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07/16/2000 6:15 PM

::you enter a dark, deep cave and see a pair of red eyes glowing softly at the back of the cave. suddenly, a magelight is lit and you see a magnificent purple and blue dragon coiled on top of a horde of gold and other treasures. the dragon looks annoyed with your presence and she glares at you, waiting for an explanation::

07/09/2000 12:52 AM

Sorry, i was looking for the bathroom...

07/09/2000 2:42 AM

*A cat-like noise is heard. Hooded drops from the cave roof and stretches. Making it apparent he's been hiding there for some time. Hooded looks at the strange dragon, leaning against a wall casually.*

"So it's true. The abomination actually exists. What god-cursed union would produce a dragon that is purple?" Hooded says and snaps his fingers. His dagger materializes instantly into a tight grip. "Before I kill you, let me know how you've managed to remain hidden for so many years."

07/09/2000 9:43 AM

"Ok see, Hooded, there's a mommy red and daddy blue, and one day they descide they like eachother...didn't you ever take sex-ed?"

Leana Nightbreeze steps from the shadows to get a better look at the dragon.

07/09/2000 12:24 PM

"Stop!" Autumn Half-Elven runs in the cave, her long black braid of hair bouncing about behind her.

She stands protectively infront of the homely dragon, "Do not hurt him, she, it...whatever," points her crossbow at Hooded."

"Oh, hello," smiles at the one Leana Nightbreeze.

*turns her attention back to Hooded and tries to look threatening, but her soft innocent features make her look more like a child throwing a temper tantrum*

07/09/2000 1:39 PM

::looks at Majere:: ummm.. the bathroom's over there :: points to a small cave in the corner::

::glares at hooded and stands up, stretching her bird-like feathered wings. then hears Autumn call her "homely":: exCUSE ME?!? i am not homely.. and i am NOT a cross-breed!! i happen to be the Gaurdian of the Astral Relm. i am an alexanrite dragon. a gem dragon, for those who are incompetant ::glares at everyone, hinting that you ALL are incompetant:: i'll expect an appology from you all for insulting me and trespassing here where you don't belong. ::SkyLarke taps her silver claws angerly::

07/09/2000 3:40 PM

Turns and regards the dragon, "Um, ok, buh-bye," runs outa the cave.

07/09/2000 7:19 PM

*Hooded turns to Leana with an annoyed look, which
then turns into confusion.*

"What is a sex-ed? Anyway, how did you get here? I
thought you got killed in that merc tavern thingy a few
years back." Hooded says shaking his head. "You just
keep coming back."

*Hooded turns to Autumn.*

"What are you doing? Ahh, I see. So your threatening me with
the crossbow?" Hooded says and pauses as Autumn runs
out of the cave. "Hey, come back here." Hooded says
and casts a rope spell. Hoping to snare Autumn's
legs and drag her back into the cave with the magical rope.

*Hooded turns to the strange looking dragon without seeing the
results of his spell.*

"Hmm... I think you are being hunted Purple. By chromatic
and metallic dragonkind. I could help you hide.
For a price of course." Hooded says eyeing several
of the choicest trinkets on the treasure pile.

07/09/2000 8:07 PM

"What the?!" gets all dusty as she is pulled back into the cave by the magical rope.

Stands and brushes herself off, "Hmph! Always for a price!" looks Hooded up and down then turns her eyes to the treasure pile and thinks of her rickety shack she calls home, "Yes. I am skilled in the bow and can assist you in any needs you may have," grins.

07/09/2000 8:50 PM

*Harmony steps in quietly. She runs her fingers through her silky white hair (not a sign of aging) and looks towards Autumn and the hooded one with frost blue eyes and shakes her head, amused* The gem dragons live their lives out of the way of the world's way as they have for centuries. Why would the other dragons begin to hunt them down now? Especially the metallics. *arches an eyebrow* Or perhaps it is just that you want those pretty little baubles of hers.

