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03/10/2003 4:30 PM

Warning - If you haven’t read the WoS trilogy of books, and don’t want to know anything about it before you do, try to steer away from this thread. This is set after the WoS. I myself am a bit rusty on the history again










The world is slowly rebuilding itself. Magic has returned to Krynn, and the old order of Mages is also rebuilding itself. With the resignation of Palin and his Magical powers, the order for a time lacked a leader and figurehead for the white robes. Now, though, 5 years later, they have chosen their leaders and head of the order, a red-robed middle aged woman.

The Knights of Solamnia try their best to help the exiled elves, lead by Gilthas, but they have still not found a new place to stay. The Silvanesti and Qualinesti seemed to be for the moment, united, and rumours are spreading that they prepare for war upon the Minotaur’s who occupy Silvanost.

Mina and her lead commander, Galdar, are nowhere to be found.

Solace, now free of the Dragon Taxes, is once again on a road to prosperity and peace. The Inn of Last Home, run by Laura, daughter of Caramon, is still the most popular place in town. Palin and Usha Majere have been known to visit every few months. The elves have sent emissaries to Solace and Palanthas seeking allies to their cause, but the Knights have much on their hands still with the Knights of Neraka. And this is where we begin our story, in Solace. The townspeople celebrate the 5th year anniversary of the end of the War of Souls and Dragon Taxes.

Laura is holding the main celebration at the Inn of Last Home, where she has set up decorations including a giant red dragon balloon, above the inn, with a large spear going through it’s main body. There is an archery contest (restricted to commoners) where one pops a balloon, and gets a set amount of silver from it. Other various contests are included, with prizes including free meals and ale. Generally, everyone is happy and glad now that it has been an entire 5 years since evil has troubled the world.

And now, a new story begins. A story of a new age, where the pendulum swings freely, and now the fate of the world is on middle ground... For good....or evil."Hope is the denial of reality. It is the carrot dangled before the draft horse to keep him plodding along in a vain attempt to reach it." –Raistlin, Dragons of Autumn Twilight

03/10/2003 4:54 PM

OOC: I'll use Kalia, since in my little stories, was raised by the majere family...She is actually a dragon, A Star Crystal dragon...the last remaining of the Daughters of Paladine.

BIC: The crystal Spire shone brightly to the south east of solace. Glimmer raised her head and looked towards the villiage that she had called home many years ago.

She looked up towards the apex of the spire above her head, the black and white crystal intertwined in a beautiful depiction of perfect balance. She wore a necklace of shimmering black crystal scales.....the last remnants of her mate, Navare.

Her heart was still heavy after these past five years...The Overlord Malys killed him on her way to fight against Mina....Hoping that his power would enable her to defeat The One God's Messenger....and Failed. Bitter tears fell from Glimmer's Gold eyes, and she shook her head sorrowfully, her body shook with a chill that would never warm. She would never be complete without him....his darkness to her light....

She moved to the edge of the Spire's one platform, which was big enough to hold her large form, body 150 feet from nose to tail, wings twice that length...and dove from the edge.

Huge white feathered wings snapped open, halting her dive, her scales glittered brilliantly in the sunlight. She circled over Solace, many raising their hands and voices in cheer at the sight of her. She flew lower, and shifted in mid-stroke, to land at a walk in her human form.

Kalia Smiled wanly, her face was still youthful, and etherial beautiful, but it was aged all the same....maybe it was just the pain hidden behind a curtain of faux joy in her eyes. Silver hair hung past her waist, the circlet of black crystal scales hung as a belt around her slender waist, the only darkness in her entire being, but it was appropriate somehow.

She moved quietly towards the Inn, many people walking towards her smiling, touching her hands, shoulders. She merely smiled and nodded absently to all of them. She reached the Inn, and smiled at Laura, one she called Foster Sister....

"Hello there Laura....I hear you're planning a celebration." Kalia said softly.

03/11/2003 3:48 PM

Laura was making herself busy outside the Inn, directing people on what to do, and where to put this and that. She was lost in the wonders of the decorations, and did not even hear the commotion behind her. She saw some of her volounteer's stop, but she payed no attention, until a soft, clear voice directed at her broke through her thoughts.

She turned around quickly to face Kalia, her eyes wide. For a moment, she seemed dumbstruck. But, within a mere few moments, she regained herself, when she then opened her arms and wrapped them around her foster-sister's shoulders.

"Kalia! It's so good to see you... Yes, well, the whole town is helping the celebration, actually! It feels good, being united again, free to live our lives out in peace again. I just wish Mother and Father were here to see it... We're actually having a memorial service for Father before the party. Father would have wanted us to have fun.." Laura spoke with no sadness or remorse by the time she was finished. Instead, there was a strong note of pride in her soft, demanding voice. The Majere's knew that Caramon had lived a full, good life.

"Will you be joining us, Kalia? Palin would be delighted - when he arrives. I heard he had sent you letters, but that they were intercepted by the Knights of Neraka and thought to be battle plans at first - being in the language of magic, of course, they didn't understand it." Laura smiled, sighing in exasperation.

OOC: Anyone's free to join in. ^_^ Please? XD"Hope is the denial of reality. It is the carrot dangled before the draft horse to keep him plodding along in a vain attempt to reach it." –Raistlin, Dragons of Autumn Twilight

03/30/2003 10:30 AM

OOC: I noticed this on page...TWO *gasp* and i thought i would attempt to revive it.....i'll probaly use Karina in this one, being Caramon's sister-in-law, and related to Kalia becuase she (OOC: is too lazy to work out family tree) is something or other. So i'll make them know, and i think they'll be less hostile then in DL: New beginning. (I hope, thouigh its up to you) I think i'd like them to know she's a demigoddess (how else s, and i know Kalia's a dragon, and so on.

Karina was not wearing her robes at this time, as she approached Solace. SHe had a bandanna tied around her eyes (it was magically enhanced, she could see out of it but people couldnt see in.) and was wearing several spells that made her grey skin look normal. She walked up the stairs to the Inn, and smiled. (Another magical spell made her teeth and mouth lok normal)

"Kalia! Laura! Great to see you guys again! I noticed the celebration, should be excellent...It's me, Karina! Sorry that i look normal," She said with a laugh, "Several spells of illusion for some time, but eyes my mother (The Queen) would not let me show at all. that's why i'm wearing a reflective bandanna."

She looked over at Laura. "How goes Palin and Usha? Are they coming or not?"MY AVATAR DOESNT BELONG TO ME->(C) Brian Clevinger

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