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01/24/2003 7:40 PM

OOC: Hey everyone. Lets try this out.

For those of you who dont know, this is going to be a village in the forum. Hopefully it can last a very long time. Anyone can join. This will become a welcoming place for new members. All you have to do is play a character in the village.

There will be no DM, if thats okay. Anything can happen. I am only starting this and will not take control, unless extremely necessary. It would be cool if there were no OOC posts from here on out.

So post your townsfolk and start building your homes!

BIC: A small, round man with a top hat paced around the woods. His path came to a large opening surrounded by the forest. Suddenly the man had an idea.

The man ran around collecting pieces of wood. When he gathered enough, he took out a hammer and some nails. When he was done, he had created a sign. The man looked around thinking. He took one of the sharp nails and began carving letters on the large signs wooden face.

The rotund man walked to the end of the path with the sign. Right at the opening of the large clearing he stuck the sign in the ground.

" Welcome to Fernwood!" The man read the sign, proud of his work.

Now all he needed were townspeople.

01/25/2003 6:04 AM

"Aha! A new town! I think I'm going to build a house here!" An old man said.

Then, he suffered a heart attack and died.


OOC: There, you have your first casualty. ;)

01/25/2003 11:56 AM

In a poof of smoke a blue-cloaked-figure appears, and accidentally trips over the old mans body.

"Oh wonderful! A new sample for my experiments." She slaps on a pair of rubber gloves and whips out a body bag from her cloak, stuffing the old man inside.
"Ooo.. It’s a fresh specimen too! " She beamed
"And hey! This looks like a good spot to set up one of my many experiment centers."

Reaching back into her cloak she pulls out a small seed and a dropper filled with purple solution. Taking the dropper, she squeezes a few drops on the seed, and then throws it into the middle of the square. Instantly a fully-grown 50-foot maple tree sprouts from the ground. The blue-cloaked-woman picks up the body bag and steps over to the tree. Unlocking a hidden door on the trunk, she shoves the bag inside and locks it again.

And then in a POOF! She disappears.

01/25/2003 1:11 PM

A black cloaked figure glanced uneasilly around, scratching his brown hair with confusion. This was something...definately something. A sign, and no residents.

"Cain Lulliasna to the rescue!!" He screached, poking a stick in the ground.

"New home...I'm only a kid...I can't build..oh well. Aha!!" He grinned, picking up little sticks and carving them up, placing them in a spot by the stick, and more and more sticks untill he had built a miniature town.

"Art!! I love it!!" He grinned, playing with his little people...when he suddenly realized that OOC:Eswiftfire was in need of his attention. He grinned, taking out something and throwing it, dissapearing, leaving the cute little town behind. Maybe some ants would inhibit it.

"Teehee!! Cain strikes again!!"

01/25/2003 7:27 PM

A massive dragon-shaped figure flew over the starting village. No one could see the actual details of this creature, for only a black figure was visible, and red eyes glowing...

This creature was quiet, even with its massive wings flapping against the wind. It surveyed this landscape with vague interest, but it was still interest.

The suburbs of this village would be a marvelous place to find a home...

Then the being flew downwards towards the village. It landed with a soft thud near the welcome sign. It was a dragon, but one no one had ever seen before. It was only dark bones,with little muscle and flesh dangling. It had giant organs, with many piercings and holes visible. How it had been living, no one knew.

The dragon glanced at the very little amount of people who were around. It managed a smile (if you could call it that) at their meakness.

The dragon spoke, its voice a combination of heavy breaths and rattling bones, and pauses every now and then:

"I am ... the first and last ... of the Undead ... Dragons. Therefore, I ... will be called so... the Undead Dragon..."

01/25/2003 7:36 PM

OOC: (I know, you didn't want any OOC posts, but well...) I'd love to join, I'm just stressing over exams and SAT's, I'll probably post in about a week when life calms down. :)

01/25/2003 8:34 PM

A large muscular man walked up to the short man with the top hat. He stabbed the man in the back with a large sword. He then chopped his head off with an axe he was holding in the other hand.

" I am Kozad! I am the new mayor of this town. All newcomers to this village must visit me first!" Kozad shouted. Kozad looked around and noticed there was only a dragon and a boy in the large opening.

The large muscular warrior walked over to a tree and cut it down.

" Hey dragon. Can you help me build a large building to go in the center of the village? Your help would be great." Kozad asked of the dragon by the sign post.

01/26/2003 4:12 AM

"I'll help if you'll have me..." came a soft, shy, Feminen voice. The figure was cloaked in deep blue, features hidden by the hood, even her hands were hidden by the cloak.

01/26/2003 5:33 AM

A fat dwarf rounded the path to the village. "OOOO this shall be perfect for my new house and taveren perfect perfect prefect." The Dwarf to a puff from his pipe and strocked his beard.

The Dwarf walked down the path and into the village. "I am Koteck, I have come to build a taveren." Koteck bellowed this as he entered the village. "Know we do I need to see about be able to do that." Koteck stood around waiting for some to come up and talk to him as he puffed on his pipe.

01/26/2003 7:25 AM

The undead dragon slowly moved towards Kozad, huffing along the way. When it came close to him, the undead dragon lowered his head so it was in front of Kozad's face.

"You ask of me... to help you...? Many cower before me.... or run away screaming, and you ... ask for help? Very well, then. I respect... your courage."

Then the dragon blew on the tree, and the tree exploded into evenly cut lumber, perfect for building.

"You shall do the rest."

With that, the undead dragon jumped into the air and flew away, a noise of rattling bones and squishy sounds following him.

01/26/2003 10:51 AM

(OOC: Sorry, but I won't be moving into this town. Thistle live in Mt. Nevermind, Javert in his new keep, J'mes in Palanthas, and ... oh, wait. I suppose Timesplit could live here...)

In a flash of light, a man with blonde hair and a blue jacket appears. *Hmm, I suppose I could set up a small workshop here. Although I doubt they will be needing an electrician any time soon. Still, my other talents are handy enough.* He thinks to himself as he looks around. *Gonna need a house.* He walks over to a cleared area, then traces the outline of a house on the ground. Then in a flash of light, he dissapears.

A few minutes later, he appears again. "CLEAR!!!" He yells as he points his staff at the tracing. There is an exploding sound and a huge rush of wind as the building warps onto its tracing.

"Ah, there's no place like home." He says as he walks inside his old house in a new town.

01/27/2003 7:39 AM

A young mage drifts through town. He looks around expecting to see a bustling village and is disappointed to see only some lumber thrown about. "Stupid signs, too many of them about for them all to make sense."

Tired as he was, he sat down anyway. Most mages were known to grow tired rather easily from the spells, but this mage was still young, still a few years away from taking the Tests and had not been practicing magic as much as he should. He was tired from his travels. He had journeyed from the woods of Qualinesti looking for acceptance.

The mage brushed the sweat off his brow with the aid of his blue robes. It was these robes, indirectly of course, that almost had him exiled from his homeland. The young mage, known as Benn-Salian, was an advocate for Lunitari. As an elf, he was expected to follow E'li, but as a youth he became entangled in the magic of illusion. He made his coinage by being a bard using elemental magics to enhance his stories.

His parents would not allow him to wear any of the red robes, having named him after the great Par-Salian, head of the white robes at the time. He was forced to garner blue robes as an alternative.

Thus left to Benn-Salian's departure, he wanted to leave before he became exiled. He only was safe because the Speaker of the Suns, Gilthas took a liken to the young man. But even that would not last. So the mage went out into the world looking how he could best serve himself and the world.

01/27/2003 8:08 AM

Rylee emerged from the trees and walked towards the makeshift sign, "Fernwood", he said outloud, "this sounds promising". He pulled a pouch from his pocket and counted, "one, two, three silver peices", it was all he had left. "It'll at least get me some food and a bed for the night" he said.

As he made his way along the dirt path his mind drifted to better days. It wasnt until he was standing slap bang in the middle of town that he realised there was no cozy Inn here. "What do you call this", he yelled at the large warrior. "Where's the Inn, and the markets", he stuttered in utter disbelief.

01/27/2003 8:29 AM

"Not here," a mage cast in a blue robe replied, "it would appear that the sign was placed by the god of trickery, Hiddukel himself."

"What did you suppose you were going to do tonight? Spend the evening in front of a roaring fire? Possibly take to your room with one of the barmaids?" the mage known as Benn-Salian asked.

"Well, so did I," he concluded as he stood up. He was quite tall for a man, Rylee noticed, soon realizing through the hood that was now pulled back revealed the mage to be elven.

"It might appear wiser if we back track to the nearest village to spend the night. It might prove fatal shall we start off alone and not make it so far. I suggest we accompany one another," Benn-Salian suggested with a grin, "I could tell you a wonderful tale; if you give me your name."

01/27/2003 9:45 AM

"trickery indeed", Rylee said, as his attention drifted to the blue robed mage. He looked the elf up and down strange colors for a mage he thought to himself. "I am Rylee" he said apprehensively, "and the last thing I want to do is go wandering off into the woods with a complete stranger". He motioned to the mage with a wave of his hand, "Lets find some answers before we make any rash decisions".

Rylee turned from the mage and made his way around a pile of timber and towards the warrior who seemed to be in charge. "What is the purpose of all this.....where is the bustling village of Fernwood?", he asked eagerly. He wanted nothing more than a cold mug of ale and a comfy bed for the night.

01/27/2003 10:29 AM

Cirvi was deep in thought and hardly noticed he had reached a fork in the road until he nearly ran into a sign. "Welcome to Fernwood" was etched on it with what looked like a nail or small knife.

"Better then nothing" muttered Cirvi "might be some land left for me to build on where I can start anew". Orvik had been accused of a murder that he did not commit.

He walked into town only to find that it wasnt a town, merely a clearing wich was nearly desserted except for a very strange looking house, a very tall tree, and several men.

He wandered in to speak to these people, warily watching the trees in anticipation of what he knew must come one day.

01/27/2003 12:19 PM

"I am Rylee" he said apprehensively,

"Rylee..." the mage sounded it out slowly like he was scanning his memory for it, focusing his eyes acutely when he realized he had not heard of it previously in his travels.

"and the last thing I want to do is go wandering off into the woods with a complete stranger". He motioned to the mage with a wave of his hand, "Lets find some answers before we make any rash decisions".

Benn-Salian settled his shoulders that became conclusive that the young elf was not used to disagreement. However, the pleasant look did not leave his face as he followed the warrior.

He stopped to peel off the dried blood at the end of his blue robes. The wasn't enough to notice, but Benn-Salian knew it was there. It attached itself to the silver edge of his garment.

The silver was symbolic of E'li, the god that the young elf mage was not able to completely accept. With a few scratches the blood came off easily. "How easily it can be dismissed and forgotten from my robes but not my hands," the elf mumbled to himself.

01/27/2003 6:24 PM

" Everybody calm down!" Kozad roared across the field. " This town is only twenty minutes old! The only cost to live here is to help build it. All you need to help me build is a large house in the center of the field. Then after that, you may build your homes and places of work, such as inns, workshops, blacksmiths, taverns, adult video. But now, all we concentrate on is the large beautiful home in the center of town. No questions! To work men!" Kozads voice grew tired and he turned to the pile of lumber.

He grabbed the top-hatted mans hammer and nails and began nailing wood pieces together.

" With many of us working on this, it should be done quickly." Kozad said to the group.

"Oh, and those who are here seeking sleep, there is a rock under a tree over there. But the price is labor!" Kozad roared.

01/27/2003 7:04 PM

"I will help you...." Came the voice of the female stranger. She had still not removed the cloak, but when she knelt to help Kozad with a log, all could see the slender arms, ending in paw-like hands, each finger tipped with an inch long black claw. Soft silver/white fur covered the hand and the arm.

With a frightend gasp, the stranger pulled her arm back, hidden within the folds of the cloak. Light from the sun glinted at an odd angle and penetrated the hood slightly, enough to show a pair of dazzlingly green eyes, backlit with animalistic eyeshine.

01/28/2003 6:14 AM

A young human woman walked into the soon to exist village. She wore a white shirt, black skirt and a long white trench coat. She had long brown hair and blue eyes obscured by glasses.

She saw no buildings. Then she heard the new mayor's announcement.

"Well, that's just great. Well, what am I complaining about? It's not like I am actually going to do anything."

She pulls a small item out of her pocket. It’s a little metal man which she sets on the ground.

"Rise up." She says.

The figure turns into a huge twelve foot metal man. She turns to the mayor.

"Okay, let’s get this show on the road. With this golem here, it should be a
Piece of cake."

01/28/2003 8:32 AM

Rylee looked at the shaded tree longingly, he would have been the first one there had it not been for such an interesting offer. He listened intently to all that Kozad had to say, this was certainly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

After Kozad had finished his speech, he turned his attentions to the blue robed mage "See, and you wanted to go off in search of another village", he said with a smile, "Come on lets get to work". He walked over to where Kozad was standing and introduced himself "I am Rylee, I will help in any way I can" he said eagerly.

As he finished his sentence he caught a glimpse of something moving just a few feet from him. Adjusting his gaze towards the ground he noticed a cloaked figure reaching for a piece of wood. "Do you need some help with tha...", his sentence was cut short as he saw a fur covered arm recoil into the folds of the cloak. "What in the" he said, as he took a step back. He quickly bit his tonque, realising how rude he must have sounded. It took a few seconds but he finally regained his posture "May I be of any help?" he said to the cloaked figure.

01/28/2003 9:22 AM

"I might as well get to work" thought Orvik. He pulled his own tools from his pack and set to work. Orvik was a smith-mage, and he had crafted lightweight tools for just this purpose. He passed his tools around until everyone had the tools to work.

"Why don't you all tell your stories? We have quite a bit of work here and lots of time to pass."

"I was accused of murdering the other smith in the town, he was my brother. I didn't do it, I couldn't do it, I loved him, but I didn't have much chance to defend myself, one voice against the mayor and the captain of the guard, so I ran for it. I am hoping to start all over again and set up shop here."

01/28/2003 9:33 AM

" With many of us working on this, it should be done quickly." Kozad said to the group.

"Oh, and those who are here seeking sleep, there is a rock under a tree over there. But the price is labor!" Kozad roared.

"I should have figured that a barbarian would have wanted me to do physical labor," Benn-Salian thought to himself, "however, I've never been one to shirk responsibility."

After Kozad had finished his speech, Rylee turned his attentions to the blue robed mage "See, and you wanted to go off in search of another village", he said with a smile, "Come on lets get to work".

The mage was unsure what he might have gotten into. He hadn't wandered from his home in Qualinesti for a simple life here. He decided that he would stay to help with the village, but he may decide to leave after it's completion.

Above the mage he saw a large figure about twelve feet in height. He stepped back so that he was out of the creature's shadow. His eye caught the reflected light from the top and immediately realized it was made of metal. "What in the name of all the dwarves' nonsense...."

A cool collectance fell over the mage once he realized that this was an infamous golem. "So the stories are completely true and not just misunderstandings," he wispered to himself a little too loud, "if an actual golem can exist, maybe so did the human, David, who slain one. Maybe there is less nonsense to the stories I told when I was a bard."

Benn-Salian brushed the sweat off the back of his neck and rushed to help the warrior, Rylee. He sensed something in the young man that intrigued him even though he did not know what it was.

01/28/2003 6:03 PM

With the help of the golem and a few people, the house was finished.

" You may now build your homes. I will help the ones who need it. My house will be the home we just built. Come knock on my door if you need me. Any new people to the town, have them come see me for instructions. First though, everyone tell me yours names and a little about yourself. Also tell me what you intend to do in your time here in Fernwood." Kozad shouted to the crowd.

01/28/2003 8:38 PM

(Ah, so this IS a revival of my "Introductions" threads from the past 2 years.)

