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06/11/2000 9:44 PM

You can see the Inn in the distance as you travel wearily along the road. Being hungry and tired, you are very relieved to see the inviting inn.

As you get closer to the inn you can smell the food that they are serving and your stomach growls in hunger.

Upon walking through the doorway of the inn, you observe that there are several groups of people seated around the main room. Some are enjoying a wonderful evening meal while others are enjoying a storyteller's tale over a mug of ale.

As you glance around you notice a gorgeous half-elf stirring up the fire in a large fireplace. She sets down the poker, stands up straight and looks towards you. She smiles and walks over to greet you.

"Hello, my name is Muralasa. Welcome to my inn. Please sit where ever you would like and one of my wonderful barmaids will be over to serve you momentarily."

05/15/2000 9:38 AM

*A woman in a silver cloak hesitates by the door. Hearing
the warm welcome, she drifts in, her black skirt brushing
lightly against the floor. She pushes back her hood to reveal
long gray hair...a very angular face...and eyes with three
colors in them...blue, purple and gray. She smiles, and removes
her cloak. Her white blouse is of a fine linen...and her red vest
is velvet. She sits near the fire...close to the light...but also
close to the shadows.* I would like a bottle of elven wine, please.
Red...and strong. And some venison would be nice as well. By the way,
have you ever heard of Shatterhaze Alteriotter??

05/16/2000 8:26 PM

*At the mention of that name, Muralasa drops the plates that she had just picked up.*
"Why do you ask?"
*she turns to face the woman*

05/17/2000 3:06 AM

*An almost inaudible thud is heard. Hooded stands upright and stretches his limbs. Making it apparent he's been hiding in the rafters for some time.*

"I've heard of him. Do you know where he is?"
*Hooded pushes an old man out of his chair and sits in the now empty seat.*

"Ale." Hooded says to a passing barmaid, oblivious the the old man cluthing his leg tightly and wincing in pain.

05/17/2000 8:53 AM

I ask because he is a friend of mine. I was curious to know if he
made it through the strange events that have landed us in the strange
new Krynn. How do you know the name? *glances at the girl, waiting
paitently for an answer. She disregards the remarks made by the Hooded One,
for she knows he will not have any useful info.*

05/17/2000 10:21 PM

*A green mist fills the tavern and the air grows still as midnight...a cold wind blows indoors, and the fire dances in this eerie wind. A red light begins to eminate from the door. A sudden burst of fire from the hearth flies towards the light, and a column of flames erupts in the entryway. When the inferno clears, a wood elf, clad in a black and gold surcoat, blue of skin, gold of hair, and with piercing jade-green eyes stands at the door. Casually, he walks to Kistar's table...and, with a bow, sits across from her.* Mi'lady, *he says* My apologies for my tardiness, I had a rather close brush with death.
How fare thee this evening?

05/17/2000 10:32 PM

*Kistar watches the display rather sarcasitically. She is amused by the sheer...ego that the entrance portrays. However, she is truly fond of this young man, and so, she tollerates his quirks.* As always, welcome, Elf-King, to my table and my world. *She smiles, for she remembers his tales of the first time he'd visited Krynn. Her smile is somewhat dark, slightly sinister.* A close brush with death? You exaggerate towards the side of optimism, my friend. You were killed in a fight with your son. He chopped off your head, and your ears. Do not try to play down. You were dead for days. I talked with both the gypsy and the elven mage. Would you like to try to explain what happened without too much emblishment?

05/17/2000 10:39 PM

"Well I am glad that you two have found each other. Please excuse my reaction before. If you do not require my service anymore, I will leave you two to catch up and go see to some of my other guests. If you desire anything else, please just call for me or one of my barmaids."

05/17/2000 10:40 PM

*The Elf-King is taken aback by Kistar's retort, and stutters as he replies...* But...but, I...I was...yeah...I was dead...but I came back...I was only mostly dead...he just...he got me...it was a clean fight...and he said I couldn't use magic...part of the terms of the duel...and I'm an honorable man...so I said yes...what was I gonna do?

06/01/2000 7:03 AM

*Smiles @ the confused elf...and vanishes in a puff of smoke.*

06/01/2000 8:07 PM

Watching the young lady vanish in a puff of smoke, Muralasa stops to think about the strange encounter with the two.

But she doesn't stop for long, because her attention is soon caught by the sound of the door opening for her next guest...

06/01/2000 10:14 PM

Gracefully a mysterious woman enters the bar. Her hair is long and as dark as midnight, it hangs just below her waist. Her skin is as pale as the moonlight and her eyes whisper the color of the ocean. She wears a deep green cloak around her shoulders. It is difficult to see much under the large cloak, but the edges of a leather skirt peek out from beneath it. She glances quickly around the bar absorbing her surroundings completely. With the ease of a cat she moves to a barmaid and orders a glass of elven wine. Looking around for a place to rest she chooses a table in a shadowed corner where she may observe any who enter the bar. Sliding into the shadows of the corner she lets out a soft sigh. Soon her prescence is barely acknowledged, if that, by the incoming customers. Quietly she waits for her wine.

I represent that remark!

06/08/2000 2:02 PM

A girl appears at the doorway.She has brown hair&eyes.There's a broadsword at her side, and a bow with a quiver of arrows strapped to her back. She walks over to where everyone is sitting. "Hi" she says.

06/11/2000 9:04 PM

Lidora's eyes gaze around the quiet inn. She fidgets as she waits for her wine, wondering what is taking so long.

Make a little birdhouse in your soul...

06/11/2000 9:44 PM

One of the Inn's barmaids brings over the wine to Lidora.
"Here you go my lady, sorry that you had to wait so long.
Because you waited so long, the wine will be of no charge for
you tonight. Again, I am sorry and I hope you will enjoy your
stay with us." the barmaid says with a sincere smile.

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