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03/08/2003 8:15 AM

The moon rose over the delicate lands of Krynn. The dew on the grass was shining silver from the moonligt and the owls were singing there songs of night. In the forest, Rein Bloodscale walked quietly holding his sword for any reason whats so ever to attack.
The forest came to an end and Rein was sighting the most beautiful tower hed ever seen. It stood tall in the distance away from the forest. Its gold and granite walls glistined in the moon light. Rein then heard a noise and he was caught by a knight in blue armor. "WHat might you be doing around here young one?" He held Rein by his collar of his vest. "I-I was just wondering around. I wasnt going to hurt anything..." Then Rein swung his sword at the knight. The knight screamed in horror as the cut on his chest poured with blood.
"YOu fool, you have no idea who u are messing with!" said the knight. The knight closed his eyes and the wound closed. Rein was petrified by what he saw. "I am Blitz, i am a dragon warrior. I can turn into only certain dragons. I am a blue dragon. I can turn to half human half dragon also. But the dragon warriors work for the dragon knights." he explained. "That tower right there is the tower of lightning and the last place you ever will visit." "Some help...." whispered Rein.

03/08/2003 12:49 PM

OOC: Hmmm.... No offence. But you're writing style could use some improving. Bad guys that immediately tell their background are lame.
It's also a bit unclear where all this is taking place. I'll see where it goes, and maybe join in.

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