01/29/2003 6:02 AM

The girl with glasses smiled nervously.

"Well, my name is Ann Clayton. I come all the way from Palanthas. I ran a small General Store until some ruffian trashed it. There was a bit of trouble, some people got a little beaten up, some property was damaged, so I had to leave. I hoped to find a place where I could open up business once again." As she talked, she seemed to become more confidant.

"Oh, and the big guy is Ajax. I collect weird little items like him, but he happens to be one of the more handy ones." She was grinning now.

01/29/2003 8:21 AM

Benn-Salian watched as the girl named Ann spoke, he hoped he might find more information about this golem. He became upset when he only found out its name.

As soon as she finished he turned his attention to the man, Kozad. He bowed in respect to the man, however, it was more for the mage than the new mayor. "I am known as Benn-Salian, Suggestor of Illusion and advocate of Lunitari," began the mage allowing himself time to think of a quick cover, "I seek refuge from elven bounty hunters that have been unjustly sent after me."

It wasn't a complete lie, he was being followed; but not by anyone mortal. It was his conscience - it would not leave him be as long as the elven blood was on his hands. He told himself, but no other, that he had no choice. The dark elf would have slain him had he not the wits to protect himself. An elf was a elf, nonetheless. It seemed that there was no elf here that would find him guilty.

01/29/2003 5:28 PM

" Why, hello Ann and Benn-Salian. I hope you find what you seek in this town. After all your houses are built we should start on a wall surrounding the area." Kozad announced to the crowd after shaking hands with the woman and the mage.

01/30/2003 2:28 PM

After Benn-Salian shook the mayor's hand he pulled away from the new village center. 'After all your houses are built'. Kozad's words had affected the young elf, but for what reason? And then he realized the answer to his conundrum; he didn't know how to build a house.

He felt mortified that with his wisdom and magic, he could not create a home. "I had no plans on staying here," Benn-Salian thought to himself, "I was about to leave within a few days time. So why do I stay? Surely not for companionship. I have no need; not anymore."

"It is a nice destraction," the mage answered his thoughts aloud as the wind blew the end of robe foward.

"I will start work on the wall," the mage continued in his mind, "because I am already sure that there are goblin in the area. I will not worry about a place of residence, quite yet. What need do I have of one anyhow?"

01/30/2003 3:45 PM

OOC: I think i'mgoign to be a magic bard this time..If you have ever played Zelda: Ocarina of Time, i have an Ocarina like that1 (except its not that powerful)


A mile or so down the road, a female girl playing an Ocarina walked. Her song was beautiful, the notes, as one innkeep had said, pierced your heart. Her travel cloak was worn, her food supplies low. However, nothing dampened her spirit. She had her Ocarina to cheer her up. Contentedly walking, eyes closed, she walked straight into a sign. Her Ocarina went flying out of her hands, and rolled around in the dirt spoiling the sky blue color.


You like? I think my Ocarina is goign to have a mind of it's own, what do you think about that?

Princess of Darkness

01/30/2003 4:12 PM

"Well, I guess everything is in order then." Timesplit says as he walks out of the house. "Hmm, suppose I could help the others out with theirs. You there!" He calls to the people working on the house, "Could you use a hand?"

01/30/2003 4:55 PM

" We are progressing well. However, it is almost nightfall and we have little to eat. It would be nice to have two people accompany me. Those maybe with experience in hunting and those who can carry a lot. Me must bring back enough for all of us. So, whose coming?" Kozad asked the gathered people.

The warrior took his bow off his shoulder and had a quiver on his back. He had around ten arrows.

01/30/2003 5:45 PM

"I will Join you." came the voice of the cloaked woman. Her head was still covered by the cloak. with a brief hesitation, she raised her white-furred hand again, and pushed the hood away.

All gasped at the sight of the wolf-like creature before them. While she had a very human-like body, her head was that of a wolf... better decribed as a nearly six-foot tall wolf standing on her hind legs, though obvously able to walk that way. Her fur was pristine white, with white and blue feathers tied with crystal beads and silver thread into her fur. She had a tattoo of a inverted blue triangle under her right eye, and a yellow lightning bolt on her left shoulder.

Brightly colored leather bracers graced each arm, easily seen due to the sleeveless blue tunic she wore.

"I am Nakira....what I am, who I was, or where I've been does not matter...I am a member of Fernwood now....And...." she murmered something soft and melodic, and tiny green faries sprung up from the grasses around her.

"...Every Town needs a healer and Mystic." She said, smiling.

"And, I can shift to a full wolf form....this is my gift, and my curse.....I was once a Kagonesti elf.....my story is long and dark....maybe one day it will serve to be told by the fireside on a cold night." She said softly.

01/30/2003 6:34 PM

Krystal picked herself up off the ground, and immediatly cleaned off her Ocarina. it became it's pristine blue again. She looked at the sign. "Welcome to Fernwood...I need somewhere to live, anyway!"

She begins to play again, and looks at all the people noticing her music.

"YOu like?"

01/30/2003 11:17 PM

"Those of you who do not yet have houses can spend the night with me tonight. My house is not large but it will suffice." Timesplit announced. Then he noticed the girl with the clay flute. He squatted down near her. "You joining this town too?" He asked.

01/31/2003 8:24 AM

" We are progressing well. However, it is almost nightfall and we have little to eat. It would be nice to have two people accompany me. Those maybe with experience in hunting and those who can carry a lot. Me must bring back enough for all of us. So, whose coming?" Kozad asked the gathered people.

Even though he was not expierenced in either hunting or carrying anything, Benn-Salian decided he must accompany Kozad. He must show his worth, especially since he did not know what he would take away from this village, or bring to it.

"Those of you who do not yet have houses can spend the night with me tonight. My house is not large but it will suffice." Timesplit announced.

"I heard about the way you prepared your home, as long as it is inhabitable, I would like to stay as your guest," The mage replied, bowing humbly in front man named Timesplit.

"I currently am unable to continue with pleasentries, I must 'earn my daily bread' as you say," Benn-Salian replied calmly, "perhaps we will have much to say at the dinner table."

The elf mage then took his leave, his blue robes wavering in the wind behind him.

OOC: Krystal, I am an illusionary bard and if you post regularly we could have arguments about stories of Krynn and there meaning and so forth. This is my character's subconscious reasoning for taking up Timesplit's offer, as well as actually needing a place to stay, of course.

01/31/2003 8:46 AM

Rylee looked around the new village, pondering the most desirable spot, when Kozads booming voice rang out. "We'll need food" he said, that was all Rylee needed to hear. He quickly made his way over to the big man "I can help, I am skilled in hunting, and an excellent marksmen", he adjusted the bow on his shoulder as he said this.

Since he was a young boy, hunting had been one of his favorite pastimes. The more he partook in this pastime, the better his skills became and he considered himself quite good now. This seemed to be the case with most things Rylee tried. He didnt really have any special gift, just an ability to learn quickly, and an unwavering desire to accomplish whatever he set his mind too.

"When do we leave?" he said, looking at Kozad, and then Nakira.

01/31/2003 9:03 AM

"When do we leave?" Rylee said, looking at Kozad, and then Nakira.

"We leave now, " Benn-Salian replied answering Rylee's question before Kozad could say anything, "I believe that you will find plenty of help, three of us have offered when you only asked for two. I think we shall depart before a kender shall accompany us."

Feeling the littlest bit anxious with anticipation, the elf mage walked into the near by woods fully expecting the rest of them to follow. In the clearing stood the companions: Kozad, Nakira and Rylee. An elven voice rose from the woods, "Hey you, rabbit, get over here!"

01/31/2003 2:01 PM

Nakira looked towards Kozad and Rylee, then rolled her eyes. She pulled off her cloak, and folded it neatly on the ground. "well ready when you are....I can hunt ahead, and even drive animals back this way...." She said, and murmered softly under her breath....she leaned forward as her semi-human shape melted away and returned to that of a full wolf

She looked up. "Alright....here we go." She said clearly, then bounded off into the forest.

01/31/2003 3:12 PM

Benn, im not a "Bard" i'm just a girl with magic music. I dont tell stories, i play them.


Krystal looked at the man who had talked. "It's not clay." She announced. "It's crystal ice. From Ice Wall. and yes, i'd like to join. I can build my own house, and i dont need your help." Her voice was cold, like the ice she claimed her Ocarina was. She put the instrument to her lips and played.

The music was not simply music. It was a story of the wilderness, how the animals were born, how they were raised, and how they were killed. The music touched every heart, and the wolf-girl was espeically attracted to it.

Suddenly, as she played, a true wolf walked out of the forest. A tame as a dog, she got on it, and bounded away with the hunting party.

"What in the Abyss was that?" Everyone asked eachother.

And no, i'm not going to make her so powerful. This is just...just a something...

And can someone point out something about my magic music?

01/31/2003 8:44 PM

Kozad was grateful for the volunteer hunters.

" Lets get moving. These people must be getting hungry. And yes Nakira, it would be smart for you to chase them towards us. Great plan." Kozad said to the wolf as he followed her into the woods.

The warrior approached Benn Salian by a tree. Rylee followed behind.

" Okay you two. We are going to wait here for Nakira to chase as many animals to us as possible. Get ready. We must be quick and accurate with our bows when they come. Benn, what will you use?" The warrior asked the mage.

02/02/2003 9:26 AM

Nakira kept her nose to the ground....and she followed the trail of a small herd of does. she moved slowly around the clearing, her ears pricked forward as she watched the small herd closely....when she was directly opposite of the way she had come, she lept out of cover into the clearing.

She scattered all but three deer, two does and one proud buck. Barking and snarling savagely, Nakira forced the three to run before her. She Snapped at their heels, staying just outside of kicking range, yet close enough to snapp at a straggler.

She raised her head, letting loose a full-throated howl as she ran, warning the others.

02/02/2003 12:36 PM

Benn, what will you use?" The warrior asked the mage.

"I have no need for a weapon just yet, "Benn-Salian replied defiantly, "I will create a small wall of fire to keep the prey in a secure location for you and Rylee to attack."

Taking a few steps foward the elf mage bent down to the ground and began reciting words. Just then a howl came through the air distracting him from the spell.

A large buck came through the clearing striking the elf straight in the temple. Benn-Salian fell to the earth unconcious and oblivious to the world.

02/02/2003 1:19 PM

Nakira lept over the brush and over the fallen mage. She skidded to a halt, and turned back to the mage. "Go on!" She shouted to Kozad and Rylee. "Get the Deer, I'll take care of Benn-Salian." She turned, and her furr rippled in an odd way, and her bones lengthened, and she stood slowly, the furr on her head grew longer, became a long braided length of silver-white hair, tied with feathers and beads.

She rolled the mage over gently. "Easy my friend...." She murmered. As she rested one hand on his forhead, feeling the tender bruise. Slowly, her eyes closed in concentration, She lowered her other hand to the earth below her feet.

"Spirits of the earth, powers of manisfestaion...." She turned her face to the north. "Elemental kin, Golems, Sylves...earth-Drakes, Brownies....hear my plea... To heal and revive, may the power flow through me." She murmered the words softly, as a gold/green light snaked up her arm from the earth below, and danced through her body, and played down her other arm....to lightly touch Benn-Salian's forhead, centering around the growing bruise.

To any who watched, several tiny figures slowly materialized around Nakria...all focus turned to the fallen mage. When she removed her hand from Ben-Salian, the attention shifted to Nakira.

The little sprites, and brownies stared at her silently, as she gathered the remaining power and returned it to the earth below.

"I thank you spirits of the earth..in the aid of my deed. Go in peace and harm none in your passing." The little beings turned away from Nakira, gave soft meaningful glances at those who watched, then faded into the earth where they had come.

02/02/2003 2:46 PM

Krystal, as a child would, pouted silently. Clumsily, she pulled the borrowed bow from her back and, after a few tries, fitting an arrow on. "Minoa, grant me accurracy." She let the arrow go, and it nailed the larger doe in the neck. Kozad stared.


"Yeah..." she said, squirmly under his gaze. "My Ocarina..."

02/02/2003 4:33 PM

Joomie was watching all the action from his seat on top of the rose. "Maybe the people here will be nice to me and won't make fun of me for being a Pink Male fairy.....and maybe there will be ADVENTURE! He took off of the flower and went to the one that called himself the mayor. He landed on his shoulder and said "Pardon me sir, but can I be of some help?"

02/03/2003 6:21 AM

After a fair amount of commotion, a large buck bounded into the clearing. Rylee moved quietly from his hiding spot and took careful aim. His muscles tensed as he drew the arrow back. He took one final look at the magnificent beast, and let his arrow fly. The arrow struck the animal at the base of his neck, inches from its chest. The buck flailed wildly, then darted off into the nearest cover.

Positioning his bow on his back, Rylee took his time in following the animals course. He knew better than to go diving into heavy cover after an injured animal. As he approached the fallen buck he unsheathed the small knife that was tied to his calf. If the animal had any fight left in it, he could end its misery quickly.

The bucks breath came in short raspy gasps. Rylee put his hand on the animals neck and felt the faint pulse, he had no need for the knife, this animal would be dead in a few seconds. Resting his hand on the animals chest, he closed his eyes and offered thanks for such a fine bounty.

Once he was finished, he grabbed the buck by the horns and dragged the beast as close to the clearning as he could. Breathing heavily, he laid the animal down and went in search of some help.

"Kozad...Benn Salian", he said in a loud whisper. He couldn't see any of them, where were they all.

02/03/2003 6:39 AM

"I thank you spirits of the earth..in the aid of my deed. Go in peace and harm none in your passing." The little beings turned away from Nakira, gave soft meaningful glances at those who watched, then faded into the earth where they had come.

As Benn-Salian laid unconscious his mind was not dull, it held within imagages of his former life amoung the Qualinesti. Mostly colors and sounds, but the most intense was the feel. The mage almost wept for his homeland, but he had no feeling of his body at the moment and wan't sure if he actually had.

He felt magic around him, great and untamed magic filled him and contorted his soul so that it may rest with his body once again. The mage first felt a need to fight against this magic that took him, but he quickly succomed to a soothing voice. A voice even though it spoke to him, he knew not where it came.

In the woods, Benn-Salian laid amoungst the matted grass, a tear formed in his eye. He began to murmur some of the thoughts that he had. "I killed him; I killed the dark elf. How can I still be in elf in my heart with elf blood on my hands?" the mage questioned himself. Nakira listened to him and eased his pain but not his turmoil.

"Can't stay; must leave. No one will have me here."

02/03/2003 2:06 PM

Kyrstal walked over to the fallen mage. She smiled at him, and offered him a hand. "Do you want help?" she said in her piping voice.

"Can't stay; must leave. No one will have me here." (PS: that's yours, Benn)

"Dont be a silly. We're fine with you. Come on, Kozad is looking for Rylee, he dashed off after the buck."

"I think he wishes to be left alone." Advised Nakira.

"Oh. In that case, i'm going back to Fernwood." She left, her music trailing the entire woodland trail she skipped down.

02/03/2003 6:21 PM

OOC: Grrrr....Princess, you have been told before not to control other peoples characters....please don' t do it again.

BIC: "Shhh..." Nakira soothed, her voice soft and lilting. "we are all misfits here....well...It seems so to me....look at me...I was an Elf at one time too Benn-Salian....Kagonesti...I was of the house servitor in Silvanesti, my Master Treated my family as no better than slaves....He too followed the dark paths..."

She paused, and looked down, her ears lay back, as her eyes grew dark and pensive. "It was my misfortune and bad timing to enter his labratory one day, not realizing that he was there....and he did this to me....for nearly ten years I spent my life as a Wolf....I didn't even have the advantage of a humaniod form..."

