him as both a sorcerer and a knight. He was one of the infamous Dark Knights of Tahkisis.

“Kormath, where are you? Where am I?!” The Knight said, looking around for his blue dragon mount. But, unfortunately, his mount was nowhere in sight, and it couldn’t have fit in this small tunnel either way. He wondered offhandedly where his partner might be, but it soon left his mind.

It left Elizar’s mind for one reason - he heard the shuffling of feet about 50 feet behind him, snapping him back to reality, bringing him to full consciousness. The Thorn Knight did not put on his helmet, but put it on the ground. He had long brown hair that went slightly over his shoulders and had a wave to it. Elizar did not draw his sword. A sword is drawn to kill and only to kill - he did not know if he intended to kill just yet.

OOC: Is this all right? Any questions i'll be happy to answer."Hope is the denial of reality. It is the carrot dangled before the draft horse to keep him plodding along in a vain attempt to reach it." –Raistlin, Dragons of Autumn Twilight

03/16/2003 8:48 AM

A low grumbling sound woke him from his otherwise deep sleep. He opened one icy blue eye, and looked around. 'No, it isn't and intruder,' he thought. Then he heard it again.

It felt almost like a soft tremor in the ground. Curiourly, he pressed his ear to the ground, and he felt the vibrations again. Something was underneath him, and he didn't like it.

With a growl of frustration, he started digging at the hard rock floor. Fortunately, white dragons are gifted with long and diamond-hard claws, perfect for digging and crushing.

He quickly had a good sized hole going, almost enough for him to squeeze through. Then he looked down, and didn't like what he saw. Indeed, there were some underground caves and tunnels.

Thinking it was a conspiracy against him, not really knowing that they existed long before he made his home in that cave, he grew angry. His great bulk surely wasn't enough to plod along down there, so he changed himself into a smaller form, that of a snow leopard, an animal that commonly resided in such climes as he had gifted upon these lands.

In that form, he gracefully jumped down into the tunnel, but not before putting an enchantment on his hoard to make it invisible and undetectable. His soft white fur stood on end, and he had a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach. A presence had left an impression on him, and it felt ominous and imposing. Something was down here, and he intended to find out.
"You cannot reach them. We tried once, yes, precious. I tried once;
but you cannot reach them. Only shapes to see, perhaps, not to touch.
No precious! All dead." -Gollum

03/17/2003 7:30 AM

::Kaba growled as they came upon the caves in the plains lands. The foolish commander had sent a party in to seach, and he was not included. Now he walked againts the will of the captian into the caves, sensing more then the lion nearby. He readied his sword, and ran a spell through his head, wondering what a Sorcerer like himself may find.::"To see your world in a grain of sand,
and a heaven in a wile flower,
To hold Infinity in the palm of your hand,
and an eternity in an hour."
-William Blake

03/18/2003 4:46 PM

OOC: I’m guessing that’s Wabuguk coming down the tunnel?

Wabuguk should have been weary. He had been walking for almost 3 hours now, at a fast and steady pace.

He had stopped for neither food nor rest, and yet he neither hungered nor found himself at all tired.

The Lion would not let him stop.

The tunnel seemed never-ending, and uneventful. But then, suddenly, he heard a thump and a shuffle around the bend.

Wabuguk tensed, the Lion pulsated.

The Lion would not be stopped, it commanded Wabuguk forward.

Wabuguk unknowingly obeyed, thinking that perhaps he just growing braver. Spear drawn he rounded the bend to find himself facing a dark plated knight with his hand on his weapon.

The Lion surged, it wanted dearly to just blast this distraction away, and to continue on its way towards the greater entity Malfagstu.

But Wabuguk, surprisingly and again unknowingly, held the item at bay.

For a short second.

Then suddenly the tunnel was crumbling, huge chunks of stone falling down all around the knight.

In a short second, that entire area would be encased in stone.
Yous a flea.

03/18/2003 6:31 PM

As he walked through the path he didn't know were to go. It was never ending. Then suddenly the ground underneath him trembled. "This is not good." He said and then when he tried to jump out he got sucked back in and fell downwards. With a quick glance around he saw a knight and a goblin, but then all was black.

OOC: sorry I havent posted in awhile.

03/18/2003 9:38 PM

"What the-" Elizar yelled, looking around himself, reaching towards his helmet quickly and putting it on. Rocks first started small and began to grow larger and larger. The Knight of the Thorn could see the magic emanating from the Lion, and his eyes widened at the power, and in horror.