07/10/2000 1:11 AM

*Hooded crosses his arms. Looking at the white haired Harmony.*

"Yeah well, they are. If you don't believe me just wait around here and die or something."

*Turning to the blue and purple dragon.*

"Autumn helping you as well means I get paid extra. Even though we have utterly no allegiance or loyalties, you still have to pay me extra... perhaps that diamond studded onyx stone I see before me." Hooded says greedily and reflexively walks towards the sparkly trinket.*

07/10/2000 9:21 AM

no, in fact, i don't believe the part about the metallics, because i am best friends with a lot of them, mainly gold, silver and brass, and they help me guard this place when they can. but at the moment, they are all in War Counsel. as for the chromatics, they don't know or care about me and i don't care about them. i am neutral and if any chromatics come hereabouts, i'd probably help them as quickly as i'd help any metallic. but i only help dragons and fae creatures, not humanoids lik you ::glare::

and i'll thank you not to touch my horde, sir! ::snaps at hooded::

07/10/2000 11:29 AM

Seeing Hooded walking towards the gem that Nightbreeze herself had kept an eye on, the mage gingerly stuck her staff in Hooded's path and swiftly pushed it back, tripping him.

She suddenly gets a strange Russian accent: "Better luck next time, SLUGHEAD! How many time must I tell you, I AM INVINCIBLE!!"

ooc: For any one who doesn't get that, I'mobsessed with the movie Goldeneye...and the N64 game.

07/10/2000 1:05 PM

OOC: I beat that game. I can lob a grenade in your
back-pocket from across the room ;) In-game, that is...

*Storm-clouds start to appear out of thin air. Above
a stalacmite in the cave. A flash of lighting blows off
the top of the stalacmite and when the smoke clears
a black cloaked and armored figure stands there. His
cloak is dramatically flapping behind him, moved by
gusts of wind that shouldn't be there. He looks at each
of the gathered, recognizing some of them here and there.*

'You guard the gate to the astral plane, I've heard.'
He speaks to the gem-dragon. 'Is this true?'

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
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07/10/2000 1:16 PM

*smirks at the hooded one and flicks her silky white hair* Yes, I believe I will sit here and wait to die it that's fine by you. *yawns and gracefully takes a seat on the floor of the cave*

07/10/2000 3:09 PM

"A likely story Purple. I don't believe you, but anyway. Do you remember seeing me a few years back? You said that you'd give me that diamond studded onyx stone if I remember correctly. Which I do." Hooded says, not expecting the lie to pay off, but using the time to think up a new plan.

07/10/2000 4:30 PM

*feeling haughty with the crossbow, Autumn skips around the cave pointing it at everyone. the young half-elf trying to look important and of use*

"Oh hello!" stops and smiles as a stag enters the cave and quickly turns to run, "Gotcha!" kills the prey with an easy arrow to the heart.

*goes to the stag, drags it outside, slits it from groin to sternum spilling the guts and burying them in dirt. skins the stag and tucks the hide in her bag. removes the head and legs and buries them as well. builds a fire, sticks the beast on a spigget she craftly made and begins roasting the animal*

Re-enters the cave, "Supper will be ready in a few," sits cross-legged on the floor, smiles at the dragon and begins sharping arrowheads, "I think I can earn my keep around here. Afterall, we all need to eat, no?"

07/11/2000 10:10 AM

"Alright, so what are we doing?"

07/11/2000 11:06 AM

*Jumps from his perch, irritated by the delay.*

'Damnit!' he scowls 'I want to go home.'

*Stands in the middle of the group*

'Could someone tell me where the gate off this stinking
world is?' he inquires 'Before I kill myself....'

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/11/2000 3:31 PM

*looks at him blankly and then shrugs* Then go home. And if you can't find the gate I'd be happy to do the dirty work for you. *smirks and blows him a kiss*

07/11/2000 3:52 PM

'Well, if I could go home, I would. But I'm stranded her.'
he says as he takes a seat 'But I appreciate the gesture.'

*Stares at you for a second*

'Have we met before?'