She looked up, her eyes misted with tears. "Two years ago, I met some people that helped me destroy him....with it some of the magic that he cursed me with. I can change at will from this form to a full wolf...but I can never return to what I was....I don't even remember what I looked like then."

She sighed and rested her hand gently on Benn-Salian's shoulder. "Do stay...if only for my company.....I want you here." She said softly.

02/03/2003 8:38 PM

" What the hell?!" Kozad jumped in excitement as a fairy landed on his shoulder.

" A pink fairy? Whats going on?!" Kozad was growing paranoid.

" Excuse me mam, but you freakin me out. I cant be of any help to a lady fairy." Kozad snarled.

02/04/2003 12:00 AM

"Why you son of a bi--- , I mean I'm a Guy. Look at these hairy legs!" Joomie shouted at Kozad. "And just because I am small does not mean I am useless. I do have some telekenitic magic." With that joomie glanced at a tree that had fallen over and it lifted in the air and flew with incredible speed over the length of 50 feet and crashed into the ground making a huge crashing sound. "Now can I be of some help or not?"

02/04/2003 9:33 AM

She sighed and rested her hand gently on Benn-Salian's shoulder. "Do stay...if only for my company.....I want you here." She said softly.

Subconsciously, the mage heard the sweet voice, but hadn't registered. He was lost in a nightmare. Galintarie, the dark elf attacking him with the goblin dagger. The flash of electricity killing the dark elf, before he could complete the mortal blow.

Benn-Salian hadn't died, but he had been struck. His wound now barely visible became unbearable warm for the elf mage.

Then an image that Benn-Salian hadn't previously remembered revealed itself inside the mind of the young mage. Once he had fallen from the blow he hadn't been completely unconscious. He saw figures in the dark of his mind.

"Goblins! There were there, but why hadn't they finished the job? " The mage thought to himself as he started to come to. "Because they are following you. You led them here!" Benn-Salian scolded himself for being so careless and not remembering the goblins.

"We must go, goblins, they're coming," Benn- Salian warned his new companions, "That is if they aren't here yet."

02/05/2003 4:05 PM

Kozad had to hold off the little fairys question.

" Goblins! We must go?! Hell no! Im staying here to defend Fernwood!" Kozad roared.

" Are you with me?" Kozad asked the crowd of fearful people.

Kozad unstrapped his axe and held it tightly, waiting for the goblins to come from the trees.....

02/05/2003 4:32 PM

"Wait a minute, calm down people." Said Ann sounding a little frustrated.

"For one thing he has obviously suffered a bad clonk to the noggin. Second, if he is right, they are either not here yet or they are bidding their time.

You have all lived in Ansalon long enough to know that goblins attack right away unless they try to be sneaky." She crossed her arms.

"How about we do it this way. Some of us stand watch, and we send others to scout the area. Well, with your permission fearless leader." She said grinning sheepishly at Kozad.

02/05/2003 5:08 PM

The Undead Dragon flew towards the developing town. He had made a "nest" for himself in a cave upon the mountains just outside of Fernwood. When he had looked out, he had noticied something very dire...

He frantically pushed himself, for his wings could not carry him as fast as most other dragons. His bones rattled noisily as he began to descend upon Fernwood.

"You all must take cover quickly. The goblins have.... apparently learned of the new settlement. Troops are headed this way... They should be here soon...", the skeletal dragon said to the group of people after landing.

02/05/2003 6:26 PM

The fairy now almost deaf from the roar of Kozad. Flew up off his shoulder and went to go sit on Ann's shoulder instead. She seemed a little nicer anyway.

02/06/2003 9:59 AM

"Wait a minute, calm down people." Said Ann sounding a little frustrated.

"For one thing he has obviously suffered a bad clonk to the noggin. Second, if he is right, they are either not here yet or they are bidding their time.

"There here alright, only now have I seen it," Benn-Salian retorted defensively, "and for what reason have the goblins to wait, until we die of old age?"

Not knowing why he knew, Benn-Salian knew the reason, "Their scouts haven't seen me," he murmured to himself.

"They're searching for me, that can be the only reason. What other reason have they? They could have plundered hundreds of towns by now, but they didn't," the elf mage explained to everyone in the clearing.

"They want me, and I can leave; redirect them some where away from here," Benn-Salian replied solomnly, "I understand now."

02/06/2003 12:27 PM

"Nah," Said Krystal, and she dusted her Ocarina. "Stay here! Kozad and Nakira can take care of them. Speaking of them, where did Rylee go?" she asked Nakira and Benn.

02/06/2003 2:09 PM

"Nah," Said Krystal, and she dusted her Ocarina. "Stay here! Kozad and Nakira can take care of them.

"There isn't just a few goblins, young one," Benn-Salian persisted. "There are dozens, if not hundreds!"

Speaking of them, where did Rylee go?" Krystal asked Nakira and Benn.

Attempting a step and faltering sightly, the elf mage stared out into the woods. "I'm not sure, but he may find the goblins before we do..."

02/06/2003 7:42 PM

"Wait...Benn-Salian...Please....I'll go with you...." Nakira moved quickly, and was by his side. "I have as many tricks as a wild wolf has fleas....They'll never expect my kind of magic....there is no arcane defense for it."

"I may become invisible, or make the air still so no sound exists...bring sleep in an instant....invoke Fhuri, the spirit of rage so that they turn on themselves...." She said her emerald eyes locked onto the trail ahead of her.

"We are a community, you say they are searching for you? Well not anymore....we must all fight, or they will destroy our foundling villiage...no matter if you try to lead them away, Goblins are easily confused, but not totally stupid...they will split up."

02/07/2003 4:54 AM

"Goblins are stupid. Kozad's got skill, and Nakira and do the wolf thing. Even so, you can go if you want, but i'm coming too if you are. Want some help?" She offered a hand to Benn.

Attempting a step and faltering sightly, the elf mage stared out into the woods. "I'm not sure, but he may find the goblins before we do..."

"I hope not. That would be really bad for him. It's not like we need to lose people after a couple of days of being villiagers." She said, with a grin.

02/07/2003 6:34 AM

"We are a community, you say they are searching for you? Well not anymore....we must all fight, or they will destroy our foundling villiage...no matter if you try to lead them away, Goblins are easily confused, but not totally stupid...they will split up." - Nakira

Swallowing his personal shame for a minute, Benn-Salian realived that his companions were going to fight no matter what because it seemed they were going to be attacked no matter what.

"If you truely plan to go attack the goblins, perhaps we shall meet them instead of them comming here. If we are to die, we should at least decide where our graves shall lie," the mage replied grimly.

"It may be best if Nakira and I head off the invasion and screw up things for the first attack raid for the goblins," Benn-Salian offered, "Krystal, perhaps you may be able to find Rylee. I worry for the warrior's very own life. He may good with a sword, but a dozen goblin daggers could still find place in his back."

02/07/2003 9:38 AM

Rylee leaned against a large tree trunk, "Where in the name of the Abyss are the others" he cursed to himself.

After his initial kill, he had ventured further into the woods in search of more food. His keen hearing had led him in the direction of what sounded like a twig snapping. Keeping close to the ground, and using some bushes as cover, he had crept within 30 paces of where the sound originated. Sliding an arrow from his quiver, he had full expected to see another deer.....he waited, silently.

Suddenly a shadow flitted behind some trees, then another, and finally another. The three figures stopped, then motioned in the direction they had come from. Then, what appeared to be 15 or more bodies began moving in the same direction. Rylee held his breath, one false move and they would be upon him in an instant.

He waited for what seemd an eternity, then when he was sure they had moved on, he shuffled backwards out of the bushes.

This is where he had become lost. He had opted for the safest route which happened to be completely opposite to the way he had come. His mind raced, were the others together, Were they dead already? He continued on, in what he believed was a large half moon shape. His idea was to circle around the original spot where he had sited the figures, and end up near the fallen buck.

He continued to make his way through the woods, he had no idea what direction he was heading in. Suddenly, his foot slipped on the wet ground "Damned moss", he said. For a second he just sat there, feeling hopeless, the others would surely be in trouble by now. As he put his hand down to help himself back up, he felt the sticky substance that he had slipped on. "Blood" he said to himself excitedly. He quickly picked himself up and followed the trail.

Emerging from the woods, he noticed the others standing in the clearing. He raced over "In the woods" he stammered, "about 20 of them coming from the east".

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02/07/2003 11:41 AM

Timesplit looked up from his bowl of soup. "Mmmf? Goblinff?" Gulps it down. "Where?" He grabs his staff from beside him and sets his bowl on a table he had warped in near his house. (Yes, he loves to move things through space and time.)

02/07/2003 3:03 PM

Krystal was the first one to notice the humanoid figure abotu twenetly feet away. Nakira and Benn were too busy talking about teh goblins, so she went over with a small dagger ready. "HEY! YOU!"

the figure turned.

"Rylee!!! We found you!!! Goblins are going to attack Fernwood!"

02/07/2003 8:35 PM

Kozad waited with his axe in his hands. Rylee's calculations were correct. At least twenty goblins ran out from the tree-line Rylee had ran from. Another ten goblins came from the opposite tree-line on the other side of the field. They scattered into groups of five and managed to surround the villagers in seconds.

Kozad stood motionless. He looked around at the goblins. Most held curved swords or daggers, few archers were present. All the surrounded villagers came together in fear.

" Do not attack. Not yet." Kozad commanded to the small group bunched around him.

A goblin captain walked forward from the circle of goblins. He had a red cape, a small sword, and was fatter than the rest.

" We are here for the elf mage!" the goblin snarled at Kozad. " Surrender him, and the rest of your lives will be spared." the goblin captain stated.

Kozad looked towards Benn with a fearful glance. He wanted to help the elf, however the warrior could not fight all thirty goblins alone.

"You hesitate eh?! Than you will all die!" The goblin commander screamed. "Get em boyz!"

The goblins began to close in. One got too close to Kozad and ended up de-cappitated, black blood oozing out of the goblins neck. Kozad swung his battle-axe at a small goblin with a dagger. He sliced the creature in two.

Kozad looked around for the others, seeing if any needed help.

02/08/2003 11:35 AM

"This'll be good." Timesplit says as he sets his staff into motion. His first swing connects but doesn't seem to stop after hitting the goblin. passing out the other side with a blue stream behind it, the goblin falls to the ground in pieces. "Pocket universes, gotta love'm." He says as he moves on to other prey. The next goblin tries to parry with his sword, but as the tip of the staff hits the sword disappears, putting the goblin an shock as it runs. Aiming the end of the staff at the leader, he pressed a button and a beam of blue light sped out and froze the goblin in place. Then he turned to face more goblins.

02/09/2003 6:27 AM

Krystal, not primarily of fighter, heard the clashing of swords followed by a horrible, reeking smell.

"C'mon Rylee!" She says with excitement like a girl going to fair, "we're going to miss all the fighting!"

02/10/2003 6:54 AM

"You hesitate eh?! Than you will all die!" The goblin commander screamed. "Get em boys!"

Benn-Salian ran off with recklessness in his heart. He screamed at the enemy reciting words to a spell. When the mage finished, a flood of water spilled into several goblins knocking the first wave down. The other goblins tried as the could to shake the water off of their bodies.

Bending down to the ground with a smile, the mage began another spell, a jolt of electricity went through the young elf and into the pool of water sending the smell of burnt goblin into the air.

Before he could rise, a goblin jumped on Benn-Salian's back, "Galintarie won't stop. He not dead, he send more. Die now, make him happy" the goblin replied in broken common.

"If death makes Galintarie happy, I will make him estatic with your blood!" Benn-Salian retaliated, thrusting his thumb into eye of the creature and punching him until he lay on the ground, hopefully dead.

02/10/2003 9:05 AM

Ann had managed to back out of the fighting until she was near her golem.

"Ajax, pick me up and set me on your shoulder."

The metal construct did as she said.

She was satisfied now that she had a better vantage point.

"This place is already not worth the trouble. Its a good thing I left the boy behind." She muttered to herself.

"Ajax, smash all the goblins until I tell you to stop." The construct began to do just as she said.

02/10/2003 9:48 AM

Benn-Salian retaliated, thrusting his thumb into eye of the creature and punching him until he lay on the ground, hopefully dead.

As Benn-Salian turned his attentions from the fallen goblin, Rylee noticed the fiend getting back to its feet. Without hesitation he drew an arrow and took careful aim. The arrow hit its target before the goblin had even reached its full height, puncturing its armor and causing a gurgled cry. The goblin toppled forward and lay dead at Benn-Salian's feet.

To his left a goblin was swinging wildly from the huge Golems arm, Ann was still on his shoulders. Drawing his dagger from his boot, he took it by the blade, and flung it in the direction of the goblin. The dagger lodged itself in the goblins thigh, causing it howl in pain and release its grip. It fell to the ground and began frantically tugging at the blade. Rylee turned his head as the great Golems boot descended on the struggling goblin.

"We will fight until we all lay dead" he screamed at the goblins, adrenalin surged through him. Drawing his sword he began to fight his way towards Kozad. If Rylee could relieve the big man of some of his lesser battles, it would allow the warrior a chance at the goblin commander. He parried a goblin blow, ducked, then allowed his blade to slice the goblins gullet as he stood back up....the technique was magnificent.

"Kozad" he yelled, "over there", he pointed in the direction of the goblin commander. Fifteen paces to the left of the two was a goblin of abnormal size. His only unique attribute was the metal scale armor that had been peiced onto his leather breastplate. By his side rested a large sword, obviously a trophy from some unlucky bastard, Rylee thought.

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02/10/2003 12:11 PM

Fifteen paces to the left of the two was a goblin of abnormal size. His only unique attribute was the metal scale armor that had been peiced onto his leather breastplate. By his side rested a large sword, obviously a trophy from some unlucky bastard

Krystal was already there, and the goblin was howling in pain. She was like a gnat, flying around him and just continusly stabbing him. One didnt hurt, it as a like a mosquito bite. Now, she had made maybe thirty hits on this goblin guy. he was armored, but slow, and weaknesses in teh shoulders, neck, and legs.

"Damn you girl! Stay still!" He was swingign his enoroumus sword, but it only hit thin air.

"Come and get me!" she stabbed him once in the arm, then jumped up and balanced precously on his head, then stabbed him in the foot.

This is easy, she thought. i'll get this guy in no time from blood loss

02/10/2003 3:51 PM

A large hobgoblin coming from almost no place in particular struck Krystal with brute force alone knocking her to her side. The hobgoblin cut the throat of the blleding goblin repling something about being worthless. His eyes narrowing on Kozad and then Rylee.

OOC: Nothing personal Princess, can't make it too easy. Roll with the punches and make sure to make it realistic.

02/10/2003 4:16 PM

"Thanks for the help Rylee." Kozad grinned to his helpful comrade.

Kozad ran towards the goblin commander. He was taken by surprise when a large hob-goblin cut the commanders throat and knocked Krystal to the ground.

" Who are you? Tell us or you shall meet a death similar to these goblins you see around this field!" Kozad roared threateningly of the hobgoblin.

02/10/2003 6:09 PM

I couldnt kill him either way, but if you say so...


She noticed the searing pain in her leg, and tried to stand, however, she realized that the bone had snapped. "Great." she murmured. "Umm....help?"

02/11/2003 11:33 AM

" Who are you? Tell us or you shall meet a death similar to these goblins you see around this field!" Kozad roared threateningly of the hobgoblin.

"I am Mal'rash, I have returned with this band of ignorant beasts to take back what is rightfully mine - my land. You barbarian. You seem to have sway in these parts, might you be the one I must slay?" the hobgoblin remarked.
OOC: I have to edit this to clear something up. Mal'rash and the other goblins have different agandas. The goblins were sent by Galintarie to avenge him. Mal'rash the hobgoblin hates goblins and is here only for himself.