"Not today, goblin!" He yelled over the sound of falling rocks, while he raised his hands above him, gloved palms open wide. The knight concentrated fully upon his task, the task of magic.

Channeling through his mind the magical power, the Knights hands began to glow brightly, and Elizard surged forward, sweat beading upon his brow underneath his helm due to the magical power he had to use, through his armour.

The magical shield of energy surrounded him only for moments, but those moments were enough so that he could escape unscathed through the tumbling rock to get to the Goblin on the other side.

Leaping forward at the little creature, Elizar went to land atop him and pin him to the ground, while getting the magical Lion out of his grasp, but he knew that goblins were fast. He had at least made it out of the falling rock.

~Elizar"Hope is the denial of reality. It is the carrot dangled before the draft horse to keep him plodding along in a vain attempt to reach it." –Raistlin, Dragons of Autumn Twilight

03/19/2003 3:57 AM

::Kaba sat nearby, encased in a a magical energy sheild, watching everyone stumble over the rocks.::

"are these all the people that hunt the Lion?" He thought."To see your world in a grain of sand,
and a heaven in a wile flower,
To hold Infinity in the palm of your hand,
and an eternity in an hour."
-William Blake

03/19/2003 6:09 PM

Wabuguk would have been tackled by the knight. For he stood there dumbfounded as the knight enacted some sort of magic and escaped the tumbling rocks.

But Wabuguk was not alone, again the Lion pulsated, and Wabuguk skittered backwards, quick as a cat, evading the knights grasp.

He could have ran then, he normally would have. But the lion demanded that this nuicance of a knoght be delt with.

With speed that mimiced that of a striking snake, Wabuguks spear snapped out and struck the knight a stinging blow to his helm. Wabuguk retracted and again the spear struck out, but the Knight of the Thorn was ready.

Nimbly he leapt away.

And in a single, beuatiful movemant Wabuguk retracted the spear and threw it.

He never saw if it hit its mark, for the goblin was running then, with amazing speed, down a new tunnel that had most deffenatley not been there before.

The lion would not be stopped.Yous a flea.

03/19/2003 8:40 PM

The large black Panther watched the entire scene, and also turned in pursiut of the Goblin....also not watching to see if the spear hit it's mark. Mirisarl padded through the darkened, dreadfully hot tunnels, her black eyes glinting in the weak light.

She had followed the sense of the Lion, as well as the dragons she also felt that where nearby. She ran down the tunnels with a speed and stamina never seen in such a big Cat. The fur was a matte black, as though living piece of shadow.

She snarled in frustration as she rounded a corner in the tunnel, and found herself faced with five more.....and no clue which way to turn.

03/19/2003 11:45 PM

“Ah!” The knight let out a quick shout at the sharp pain he suddenly felt in his left shoulder hit him. The spear stood out of his shoulder, blood trickling down underneath his armour. Elizar grabbed the wooden handle of the spear and quickly yanked the troublesome weapon out of his flesh with an quick intake of breath. Growling with impatience and anger, Elizar quickly tried to calm himself before rushing down the tunnel. Intelligence, strategy, observation, he could not do this things if his mind was clouded by anger or pain. After a few moments, Elizar took off down the newly appeared tunnel, towards the damnable Goblin.

Making his way down the tunnel, his left arm hanging limply at his side, Elizar thought he saw something black downwards from the tunnel, but assumed it was only his imagination. Running as fast as he could under the current circumstances, such as darkness and pain, the Knight came around the same corner the large Cat went around only moments before -

Elizar skidded to a stop, his eyes widening underneath his helm at the sight of the panther, his muscles clenching. He spoke almost naturally in draconic, to himself, “Great Queen! How in the Abyss did this get down here?” Eying the panther in front of him and the 5 tunnels, Elizar made sure not to make any sudden moves, though he had his sword drawn.

~Lazarus"Hope is the denial of reality. It is the carrot dangled before the draft horse to keep him plodding along in a vain attempt to reach it." –Raistlin, Dragons of Autumn Twilight

03/20/2003 1:12 PM

"Ahh!" The bounty hunter got up. He took a quick look around and saw a knight disappear behind a corner. "No! He is going after my bounty! I will not let that happen!"

He than ran very silently but very fast to catch up. He only had a couple glances at the knight until he heard the knights armor stop klincking. Then he walked to the wall and peered around. He saw the knight sword drawn, a black panther, and 5 tunnels. "This might take awhile."

