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02/19/2003 2:05 PM

I ask that anyone that participates in the following thread realize that it will have very rigid rules. If these rules hinder your involvement, please don't involve yourself. For this expierement to work I need complete seriousness and creativity.

In this thread you will not play a character. You will be yourselves. You will play a god and help form a world that will be similar to Krynn. We shall consider the forum as our own "Highgod". You will not decide any information regaurding yourselves (such as alignment or ideals) because my hope is that these things will be demonstrated through the decisions that you make. Your progress shall be judged in the end of this expierement.

There will be several rounds in the formation of the world and I will initiate all of them. The first round will be simple. Everyone will name and create a race (no elves, humans, ogres, dwarves, kender, gnomes, dragons) of beings. Since they ahould not be similar to any of the common Krynnish races, you need to explain about them. Once that is completed you need to design them a purpose in life and present them an intangible gift. As an example, Gilean gave Krynn the gift of "choice". Do not use this one now, be completely original. be careful what you waste on because certain things like magic will occur later on, even if we're not sure in what form.(What these gifts are will later determine if the gift is given to the race or to the whole world. I'll decide that next round.)

Also as celestrial being you may feel free to consort with one another and help influence others to a certain ideal, as long as it is not obviously good, nuetral or evil.

So to reiterate, for the first round you need to:

Create a Race
Give them a Purpose
Present a Gift to Your Race

Round One:

I shall populate "Pseudo-Krynn" with creatures known as the "Abiel". They have a humanoid body form but are amphibious. No scales or anything. Their skin contains a type of oil that allows air to be breathed through it but not water. The Abiel have a long life span 300- 500 years. However they have a taste for adventure and knowledge that limit it drastically.

The Abiel will become an great race in oral story telling. Living in large family villages they shall past down stories of personal accounts, fables and historical events. This drives the Abiel to live the greatest story ever told. It is common belief amoung the Abiel that in death, they are willed a seesion with me, Benn-Salian, to tell there story. It is then that I choose my favorites and grant them pass into the afterword. all others are reincarnated for another chance.

As god, I offer The Abiel the gift of "Memory". Aiding in their purpose, their memory allows the Abiel to use proper reasoning to solve their disputes and to correctly remember important details in stories.

02/19/2003 2:47 PM

As the God Alderon i have choosen to create a race of beings known as the Templarians. The templarians are a race of very large beings. they generally stand at 7 and 1/2 to 9 ft. by the time they have reached there middle age. aside from their size, they also have wings that grow from there shoulder blades as they mature. they are for the most part a peaceful race who prefers to live a life of queit. however, they feel the best way to achieve this is by defeating (and if neccisary) controling all those who oppose them. therefore, when they feel threatened they will become very volitile in there actions.

there wingspan is determines there lineage as well. the larger the wingspan, generally also means that the prestige will be higher. therefore the rulers amongest there race may have a 10-12 foot wingspan, whereas the serfs of the race are more likely to have a 3-4 foot wingspan. there are very structured in there hierarchy, and no one questions the leaders of there race, whom ever they may be at the time, except in extreme concequences, and only by undertaking several steps before confronting the leader(s).

there gift i have choosen to give them is that of esp. through this abilitly they may be able to converse with other templarians as long as they are within a set radius. the exception is with there imediate family in which thorugh a process of meditation they can communicate through thier esp capabilities at extreme distances.

OOC: if this is not quite what you wanted, or you would like me to add or change somethings let me know. 0therwise, i hope this works.

02/19/2003 6:45 PM

This is obscenely long...

As the Goddess Karina (being a goddess called Princess is lame), i bring into this world the Io.

They stand about 7 ft tall, with long prehensile tails and claws and talons. They are entirely scaled head to toe. The scales are primarily jungle green or close to it. The similarites end there between my two forever fighting subraces: The Warriors, and the Seer. They are as separate as the Silvanesti and Qualinesti or more- they even have different DNA. The Io purpose is to show the rest of the world how bad it is to be on strictly one side of the spectrum. The Seer do not fight; the Warriors do not learn. Both live to be about 1000 to 1500- however Seer are normally killed by Warriors before this. Warriors tend to kill eachother so the true life span is about 800 -1000 for Seer, and maybe 1200-1300 for Warrior.

The Seer are known as learners. They are true pacisfists, and one of them has never fought in their lives. If you even pick up a weapon as a Seer, you are banished. The Seer are known for their supreme intelligence and they are ruled by a "High Coucil", 7 of the oldest and smarted Seer. In order to take the place, you must pass a rigid test of knowledge in order to become HC member. You must also challenge another to a duel of wits. Seer are typicaly taller then Warriors, but their claws are blunter and more tampered for the delicate handling of books. Their language is slightly more fluid, and much more complicated. They are slowing being pulled into extinction by constantly being killed by the Warriors and refusing to fight back.

The Seer purpose is to learn as much as possible. Being how there is two of them and one of me, they believe that I am a benevolent creature who only wants to show them more and teach them more.

To the Seer I give the gift of Sight. Learning so much has sharpened more then their wits- they can see through illusions, darkness, even magical darkness, and to a degree, magick. They can see into the infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths

The Warriors are just as they are called – warriors. Killers to the extreme, they don’t learn things – they just fight. Calling Warriors an organized army is wrong; they fight with sheer numbers and extremely minimal strategy. The strongest and deadliest Io holds a single General Rank, who normally has made his way through the ranks, rules the Warriors. Warriors are stronger, but they are less adept at manipulating things such as…anything that can be shredded. They have short, sharp claws that are better weapons then hands, and they are better at hand-to-hand combat. They are shorter and have a heavier build from constantly fightings. Warriors will kill generally anyone when their pissed, Seer or no Seer. Torturing their cousins is a very popular sport, especially because they don’t fight back.

To the Warriors, I give the gift of Rage, or an ability to resist pain. Warriors fight on when they lose a limb, and you have to kill the damn thing to make sure it dosent fight back. This can lead to an extent of even losing their hearts, they will fight until their bodies cannot sustain themselves, and never give up.
The warriors worship me to give them strength in battle, and make them fight more. For them, when you die you go to the ‘big fighting place in the sky’

If you want me to only use one, I will, but I’ve been using the Io in fics for some time as is.

02/19/2003 6:52 PM

(OOC: Wow, this seems so ... familiar. Know what I mean Kalia?)

02/19/2003 7:09 PM

((OOC: I do, thistle. remember that world we made a long time ago? the races, the strange magic, the creatures, everything? I remember someone praising Starlite 'margaret weis in disguise.' ah...the good times.

I'm not sure if I'll be joining this thread just at this moment... If I do, I think I'm going to stick with the other race I created...now if I could only remember that name...))

02/19/2003 11:51 PM

(OOC: Are common names going to be Thor, Freya, and other norse dietys? And have stargate coordinates with an 8th chevron? And a bit of a replicator problem?)

02/20/2003 5:23 AM

OOC: Give me till this afternoon and I should have come up with something, count me in.

02/20/2003 7:05 AM

I, the Goddess Straea, shall create the Mirlancs. The Mirlancs are a shape-shifting race, each member able to change into any form that exists. Their lifespan is the same as the normal human beings, living to anywhere from 60-95. Their natural appearance is humanoid, anyone passing them by wouldn't be able to guess anything strange about them. Their height varies as it would with humans, as do their looks. The ability to shift is with them from birth, but as they mature so to does the shifting ability. Children cannot assume adult forms, only childlike forms, and even those are limited. As the Mirlanc grows older, so too does the forms that he/she takes...no one can appear older, nor can they appear younger, they are limited to their age.

The Mirlancs will most times only use their shifting ability to help others. Some will travel the land, not only in hopes to start a family elsewhere, but to also help those in need. This will cause them to be peacemakers during any times of war, and care givers during times of depression and suffering.

I bestow the gift of Empathy upon the Mirlancs, so that they may be able to better determine when a person needs help. The Empathy will enable them to be in tune with the emotions of others, feeling the feelings that another person is feeling. A good gift, considering the role they are to play in life.

02/20/2003 7:05 AM

Are common names going to be Thor, Freya, and other norse dietys? And have stargate coordinates with an 8th chevron? And a bit of a replicator problem?)

Hellforge, Asguard is where some of the Norse dieties reside. But we'll just pretend they dont. ^_~

02/20/2003 7:07 AM

OOC: I'd quite fancy joinin in aswell. I have a rough idea, but will need to think on the race part. As for me, I'd be The Moon Lord, God of Witchcraft, Patron to Witches and Warlocks. Still working on that part aswell.

02/20/2003 8:02 AM

I, Valdor, God of Judgement and Law, Bring forth ((OOC: THE KENDER I mean uhm...)) The Sinnelias, they are of normal human height, 5 to 6 feet on average, and have pale skin, hair, and light blue eyes. These being strive for a good law and propper judgement, they are strict, but their rules all have reason.

I Give the Sinnelias my Hammer of Judgment, may their decesions always be clear, of their own conscious thoughts and uncorrupted by beliefs of others.

Sinnelias love strong beat music, strong alchohalic beverages, and generally have beards after the age of 21, their average Maximum being 110. They fagot the Warhammer as a weapon, because I myself hold one, and they also wear thick cloaks with my emblem, the Jeweled Hammer, covering plate armor. They are skilled smiths and craftsman, and the older men are Elected into a Conclave, to which they serve until their demise, Conclave members are elected by the other citizens, and the society is Patriarchal, men, though not overpowering and domionating, rule. The women have good standing, though many are gardeners, medicinal healers, clerics, and housewives, they are given the right to do all but be inducted into the Martial Army.

The Sinnelias are a stocky, but wise race of Paladins, Knights, Mages and Healers. The Silver Moon Guild trains Paladins, the Crimson Rose for Knights, The White Tome for Mages, and The Holy Hand for Healers. Though the Conclave makes the Decisions primarily, there is a King, but he is in for his opinion, and for there to be someone for the others to look to for advice.

(OOC: Done for now, tell me more of what I need to do later))

02/20/2003 8:03 AM

As the God Schuey, I create a race known as the Andesites.

The Andesites are born of the volcanic formations on Psuedo Krynn. They inhabit the rocky slopes of volcanic mountains and islands. Andesites do not differ from region to region, they are found throughout the world in small pockets. All Andesites are accepted from community to community. Most of these beings live in caves and caverns surrounding volcanic activity.

Their class structure is divided into three tiers. 1) The Dacites are the lowest class, they are primarily fighters and forgers. Made of hard molten rock these warriors are the backbone to the Andesite defenses. 2) The middle class are known as the Ardentes, these gaseous creatures always remain in the form of a thick smog, they can alter their shape and size at will since they are made up of gas. They also fly (maybe float is a better description). 3) The third class are simply known as the Scorched, they are the ruling class, and are few in number. Known within the Andesite race as The Molten Highlords, these beings are made of pure volcanic magma. All Molten Highlords live in a Magma Chamber, unaccesible to any but themselves.

Dacites and Ardentes have a life span of 45 years, at which point their bodies are returned to the earth. Their cycle of life gives them great appreciation for the earth from whence they came. Molten highlords live for approximately 80 years, and like the others their bodies are given back to the earth. Dacites are small in height, about 5 feet high. They are extremely stocky, and weigh close to 800 pounds. Ardentes have no weight and their appearance shifts from one gaseos form to another. Molten Highlords stand in excess of 8 feet tall, their bodies are always in motion as molten lava continously circulates through/on them.

Although fearless and extremely capable opponents, the Andesites are mostly peaceful. They pride themselves on their relationship with the earth.

Their purpose in life is to help shape the physical landscape of psuedo Krynn. They do this both under the surface, and by creating molten tools that shape the crust's outer appearance. They are not adverse to helping the other races shape their surroundings.

Although the Andesites appearance is intimidating, they are quite friendly and enjoy learning about the other races. In their attempt to shape the landscape, and interact with other races.....I grant them the gift of patience.

02/20/2003 10:03 AM

God Alderon: I enjoy your Templarians, especially the part about wingspan. As far as the esp, do they control who they talk to or is it an open circuit to every Templarian in the area?

Goddess PrincessOfDarkness: Just worried that your Io are a doomed race. This is only my impression, but I wouldn't want you to change anything. You have created the Io, I will assume that they split into two civilizations on their own accounts. As far as two different gifts are concerned, I would have perfered one, but if no one else objects I will allow it.

God Hellforge: I had a feeling that you would follow after your consort PrincessOfDarkness. As far as your Asguards go, they are quite the overachievers. Not only there eyes seem to be all over the spectrum. Is there anything they can't do? They are strong, They are wise, They are creative. I'll address that later. The point you make of "no homeless Asguards" makes them sound like the community is known as one entity. I enjoyed you idea for your gift, it was simple yet noteworthy. I have a problem with the telepathy, however, because that is what God Alderon gave his people as a gift. I can't give you a freebie.

Goddess Straea: The Mirlancs seem like an interesting race, especially since they're not as long lived as some of the others here. I assume then that they will reproduce more, but that's not my desecion. I find it quite interesting that the gift that you bestowed them was empathy, the ability to feel what others feel, especially since they can be those things too. They are now forever linked.

DemiGod Dark_Master: You can be a full-fledged god when you return with a race. Be careful not to give yourself any titles, others will do that based on your actions later on.

God Slyknife: One would think that the Sinnelias were made from your own image. That is why you are a god. Interestest gift, I like the idea of justice, a relative idea however. The guiltiness to one might be innocence to another. remember that.

God Schuey10: Kudos for using the name Psuedo-Krynn in your post. The Andesites are fine, I only wonder why the different classes differ in image when they are all the same race. Goddess PrincessOfDarkness's Io are different because there are completely seperated, is this similar to your's? How rigid is the alss system you have is it possible for the different classes to breed together?

All: Concider yourself still in The Age of Starbirth. We still have some room for other God(dess). As far as your races go, they are pretty good. I now ask that you include a fatal weakness. A serious one needs to be made to allow your races to be plausable. Any unacceptable one will be redone, like a bad homework assignment.

The Abiel, even though the get along with one another just fine, are slightly untrusting. Much similar to Krynn's elves or dwarves, except that they don't fear the lands to be taken away. They fear that they will not be understood and are cautious of helping out any other race.

Good start everyone and I would like everyone to make some kind of comments to everyone like I just did. There is going to be alot of future interaction.

02/20/2003 10:48 AM

In a robe of midnight I sit, a coat of silver over, upon a throne of marble black. I grasped a ray of moonlight, as the Moon Lord can do, and from it I fashioned, The Hex. Like the moon from whence they came, they are cold, but full of light. Beings of wisdom and fairness, their frigid beauty, as though set in ice. Pale of skin and silver hair, from both a shimmering hue is set forth. They are the Cold Light, and knowledge is my gift unto them.

In one city do they reside, of spirling turrets and grand Palaces, made of silver and pearl. A race of minds, they teach and learn, some scholars, others the mastery of War and strategy, others turning to my most blessed Art, The Craft. Patron to these beings I am, and in my like they are ruled by an Eldar, upon a Throne of marble he sits and rules on the mortal plane, watching and protecting my people, The Witch King, he is known as.

Time does not touch these creatures of surreal elegance and beauty, Immortal, they preserve their books, their knowledge. But alas, even a gemstone has its flaw. Stubborn and haughty my creations be. A trait I regret allowing....but like the light from the moon, even it must wax and wane.

Ever do they have eyes of ice, the blue of the sky, the element they feel most closest to, and so they should, for the Moon Lord is ever the Stormbringer.

And in this city, The Raven be a most sacred beast, for I encircle my moon in Raven's Wings.

OOC: Not sure if this is any good.

02/20/2003 10:49 AM

OOC: Ok, i only just saw your edited post, ignore the titles if you wish.

02/20/2003 11:09 AM

The Silvermagess, she whose true name can only be spoken by her highest priest, created the Micans.

They are small people who range in height from 4 to 5 1/2 feet. They are very light of frame. As children they are like humans only with gray skin, grey eyes and black hair.

But, when they hit adolescene a number of changes occur. Their skin becomes covered in black, papery scales. Their hands devolpe 6 inch long claws that glisten like obsidien blades. Their hair becomes long spikey blades. And their eyes glow a cold blue color.

Physically though they retain the appearance of frail adolescene all their lives. They live from 90-130 years.

Their culture is very primative. But, they are excellent at crafting beautful ornaments.

They are a quite and peaceful people who fear violence. They are very timid, but also kind.

I have given them the gift "honesty." They are good folk who always tell the truth.

But, they also have the flaw of "naivety." They are way to trusting of other people and can eaisly be taken advantage of.

02/20/2003 12:38 PM

the major fault that lies within the templarians (called templar for short) is that they hold grudges to no end. it is very very hard to get one of them to forgive those that cause problems towards them. and it doesnt just lie with in the individual. therefore if they have had difficulties with more than a few individuals of a certain race, many times they will end up writing that race off in its entirety as one that is not worth thier time or effort. they might still work with them in certain cercumstances, but usually only when it benifits them directly. for example, they would not allie with said race, unless there was substantial gains to be made on the part of the templar.

i noticed that i did not list there life spans. they generally will live between 150-350 years, though those that reach the mark of 300+ are treated generally with great reverance b/c it is thoght that they had a special link with there god and are there for being granted an extended life.

as to there esp. they can control who they talk to. it basically gives them the ability to be secretive when it is called for in regards to other templar, and it gives them a special family link so that they may communicate with them with great easy over a distance.

edit: I also thought i should mention there cities. they are developed as any normal city might be with the exception of their housing. their cities are generally located at the base of a cliff or montain. there homes are then built into the sides of the mountains at differant levels. again the higher the homes are built the higher the prestige that is involved. b/c they generally interact with most other races they have also developed a pulley system much like primitive elevators, so that their friends (if they are honored enough) can then come and visit there homes.

as to other peoples races, i think they are all very interesting. i think its a great thread taht we can get going b/c of the creativity everyone has used. i cant really judge other peoples creations, other than to say that some of them seem to be slightly cc'd from races of krynn such as the dwarves and elves. but then again, i would say that is to be expected.

good job everyone! :D

02/20/2003 1:00 PM

lol Benn- yeah, we have a tendency to follow eachother everywhere.

The reason i gave them two different gifts is because the only thing they have alike is basic body structure, and very few things can be gifted on that. If everyone wants, i'll think of something they both can get.

As for my Io being doomed, well, i did write a fic about it and the Seer are doomed.....(except for one, who only Hellforge knows about- Kara, i dunno if i'll put her on this) and the Warriors reprodunce fast enough they mate with eachother faster then they kill eachother. Hence, their population is slowly rising, as the Seer is slowly dwindling.

