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02/04/2003 8:25 PM

Tiver sat in his small house by the fire as the rain poured down outside. The fire warmed his feet as he sat quietly puffing on his pipe. Smoked seemed to dance away from his lips as a smile spread across his face. Tiver ran a hand through his now graying hair, but troubled Tiver was for it seemed that age and adventure was ending for him. Illusions of being a Elven prince, battles with evil wizards, wars fought with dragons, and castles stormed for the good of a cause (and not to forget the wonderful items Tiver picked up along the way). Yes, the adventure life had given him was coming to an end, and Tiver was actually happy not traveling the lonely roads for once.
Tiver pushed the stool forward away from his feet and stood up walking closer to his fire place. Reaching up removing the two swords that keep him alive throughout many of his adventures a sense excitement surged through him. The gleam of the fire light danced upon his blades as he turned them over in his hands. With a shake of his head he placed the swords back above the fire place. Quickly he grabbed his goblet and pipe and went to refill his drink.
Tiver returned to his chair before the fire as memories of old adventures ran through his mind. It seemed as though the storm outside was getting worse, but Tiver paid it no mind as another smoke ring left his lips. Tiver over to the chest by the fire place and saw that he had never unpacked his adventure pack, but that was several years ago. His hoopak stood proud and ready to carry his feet along another trail unknown. Tiver's different color pouches hung from his hoopak tempting him to yet agian dawn them and run to the road. Ah, but the adventure was all but over now and age had finally caught up to Tiver and told him it was time to let go and rest. Tiver lifted his goblet to his lips taking a deep drank of the liquid. Tiver was beginning to relax just then as he heard a knock at his door. Startled Tiver reached for his dagger, but then dismissed that thought and walked over to his door wondering who would be fool enough to be out in theis weather. "Hello, now who is fool enough to be running around in such storm?" Tiver spoke clearly as he opened the door to see his guest.

Else where....

A knight in dark armor stood before an altar as he whispered a chant beneath his breath. The knight with drew his sword from his sheath quickly striking his sword into the stone floor as he knelt before it.
"Who as has summoned me?" a dark voice from the shadows called out.
"It is I, Orlex Mesmerath who summons you." the knight boomed in a proud voice.
"Well, fool speak of what you want before I feel that you would serve me better in death than in life," the dark voice hissed.
The knight smiled to himself as the grip on his sword tightened. Now his plans would unfold and his destiny would be fulfilled.
"This is what I want..."

OOC: Well, I said I would most likely return some day and that day is today. I'm sorry for all the misspelled words and poor vocab, but I just got off work and wanted to start this quickly. To all those I have known from early role playing Hello again, and to all those I don't and will meet... hello I'm Tiver Neehigh.

02/05/2003 8:38 AM

OOC: I would enjoy begining an adventure. I assume Tiver is kender with the pouches and hoopak. I wanted to make sure because there was mention of "illusions of being an elven prince". If you given me more direction on where you want this to go, you or I can pick an appropriate character. I shall wait for a reply.

02/05/2003 12:20 PM

(OOC: Yes, Tiver is most definately a kender. Welcome back. Who would you like me to play as?)

02/05/2003 2:37 PM

OOC: I'm also waiting in the wings for the story line to pick up a bit more before I jump in.

02/05/2003 6:52 PM

Well, i'd love to pull myself into this thread, as i'm extremely fond of doing, but there isnt a plot yet, just a kender and a dark knight. But i like kender and dark knights!

02/05/2003 7:59 PM

OOC: Welcome all and hello to thistledown and Insano. As far as characters anything is welcome as long as it helps the story line continue forth. Oh, and before I forget Tiver is a kender about 3'9 in height as wears a shirt with different color patches all over and brown leather pants. Tiver has short graying hair (because in a earlier adventure here he had his top knot cut off in a battle) his eyes are hazel and has a battle scar down his left cheek. Tiver loves to adventure but as I stated earlier his wanderlust is leaving him now.

As for a plot the dark knight has gained the attention of a powerful force in which he is going to use to rid this world of elves. A great war is about to begin and it is up to a group of adventurers to stop him before he can gather up his forces. As far as this power the dark knight has summoned is unknown in the story so far.

For the beginning of the story Tiver has traveled all over and has many maps of the world. So it is possible for someone to show up at my door step looking for a map to where the knight might be. This is just a start, adventurers can jump in at anytime along the road to find the dark knight. So feel free to play any character you wish to play. Though be prepared for scouts, assassins, ambushes, and many other deathly acts to kill off the adventures. I do plan on this being Tiver's last and final adventure (hopefully). So, welcome all to "A Return to Adventure...?" if anyone has anymore questions please ask and hopeful I have answered them all tonight. Well, I shall wait for some one to answer me at Tiver's door before I continue. Farewell for now and goodnight.

02/06/2003 1:34 AM

(OOC: Let's see. Javert is tied up in battlemasters, give that a few more weeks. Thistle is busy in Fellowship, and Timesplit is helping in Fernwood. I guess that leaves J'mes & Sarumth, if a dragonrider isn't too big for your campaign.)

02/06/2003 9:43 AM

OOC: Getting rid of the elves? That ain't right. I call the first elf! Qualin will bw his shortened name. I believe Qualin will be one of the reluctant heroes. How about abit pompous? I like that too. Let's see how it works.

BIC: Tiver's door began to emit a banging sound. On the other side was was the aloof Qualin, he was wet from his hooded face down. He had been sent many miles by his girlfriend that had many ties with the Speaker of the Sun. She had sent him to retrieve back the map of a knight. Which knight she referred to he nor she knew. Nonetheless, he was here.

"Open up, I say!" he hollowed at the door, "I am told you are the keeper of the maps. I am here to retrieve one of those. Answer you door immediately!"

02/06/2003 12:38 PM

I think i'm goign to pull the Silvanesti thingthing..thta can give us a QUalinesti vs a Silvanesti...Does anyone care? If so, tell me and i'll change it. Which town is this in?

Hiking from Silvanost was not something she was going to do again. Next time, she'd travel with a caravan. Syrakasalantha (i stole Laurana's...shoot me.), or Syr for short, was not one to go on long trips, and traveling through the Khalkists hadnt worked well on her silvery hair, or her tan complexion. She was irrable, and this stupid kender shop, somehow she thought, would not improve her mood. She wanted some white wine, some hot food, and a bed with no damned human fleas on it or something. Walking up to the shop, she knocked on the door, and then noticed the elf next to her.

"A Qualinesti." She said, her lip curling, "What buiness you have here?"

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02/06/2003 12:57 PM

OOC: Ummmm, Princess, Benn is playing a Quailinesti elf as well (if you read his post you'd notice his 'girlfriend' had various ties to the Speaker of the Suns) why dont you play as a Silvanesti?

02/06/2003 2:16 PM

OOC: This will be the first time I've posted in the roleplayers section... wish me luck! *and don't flame me if I do this wrong*

BIC: Across the street, in a small hut of his own, a bleary eyed Xenorthanlix III was just about to finish his automaticcrossbowlauncher when a loud bang startled him. Losing his concentration, he accidently pulls the trigger of his invention before it is ready! The last thought Xenorthanlix III feels before his world is clouded in darkness is... DOH!