02/11/2003 12:09 PM

Rylee noticed that most of the fighting had ceased, everyone was waiting for Kozad's response to the Hobgoblin.

Rylee took this opportunity to tend to Krystal. Her ankle was twisted and a small bone protruded from the flesh. He grabbed a nearby twig and used the leather from his boot lace to make a brace. He then helped her up and led her to the edge of the clearing. Helping her onto the ground, he arranged a few bushes in an attempt to keep her hidden. "Do you have anything to protect yourself with in case you get into any trouble?" he asked.

Looking back into the clearing he saw that the standoff continued. "I must get back, the others may need my help" he said. "Stay here, we will come for you when the fight is finished".

He arranged one last bush and dashed back towards the others.

Looking around he spotted only a handful of goblins still standing. He could only hope that Kozad would make short work of the Hobgoblin. Without a leader the goblins would fight ferociously, but without direction.

02/11/2003 5:08 PM

" Nobody takes charge in this village. I am simply a protector. This, is OUR land, not yours. If you would like to challenge us ALL, go ahead. Then and only then is this land yours." Kozad said in a serious tone. He held his axe tightly. The blade was covered in black, reeking, goblin blood.

02/11/2003 5:18 PM

"I must get back, the others may need my help" he said. "Stay here, we will come for you when the fight is finished".

"Dont worry," She said, "i'll be fine." She grabbed her Ocarina and began to play again. The music, she and the others noticed, seemed to have an effect on the hobgoblin.


Benn, Krystal could be from mal's past, but either way the music pierces the heart anyway.

02/12/2003 6:15 AM

OOC: Mind if I drop in... I have a couple new characters I would like to introduce.

BIC: A tall male human with short-cropped, black hair and a simple tunic came through a forest path to a sign that read "Welcome to Fernwood." Looking around the clearing ahead, the man nodded to himself.

Turning, he seemed to be concentrating on something behind him on the path. Soon, a beautiful Elven woman stood beside him. This woman had long, black hair and large silver eyes and was one that could make men fall in love with her at a meer glance in their direction. Following not far behind this woman was a child. This child appeared to be the daughter of the two. The girl too had long, black hair like her mother's and also had large, silver eyes.

The three of them stood, looking on at the semi-built village that was already in turmoil. The woman and child made there way behind a house and hid. The man, knowing that none had seen his passing, slipped behind the remaining Goblins and was ready to strike if need be.

OOC: I'll post more later.. have them interact with the group, but right now I have to get to class!!

02/12/2003 6:22 AM

The music, Krystal and the others noticed, seemed to have an effect on the hobgoblin.

"Is that..." remarked Mal'rash thoughtfully, "...1812 Overture? I truely love that song, duh duh duh duh duh! duh duh."

Snapping to his senses, "How did you come across my grazing lands warrior? I think that you have alot of explaining to do to your cohowrts. Perhaps the agreement you had with my superior? That one that I was left out of!" Mal'rash replied angerly.

02/12/2003 7:41 AM

The dark-haired man, known as Matthiass, trained his bow on the large Hobgoblin and pulling an arrow from his quiver, drew back the bowstring until it was taut, praying to the Gods above that he would not have to kill the being, vile as it was.

"Are thou in need of assistance?" He called to the group of people beyond. "I am called Matthiass, and I shall help you. My mate... wife, can do likewise if help is needed. We do not tolerate war against the innocent."

02/12/2003 8:11 AM

OOC: Who is a more promising adversary, Galintarie or Mal'rash? Considering we should have one, but not both. For those of you who don't know, Galintarie is the dark elf who wants revenge on Benn-Salian. The elf-mage thought he had killed the exiled elf when he had been attacked by him. No such luck, however. Mal'rash is the hobgoblin who did/thinks had land rights before Fernwood was founded. Comments can be included within posts. Please no posts only on this question. It takes away from the RPing in the thread. Whatever villian continues can be somewhat controlled by anyone else, as long as one person doesn't kill them off because their character is almighty.


"If death makes Galintarie happy, I will make him estatic with your blood!" Benn-Salian retaliated, thrusting his thumb into eye of the creature and punching him until he lay on the ground, hopefully dead.

Taking a step back, the elf mage realized that a hobgoblin had been conversing with Kozad. Fighting the urge to attack the large creature, Benn-Salian listened to the accusations of the hobgoblin.

02/12/2003 4:42 PM

"Agreement? What are you talking about? I did not make any agreements with any 'superior'. I found this land myself, on my own. Now leave!" Kozad roared in frustration.

02/13/2003 3:31 AM

OOC: Acutally, i was thinking about Zelda's theme from Ocarina of Time...

She pulled the instrument away from her lips. "It's true. Kozad founded the town. If he had some other agenda, i dont think it revolvles around Fernwood...." She paued. "by Paladine, you stink! Oh wait..your a hobgoblin, duh."

OOC: ^_^.......leave it to her to be obxious.

02/13/2003 5:24 AM

"Are thou in need of assistance?" He called to the group of people beyond. "I am called Matthiass, and I shall help you. My mate... wife, can do likewise if help is needed. We do not tolerate war against the innocent."

Rylee spun around to see who was behind them, "We are certainly in need of all the assistance we can get" Rylee said, nodding his head in the direction of the goblin raiding party. "I have no time to fill you in on all the details, but I assure you, we fight for a just cause".

OOC: Sorry to post this, but I am somewhat confused by Benn's post which has to do with Mal'rash and Galintarie. If Mal'rash has been sent after Benn by Gal, why cant we have both as baddies. Mal'rash and the leftover goblins are no match for the might of Fernwood :) Could Gal not be a more lethal foe, one that never gives up his plight to destroy Benn and those around him. I dont know, and I am not trying to take over anyone's ideas, characters, etc. We just seem to be at a bit of a stalemate with Mal'rash.

02/13/2003 5:48 AM

OOC: Just to let all of you know, Matthiass is a Dragon in disguise, the Elven woman is Airiana (also a Dragon, for those of you who don't know...), and the girl is their only daughter (haven't thought of a name for her yet :(), but I don't plan on having the actual people of Fernwood find that out for a little while...... I could have Matthiass kill the Hobgoblin.. or the remaining Goblins, or just help everyone overpower them.. I dunno, it is mostly up to Benn since the whole bad guys (Mal'rash and Galintarie) are his characters.....

BIC: Matthiass kept his arrow trained on the Hobgoblin as he listened to Rylee's words. "My family and I shall help you in any way thou need, for it is obvious that thou are not allied with such scum as these. All that I ask is that once this is over, my family is allowed to seek refuge in this town, and in the mean time, that thou will tell me what we might do to help thee."

02/13/2003 8:05 AM

Krystal looked at Matthiass and smiled, but winced after she put far too much weight on her broken leg.

"You can stay with us if you want." She piped in happily, "Just dont cuase problems."

02/13/2003 10:01 AM

OOC: Mal'rash wasn't sent by Galintarie. If you remember he killed the goblin commander. He has his own self appointed mission - to recieve his land back. Granted, the hobgoblin could be disposed of easily, I just thought he had a better storyline with him.

For the record, as long as Benn-Salian is free from meandering hands I don't care who does what with either of the villians.

If people like Galintarie the dark elf, I will use him. I just think sending bad guys after Benn-Salian time after time will result in a terrible tv series on CBS Cartoon Saturday. Fresh ideas will come though.

BIC: Mal'rash turned to the crippled Krystal. His eyes opened greatly. "I Am," Mal'rash began, 'Your Father."

Benn-Salian gasped, "I should have known."

02/14/2003 7:58 PM

OOC: I'm just gonna kill the hob-goblin if thats okay. We should finish this town. Everyone build something!

BIC: Kozad was getting tired of listening to this phony hob-goblin yapping about HIS land.

The warrior swung his axe with all his might and chopped the hob-goblins head clear off.

" Okay guys. Back to building. Lets make this town happen!" Kozad said to the crowd.

02/15/2003 2:16 PM

In a sudden POOF! A blue-cloaked figure appears out of thin air next to the Hobgoblins corpse.

"This ones a keeper!" she grins as she throws a sterilized bag over the body and drags it toward her grand oak tree in the center of Fernwood.
She reaches the oak and shoves the bag up into it's thick branches.

Then in another POOF! she disappears.

02/16/2003 1:23 PM

OOC: Well, that took me COMPLETELY by suprise...umm....i hate to burst your bubble, but Krystal's purly human, and Mal'Rash is a hobgoblin...


Krystal attempted to stand again, but her leg gave way and she gasped in pain. "Father...." she "You cant be my father! You're a reeky hobgoblin!" Sitting down on her butt again, she pulled out her Ocarina, her only friend and guide.

Normally, she played of happy times. Pranking Palanthas guards, laugning at jokes, fooling around. But this time, only sorrow came out of her instrument. Sadness of being lonely, sadness of have no food at many times. Only sadness. Tears were flowing down her face as she played.

02/17/2003 6:30 AM

Then in another POOF! she disappears.

Benn-Salian was starteled when he saw the feminine figure take off with the hobgoblin, Mal'rash (Mal=Bad in spanish for those who hadn't noticed). He was more startled and pained when she left. He ran towards the tree where she had disappeared. "My lady!" he called out to the nothingness, "please reveal yourself once more."

What would a mage, if she was in fact one, do with a hobgoblin corpse? No doubt dark magics. This did not put dread into the young elf, he was an advocate for Lunitari and followed both light and dark being that their paths were intertwined.

The other mage wore blue robes as did Benn-Salian. For what reason, she diod not appear to be elven. So she probably wore them for a different reason than the elf-mage who was forbidden in his homeland to wear the robes of red. But why this female? This was amoung many questions the elf-mage had consuming him in only a few minutes time. "Please come back!" Benn-Salian called out in a final attempt at the oak tree.

02/17/2003 6:37 AM


I was waiting for someone to say that!

OOC: I'm just gonna kill the hob-goblin if thats okay. We should finish this town. Everyone build something!

Krystal limped back to their half-built town, and quietly sat down beneath a tree. A hobgoblin, telling her that HE was her father? Her father was someone she was not fond of. He was a severe disipliarian, and he despised her love of music and bardic stories. When he caught her playing or generally being happy, he beat her. When she was studying history, he beat her. the only thing she was allowed to do was work on her swordfighting. She never did, the the scars along her arms, legs, and back showed that. Tightning her splint, she grabbed an ax and randomly just chopped at the tree, completely caught up in her past.

02/17/2003 4:58 PM

Ann lept off the golem.

"Well, this has been...interesting. I try to get away from the bad elements at home and I find myself in a place full of weirdos." She sighed. She would rather not stay in such a weird place, but she was tired of looking for a place to settle.

"Might as well set up something here. I can always move again." She was already plotting how to start building.

"I guess I better send for Lucas." She pulled out a sheet of paper and a pen. After quickly penning a letter she pulled out another object, a small metal bird. She then slid the letter into the bird's claws.

"Deliver this to Lucas Clayton." The small bird took off.

"The least he can help me do is build a house."

02/17/2003 5:04 PM


A huge branch fell off the tree, and she was snapped out of her past.

02/18/2003 8:34 AM

Matthiass slowly let the bowstring go back to its normal position, so not to launch the arrow through some unsuspecting poor soul. Going over to Kozad, Matthiass smiled. "I guess that would be a much quicker end to the disgusting being's life than would have been my arrow."

Saying that, Matthiass looked in the direction of the woman and child and they came out. The two walked over to Matthiass and Kozad. "This is my.. wife, Airiana, and my daughter, Calista. We hope to make a new start in thy little village."

Airiana looked up at her husband. "Let it be, Matthiass," she said softly. "This one is known to us." She turns her attention to the warrior and mayor of Fernwood Village. "Hello, Kozad. How art thee, Companion?" (OOC: Hope you don't mind. I figured that since these two are in another thread together, we could RP in this one as if they already known eachother.)

Airiana smiled at Kozad and ushered her husband and child to a space that was as yet not taken. A rather large space would be needed, though most of their burrow would be underground.

Working together, Matthiass and Airiana began chanting, and soon a large house was erected in front of them. The two of them, along with their child, walked into the house and digging sounds could soon be heard. After a few hours, the three of them emerged from their house, each a little dustier.

"May we help any of thee?" Airiana called across the village.

OOC: I'll post again when I can--we're on a mid-winter break from school right now, so it might not be too soon.

02/18/2003 10:29 AM

OOC: are Ariana and Calista also dragons?


Now that the branch was down, she pulled out her Ocarina and began to play. It shaped iself into a small dome-like thing. With the leaves falling over both sides, it appeared as if it had came straight from Silvanost. workign her way through another branch, she repeated the process until she had a wigwam..thing. (Like a dome house). she walked inside, sat down on a makeshift chair, really a stump, and lost herself in her past again.

02/18/2003 10:43 AM

Benn-Salian turned to Kozad with eyes that were more betting to be given to a father, "The female mage isn't coming back, is she?" he questioned.

"No of course not, such waste of time and pride," the elf mage replied, "what work needs to be done now?" he questioned Kozad.

02/18/2003 12:56 PM

"Either of you want to give me a hand with this?" he said , looking in the direction of Benn Salian and Kozad. At his feet lay the large buck he had killed before the goblins had attacked. He furrowed his brow in frustration, "Come on, this things heavy".

As he waited for their help, he imagined the feast they would have that night. Although their village (and friendships) were new, they had come together in a time of need, and endured their first major crisis. Tonight they would enjoy a fine meal and have the chance to strenghten those friendships.

02/18/2003 1:17 PM

Benn-Salian turned to Kozad with eyes that were more betting to be given to a father, "The female mage isn't coming back, is she?" he questioned.

"No of course not, such waste of time and pride," the elf mage replied, "what work needs to be done now?" he questioned Kozad.

In a sudden POOF! The Blue-Cloaked figure appeared, standing behind Benn-Salian with her arms crossed and her hood completely covering her face. Only her lips, stained a light blue, were visible.

The BCW (short for you know what) tapped Benn-Salians shoulder with the tip of her blue-gloved finger.

"Pardon me." she spoke. " But there’s nothing for me to waste by answering another’s curiosity. You called, and now I have come...So whaddaya want?"

02/18/2003 2:14 PM

Benn-Salian stood silent for a minute. "I have been flooded with questions within the last few moments, and now that they are of use, they leave me. I have seen you come by and take away the hobgoblin, what you do with him be your own design," the elf mage replied.

"I have noticed that you wear the robes of blue. I am curious now for what purpose, " Benn-Salian announced, "I, myself, was barred from the red robes of Lunitari in my homeland of Qualinesti. Thus, I have chosed blue as my substitute. I ask you what the color of your robes symbolize. I do this fearing the answer to be a keen fashion sense; for then my questions shall have be in vain."

The elf took a step back awaiting the fruits of his questioning to come to pass.

02/19/2003 7:46 PM

Ooog…I’m sorry then.” She sighed. “But I wear these robes simply because blue is my favorite color, and because it’s the only darn color in my entire wardrobe.” She stretched the tip of her cloak.

“And to top it off, I’m not really a magic user of any kind, I can only call myself a dabbler…. When I think about it, the POOF spell is about the only spell I know of. I could study more magic…but it’s not really my groove. I specialize in science, generally anatomy and biology. That explains why I colleted Mr. Hobgoblin and stuffed him inside of Mr. Oak, (my laboratory)."

02/20/2003 10:51 AM

Benn-Salian peeked into the oak tree, indeed he saw a laboratory. He looked around and he saw (describe room here). "You weren't lying, this here is one heck of lab!"

A look of sadness crossed the mage's face, "I must admit I am a bit disappointed. I thought you were a dark mage and I could have finally been apprenticed. Oh well, I shall have to learn to become a metalsmith."

The elf-mage started to walk off.