The fatal weakness of all Seer is their absolute pacisifism. Not even a threat on their life will lead them to hurt another.

The weakness of the Warriors is that they are generally morons. They have no strategy beyond suprior numbers. If you can get some way past that, they are dumb.

The general weaknes of the Io in general is their absolute stuckness on each side of the spectrum. Its also their purpose to teach everyone else how this is really bad.

Shuey: are you implying that these are golems, puffballs, and fire elementals? It appears this way, and as Benn said, how rigid is their caste system? namely...how do Ardentes reproduce or handle tools and objects? If they are gas balls, how can they shape the earth? I like the way you made them very seperate-looking beings.

Dark Master: Love the city and the stuff, but you didnt say much about your race in particular.

Hellforge: Yes, your race is a bit too perfect. It appears they have no flaws. Technological, harmony with nature, telepathy.....too much there.

Straea: I like the transforming thing, i'm extremely fond of that kinda stuff myself. As for their peace, do they fight when threatened?

02/20/2003 1:09 PM

The Andesites are a race in the fact that they represent the elemental aspects of psuedo Krynn's volcanic activity. They differ in appearance based solely on the stage of activity that they are forged under. None are born of natural means, instead they take on their physical forms in concurrance with volcanic activity. Mating is considered a hardship for the Andesites, thus only a few offspring are forged for each class, during volcanic activity. Their bodies are physically created by the stages of volcanic eruptions.

Due to the mating practices, the greatest weakness of the Andesites is their numbers, they are a race that will never have great numbers.

They have a very structured society, thus as individuals they are not as constructive as when working as a society. Due to their small numbers and tendencies to stay within a group of their own, they are very rarely seen alone or one on one with other races.

OOC: Hope this explanation and weakness is satisfactory. Princess....My race has no puffballs, not that there's anything wrong with it ;)

[Edited by schuey10 on Thursday, February 20, 2003 1:27 PM]

02/20/2003 1:47 PM

I'll add more in on them just now then.

As previously stated, The Hex are lead by The Witch King, a powerful user of The Craft, and often thought to be the Wisest of his people, this is why he is choosen. It is rare for a female to be choosne to rule, mainly due to the fact they are immortal, however it has occured before. The people themselves live a fairly normal lives. Some are bakers, tailors, etc etc. Obviosuly however, a more refined approach is taken.

The ruling figure is advised by a council of 7 other Elders, he himself being the 8th member, and known as the Eldar, a slight but notible difference. The Witch King can take their advice, or not, he is the Monarch, and his word is Law.

The Hex have a great affliation with the elements, in particular Air. Whilst being immortal, they can be slain.

Females tend to be slightly smaller, but not by much, and also upon reaching the age of sexual maturity, females were only black until they have found a mate, they also reach sexual maturity before males do.

I'll post more later.

02/20/2003 2:56 PM

The major flaw of my race, asides from their shorter lifespan, is that while they can shift forms, they do not inherit that forms abilities. For example, if they are in Hex form, they cannot do what the natural born Hex's can. They are limited by their own natural abilities.

02/20/2003 3:29 PM

Straea, I think this is more of a limitation than a flaw. However, as I'm editing this comment, I remember that you already said their eakness is naiveness. Which, in fact was good. Note to everyone: It is potentialy disasterous if you do not read everyone's posts as ong as they may be.
Suggester of Illusion

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02/20/2003 5:50 PM

OOC:Im not sure if the 'God Recruiting' is still open...but I just joined this forum a few minutes ago..I got an idea for a race, though..

I, being the god, Jinthis, Lord of Mana, create the race of Kwelthes. The Kwelthes are a race of highly intelligent beings, but very low in physyical strengths. They prefer being mentally strong and frowning upon the stupid, yet physically stronger brutes, rather than being one of those stupid brutes themselves.

They are highly aware of what happens in their surroundings. They live partly solitary lives, apart from eachother(Much like the Irda in DL), but they feel love and sometimes come together, to engage in festivals or trading goods and services when most needed. In some rare cases, a Kwelthes will even adventure into the world.

They are a bit taller than other humanoid beings, ranging from an average of 6 feet tall to 7 1/2 feet. They are all exceptionally beautiful. Their hair ranges through many different colors. Their eyes are the same way. The Kwelthes are very delicate beings. They have smooth, creamy skin and it is always 'pale as a ghost' as some say. Their hands are very deft and slender. They are quite agile and easy to dodge blades and fists in times of war.

To these beings, I bestow the Gift of Wisdom. This allows them to help others who rarely meet them, provide them with insight and good consience, and hopefully clear their heart of guilts that are unnessecary, as well as themselves. This gift leans them towards the path of helping and spreading goodwill when it is nessecary.

02/21/2003 5:03 AM

Hello Jinthis!

Interesting race, mesa like! What is there weakness, and i think someone else already gave something like wisdom and helping people, but i'm not sure.

And yes Straea, that's a limitation, not a weakness. WE're looking for soethign that COULD lead them on the path to extintion, such as being to rrusting, "Take this bomb, it wont blow u up." or refusing help.

02/21/2003 7:20 AM

((OOC: Heh, alrighty, no Judgement Title yet, but I'll work for it.))

The Sinnelias have two flaws, one you pointed out, and one I have yet to mention, their judgment is based on their traditions, so as such, most are vicious toward social faults that they see in other, also Vengence is something they have a Keen taste for, enjoying it like cool fine wine on a summers day. Vengence comes from anger, abuse, or some infingement on their usual lifestyle or rights, so more or less when they're angry, they're real angry. (cool?)

The Sin, as they are called in short ((OOC: nice pun isn't it? or would that be irony or some kind of satire, bah, small matter)) also maintain a short lifespan, though this is considered a gift, for they have a short gestation ((OOC: as to my interpretation, elves gestated for twice as long, as humans because they age, grow, and develope slower, but some say it only takes a year, like humans, so it's up in the air))

The Sin finally are very strict, and have slightly weak vision from their very deepset eyes, it's just weaker than humans.

(OOC: Alrighty then, here's their basic D&D thing
Poor Normal Vision, (-2 spot, search) and 3/4 distance sight in good illumination.
+2 wisdom, constitution, -2 charisma and strength.
Favored Class Paladin.
Medium Sized.
Racial weapon of the long stemed warhammer (about 3 feet long, sometimes up to 5 with a large hammer head)
They Gain a +2 on Diplomacy and Sense Motive Checks because they are judges, and also always have those and Gather Information as class skills
Common Hair color: Pale, usually yelow or white
Comon eye color: Blue
Common Skin: Pale usually ashen white)

02/23/2003 9:42 PM


02/24/2003 1:22 PM

In this Age of Dreams I believe we shall give only unaligned magic. Since I asked that the gods be unaligned, there offspring should be too.

There will be two different types of magic. Order and Chaos magic. If you have trouble imaging it, think of it like Tower Magic and Wild Magic, except that they are both widely accepted and equal in power.

Order Magic will focus on intangible, controlling things like mental focus, time, distance. Also most physical action will fall under this type.

Chaos Magic will then have a large influence from nature. Elemental magic will be a huge portion of this kind of magic.

Large scale forms of magics will be limited to one or two persons from a respected race. Cataclysmic power, of the likes of Raistandantilus, shall not be bestowed to a mortal. This shall be done to protect our places as gods.

This age will also be a time of creating traditional alliances. None are necesary, some may even be harmful in the future. To began a traditional alliance an offer must be first made and then accepted in a reasonable amount of time. No alliances maybe larger than three participants, and all participants must be allied tigether. Creating (or not joining) a traditional alliance does not imply you can't create temporary ones later and that you have to stay in one.
Abiel, having a close relationship to the water will primarily use a lot of Chaos magic. Few will be able to become accomplish Order Mages, but it may happen. Based on this, they will seek an alliance with the wind beings, the Templarians, and the fire beings, the Andesites. Who they believed (but not neccisarily true), to be users of Chaos Magic as well.

02/24/2003 1:59 PM

The Warriors are stupid morons, and use no magick, as they are very stubborn and belive that the only good way to fight is with tooth and claw. THey also are very stubborn and as refuse all alliances from everyone.

The Seer seek to ally with the Kwelthes, noting there interest in knowledge and disdain for physical strength. They dabble in Order magick to improve their mental prowess, but there are no true mages among them.

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02/24/2003 2:09 PM

The templarians will gladly accept the alliances of the abiel and the andesites.

you are correct in guessing the use of the chaos magik. being that they have a special use of the wind, that is there primary element of magik, yet they tend to use all those that are made available to them by their god.

02/24/2003 5:04 PM

(OOC: I hope people noticed that I actually posted a race... I didn't mean to whine, I just wish someone would tell me what they think of my race.)

Micans favor Chaos Magic as it mirrors their favoritism toward rural areas. They put Chaos magic into enhancing their crafts.

I wonder if they could join in an alliance with the Mirlancs?

02/24/2003 6:10 PM

FIRST OF ALL:Since someone created a Wisdom Gift I think, not sure, too lazy to re-read everything and find it if there is one, Im changing my gift to the Gift of Mana. It gives the Kwelthes intelligence and further understanding of many things in the world. They can use both times of magic, kind of in a combination. (Not making 'em superstrong, just...really smart. If you got a problem with this just tell me, ok?)

The Kwelthes look down on some of the shall we say...as they believe, less smart races =P. And, them, being self-superior and a bit self-righteous help all those they deem inferior. But, there are some they deem equal(never superior, cuz thats just me ;)

My race will accept any alliances. Offer them if you want. They accept them, not make them.

Dr.Nicky signing off,
for now....

02/24/2003 7:29 PM

A blink in the darkness, a great power watches. Biding its time as the useless mortals of Pseudo-Krynn (Hey, you need to name your planet!!) scramble throughout the lands. The Gods above dictating their moves. Then, just as quick as the blink appears, it is gone.

Heh, just trying to shake things up a bit. Who knows what this could mean in the future? Mua hahahaha.
Benn, if you dont like the idea just say so and I wont follow up with this. After all, this is your baby.

02/25/2003 6:46 AM

-I am making a new race because my last one seemed, well, kind of to godly like.-

I am Lord Hellforge, of the World of Pseudo-Krynn (As i udnerstand this world wich we are all creating our races is called.) and I create the Wood Shades. The Shades have purple skin, are tall, and their eyes have a sprakling kind of light to them. Their hair is long, and often unrule. Their ears are pointed like that of the elves, and they do resemble elves.

They are secritive, and make their homes inside trees. They mostly like in one huge forist-city deep withing a huge forst that cover the souther half of Pseudo-Krynn lower supercontinent. That forest-city is called 'Santuary', and spands for several square miles. The city can only be noticed at Night from the sky by the lights. It b;lends in perfectly with the forest. No one other then the Wood Shades aer aware of the cities existence.

The Wood Shades are natral druids. Their Druid-Magics are very powerful, and that means that their focus is also on chaotic magics (Focusing on druidism). They are excelent marksman, and are fast and nible, but it would be hard for a Wood Shade to become very physicaly powerful, thought it is possible.

The Wood Shades are lead by an Arch-Druid, with several Druid Lords udner him, and their religon is focused around perfect equalibrium with nature, and the Gaia (Spirit of the Planet)

The Wood Shades, like the Asguartds, look out for eachother, and there are no homeless, though there are some who are betetr off then other.

Their Gift is Grace, Like the Asguards. They are gifted so that they may be in better understanding with nature.

There major flaw is that they are a proud people, and the very few others that they have come in contact with they ahve shuned. They believe that the best way to keep you and your people safe is to be isolated. So them, and the Forest-City of Santuary is completely hidden and Isolated.


02/25/2003 8:40 AM

OOC: Silvermagess, I was wondering what sort of landscape your beings inhabit? What type of magic do they use?

Based on this, they will seek an alliance with the wind beings, the Templarians, and the fire beings, the Andesites. Who they believed (but not neccisarily true), to be users of Chaos Magic as well.

The Andesites use only Chaos Magic, but only the Ardentes and Molten Highlords can use this magic. Ardentes use this magic mainly to help themselves in the never ending quest to shape their surroundings. Molten Highlords on the other hand can use the Chaos Magic to whatever end they desire.

By age 60 most Molten Highlords can reach very high levels of Chaos Magic, but since they are so rare in the Andesite race it does not benefit the race in any sort of fighting situation. One on one they are almost unstoppable though, if they choose to fight.

The Andesites gladly accept both alliances with The Abiel and The Templarians. For now they are the only races that the Andesites consider friendly. Both races will be welcome wherever Andesites make their homes.

02/25/2003 9:40 AM

They use Chaos magic, but it is very small. I would class it among being very low level. (they are about as powerful as any non-heathen wizard in Ansalon that hasn't taken the test yet.)

They like plains and old growth forests. Anywhere there is really rich soil. The Micans have strong agricultral ties. They are very efficeint at using land though can get large yields using just a few acres.

02/25/2003 10:08 AM

Insano, if he accepts, shall be our first specialty god; Insano, God of Turmoil. In the third age I was thinking of starting wars, uprisings and such-not (better than the word what-not). But I would perfer that an outside force did it because I created a race and I need to be fair and un-superior to the other gods. Out of need, you shall frolick your devastation and such-not. Concider yourself Ionthas's better.

Do we need a name for the would besides Pseudo-Krynn? I mean, all the good anmes have all ready been taken; New Jersey, Quebec, Lake Tititcaca!

I would suggest to those that have created races that feel they are superior or just thing they're so damn smart, to try Order magic. It would be more appealing since no one has picked it up yet.

02/25/2003 10:27 AM

I accept Benn. Now, just to bide my time and await to sew the first seeds of chaos. ;)

I'll be watching and waiting.

02/25/2003 11:56 AM

just thought i should fill in some more details on the templar.

magik can be used by all templar, however restrictions most definantly apply. to begin with, as with much of the templar society, the magik abilities that the templar are allowed to gain, depend upon there wingspan's. those of the lower caste of templar (wingspans of 4-7 ft) are allowed only the most rudimentry of magiks. mainly those used to help them with there flying, and other very basic abilities.

those templar with wingspans of 8-10 ft are allowed to learn all of the begining spells, as well as a limited amont of mid-lvl spells. this includes 1-3 war spells, depending upon the beings intellegence lvls.

lastly, those templar with wingspans of 11+ ft are allowed to learn as many spells as they desire.

again, magik to the templar is something that they must want and chose to learn. they are not innate users of magik. if they choose to learn and to study then they will be able to learn their magiks (but again, that is only the magiks allowed them in accordance to their caste's).

next (if its allowed) i would like to create a hero of my people. he is no longer alive, but is one who the templar worship and rever.

his name was Paltor. Paltor is the only known templar to ever exist that had a wingspan of 18 ft. (the longest ever besides Paltor's was 15 1/2 ft.) Paltor gained the fame and recognition for his people b/c he was the reason that the first Templar city was created. this occured when he defeated a great and evil Demon Highlord, that until previously had reeked havoc on all the templar in that area. the templar never totally understood why they were targets of his evil, but none the less seemed unable to defeat him, regardless of what they tried.

Paltor however, through great courage, was able to weild an ancient templarian sword that was said would be weilded by "the one who would smite the evil". this is exactly what happened. Paltor lifted the sword into his hands (and when they did not virtually catch fire) they knew he was the one to destroy the demon.

he did just that. Paltor took up the sword and headed into the demons lair. upon entering he was submitted to test after test that required not only his swordsmanship abilities but also the highest of magiks (which his parents had forced him to learn when he was younger). upon completing the test he entered the layer of Erz'Tu and after battling him for over 3 straight days (or so the legends say) he finally exhausted Erz'Tu and strode forward to kill the demon. as he was killed the demon, chopping its head clean in two, he was covered by the demons acidic blood, and ended up dying with the demon. from there on out Paltor was revered amongst his people as a great hero. legends say Paltors sword "Demon Smite" is still hidden in the midst of the monutains, and that one day when the evil once again presents its self, so too will a new wielder of the sword.

OOC: after writing all this, i really hope that its ok for me to use! :p

02/25/2003 1:16 PM

Dude to their isolated nature, the Wood Shades do not seek any alliances. They were only discovered recently, when one of their partols was caught off guard out of the woodlands by a group of Io Warriors, and was slaughtered. Other races scouting teams had witnessed the abttle, and reported of strange new creatures in the souther continent.

02/25/2003 2:15 PM

God Hellforge, I comend you on not issueing an alliance. It is definately brave and it may help you in the future. But that'll all depend on Insano. Speaking of which, he should wait awhile until he decides to drop that firey mountain. Just a moment or two for me to move.

02/25/2003 3:19 PM

OOC: I'm also impressed by the Woodshades - not superpower, yet ina perfect balance between power and strength. They are druids? ....hmm.... "Has sleep dulled my sensing?" - Furion.

02/25/2003 4:11 PM

More About the Wood Shades-

They live long lives, anywhere from 150 - 1,050 years. Though they only have one huge organized city, (Santuary) they also have several Outposts within the Huge forests on the souther continent. The woods are their realm, and they seldomly leave it. Because of their power as druids, the wilds themselves rise to protect their lands alogn side them durring war.

(And yes, I know they sound alot like the Night Elves.)


02/25/2003 5:09 PM

From the darkest corners of Psuedo (HEY, lets just call the planet that!) Climb the dark clerics of Insano. Composed of all races, but especially the Kwelthe race, the clerics are sent to spread mistrust and descent among the races.

As well, Insano awakens his own race of powerful beings. The Drakes. The Drakes reach roughly 18 feet in hight. They are well muscled and are keen in intelect. While their numbers are relitivly few (lets say 300 odd) they have enough pull to be able to crush most Psuedo armies. They cast magic that is granted strictly by their god (me) :D, and their magical skills are rivaled only by those who are high ranking in the magical orders. They have pale blue skin and well muscled bodies. They are fiercly dedicated to their God, and contain only the flaw of being jealous of other races for their freedom. The Drakes live on un-charted islands far to the north of the main continent of Psuedo.

"Now, my children, prepare yourselves for a time for action is soon at hand"

OCC Anyone whos still playin, get your turns in quick. No one knows when something bad could happen :D:D:D:D:D

02/25/2003 5:29 PM

OOC: taht's good, the planet is now called Psuedo

or rather
BIG (back in GOd)

The Warriors have learned on of the Woodshades now, however the Seer are still unknown of them.


OOC: The Seer dabble in Order Magick.