02/07/2003 4:49 AM

OOps, i thought Suns was Silvanesti...oh well, yeah, i'll be a Silvanesti (even though i think they're panzies)

02/07/2003 6:43 AM

"A Qualinesti." Syr said, her lip curling, "What buiness you have here?"

Noticing the taller elf, Qualin smirked alittle, but enough for the silvanesti to see. "I am here to pick up my map, nothing more. Perhaps you could investigate the weird sounds coming from across the street since it's obvious you're unable to recieve my map."

Taking a long up and down the silvanesti with her tan features, Qualin would have mistaken her for a Kagonesti hadn't she spoken with such a harsh tone. "Don't you have to go home and have an unsettling dream," Qualin replied hastily refering to that of Lorac's Dream that unleashed havoc on the land of Silvanost before the War of the Lance.

02/07/2003 11:05 AM


Qualin would have mistaken her for a Kagonesti

Odds seriously are that a Silvanesti wouldnt be mistaken for a Kagonesti unless it was being observed from someone outside the elven race...... But anyways.
Billy-Bob, when you respond to a post in character you dont need to quote the other person. Just thought I'd help you out and point you in the right direction. Happy adventuring. ;)

02/07/2003 11:10 AM


Odds seriously are that a Silvanesti wouldnt be mistaken for a Kagonesti unless it was being observed from someone outside the elven race......

I was pointing to the fact that she was tan. I realize now that it probably wasn't that significant, but what can you do.

when you respond to a post in character you dont need to quote the other person. Just thought I'd help you out and point you in the right direction

I was establishing time, y'know she said this and my comments occur exactly after such. Some posts have more than one quote, especially with questions. Hope that cleared my intentions.

02/07/2003 11:49 AM

OOC: Spends a bit of time clearing my voice "Agruements not here, we are here to adventure. Okay thats out of the way sorry I didn't post yesterday I was away from my friends computer. Anyway back to the story...

Else where...

Orlex Mesmerath stood upon the castle wall as he looked onto the grave yard that lie for as far as he could before. Removing his helm his long brown hair floated in the breeze that was beginning to pick up. In human standards Orlex was considered a very handsome man though he prefered his sword speak for him. The sky darked above him as a smile formed upon his face as he reached up to scratch his beard. He thought to himself that he should shave when he is done here. A crack of lighting brighted the area around him as he looked to his side seeing a shadowed character.

"I was wandering when you would show up." Orlex whispered under his breath.
"My dear foolish Orlex quiet your tongue before I have it ripped out. I arrvive when I wish to arrive. Remember you summoned me I was quite happy where I was." This character hissed out loudly summoning the lighting to strike around the two.

Orlex stood his ground though he was a bit shaken, but he kept his wits about him and did not reach for his sword. His voice was shaken a bit as he spoke "Then raise me an army as I command, or you shall never be whole nor get your staff. Remember I summoned you and I can send you back!" Orlex stepped forward as flashed out before the shadow making it step back. His sword leveled over the castle wall pointing to the gave yard. "Now raise my army!" Orlex into the night sky as the lighting struck his sword then traveled to the tomb stones of the dead. An evil smile spread arcoss Orlex face as the grave yard awoke with the first skeleton hand break the solid earth. "Rise my Army! Rise! And obey your master Orlex Mesmerath the destroyer of the Sun and Stars!" Orlex's dark balck eyes watched his unholy creations arise to his command.

OOC: be back with Tiver's house later...

02/07/2003 12:38 PM

Tiver opened his door to see a slightly mad elf standing before him, and to make matters worse he heard what sounded like and explosion from across the street. Tiver only shook his head as he walked past the elf jogging over across the street to see what was the problem. Tiver's hands moved quickly about him as he past the elf with out notice, but now a few fine items rested tucked away in Tiver's brightly colored shirt.

On his way across the street he saw another elf, female (OOC: please more discription on your characters but keep it brief. Tiver smiled and nodded as he jogged past the elf stopping infront of the door to the gnome's house (?). Tiver was about to reach for the door when his sense of well being came to him. With a smile Tiver yanked off the lid to a barrel for a shield, just in case something happened.

Tiver then reached up and openned the door to the gnome's house. As Tiver did so he cursed himself for not remembering the gnome's name. "Ahem, excuse me is everything okay in here?" Tiver asked a bit of excitement in his vioce waiting to see a large explosion. Tiver could hear the rumors and stories of his death killed trying to save a gnome from his own invention what a great kender a statue shall be built in his honor. Well, Tiver's thoughts continued to wander with him oblivious to the dozen arrows striking his barrel lid shield. Tiver walked futher into the room with his mind some where else with a cheering crowd feeling his ears and the yelling of you idiot not making it to his ears.

02/07/2003 1:30 PM

OOC: Qualin is slightly below average height. He'll be of some military background, and thinks highly of himself. He will wear the light blue military dress. Hair is fair and cut short.

BIC:The door opened while Qualin was talking to the silvanesti. A kender walked through the door bumping into the elf. "Hey where's my map, kender!" he replied to no avail.

The kender ran across the street before he could Qualin could demand he re-enter his home and get the map. He demanded anyways though as he crossed the street after the little map keeper.

02/07/2003 2:18 PM

ooc: this is also my first time in the rp forum, so dont bash me if i mess things up plz. aside from that, if there are no acceptions, i will be playing valorn, a solamnic knight. valorn, is still young within the knighthood but is learning fast from those around him. as a knight he is clearly dedicated to the code. however, he still makes as many rash decisions as he does well thought out.

BIC: BY PALIDINE!! what was that, thought Valorn. he had been sitting there mere minutes before, polishing his armor to a bright sheen, when out of nowhere, a crossbow flew through his window. had it been a bolt, valorn wouldve been in a battle stance, sword drawn, but this was not a bolt, it was physically the entire crossbow laying in his foyer.

after thinking to himself for a moment, it occured to him that there was a certain gnome living just down the street, who happened to have typical gnomish luck when it came to his inventions.

upon suiting up, as was valorn's custom, simply b/c he was very proud of his heratige, he headed out and down the street to see if indeed it was the gnomes contraptions that had caused his current strife.

02/07/2003 2:40 PM

OOC: I want to join...but unsure of a char.....was thinking of doing my first ever kender-char....but unsure yet....any suggestions?

02/07/2003 2:52 PM

Well, under normal circumstances, i'd say a Kagonesti so we could have the enitre Ex-Colinesti thing going on, but another kender might be good so we could have some socialation with Tiver.....who knows?

Syr is a little taller then average Silvanesti, with dark green eyes and long brown hair. And yes, she is a girl. she is a typical SIlvanesti in the fact that she believes in "Pure-elven" blood

Nice demon hunter pic. HOw you get those?


She turned to the Qualinesti, and sneered. "Well, how about you go corrupt yourselves with a nice OGRE? I'm sure that would be nice."

She watched the kender skip happily out of the building.

"Ishnu falla kora! Kender! get back here, i need a map!"