02/20/2003 9:42 PM

"Ah-well! Dark Magic isn't what its cut out to be, Metalsmith seems more promising. Though if your ever interested in my field of work, give me a call. See you later."

And then in a POOF! she disappears.

02/20/2003 11:31 PM

Timesplit walked over. "If you care to learn something about electricity, or magic, let me know." Without waiting for a respone, he walked over to assist in warping in other houses.

02/20/2003 11:36 PM

(OOC: Oop, sorry, forgot to say that comment was directed to Benn-Salian. Hoping that he'll chase me down for info.)

02/21/2003 4:49 AM

Krystal left her hut thing and peered outside. The mage, Benn, was standing there with a thoughtfull look on his face, and Kozad was standing next to him. About five feet away, Timesplit, Matthiass and his family were helping to raise the the other house. She hobbled over to Timesplit, and in a very childish manner she tugged on his shirt. "Do you have any food?"

02/21/2003 6:12 AM

"I have no interest in any more electricity," Benn-Salian shouted as he awoke from his depressed mood oafter the failed attempt with the bue female, "but I am intrigued at the very mention of magic. Have you any illusionary spells?"

02/21/2003 11:10 AM

"Sorry, I don't have any food on me." Timesplit said to the girl. "As to you," he addressed the mage. "I trained under the Elemental Mythran, in the magics of time and space. On my own, I have developed some knowledge of lightning magic as well. I haven't really studied Illusions though." Then, after thinking for a moment, "Perhaps I can contact one who has though. It will not be easy to reach her though."

02/21/2003 1:38 PM

"I have left my homeland in search of magic. I really must learn something other than parlor tricks, anything at all. I want to be able to take the Test."

02/21/2003 3:26 PM

Krystal looked at Benn. "Stupid wizrys. (wiz-ries). You guys dont need bat poo and roses to make magic! I only need MInoa!"

02/21/2003 5:44 PM

"Very well then, although I will not be able to sponsor you for the Test. I am something of a renegade mage, you see. I am tolerated by the council because they couldn't touch me as an enemy, and because I am too useful as a friend." Timesplit smiled. "She's right you know. You don't need petals or regents to make magic. But in your case, it helps."

02/21/2003 6:13 PM

OOC: You were talkign to me, right?

"She's right you know. You don't need petals or regents to make magic. But in your case, it helps."

Patting the silk case where she kept her ocarina, she nodded vigerously. "I dont believe in telling those stuck up nosies in the Towers about what i do. They just think i'm the "silly chit with the fluty thing". So i show them!"

anyone could tell that she didnt like the Tower mages. She looked at Benn. "I'm glad you dont wear red. Red mages are the most wierd. They think about not taking sides."

02/24/2003 8:14 AM

Benn-Salian was confused to see a three-sided conversation between himself, Timesplit and Krystal.

He decided to answer Krystal first. "I hope you realize that I still concider myself a twilight mage. I hardly think that I am not taking sides. I am on the same side as myself and the world, which ever needs more help first. The two, you see, are interrelated."

"As far as you Timesplit," Benn-Salian replied in more respectful tone, "I am sorry that you could not sponsor me in the Test. However, if you will take me as an apprentice as such, I would be honored nonetheless. I have already sacrificed my self-image and homeland for the magic. I have only thus survived as a mage-bard. Hence the request of Illusionary magic. Magic is magic, and i will respect it alltogether."

02/24/2003 11:51 AM

"Very well, I'll work with you once we get this town going. Once you're far enough along, I'll try to contact Lyna for some illusion spells." Timesplit said. "Now let's see what we can do about this town."

02/24/2003 12:13 PM

Once Benn-Salian realized that he not created himself a domicile, he began to create one. The mage gathered a bundle of lumber from a large pile that formed in the town center. He placed the timber in a symbolic three sided figure, thinking himself creative for dedicating each side to the different moons of magic.

Taking a step back to admire his work, Benn-Salian was astonished at what he saw. A teepee! I've created a teepee! resolving himself a fool, Benn-Salian spoke some words of magic that created a wind to blow down his creation.

"I'm going to need a little help here," the elf replied behind him hoping someone answer his subtle request, "it would seem I know know little more how to build a house than a kender knows self-restraint."

02/24/2003 2:15 PM

Krystal burst out laughing. "Benny made a teepee!" She skipped over to him and grinned. Pulling out her Ocarina again, she played small rift, and the wood arranged itself in a neat pile. "Ask Timesplit or Matthaiss to build the house. Mine's not really very houselike--it's more like a wigwam or something." With another childish grin, she walked off and pondered how to get some food.

02/25/2003 5:31 AM

Matthiass, hearing his name, walked over to Benn-Salian. "I see that thou are having troubles with thy home. Art thou in need of assistance. My family and I would be more than happy to thee." Matthiass said and waited patiently for a response.

02/25/2003 7:23 AM

Krystal burst out laughing. "Benny made a teepee!" She skipped over to him and grinned

OOC: I thought Krystal had a broken leg.

IC: Rylee has managed to drag the buck into the center of town, where he proceeded to build a pit. After searching for a while he managed to find some medium sized stones that he placed in a circle around the pit. Some firewood and a large stake would ensure they ate well that night.

Rylee skinned the buck and prepared it for dinner while the others were trying to erect their homes. Rylee hadn't thought of what he would do for shelter yet, maybe one of the others would allow him to stay with them until he had time to build his own.

Soon the sun was setting, the fire roared, and the buck would be ready to eat soon enough. "Anyone hungry", Rylee yelled over to the still hard working others.

02/25/2003 7:28 AM

A small figure enters the town riding a beautiful black pony. The figure wears a heavily thick black velvet cloak and it's face and features cannot be seen. It guides the pony towards Benn-Salian and his company and stops. In a very graceful way, the figure dismounts the pony. The figure stands no more than 3'9". Two small pale hands appear out of the cloak. The feminim hands reach up and gently take hood off of the figures head. Before Benn-Salian and his friends stands what at first appears to be a child elf. Upon closer examintation, one can see she is nothing more than a kender.
A strange kender she is. She pulls her long unbounded hair out of her cloak to reveal it's auburn colour and blonde tips. She has large liquid brown eyes and a deep sense of innocence about her. She looks at the people with a great sense of curiousity, but says nothing. She slowly takes off the mage cloak and rolls it up. She then attaches it to the saddle on her pony.
The obviously young kendermaiden wears a long red and white dress of elven make. On her back she carries a golden hoopak on which an ivory unicorn dances about the staff as well as a bow and quiver of arrows both of elven make. Attached to her waist is an old mapcase, an extremely small daggar, and two more larger daggars.
She looks at Benn-Salian and his friends and smiles her charming, child-like smile. " Is there anything I can do to help any of you?" Her voice carries a thick elven accent and is soft and sweet, pleasing to the ears.

02/25/2003 7:40 AM

She looks over at Rylee and smiles. She walks towards him with elven grace and ease and looks up at him. "Mind if I join?" She asks sweetly. She looks up at him innocently and awaits a reply.

02/25/2003 8:27 AM

OOC: I think that Rylee is somewhere else....Shuey is out somewhere.

Krystal glanced at the kender elf and walked over. "Hi! I'm Krystal, and this is my ocarina, Minoa." She shows her the crystalline instrument.

02/25/2003 8:52 AM

I think that Rylee is somewhere else....Shuey is out somewhere.

OOC: Huh?, I'm right here, in the middle of town, preparing a meal for the whole village.

IC: Rylee turned around and saw the small female figure who was standing near him. "Hello, my name is Rylee, what brings you to Fernwood?" he said, stoking the fire.

02/25/2003 9:35 AM

OOC: Krystal's leg was broken, but it isn't anymore. Someone needs to fix this, I would but I do enough mean things to PrincessOfDarkness as it is.

BIC: Benn-Salian looked in the direction of Matthiass, "I do need some help; I was trying to build a home and it came out as a tee...terrible. It just came out terrible. Any help that I recieve will be noted and paid back in full when you need help yourself."

Out of the corner of his eye, Benn-Salian saw the child, Krystal talking with a kender of some sort. It's about time she had a playmate. Skipping around isn't really helping anyone in the village. Unless she's skipping in the other direction. Benn-Salian silently laughed at his internal monolouge.

02/25/2003 1:19 PM

OOC: Im back everyone. My computer had to be fixed at a shop. I apologize for not telling all of you before hand.

BIC: Kozad smiled with joy at the sight of Airiana.

" My dear Airiana! Its been so long. Why I havent seen you since......well, since we destroyed the evil in Thorbadin! Those were the times." Kozad said with a laugh. " Im so glad to see you have come to Fernwood. Its a bit 'empty' as you can see, but it will be done in time."

Kozad left Airiana and her family. The warrior walked over to Rylee in the center of town, right by the warriors home in the town hall that was built earlier. Rylee was preparing the buck.

" Good work Rylee. We will have a wonderful feast tonight, thanks to you." Kozad said with a smile. He pat Rylee on the back then walked to a tree stump in the center of all the villagers newly built homes.

" People of Fernwood, lend me your ears! You are all doing a fine job. There is plenty of room left in the town center. I will have an inn built soon for all visitors of Fernwood to rest within. One or two may stay in the town hall for a home. There is lots of room there. When you are done with your homes, come to the front of the town hall. I have a dozen sitting logs set up there. We will sit and chat, get to know one another, then make plans for the town." Kozad said to the villagers of Fernwood.

A dwarf came down the path in a carriage.
" Feather beds! Get your feather beds!" the dwarf shouted.

Kozad was alerted by the word BED.
" I'll take the whole carriage full!" Kozad shouted quickly.

" Why sure. Thats fifty feather beds." the dwarf got off the carriage and went to the back of it. He opened up a large hatch and pulled out a giant box.

" There they are sir." the dwarf said with a grin.

" What will that cost?" Kozad asked.

" Oh, not much. How about your first born? Deal?! Okay then! I'll be back then. Tata!" The dwarf grabbed Kozads hand and shaked it. The dwarf sprinted down the path, not letting Kozad kill the little bugger.

" Oh well. Get your beds everyone!" Kozad shouted to the villagers. In the center of town was now a large box filled with feather beds.

02/25/2003 3:42 PM

OOC: BENN! Uh...i healed my leg! *shrug* Oh, sorry SHuey, i though you were off somewhere...DOnt mind me, i'm a idiot...DONT COMMENT on that!


Krystal grabbed her bed and dragged it into her wigwam-thing. THen she grabbed her food and sat down near Benn. She could see the mage rolling HIS eyes.

"Hey guys!" SHe yelled and grinned at Benn with an odd evil smile. "Benny knows how to build a teepee!" she looked at him and winked.

[Edited by PrincessOfDarkness on Tuesday, February 25, 2003 5:35 PM]

02/25/2003 4:47 PM

OOC: It's a good thing that you weren't controlling my character in the least, which would not roll his eyes. But of course you weren't - you said "she".

02/25/2003 5:33 PM

*whistles innocently* now why would i do that?

02/26/2003 5:36 AM

Matthiass nodded to Benn-Salian. "It is evident that help will be needed, but thou art not intitled to repay anyone. We are a community, and so all things should be done to help keep it that way."

Airiana nodded her head to Kozad. "Truly, it has been a long time. Too long, I fear. Has thou heard from our other Companions? The emptiness of the town shall soon be filled. My family and I will help that, as well as everyone else will, to be sure."

Matthiass looked in Airiana's direction, seeming to talk to her without words. Nodding her head, Airiana walked over to him, Callista in tow, and smiled at the blue-robed mage, Benn-Salian. "What kind of house do thee wish for, Benn-Salian?" Airiana asked, her exotic accent thick and hard to trace. "We shall help thee."

02/26/2003 6:17 AM

"What kind of house do I want? Anything with walls and a roof will be fine," Benn-Salian remarked, "of course, I will help. Should I gather the lumber?"

02/26/2003 7:12 AM

The kendermaiden smiled happily. "My name is Tassana Burrfoot. I am the daughter of Tasslehoff Burrfoot." For proof of this, she takes the old, beat up mapcase and opens it. She sits on the ground and spills the contents onto the grass. Dozens of maps made of everything from large leaves to pieces of wood to parchment lie on the ground. "All of these, or at least most of them were made by my father." She explains wistfully.
Tired and hungry, she puts the maps back into the mapcase. "I come from Qualinesti and am seeking a job. I worked for the Majere's for about 3 yrs in Solace before I attempted to return to my homeland. I am a hard worker and I do not cheat my customers. I am hoping to get a job in an inn, but I do not see one... "
She looks around to see if she could find an inn.
Her black pony bucks suddenly and one of the bags attached to the pony's saddle spills its contents. Flasks, vial, spellbooks, and scrolls litter the ground. Seeing this, Tassana blushes and runs to the pony. She gives the pony a stern look and scolds her, "Now Dareana, there was no need for that. I don't care how bad that misquito bit you. There was no reason for that. Now see what you did? I have to pick up all this mess. You really deserve a time out, but I am feeling generous today." She smiles impishly and gives the pony a bit of a carrot. She bends down and starts cleaning up the mess.
Absentmindly, she asks Krystal, "Is there a mayor around here? Since there is no inn, I would like to build one here and run it if he or she wouldn't mind..."

02/26/2003 8:05 AM

"We dont have much more then a bunch of houses!" She said with a big smile. "Here, i'll help." SHe helped Tassana pick up the mage stuff without an objection.

SHe points over to Kozad. "He's the self proclaimed mayor, since he got here first." She looks at the maps. "Do you have one of the Neraka/Jelek area?"

02/26/2003 9:04 AM

"Hmmmm... I am not sure... Oh, watch out for that magic eye!" she warns Krystal pointing to a flask filled with green liquid and a dog's eyeball. She finishes picking up the mage stuff and puts it back into the bag. She sits down and leans against the legs of the pony. She takes out the mapcase again and spills it's contents onto the ground. "You can look if you would like."
She stands back up and smiles. She looks around the area. "So, people just come here and build houses and stuff? Is this village new or something?"

02/26/2003 10:19 AM

"Yah, Fernwood is what Kozad calls it."

Krystal shrinks back from the eye and traces a route on the map.

'Lets see...' She thinks to herself with a scowl, 'If he worked in Neraka, and said he was being relocated to Jelek, then he's probaly still there....unless the Dark Knights have moved again. It's possible he's hiding with Sanction.'

Her scowl tightens, and all essence of childhood seemse to dissapear from her face. "Have the Dark Knights moved from Jelek/Neraka area? Have you seen a knight named Usur?"

for the sake of an idea, can SOMEONE say yes?

02/26/2003 10:25 AM

"If this is so, I would like to build a house here.... Actually I think I will live in the inn once I get it built. That would be easier for me." She looks at Krystal. "Would you like to run the inn with me?"
Not waiting for an answer she starts looking around the area and sees a nice sized tree. She walks to the tree and looks at it up and down. "This would be a great spot for the inn. Too bad this isn't a vallenwood. Solace's vallenwoods are the best for building homes, but this will do."
She takes out the small knife that was at her belt. "This is Rabbitslayer," she explains, stroking the knife lovingly. With a force unknown to kender or elves, she hurls the knife into the trunk of the tree causing it to be embedded into the tree. "That will be the tree's name. Rabbitslayer."
Her work only just beginning, she starts looking around for more trees. She sees the forest and smiles. She sits on the ground and calls to her pony. The pony prances to her mistress and nickers. Tassana reaches up and unbinds the bag of spells from the pony's saddle. In a series of whistles and nickers, Tassana commands the pony to lay next to her. After the pony does this, Tassana leans up against the tree and opens one of the many spellbooks in her possession.

02/26/2003 10:33 AM

She shakes her head. "I have seen no other knights. The only knight I know is Darrel Blackguard. He's a Knight of Neraka. Mayhap he would know.
"Other than that, I am in the dark," She giggles at her own pun.