02/26/2003 5:45 AM

Even More about the Wood Shades
(OCC- i have been thinking about this way to much and It is very likly that this race will evolve into an orginal fic, or possibly even a novel in its own right if times goes on. I'm having to much fun creating this race. This post owns Benn, GJ!)

The Wood Shades are nocktornal creatures. Most of their acitivies go on throught the night hours, though they are not inactive durring the day. The common people sleep durring the day, and the Heirarchy or druids, and promident figures in the Wood Shade society sleep at intervals throught the day.

Wood shades are considered mature at the age of 150. Because of their long life spans, they stay mature untill they begin to show signs of growing to old. As I said before avergae life span is 150-1050 years, though through the due of powerful druids magics, some of the druids have lived well beyond this frame. It is almost as if Gaia give the druid more life force for his works with nature.

Religon Is centered around two 'God like' figures within the Wood Shades consideration. 'Gaia' the spirit of the Planet, and 'Luna' the Gaia of the Moon. (MORE LATER)

02/26/2003 6:48 AM

MSNBC Newsline: In an attempt to start a legacy of great war stories, Generalante Abodegato raises the Abiel Militia. The government of the Abiels, which has been traditional run by local authorities, has switched hands to the newly formed militia. The Generalante was quoted as saying, "This will be only the first in the line of events that will bring glory and repect to our people." Coverage to continue as the events unfold.

God Mode: The militia is divided into three regiments; it's soldiers being called Corps-men. The Regiments include the Comps-men of the Weapon, of the Chaos, and of the Order. Two groups of mages were used to compensate for the lack of clerics.

Mage Pyroglobe of the Chaos Magic and Mage Witscon of the Order Magic will head both of the respected magic regiments. Generalante Abodegato will head the weapons regiment, of course.

Because the militia's main goal is glory and not conquest of Psuedo, so far the militia has become a highly decorated hunting party. They are well armed since Generalante Abodegato insisted on diversification. Favorite weapons for the Abiel include bowmen, throwing axemen and people skilled with javelins.

Our first mortals, I'm so proud. ~tear~ Does anyone know how I named my characters?

02/26/2003 8:11 AM

In a fit of rage, Commander Xak. (whos full name is Xakrasin-Aminokaysan-Aranonasiryoko) of the Warriors pulls together a miminal army to drestroy these purple skinned brutes who take their land (which is basically everything...).


The Seer, only dabblers of Order Magik. From them come a single child, mocked by being named Kimetae "Different" From first light, his grasp on the Magik is ultimate.

No, the Kimetae is only a kid, and besides, they dont fight. He's not superpowerful.

02/26/2003 12:36 PM

The Wood Shades have not had a major conflict in the past, because they ahve never really been noticed by others. The Wood Shade army, or 'High Guard' are master bowmen/women. They ride tigers native to their forests into battle, and for slwoer range they are master of Gavels. Powerful Druids also take to the seen to bend nature into one of the most powerful weapons of all. Hand to hand combat is done with talent in martial arts and an emphisis on speed. (Daggers and small blades are also used.) The last major conflict that the Wood Shades have record on is a demon wra that they took part in, thousands of milennia ago. It was this very war that lead the Wood Shades to go into isolationisum.

To finish what I had stated above, Druid Magics are evry powerful for the Wood Shades, but it is also there only form of 'magic' save a few techniques that call upon the bodies power to add to martial strengths. So, to add to their supernatural abilites, they also have powerful Clerics. Clerics of Luna, working powerful curative magcis, but also are amster of illusion, and other sorts of mystic properties. The Druids, and Arch-Druids hold absolute control over nature, by existing with it in Harmony, thus there is co crippling cost for their considerable power. because it is granted by the Gaia, not taken.

Lunar Clerics, are usually female, but male ones are not unheard of. The same is true, only oposet for the Druids. They are mostly male, but there are some powerful female druidess.

The rangers are a division of the High Guard armies, and are on constent patroll through their ancient forest realms. They serve as expert scouts, and elite forces for the Primary High Guard army. The Wood Shade army is one of the msot elite in the world, but it is a defensive, not offensive army. They fight using perfect gurella tactics, as well as martial and druadic prows.

One Famus Lunar Cleric was Shavris, being a current master of the Lunar Cleric Guild, she is not only wise and beautyful, but powerful. The Current Arch-Druid and ruler of the Wood Shades is Nagzel, the most powerful of Wood Shade druids, and perhaps the world.

Now, the High Guard rallies once again, as the threat of war now sits again at the doorsteps of their forests, and the High Guard will defend Sanctuary at all costs. Nagzel, and Shavris are prepared, along with the High guard Command, to give it their all againts these new midless invaders. The Io Warrior caste.

02/26/2003 12:53 PM

when war is upon the horizens, the templar are always ready. whilst they are a general peaceful people, they are quick to grab blades when neccesity calls for it. lead by the Templar High Council (which is made up of the temlpar high king (who is said to be a direct decedant of Paltor) and his 2 sons, along with 6 other advisors the templar can be ready for battle a moments notice. when the high council convenes, it generally means that battle is about to be waged. upon hering of the high council comming togeather each of the differant temparian groups begin there preperations.

being that they are all warriors in a sense (due to their manoverability and there size) (except for the magik casting templar) all males carry swords that would be considered 2 handed swords to most races. yet due to their sheer size, they carry them one handed. the women of the templar carry blunt weapons (usually maces) b/c they are not allowed to use edged weapons. the mace is the favored (all though not limited to) weapon of the female templar.)

the druidic templar are not allowed to use weapons other than those that they have created through understanding of nature and how it works. they have the abilities to call upon much of nature (as druids do) to help them in there spellcasting. this can be in anything from a wrapping vines spell, to something like their most powerful of druidic war spells in which they can create short burst of gale force winds (70-110 mph depending on wingspan/knowledge of magik).

the young adults and children of the templar are also shown how to help in defense) taught to used ranged weapons so that they can help safely from the highets ( it is only the younger templar that used ranged weapons, because as they grow to adulthood, it is seen as cowardly to hide from the hieghts, when with proper study and training they can be of much better use with their giant swords and flight manuverability. b/c the younger templar lack the endurance to fly through battle, they generally will pick a cliff face or high ground area and will fly there and help through use of slings and for those of the higher nobility bows and arrows.

02/26/2003 1:31 PM

(OOC: So we are forming their martial traditions?)

Micans form small patrols soley for the defense of their homes. Individuals patrol the roads in shifts. These are often dependable individuals from the community.

If there is big trouble a foot, a group of scouts will form to assess the threat. If the threat is big enough, a party of the most able warriors will be dispatched.

Mican use their hard claws as their weapons. Micans have a style of clipping their claws that varies by region. Some don't do any clipping. Some might clip only one hand. Others will only leave one or two claws unclipped.

Those that leave one or both hands unclipped, will have the warhand as its called sheathed in a heavy leather glove. When heck flies, the glove comes off.

Just as claws very by region, so does the fighting art. Known as Razor Blade, it envolves using the claws and the speed of a Mican's light frame.
Depending on what school, any number of qualities may be expressed.

02/26/2003 3:13 PM

The dark minions of Insano reach the outskirts of the Wood Shade civilization, bring news of a massive army of Abiel approaching to encroach upon the sacred forests. Serving as advisors, the minions urge the Wood Shade populace to engage the Aliel homeland in a pre-emtive strike.

Far to the West
Dark Clerics reach the outlands of the Abiel civilization and begin to taint certain Abiels "God Gift" (memory right?) To turn it to a dark purpose. Insano, the Lord of Madness imbues the memory of seeing rich caches of gold in the forests to the east of their homeland. The forests of the (unknown) Wood Shades.


The Drakes stand by, awaiting their soverign Gods command.

OOC: OK, lets see how the mortals handle their first test from Insano. ;)

02/26/2003 3:35 PM

OCC-Rip common Alderon Im the druid people :/ heh

The Wood Shades banish Insano's minions, the Druid Lords proclaming that Gaia is their only concern, and they will not attack anyone. Saddly however, the Dark Cleric, in their rage informt he rest of the world of the Wood Shades existence, and turn the majority of the races agains them. Now, a coaliton of several of the other races marches to join the raging war between the Io warriors, and the Wood Shades, on the outskirts of their forest. The Wood Shades can hold on 1 or 2 advancing hordes, but several? The Arch-Druid calls for defence, but the people are begining to feel that attack is the only way to perserves thier lands. Political tensons begin to grow, as Ranger scouts idetify several Io Squadrons making their first huge push into the Wood Shade forests near Sanctuary. The High Guard army assembles in front of the Io swarm, and the Druid Lords prepare for the first major battle since the Io first began to stage war on scouting teams just outside the forests.

02/26/2003 4:41 PM

OOC: Hmmmmmmmm, well done. I cant corrupt them, however it seems that other races may be a little more...fruitful.

02/26/2003 6:01 PM

OOC: If you were corrupting me, i'd work, except i'm already going to slaughter them. Oh and hellforge, i really hate to break it too you, but since Alderon was here first, he has dibs. Sorry.

The Warrior squads trample the bushes, light the trees, and basically destroy all concept of subtley.

Any single scout Wood Shades they come along, are slaughtered and left by the roads (path? nothing? highway?).

Under General Xak, they crash into the gates of Silvermoon (that was the city, right?), and it flashes on Seer TV (?)

Anchor: SNN, reporting from the outside of shelter 8. It appears that the Warrios have once again gone to war. This time it is a creature called a Woodshade *picture flashes*.

"Mother," Says a single child, "Why dont we fight?"

Hint hint Insano, this random person might be good for corruption...

02/26/2003 6:02 PM

(OOC: *Sees Insano the destroyer and dies of laughter)

02/26/2003 7:18 PM

OCC- He did the druid thing first in this post so I have Dips :P Also,, the Io are still very very far from SANCTUARY. The city is in the center of the HUGE BIG ASS forest, Even if the Io beat the Assembing High Guard Army, they have A LONG way to go before reaching Sanctuary wich is in it self a HUGE MEGA SUPER city. (Hey its the one where 95% of all Wood Shades live So basiccly, your last post was completely invalid. :P :P :P

02/26/2003 7:52 PM

OOC: Hmmm, I think I can help you out Princess.... HEY! thistle you big jerk! Whats the problem with me wrecking stuff? ;)

IC:Insano appears in his mortal form upon the planes of Psuedo in his Avatar. His avatar is that of a diseased Io to the dreams of the little child who wondered. "You will be my champion, my fighter, should you choose to fight. I give you the power to burn forrests with but a glance. However, in return you will pay hommage to me, as well, any mortals who you slay, their souls will arrive to me. You shall never die of mortal weapons, however, should you fall by some act of fate, your sould will to be mine. Do we have a deal, O boy?"

02/27/2003 2:41 AM

(OOC: Nothing, I just still think of your gnome and destruction, because that's the only character I can remember you playing. Course you did play a rather fizbanish old man once ...)

02/27/2003 7:24 AM

(OOC: Nothing, I just still think of your gnome and destruction, because that's the only character I can remember you playing. Course you did play a rather fizbanish old man once ...)

OOC: Yeah, that mage wasnt long lived, I think I posted as him for about 3 posts. Man, you should have gotten in this post thistle, its really fun! Maybe you could be a demi-god or something.

02/27/2003 7:33 AM

-A conversation Between One of the Druid Lords and Arch-Druid Nagzel.-

"The sprits of the forests will aid us, and their mystic properies will sheild us from magic, but I fear, Lord, that our situation is much grim. The Io warriors we can handle, the with so many armies marching to our forests, I am deeply worried about the continues existence of our realms." The Druid Lord reported.

"We all worry and wonder these days. The Clerics of the Luna say that if he use both the powers of the wilds, our belief in the Gaia, and in the Luna, then perhaps we shall be able to keep our homes. I can tell that the Gaia favors us. the trees themselves uproot themselves and come to our aid in the battle feild! Our Druids call form earthquakes and large casums to swallow entire Io battalions whole!" Nagzel said, sitting atop his wooden throne.

"Yes Milord, but this is only the Io. And their numbers seem endless. What do we do when the other races get here and attempt to enter the forests?"

"I am working on something, but I fear that mu Understanding of nature is too little. If it doesnt work, all I thinkwe may hope for is divine intervention."

-More on the Wood Sahdes-

To go along with the powerful druids, and clerics of the Luna, there are also Clerics of the Sol, or the sun, a third goldy being as seen in their faith. Clerics of the Soul also weild sonsiderable tower. They are gifted with control over the astral eather, and this grants them value just as much as the Druids and the Clerics of the Luna. All three powerful magic users are part of guild that represend the pinicle of power within the Wood Shade High Guard Army.


02/27/2003 8:02 AM

((OOC: Sorry it's been a few, okay, my race The Sinnelias are going to go in their little mountainy place and be a Solitary bunch.))

The Sin close their castle walls and fortify defences with heavy crossbows, and ballistas, preparing to clean up the ash after the war. Ahlder Wells, the High Paladin of the Sinnelias goes over maps, checking for possible attacks from differing directions.

02/27/2003 10:05 AM

MSNBC Newsline: Threatened by rumors from the east, of war against the Wood Shades, Generalante Abodegato spoke to the Abiel people last night.

"It is terrible to hear such stories about our neighbors to the east. I have been asked by many about my plans to help the Wood Shades. I tell them that I have none. We are unable to send troops to help another nation. For we too, have an enemy. An enemy that is as strong as it is determined. I have heard reports of demons. Demons that come from the Psuedo-Abyss itself! These demons are very close to our homeland. We consort with them and we do not even know it! We shall no be taken offguard. We will stay and defend our homeland like we ask that the Wood Shades defend theirs. I ask tonight that our allies make themselves clear and present. We have along way to go my friends, we might never be out of harms way. However, we will stand are ground because otherwise would leave way for greater harm. I will speak of your bravery in the afterlife; may Benn-Salian smile upon you."

Godmode: "Insano, God of Madness (and Turmoil), since you have molested my gift of memory that was given to the Abiel, I sought to rectify their wisdom so that you cannot do this again. I have instructed Mage Witscon of the Order to place a warding spell against mindreading within a ten mile radius of their homeland."

the militia has recieved several new recruits within the last month with threat of war. All are eager to do battle and are currently recieving preparations. The Templar have been offered to head off any further invasion by the "demons" by coming to aid of the Abiel. Quartering of the Templar troops has been gaurenteed by Generalante Abodegato. No responses by the Templar have been made thus far.

02/27/2003 10:53 AM

Fernus paced back and forth, molten hot lava flowed only a few inches from the highlords feet. "Send word to the Abiel that we will provide any help we can" the Highlord said to his Ardenite messenger. Dissapearing through a fizzure in the rock, the gaseous messenger was gone, and on his way.

Leaving the comfort of his layer, he emerged on the rocky slopes of Mt. Ithpal. The Andesites had occupied this volanic fortress for years, and it had proven itself time and again as a formidable defensive position. He looked down at the work that had been done in the last few years. Points that showed weaknesses in earlier scirmishes had now been bolstered, the physical landscape altered to benefit a defensive stand. If the rumours of war were true, Ithpal may once again need to provide its strength.

02/27/2003 11:09 AM

An Ardenite messenger spoke to Generalante Abodegato of his people wanting to help. "We have fortificated our borders as best as we can. I would suggest, if your man power be sufficient, that you create another war front when the "demon" army attacks. Most of all, keep communication between us frequent and quick.This will help us in this "Demon War" that we face.

02/27/2003 11:16 AM

(OOC: Hmm, perhaps it is time to call upon my lesser characters: I summon forth: Mythran & the Elementals!)

Far from Psuedo, in other realms, beings became aware of the fledgeling planet. Beings which once held great power, and wished to have it again. They were held in check though, by Lyna, the Lady of Dust. However, she had grown weary of their pleading, and they moved to observe the new planet. They viewed the coming war with concern, but could do nothing without the dustmistress's command.

02/27/2003 12:34 PM

OOC:I really didn't like the idea of some of the Kwelthes becoming dark clerics and mages, but oh well...improvision is the essence of roleplay...

BIC:The Kwelthes, fearing that their small numbers might fall before Insano's forces, prepare their magiks and prayers for the battles to come. They also seek help from the Seer, in which they ask for the permission of occupying their lands, in hopes of helping boost their chances of survival.

BIG:Jinthis, angry at the conversion of some of the Kwelthes, takes form as his Avatar, a slender, (elven) looking figure with dark blue skin. He sets out to find the traitors who dared to turn away from his guidance, determined to set an example to the rest of the (good) races, that evil falls viciously.

(OOC:Note, I just wanna kill the Kwelthes traitors, that all. Im not gonna rape all of the bad guys with just a breath. Just going to zap a few people and leave... ;)


02/27/2003 1:29 PM

LOL: the Psuedo Abyss......

The Seer accept the Kwelthes, and allow them access into their large hard very sturdy domethings. They are designed to keep people out- namely people with sharp claws and bloodlust. Oneof the High Council members nods. "If you are looking for a place to survive, you've come to the right place."

Watching in her omnipresent (that is a cool word!) state, she sees Jinthis in his avatar form root out his traitors. Her eyes dart to the shunned Kimetae, and the fact dawns on her.

He would be perfect prey for Insano. And there was nothing she could do.

02/27/2003 1:38 PM

upon news of the demon wars spreading, the templar high council decided it was time to convene. word was sent out through out the cities, and immediately war preperations were made. the council talked for what seemed forever, and in fact it was close to 3-4 days before preperations were complete. it was determined that the templar would come to the aid of their Abiel brothers as soon as was possible.

to help with the defense the templar choose to send 5000 of their finest adult warriors. also sent along to help would 2500 druids and 500 bow/slingsmen. leading this force, b/c of the fear of the severaty of the war, will be both Prince Kelvmore and Prince Malton.

meanwhile, as preperations were being completed a runner was sent to the Abiel to see if the help would be needed or welcomed, and if their were anything else that could be provided to assist the efforts.

02/27/2003 1:41 PM

A single Seer peered at the Abeil General and the Templarian messanger.

"You not worry about Demons. They not demons. They dark clerics of dark god. Not demons. Strong, though. Magik needed." Swearing to himself, he wished he could speak alot better then crude common.

02/27/2003 2:09 PM

OCC: Yo Princess, I already layed the ground work for turning one of your followers last page. Its up to you if he accepts or declines (or what he does with his newfound power of he accepts) After all, he is part of your race.