Princess of Darkness

02/07/2003 3:56 PM

Insano strolled down the street, the tiny gnome had been working on his gnome-flinger experiments for a while now and this was the first one that had actually worked. He had been working on the prototypes for the crossbow flinger with his guild for sometime now. Tracing bits and pieces of splintered wood downt he street the gnome traced where his invention had fired its projectile (a crossbow because Insano was to frightened to attempt to 'fling' his cat) to the knights barracks down the street. With a brief knock the gnome flung the door open (he had experienced traveling with Kender and had grown acustom to their ways) the gnome walked into the building only to find it deserted.
Slamming the door behind himself Insano doubled back down the street seeking the apparent 'thief' of his crossbow. Seeing a knight walking down the street Insano approahes him. "Uhh, excusemethere....wait.. let me try that agian excuse me there, Sir Knight I belive you have my crossbow" calls Insano.

OOC: 1Good start Alderon, just try to refrain from shortforms (i.e b/c and remeber to write like you would in a story. So quotations are important.
OCC: 2 Kalia, I'd suggest to go with a Kagonesi because I've got a feeling that Tay will be posting.
OCC: 3Insano is a 4.5'' tall gnome with a short white beard. He lost his left arm in a battle (can be read bout in annoyed 3) and he always wears a pointy brown hat and brown clothes......But all of you who have adventured with me before already knew that right?
OCC: 4Hey Klouie, I figured since I've never RPd with another gnome before, I figured this backstory would be acceptable. If you dont lik it just tell me next time you post.

02/07/2003 4:44 PM

OOC: I have only one Kagonesti Char...that's Nakira....and using her could be interesting, since she'll have an extreem Hatred for the Silvanesti. The story behind that is when she was a child, and in servitude with her family for the silvanesti, her family's Master Was secretly practicing dark magics....and in an unfortunate bad bit of timing on Nakira's part, she was turned into a wolf.

Now she can assume a semi-elven shape, though she still looks mostly wolf. She uses Natural Magics as do most Kagonesti, and uses a pair of light weight short swords.

Or I can make an entirely new kagonesti...don't matter to me.

And who's avatar pic are you talking about Princess?

02/08/2003 11:28 AM

(OOC: Hmm, how can I work J'mes into this... Ah, I know.)

"Hey, Insano? Anything wrong?" A voice called from a human in his mid 20's, wearing a brown leather flight suit. In his hands was a large jar of something. "I thought I heard an explosion and figured you might need some numbweed."

(OOC: Well, it looks like we have most of the (surviving) cast of annoyed here.)

02/08/2003 2:16 PM

Hearing his name called Insano spins on his heal looking for the man who called his name. "AH, J'mes my friend! How goes it? Oh, Im physically alright, its just that someone stole my crossbow that we were working on flinging with my gnomeflinger! Where is that blasted dragon of yours?"

02/08/2003 4:24 PM

"ahhheeemm, stole your sword?? you must be the inventor of the contraption that caused this here crossbow to fly trew my front window. well i hardly think i stole this crossbow and you can gladly have it back. perhaps i should "steal" a coin or two from you sir gnome, to fix my now shattered window."

"but alas, i suppose gnomes will be gnomes. allow me to introduce myself, i am Sir Valornious of the sword, but you may call me sir Valorn."

02/08/2003 5:14 PM

OOC: I think I'll use Kista...Silvanesti Born, yet Kagonesti Raised...could be interesting.

BIC: Kistalanthsa frowned, She approached the Home of the Kenter known as Tiver....A good friend of hers told her of him, that he may be able to help her clan. Kista lay her hand on the shoulder of the Grass Cat that walked slowly by her side.

(OOC: Grass Cat...About the size and build of a cheetah...With pale grass green fur and darker green Striping.)

The Cat growled softly, and then pushed its head against her hand, purring softly. It's eyes where a brilliant blue, in contrast with it's fur. "Come on Caliin..." She said softly, as she approached the small group. She instantly recognized the other two for their respective races...

Kista stood tall, as tall as the female Silvanesti that was there. She had pale golden hair, nearly white. With Darkly tanned skin, and Bright Violet eyes. The longbow was slung across her back, and a long slender sword hung at her hip. Her clothing was of Silk and Leather, rich for a Kagonesti, so one could tell that she was a wanderer.

"I am Kistalanthsa Crylthmans....Of the Pathfinder Tribe. This is Caliin...I greet you in the Name of Chislev...Goddess Of the Wild..." She said, her voice a clear sound....like the wind over the plains. She held her hands open and palm up, a gesture amung the Kagonesti of Trust, to show that she meant no ill will.

02/08/2003 6:35 PM

"Oh Hullo there uh...Sir Valorn, how do you do? Thank you for retreaving my crossbow. At least let me re-emburse you for the window" Says the gnome as he reaches around in the pockets in his leather apron. "Ah, well I guess I dont have any steal, but if you'd like I'll give you some diagrams for how the new gnomeflinger works." Insano glanced over his shoulder, seeing his friend J'mes apparently getting bored. "Oh how rude of me Sir Valorn, this is my friend J'mes and my name is..." Pausing to take a deep breath. "Insanonovaglackvert........"

02/09/2003 6:23 AM

"I am Kistalanthsa Crylthmans....Of the Pathfinder Tribe. This is Caliin...I greet you in the Name of Chislev...Goddess Of the Wild..." She said, her voice a clear sound....like the wind over the plains. She held her hands open and palm up, a gesture amung the Kagonesti of Trust, to show that she meant no ill will.

Syr smirked, something very uncommon across teh Silvanesti, and made it obvious that she hadnt been around her race for some time, but obvious the inferiority of the Kagonesti that Silvanesti held was still rooted deep inside her.

"Greetings, Kistalanthsa. I am Syrakasalantha, of Silvanesti, or rather, was of Silvanost, but i've been hiking around Ansalon for some time looking for something. What brings a Kagonesti to a city?"

02/09/2003 2:33 PM

Kista didn't miss the fact that Syr's hand remained on the hilt of her sword, but She didn't act upon it either....the haughty pride of the elves never did reach her heart.

Her Violet eyes glanced at the Kender and she smiled warmly. "Perhaps for the same reason you two are here...." She said and walked past both the Silvanesti and the Qualinesti.

"and you are the irrepressable Kender, Tiver correct? I am here, sent by the tribe elders of the Kagonesti. I, Being the youngest and a foster child in the pathfinder clan, was sent to ask a map of you....a great evil has been plotted, one that if succeeded, will wipe all elves from the world of Krynn....will you help us?" She asked softly, Caliin purred and rubbed his forhead on her calf, his sapphire eyes locked onto the kender.

OOC: Someone please make a comment on the statement she made of being the youngest and a foster child in the pathfinder clans.....it's important to her history.

02/09/2003 4:50 PM

She looked at the Kagonesti. "Well, it appears that not only the two cilivilized Elven races are going to be annhiliated, you guys are coming too!" she chuckled slightly. "And all kender are irrepressable."

Desperatly, she tried to find something else to mock on this barbarian. Remembering Kista's words:

I, Being the youngest and a foster child in the pathfinder clan, was sent to ask a map of you

"A foster Kagonesti?" She asked, "You are most certainly elven....Qualinesti, maybe. Yes, i think becuase they are known to spoil their blood. AND the youngest?"

Expendable, was all Syr could think, this young foster Kagonesti was expendable.


OOC: The "Three Moons" thing.....how did you get a signature? and the picture under your name...and how do you put things in italics?