02/26/2003 10:48 AM

A wagon comes rolling into the center of town loaded with lumber and paint and various supplies of many different types. The young man driving the wagon has a smile on his face seeing all the people gathered here at what is obviously the crossroads that will become the center of this new town. The young man hops up on his wagon seeing all the people gathered here and says in a loud voice. "I now declare the Fernwood General Store and Exchange open!!! I'll be selling from my wagon 'til I get the building up in a few days. I have everything ya'll could need or want, from pots and pans to tools to adventuring gear to some weapons crafted so fine that the dwarves cried them over when I bought them!!!! Step on up, who'll be the first to peruse my goods? No shoving please." He stands there on his wagon waiting to hear requests yelled to him. "You can just shout out what you need, or write me a list, I read quite well!! By the way, my name is Conrad Darho!!!!!"

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02/26/2003 10:53 AM

Tassana takes out the eyeball that she had warned Krystal about. She places it at the base of the tree and continues to read her spellbook. She softly whispers the words to a spell, committing them to memory and ensuring that she knows the spell. When she thinks she has it, she says the spell a few more times to be sure. She then stands up and places the book back in the bag. She smiles impishly at Krystal. "Wanna see some magic?"
Holding her hands out before her, she starts chanting the words of the spell. She raises her left hand and intensifies her chanting. A lightning bolt shoots from the sky and into her hand. It then flows through her body. She points her right hand at the forest and the lightning bolt shoots from her fingers. The bolt hits the first eight trees, bringing them up into flames.
She starts chanting again, this time bringing her left hand even with her right. She makes the gesture to call the fiery trees to her. The live trees uproot themselves and walk towards Tassana and the large oak.
Tassana changes her chant again and raises her left hand back to the sky. Another lightning bolt strikes her, channels through her, and hits the trees. Then a heavy rain causes the trees to lose their fires. When the fires are out, all that is left is nicely stacked lumber. Enough lumber to build the inn. Tassana smiles in satisfaction and drops to the ground, exhausted. Her pony nudges itself under her and lays a protective head on the sleeping kender's lap.

02/26/2003 10:59 AM

Taking a quick glance at Karina, Benn-Salian raised his hand fervously. "I need asprin!" he called out to Conrad.

02/26/2003 12:10 PM

Conrad had arrived at just the right time.

Rylee had just finished his meal and was beginning to form the plans for his home in his head. I'll need some rope, metal studs, a hammer and the list went on.

As he made his way over to the cart he noticed Benn Salian heading in the same direction. "You alright?" he said, in response to the mage's cry for a hardened pain killer.

02/26/2003 8:55 PM

OOC: Nice work Corad. Thats just what we needed! :)

BIC: Kozad walked over to the female kender.

" Tasslehoff Burrfoots daughter eh? I thought he was gay. What a mind blow......." Kozad scratched his chin in thought. " Well, you are very welcome here. An inn is just what we need. Welcome to Fernwood." Kozad said shaking the little kenders hand.

Kozad walked up to Conrad, owner of the Fernwood General Store.

" Im Kozad, mayor of this town. Thank you for setting up your shop here. You came at a time of desperate need. Do you have a basketball, a backboard and a rim?" Kozad asked Conrad. " This town needs some fun, and what better than to do it playing some good old b-ball."

02/27/2003 5:52 AM

Airiana nodded to Benn-Salian. "Some timber is all that we need. The rest shall be provided by the Gods of Magic and Gilean."

Conrad had truly arrived just in time. Everyone in the town was in need of supplies. Benn-Salian seemed to have a headache from the odd girl, Karina, and now the town had a Kender as well! "May the Gods save us!" she whispered, shaking her head. "Benn-Salian," she called. "See if you can get lumber while you recieve pain medicine, won't you?"

02/27/2003 5:57 AM

The kendermaid smiles softly at the mayor. "Diola lle," she says pleasantly. Then remembering she is no longer in Qualinesti, she corrects herself, "I mean, thank you, m'lord mayor."
She gets up and looks at the pile of lumber she made. She looks at her pony and smiles. "What do you think Dareana?.... I know this is not Solace. Nor is this tree a vallenwood, but it should do fine.... No more talk on it, Sweets. I need some nails and a hammer...."
She conjures the nails and hammer and starts working on her inn. She looks at Dareana sternly. "Well? Are you gonna help or not?.... Not?!... Well, I suppose that is one less mare I have to feed..."
She smiles as she sees Dareana start helping with the boards, holding them in place and picking them up for the weaker kender. Tassana then sets herself to work, hammering away...

oO(I will finish this when I return. I have an exam :( )

02/27/2003 7:14 AM

Conrad listens to Benn_Salian's request for aspirin and hops off the top of the wagon. He drops one of the sides to reveal several drawers. Most are filled with hardware supplies, nails, tacks, light chain etc... one is labeled apothecary. Conrad reaches into this drawer and takes out 2 pills. He hands the pills to Benn_Salian, Then tells everyone. "Please just unload your own lumber into a pile and allow me to look at it so we can agree on a price." As the town starts unloading the lumber they realise Conrad has brought enough to build several dwellings, the wagon seems to hold more than it should be capable of. He watches as the wagon empties of building supplies and his chest fills with steel pieces, smiling and making jovial conversation with everyone nearby. Once the wagon has all the wood unloaded and sold, Conrad sees there is none left for him to build his store. With a frown he looks around, then takes rope and four stakes and marks the spot the store will someday stand. Hearing Kozad explain b-ball to him, Conrad pulls out a piece of fish net and attaches it to a barrel hoop. This he nails to a piece of plywood for a backboard and quickly paints it white with a red square. He walks over to a tree and shimmies up it attaching the backboard and hoop there. "That'll have to do for now, I'll get one custom made before I return." He climbs down and goes back over to the now mostly empty wagon. "I must go and restock, I shall return tomorrow. Any special request or orders anyone would like filled?"

02/27/2003 7:17 AM

As she builds her inn, she merrily hums a sweet elven tune. With clicks and whistles, she guides Dareana about her work. In almost no time, the frame of the bottom of the inn is put up. Tassana steps back to admire her handiwork. She smiles in satisfaction. "Now we need to put up some walls. This will be the lobby and tavern..." She walks through the frame, using one of her daggars, she labels each room. She then walks to one side of the "tavern." "This would be a GREAT place for a nice, cheery fireplace," she says. She looks around. "If only I had some really sturdy stones..."
She gazes about the new town. She knows no one has anything to spare. She sets her eyes on Conrad. "Mayhap, he will have some stones... Or at least he would know where I could go to get some..." She looks at her pony, puzzled. The pony shakes her head.
"No? Well why not? It wouldn't hurt to ask," Tassana says.
The pony shakes her head again and gives a low nicker.
"Brightsky?..." the kendermaid tilts her head. "Why him? I haven't asked for his help in a long time... No, I will ask Conrad. And if he cannot help me, then I will call Brightsky. I will not bother the stallion needlessly," She tells the mare.
Dareana does not seem pleased with this, but she makes no sounds of disagreement.
Satisfied, Tassana makes her way to the new merchant. "Excuse me, sir?" She asks politely, tugging lightly on his tunic.

02/27/2003 7:23 AM

Feeling a tug on his tunic Conrad looks down seeing.......A KENDER?!!! He hops back quickly, checking pouches as he does so and gives a little groan. "Yes, how may I help you? Stones you say? Yes I think I know where I can get some stones for a fireplace that would be perfect. They will be difficult to get though, so they may be somewhat expensive. Would you still like them?"

02/27/2003 7:30 AM

Tassana frowns at the sight of Conrad jumping back. "I don't bite you know," she tells him, thinking he thought kender bite. (She had never really been around other kender and did not know how they acted.) She makes a mental note not to bite anyone, but since she doesn't bite anyway, she doesn't really find it necessary. She sees him check his pouches and again gets confused. She then remembers her mother telling her how kender have been known to "aquire" things. She gives a groan herself and says, "It's gonna take a lot to gain this town's trust."
She looks at Conrad and explains to him, "My kind may take things that do not belong to them, but I do not. You need not worry about me taking something without paying for it first. I was raised by elves and do not know anything about how to 'aquire' things."
With this said, she continues, "As for the stones, I do not care what they cost. When you get them, bring them to my place over there." She points to the oak tree and bottom frame a inn that is situated around the tree. "I will take care of the rest."

02/27/2003 7:53 AM

Finished with what she had to say, she returns to her "site." She looks at the mare, who is giving her an angry look. "Oh, Dareana, stop it. It's no big deal.... Amin uuma malia. Uuner uma, n'dela no'ta. Mellonamin, uuma dela. This is a new place. These edan will accept us here. I promise.... Well, they have never been around me before. They do not know me... Tanya change"
She sits down next to the mare and takes out some quath-pa from her pack. She munches on it and looks around at the work she has done. She examines her dress to find a long rip at the side of it. She curses under her breath and continues to examine her dress finding that it has basically been ruined by the work she has done. She sighs and sits back against the tree. She looks up at the mare. "This is going to be a long build..."
The mare nods in agreement.

02/27/2003 8:23 AM

oO( Just to let all of you know. The language Tassana was speaking earlier was elven. I got the language from www.grey-company.org/Circle/language/phrase.htm I just thought I would let you know so you wouldn't wonder or anything. From time to time, she may say one or two words in the language. If you wanna know what she means, just ask her. Thanks. )

02/27/2003 9:27 AM

Smiling in the direction of Airiana, "Gilean's help would be more than welcomed," Benn-Salian announced.

After recieving the lumber from Conrad and returning back with it, as well as his asprin, the elf-mage laid it down near the oak tree labortory where he had met the blue robed female. He planned to build his domicle adjacent to the oak.

"It is good to become your aquaintance," Benn-Salian mentioned when he saw Airiana again, "I hope we all can continue to stay on such good terms." Taking another look at Karina reminded Benn-Salian to request that Conrad bring back with him more asprin. Eventually, even the kender wil need some.

02/27/2003 11:05 AM

Timesplit walked over to the new kender. "Greetings." He said. "I saw what happened at the wagon, and I'm not surprised. You're not the first kender I met who was automaticly assumed a thief. A friend of mine, another kender, was born and raised in Mt. Nevermind. Has a very similar problem to you."

02/27/2003 11:46 AM

Airiana smiled at Benn-Salian. "There are few things that would sway my ways, so worry not. As long as thou art nice to myself and my kin, thee have nothing to worry about."

Seeing the lumber laid down, Calista, the little girl, made a few motions with her hands and the lumber rearranged itself into four seperate piles, each one designated for a wall. The little girl smiled up at the blue-robed mage. "Benn-Salliann," she said, drawing out the letters a little more than they should be. "Howw manny rooms dost thhou wishh forr?"

02/27/2003 2:45 PM

Smiling at the young one, Benn-Salian replied, "I require no more rooms than are necessary. The traditional five room home will suffice. I thank you again."

"I hope I can learn some magic from Timesplit soon," Benn-Salian pondered aloud.

02/27/2003 4:54 PM

Krystal looked at Conrad and tugged on his sleeve. "Excuse me sir, i'd like a silk pouch if you have one, a cloth, some grease, a backscratcher, and a flute. Vallenwood or Crystal Ice, preferably.

02/27/2003 6:04 PM

In a bright flash in the sky. A man of 14 years wearing red robes appears...50 ft. in the air.
*Lands softly on the ground*
"Well at least that spell worked."
The boy walks over to his long time friend, Krystal. Krystal, looks at him and laughs.
"So it took you this long to find me, Haldor"
"Well, Krystal, i got here faster than i used to. Could i stay with you until i get my good spell book out."
"Sure, Haldor, as long as you don't try the spell within 50 yards of me."
"No problem"

02/27/2003 6:32 PM

LOL, the MTG character, right? I ask you do not play my character. I probaly wouldnt say that, but hta's ok.
Also, Krystal is 14, but she acts like she's 8.


SHe jumped on him. "Haldy!!!!!! Woooo! Where ya been, man? Chillin? Blowing stuff up?! You probaly tired after poofing yourself around all the time! Come to my hut."

She drags him over. "Oh, look at MInoa!" She shows him teh Crystal Ocarina. "It's magical."

02/27/2003 11:19 PM

Conrad looks down as Krystal tugs at his sleeve. He listens to her name off her list and starts pulling ou the items. He easily fills her order, all except for the flute. He hands her a wooden flute and smiles at her. "Here is a "loaner", I'll have to pick up a Vallenwood or Crystal flute as a special order item and bring it back tomorrow." He looks to Benn_Salian, then tosses him a bottle of 500 count aspirin. "This might hold the village til I can return tomorrow." He smiles at his own joke. "I'll see you all tomorrow." He hops up onto the seat of the wagon and says "Let's go." The horse pulls the cart down the road without Conrtad even touching the reins. Conrad leans back and pulls his hat over his eyes at the edge of town, already asleep.

02/28/2003 5:58 AM

Rylee watched the merchant's cart dissapear down the dirt track, then went back to work on his home. It was a simple design, but when finished would provide him with all the creature comforts. For a few moments he stood within the bare frame of the house, wondering what on Krynn he was doing in Fernwood. I have no trade, no direction in life....why have the Gods led me to this place?, he thought. He laid down his tools and decided to go for a walk.

Where he was going, he was not sure, but he needed some time to put his life in order. If I am to stay in Fernwood, what will I do?....I've always fancied myself as an adventurer he thought, kicking a small pebble.

Fernwood was now out of site, he had cut through some bushes and was walking towards a vantage point he had discovered days earlier. He sat down on a large rocky outcropping and looked down into the valley. The sun hung low in the sky, its light added a golden hue to the landscape below. In the distance he could see the little cart, puffs of dust rose up everytime the horse took a step.

Suddenly the cart stopped, a figure emerged in the middle of the road. Rylee couldn't see any specifics, but he had a bad feeling. Leaping up from the rock, he raced back to the small village, "I think Conrad may be in trouble" he shouted, so the entire village could hear him. "He needs our help, I have a feeling it is more than he can handle by himself".

He grabbed the sword and bow that were laying near his half built structure, then looked to the others, "Who's coming"?

02/28/2003 6:02 AM

Calista nodded her head to Benn-Salian, smiling. "As thhou wishh it," she says, and turns her attention back to the lumber. She appears to concentrate very hard, her silver eyes squinting and her little brow furrowed, and suddenly, the pieces of lumber broke up and soon they were arranged as a floor plan on the ground with wall boundaries shown.

"Will thiss be allright, mmage?"

Airiana smiled down at her daughter, and speaking a language that sounded alien, even for what appeared to be Elven vocal chords, Calista gave a curtsy and ran to a patch of dirt and began drawing.

"I should hope that our little one have given thee a probable layout?" Airiana said, speaking flawlessly in the Qualinesti tongue.

02/28/2003 6:13 AM

OOC: He is Qualinesti, so I made the adjustment.

BIC: Benn-Salian was grateful for the help from anyone, but he admitted onlt to himself how belittling it was for him to be outdone madically by a small child. How long can I blame my inept ability on its forbiddance in my homeland? "The layout is quite suitable, in fact," Benn-Salian replied politely.

02/28/2003 7:08 AM

Tassana looks at Timesplit and smiles. "Thank you, my good friend. My name is Tassana Burrfoot," She says in her thick accent. "I suppose that with time, the people of this town will come to realize that I am not like other kender. Until then, I will have to work hard to prove it to them. That is why I'm gonna build this inn and become the innkeeper.... It is something I have learned about humans. If you wanna get them to trust you, tell them a few good stories and feed them.... Oh! And make sure to give them plenty of good ale."
She picks up a board and starts nailing it to the frame of her building. "I was wondering... Would you like to help me?" She asks Timesplit. "Although Dareana and I can do most of this, it can get awefully hard and may take some time with just a small kender and a small pony."
Dareana snorts at this comment and picks up a board with her muzzle and places it against the board Tassana is hammering at.
"... Oh, by the way..." Tassana says to Timesplit, "You can call me Tas."