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/11/2000 5:06 PM

"As I always say,'That doesn't answer my question, damn it!'"

07/11/2000 6:04 PM

'Question? If you could do the dirty work for me?'

*he grins*

'Well, not with all these people around.'

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/12/2000 10:06 AM

"What? No that wasn't me. No,no,no, what are we doing here, that's my question."

07/13/2000 10:24 PM

*looks at Neo* We might have. *puts her hand on her waist and winks* Or are you just looking for an excuse to stare at me?

And Leana, I have no idea why we're here. As long as Autumn can feed us though I don't mind waiting around.

07/14/2000 4:01 AM

*Hooded leans against a wall casually and regards the dragon.*

"Why aren't you talking Purple?" Hooded asks suspiciously.


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07/14/2000 5:12 AM

*You hear a cackling laughter erupt from Jordie's
chest-area. It does not come from Jordie himself.*

'Would you just shut up?' Jordie asks his armor, the
one that was laughing 'You're the one who got us into
this mess!'

'Me?' the armor retorts 'Well, at least I'm not the
one getting told off by a girl. Two girls!'

*the armor continues its laughter*

'Shut up!,' Jordie threatens 'Before I turn you into
a roll of toilet-paper and hang you in the closest
men's room!'

'You wouldn't...' the armor gasps, its laughter stocked.

'Try me.' Jordie answers.

*turns back to Harmony*

'Perhaps it was,' he winks.

*the air around you starts to crackle with electricity.
A wall of Lightning appears between the group and the
purple dragon*

'Now you don't have to worry about dying anymore,'
he chuckles.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/14/2000 10:34 AM

Leana walks toward the lightening wall, putting her hand close to it. When she brings it away, her hand is scorched badly, but she merely blows the burned flesh away like dust and her hand is fine.

"Not bad, but, may I ask, how will dragon eat? Speaking of eating, Autumn, when's dinner?"

07/14/2000 10:57 AM

'Gem dragons eat gems,' Jordie explains.

*Looks beyond the lightning wall*

'Lots of gems there,' he says 'And if it's necesary,
I can always do this.'

*Walks to the lightning wall and puts his hand through
it. He isn't hurt, not in the least*

'See? I can always walk through there. And everything
touching me can also pass....'

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/14/2000 3:15 PM

Of all the people I could be stuck in a cave with, I'm stuck with a hot shot who talks to his armor. *rubs the back of her neck and walks off, exploring the caverns*

07/14/2000 3:52 PM

'Hot shot?' Jordie says 'I never considered myself a
hot shot....'

'Hey, you little grey-haired snatch!' the armor yells
after Harmony 'Only I get to call him names!'

*the shadows beneath Harmony's feet suddenly turn
into a portal. Harmony falls through it, she comes
out of another shadow in the ceiling, right above the
previous one. This sends her into a loophole,
constantly dropping from one portal into the other*

'Stop that.' Jordie tells the armor.

'Alright, alright...' the armor sighs.

*Harmony hits the ground with a thud, probably a bit
dizzy. Jordie strides up next to her*

'I'm sorry for that,' he says helping her to her feet
'Are you okay?'

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/14/2000 4:44 PM

A rather chubby kender with plaid hair enters the cave.
"Wow, that's some cool armour!" "Can I see it?"


Joe Ghostbuster- "Dont mind him, he's just my kender alter ego."

07/14/2000 5:30 PM

Leana does not have to look to know who entered the cave.

"KENDER!" she shouts, reaching instantly for her pouches.

07/14/2000 6:23 PM

'You can have it for all I care,' Jordie chuckles.

'Hey!' Shadow (that's the name of the armor) yells
'Don't I have something to say about that!?'

'Actually......,' Jordie says 'No.'

*Jordie winks at the Kender, to make sure he doesn't
take him serious*

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/14/2000 7:39 PM

Ghostbuster -not understanding Jordie's wink, takes the armour.
"Cool, I can have it!" "I'm going to call you... um... Fluffy!"


The Smurfs- "Kaplowe!"