02/27/2003 2:18 PM

OOC: I wish the Seer had better common as well. If you are suggesting that the Abiel are not fighting demons; I say that according to the Abiel, they are. Pereception comes before reality. They seem like demons, especially Insano-minions, so that is what they are called. the current events have been labeled the Demon War by the Abiel-Tamplar-Andesite alliance. you may call it what you perfer.

MSNBC Newsline: A controversial figure in Abiel society, Sheerdolt Forevermore, announced today that he was opposed to the war and that he denounced the god Benn-Salian saying "I have no story to give". It is said that he was then metamorphed into an Io by some agitated diety. He was then stoned to death in accordance of law.

God Mode: Stupid Sheerdolt Forevermore, he should have known better. Templarians have been welcomed into Abiel Society. A question for the future: what do we do to a race that has been idle for a long time. Give suggestions and the amount of time you feel is adequte to wait. I personally think in this situation that it should be played like RISK; The race can't attack, but can defend (someone else doing it for the absent god). A good time length is seven days straight absence.

02/27/2003 2:42 PM

OOC: i think we should keep all the races that are idle


02/27/2003 2:51 PM

Are we a Triumph the Insulting Dog fan?

another unrelated matter: are you still involved in "A Return to Adventure...?"

02/27/2003 4:22 PM

OOC: ya i guess so. i like the thread but it seems to have come to a stand still and im not sure where to go from here. doesnt seem like anyone else (our host included) seems to be payin much attention to it. but ya id still like to play it

02/27/2003 4:22 PM

OCC-Alderon stealing my Druids AHHHHHHH!!!!!! heheh

-Nagzel, Arch-Druid, speaks before the assembled High Guard, consisting of troops, Druid-Warriors, and Clerics of both Luna and Sol gilds.-

"We stand now upon the brink of destruction. The Io horads, manipulated by some unseen force have become stronger, and faster then we could have ever anticipated. The grounds will shake under their feet, as our Arrow and gavil swing through the air. Our ansetral home is under a seige that we cannot afford to wait out. The world has changed. We druids Fell it in the air, sense it in the ground. we know that no act of divine will with intervine. The Gaia was meant to aid us, not protect us, and now we must fend for ourselves. The Io hoard has divided. We suspect that there was an attempted coup, that force the army to split appart. This may be our salvation. The Warrior are a war like people, driven by bloodlust. They would just as quickly slay their own kind then besinge war on us. I will now hand the briefing over to Lt. Shajarius, captain of the rangers. This war is a test, sent to us by the Gaia. Believe in the Gaia, believe in Luna, and believe is Sol, and Santuary will be kept safe."

"An elite ranger team will attempt to lead the southern group of Io north. We will mask of forces and make them think are army is going toward the norther group. We are hoping to get them to fallow. Once we bring the two groups together, we shall escape, while the Io slaughter eachother because they are in the thick of bloodlust after the chase. Then, once the adiquite number of Io are dead, we will raid the groups and take it out in one large burst. If this plan does not work, then their sheer numbers will destroy us. We stand at the final point, after this there is no turning back. We now stand at the true Prelude to Pandemonium. (Thread name hehe)
Now, Army your bow and Gavil. Mount your tigers, and prepare for our fight to exist."

02/27/2003 4:25 PM

Occ- My Blood Mage is cooler then your Demon Hunter Alderon hehehe.(Not really, Demon Hunter own, but ya know :) )

02/27/2003 4:30 PM

The Drakes begin their movement, sweeping south across the main contienent of Psuedo while their comrades, the Deamons keep the main force of the United Races Alliance occupied. Thus, the Drakes, sent by their God marches on the capitol of Abiel society, killing and maiming along the way.
Their commander, one who has achieved the status of "Ganej" approaches the walls of the city. "Abiel leader" he yells, his voice shaking the walls. "In the name of the Lord God Insano, we ask you to throw down your weapons and swear allegiance to him over your false diety Benn-Salian, by doing this, your lives will be spared, and you will all be granted a special place in his domain of the after life. If you refuse, we will be forced to destroy your city, and wreack havoc on your population. What say ye?"

**God Mode**

Ha, puny Benn. Your precious Abiel will never stand against my Drakes alone! Your mortals souls are as good as mine. Your mortal armies are engaged on a different front. If you intervene and turn on your former allies, your race will be spared, and you and I will share this world after we have conqured it. What say you?

OOC Dum dum dum, the temptation! What will Benn do? Will he turn to the darkness or remain in the light? Stay tuned for the next episode, same bat channel, same bat time!

02/27/2003 4:48 PM

::The Abiel Commander does not reply instantly. he his hesitent to forsake his people in what appears to be hopeless cause, Ganej become irritated and yells again, the capital walls shaking::

::All hope seems lost, and the commander comming to his decsion is about to reply, when Thunder cracks across the Drakes lines, many of them falling to the ground in shock. Teh remaining defenders of the Abiel look to the sky. They see huge beast come from upon the clouds. They are purple, and have huge reptilian heads. Two of them. One is spitting streams of lightning the other black thunder. Their mammoth wings hold their in the skys as the Huge purple beasts rain fire upon the Drakes. (They resemble Chimearas from Warcraft III) The constant high powered fire chatches the drakes off guard, and they are forces to retreat a few miles back, if only for the moment. There are about fifteen beats in total. One of them, whos beast is wearing huge golden armor flys next to the porton of the wall were the stunded Abiel commander stands.

"This is the power of the Winguards. We were on our way back home to aid in battle when we came by and thought we should help. The Drakes will be back in moments, but we spoted a large Templarian army on our way southward. They should be heer soon. We must go."

"Southward....but that means..." One fo the Abiel guards speaks up. (SRRY! I hope i aint stepping on any toes. I aitn exactly rping a character. If its annoys you, then tell me and mesa wont do it again. Heh i just told Silvermagiss this hehehe RP my common people if u want to make up.)

"Yes, your government may not have been interested in aiding us, but the Wood Shades still seek to combat the night."

::And with that all of the mammoth Winguard riders sly off high in the sky.::

02/27/2003 4:51 PM

OOC: He's right, your gnome would only go around blowing up gnomeflingers or something.....

The Io looked up longingly. His eyes burned with a passion to fight. They burned with the taunting of his fellows, the shunning off his elders. They burned with the Order Magik inside him.

He stood up and looked at the diseased Io.
"Excuse me sir," He says, "But i do not know what you mean. You are but an elder, how can you grant me this power?"

He looks out a window. Sees the Kwelthies hastily working with his people. Not to fight....to hide....

"I am Karaitassanat-Orisygonarna-Ocalaerynasagulu. You may call me Karait, if you wish, elder."

"No!" She shouted. The skies rumbled with her shout. "How dare he......!" Glancing along the godly plane. "Jinthis!" SHe shoots a vehment look at Hellforge. "Hell! Come here, both of you! Insano's pissed me off!"

02/27/2003 5:01 PM

"Very well young one. You have made the correct choice. When you are older, far older than now your name will bring fear to the hearts of your enemies. Your armies will swirl about you, chanting your name. But for now, you must be patient young one. Now, I will tell you of how I came to be before you. I am a God, one of the forgers of the world. I know your hearts content. You wish to crush the races that are weaker than yours. You wish to bring order to the chaos of Psuedo. Remeber what your elders told you? Put your faith in the Gods and they will aid you. That is all I propose to do, aid you in return for your aiding me. Spread the glory of Insano to your friends, your loved ones. Let them know of what will come to transpire in the future.
But for now, I must depart, for other things call my attention. I will be near my child" With that, the God departs in a poof.


Ha, Goddess. Your race has forever been tainted by my wrath. Your young pawn will serve me well.

OOC: Wow, this RP has many different levels to it. Interact with mortals, evolve your race and interact with other Gods. All I have to say is wow...this is wicked!

02/27/2003 5:16 PM

Karait ran up to his mother. "Mother, what would happen if i became super powerful?"

"Nonsence Karait. You are nothing but a oddity. Nothing will every come of you."

He flamed with anger and ran outside, to a group who was working on makign their marbles perfect spheres.

"No, the degree of the 36th Paragon is wrong. You need to accerarte it .24325 degrees."


The once called Suro looked. "Hey, it's the freaky one! Kimetae, how are you? Still got your powers?"

Karait seared again. "I talked to a god, and he said he'd make me superpowerful!"

Suro blanched and said something his friends, and they rushed over.

"Can i be superpowerful too?" One asked.

"I want to meet a god!"

Karait smiled. "I can help you. Except you have to pledge loyalty and swear an oath. It's.....not so nice."

"I want to meet a god!"

Inside, he sneered. "Ok, come on."

The four of them walked over and Karait looked up to the sky.

"Isano! Grant us your power in return for our faith!"

Karina was feeling worse then a woman with PMS. She glared at the Chaotic god, and...slapped....him....
"How dare you corrupt my pacisifists! My experiment has failed, and it has brought the doom of my experiment even faster!"

02/27/2003 5:35 PM

"Ah, my dear. All you see is the small picture." Rubbing his jaw where he had been slapped. "These mortals mean nothing on the material plane. It is their souls I covet, and their souls I shall claim!"

With that, the God manifests himself once again upon the mortal plane.


"Ah, my dear Karait, you have done very well. Together, you and your friends shall become my first mortal clerics of Insano to walk upon Psuedo. Spread my word, gain more followers to my faith, and you shall all gain favour in my eyes. Now, all of you must pledge to me, pledge that when you reach the age of maturity you shall strike out and forge a new nation. A nation of Io dedicated to war making, and conquring of other races, and when this time comes, you shall be my champions. For, it is only you select few who are worthy of leading the world. Now go forth, and spread the word of Insano to your fellows, tell them of our plan. I shall be near if you need me, my children. Leave your faith in me, and I shall be your guide."
The Avatar of the crippled Io vanishes.

OOC: OK, so I guess we'll have to wait for a few posts for Princess to choose when the "Corrupt Io" leave to forge a new nation. And I ask a question of Benn, seeing as this is his thread, after the Corrupt Io leave their homeland, they become evil alligned correct? So does that mean a nation of Corrupt Io are to be controlled by me, or are they still Princess juridiction?

02/27/2003 6:26 PM

OOC: I have no life, i check this board evey half hour or so, blah. s for the me or you thing, i think it would be joint control - i'd get the individuals and you'd ahve the bulk army thing

Karait and Suro felt the power flow through them. They grinned, and disgarded the pacsifist idea.

"Suro," He said with a grin, "Does this make us both Kimetae, or am i no longer?"

"Rather," He commented, "Our nation shall be the Kimetaens."

Karait nodded in agreement, "Yes, but we must cull the weak from our flock."

"Oh?" Suro retorted.;

With a thought Suro's posse dissintagrates.

"You wouldnt dare, Karait."

Suro goes up in flames. Black, cold, unholy ones. Delving back into his dome thing, he finds the children who have not gotten the pascisfist policy so down.

Is this still an experiment? What was the purpose?

02/28/2003 6:03 AM

OCC- Should the Wood Sahdes help other races or just purge themselves of the Io, and go back into isolationisum?

02/28/2003 6:30 AM

OOC: Can someone give me a general overview of who's doing what, stuff happened so quick, that I got confused to who's with who, etc. I know I am on the side of the Abiel, and Templarians, but there's all sorts of races, and Gods doing all sorts of stuff. Its Insano.

Me get confused so easy :)

An MSNBC special report would be nice.

02/28/2003 6:41 AM

OOC: I'm here all morning and not at night so I have fun keeping up!

Starting from the begining, Insano, if you are in the center of my nation (the city shall be called "Abiel-nost") and I have the bulk of my troops on the border, (one you would have had to evade since there was no major battle) a pack of Winguards atop and a conciderable group of templarians coming from the other direction. I would say that you surrounded.

God Mode: As faras your offer goes, Insano, conquering the world does sounds tempting, but not at these costs. Generalante Abodegato has worked too hard to align himself in the United Races Alliance to throw it away. Plus then I'd have to work with Goddess PrincessOfDarkness. ~wince~

OCC: Insano, I believe the Corrupt Io are still controlled by PrincessOfDarkness, a champion doesn't always follow their patron god blindly. No one is evil or good, if you want to call someone else one or the other, go ahead. No one shall have an alignment until the die and they have judgement day. I'll demonstrate with Sheerdolt Forevermore.

God Mode: "You, Sheerdolt Forevermore, are to be judged by the story that you tell me. ~listens politely~ You lived a boring life, my friend, but tell me did you all this in my name? ~listens politely~ You did? Thenm you have lied to a diety, you fool! I condemn you to reincarnation as miner's canary!"

OOC: PrincessOfDarkness, all will make sense in evaluation. Hellforge, do what you feel is in the best interest of your people, I didn't help you earlier because I knew the war would be brought to me.

[Edited because I didn't put a space between "OCC:" and "Princess..." so it made a smiley. Bad Smiley. You are also condemned.]

02/28/2003 7:38 AM

*Contacting other holy races* (In Ahlder Wells (My champoin fellow who's like Arthas, but cooler)) "Send a notice, to all holy beings who may need my aid against the Demon Scourge, My hammer stands ready."

((OOC: Take Uthers wisdom and Arthas' power/resolve/temper and you got Ahlder))

02/28/2003 8:22 AM

(OOC: Wow, a whole lot of stuff has happened...)

The Micans hear about the warfare taking place in other lands and increase their militia activity. They step up defense and begin to employ regular scouting parties. Plus, they take steps in case they have to fight.

But, for the most part they continue as they always have, hoping that war will not come their way. A few warriors go to fight for the cause though.

GM(God Mode shortened.)-Silvermagess, walks towards where the other gods are.

"This is Isano, huh." She looks at him though it is hard to see her expression as a wide brimmed hat is hanging over her eyes. (Think like an old west gunslinger or like Odin from norse Mythology.)

"Tell, me why is there all this chaos and war going on? I leave this world for one moment to have a chat with the Jade Emperor and when I come back, all of this." She sounds just a little exhausted.

02/28/2003 8:22 AM

The Drakes, taking a look around see the forming picket lines of the Albiel Armies. The Drakes, out of fear of being routed turn to the north and lead a valiant charge to break the lines of the Albiel. The fighting is fierce, and the Drakes own Ganej falls in battle. But alas the brute force of the Drakes is enough to punch a small whole in the Albiel lines, enough to move the bulk of the Drake army through. The Drakes immediatly begin to fall back to their northern home islands, their population cut to 137 members.
It is said on this day, the Drakes recived their God Gift, humility.
Similarly, the armies of Deamon Warriors begins to remove themselves from the Material Plane, back to their homes of the nothing. No true victories were being won, they seem it is a wiser decision to bide their time for another day.

"No, my Army of Drakes, all for them is lost. As for the deamons, perhaps I should place my faith in that race, they seem to be...more tactful. And what of my prophet, who walks the land of Mortals. He will prove to be most important in the future. I may have retired my soldiers from the field, but already I have plans on how to weave chaos to mortals once again.

OOC:Wow, I forgot to give my race a "God Gift", well, I did it now. ;) Meanwhile, Benn may haved turned down my proposal, one of Princess' mortals accepted it. *Dum Dum Dum* How will the mortals prosper with their new-found alliances in peace time?

02/28/2003 8:28 AM

MSNBC Newsline: In the hourly recap, the URA, the United Races Alliance, (consisting of the Abiel, Templar & Andesites) has announced they shall stand to every last man in an attempt to battle the Demon Forces (consisting of Insano's drakes and the corrupt Io).

The Micans, Woodshades and the Sinnelias have shown some interest in helping, but no definite war plans have been made. The Kwelthes, Mirlancs, and the Hex appear to be idle so far.

Marching through the Abiel's defenses through some sort of magically means, the Demon Forces have penetrated into Abiel-nost, the capital of the abiel nation. Appearing on Larry King Live last night, Mage Witscon of the Order Magic calmed a terrified audience. "It would appear that times are fearful. I have never been afraid when I was in good company. and that we, the Abiel, are in good company. Our allies, the Templar and Winguards are in full force. We shall not parish in the night. Just like Pandora's Box, the Abiel nation shall contain this evil!"

Stirring words from the Lord of the Order Magic, I suggest you stay tuned to MSNBC with further information on the "Demon War".

***Late Breaking New***
Defense of the Abiel nation is complete. the Drakes have pulled out of Abiel-nost after the fall of their leader, Ganej. Generalante Abodegato is still advising every person to stay on high alert for the next few weeks.

OOC: Insano keep the Drakes, they now have personality and a history on Psuedo, plus I've already associated the two of you.

Also if people could bolden new names of important champions, places of interest and other important terms it would help when responding to such information. Easy location and all since responses seem to be very long.

OOC2: Insano, now you have to stage Ganej's judment day. How you choose to do so is up to you, but all important people must have them. We will have a body count at the end. We're up to two so far: Sheerdolt and Ganej.

02/28/2003 8:44 AM

OOC: Oh I have every intention of keeping the Drakes around. I just had them withdraw to their homeland in the north.


"Ah, my dear silvermagess. Do you still only see the short term for this 'expirement'?? The wars breed a purpose my dear friend"

02/28/2003 9:12 AM

OOC: Remember, Insano, there are more was to create chas other than just war. Play one race against another like the ittle Imp King I know you can be! I am also giving you lean way to create other champions of any race as long as you give people enogh time to recognize what you've done. However, use this sparingly. I like the ides of the Io champion controlled by someone else much more.

02/28/2003 9:17 AM

OOC: Oh I know my friend, I know. Many other routes to chaos exist. I just thought it was about time for a war to erupt. I've already got plans for what is going to happen next. I just think we need a little bit of time of re-structuring between calamities.

02/28/2003 10:22 AM

OOC: Sorry about being so inactive all of a sudden...my life has gotten really crazy recently, due to getting a new job. Anyway, I'm not dead and neither is my race. Uh, I'd appreciate it though, if someone could give me a brief overview about what's happened....I tried to read all the posts, and just wound up getting lost.

BIG~Straea wakes up from her long slumber and looks around. She is very confused by what she sees, and decides she's going to find out what's going on. She walks up to Silvermagess and taps her on the shoulder.
"Hey, what have I missed?"

02/28/2003 12:16 PM

GOD MODE~ (do do doooooooo!)

Karina eavesdrops and walks over.
"Well, lets see here...Isano is corruption my Seer, my Warriors are killing Hellforges' Woodshades and, my corrupt Io are starting their own nation."

Karait was feeling rather.....vampiric.
He walked inside and glanced into one of the study rooms. There was one of his friends, Onoca, in there, and two of his enemies. Deciding what to do, he threw the door open and walked in.