02/09/2003 5:09 PM

OOC: The signature and Avatar( The pic under my name) are all controled by clicking the link at the top of the page "your settings" as far as Italics,
text Just like that, for bold, use "B" instead of "I" and no spaces between the and the "I" or "/I"

My signature is from my own rp site....of the same name "Three Moons" you are free to join when you like :) It's kinda slow there now, cuz I've been busy.

BIC: Kista frowned at the silvanesti, her violet eyes sparkled with anger. "I am not a Qualinesti....if you must know, I am Silvanesti. My parents where killed when I was very young....and was raised by the only people kind enough to do so. I would've been left for dead for all the Silvanesti did to find me, or my parents. My father was a Well known white robed Mage....my mother a Cleric of Paladine....." She Bit back the sudden tears. She had thought herself over the pain of their loss.

"The pathfinder clan found me....and raised me as their own. I was taught all the best for I was considered as one of the Chieftan's children. And Yes, I am the youngest....and also the only one left alive. A sickness claimed all of my foster siblings....I will lead the pathfinder clan when my Foster Father is gone." She said this proudly, standing straight and tall. The large Grass Cat growled softly, while Kista's hand rested on it's shoulder, that gentle touch was enough to restrain the creature.

02/09/2003 8:12 PM

(OOC: oh good, this thing's working now. I had trouble earlier.)

"Insano." J'mes interupted the gnome's rambling. "Elves and most humans are normaly not very patient, you might want to just sum it up." Then he turned to the others. "Greetings, I am Dragonrider J'mes of Pern." A foot long blue lizard with wings flew into sight and landed on his shoulder. "I ride the brown dragon Sarumth and this is my firelizard Endy. How I got here is a long story best saved for later."

02/09/2003 8:18 PM

After being interupted, the Gnome glances at his dragonrider friend. "Well my friend, its great to see you again! Come, lets venture down the street and share an ale and go over the olden days again. You are more than welcome yourself Sir Knight, its the least I could do for having you find my crossbow." Casuality strolling down the street beside his friend Insano spies a heated conflicted between a bunch of elves. "Hey, J'mes, want to see whats going on over there?" inquires Insano.

OOC: Sorry for the blandness of this post, I was just trying to bring all the characters together.

02/10/2003 4:03 AM

OOC: Thanks!


"Silvanesti?" She says, obviously completely taken aback. "Well, we do have a bond then....." Syr digs a small hole in the groud with her foot, showing her uncomforatblness, "I am sorry for your mother and father."

02/10/2003 6:25 AM

OOC: Sorry I was not hear for the weekend. Good progress, I like it.

After the kender paid him no attention, Qualin, the Qualinesti elf, studied the conversation of his counterparts, Syr and Kista.

"Silvanesti?" She says, obviously completely taken aback. "Well, we do have a bond then....." Syr digs a small hole in the groud with her foot, showing her uncomfortableness, "I am sorry for your mother and father."

"No you're not," Qualin replied sharply at Syr, "It is obvious that you do not care two bundles of sticks about this maiden. Perhaps you may have better luck drinking that dwarf spirits you call wine!"

Turning his attention, "I appologize for any rudeness (accompanied with a bow that was slightly sarcastic), but I have been sent by the Speaker of the Suns, himself. I believe that raises the importance of my mission with the map above that of a Silvanesti pretending to be a Koganesti."

"Map keeper!" the pompous elf exclaimed calling out to where ever the kender was,, "I really must have service!"

02/10/2003 12:20 PM

"No no no. I cant stand Dwarf Spirits. But Ale is good. Now, yes, i believe this Qualinesti is right abotu you, Kista. Even so, I have been sent by the Speaker of the Stars for the same thing. We MAY have to work together, so get used of my company Qualinesti."

02/10/2003 12:59 PM

Dwarf Spirits

did i hear someone say dwarf spirits?? if theres one thing i enjoy when im not on the battle field thats it! i know it may sound a little odd, what a knight enjoying something so rudamentry and almost crude as dwarven spirits, but they really sooth the moment. what say we head down to the swordcreast inn and discuss this all in a civilized manner, so that we may each come to know our roles, without all the nonsense that occurs with bicuring(sp).

02/10/2003 1:41 PM

Kista seethed with anger, Callin hissed and his ears flattened against his skull. "I do not Pretend to be anything other than what I am. I may have been born Silvanesti, But I am the daughter of the leader of my people...The Kagonesti....the only people I call family." She allowed her voice to drop an octave.

" You may have been sent by your leaders...but none sent their own children...which shows how prepared your future is when the wars come. my people teach all to protect and to heal....while yours sit at fancy tables and laugh at those less fortunate, My people are out here, doing something about it." She turned her back on both of them, her long silver-blonde hair flying wildly in the wind.

She pulled something loose from her pocket, and held out a gift for the Kender. "From my father...A gift in exchange for a map." She said holding out her hand.

(OOC: You can make the gift anything you like...:))

02/10/2003 2:53 PM

As Insano approaches the elven party standing on the door step of the map keeper he sized them up for what they were worth. Apparently there were two Silvanesti (one dressed like a Kagonesti) and a Quailensti. Muttering into his beard "hmmm, this bodes ill. Ah well, whats another adventure anyways." Walking to stand right before the elves. "WHY HULLO THERE!" Booms Insano "Uh...sorry, Im used to yelling over lots of noise. Anywho, Im Insano (for short) and this here is J'mes (adding in for J'mes to introduce himself) we've been far and wide and I just wondered why so many elves of different races would gather outside of Ergoth>"

02/10/2003 3:35 PM

we've been far and wide and I just wondered why so many elves of different races would gather outside of Ergoth." (replied Insano)

"You, small one, if you are the keeper of the map, I demand that you hand it over. I have a mission to uphold and I must be quick about it." Qualin snapped.

"For your reward, you may have this gift," announced the Qualinesti elf, "this gift that I have allowed the Kagonesti to see. She will hand it over to you if you please. However, I must have the map of the knight."

02/10/2003 4:33 PM

"Uh, no, sorry I dont have a map or anything" says the gnome, patting his pockets just to make sure. "How rude of him not to introduce himself" mutter Insano under his breath.

02/10/2003 4:48 PM

Sir Valorn glanced around at the gathering motley crew and realized he was apparently the only one interested in ale. "so forget the ale then, i heard the words adventure. ive heard mention of a said map. should you require the assistances of a skilled bladesman i would be more than happy to join in on the insuing quest.

"so whats the story if i might inquire" valorn wandered aloud

02/11/2003 11:40 AM

"should you require the assistances of a skilled bladesman i would be more than happy to join in on the insuing quest." -Valorn

"I could require your services, sir knight, " Qualin replied cooly, "If you could produce the one caring for the Map of the Dark Knight."

"For I am Qualin of Qualinost, I represent the Speaker of the Sun, Gilthas Kanan. I must deliver such map to my beloved, you may escort me." the qualinesti elf concluded.

02/11/2003 12:15 PM

"If you could produce the one caring for the Map of the Dark Knight."

hrmmm, i know not of the exactness of the location of this map which you speak. however, the kender Tiver is said to have quite the collection of maps, or so the townsfolk speak. adding humerously, Sir valorn concluded "than again, kender generally have quite the collection of just about everything eh??"