Joe Ghostbuster- "I love those blue little guy's!"

07/15/2000 5:30 AM

'Get me off here!' shadow yells.

*thinking this is a suitable punishment for what he
did earlier, Jordie ignores shadow's plea*

'No way,' Jordie snickers 'First I'll give you some
time to overthink your deeds.......FLUFFY!!!!

*Jordie points and laughs at the armor, Fluffy*

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/15/2000 7:09 AM

Ghostbuster puts on Fluffy (Ignoring it's pleas of mercy) and walk's a few step's. "Woah Fluffy, you're heavy!"
"Now who was it that shouted when I came in?" "She must really like me!"


Joe Ghostbuster- "My very own Hush Fluffy!"

07/15/2000 9:15 AM

Leana raised in eyebrow,

"Oh indeed. Hmmm, actually, a kender might help me..."

Slipping nonchalantly up to Ghostbuster, she whispers in his ear,

"Any way you can get me that jeweled headband on that pile gold? I'll make it worth your while..."

07/15/2000 12:52 PM

Ghostbuster leans toward Leana and whispers loudly: "Sure I could! *wink* I'f you give me your shirt!"


Joe Ghostbuster- "I'm just one of many kender perverts."

07/15/2000 5:02 PM

Harmony sucks in her pride and leans heavily on Jordie. She gently prodes her lip and looks at her hand, finding blood. "I'll show you a grey-haired snatch!!"

She does a spin kick, sending Jordie reeling backwards, then falls herself. Annoyed and embaraased she attempts getting up, pleased by a large dent in Jordie's armor.

07/16/2000 6:43 AM

'What in the Nine Hells are you kicking me for?' Jordie
snarls as he finds his balance 'I didn't insult you, he

*he points to the chubby little halfling, who is now
wearing his armor and aptly called it "Fluffy". Jordie
scowls at Harmony again, then turns away*

'Why are people always trying to hurt me for things I
didn't do?' he whispers to himself.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

Paperweight of discord and bodyguard of The Man for Chaos Inc.

07/16/2000 6:56 AM

Ghostbuster turns to Harmony and Jordie: "Will you two keep it down, Leana and I are having a discussion!"
"Now, about that shirt..."


Joe Ghostbuster- "Always be ready for cleavege!"

07/16/2000 9:54 AM

Harmony looks up at Jordie. "My sincerest apologies, all of that must have jostled my senses." She extends her hand to Jordie, completely dismissing the idea of actual getting up, still feeling strangly dizzy.

07/16/2000 10:28 AM

Jordie grabs her hands and shakes it.

'Shadow...or eh..Fluffy as he's now called,' Jordie
begins 'Really needs some manners. That's why I hooked
him up with the halfling.'

He glances towards his armor for a second, who is cursing and
grumbling promises of death and eternal torment.

'As you can hear,' Jordie grins 'He needs some more time...'

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

Paperweight of discord and bodyguard of The Man for Chaos Inc.

07/16/2000 12:39 PM

Ghostbuster turns to Jordie in a rage: "I am NOT a Hafling!! I am a KENDER! A KENDER!!!"
"I do not have hairy feet, and I do not have a ring, and I am not _that_ short!!"
"Now shut up or I'll shut _you_ up."


Joe Ghostbuster- "Have a martini.Relax."

07/16/2000 5:01 PM

Leana, sincerely apalled at the kender's offer, whacks him on the head with her staff, sending him spralling. As he falls a silver ring spills out of one of his pouches.

"Hey, you may not be a halfling but you're thief sure enough! Give that back, it's mine!"

07/16/2000 5:16 PM

"A THIEF!!!"
"First she whacks me on the head with her staff, and now she calls me a THIEF!?"
"That's it, you're dead!"
Ghostbuster, now very, _very_ annoyed at Leana uses the only spell he know's:
Leana turns plaid.
Not only her clothes, but her entire body -including hair- is plaid.
Ghostbuster giggles, entirely forgetting his anger at wat he now see's. "Wow, a plaid plum!"
"Oh Joy, I can't stop laughing!"
Plaid's my faveroite colour, and it better be her's!"