"I'm glad you joined us, Karait." the teacher said politely. "SIt down."

"Oh shut up, you old windbag."

There were gasps.

"Excuse me, Karaitassanat. Sit down, and be quiet."

"Hey Onoca!" He yelled, completely ignoring the teacher. "I gotta show you someting!"

"Really?" Onoca asked.

"Yah, watch this!" He whispered the words of Insano's Magik, and the two enemies spontaneously compusted. More gasps.

"Violence!" ONoca yelled in pure shock. "Karait...you...you...fought!"

"Yes, but i have been autherized by a god! Not some rules!"

Onoca, as children do, completely forget his manner. "Cool! If a god told you, then it must be ok!"

"Put your hand out, Onoca, and i'll give you the same power."

He sticks his hand out obiendietnly. Karait jabs it once with a runic dagger.

"I feel that power, Karait!"

02/28/2003 1:00 PM


The Winguards are not a sepreate race. They are Huge, and powerful creatures the teh Wood Shades form empathic bonds with, and ride into battle, but because of the sheer power that Winguard riders get, and the iffy nature of the bonds that form between winguards and the Wood Sahes, there are no more then 40 Winguard Riders in the whole of the High Guard army. They are very rare. I takes the larger portion of 500 years to gian the trust of a Winguard.

-K, time the work again-

The Ranger's plan works. After tricking the Bloodthursty Io into killing eachother, the Wood Sahde High Guard, along with air from the luna and Sol clerics, and Winguard riders (From now on considered part of the high guard) slaughter what remains of them after their feice battle. Thw Wooden Realms of the Wood Shades are safe for now, but there is no telling how much longer that will be. Ranger teams and Saber Tiger squadrons are no a commen site on the border of their forests, and woods are crawling with High Guard. Several months intot eh Chaos of war, the Arch-Druid, and Druid lords meet, with the Leaders of the Luna and Sol clerical guild to discuss what to do next.

"The drums of war rage again. Our people are safe for now, but at what cost? And how long till the other races fall?"

"You sould Liek you already have a plan." One of the Druid-Lords said.

"I must go, to the Abiel Capital, and discuss with the other eladers of the world how to proceed." Nagzel said.

"They ahve only recently even learned of our existence! Do you think they trust us enough to value what you say Milord?"

"We need not the aid of the other races to survive! Let their fates be their own." Another Druid lord said.

"And when they fall, do you expect us to be able to stand up agains the shadows alone? We will not be able to hold and protect our people? IU will go and talk with their commander. I will go with one of the Winguard riders. In my absence, I leave Shoashi, the Clerical Lord of the Sol guild in command."

-2 weeks later, Abiel scouts report one of the mammoth 'Winguards' aproching their border, heading for the capital.-

02/28/2003 1:15 PM

Lord Mage Pyroglobe of the Chaos Magic headed off one of the messengers with the Windgaurds. "You may tell your leader the his effort to help save our nation was appreciated. We are now in times of peace. Thanks to the sacrifices of the Abiel and their allies. We require no more of your aid. We wish you well and so forth. May Benn-Salian smile upon you."

02/28/2003 1:39 PM

BIG: "Well damnit, you guys take all the fun." God Alderon was not in a good mood, because just as he was about to test his creations and see what they were really made of, he found out that Benn-Salian had taken all the fun!. "Jeez Insano why'd ya have to create such week beings that they were destroyed with only the need of Benn's creations." "And here i thought you were a god that was worth a damn" "go figure eh?" "Guess ill go hang out with Benn and discuss some war stratagies for my Templar, assuming that a race worth something starts to cause trouble" "HUUUUMMPPHH!"

02/28/2003 1:55 PM

God Mode: "I wouldn't try the ten count on ol' Insano, just yet, Guy. He has his reasons - probably testing the water. You know what I mean?"

02/28/2003 2:13 PM

"Prince Kelvmore, youve returned entirly too quick for us to have been very affective", King Paltor II informed his son. "Yes , yes i realize this, that is because by the time we arrived, even flying at full speed, the minions of the wicked Insano had been stopped and destroyed by the followers of Benn-Salin."

"This cannot be good , for the people seemed truly anxious to go to battle, and now they are forced to try and use their stocked up adrineline elsewhere."

"You state the all too obvious father, for already fights are breaking out in the street over frivoulous arguments, and petty disputes."

To accentate (sp) Prince Kelvmores point, a large explosion was heard outside the home of the King. Upon looking outside, the local Wing and Sword Tavern had just had several windows exploded from within the establishment.

"Damn'd magik users are in the mix now too, I'd say its about time for us to head out and do some crowd control."

King Paltor II called out his Elite Guard, the "Winged Furies" to try and calm things down just a bit.

**** Meanwhile Prince Luthian (kelvmores younger brother) and head of the "Casters of Chaos Control" (or the Triple C as they are known amoung most templar) was trying to keep his Druids in check in an attempt to keepn them from becoming involved with the disputes other than in helping to calm things down, as opposed to letting there emotions get the best of them. Prince Luth already had reports that some of druids were running amock in the Wing and Sword. "This is going to be a long day, to say the least." Luth thought to himself. *****

02/28/2003 3:55 PM

::Arch Druid Nagzel jumps off the Winguard, and walsk over to the Abiel mage.::

"I am Arch-druid Nagzel of the Woodshades, and i have come a long way to speak with your lord. You seek to turn me away after such a jouney?"

Occ-Ya we know, Nagzel is kidna pompus, but thats how I want him to be. :) ::

02/28/2003 4:44 PM

"Ah, Alderon. The mortals of Psuedo have only tasted the beggining of my wrath. You puny creations will soon feel the brunt of my wrath. Until then my Godly siblings...Adieu"
With that, Insano shifts himself away from his godly companions into realms uknown, where divine eyes can no longer see his schemes

OCC:I'm trying to invent an Abyss sort of setting for me to dwell in. Maybe if I can find some allies along the way, they will care to join me.

03/01/2003 12:24 AM




*All things HE would dissaprove of.*

*But he is not here.*

A young girl dreams in the void, the swirling dust that is her realm. A small creature perched on her shoulder whistles softly. "Lia, Bakal, Aqualitara, Wind Screamer, Mythran." she calls forth. As she calls each, small motes of dust swirl into the shadows of the once great elementals. "Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, and Aether." Her voice drops on the last, knowing that the old man Mythran had given himself to the spell that stopped the elemental disaster. Only she, Lyra Starsoul, had been saved from the void.

Now she had brought them here, to this new world, only to find that it too, was beset by strife and turmoil. Still she continued to watch, deciding which side to support to end the destruction the most quickly, and regreting the loss of Mythran's guidance.

(OOC: Starlight, forgive me for stealing your character from you. If you ever return, feel free to smack me for it. On another note, the other thread that involved making a world, similar to this, is titled "Out of Mortal Minds", and the first post and last page can still be found on the last listing of old topics, with a 2 year setting. For more info on Lyra and the elementals, search for the thread "Elemental Wars" or something like that. I can't find it on the forum anymore, but if a MOD would be so kind as to repost it for a short time, I'd love a copy.)

03/01/2003 6:05 AM

A green humanoid blur take runs to the archdruid with surprising speed. It stops and takes the form of a Seer.

"Do not worry, Woodshade. We are not the same as our 'cousins' that tried to slaughter you. We only do peace."

03/01/2003 3:34 PM

With that, Insano shifts himself away from his godly companions into realms uknown, where divine eyes can no longer see his schemes

OCC:I'm trying to invent an Abyss sort of setting for me to dwell in. Maybe if I can find some allies along the way, they will care to join me.

Fernus was furious at the news that the Abiel had so non-chalantly brushed away their help. "Fight on a second front" he roared, "the Andesites fight face to face". The Ardenite messenger, realizing his Masters fury, wisely left the large cavern.

Alone, Fernus offered his regret to his God. "Great Schuey, we have been made fools of, The Abiel look upon us as inferior back-ups, worthy only of a cowards scheme". "Action must be taken!"

Fernus could only hope that his prayers and concerns had been heard.

God mode:
The Andesite God....Schuey, had watched as Insano's minions had struck the first blow to Psuedo's blossoming races. The Abiel had indeed defeated the minions of Insano rather easily. Was this a show of their growing power? Did they indeed believe the Andesite's to be unworthy of fighting side by side with them?

At that moment Insano bids his Godly companions goodbye, and dissapears.

The power he posseses is great, Schuey thought to himself. In his mind an idea began to take form. The Andesites would not stand for this second rate treatment, and Schuey would not stand see his race take a back seat to the other races of Psuedo.

"Meet me on the slopes of Ithpal", he whispered softly. He could only hope that Insano, wherever he was, had heard.

OOC: Hope this ok, just trying to go in a different direction with my race.

03/01/2003 7:29 PM

(OOC: Wow, some great conflicts are rising. Awesome.)

The High Priest Argil, sat in front of an alter, taking part in the morning rituals. In particular, he was murmering his relief that warfare had not visited their race. Argil was new to the office, one of the former under priests of High Priestess, Drusila. He was only 20, young for such a rank, but he relished his postion with pride. He also looked forward to an uneventuful life term in office. But, it wouldn't be...

Argil. I must charge you with a task.

"Old Lady Wide Brim!" He was shocked at her sudden appearence. He was even more shocked that he had just used one of her folksier nicknames.

I will be journeying again. But, this time I charge you with action instead of holding the fort.

"What!" It wasn't so much that the goddess was traveling, it was that she was actually going to give him some kind of assignment.

Travel and meet other nations. Other people. We must see who we can depend on and who to be wary of.

"But, Milady, I have just started in my post. And why have me do this when you are journeying?" He was nervous.

The threat is gone but it will return. I need to learn the orgin of this enemy. But, we can't hesitate either. Your people are over all a gental race, only violent when you need be. There are many others which could trample over that. If we prepare ahead of time, than so much the better.

"I understand Milady." He was resigned.

Good. Head to the Abiel nation first. They are the victors, thus they have deciede the terms of this age.

Don't worry Argil,I choose you because I had faith in you as did your supporters. Farwell and good luck.

"Thank You." He smiled weakly.

03/01/2003 9:32 PM

Insano appears apon the slopes of Ithpal in another one of his avatars. One of an Drake, except shorter (7 feet) and dressed in Copper Armour. "I have recieved your call Schuey. What do you seek of me?" Calls the God.

03/03/2003 6:46 AM

OOC: Insano, wouldn't all the gods live in the Psuedo-Abyss. We could interact much more that way. A whole new dimension of rp could result when the gods have different relationships than their respectful mortals. Perhaps two old friends politely test their borders whilst their mortals fight to the death because of it.

BIC: Lord Mage Pyroglobe of the Chaos Magic sat in conference with one of the Templar representatives that had stayed after the Demon War had concluded.

"Good friend," Pyroglobe began pacing as he spoke, "My people are thankful for the help that your nations and the Windgaurds gave us in the battle of Abiel-nost. As you know, the destruction of the city has made us move the capital to her sister city, Benn-Salianost, those preparations are almost complete."

The mage smiled, causing the Templar representative to cringe, "Our attentions have turned to our other allies, the Andesites. They were the ones who were absent from the battle of Abiel-nost. While your bravery was noted, theirs was lacking. I say to you, what is their reason for such action? I believe that there fault is in thier communications department. I devised a plan that I want you to present to your leader. A plan that shall involve deployment of troops to resolve their governmental discourse."

"Yes, I know that Generalante Abodegato has already signed it. I assure you that I am only the pawn piece through which he speaks."

God Mode: Generalante Abodegato is a wise man. However, he need not trust his advisors blindly. Pyroglobe has some plans that are quite bothersome to the rest of Psuedo. I must keep an eye on my sly one.

03/03/2003 7:56 AM

OOC: So they just left? the Evilly things... darn, no smashing, uhm, I've been fairly confused as of late but I'll keep in sight and look for a good entering point, see you all later

03/03/2003 8:30 AM

Insano, wouldn't all the gods live in the Psuedo-Abyss. We could interact much more that way.

OOC: I was thinking that we were all in the dome of creation still, and I moved somewhere where things were a little less hectic. Well, too late to back down on my move to the psuedo abyss. However, as of right now it is just a domain, a dwelling place. No deal souls have arrived there yet because I haven't opened it up to that aspect yet. See what Im talking about?
Question, where do the souls of those lost in the Demon Wars go? We didn't really determine that. Do they go to the Dome of Creation? Or do they move onto a new plane of existance. OR, are they re-incarnated upon Psuedo.

03/03/2003 8:47 AM

OOC: I believe this is uncharted territory. Important figures, anyone with a name, shall have a judgement day at the hands of their creator/patron god and that god shall determine their fate. If one remembers correctly, Sheerdolt Forevermore was punished with reincarnation.

I suggest that we allow the dead populous that aren't reincarnated to walk around the Psuedo-Abyss in the manner that they would if they were alive. Perhaps some mortals could continue to ifluence in the afterlife, ie. Raistlin Majere.

Insano you can create your own corner of the Psuedo-Abyss, I like staying there as well and I wouldn't fit into your decor. Plus, your Rancid Monkey Gaurds are a bit much, don't you think?

03/03/2003 8:57 AM

"Who knew that carrying out a divine command could be so hard." Muttered Argil.

He had already had to make two grand annoucements. He also had to attend at least three meetings so far. One to fully discuss what had happened with community leaders. Second, the first of many meetings to plan out the trip. And Third a meeting with those higher ups who felt he shouldn't be going because:
A. It was too dangerous.
B. He was inexperienced.
C. And some felt that they shouldn't be involved with other races.

The last meeting needless to say had left him just a little annoyed. Still, he had managed to stand up for himself. But, he still worried. It had been so difficult to refute all their points. And most other races were known to be a lot tougher.

"And Her Ladyship had to throw this all on me now!?" He exclamied as he walked down the halls toward where the maps were kept. He didn't notice two pairs of eyes watching him from behind.
Priestess Amareth and her twin brother, Priest Bryant stood their watching the new high priest.

"That Charletan, walking around like her owns the place! It should be you brother who is the high priest, not that child!" Hissed Amareth.

"Sister, I don't like it either, but it is what Drusila and the others all decieded. Even if he is twenty years younger than I, it is obvious the goddess has approved." Said Bryant, having had similar conversations before.

"You fool! He has tricked everyone! He is obviously unfit for this. And why would the goddess put forth such a mission in the first place? It is obviously a lie to gain fame!" She pratically shrieked this line.

"Sister, to say such a thing is blashemy! I may not agree to who the new High Priest is, but I have accepted it as should you." Bryant walked off.

"You fool, where is your pride, your ambition?" She said to herself in anger.


Silvermagess had already gone through three worlds time, but had yet to find any information on Insano.

"Argh!!! If only I could find the little creep's place of orgin!" She pratically sceamed.

03/03/2003 9:14 AM

MSNBC Newsline: Last night, in an impromptu interview with the Lord Pyroglobe, startling intentions of the Abiel government came into view.
-The following is an exerpt from a interview-

"I suggest that the Andesites, are not wrong or misguided in any way," the mage wearing grey robes remarked, "I suggest that apparently there is someone in the government that is. If the government of the Andesites cannot supply the defenses that their people need, then the people have a right, if not the duty, to overthrow that government. We, The Abiel, have decided to aid the Andesites in this liberation. (Assuming that the Andesites have some democratic for of government, if incorrect ignore the relative comments.) An ineffective government that does not have one person who is to be blamed is not a government that will except any blame. We will repare their broke government and raise a new one in the honor of its people I have already had Generalante Abodegato name my second in command Mage Exhalechasm as the occuping leader of the Andesites after we have vanquished their ineffectiveness."

BIC: Mage Exhalechasm leads a small army into the lands of the Andesites expectig to find recruits amoung its people. He marches with the promises of Pyroglobe in his heart. He will justifily bring the Andesite people out of harms way and lead them into prosperity. Once a true leader of the Andesites arises, he has decide to step down. A true heir to the throne shall be more welcomed than I anyways. Perhaps, I may live amougst them after such evets transpire. These were hopeful thoughts that led Exhalechasm into battle.

03/03/2003 6:15 PM

Insano appears apon the slopes of Ithpal in another one of his avatars. One of an Drake, except shorter (7 feet) and dressed in Copper Armour. "I have recieved your call Schuey. What do you seek of me?" Calls the God.

"Revenge"...the words came from somewhere in the region of Insano's boot. A few paces from the God, a small pool of lava began to form, bubbling and hissing. First the pool grew in width, then in depth, until finally it grew magically in height. The lava dripped and oozed, until finally a figure that resembled a human stood before Insano. "I am Schuey", he spat, droplets of lava splattered Insano's armour.

"It pains me greatly what I am about to ask of you, but I am afraid I have no choice". "My people are for the most part peaceful, and helpful to the other races" "One thing they are not though, are cowards", he roared in anger. "These Abiel denounce my race as cowards". "Their intentions are clear, they are a race that will only rest when they have conquered all".

"I have seen your minions at play, alone they are no match against the might of the Abiel and its allies....but with our combined strength, (and any others that may join our unholy alliance :) ) we may be able to bring about the end of the Abiel civilization".

"Your answer by sunset!", Schuey said, returning to his liquid state and dissapearing into the crags of Ithpal. "You know where to reach me".

OOC: Started a new job today, so I'll try and update in the morning and evening.

03/03/2003 7:37 PM

Insano paces about, thinking calmly to himself. "Do the Drakes need aid? Is it true that even the drakes and my dark clerics can not conquer the Three Races? And if not, am I willing to accept the aid of an oozing puddle?" The Drake turns on his boot heel, and returns to the pool.

"Yes, I accept. However, I have a greater plan than to wage war. Withdraw your races from any trading or interface with any of the other races other than the drakes. Our time to strike will be soon at hand. Once the other races have seen how powerful we have become, I'm certain a few of them will fall in line with our plans. Await and follow my lead. Until then, I have buisness to do. We have a deal." With that, Insano shakes God Schuys hand and withdraws to his portion of the abyss

"My dear Genja, you served me well in life. However, I have deemed you unworthy of passing into my blissful kingdom, thus, I decree that you will return to the islands of the Drakes as a skeleton of your formal self, to lead the armies of the Drakes, until I deem fit for you to pass on." Says Insano to his fallen General.

OOC:OK, I think that sums up that. Schuy, your avatar was super cool! But just follow my lead on the upcoming calamaties, I think it will have an original spin on it.

03/04/2003 4:27 AM

Schuey was not proud of the course he had set his race upon, but it was his only option.