02/11/2003 2:13 PM

"hrmmm, i know not of the exactness of the location of this map which you speak. however, the kender Tiver is said to have quite the collection of maps, or so the townsfolk speak." -Valorn

"I have already spoken to the kender," Qualin replied cooly gesturing to Insano, "he is clueless as a gully dwarf. Perhaps I have been misled to the maps where abouts altogether. If information is passed to a silvanesti or even a kagonesti, it probably isn't credible."

02/11/2003 2:21 PM

If information is passed to a silvanesti or even a kagonesti, it probably isn't credible."

"regardless of who the information comes through, we must not let racial differences come between us if we are to be successful in any of our upcoming trials. we must all as the code states, defend those who depend upon us."

ooc: jsut to be clear, valorn bases his life on the code as much as any of the most strict knights that are out there.

02/11/2003 2:27 PM

"Our upcoming trials? Knight, I have offered companionship towards you and no one else thus far!" Qualin exclaimed at the thought of traveling Krynn with the likes of the other elves.

"One must do what the have to do," the qualinesti replied uneathusiasticly, "Whoever retrieves this map is allowed the luxery and the honor to continue on my mission. Provided that you all bathe."

02/11/2003 2:31 PM

"Our upcoming trials? Knight, I have offered companionship towards you and no one else thus far!"

i appologize Qualin, i had no intent of attempting to usurp any sort of authority, i merely felt that the presence of more than just the two of us may end up being benificial in many ways.

02/11/2003 2:35 PM

OOC: I have been reading my posts. Qualin is such a jerk. Is that a good thing? I'm not sure.

02/11/2003 2:40 PM

ooc: well hell, im a whinny knight, so to each his own eh?? makes for better diversity! :p

02/11/2003 2:53 PM

Kista waited silently, Albiet impatiently. She watched Callin closely, the large Grass Cat eyed the other two elves warily, and then scratched an itch on his neck. She didn't really care who had the map, she would do all she could to stop this plan from bearing fruit.

"This is insane" She swore In Kagonesti, her violet eyes blazing. "Our very race is in danger of being wiped from the world.......and all we can do is stand here and bicker!!" she screamed in common, her face flushed with anger, but her eyes suddenly filled with tears. She made no move to hide them, nor did she openly sob, but two tears fell down her cheeks.

"This is all of us, not just the Qualinesti, or the Silvanesti, but all elves....all of us." She said this calmly, as she looked to the other two, her eyes pleading.

"we should work together....once, long ago, we where all one race....the Elves...chosen of the Gods....it was when we forgot the plan of the High GOD that we began to fight amungst ourselves...killing each other. In that respect we are no better than those who seek to destroy us." She said, her head bowed, and for the fist time in her life, almost felt ashamed to be an elf....

"Forgive us....we know not the meaning of our words or of our blind actions..." She whispered softly in kagonesti, her prayers to the High god where the first heard in centuries.

02/11/2003 3:51 PM

"Thank you." J'mes said as the Kagonesti managed to shut the others up. "As the gnome said I am J'mes, and niether one of us has any maps. However, the kender should be back any minute, and will be able to help you. I am a dragonrider and may be able to asist you to your destination once you have spoken with him."

02/11/2003 4:45 PM

"Ah, well said wise elf" says Insano, while ignoring the statements from the Quailesti elf. "It is said that Tiver the Kender map collecter does have maps, so why do we bicker on his doorstep?" Insano approaches the Kenders door and knocks.

OOC Man, this is going to be a tricky quest, we have 3 rangers (assumibly the elves) 2 fighters, and me, a freaking gnome!! No clerics, no mages.

02/11/2003 5:05 PM

OOC: Kista is a Mystic of sorts, and has a firm grasp on natural magics

02/11/2003 5:13 PM

The realization finally sunk into Syr. The elves were going to be annihiliated. This Kagonesti raised kin had finally hit her home to the truth.

"Quiet, Qualinesti." She snapped. "If the Kagonesti," She put special accent onto Kagonesti, making it sure that all of them knew that she was in no relation to this person. "is right, then we should work together. If you, are right," SHe said to Qualin, "then we should just kill eachother and start another Kinslayer war."

"EIther way we're all screwed. So we might as well all swallow our pride and get on with it. Kista, Qualin. Peace?" She held out her hand.

"As you you, Insano, Valorn, and J'mes, you may come. Maybe as peacekeepers. And now, and a formal introduction. I am Syrakasalantha Starbreeze, once of the Shadowmoon family, of the House Royal, nce betrothed to Silvanoshei, and next ruler of the Silvanesti. I come in the name of Alhana Starbreeze and the Silvanesti Elves."

She glanced again at teh "Kangonesti" and Qualinesti. "Let us be Colinesti again."

02/11/2003 5:15 PM

OOC: Well Kalia, Wild magic isnt as powerful as Tower Magic, but thats a discussion for a different forum ;)
Alderon (I think I'll call you Aldy from now on) Just some constructive criticisim. Try to write like you are writing a story that would be published in the DL line, make sure there are capital letters in the right spots (i.e when you say 'I') and paragraphs and such are correct, oh and dont forget quotation marks when you speak. It makes it easier for us (your fellow adventurers) to read.

02/11/2003 5:24 PM

OOC: I know ;) Just pointing it out that it better than nothing :P

BIC: Kistal relaxed a bit, though wary of the two other elves, She nodded. "I will do all within my power to stop this plan from bearing fruit...." She said, her hand moving away from the hilt of her sword.

02/11/2003 5:26 PM

OOC: in the interst of the group, and b/c i think it would add a little enjoyment to my char, and also b/c val is a new char, i could easily play him as a cleric of kir jolth.

if no one has any probs with that, i will make that slight mod to my char

02/11/2003 5:36 PM

Hmm, a cleric of Kiri'Jolith, a Qualinesti, a Silvanesti, a Kagonesti, a fighter, and a gnome. This should be interestng.
SUre, go ahead!

02/11/2003 11:36 PM

(OOC: I'm not a fighter! I'm a, a, um.... Ok, I guess I'm a fighter. But I've got a dragon, does that help? And a lizard!)

(OOC: And fellis juice!)

02/12/2003 6:39 AM

Qualin ashamedly reacted to Kista's words. Not so much because he believed she was right. Just it would be extremely inappropriate not to.

"Geez, I'm parched, does anyone have some Fellis Juice? (Thank you J'mes, but you must explain what I just asked for.)" The qualinesti asked the group.

"If the pint sized one here isn't the kender; where is he?" Qualin questioned, "I suggest we find him. Knight you will follow me into his home, perhaps he is just relieveing himself."

Qualin then gestured for the cleric of Kiri-Jolith to go fist in case the qualinesti's scenerio proved correct. The last thing he needed was the sight of kender poo.

02/12/2003 10:41 AM

OOC: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Good one Billy-Bob, Kender poo...genius Hee Hee.

02/12/2003 11:26 AM

(OOC: LOL!! Fellis juice is a general anesthetic, like ether. High doses put people to sleep for surgery, but low doses can be used for a comfortable numbness. It's often mixed with wine to hide its taste. It's also a plant native to Pern, not Krynn, so people on krynn don't know about it. I put it down as more of an inside joke with Insano and Tay, who have seen me use it and numbweed (local anesthetic) before.)