Timesplit walked over to the new kender. "Greetings." He said. "I saw what happened at the wagon, and I'm not surprised. You're not the first kender I met who was automaticly assumed a thief. A friend of mine, another kender, was born and raised in Mt. Nevermind. Has a very similar problem to you."

02/28/2003 7:32 AM

Airiana, like all Dragons, could hear other's thoughts. "She is not an ordinary child, as thou would know them, so do not blame thyself," she told the mage, smiling. "Many of us have secrets, only time will tell us if those secrets should be made known."

With that, Airiana and Matthiass turned towards the soon-to-be-house and began chanting in the same tongue that Airiana had used earlier with their daughter, Calista. It was an odd language, and sounded serpintine and ancient. Within a couple of minutes of continuous chanting, walls began to form on the layout before them. Soon, the house was built, complete with a roof, doors, and windows.

Looking over their work, the pair smiled to themselves and to each other. Then, nodding, they turned back to Benn-Salian. "I hope this home will be sufficient for thy needs, Benn-Salian." Matthiass said, also speaking perfect Qualinesti, though he appeared to be fully human.

02/28/2003 7:58 AM

Dareana gives a nicker and then a low whistle. Tassana looks at the pony and tilts her head. "What now?"
The pony looks up into the sky. The kender follows the pony's gaze and gives a cry of dispair. A large beautiful pegasus stallion flies dowward and lands gently on the ground beside the kendermaid and her pony. He nuzzles Tassana. *my lady, how are you?* he says in her mind.
The kender sighs and sits down. "What are you doing here?" she demands.
*I had heard you were trying to start a new life. I was hoping I could come and help you with that, m'lady," the stallion says.
"I do not need your help. You have helped me enough. Had it not been for you, Garthalas..."
*Had it not been for me you would've been dead along with him* The stallion interrupted her, snorting. *I have never known a kender to be so ungrateful.*
Tassana sighs and stands up. She looks at the pegasus with pleading eyes. "If only you would've let me die. Then Garthalas and I could be together..."
The stallion looks at her shocked. *I was told by the Forestmaster herself to protect you, m'lady. And if that means saving you from draconians, even if it means your lovers life, then so be it.*
"He was more than my lover, Brightsky. He was my friend, my companion, my husband. And now he is dead..."
She sits down again, unable to take the pain of Garthalas's death. The stallion puts his head on her shoulder sympathetically. *I am sorry for your loss. Please, m'lady. Allow me to stand in his stead. Not romantically, but as a friend and companion.*
Dareana gives the stallion a flirty nicker. Tassana shrugs. "Very well, I suppose you will be useful for building this inn..."
The stallion smiles and returns Dareana's nicker.

oO(I will finish this scene after English)

02/28/2003 8:17 AM

Krystal looked over at Matthiass and Airiana. The language didnt ring a bell, like Kangonesti, which was birds twirping, or Silvanesti, harsh but smooth to outsiders. Not common, obviously, or Dwarf, which was curt and sharp.

"Excuse me, Mattiass and Ariana, but what language is that? I dont reconize. It's like Draconian or something, but I only heard that once."

Taking the stuff from Conrad, she nodded happily. "Ok, but make sure you get the crystal from Ice Wall!"

Looking at Rylee, she patted her now only bruised leg (Minoa could only go so far) and shook her head. "Not this time, last time i ended up with a broken leg. Maybe Benny'll go for teh sheer sake that i'm not."

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02/28/2003 8:28 AM

(OOC: I haven’t posted in a very long time here...)

During all this time, Ann has used her all her know-how and the extra man power provided by her golem to create a nice three bedroom house. She stood there and admired her work.

"Aw, man it always amazes me how much I can get done when I really set my mind to it. Plus, this house should stand up to just about all but the worst natural disasters. Unless someone trashes it." She looks around.

"Of course, with all these unusual people, that just maybe a distinct possibility." She said with a frown.

"Well, I think its time to eat. But first, let’s put you away. Ajax, compact." The golem shrank back down to action figure size. She put it in her pocket and went to get some eats.

02/28/2003 9:44 AM

Before anyone can notice, the bottom of the inn is done. The tavern raps around the large oak tree real delicately. "Now, when Conrad gets back with the stones, I want to build the fireplace right there," Tassana says pointing to the hollow opening in the "den" of te tavern.
Brightsky tilts his head a bit. *What will you do for shelter until then?*
"Well, the second floor will need a floor won't it? I'll sleep in the tavern and kitchen until the rest of the inn can be built," Tassana said.
She goes into the inn and looks around. She calls out to Brightsky, "What do you think we should do about tables and a bar and such? Also, I'm gonna need a stove and a place to store food in the kitchen."
The stallion laughs, *Try using your magic and make the roots of this tree come out and make tables and such. It would be authentic.*
Tassana smiles. "You have a point."
She raises her hands and starts dancing about the tavern, chanting and singing in the tongue of magic. Giggling merrily, she danced about as the roots of the tree sprang into life. Many of the roots flattened themselves and made themselves into tables. Others grew leaves and entwined themselves to form a bar. Tassana continued to chant and dance about. More roots sprang up and situated themselves around the tables to make chairs, leaves grew on these to provide comfort and cushion on the chairs.
When all was finished, the exhausted kender slumped into one of the chairs. She allowed the leaves to rap themselves around her lap to provide her a bit of warmth. She conjured a goblet of elven wine and took a sip of it. She rested a few moments and then got up.
"Well, that takes care of the tavern. Now for the kitchen...."
She walks back outside and looks at Brightsky. "I'm probably gonna need some wrought iron or something for the stove. And I'm gonna have to build cabinets and such for food storage and a place to put the ale and other liquor."
*M'lady, we will do fine. Just relax. I will go and get your stove and ale and liquor. You enjoy yourself in your new home. This whole town is a part of you now, m'lady. Get to know the people.* With that, Brightsky opened his wings and projected himself into the air. He disappeared in the sky.
Tassana giggles merrily and looks about, seeing if there is anyone she hasn't met yet. She sees the Qualinesti they call Benn-Salian and she walks up to him. "Vendui," she says to the elf. (Greetings) She speaks in the elven tongue with such fluidty and ease, one would think she was an elf. " How are you, m'lord. 'Tis so good to see an elf here. And 'tis pleasure to meeting your aquaintence. My name is Tassana Burrfoot." She holds out a hand for him to shake.

02/28/2003 9:46 AM

oO(Note: Everyone can hear Brightsky. He speaks through the mind, not the lips because he is a horse. But everyone can hear him as plain as they can hear Tassana)

02/28/2003 11:55 AM

OOC: PrincessOfDarkness: please be more careful with your spelling of names. My characters are named Matthiass and Airiana, please get them right. Oh yeah, and I think you asked earlier: Airiana, Matthiass, and Calista are all Dragons in disguise, though Airiana takes the form of an Elf, Matthiass a human, and Calista a mix between the two. Thanks! ~ Airi

BIC: Airiana turned to the adolescent called Krystal, and switching to the Common tongue, responded to her. "It is an ancient magic, 'tis all, child." She answered curtly and turned back to Benn-Salian.

Switching back to Qualinesti, Airiana addressed the blue-robed mage. "I am sorry, friend, that our magic doth not provide thee with furniture as well as a home. We have done what we can for thee. I hope it suits you," Airiana said, smiling.

02/28/2003 1:35 PM

OOC: Sorry bout that, i was in a hurry. Late to math...


She took the answer for truth, but still wanted to know the acutal name. 'Oh well', she though to herself, 'i'll ask later'

Wondering vaguely, she blew a rift on the flute and nodded. This would serve until Conrad got the crystal. Walking over to Benn, she put the flute in his hands and nodded.

"I'm going to teach you how to play magik!"

02/28/2003 1:54 PM

"Do I look musically inclined?" Benn-Salian remarked snapped in backlash. "you're silly Zelda tunes have only made one hobgoblin dance, and I still think he was a little screwed up in the first place."

"I have already talked to Timesplit on the matter and I may choose to inquery Airiana about the subject. And by the way you owe me the coinage I had to spend on the aspirin, since you're the reason I need it."

03/01/2003 12:00 AM

"Here, let me help you out." Timesplit says to the kender. He holds his staff out and the boards seem to levitate in the air, allowing the kender to easily nail them togather. "That should be a start."

03/01/2003 12:51 AM

Conrad hears his horse whinny in alarm and comes instantly awake. He looks up seeing the man approaching him quickly. "So there do be bandits here eh?" He quickly draws a pair of long daggers, preparing to defend himself, turning the wagon around and heading it back to the village as he does. He hops into the rear of the wagon looking out the back defensively, hoping to be able to hold this man off 'til help comes. Suddenly the stranger makes an incredible leap, gaining the back of the wagon and quickly pulling himself to a standing position. Conrad strikes quickly before the man can gain his balance scoring a couple of very good hits on him. It doesn't seem to hurt the stranger as much as Conrad hoped it would, the stranger smiles and draws a sword and starts an attack pattern that after only a few passes has Conrad bleeding from a half dozen minor wounds. Conrad attempts to fend of his attacker parrying furiously with both daggers as the assailant pressesd his attack. The wagon speeds back towards the village.

03/01/2003 6:00 AM

Krystal smiles slyly. "No, but your magik is weaker then mine! And unless you want a teenage beating your hundred and such Qualinestiness, you'll learn! And if you dont...." She grins. "I'll travel to every place in the world, and tell how a Red robed magus in blue cannot beat a girl with a magic musical instrument! and you made a teepee!"

Placing the wooden flute into his hands, she closes his hands around the woodwind and plays on her own magik ocarina.

Benn's remaining lumber for his furniture carves itself out into chairs and a table. A different tune send them into his house. She puts it down and nods. "thank me later!"

Glancing over near where Conrad is, she sees the faint line of a the wagon and looks at everyone.

"Rylee, i dont think you need to go! He's coming here!"

03/01/2003 3:52 PM

Kozad stood on his announcment stump.

"Everyone, take a seat. Dinner shall begin." Kozad announced. He lifted a tray onto a table by the town hall. On the tray was bread, sliced buck, jugs of ale, and grapes.

Surrounding the table were more than a dozen sitting logs. Kozad took a seat at the head of the table.

03/03/2003 6:14 AM

"I have already talked to Timesplit on the matter and I may choose to inquery Airiana about the subject. And by the way you owe me the coinage I had to spend on the aspirin, since you're the reason I need it."

Airiana sighed, knowing that the mortal girl was starting to wear on her nerves nearly as much as the girl was on Benn-Salian's.

"Myself and my mate.. er.. husband could teach thee much in the ways of magic. Ours is an ancient magic, and allusion would be easily taught, for ours was the magic that created it! If thou needest help in these arts, we shall be be more than happy to help thee." Airiana said with a nod.

Then, hearing Kozad, Airiana excused herself. Airiana, Matthiass, and Calista all sat down on a log. Without a spoken word passed between them, they silently agreed that they would catch and eat their meal later, once the others were sound asleep.

Matthiass took a mug of ale and a small piece of deer, and Airiana did likewise. Calista, who could barely see over the table, reached longingly for a piece of the meat as well. She knew, as both of her parents did, that if one of them had eaten the entire deer, their hunger would not be satisfied, and so they ate little, pacing themselves, and biding their time for later.

03/03/2003 8:21 AM

Krystal smiles slyly. "No, but your magik is weaker then mine! And unless you want a teenage beating your hundred and such Qualinestiness, you'll learn! And if you dont...." She grins. "I'll travel to every place in the world, and tell how a Red robed magus in blue cannot beat a girl with a magic musical instrument! and you made a teepee!"

"It wasn't a teepee! It was an obelisk," Benn-Salian shot defensively.

Placing the wooden flute into his hands, she closes his hands around the woodwind and plays on her own magik ocarina.

Benn's remaining lumber for his furniture carves itself out into chairs and a table. A different tune send them into his house. She puts it down and nods. "thank me later!"

As she left, Benn-Salian called after, "The only ones who should thank you are the scavengers that pick up the furniture from the town center!" The elf than gathered all the furniture in the house, and true to his word, left them in the middle of tow for someone else.

"Sometimes my pride is the oly thing that keeps me afloat," He remarked to himself through his tireless work. Pride? Or is it self-pity that pushes you along? Why must I contradict myself? Is it because I can't say the truth even to myself?

"Myself and my mate.. er.. husband could teach thee much in the ways of magic. Ours is an ancient magic, and allusion would be easily taught, for ours was the magic that created it! If thou needest help in these arts, we shall be be more than happy to help thee." Airiana said with a nod.

"Created magic you say?" Benn-Salian wondered aloud at Airiana's comment, "I would be utmost happy to learn. Perhaps you have some demolition spells for me to show Krystal. I say this in jest, of course. wouldn't waste good magic on her anyways."

03/03/2003 9:15 AM

Ann had already made it to the table and was eating. She could already count at least five magic users. She didn't have anything against magic users. Her late husband, Joshua had been one, so she was experienced with them. This was what worried her.

Of course what really worried her was that one of these people had collected corpses in a tree and another was an undead dragon.

"When Lucas comes here, he is going to flip." She muttered to herself.

(OOC: Lucas, from the thread Pandemonium is Ann's son for those who recognize the character.)

03/03/2003 10:52 AM

Krystal noticed teh food and grinned. Playing a happy tune, she sits on a stump and paitently waits.

"I was taught never to eat before my elders start. Which, unfortunatly," She added, with hints of sarcasm, "Does inclue Sir Salian."

03/03/2003 11:55 AM

"I am sorry," Airiana said to Benn-Salian. "I meant the creation of the magic of allusion. ..I am afraid it is a necessary objective for my kin."

Airiana smiled at Benn-Salian's comment of demolition spells. "I know that thou mean it only for jest, but still... it is a thought worth wondering. Though I woud not wish to put anything destructive in the hands of such a kender-like child as that one. A spell of self-destruction that might be shown to her, perhaps?" Airiana said, smiling jokingly.

Taking a sip of her ale, a shiver was seen to go straight through the beautiful Elven woman. "I am sorry... ale does not seem to suit me. I would much prefer a good wine to it any day." Saying thus, she whispered a few arcane words and a beautiful crystal glass of dark coloured wine appeared before her. Taking a sip of this, she sighed deeply and smiled. "Ah, nothing like a good Elven wine. By the by, Benn-Salian, if thou wouldst like to see a few magics of allusion, thou shouldest come with my kin and I later on tonight. I believe that thou wilt find it most enjoyable."

OOC: Airiana wants to take Benn-Salian with her, Matthiass, and Calista when they go hunting in Dragon form. He would see them shift from their present forms into their true forms and back again. She could also show him a few other things as well, if you would like.

03/03/2003 1:19 PM

Benn-Salian's eyes became alert at the word allusions. Perhaps the fate of the word would finally repay his sacrifices. The young elf had become so frustrated that he almost blamed the magic for the way his life had turned. Magic, just as it had for many others, had become his only saving grace. "I accept your offer, I will spend the rest of the evening in anticipation."

Whist eating, the elf-mage then tried to entertain his new friends with a comical story about three blind gully dwarves. Benn-Salian animated the voices of the characters for Calista's enjoyment. He ended the story with the gully dwarves getting their toes cut off by the farmer's wife.

03/04/2003 5:28 AM

OOC: Um.. Benn-Salian? Sweety, he doesn't know that they're going hunting... I told you that out of character... Your character only knows that Airiana and company are going to show you some magic later on tonight... see?