Later that day, as Fernus offered his daily prayers, Schuey instructed him to cease all contact with the others races. "Be on your guard my child, I have concerns that nothing will ever be as it was before".

03/04/2003 9:52 AM

Generante Abodegato paced in his room thinking about what he had jsu witnessed. He had seen the news report on his own aid, Lord Pyroglobe, and was quite shocked since he had no knowledge of any plans to help the Andesite people. At first he was about Pyroglobe commanding from the generalante's shadow. That rage settled down to thoughtfulness. "What is the Lord Mage is correct in his dealings? What if he did bring peace and prosperity to our ally? Does that end justify his means?" he questioned in accordance to his pacing.

::At that moment, the generalante's hourglass fell over on its side; breaking and slowly allowing the grains of sand to cover some of the maps that laid on the table::

the befuddled generalante stared at the occurance that had happened before his very eyes. "If that is even his end at all! No not one man shall die because of this; negotiations must transpire first." Generalante Abodegato realized after a second's more thought on the matter.

::The sand coming out of the hourglass sped up as it began to spill its contents onto the floor::

Generalante Abodegato ran towards the door screaming in pain when the door knob gave him a jolt. Testing it again gave him the electric charge once more. "Damn you Pyroglobe!" he called into the void with such ferocity that his voice was heard by the gods themselves.

Elsewhere, Mage Exhalechasm closed in on the border of the Andesite nation. He had decided that the noble thing to do was to offer the leader of the nation the opportunity to step down in a bloodless revolution.

03/04/2003 10:26 AM

"I think we should make contact with mopre other races, perhaps the wood kind and the Abeil." Ahlder said, "Messanger, send a notice to them both for a small catered conference, get the best food and wine in town, and infact, invite all races we know of to send a representative, it's time we met and discussed territory and laws and how we can contribute to each others wellbeing."

Good Ahlder, make peace with those you trust, and make there be a good set of laws for us all to prosper on ((OOC: That was me, yeno, Slyknife the God, hehe))

03/04/2003 10:36 AM

(OOC: You know, the hardest thing about using somebody else's character is figuring out how they would react to things. Sorry if she's crashing the party, but I'm putting her active in this. Don't worry, I'm not going to add a race this late in the game, or try to userp an entire race. Just offer assistance to those in need.)



The thoughts screamed in her head as she heard the General's cry.
"I cannot sit idle any longer." Lyra said to herself. "I was given the spirits of the elementals for a reason. Not just to keep them from destroying each other, but to continue their purpose. To guide mortals and to lend their power to worthy causes. Now I am their will, and my cause becomes theirs." Lyra cried through her monologue, then grew determined. "I will help these people, and the elementals will help me."


The dust swirled in the Generalante's room. Merging togather behind him, it converged into the shape of a young girl. Becoming solid, a small ferret crawled down from her shoulder to sniff at the sand. "Hello." She said softly.

03/04/2003 11:09 AM

God Mode

Silvermagess had visited twenty worlds, and at count thirteen different dimensions and still nothing concrete on Insano.

"I must face it. Without any leads, this is hopeless. Plus, I have got to see how Argil is doing. I need to see if Drusila's example is enough for him..." She frowned as she said this.

Drusila had been a great High Priestess, but the reason the goddess allowed Argil to now lead was because of the ways in which he differed from Drusilla. Dark Secrets unknown to others came to her mind...


High Priestess Drusila's spirit stood before her goddess.

"Why? Why did you do something so against the ways of your people?" Said the goddess, quietly.

"I felt we needed some form of power in dealing with the other populations on this world. It was a sound way." Said Drusila.

"Assasins are not the way to go. I give priests the ability to abandon the gift of 'honesty' and thus the flaw of 'naviety' for a reason. It was not to create a society of killers." The goddess was now angry.

"We needed power!! What would you have us do!? The other races ignore us!!" Drusila cried out in frustration.

"You should be glad that they do so!"

~End Flashback~

She had been so frustrated that she forced Drusila to wander the world forever. Yet, she had realized that what Drusila meant about involvement with other races. Silvermagess just chose different means to the same end.

03/04/2003 11:34 AM

OOC: I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but I need the Generalante to be kept here for a few days so that Lord Pyroglobe can lay down his Machiavellian groove down on Psuedo. If you like, you may enlighten the Generalante on something to make him a better person, but he can't leave right yet. Also, do you know which Thread it was that was similar to this? I was told something about the Elemental War and two year setting, but I still can't find it

BIC: Lord Mage Pyroglobe showed the Templar representitive his plans for the mission, Revolution of the Andesites. The mage stood up and braced his body weight onto the table scrutinizing the nameless representative. "What is it that you leader has decided on the Templar involvement?" Pyroglobe demanded.

03/04/2003 1:52 PM

"What is it that you leader has decided on the Templar involvement?" Pyroglobe demanded.

After a bout of hystarical laughter at the sight of a puny mage trying to throw his weight around, the "nameless" runner who was in the meeting with Pyroglobe decided he should go ahead and introuduce himself more formally.

"I'm not sure who it is you think you are dealing with SIR, but you would do well to learn before you go "attempted" to throw your weight around.

Standing to his full height of 8 1/2 ft tall, and spreading his 12 ft. wingspan wide behind him, he introduced himself. "I good mage am Lord Prince Kelvmore, and second in comand of the Templar race, so you little one, would do well to pay attention to who it is you address!"

"Now as to where we stand , we will gladly fight ALONG side you in this battle against the infidle earth creatures." "However, we will fight as your equals, and there for myself or my brother Luthian will take part in leading this battle." "NO decisions will be made by only yourselves or only the Templar, but will be made as a joint effort!" "If you have any problems with this arrangement, then perhaps the earth creatures would be more accepting of our help."

With that closing statement, The Templar Lord Prince Kelvmore stepped out on to the balcony, and headed for the finest establishment he could find, to rest and await the desicions to be made.

03/04/2003 2:21 PM

*God mode*
Karina walked up to Silvermagess and poked her in the shoulder. "He's pissing you off too? I'd be glad to help ya kill em (lil pun there) but i know just about as much as you."

*Uh.....Non-god or avatar mode*

"There are fifty of them assembled, sir."

"Good!" Karait yelled. "Take the first five rows and a emisary and bring them over to the Andesites. They seem to be a happy with everyone else as we are! Then take the others and bring them over to Isano's clerics. I will go to the ANdesites. I trust you can handle the troops efficently?"

"Yes, sir!"

With that, Karait walked over to the bunch of his warriors that were going to see the Andesites.


"I, Lord Prince Kelvenmore, and Arikasonakran-Myritoacatoa-Xyoranteanoo, Third of the High Council of Nine. You may refer to me as Arik, as i know that most do not go through the process of prounocing my enitire name. As for an alliance, i can assure you one with split decisions would be most welcome. My people will provide the backround information, but we cannot fight."

03/04/2003 2:25 PM

Lord Mage Pyroglobe cursed the night's air. How could he have been so foolhearty? "So the young prince has within him an ego to match his brawn. Fine, I shall use that for my own gain. As long as the Andesites clean upo their act and help us fight the demons, we'll be alright."

:: A splash of water was heard near the fireplace ::

"What? Who's there?" Pyroglobe wondered aloud. Once seeing the puddle of water on the floor, the Chaos Mage looked around for its source. Finding none, he quickly dismissed it. As he began to walk away he saw some reflected fire light. Pyroglobe realized that it came from puddle of water. Peering into it for a moment, he saw the reflection on his hand. He leaned over to view his face, one he had not seen in a while.

:: Flash of light fills the room ::

In the water, Pyroglobe saw not his relatively handsome face, he saw that of a maddened demon. "Blessed be Benn-Salian!" he cried in the night.

03/04/2003 2:30 PM

OOC: ok the past couple of post confused me a little. princess are u proposing an alliance to me with you and the and's or am i readin it wrong.

also, was your post supposed to include an answer to me benn, or am i to assume im still waiting on one?

o and one other question, when u refer to the windguards benn, who are u refering to? my warriors, or is that someone else's creation that i didnt see in my readings? :p

just tryin to keep things straight.

03/04/2003 2:36 PM

OOC: Alderon, I thought your prince had left, I didn't want Pyroglobe to leave the tower that he was in, so assume that he had accept your proposal. If no one has noticed, the hourglass was a symbol of Pyroglobe's intentions; guess why. I believe the wind gaurds were apart of the Wood Shade's army.

:: In case everyone han't figured it out, this is my subtle godly presence ::

03/04/2003 2:43 PM

OOC: kelvmore had flown to an inn to await an answer. i didnt know if you had ment your post to say that you had sent someone to let kelv know you agreed or what the case was, so thats why i was wanting to clarify so their wasnt any major confusion.

03/04/2003 2:49 PM

the windguards are Hellforge's elite dudes.

Yes, i am proposing an alliance.

03/04/2003 2:51 PM

::The Wood Shades again withdraw into their wooden realms, fully aware that the end of all is near, and the races, like fools begin to squabble over themselves. As the Druids heal the land, the High Guard prepares for something that it had never done before, an all out offensive...::

03/04/2003 2:56 PM


03/04/2003 3:44 PM

God Mode

"I want to destroy him alright. I would see him fall before he goes against my own people." She simmered.

~Regular Mode~

Argil was already half way to the Abielnost(that correct?)

Surrounded by guards, he was actually feeling a little lighter hearted.

"I cant believed that the goddess entrusted me with such an important task! She must really trust me. So I must do everything to honor that trust." He said to himself.

It really helped to know that Priest Bryant, his second in command was in charge back home. Argil really only had to worry about diplomacy.

(OOC: Silvermagess is definatly not sutble.

Also on Argil, Bryant and Amareth. High Priests are nomitated in will by the Former High Priest in a will. There are always two canidates. They are than voted for by Nobels and other priests. Majority wins.

Argil is a slightly unusal case. His age of twenty is consider young for a male mican High Priest. He has just full grown his scales and claws, plus his hair has just recently hardened. So technically he has just finished puberty. Bryant, defiantly an adult at fourty years was thought to win. The nomination and victory of Argil though was a big surprise. It also wounded the egos of both Amareth and Bryant.

Argil made Bryant his second in command which helped to repair much of Bryant's anger. Amareth though is throughly enraged and believes that Argil is mocking her brother.)

03/04/2003 4:59 PM

(OOC: No problem. Lyra is whimsical, and not all-powerful. Even if he asked to be let out, she would be as likely to open it as leave it locked. She can give him info though, and find out more directly what is going on. I need his reaction to her first though. The Elemental War thread has been on the server too long, and is no longer available. The thread about another world being created, similar to this one, was "Out of Mortal minds" and is the 13th to last thread still on the servers. All but 3 posts of it are gone though. It was further developed in "Legacy of life," but did not get very far there.)

03/04/2003 5:12 PM

Since the Demon War had caused such damage to the city of Abiel-nost, the capital was moved to her sister city, Benn-Salianost. Lord Mage Witscon of the Order Magic still resided in the broken city. He believed that he could resurrect the city to its former glory.

With his foresight, he saw a figure approaching from a far land. He was a descendant of some race that had been seen very little on the face of Psuedo. Mage Witscon's forsight only afforded him little glimpses into the near future and it drained him so. Retreating to his bed, he made mental preparations to meet with the young adventurer soon.

:: The sound of water hitting the hull of a boat echoed throughout the city of Abiel-nost. However the city was not anywhere near any bodies of water ::

Mage Witscon neglected the sounds, choosing to assossiate them with a tired mind rather than to heed any warning.

Elsewhere, in the Basteel Tower, where both Lord Pyroglobe and the Generalante Abodegato were inhabited. One by choice, the other by force. Generalante Abodegato came to the realization that he was stuck inside this room with threat of electricution. However, he was not alone. A lone girl and her ferret appeared before him with greetings.

"What do you want apparition? Why have you imprisioned me? Why does that mage call upon you instead of coming to deal with me himself? Answer me now spook, or I shall send you back to the Psuedo-Abyss with frequent flyer miles!" The Generalante exclaimed in his crazy-brave style afraid that the ghost would see through his front.

03/04/2003 5:35 PM

Insano appears once again to the corrupted Io. "My child, the time your your independence is now. You must seperate yourselves, or possibly destroyed." Says the God.

03/04/2003 5:44 PM

MSNBC Newsline: In an attempt to keep things straight the most important members of the Abiel society have created a post to list all the currant events in progress. All are listed by the participant and are in alphabetical order:

Generalante Abodegato: Locked in the Basteel Tower loc: Benn-Salianost
Mage Exhalechasm: Leading a military expedition into the Andesite nation loc: a few miles north of the border of the Andesite's nation
Mage Pyroglobe: Planning for the "Revolution of the Andesites" in the upmost floor of the Basteel Tower loc: Benn-Salianost
Mage Witscon: Awaiting a messenger loc: Abiel-nost

03/04/2003 7:34 PM

"Sorry, I did not mean to frighten you. I have come to meet with you though." The small girl said, seemingly unfazed by his bravado. "And I will first tell you that it was not I that placed the seal on the door. You are correct in blaming the mage however. He is keeping you here so that he may engage the Andesites and overthrow them." Her eyes grew colder then, and her voice grew hard. "And I am NOT a ghost. I am the last of the elemental Titans, Lyra Starsoul, and there is nothing that you could do that would harm me." Her voice grew normal again. "I would appreciate you explaining more about your world to me though. I haven't been here long, and am curious to know more about it."

(OOC: Tell you what. She'll open it when he (you) asks, but will not offer it until then. When she speaks in the hard voice, it is a little like the red queen in resident evil, but not so quiet.)

(OOC: Background: Ok, I've got a message to the mods about the old threads, and might get the info soon for you. The brief rundown is this though. There were 6 elemental masters: Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Aether, and Dust. In the old thread, the forces of fire fought against water and air, with earth as fire's reluctant ally. Mythran, the titan of Aether, recognized the danger of what would happen to the world if the titans killed each other. He met with Lyra, the titan of Dust, and explained this to her. They determined to stop the war without anybody dying. Unfortunetly, this was not to be. In order to stop them all from being destroyed, Mythran cast his final spell, which removed the spirits/daemons from all the titans except Lyra, and put them under her control. In this case, dust is unique superdimensional particals which holds the essence of living creatures. Starlight explained it much better than I can remember, so I'll have to wait a little while on that.

03/05/2003 4:29 AM

With the Abiel on the move, Fernus was forced to take immediate action. He made his way along the rocky slopes to the cave of Magnus. "Magnus my friend, Abiel troops have been spotted not far from our borders, the time is at at hand". With that said he bid Danite warrior goodbye and returned to his chambers.

It did not take magnus long to begin preperations. Danite warriors took up their strategic positions along the cliff side, waiting, camouflaged against the black volcanic rock.

Meanwhile Fernus was busy meeting with the other molten Highlords. "Scorch, I need you to enter the lava pit and release the flow, the borders of Ithpal must be inpassable by the time the Abiel arrive". Scorch left the room and entered the lava pit, when his body was completely submerged in lave he began making his way to lava chute. it was here that lava would soon pour from, creating a molten moat around ithpal.

OOC: I'll write more later, gotta run.

03/05/2003 6:33 AM

Generalante Abodegato settled down once he realized that the girl before him was not a ghost or had been sent by Pyroglobe. The little girl was very curious and apparently naive. How and why she had been locked in here with him, he had no idea. The Generalante decided to comfort her questions whilst he looked for a way out of the "Benn-Salian fosaken" room.

"I am Generalante Abodegato, leader of the Abiel. I am sure your parents have spoken to you about the Demon War. I was involved with that, I lead troops from the border of our lands into the very capital, then Abiel-nost, to flush out the evil. Lord Mage Pyroglobe was there too. He was my second in command; if something would have happened to me, he would have been given control. He now has that control, because he has because something has happen to me." He explained.

Taking another look at the girl, he realized how distant she was. She must live in fantasy world, the generalante thought to himself. Studing her abit more, he wondered what race she was. She obviously didn't appear to be Abiel, but she didn't look like any other race that they came in contact with either.

Mage Exhalechasm saw the molten rock coming down the mountain before it was apparently dangerous. He spoke a few words of arcane magic and with minimal effort, except to his concentration, he released a small amount of ocean water that submerged the volcanic debris. It solidified in a matter of seconds.

The mage peered around himself and his army of 50 strong. A small invasion force, but they still hoped to find Andesite recruits. Exhalechasm was a bit nervous about making a second step away from his post. He called out to whoever had heard them coming in, for surely in the Andesite nation, a molten rock flow was contained and used by its people. "I call to you!," he called out into the air, "We seek an audience with your leader, we have proposals for him to concider."

OOC: Exhalechasm is a noble character, The Andesites can talk to him without fear that he will murder them in their sleep. However, he will be a tragic hero, so don't expect the great things that he should do to happen by his hands.

03/05/2003 8:07 AM

God Mode~

"Well isnt that fitting." Karina said to Silvermagess, "He's already destroyed half of mine. Almost."

Non-god mode~
Karait nodded to Isano, and clutched his unholy symbol that designated him as the leader.

Scaling the moutain in which the Andesites resided in was no easy task for the young Io with very little strength.

"Greetings, Andesite warrior." He says, mustering up all his manliness. "I am appear young, but a god has spoke to me, and he is displeased with teh Albeil and the others as well. I propose an alliance of destruction to strike down the Albeil."

03/05/2003 9:30 AM

God Mode

"What about your traitor Karait? You or someone else needs to find a counter to him fast. He may eventually grow too powerful."

Regular Mode

Amareth stood in the shadows talking to another strangely dressed Mican.

"Mistress, what is that you command?" Asked the other Mican.

"Offer your services openly to the other races. Eventually one of them will bite." She said.

"Yes, Mistress." The figure bowed and dissapeared into the shadows.

"Soon, my plans will spring into action. That pretender will fall and Bryant shall take his place." She smiled smugly to herself.

(OOC: Amareth is the head of the secret order of assasins. She was fit for this position because she was one of the few priests to take that option of forsaking "honesty." The Mican Assassins are now availble to all races and are absolutly deadly.

Also, I really mean it when I say Karait needs a foil. But, I know you will think of something Princess.)

03/05/2003 10:21 AM

Also, I really mean it when I say Karait needs a foil. But, I know you will think of something Princess.)

OOC: Oh, Benn (It might of been Isano) told me that, and he has a flaw: He's young, and lets just saying lil kids want stuff.....which probaly Isano th god wont appriciate. But i need a responce from Shuey about the alliance before i go into naive little kid mode.