"Hey Tiver! Where are you?" J'mes shouted.

02/12/2003 12:54 PM

"Hey Tiver! Where are you?" J'mes shouted.

"I was just wondering the same thing!!" exclaimed Valorn. Upon looking around he realized that the kinder was no where in sight. "damn'd Kender, Kiri-Jolith knows where hes gotten off too."

02/13/2003 3:39 AM

"Kender." Syr said with disgust. "Never there when you need them, which is rarely. and always there being general nuisances."

02/13/2003 10:11 AM

Qualin looked around at the entire group, "Let me get this straight, not one of us knows where the kender is? Quick everyone check there pockets!"

"Kender!," the qualinesti called out to the streets, "If you don't want me and the knight to search your house come out and say so!"

After waiting a moment, he gestured towards the group to enter the domicle of the kender.

02/13/2003 11:02 AM

"I find it quite unlikely that the Knight will enter the house, seeing as it would be a direct violation of the measure. What honour is there in breaking into a kenders dwelling place?" Retorts Insano to the Elf. "Perhaps you havent left your sheltered woodlands enough to know how things go on in the rest of Krynn. I for one, will not enter this Kenders living place. Years of adventuring with Kender has shown me enough to know better."

02/13/2003 11:13 AM

"Might you have a better plan to find the elusive kender?" Qualin questioned the gnome.

"Kista, might you have some magic that can be of help in finding the kender?" the qualinesti elf asked, "or perhaps you silavnesti?"

02/13/2003 11:19 AM

"Yes, im sorry to inform you, but were I too enter the kenders home, out of my own needs, with no invite, or clear reason, i would indeed be violating my oath and my honor." Standing up a little taller, and stroking his mustache, Valorn proudly recited, "and as we all know "My Honor is My Life"!!

02/14/2003 5:24 AM

OOC: just wondering what you guys thought, but id really like to see this thread go somewhere. it seems like it could b a lot of fun. should we try and get this moved on a lil bit with out tiver, since hes been MIA since the 7th, or do we wait a lil bit or what??

whatta u guys think?

02/14/2003 6:14 AM

"It seems like we've bee waitig for the kender for a week!" Qualin exclaimed.

"I realize that the knight can't go inside the kender's domicle, but I can. And if no oe objects; I will, commented the frustrated qualinesti elf.

"If the kender appears while I am inside explain the importance of my mission, " and then after a glance around at the other two elves added reuctantly, "our mission."

He the walked in the front door and took a peek around.

02/14/2003 8:21 AM

Syr glanced at Qualin. "I'll make sure he dosent pull anything!" she glanced at Kista."Coming?"

Um, Tiver, you need to post on this soon...

02/14/2003 9:26 AM

Ignoring comments by either of the other elves, Qualin walked into the house. He had to duck under the doorway because the house was built for a kender. After looking around the room and finding all the tabletops empty, the qualinest elf found a chest on the outside wall.

He opened the drawer and searched through it. Coming across some blue panties with the word Wednesday printed on the elastic band. "Hmmm," thought the qualinesti elf, "maybe I have under-estemated the kender, "Perhaps he is consorting with the owner of these at the moment."

"It's friday so he probably has been awhile since he's been home; that little scoundral!" Qualin added.

Deciding he was hungary, Qualin went into the kitchen to partake of the food. Looking inside he found what he believed to be mongoose pie. Not wanting to discover any other autrocities, he closed the door.

Looking under the bed, Qualin found a rolled up piece of parchment that read ##### #night (# means unreadable) he quickly opened it assuming it read something like "Map to Dark Knight". Upon opening it he realized it was a map of "Tarsis at Night". Makes sense since it was a completely black piece of parchment.

02/14/2003 9:30 AM

Upon noticing the elf Qualin enter the home Sir Valorn was forced to object!
"Sire Elf, i cannot allow you to enter a home without the privlage being given to you by the owner of this home." "I have to ask you to please step back outside."

OOC: being that it is severly against the oath and messure to break into a persons home, it would probably be good if someone were to distract Valorn in some way so that he does not notice that Q has in fact enter the home. *hint hint*

02/14/2003 11:42 AM

Insano watches the party enter the house, he, however never leaves the front doorstep. Making a comment like "Silly elves" into his beard he calls out. "Uh....hey, guys." Looking under the front doormat, Insano quickly finds the map they were searching for. "I found it, jeez, where are you going to find a belonging of a Kender? Exactly where it doesnt belong!" Passing the map to Sir Valorn. Insano says "Here, you seem to have a good head on your shoulders, you should be the map bearer"

OOC: Ok, Im going to my folks house for a week so I dont know how often I'll post so thats why I gave the map to Aldy. Just keep playing without me and I'll be back in a week, breakfast buritos honour! Just assume that Im with J'mes.

02/14/2003 12:31 PM

Upon reading the map over, Sir Valorn decided he should probably inform the rest of the part of a small little minute detail. "I er... um... welll ya see its like this. As a young knight i was more worried about battle field formations than about map reading. Consequently, im not exactly the best of readers when it comes to even the best map, let alone a KENDER MAP!!." Sir Valorn than invites the rest of the group to join him in a quite corner of a nice little inn down the street, where they can read over and determine how it is they wish to begin there questing.

02/16/2003 12:35 PM

"I er... um... welll ya see its like this. As a young knight i was more worried about battle field formations than about map reading. Consequently, im not exactly the best of readers when it comes to even the best map, let alone a KENDER MAP!!."

"Give me that!" Syr yells at him. She grabs the map and studies it intensely. "Well, human." she says sardonically. "It appears this magic is very very near Sanction...in the Lords of Doom, to be precise. It also appears that he marked something up near Neraka. Kista, Qualin, maybe you know?" she points to the illegible writing near a dot named "Neraka"

02/17/2003 8:28 AM

Qualin peered over the kagonesti's shoulder at the map. "Well, I would say that dot would be comprised of blueberry pie. Appearently our kender friend is a messy one."

"As far the Lords of Doom are concerned," the qualinesti elf replied, "leave it to a Dark Knight to find the most uncomfortable spot to begin a quest. Quite a cliche if you ask me."

At that moment an elf ran through the door, a member of the qualinesti kirath (I hope the qualinesti have these, I know silvanesti does). He carried with him a piece of parchment, he handed it to Qualin and then departed before anyone else could say a word to him.

Qualin opened the letter and then read its contents. The letter was written by the Speaker of the Suns, Gilthas. It gave him the sad news that attacks on his people had already begun, Qualin's girlfriend has been killed. A tear developed in Qualin's eye for the death of an elf but not out of love for her. It concluded in the request that Qualin continue the quest on his own instead of returning.

Folding the paper in half he stuck the parchments in a pocket determined to be rid of it later. "We all have the blessings of Gilthas Kanan," was the only thing the qualinesti could muster.

02/17/2003 4:16 PM

she points to the illegible writing near a dot named "Neraka"

Upon hearing the word "neraka" Sir Valorn began to bristle and to even tremble visably. "Im sorry, but i feel i should explain why im acting the way I am right now." "Im sure you all know that Neraka is the base of the damn'd dark knights." "Now, whilst i do approve of there ways of honor, i do not approve of there other "choices" in worship." "I do not wish to delve further into this issue at the time, however as the situation progresses, so will my story." "Needless to say, im in this to the end when dark knights are involved."