He pulled out his bow and arrow just incase. Then very silently he pulled out an arrow from his arrow pack. "I hope I can hit that panther." He said in almost a whisper, then he ran out and while running aimed at the panther and shot. He then put his bow and arrow away and unsheathed his sword. Whatever came next, he was ready.

03/20/2003 1:34 PM

A black mist surrounded Miri Immediately, the Arrow stopping in mid air before bursting into black flames. She made no move, but glared at the first human that had come up behind her and the other that was crouching around the bend.

Foolish.... Hissed a soft, disembodied, female voice.

She turned from them both, and a soft chanting began, of the same soft, dark, disembodied voice. Glowing red runes appeared around the beast, reflecting in her mirror-black eyes. The Runes coalesed and became one single fiery beacon that streaked down the center path. She Bared her fangs and hissed at the two that stalked her then was gone down the path...moving at a near impossible speed.

03/20/2003 4:33 PM

The Lion should have made more branches in the paths. It should have the made the path near impossible to follow.

But the Lion wanted these fools to follow, he wanted them to watch its true power when it reached its desired holder; The Ancient Red Malfagstu.

So the Lion had created the 5 branching tunnels, yet each one only went a short while before becoming a dead end, the very left tunnel being the actual tunnel that Wabuguk had taken.

Wabuguk ran tirelessly. His feet almost a blur as he sped down the tunnel the Lion created.

He had been running for almost 15 minutes when the tunnel opened into a great and awesome cavern.

The Lion's eyes shone with a fury, it sent out another telepathic call to Malfagstu.

It commanded Wabuguk forward, until the goblin was standing in the center of the cavern.

Now the Lion only waited, Malfagstu would be here soon.


Malfagstu smiled as the telepathic command reached him.

His pace quickened and the dragon - presently human- began imagining the glory he would reach, the destruction he would ensue when he took the Lion as his own.

Yous a flea.

03/20/2003 5:05 PM

When the panther sped off, the Knight of Takhisis merely glanced back at the one who had shot the arrow at the panther, and said clearly, "Don't bother wasting your arrows, I have no intention of harming you" said Elizar with a hint of impatience at his current situation. Closing his eyes a moment, he started to go over a spell chant in his mind - he felt the energy surge up into him, ready for casting, but he knew if he were to simply cast it, his armour would cause the spell to fail.

Chanting slowly and deliberately, the Knight reached into one of the numerous pouches underneath his cloak and took out a small bit of fur and tossed it into the air. After a few moments of concentration, his head snapped in the direction that the Goblin was traveling, the same way the panther had went. "I warn you, there is strong magic at work here, in this cavern. I advise you to procede with caution," Elizar said offhandedly, glancing back at the bowman before taking off at a sprint down the long and dark tunnel, recalling his conditioning training when he was only a squire. Breathing was the key.

Lend me strength, My Queen..."Hope is the denial of reality. It is the carrot dangled before the draft horse to keep him plodding along in a vain attempt to reach it." –Raistlin, Dragons of Autumn Twilight

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03/20/2003 5:40 PM

Miri had only gone a short distance when she realized that the artifact had led her astray. She snarled and displaced.....to appear in the proper tunnel. She ran on now, in all the speed her true form would have granted.

Abruptly she came to a huge open cavern and deciding on action in the stead of stealth, she burst into the cavern in her true form. The black crystal dragon delighted in the molten heat of the cavern, and she fixed her black eyes on the Goblin.

"You!!...." She hissed, knowing that the pitiful creature would recognize her voice. "Tretcherous vermin!" She snarled, landing above him, her black eyes filled with immesurable malice. "You will pay for the trouble you have caused me..." She paused, feeling the presence of the Red once again, and sneered in disgust.

03/21/2003 11:30 AM

*I know that dragon.* Javert thought to himself. Having come to the large cavern by a seperate route, he was now hidding himself there, using all the tricks he has learned in his long life about avoiding draconic detection. *Wait. This dragon is similar to the one then, but younger. Could that great beast be this one's sire? Hmm.* He settled back to watch more of what would unfold.

*Hmm, wonder if that red'll be comin back. Could be a fun fight to watch. Now about the mark. I'm set to bring back the goblin, and the lion if possible. Dragon? Heh, I'm getting too old for that. One of the good things about being retired I suppose. Being able to pick the fights you want. Hope they leave the bugger's head for me to take back at least.*

(OOC: Javert is quite a distance from the party's entrance to the cavern, and well hidden. Just ignore him for now.)The sword, it thirsts to drink of man.
The sword, at last must win.
Today is gone, and yesterday,
Must echo in the wind.