Karina pursed her lips. "Exactly what i was implying. Karait was once a Seer, who was just a test to see how pacisifists handle power. Let's just say it didnt go so well."

03/05/2003 12:20 PM

OCC- It is WINGuards. Not Windguards, WING!

::Abiel Sentries notice a huge force aporching the Abiel boarder. It is comprised of Wood Shade High Guard Units. One, a Cleric of Sol aproches the city walls.::

"I bemand to tlak with Archmage Pyroglob, to discuss that matters of his surrender." She says.

03/05/2003 1:10 PM

Lord Mage Pyroglobe sat in the tall Basteel Tower studing from one of his spell books. Hearing a loud obnoxious voice call from outside the tower he decided to peer out on of the windows. He saw a woman on the border of the city.

She wore the mark of a Cleric of Sol, one of the Wood Shades. He took a step out of the window. Onlookers feared that he would fall from such a height, but were relieved when he gently guided down to the ground with aid of wind magic.

The grey-robed mage gestured to the female leader of the opposing force. "My Lady, I am the one that you seek, Pyroglobe replied casually, "However, your comments befuddle me. Why would one such as I have need to surrender? I have done you no harm. I suggest that you change your agenda here, for I shall not be merciless upon further provocation." He then turned on his heel and lofted back to the tower window in the same manner that he came down.

A young girl by the name of Aurora stood in the middle of the city of Abiel-nost. She wore long robes of cyan and royal purple. She wore a medallion of silver around her neck, in the center of it was a carving of a koi. She had been talking with people from the many inns and tavens that were still standing in the city. She had been trying to gather a group of warriors to her cause. She had failed terribly. when she spoke to them about being a cleric to the god, Benn-Salian, they ignored her. Calling her a charlatan, because He had no clerics. Aurora decided to talk to the Mage, Witscon, before she gave up hope.

03/05/2003 2:07 PM

"Damnit Sir Pyroglobe, who doust we sit here idoly when there is a battle to be fought!!!" Lord Prince Kelvmore yelled, as he barreled into Pyro's abode.

"I have just recently spoken to my father and brother, and they tell me there is mass rioting in the streets of my home, and all b/c we have prepared ourselves for a fight, and now there is not one to be had."

" I say we take this time as we have it now, and move out to strike the enemy down!!"

OOC: cock-sure lil bastid aint he!! :p


"Leave it to me , Alderon thought to himself, to create a race that has the chance to be superior, but is too damn'd cocky to ever work well with others." "Alas, perhaps things will change, than again perhaps not." Needless to say, Alderon was not in the best of moods when it came to his thoughts on the flaws of his races! As Alderon Passed Benn he mentioned (even though benn prolly had no idea what he was talking about) "well maybe that worthless puny little Insano will screw up yet again eh?" and with that Alderon stormed off.

03/06/2003 7:07 AM

Insano comes to his Io cleric while the child sleeps.
"My child, I am overwhelmed with hapiness because you have done your job so well. Many Io flock to the banner of your name, and to the worship of me. I am greatly pleased by your work. However, be warned, a day of reckoning is soon at hand. Send word among your followers."


Insano calls to his ally, Schuey. "Your presence is requested in the abyss" is all that the God needs to send out.

03/06/2003 9:44 AM

" I say we take this time as we have it now, and move out to strike the enemy down!!"

"I will have you know, Prince Kelvmore, that I am not your pimp of war. I shall not find you any weak enemies, so that you can stain your hands with blood." Pyroglobe eyed the prince closely as if he was tearing apart the Templar with his own mind. "I am awaiting important information on the Andesites. You would do well to not interfere in such plans. I suggest that you wear out your blood lust on some of the idle races, because there word will not get out."

03/06/2003 9:57 AM

(OOC: Pimp of War!? *snickers* Sorry, proably wasnt meant to be funny. I suspose total chaos is going to result soon eh?)

God Mode

"I suspose it is only a matter of time before one race lays the smack down on another, huh?" Silvermagess was bothered.

"The Abiel have gone made with power, the Templer are itching for a fight, the Andesites are pissed, and the Io are all messed up. Really, where does this leave my people?

Of course on the plus side, maybe all the other races will wipe each other out, leaving my Micans to inherit the world." She mused to herself.

03/06/2003 10:46 AM

After a night of meditation and rest, Mage Witscon was able to use his foresight further than he had previously. An image of a man appeared to him once again, building upon this Witscon realized that the man was Mican. He tried to search the man's thoughts. The name Argil came to Witscon's tongue. What does he seek? He must be important to try to locate me. I only hope I can be of some assistance.

The mage's thought were cut short by the entrence of a young girl. She could not have been older than fifty-three (18 year old human reference). She wore robes like a cleric might, except they were of cyan and purple. She wore a medallion around her neck with an etching of a koi upon it. "And what god do you pay homage to?" Witscon asked humoring himself.

"To the same one that you do," the girl replied, "He is known as Benn-Salian."

"Blasphemy! I cannot tolerate this," Witscon retorted in his enraged mood.

"What do you have to tolerate? It is Benn-Salian, himself, who wills my existence and who are you to tolerate his decree?"

"I do not have to enter a debate of faith with you, I am Lord Mage of the Order Magic and have been so when you were still playing with pixies in the field!" the Lord Mage replied feverously. "perhaps, if you are who you claim to be, you would know about the terror that claims our land."

"Not only do I know of it, I know what to do about it, such decreed by the high, Benn-Salian." the girl named Aurora commented with a knowing smile.

03/06/2003 12:02 PM

~Regular Mode~

Argil's little entourage had taken a much need break. Plus, since they were very close to the Abiel city, Argil needed to decide how he was going to do this.

"Should I say, 'Take me to your Leader?" He shook his head furiously.

"No way am I saying something that stupid! But, still once I meet their leaders or leader, what am I susposed to do? My Goddess could have told me that at least. I mean come on. What do I say?"

~God Mode~

The Goddess could sense her High Priest's distress. She smiled to herself knowingly.

"Sorry young one, but this is something that must be decided by you. I am confidant that you will come up with something."

03/06/2003 1:02 PM

OOC: pimp of war, hahahhah :D :D that was damn good there benn.

BIC: Very Well , Pyro, but know this, Lord Prince Kelvmore fumed, " Do not discount the abilities of the Templar, for it is time to commence this battle or rightous god will show us the true sides of good and evil, and then our wrath will be unleashed in full."

"Until that time, please keep us informed of the plan at hand, so that we AS ALLIESmay be ready when the time draws nigh!"

03/06/2003 2:11 PM

The mage, Pyroglobe, knowing that he needed the strength of the Templar in his plans for the Andesites decided to be more careful in his dealings with the pompous Prince Kelvmore.

"My dear prince, I would never discount the abilities of the Templar, especially when I may envoke thee. We, Abiel, are a proud race, but we must admit our inferiority on the battlefield to the Templar. I would rather trust Templar soldiers bringing revolution to the Andesites than some of the Abiel," the mage cunningly acknowledged.

03/06/2003 3:47 PM

God Mode: Hearing the silent call of Insano, Schuey followed those echoes into the Abyss. "You Called?"

03/06/2003 8:45 PM

"God Schuey, I have a plan devised. All the races of Psuedo are divided except for yours and mine. I propose that we only spread further discension among the mortals, and have them fight and destroy one another. After the battles have been completed, we may lay seige to the planet and conquer it easily. Follow my lead, and do not allow your race to come in contact of any other races, for together, you and I shall spread a plague! Move with haste to dispatch your highest ranking clerics to spread plague to all the other races food and water stores."

The deamon clerics of Insano quickly spread disease unbeknowest by the other races to their closest food stores.

OOC: I'm hoping for more out of this than (just an example here, no offence meant) Benn-Salians clerics, quickly knowing where the plauge came from has his clerics heal his people. Work with me here, we need a little bit of distruction here and there.

03/07/2003 10:11 AM

"You consort with the demons Pyroglobe! The Gaia does not lie! You mislead your people and I have come here at the top of 10,000 heads to see that you stop!"

Occ- Perhaps the Gaia is corrupted :? Who knows what Inason could do to miss lead my poor Wood Shades. (FYI Hellforge is a secluded God, we wont talk to other, other have to talk to him.)

03/07/2003 2:07 PM

~Normal mode~ (kudos to Silver!)

Karait's second in command, Xyion, had been instructed to looked at the Albeil.

Walking into his city of Benn-Salian-nost, and remarking dryly about orginality, he walked up the large tower.

"I seek the leader of the Albeil Warriors! The Seer have come with an alliance!"

With a sneer, he knew that the Kimetaens could easily be confused with their ex-brethren. Hopefully it would work. If not, then something else would happen. Exactly what, they didnt know. Something bad, preferably with the help of Isano the Dark (Chaotic?) One.

03/08/2003 4:31 AM

God Mode: Schuey returned to his place in the heavens, his conversation with Insano burned vividly in his memory. "If it is a plague he wants, then a plague like no other he will get", a sickly smile spread across Schuey's face.

Fernus had realised that their prepartions against the Abiel had come too late, The Abiel were beyond the main line of defense. He was about to order his soldiers into action when a vision appeared to him.

Fernus had intended to leave his chambers, to do so he had to pass through a wall of lava. As he was about to pass through the molten matter it began to take form. Fernus stopped dead in his tracks and watched the wall. Within seconds the wall stopped flowing and the outline of a face became apparant...Fernus dropped to his knees. "My God, The Abiel were upon before we even knew they were coming, forgive me".

Schuey looked at his disciple "Fernus, I am not here in regards to your squabbles with the other races, I have a much larger task for you". Fernus dared to look up, "Whatever you command".

"You will withdraw the Andesite nation into the heart of Ithpal, where no other race may dare to set foot". "You are unique in that fashion", Schuey said, smiling at his molten creation. "Send forth only those who may deliver the gift I am about the give you, and spread it throughout our enemies heartlands". With that, Schuey produced a vile and handed it to his Highlord. "I am entrusting you with this very important mission, do not fail me", he hissed. "Spread this pestilence so that our enemies may fall when they eat and drink". Fernus smiled, his masters plan beginning to make sense.

After Schuey returned to his place in the Heavens, Fernus called the finest Ardenite warriors to his chambers. "Take this plague and spread disease throughout our enemies camps", he said.

Opening the vile, he let the plague absorb into the gaseous Ardenite's bodies. The three gaseous forms seemed to smile as their bodies filled with the vile plague. "Be gone now" Fernus instructed.

The three Ardenite's left the Highlords chambers and set off in different directions. They would soon spread death and suffering to the furthest regions of Psuedo.

03/10/2003 6:44 AM

On of the Ardenite warriors that Fernus sent found the mage, Exhalechasm. He was still ranting about how he wanted to see their leader because he wanted to set up terms of surrender. "Even though you live in exile, you will still have the luxaries of home - just in the Templar nation!"

The Ardenite did not heed the mage's words or cared to. A touch by the warrior sent the mage's mind in circles. He could not call upon any spell that he had learned save a small warding spell. This turned fatal for the rest of the troops, because once the plauge warrior was done with Exhalechasm he turned his attention to them. They were a small force of the militia and were dispatched with quickly. They were left laying in pain screaming names of horror that even the gods would rather not hear.

The pain was truely intollerable. Their skin burned and the prostates boiled. Their lungs were set on fire and their rectums melted away.

Exhalechasm's warding spell only slowed down the plauge and caused more ecrutiating pain. He was the first to begin dying and the last to actually die.

God Mode: Well if it isn't the mage, Exhalechasm. You don't look so good. You know your in the Abyss now, you can controll your outward appearance to what you percieve yourself. You don't need to go around all dead and decaying on me.
:: listens ::
Your appearance is a momento of the pain? If you say so. I'm going to take a seat, you can tell me the whole story.
:: listens ::
Well, that is an excellent story, sad ending, but I enjoyed it. I shall admit you to...
:: listens after being interrupted ::
You want to be ressurected? Revenge you say? I can put you back on the mortal plain as a "death knight", however you can't take your magic with you. I will allow you immortality in death but you will be unable to cast any magic.
:: listens to response ::
If this is what you want, it is done. You shall be known as the Death Knight, CHASM. Hopefully, we can meet here again, but somehow I doubt it.

03/10/2003 10:47 AM

"Ah, excellent, the plague has already begun!" Yells Insano. "Soon, my vengful wrath will split the Albiel nation asunder."
Insano once again awakens the Drakes. (their population having recovered slightly) He also calls forth the Fallen Drakes who fell in the last war to fight. They arise, sickly shadows of their former selves.

03/10/2003 6:19 PM

Karina sighed. "I do not want to see my race wiped out. I shall take them to another dimesion....Karaits and his followers will be the remaints of the Io. This planet has served my purpose as a test- to see how badly i can split a race and they survive."

I think i shall withdraw from this post
I have lost interest in it.

Insano- you may have the Corrupted Io...
Everyone else- the rest of my race has mysteriously disapeared. I took them to another dimension.

03/10/2003 6:58 PM

OCC- I have lost interest 2. Im gone from this. It was a nice try though. The Wood Shades will retun in later threads heheheh
Oh oh oh, people go join my Thread 'The Master Set' its cool! heheh

03/11/2003 9:21 AM

OOC: Uh oh. Benn, I want this thred to continue, but it doesnt look like we have enough people for Psuedo to see enough action. Why dont you re-post the thread with a new name (Playing God, new Gods needed) or something along those lines. But first, lets conclude this thread properly.


Insano, seeing the weakend state of the Io, comes to his cleric among them. "The time is now, strike out and create a new nation. Name it after me, your soverign God."
"Yes" replies the boy.


Insano also sees the weakend state of the Woodshades. "Ah, those fools shall perish from the plague of shuey and I. There is no need to even include military matters in it."

03/11/2003 9:59 AM

OCC: Well we have two (joined at the hip) members gone. PrincessOfDarkness and Hellforge were secluded members anyway.

We have two options ahead of us. We can, prematurely, evaluate our expierement (not my personal choice) or we can post a thread requesting new members. I would like to keep all the information about Psuedo together if possible. I think we could add a few new aspects to the game as well.

03/11/2003 10:06 AM

OOC: Im all for starting a new thread. I suppose we'll just need to "Summon more Gods from the Beyond." So, using that method of thought, we can keep Psuedos history intact. We'll have a few 'lost' races, but ah well. Its up to you to post it Billy-Bob, cause this is your baby. Just, when you post, include a little listing of current players who are still involved, and their races so we dont have any races who are similar.

03/11/2003 11:21 AM

(OOC: If the general does a good enough job of convincing Lyra to act, she'll send the elements into action, that could help stimulate the thread.)

Lyra listened to the generalate continue on, then stopped him as she sensed something. "It is starting again. The forces of Insano will move forward again soon." She told him.

03/11/2003 12:07 PM

I left because no one every did naything toward me, and when i tried to initate something fun, it well, died.

03/11/2003 12:15 PM

OOC:If you are merely bored, send a representative to Abiel-nost. There is a heros calling. I'm not sure what you tried to initiate, but I'm sorry if went unnoticed.

BIC: Mage Witscon studied the young girl, Aurora. She claimed to be a cleric of Benn-Salian. This was hard to fathom that she could be telling the truth when it was written in Severn 3:16 that He shall not have need of clerics, for he shall speak for himself when it is necessary.

Witscon pondered to himself what he should do about Aurora, "It is probably trivial to discount her origins. She has come to me before I have sent word to those strong enough. Perhaps she has foresight? She does not appear to be a mage of the order magics. I shall allow her to join with the heroes that I hope will convene here in the former capital."

Mage Witscon then sent out the word, telepathically, to anyone or any race who accepted the message. He asked them to travel to Abiel-nost so that they can deal with the true threats to life on Psuedo.

03/11/2003 12:46 PM

all right then, ill give it another try. The Wood Shades are back! And here we go!

::A Cleric of Luna walks down the paths, and shadowed roads of the night. Her robes, purple, dragging behind her. As he perpople continued to rally their forces, This Cleric had been sent to find the Abiel Leader, and assasinate Archmage Pyrogolbe if necesary. She was one of the most powerful Luna Clerics, and she had her midn set on this task, and it would indeed be completed, but first, She had to visit someone with the ruins of Abiel-nost. An Order Mage, if she understood correctly.::

03/11/2003 2:36 PM

Argil looked ahead of him.

"Wow. Abiel-nost sure is something. Its amazing I ever made it though." The High Priest sighed to himself.

News of mysterious plagues ravaging the land had suddenly come to the attention of his band as they travelled through Abiel lands. This coupled with the news of Abiel agression had caused a mutiony among his guards.

"Those jerks! How could they just abandon me and the mission! Six days! Six days in a foriegn country with hardly any money and having to watch my back for would be hooligans!"

He had every right to be agitated. He had been forced to fight on his own at least 3 times since he had been abandoned. It wasn't that he wasn't good at it. Even as a priest he had still studied the fighting schools. But, damit, as High Priest he shouldn't have to raise a finger in such a situation.

"Hey, don't pout. I mean after all, I did make it on my own. I just have to find the guy in charge. I believe it was that Mage Witscon." He smiled, feeling rather confidant now.

03/11/2003 2:42 PM

Witscon sensed one of the heroes that he had summoned. He tried to touch his thoughts with his mind. Argil. I am the one you seek, Mage Witscon. I have summoned you as a one last hope. Not just for the Abiel, but for all of Psuedo. Telepathy drains me so...please see me in the Tower of High Sorcery. You have been granted pass so do not fear the illusions.

As soon as the mind bond was seperated, Mage Witscon shuddered back into his aroused state of awareness. He would await Argil, the Mirac

03/11/2003 6:56 PM

God Mode

A huge eagle soared over the Goddess Straea. "Come my Mirlanc." She said to the giant eagle. The eagle landed on her fingers and looked at her with concerned eyes. "Do you feel ill my goddess?"

The eagle said. "I am.. weary." Goddess Straea said. "I have chosen you to take over as a God." "Me? Why me my creator?"

The eagle said. "Because you were one of the first Mirlancs that I made, and I trust that you will watch over your brethren. Like I have watched over you." She said in a gentle voice. "Now become your humanoid form so that I may turn you into a full God."

The eagle flew off her fingers and landed on the ground. Then the body started to shape like that of a man. He was mildly built, had short brown hair, and had the most peircing green eyes she had ever seen. "I now make you a God." Then slowly she faided into the light. He was alone.