02/17/2003 4:36 PM

OOC: Benn, i'm the Silvanesti, but ok. and Alderon, is Valorn coming or not?


Syr put the map in her back pocket, and seconds later realized one of the other elves would try to take it out, so she put it in her front pocket instead (ooh...intelligent!). She looks at Qualin and raises her eyebrows.

"What happened, Qualin? Somehow,i dont think that your tears have anything to do with the Speaker of the Suns granting us good wishes." Syr's voice had obvious concern this time.

She turned away from him and looked at Kista and Valorn. "Well, we should get going soon. Getting into the Lords of Doom, or into Sanction for that matter, is difficult these days."

02/17/2003 6:36 PM

"Needless to say, im in this to the end when dark knights are involved."

OOC: sorry i thought this line made it clear. ya im def in for the long haul :D

02/18/2003 9:58 AM

OOC: PrincessOfDarkness, I merey said the kirath are silavnesti, the messenger was the qualinesti version.


"What happened, Qualin? Somehow,i dont think that your tears have anything to do with the Speaker of the Suns granting us good wishes." Syr's voice had obvious concern this time.

Qualin noted the Syr's question and gave a quite expanation about the dirty air.

After a second of thought, Qualin looked about at the group of comrades. "How are we traveling to Sanction? How do we even get axess to the Lords of Doom?" the qualinesti inquired, "and someone please expain to me how the hell centaurs march?"

With both hands on his hips, Qualin awaited answers to his questions prior to taking another step.

02/18/2003 10:10 AM

OOC: No, no that. You said i was the Kagonesti elf while looking over my shoulder.

Syr considered his answer and decided to believe it...for the moment.

"Well, the only way to get to Sanction is to walk, as far as i know. Griffon, maybe, but they dont appreciate humans." she looked at Valorn. "As for the Lords of Doom, i have no idea myself. How DO centaurs march?"

02/18/2003 10:16 AM

OOC: Vanity is a sin, just because you had the map doesn't mean I was behind you. I meant what I said. I was behind Kistal and peered over her shouder.

02/18/2003 10:19 AM

....oh, so your implying that Your looking for her shoulder over my shoulder?

02/18/2003 10:19 AM

....oh, so your implying that Your looking for her shoulder over my shoulder? becuase i'm holding the map.

02/18/2003 10:58 AM

"I can get some of us there." J'mes spoke up. "Saumth and I can carry 3 of you easily. But all four of you, and me and Insano and Tiver is a bit much. I could ferry you in two trips, but the first trip could take a while. The second trip would only take a minute or too."

02/18/2003 11:06 AM

"If this is what we have decided to do, we shall divide up momentarily." Qualin spoke for the group, "Syr, Insano and Tiver can all go on the first trip while Valorn, Kista and I gather supplies. I trust that the silvanesti can hold out in Sanction and gather information."

Qualin then left the group to relieve himself in the latrine. "I have no patience for this infernal digestion. I must defecate now!" he muttered to himself in a low voice so that none of the characters coud hear (but loud enough for a the rp players).

02/18/2003 11:48 AM

Syr, Insano and Tiver can al go on the first trip while Valorn, Kista and I gather supplies. I trust that the silvanesti can hod out in Sanction and gather information."

"Excellent idea good Qualin, however, how is that we are to gather information on something that we in truth seem to know so little about." "A good Knight, err... rather a good adventure should always be two steps ahead before he begins his journey."

02/18/2003 2:30 PM

OOC: My breathing was hard as I rounded the corner quickly almost sliding down the wet hallway. I reached out snacthing the door way whipping myself into the room hoping no one saw me. With a glance I I found my work schedule where it usually was. Shoving it into my pocket I peaked out beyond the door way to see if the coast was clear. "Phew, alright man you can make it... now GO!" I said to myself as I dashed down the hall way on my day off. Yes, I saw the door just a few feet infront of me. I was going to make it, but the faint sound echoed behind me it was the sound of keys. Then again it could of been magic dust from the wings of a demon beast or something. Because there before stood my manager and bill collecters. I back peddled as I skidded to a stop trying to run the other direction but I was surround. Sadly I feel to my knees my head hanging low with the only thought on my mind "The real world sucks!"

Sorry I had to vent...hehe


Tiver watched the group sliently from the exploding gnomes home with a puzzled look upon his face. A smile spread across his face aas he tossed the lid of the barrel to the side, and started to walk back over to his house when everyone walked into the open door. TIver shrugged as he saw J'mes and Insano still standing outside of his house. "Hello, friends and might I suggest that a fine idea J'mes," Tiver smiled.

OOC: Be back later sorry gonee for so long work, school, and bill collectors keep a person busy hehe.

02/18/2003 2:46 PM

OOC: tiver, nice to see ya back, rl's a bitch! but anywayz, i thought we was gunna have to go on with out ya.

OOC: also, on a side note in development of Val's char a little more, i wanted to point out that he is still very new and extremely rigid when it comes to the oath and messure. so dont get to fed up when u hear things like "well according to the oath and messure" or "as a knight i must" blalblabla! :p

BIC: Sir Valorn nearly shat in his armor when the once thought lost kender, appeared out of nowhere from inside i barrel. "Well its about time you showed your self, little one. we were begining to think that you had wondered off on some new kender tangent." Then with a slight smile etched on his face, Valorn added, "In fact i was getting ready to go and check the jail for you, being as it is that you little thiev.... er rather you little ummm handlers seem to end up there quite often!"

02/19/2003 10:16 AM

"Why, in E'li's name, did you put me with the GNOME AND KENDER?!" She yelled at his retreating figure.

OOC~ YOu forgot J'mes! He's in my group!

[Edited by PrincessOfDarkness on Wednesday, February 19, 2003 10:19 AM]

02/19/2003 11:08 AM

(OOC: That's kind of a given, since I've got the dragon.)

*Sarumth, you awake?* J'mes thought to the dragon.

*Enough to hear about our trip.* Came the deep reply. *Be there in a minute.* A few minutes later a large brown dragon flew into view, folded its wings and landed in the street outside. Strangely, instead of scales it had a thick leathery skin.

"Everybody, this is Sarumth. I've known him all his life and most of mine." J'mes explained. "You're probably wondering hhow I keep a dragon and why he doesn't have scales. Or is brown for that matter. Well, that's how we grow them were I come from. Greens, Blues, Browns, Bronze, and Gold are the only ones we normally have, in that size order. They bond with someone at the moment they hatch and are attached to them for life."

The blue mini-dragon flew back and landed on his shoulder. "Endy here is what we started with actually. We managed to breed dragons like Sarumth from creatures like him." The larger dragon seemed to snort at the idea. "Very similar in their attachments though."

02/19/2003 12:43 PM

"First of all, do not use the Dragon Lord's name in vain, " Qualin snapped, "and as far as pairing you with the gnome and kender, I figured that you'd best be able to gather information with them since you are quick with your tongue."

Also because I can't stand your tongue one bit! Qualin knew that one could gather more flies with honey than vinegar. He chose to use his haste in discretion around the silvanesti.