"... By the by, Benn-Salian, if thou wouldst like to see a few magics of allusion, thou shouldest come with my kin and I later on tonight. I believe that thou wilt find it most enjoyable."

03/04/2003 9:13 AM

OOC: I humblely appologize. I read your OOC first and got my wires crossed. Concider my post edited yesterday.

03/04/2003 11:56 AM

Airiana smiled. Benn-Salian would be an eager learner, but would he accept them? Most mortals ran in fear from Dragons period, let alone the hybrids that she and her family were. 'Oh well,' she thought to herself. 'Whatever will be, will be.'

Calista was having more fun than she could ever remember. Sure mortals could be a little slow at times, like that girl named Krystal, but others like Benn-Salian were fun! She laughed at his funny voices and his odd story, and for the first time, she forgot that she was a Dragon in disguise. At this moment, she was just a kid.

Airiana and Matthiass were happy as well. Seeing their daughter in such a state of joy boosted their own spirits, and they too were merely companions with those around them for the time being. Soon though, they would have to hunt. And soon, they would have to let their secret out. Their only hope was that they had lain(SP?) their confidence in someone trustworthy enough and mature enough to know that no harm was meant.

03/04/2003 2:10 PM

Benn-Salian enjoyed himself as he ate. It had been awhile since he had been in the company of people who he could relay stories and anecdotes with. It was only an added bonus that Airiana was elven. He enjoyed her delicate nature when she spoke to him; a way that the mage had forgotten was possible.

The small child, Calista, was an absoluted delight. The elf-mage had to remember the last time he had become so engrossed in a story. Has it been that long since I told a story like that? Yes, it has. I can't believe that would I ever told another story since I left Qualinost. A traceable smile was on the elf's face, he was glad that he could find joy in the tale once again. Astarin was the only Light God I could understand, perhaps he has forgiven me.

The good will of any god was appreciated by Benn-Salian. Even though his patron deity was Lunitari, herself, he chose to correspond with the other dieties at least once, even Hiddukel once. It seemed, that the young mage only wanted one thing. Purpose and meaning. He had sought the magic in an attempt to achieve these. So far, it still seemed out of reach, but now, he was able to grasp something. And without fear of the unknown, he would grab something.

03/04/2003 2:40 PM

Krystal smiled in delight. SHe dug into her food and laughed at Benn's voices. It had been some time since genuine happiness had come to her. A sudden wind hit her ocarina, sending music into the air. She heard these words for what they were.

'Not Silvanesti.........Not elven.....'

Bolting upwards, she quietely excused herself. "Excuse me." She said, looking at Airiana and Calista. "But i must go back to my house for a bit. You all get few hours of peace and quiet."

She smiled and walked out.

"Not Elven? That's impossible..." Krystal began to herself. "She's most certainly got everything to be one: pointy ears, the tongue, the musical voice......But Minoa's never lied before. I'll just watch her."

Walking back into her house/hut/thing, she opened up a window to watch the two Elven (?) women.

Minoa, who is Krystal's Ocarina (And it's alot of fun playing a lil girl!), is really some bad evil spirit, which only draconic magik can release. She is, of course, completely oblivious to this.

If you've read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, it's kind of like the way Ginny and the DIary work out.

03/05/2003 5:23 AM

OOC: Calista appears to be half-Elven and half-Human, being because her mother, Airiana, prefers the Elven form, and her father, Matthiass, prefers the Human form. She also appears to be around seven or eight human years old. Hope that helps a little.

BIC: Though Airiana thought it strange that the Kender-like girl should up and leave on such a note for no apparent reason, she didn't put much thought into it. The girl was odd, to be sure, and such quirks of mortals had long since been ignored.

Seeing a lull, Airiana decided to tell her a story of her own. It told of a time long ago when Dragons pervaded the world and lived together with mortals. Before Good and Evil had a chance to establish itself and the two oftentimes intermixed. When it was acceptable to be of mixed race, going so far as Goblin and Elf or even Silver Dragon and Red. A time when all were happy.

She told of a young Dragon who used to run and play with the Silvanesti and Qualinesti children and immitated their shape, and appeared in this fashion so often that they soon forgot that she was a Dragon. The Dragonette even shed her true name, Kilandralsilvantaslik, for one that was more Elven. And all was happy.

She told smaller stories that sounded outrageous to the mortals around her of the times that this young Dragonette had wilst playing with the Elven children and the adventures they had together.

She smiled when she had told all she could remember. "It was said to be a most wonderful time then, nearer the beginning of our world." Thinking to herself, she smiled inwardly. 'Yea, so it 'twas. An easier, simpler time then... If only one could be taken back to that yesteryear....'

OOC2: Where are the other members of the Village?!

03/05/2003 6:06 AM

OOC: Krystal's Minoa told the other members to run away. I was a fool not to listen.

BIC: Benn-Salian sat back on the log that he had been sitting on. He enjoyed stories, especially when they were tols to him. He listened to the fantastic story, it was told with such imagery that one would believe that they were in such a time. Before Good and Evil... The thought made the young elf wishful.

The intermixing of races seemed a bit far, but it was Airiana's story. 'Twas the bard's rule never to interupt a story for such a petty point.

In his one track sense of relaxation, th eyoung elf began to think about all the wild, untapped magic that could be found in such a time. If such time had existed, the untouched, and thereful unadulterated, magic could be used for its true purposes.

03/05/2003 8:15 AM

OOC: Benn, Only i can hear Minoa for what he truely said.

INside her hut thing, she pulled out her Ocarina. "What do you mean she's not Elven? She's got the ears, the voice, and the lithe-ness"

Music drifted out of her hut for the others to hear. However, it was not teh happy, flowing notes that she normally played. This time it was sharp, cold, and sounded like someone really angry. (OOC:And...it was!)

"That's not possible! Wait..Draconian...NO, i refuse to believe that! Airiana and Calista are too nice to lie!"

Her last sentence was loud enough for the two of them to hear.

'My dear Krystal' Coaxed Minoa, 'have i ever lied to you before?'

03/05/2003 9:19 AM

(OOC: I think the idea of an evil musical instrument is cool. I think I will have Lucas come in being as he is Ann's son.)

Ann was leaning back when she felt a presence behind her. A really creepy one. She slowly swiveled around.

A boy of fifteen stood behind her. He was dressed in black which matched his hair. He looked sickly, being way too thin with pure, white skin. Plus, his red eyes had this slightly wild look.

"Oh, Lucas, honey, its just you! Don't sneak up on people like that!" She felt as if her heart had nearly jumped out of her chest.

"Sorry, Mother. You know I would never do anything on purpose." The boy smiled pleasantly, yet there was a sneakiness there.

"Still, I am surprised that you came so fast. You brought all you things right? The house is that way. After you put your stuff away, come and eat something." She said.

"Alright." He nodded. Of course though he already had other plans.

He had seen at least one little girl here. A little half-elven one at that.

"New victims to torture." He rubbed his hands in glee.

(OOC: A warning, Lucas is going to be a pain.)

03/05/2003 10:28 AM

(OOC: I was waiting for Rylee to post again, but since it's been three days, I'll continue this thing he started, lol)

For those who could see down the hill out on the plain, Conrad still fought with the mysterious starnger as the wagon pulled closer to town, it was still a ways off though and Conrad did not appear to be holding his own. As they continued to fight on the back of the wagon, Conrad using his twin daggers to atempt to block the attacks of his opponent's sword, the wheels of the wagon struck a large rock, overturning the wagon in the road. Conrad was thrown hard to the ground and lay there unmoving, the stranger lost his cloak as he hit the ground and rolled coming back to his feet. The loss of the cloak revealed to any watching the stranger's scales and wings, he was obviously draconian. The draconian smiled cruelly as he approached the horse, driving it's sword through the chest of the horse stilling it as it kicked in the fouled harness of the wagon. The draconian then turned his attention towards Conrad who lay there unmoving.

(OOC: No actual horses were harmed in the making of this post.)

03/05/2003 1:52 PM

Runs out of Krystals hut.
"I have it. The spell that would create a safe house."
*Starts chanting in Edhellen(Tolkien Gray-Elvish)*
*An Urkham appears*
*reads fine print in Spell book*
"Oh well, not what I expected but it works"
*Rides the Urkham into the ground*
"Bye, I be living underground. But i will have some special doors. Bad windows though."

03/05/2003 5:19 PM

OOC: shivan, you couldnt of been in my house......

Krystal ran outside and looked Airiana in the eye, trying to figure wether Minoa had been right or not. She still looked Elven, no reptilian glint in her eyes, or tongue feeling the air. Biting her lip she walked up to Airiana.

"Are you elven?"

03/06/2003 4:21 AM

OOC: Sorry Conrad (All) I have been busy lately.

BIC: Rylee was halfway down the dirt path when he saw Conrad thrown from the wagon. He still wasnt in range to take a shot with his bow, his only hope was that Conrad could hold out for a few more seconds.

As the Dracononian turned its attentions to Conrad, an arrow pierced the skin of the draconians calf. Rylee had taken the shot while still moving, thus the blow was only a minor injury. Nevertheless, the Draconian reared back to see who had caused him pain.

"What are you doing here" he said, as he approached Conrad and the Draconian. Rylee produced his sword and motioned for Conrad to stand up, while he help the foul beast at bay.

03/06/2003 5:50 AM

OOC: Not exactly how I wanted the whole village to find out, but....

BIC: Airiana looked at Krystal. She had heard Krystal say something about herself and her daughter being too nice to lie and that they couldn't be Draconian. 'Well,' Airiana thought to herself. 'The girl almost has it right. We're not Draconian-we're Dragons-but the lying part is necessary for now. I only hope that the others could not hear the girl.' After all, Dragons do have advanced hearing, and so it would make sense that they were the only ones to hear the girl's exclamation.

Airiana nodded as Matthiass's mind touched hers, acknowledging Krystal's words and assuring Airiana that none other than they had heard it.

Then, Krystal asked her the question: "Are you Elven?"

Airiana knew it would be wrong to lie to the girl further, and she wanted her to realize that they were Dragons, not the vile Draconians, and so Airiana took a sip of her wine and cleared her throat.

"It has been quite some time since any have asked such a question. But, I shan't lie to thee, child. I am not. My family and I meant to make a new start. We meant to leave our past behind and start anew. But I see that it will not be possible. Dear, we are Dragons. But, not as you know them. We are hybrids- both good and bad at the same time. We are, Matthiass and I, half-Silver and half-Red Dragon. Our daughter, Calista, is also a hybrid. Actually, she is of a new race. She is a neutral Dragon, being Pink in colour. Now, child. Let not lies be spread to thee. For we mean no harm. Our only wish 'tis to not be persued as abominations and be allowed to live in peace."

Airiana said all of this, and knowing that the girl probably wouldn't believe her, Airiana moved a little away, into a large part of the town yet to be built. Judging that the space was sufficient, she began shifting into her true form, that of a great Silver/Red hybrid Dragon. She stood two hundred feet tall and two hundred and fifty feet long. Her silver eyes gleamed with tears yet to be shed.

"This is who I truly am. I am sorry that I have decieved thee, all of thee, but it was necessary for a time. I am tired of people being afraid that my intentions be ill. I wish no harm to any creature." She said, the Elven accent which she had previously disappearing, and being replaced with her true accent. It was thick and exotic, but still held the grace that it held when speaking Qualinesti, though now it was a little louder and deeper.

Realizing that everyone would soon draw their attention to her, Airiana shifted back into her Elven form. Going over to Benn-Salian, she bowed her head. "I am sorry, friend. I wished not for thee to find out in such a way. My kin and I wished to tell thee later on tonight, and keep it in secret. We felt that thou were trustworthy enough to be told, as we have grown so close. But, some force has proved that it could not happen this way." With that, Airiana wiped away a tear. "And I know," she said quietly. "That thee hath doubts of my story. But 'tis true. And I know that, because I lived it."

She then turned to Krystal. "I hope whatever malign spirit is with thee dissapates soon. Such should not happen in this world. Follow not that path, for it leads only to pain. Now, if you will excuse us..."

Matthiass and Calista both stood up from the table and followed behind Airiana as she made her way to their house. They went inside and all was quiet for a moment, then a shifting of earth was heard, and the house was again quiet.

03/06/2003 7:43 AM

Seeing that Benn-Salian has once again managed to ignore the kendermaid, Tassana takes this as an insult and turns her back on him, not forgetting to spit at him. She then sees Timesplit and smiles.

"Here, let me help you out." Timesplit says to the kender. He holds his staff out and the boards seem to levitate in the air, allowing the kender to easily nail them togather. "That should be a start."

"Thank you kind sir," she says politely. "I can use all the help I can get with this inn. I still haven't decided on a name..."
She cocks her head and starts chewing on a blonde tip and looks up into the sky. Giggling, she points up to show Timesplit. "Look! Brightsky's back! And he's got silvers!"
Sure enough, the pegasus stallion was being followed by two enormous silver dragons. They were carrying wood and stones. Also, they were carrying things for a kitchen and such. The kender bounced around like a crazed bouncing ball as the three creatures decended and landed near the inn.
*M'lady, this is Coby and Tinsel. They come from Solomnia,* Brightsky said, introducing the two dragons.
Coby was a 20ft male and Tinsel was a 25ft female. They had dazzling and extremely healthy scales. Their bellys were nice and slim.
Tassana giggled and looked up at them. "My name is Tassana Burrfoot," She said, sticking out her small hand for a shake. Realizing they were much too big for a handshake, she quickly put her hand behind her back. She then motioned at Timesplit. "This is Timesplit. He's helping me build the inn.... That is a beautiful stove!" She exclaimed suddenly, seeing the steel stove.
Tinsel smiles.
"Really?" Tassana exclaims. She excitedly touches the craft. "That goes to the kitchen. Dareana!"
The pony snorts and trots to Tassana. She waits as Tassana hitches the stove to her and then trots into the inn and into the kitchen.
Coby then snorts
Insulted, Tassana shakes an angry fist at the dragon. "Be careful who you call kender. My name is Tassana Burrfoot. I am the daughter of Tasslehoff Burrfoot, a hero of the Lance and the Chaos War. You be careful," she snarls.
The male dragon laughs.
The female dragon starts giggling.
Before another word is said, Tassana takes out a golden hoopak and pops Coby hard on the foot.

03/06/2003 7:50 AM

oO(Everyone can hear Tinsel and Coby as well. Just to let you know. And by the way, sorry for the past five days, I've been on Mardi Gras break.)

BIC: The male dragon looks at Tassana with an expression of pure shock. Tinsel laughs more, "Do not underestimate a kender, my friend."
Tassana nods, "And Coby, I just might 'aquire' you. I would like your help getting my inn together, if the two of you do not mind?"
Tinsel smiles, "Of course we don't mind. Do we, Coby?" she gives the smaller dragon a stern look.
"No," he agrees angrily.
"Course, we cannot help in these forms," Tinsel says and starts changing into an elven maid.
Coby starts changing into an elflord. "We are humbly at your service, m'lady," he mocks in Qualinesti.
Tassana smiles, ignoring the insult. She returns in Silvanesti, "Very well, let's get to work. I wanna finish the tavern and kitchen and lobby and all before it gets too late."
The dragons look at each other, one in amusement the other in shocked horror. Tinsel shrugs and starts helping the kender. Coby follows grudgingly.

03/06/2003 8:00 AM

OOC: Well, what i was originally assuming was that you would say no, and Benn would start mocking krystal for such a stupid question, and so on.

Post more later, must go to skool.

03/06/2003 10:04 AM

Lucas had just exited from his house and was looking for some entertainment.

He was passing under a big tree when he smelled something.

"Smells like something died." A very ugly grin crossed his face.

"Its obviously up there." He muttered as he began to climb the tree.

He quickly found the corpses.

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