03/21/2003 12:23 PM

He stood in shock to see his arrow burst in black flames, then the panther was gone! He thought he was loosing his mind. "Alright then I'll take this one." He said and ran to the left sided tunnel and ran in. "I just hope that whatever is ahead,it is not something I can't handle".

03/21/2003 5:42 PM

Wabuguk stood in frozen horror.

If the platinum could smile, it surely did now.

The Lion sensed the great black dragon, and the great red.

They where both powerful, both would make excellent wielders.

But something about this black dragon unnerved the Lion a bit, and it decided it would stick with the red.

And suddenly Wabuguk vanished to reapear at the other far side of the cavern, where a tunnel led out.

And from that tunnel a red robed mage stepped through.

Malfagstu looked at the dragon in utter hatred and rushed forawrd suddenly, the thoughts of the Lion pushed to the back of his mind.

As Malfagstu entered the cavern his body suddenly exploded; into the Immense Ancient Red Dragon.

The red was much larger than the black, its bulk taking up the hole of the cavern. Its immense body radiating an extreme heat.

Roaring in a savage fury the great red rushed forward, almost six thousans tons of claws and muscle smashing into the black.Yous a flea.

03/21/2003 5:51 PM

Miri slammed into the cavern wall, momentarily stunned, yet unharmed. She glared at the Red with undisguised hatred...

"By all that is unholy...I will have that lion!" She snarled, gathering her power. Decended from Queen Takhisis herself, Miri would be a fearsome opponant. SHe Roared in anger, and let loose a magical enhanced gout of black flame. The flames burned coldly....and she watched with pleasure as the Red Squirmed to avoid it as it tore and ate through it's left wing, leaving it useless.

SHe laughed, cold and cruel. "YOu shall know the name of your opponant, Vile Red.....I am Mirisarl, Daughter to the Scion of the Dark Queen, Navare The Black Crystal Dragon. "

She darted forward, black feathered wings outstretched as the literally flew tight circles around the immense red. Though much smaller, and no match for brute strength, Miri was all the faster, and very powerful with her magic. The glowing scarlet runes where back, and they circled her body, swirling, blurring fast....creating a shield around her.

03/21/2003 11:20 PM

The Ancient red was not the quicker.

But he was an extremely experienced fighter, and very wise for a dragon. Not letting confidence get in the way of his victory.

The Immense dragon stepped back a cast a spell of his own.

His claws and maw suddenly flared with an orange glare, and Malfagstu came forawrd in a quick rush unimaginable by a creature of his bulk.

Claws and teeth gnashed as scales and dragon blood flew about in a frenzy.

Malfagstu had the black cornered, but its shield protected it greatly, even from Malfagstu's magically inhanced appendages.

Malfagstu was deffinatley gaining the upper hand, and black darted to a fro to keep distance, but somehow Malfagstu was always there, claws and tail lashing.

The Ancient Red had no idea that the Platinum Lion was magically aiding the great red.

Yous a flea.

03/21/2003 11:34 PM

Mirisarl snarled, her teeth pearl white against the stark black of her scales. "You have no idea to the extent of my power..." She hissed, and backed away from the Red, her body, slimming, darkening.....becoming one with the shadow of the cavern.

The primary power of the Black Crystal dragon, the ability to meld with any shadow, and travel along it's continued length....the shadows within the cavern pulsed with malice and her presence was everywhere....there was no way the Red could get a fix on her.

her laughter rang through the cavern as three glowing red runes shot out of the darkness, each slamming into the red from a different direction....they glowed brightly against his flesh, then turned a deep black.....as her black flames errupted in lines accros his back and belly.

03/22/2003 10:19 AM

As he traveled down the tunnel he could hear two dragons fighting. "What the? This Lion must be real valuable if two dragons are fighting over it." Then he saw a Red dragon getting burned from three different places. He silently creeped up to the end of the tunnel and stayed there. He would watch and until he saw an opportunity, he would not move.

03/23/2003 1:08 PM

OCC-Im withdrawing from this post, I have to many threads to think about.,...GAH I leave Kaba to anyone who wants to play him."To see your world in a grain of sand,
and a heaven in a wile flower,
To hold Infinity in the palm of your hand,
and an eternity in an hour."
-William Blake

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