02/19/2003 3:55 PM

Syr rolled her eyes. "Right. Gnome and Kender don't need a tongue to give information. they spew it. J'mes, cool dragon. Name?"

02/19/2003 6:29 PM

(OOC: I belive I said it multible times in my last post. I can answer the question if Syr wasn't paying much attention to the huge dragon that just flew in...)

02/22/2003 5:29 PM

Tiver in regular amusement ran over to the dragon at first being careful that the dragon did land on him. "Hello,...Um Sarmuth?" Tiver said with a qquick tongue noticing the dragon did not have scales. "Wow! you have no scales. That most mean... well it means something I guess." Tiver said as he was already climbing upon the dragon with a cheerful glee as a small child with a new and interesting toy. Tiver then reminded himself that he was not quite ready to leave, he had no weapons. "Well, I need a bit of time to grab all my stuff," Tiver spoke as his midway climb onto the dragon.

Tiver then landed onto the ground seeing the group that had gathered before him. With a smile and hand running through his greying hair Tiver introduced himself in a clear vioce, "I am Tiver Neehigh Slayer of evil dragons, founder of the kender war cry, pirate king of the waters, keeper of maps, and the longest jail time held by a kender (by his own accord)." So where are we off too anyways?" Tiver said walking into his house after giving a quick bow.

02/22/2003 7:05 PM

"Oh why hello there Kender!" cries Insano, seeing another companion join him on dragonback. "How do you do? My name is Insano. But Im sure you already knew that, with me living just down the street and whatnot. Anywho, we uh...borrowed one of your maps that had fallen under your doorstep. I hope you didnt mind." Continued the gnome, pausing to adjust his parchment and quill into his proper apron slots. "Anyways, we're bound for Neraka...I think. And the dragon on which we ride is from Pern! Yeah, you heard me! J'mes and his 'pets' are from a whole other planet! I'm going to take some physics measures while we're in flight, maybe I can send the sketches back to Mt. Nevermind and they'll be able to increase the velocity of the gnomeflingers!! Wow! This will be some adventure!"

02/23/2003 10:18 AM

"Ok, whenever you're ready. I just came in from flying, so I've got everything I need." J'mes said.

02/23/2003 12:54 PM

Syr rolled her eyes and looked at J'mes. "Tell me, do YOU know why he paired me with a gnome and a kender?" CHecking her bags, she felt a short sword and a longbow. She then felt with relief that her money pouch was (gasp) still on her waist. Clutching it. and nodded. "I'm ready."

*Gah*, she thought, *I'm an elf, and i'm riding on a dragon. I'm traveling with a gnome, a kender, and a human who's not from Krynn. What in E'li's name did i do?!"

02/23/2003 3:07 PM

*Probably so the others wouldn't have to listen to her.* Sarumth thought to J'mes. A smile grew across J'mes's face, but he decided not to relay the coment. "I suppose that we should have at least one person that can hold their own in a fight with us, so it's not a bad idea for you to come along."

Leaning down, J'mes gave a small pendant to the knight. "Take this, it will act as a homing beacon for Endy, I'll send him when we get there."

Then J'mes thought of something. "Oh, Insano! How's the arm doing?"

(OOC: Recall: annoyed)

02/23/2003 3:16 PM

"Its doing the same as its been doing since before the battle" Replies Insano to his friend. Holding forth the stump of his wrist for J'mes to examine. "Not even the Clerics could restore my hand. But alas, I learned to work with my left!"

02/24/2003 6:38 AM

Watching the silvanesti climbing onto the back of the dragon with the gnome and kender, Qualin had to fight back a smile. he was tired of the quick tongued elf. And what of my own toungue? The kender deserved as well to be on this flight with the elf because he had bee unable to be found when he was needed. But the gnome, he hadn't done anything yet. Qualin rationalized that he would be the one to keep the other two alive.

Qualin then turned to Kista, the Kagonesti, and Valorn, the Solamnic Knight. "what are we to do until they come back for us? Anyone up for Uno?" the qualinesti offered hopefull they would take his offer o the card game.

02/25/2003 4:51 PM

For no apparent reason, Qualin sneezed. "Bless me, E'li"

03/03/2003 10:34 AM

"Well, if everybody's ready, lets take off then." J'mes called. "I'll go between to Neraka and head to sanction from there." Making sure everyone was secure, he gave the signal for Sarumth to lift from the ground and they leaped into the air.

03/03/2003 10:44 AM

The feeling of flying was wonderful. She thought that she'd go get one of these from Silvanoshei (?), or getting exiled was no competition to this. Somehow, it didnt measure up to riding a griffon.

"J'mes!" She yelled up to him, "How long you think it'll take?"

03/03/2003 10:45 AM

Qualin was very happy when he saw the large dragon take flight. "I thought they'd never be airborne, now what I mean good knight?"

The elf walked closer to the door, "We should gather supplies. Do you think we could use some rope? I never have enough of it, it seems."

03/03/2003 2:40 PM

Do you think we could use some rope? I never have enough of it, it seems."

"Rope might not be a bad idea good elf, ecspecially when we are traveling in the company of that little thei.... errr ummm.... Kender." "We could also probably find us some more "suitable" weapons back at my home or in the Knightly commons." "When it comes to defeating the dark Knights, we Solamnics are fairly giving of what we have to try and increase our chances of Victory."

03/03/2003 3:04 PM

"And I only thought of the conventional methods!" Qualin laughed at the knight's unusual sense of humor, "weapons are a grand idea, as well."

"I have been taught in many weapon styles and could resort to using any of them. Perhaps I should pick up a crossbow, unless you have a better idea."

03/04/2003 10:27 AM

"Not too long. I should warn you though, hang on tight, and it's about to get real cold." J'mes yelled back. Then, in an instant, the world dissapeared. Insano held felt this before, and J'mes was used to it, but to many the first trip between is a terrifying experiance. The complete loss of sight, sound, and warmth can easily put a body into shock if it lasts to long. Then, a few seconds later, they appeared again, in the plains near Neraka. "We're at Neraka, which way now?" He asked.

03/04/2003 10:44 AM

"Yahoo!" Yells Insnao, the flight on the back of the "dragon" making him filled with glee.

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03/04/2003 2:51 PM

"Later during the day Kista , Qualin, and Valornious arrived at Val's home. He immediatly went to work on what appeared to be trying to find a certain trinket on his wall, when out of nowhere, the walls slid back revealing a room full of what appeared to be ornamental weapons and armor.

"This is the legacy of my Knightlyhood. It has been passed unto me thourgh generations of knighthood. i ask that you please find something that suits you for this mission, and use it well. For in truth, these missions involving black knights require all the advantage we can gain."

"Please look around, and tell me what you see and would like to use, ill take care of the rest."

03/04/2003 2:54 PM

"By E'li!" Syr yelled with hand over her heart. "Holy S*it!"

"We're at Neraka, which way now?" He asked.

"....Oh, yeah.." Still very much disturbed, she pulls out the maps. "I dont know. Why dont you look at it? It's a big dot that says 'Big Mystical Evil Thing' What do you think?"

03/04/2003 4:47 PM

(OOC: Insano, we're still in the air.)

J'mes looked at the map for a few moments. "Alright, here we go." And the dragon flew southwest.

03/06/2003 7:09 AM

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03/09/2004 7:22 PM

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