Joe Ghostbuster- "I love plaid."

07/16/2000 5:27 PM

Leana looks down at her cloths and screams.

"Why you stupid kender, I'll kill you!!!"

Leana procedes to chase the kender mercilessly around the cave, shooting fire balls, lightening, burning knives at him until finally she hits him with a polymorph spell, turning him into a mouse. Holding him over the fire where Autumn's cooking she shouts,

"Now, turn me back or I'll eat roast mouse later this evening you rat!"

07/16/2000 5:51 PM

"SQUEQ!"(Translation:All right!All right!)
Leana's look's down at herself and find's herself normal once more.
Ghostbuster also finds himself normal again.
"Shesh, it was only a joke!"
He turns to Fluffy and asks him: "I's there any way to get back at her?"
"Maybe you could make her shirt dissapear!"
And now fearfully: "I just hope she doesn't notice her hair is still plaid!"


Joe Ghostbuster- "This is Ghostbuster, reporting from the front."

07/16/2000 5:59 PM

Leana runs her hands through her hair and it turns back to it's original fiery red color.

"You were only joking? *grin* So was I."


07/16/2000 6:15 PM

Ghostbuster grins and immedietly reverts to normal kender nature:
"I'f you were only joking, could you do that again? Only this time, turn me into an Elephant!"
"Or maybe a... I know! An inteligent suit of Armour! Speaking of Fluffy, *grumbling sounds from near belly* I should really give him back to Jordie."
Ghostbuster removes the armour. "Now where is Jordie?


Joe Ghostbuster- "Only the best busts!"

08/01/2000 1:57 PM

"Probably hiding. He disappeared when you said something about that loud-mouth armor...Give it to dragon, she might have some use for it."

08/02/2000 2:18 PM

"I don't believe the dragon has any use for the armor," says the brown hooded figure. "Do you?" he asks the dragon he's sitting next to.

The figure stands up and stretches, letting his brown robe billow around him.

"We won't need this silly thing anymore," he says, raising his hand and making the electric shield dissapate.

He the returns to the book he had been explaining to the dragon before they were interrupted by the commotion.

08/07/2000 7:05 AM

The Thorn turns to the dragon after some time. "I must be off he says, I have other duties but I thought I would bring that information to your attention. I will be back later to consult with you again," says the Thorn. He steps back into the shadows and then is gone.

08/07/2000 1:36 PM

*With a big grin on his face Jordie walks into view,
he claps his hands and the electric shield reappears*

'What a silly guy,' he smiles 'Thinking he can dispel
my powers like that.'

*With another gesture Shadow reforms around him.*

'I think you've learned your lesson now.'

*Jordie turns to Joe*

'Excuse me for calling you a halfling, Joe,' he makes
a slight bow 'I have not been on this world for long
and some things still confuse me.'

*His eyes suddenly flare up.*

'But if you ever threaten me again,' he promises in an utterly
cold, but dangerously calm voice 'I will have to rip you to

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

Paperweight of discord and bodyguard of The Man for Chaos Inc.

08/08/2000 8:55 AM

*has fallen asleep during all of the petty squabbling and threatening and polymorphing. she wakes up and notices that a kender is present, then casts a spell and her entire hoarde dissappears. she skakes herself off and lays down again, watching everyone and yawning. she catches the scent of the roasting meat and grimaces, mumbling something about blood-thirsty flesh-eaters*

08/08/2000 10:32 AM

ooc: dangerously calm...I like that.

*Leana groans as the horde disappears*

AHHHHH!! Where'd it go? Where'd it go?

08/10/2000 4:34 AM

Ghostbuster ignores Jordie's threat (He is after all a kender), But he notices the horde vanishing.
"Oh, you sent it into another dimension!"
"Send me too!"
"Pretty please?"


Joe Ghostbuster-"Dangerously calm my ass!"

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