OOC: Ok well if there are spelling errors then I'll change them tommorrow. Sorry if I took control of Straea's person. But i figured it would make a good intro in. Well later!

[Edited by SoaringEagle on Tuesday, March 11, 2003 6:58 PM]

03/11/2003 9:00 PM

OOC: Welcome to God Hood Eagle! Sorry for the small post guys


Insano laughs from the Abyss, as the un-alligned races of Pseudo are slowly crushed by the combustion plague.

03/12/2003 6:15 AM

-In Sanctuary-

::As the forest finished healing from the Io Warrior War, the Druid Lord, and the Acrh-Druid, as ell as the Cleric Lords meet at the base of the Arch-Druid's Guardian Tree at the center of Santuary.::

"It is clear to me now, that our Isolation must end,"The ArchDruid began.

"I See now that the demons of old are only begining to return, and it is possible that Insano himself guids their movement. As the Asguards we failed, and that was what forced us into this isolation originally. We must see to it that we do not fail the world, and the Three (Gaia, Luna, Sol) again like we did before."

"I have already send one of my most powerful Clerics to the., perhaps only, non-corrupted Abiel. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most powerful, and one being the least, she is an 8. Mage Witscon is perhaps the last best chance we have at clearing thr thoughts of the Abiel. Archmage Pyrogolbes corruption spands far, and if there is anyone to can help Mage Witscon save them, it is her." Said The Lunar Clerical Lord.

"Good, then may the Gaia, The Luna, and the Sol shine upon our endevors. I have ordered my Generals to Rally the High Guard. We will be on the move soon, but remember, above all, the defence of Santuary is our utmost pryority."

GOD MODE---------------------

Hellforge comes, out from the shadows, to come upon the other conversing gods. He seems rather Dark, but not in an evil way. His viewable form is shrouded in Black, and you cant see more then his mouth. He speaks to the others gods, in a deep, and brooding voice.

"Perhaps it is time we walk the world again, and show ourselves to our misguided creations. I feel, that if we do not, Insano, may once again, gain hold of the realms. Im sure you remember what happened to the Asguards, those millenias ago..."

OCC-I'm am going for a story here, which will incorperate the Asguards, and hopely be cool-like. You find out more as I post. FYI- The Lunar Cleric is now Within range of Mage Witscon telepathy, as he is in range of her own.

03/12/2003 6:30 AM

OOC: My college is going on Spring Break this coming week so I will not be able to post. I would suggest to use this time to set up for your future endeavors. If you really have to you can control my characters to a small degree as long as you adhere to their personalities. I will be on my hiatus from 03/14 and be back 03/24. Hope this doesn't cause distention amoungst everyone. I will try to create a map of Psuedo in my absense, how do I insert that picture? Now to add to the death toll to make the combustion plaugue more of a threat.

BIC: Three fishermen were fishing in the Bay of Water when they noticed an odd occurance. On of the fish had as many blisters on it as it had scales. "Jeoth, have you ever seen this?" an Abiel named Cuttyn remarked.

"Nah, never seen that before, Kawsh, take it off the hook," Jeoth commented as he gestured to the third member.

Kawsh went to touch the fish, before he was able to the fish ruptured (As always happens with lesser beings that come in contact with the Combustion Plaugue), expelling its inwards on the three fishermen. On its impact the fishermen fell to the deck in agonized pain.

They could feel the weight of Inferno on top of their chests. Their minds burned as quickly as their bodies. Their weak minds gave out soon leaving their bodies to send the smell of burnt flesh into the air.

God Mode: I see the three of you have been more victums of the Combustion Plaugue. You are now given a hearing to tell your stories to me. ~listens~ That sounds like its a fish tale! No matter, I enjoy them as well. You are granted admission to the after life; enjoy.

Benn-Salian then retired to his chamber and put on his headset to listen to a new CD by "Arch Enemy". He likes it!

03/12/2003 10:49 AM

OOC: Question, how does everyone know I am preparing to strike? No one knows its Schuey and I behind the plague, nor, do the gods know that I've re-created my army of drakes.

03/12/2003 4:12 PM

OOC: ok now from the pgs. that I have looked at it seems Straea only posted once and that was the 1 pg. Am I correct? She seems to have left me with alot of work in my hands. lol If SilverMagess is still playing I think an alliance between the Mirlancs and the Micans could work out. I would also like to make a few changes to her race. (That is if nobody objects) Although they are peacekeepers, when they think it is right to battle for freedom or to help out an Allie, they will. I think this will help because what if Insano's drakes attack? Then would the Mirlancs just say "Please cant we work something out?" Then they would be extinct before they new what hit them! also I havent decided what kind of magic they will have. They will carry weapons (Even if there just daggers) and that they will have forts as homes (to protect all Mirlancs) and that is where all the real warriors of the Mirlancs will be. Hope I haven't forgotten anything!

03/15/2003 11:10 AM

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(OOC: Yeah the Alliance can still stand between Micans and Mirlancs. But, it would proably be a very loose one. Hopefully Benn returns from spring break soon.)

03/23/2003 6:31 PM

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BIC: "Lunar Cleric...I sense your presence..." Mage Witscon spoke to her through his thoughts, "Do you accept my offer to help Psuedo? I know these are dark times and we, Abiel, have not helped matters with are smug attitudes. I ask that you and other warriors heed my words and answer the call. Come to the Tower of High Sorcery in Abiel-nost and we..."

His added frustration cut the mage's message short. He accepted this hinderance because he was too drained not to. He would await the Lunar cleric and Argil, he would talk to them upon their arrival.

His eyes turned to Aurora, "Perhaps you should pray shortly, it would be good for you to commune with your god before our visitors arrive," he replied with a patronizing tone. He did not yet believe the youth's story.

"I have no need to pray to our god, Benn-Salian. I am always aware of his thoughts and presence. Even as we speak," she spoke defiantly as she made herself familiar with her cyan and royal purple robes.

She seems as if she is not used to wearing the firm fitting robes. Mage Witscon thought to himself.

03/24/2003 12:11 PM

::The Lunar Cleric stood at the Gates to the Tower of High Sorcery, and waited for the rest of the mages message. None came. So she deicded to go herself, and reply to the old man.::

'The Wood Shades are busy in defence of their forests, and can offer little help to the world, But I am one of the most powerful Lunar Clerics in my lands, and I have come by request of Archdruid Nagzel, to aid you in any way I could.' She replied with ehr own telepathic call, nearing the final gates to the tower.

03/24/2003 1:40 PM

The Tower of High Sorcery did not halter the progression of the Lunar Cleric. The warding spells of nausea that was laid on the tower to keep away the unwanted were lifted to allow the visitors enterance. The Lunar Cleric entered the main hall and eyed the Mage Witscon conversing with the young Aurora.

'The Wood Shades are busy in defence of their forests, and can offer little help to the world, But I am one of the most powerful Lunar Clerics in my lands, and I have come by request of Archdruid Nagzel, to aid you in any way I could.'

"I mean no disrespect hwen I say that I don't expect the help from the Wood Shade nation nor the Mican or Templar nations." Mage Witscon replied once the cleric came into view,"My trust lies in their people. You have heard word of the combustion plague have you not? If not by name then by symptoms, for it is deadly indeed."

"However my fear lies not with the nature of biochemistry, but with the same thing I lay my trust - people. It may be concidered unpopular to criticize the Lord Mage Pyroglobe and Generalante Abodegato, but I cannot agree with the Revolution of the Andesites policy that they have concocted. I do not agree with the propaganda that they are spreading. It must be put to a stop. Hopefully you agree, Cleric of Lunar, as has Aurora here."

OOC: How the heck do you post a picture of Psuedo here? Anyone?

03/24/2003 4:59 PM

Insano stood, in his corner of the Abyss chuckling to himself as the mortals scattered throughout Psuedo attempting to find a cure for the combustion plague. "Ha, those silly mortals will never find the cure." Muses the God. "My time to strike is soon at hand."

OOC: Sorry Benn, I dont know how to post a picture. However, if you ask Damien (or e-mail him) I'm sure he'll help you out. He knows how to do it.

03/24/2003 6:01 PM

"Sadly, history has not really show my government much to trust in..." The Cleric said, walkin before the Order Mage.

"I am Calina Aust, Daughter of the ArchDruid, and Clerical Lord of the Luna. Might I intrest you in a little history lesson?"

"Long ago, we were a race of godly like beings known as the Asguards. We weild a sect of magic that ahd been long lost to this world, and we weided it with supremicy. Mind you this is over 300,000 years ago. We were absolute in every way, accsept for one. We were cocky, and believed that reality would conform to us, and to our will alone."

"One of our mages of the time, Tenn Aust, tried to caste a spell that would assend him to the state of a god. In his casting, he was so pompus, that the spell backfired on him. The continents divided, famine and flood raged across the plates. It was hell on earth. Demons roamed free, ravanging everything, killing everyone...."

"We had only barely survived. By using all thatw as left of our grand magic, we fough the dmeons abck into the abyss, but the damage had been done. nearly all of our people were dead, or diformed by demonic magic. All the other advanced races of the time were wiped out, and were were reverting in evolution. Ove the next thousands of year, we fell back into the forests, vowing that we would make it up to the Gaia for the act we called down upon her. We forsake the old magics, and took up Clerical Worship, and druidism, so that we could pay the Gaia back with our ever alst devotion. As we the 'First Ones' rebuilt our civilizations, your eveolved out here. Because of demon trechery were were hesitent to even reveal ourselves, and we became isolated. We even now, guard the most powerful and secret sect of magic from the world...."

"Do you notice any similarties between then and now mage? Plauge, Famine, Death.....demons? We came to assure that this wouldnt happen again..."

OCC: Wow sounding a bit to much like W3....Ill try and fix that later...FYI Benn if u can psot the pic, i would love if u could email it to me. reevejustin@hotmail.com

03/25/2003 6:25 AM

"History is kept so that we may learn when to expect the best and the worst out of people, only a fool would not take into account this knowledge," Aurora, the young Abiel claiming to be the only cleric of Benn-Salian, exclaimed.

Witscon eyed the yound child. "What she speaks is true enough, when the Mican representative reveals herself I will send you out. I am sorry that no one else has heeded my call and that I have no other resources to give than my patience," offered the mage as he began leaning against the wall that he had been standing by.

~Elsewhere, In the Psuedo-Abyss~
CHASM, the Abiel death mage, had been searching his new afterlife for the cause of his death. He had been looking for the cause of the combustion plaugue that had destroyed his body and corrupted his mind and spirit. Tracking cases in reverse chronological order had led CHASM north. He apparently had a date with a god.

"Oh Lord Insano! I ask you in meekness you reasoning for dealing me such a hand as you have. Why have I tasted you wrath?" CHASM excliamed to the sky knowing that he would be acknowledge eventually.

03/25/2003 7:25 AM

"Uh, Hello." Muttered Argil as he entered the chamber.

"You called me?" He asked feeling nervous.

He was usually very confidant in front of his own people, but these were the members of far more powerful races. They practiced stronger magic and had greater maturity than his own people.

"I am High Priest Argil of the Micans. You, uh called right?" He really hated being such a coward.

03/25/2003 2:08 PM

God Mode

The man that was now a god looked around. "Where is the other gods?" Then suddenly he was transported to where some of the other gods where. He looked around. "Cool."

Normal Mode

"We must send a representative to Abiel!" Said a member of the high council of the Mirlancs. "Don't worry, I have already sent a representative to Abiel," another said. "You have? And not without counsulting any of us Tiden?"

The one known as Tiden stood up, "Yes I have sent a representative to Abiel, my brother, Biden." The other 5 council members all seemed to feel relief. "Fine then, this meeting of the high council is over with." And they all left. "Please brother, for my sake, don't screw up." Then Tiden left.

Biden had traveled very far from his home just to help out his brother. "Why did I do this?" Oh ya, because I owe him one.... He then snapped back to life and looked towards the gates. He was almost there.

"Halt", said a guard. "I am the representative of the Mirlanc people, I wish to speak to the one who has called for me." He had a brown cloak on and his hood up. If he had to he would use force, if nessary.

OOC: So what do you think? I still need to figure out which kinda magic the Mirlancs are gonna have... hmm...

03/25/2003 3:41 PM

"You are wise for a child..."Clara said, smiling under her purple robes.

03/26/2003 11:49 AM

Aurora looked at the Lunar cleric, Clara, with uncertainty as if she didnot understand the comment. relization washed over the young cleric of Benn-Salian. She muttered a quick thank you before she hid her face from the embarrassment.

Witscon stood to his full height and asked that Heroes join him in the war room where they would be prepared to talk stategy.

03/26/2003 1:24 PM

OOC: I think the Mirlancs will use Chaos Magic. That way they could maybe even "blend in" with there surroundings.

BIC: It seemed that the guard had gotten a telepathic order to let Biden in. "Ok, you may go in but, no funny business." "Fine." Then Biden walked past the guard and up to the war room. He looked around and found what seemed to be a very comfortable chair.

"I hope they know I am the representative of the Mirlancs. Or they might think of me as a intruder." He decided to rest his head on the table while he waited.

03/26/2003 2:41 PM


Insano sees the meek mortal approach him, on the shifting planes of the Psuedo Abyss. "So, mortal, in all honesty, you life means...meant nothing to me. You fell because you were one unlucky enough to come in contact with my precious plague. And where was your weakling God, Benn-Salian when you cried out with sickness? I can offer you power mortal. For few have sought me out in my dark plane. What say ye, Chasm?"

OOC: Any luck with the map Benn?? I'm anxious to see it.

03/27/2003 11:00 AM

OOC: Haha! It worked. Thank you DarkDalamar20!

BIC: CHASM heared the voice of the god, Insano. "I want revenge for those that have made what I am. Benn-Salian has offered me life in death, if you have an offer as well that will help me complete my objectives than I shall consider it," he announced.

03/27/2003 12:36 PM

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"Chasm, my dear mortal" muses the God "You shall not consider anything from a God as powerful as myself. You shall eiter accept, or be cast into eternal torture. Now, if you come along with my plans, not only will I offer you life after death, but, you shall also gain rule over the nation of you had once sworn youself to. Make your decision with haste. My Drakes and their Io allies are ammasing for an assault upon the forces of Psuedo as soon as the races have been weaked enough by the combustion plague."

03/27/2003 2:52 PM

"I care not for the Abiel Land and I already have life in death. There is nothing you can do against me now, and apparently there is nothing you can do for me either. It is the combustion plaugue that is my enemy." CHASM exclaimed at the god of turmoil.

03/27/2003 4:28 PM

"Ah, you pathetic mortal. You forget you are in the presence of one of the forgers of the world. Not only that, but right now you are in my dominion of the Abyss. With a snap of my fingers, my minions will appear to dismember you, and tear your flesh to shreds. Although you have fallen from your mortal coil, you can still feel the sensations of pain. The sickness that claimed your life will seem pleasent in comparison to what I can do to you." Exclaims the God. "Although, your defiance ammuses me, tell me mortal, what do you want?"

03/27/2003 6:39 PM

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03/27/2003 6:50 PM

::As the Heros prepared to go into planning, a ghostly apparition appeared before them. The others looked at it strangely, while Clara knelt down on her knees.::

"Milord Gaia, I thank you for the gracing of your presences..."

OCC: Time more me to take the stage....Ill go into deep legend next post.

03/31/2003 6:55 AM

The war room began to shake with great velocity. The great war table made loud banging noises as the four feet ere occasionaly brought off the ground. Many of the heroes froze looking at one another. Even Mage Witscon had a blank expression on his face.

A flash of fear was visible on the mage's face for a brief second as he became aware through his clairvoyance that this was the work of Mage Pyroglobe's fissure magic. "Blasted be the Abiel, it is the Lord Mage, himself!" he warned the heroes, "perhaps we should leave through the underground exit. He cannot destroy the Tower of High Sorcery, but his magic is strong enough to gain enterance despite me."

As the heroes made their ways to a corridor leading out the back way from the war room, Witscon noticed that Aurora was heading in the opposite direction. He called out to her without avail.

Aurora walked out the front of the tower and saw the Lord Mage Pyroglobe standing in front of her. He acknowledged her with a quick look of awe before he shook it off and refocused his magic underneath the self-proclaimed cleric of Benn-Salian. The earth rose a meter into the air, the young abiel girl stood her ground defiantly. "Who are young one that has the constitution and will to defy me!" the lord mage shot inquisitively.

"I am Aurora, daughter of Karen and Roland uth Cain. I am ace cleric of the god Benn-Salian, that governs both you and I," she replied as her cyan robes flapped behind her.

"I answer to none! You are the whelp of parents who do not exist in the scheme of anything!" Lord Mage Pyroglobe snapped furiously.

"All have significance upon Psuedo; and all are judged. I have judged you incompetent and require you to submit to the will of our god."

"What! How dare you, who are you to require anything of me or my power!" Utilizing his anger and a few movements of his hands, Pyroglobe shot a bolt of energy at the cleric of Benn-Salian in an attempt to dispose of her.

"I shall not permit this!" Witscon as he ran towards the young girl, diving in the wake of the attack. He interrupted its path with his weakened body and released a cry of pain that could be heard throughout Abiel-nost. Surprise struck Aurora, she had expected to take the blow herself, she was completely unaware of Witscon and the other heroes behind her.

Ater a moment of reflection from Pyroglobe on the events that just transpired, the mage came to grip what he had done and was delighted by the turn of events. Now with Witscon gone he would have no further competition from the Order Magic regiment.

Aurora smiled at the body of Witscon that laid at her feet. She did not move towards him or away from Pyroglobe, but allowed a tear to flow down her cheek.

OOC: This adventure of the heroes shall be called the Campaign of the Champions. That way we can differentiate from the combustion plauge and the Reveloution of the Andesites.

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03/31/2003 12:14 PM

OCC: Ok Benn, thanks for the complete disreguard of my last post, but thats ok, Ill scrach it and go along with you.

::Clara ran foward and feel to the body of Witscon. She cheeked his vital signs and found none. Then she removed a crystal in the shape of a cylender from her purple robes and drove it into Witsons body. As it hid his flesh there was a flash, and half of the crystall seemed to disappear into hid body. If glowed with a bright light.::

"He's still alive...barely..."

:;Clara stood and began to move her hands under her robes. As she did so, a crystal sphere formed around Witscon body.::

"That will sustepend him for now, but he must be taken to Santuary quickly. Hes to far gone for all teatmens i can think of other then one. A special spell hat can only be performed by a Sol Cleric. The crystle wont hold for long, we must hurry"

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