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01/19/2003 9:33 PM

Turning from the window, Raistlin faced Dalamar, who watched him eagerly.

“But I care nothing for that.” Raistlin gestured, allowing the curtain to fall. “My ambition goes further.”

“But Shalalfi there is not much left if you turn down the world.” Dalamar faltered, not understanding. “Unless you have seen worlds beyond this one that are hidden from my eyes.”

“Worlds beyond?” Raistlin pondered. “Interesting thought, perhaps someday I should consider that possibility.”


2003, January 20. Ohio, USA. A small farming town outside of Toledo. 6:45 AM

Heather sighed as she logged into her computer. With a glanced towards her sleeping husband, she pulled the turban-twisted towel off her head, allowing her short reddish-brown hair to fall loose. She ran a comb through it, and separated her bangs from the rest of the mass. She stood and stretched, then tugged on her uniform shirt and slacks. She tucked in her shirt and cinched her belt.

She sat down and read through the messages in her two favorite Role Play sites, The RPG consortium and her own site, Three Moons. She figured out a few replies, and mentally logged them away, knowing that she’d have time later to write them out on paper.

She got up and headed for the small kitchen in her four room, one bedroom apartment. Bast, her black and white tomcat meowed plaintively. With a small smile she scratched between his shoulders, and filled both his water and food bowl.

She passed her altar in the back of the main room, and bowed her head in a quick and silent prayer... there where white flowers and candles on it now, since it was winter and the full moon was near.

Thank you, Lord and Lady, for the life of another day...in this life, within this world.

Worlds Beyond

Heather felt suddenly dizzy, and she turned, searching for the source of the soft, yet forceful voice. There was nothing. She shrugged and packed her little knapsack with a book with a worn cover, a notebook, her lunch and her wallet. Hastily she pocketed her cell phone and a single dollar bill.

She pulled on her light jacket, in spite of the bitter cold. She picked up her knapsack as she heard her friend’s car pull up. She locked the front door and climbed into the car.

“Morning” Ken said.

“Morning. Another week another headache.” She laughed.

“Yea...maybe the headache will leave us alone today.” He chuckled as he shifted the car into gear and pulled out of the complex’s parking lot.

“I doubt it, it’s Monday, and he’ll probably just stand around holding the counter down. “ Heather sighed and contented herself to just listen to the music.


Ken slammed on the brakes as a bright flash of light blinded them both. The front wheel drive car hit a patch of ice, and fishtailed. Heather screamed as the care slid off the road and the rear of the car slammed into a telephone pole.

Dazed, Heather turned to Ken. “Kenny? Are you alright?” He didn’t reply and she realized that when they struck the pole, he must’ve hit his head on the drivers door window. She fought against her door, and finally got it to open. She ran around the car, slipping in the snow as she did. Scrambling to her feet she reached the driver’s side, coughing on the sudden lung full of gasoline fumes.

“Kenny!” She cried and opened his door. She fought with his seatbelt and finally forced to cut the strap with her pocketknife.

She pulled him out of the car and glanced at the road and was shocked to see several cars in the same state as theirs... Some even worse. A quick check proved that Ken was only unconscious, but he probably had a concussion. She started to dial 911 on her cell phone, her hands shaking.

She only got the nine and a one dialed when another flash of light caught her attention. she blinked rapidly as a sudden gust of wind threw snow into her face.

There, hanging in the eastern sky, in the predawn light, was a flaming, golden eye. It was the pupil that shocked Heather to silence.

It was shaped like an hourglass.

“In the name of the gods and all that is holy...” She choked.


OOC: Okay the first posts here should be of everyones first reactions to Raistlin’s appearance. Try to stick with real life as much as possible.

The people who join will either fight against Raist or work for him. Those who fight against him will be the core of the resistance.

Only natural magic exist as well as our current technology.

Dragons only exist as avatars to those characters who can control their own astral forms. (such as myself, i will have “Glimmers” astral form)

If we have to we’ll double up on characters.

Lets have fun :D!!!

01/20/2003 9:36 AM

"Hello what is it?"
"Sir we need all the cops on duty we are being swamped with 911 calls".
"MMMM ok. I will be right in".
Malcolm sat up and pulled on his shirt and pants as he rushed out the door he grabbed his gun, cell phone and police hat. Locking the door behind him he ran down the steps to his car.
"Come on start"
"Come on"
BRRRRVVVVthe engine started and the motercycle took off from the drive way.
" WHAT THE HELL was that" Malcolm slowed down his bike when the sight of a woman came into sit.

OOC: Malcolm a 24 year old cop. Lives alone drives a motercycle and a crack shot with his dual pistols. The real me is 20 live at home drives a motercycle and is ok and dual pistols ehehehehe
Great storie aswell

01/20/2003 11:01 AM

OOC: Cool...well...Heather is, well me. A twenty-four year old Security officer at a main warehouse for Whirlpool. I carpool every morning with a good friend and co-worker of mine, Ken. this is what I meant as keeping it as real as possible. *Crosses fingers* And those who join that I actually know we will contact each other throught the net.

Yes, our character "Selves" will know of the books, just as we do now.

01/20/2003 12:03 PM

(OOC: Having another go at it huh? Is this before or after the still unfinished "New Thread?" And would it matter? Also, do we take the "character revolt" thread into account? I gave up on trying to keep a timeline a long time ago, but it could be useful to know.)

"Shit!" James said as he walked outside. "That looks damn familiar. Good thing it's holiday at school, it's gonna be a long day." He walks back into the house. "Hey Matt, wake up, it's almost noon, and you got to see this." Getting no responce, as usual, he thinks for a few minutes, then continues his daily rutine. "Raist coming here. Well that's something I wasn't planning on. Now what am I going to do about it?" James looks at the swords on his walls, and the crossbow in his closet. "Guess it's time to go get a new string and some bolts for that thing." He says as he heads out the door with swords and a crossbow bundled under his hands, and starts making the half hour drive south to the next town's archery shop.

He's amazed at the confusion on the road. People stopping and staring at the sky, cars abandoned, general mess. "This is really going to cut into the time I had for my homework." James said as he pluged his cd player into the cassette deck. "I should have brought the truck instead. Oh well." Across the passenger seat, a scottish hunting knife with an antler hilt sits unsheathed. The crossbow and a longsword are in the backseat.

(OOC: Could be interesting if he tried Pern as well. Although there won't be anybody there for another few hundred years. And yes, I do have two small sabers, a longsword, two old-style fencing foils, a new fencing foil, a fencing saber, and a crossbow in my appartment. I lied a little and have one of the swords from my house in San Jose as well, as they are the ones which are actually sharp. That's the hunting knife (1.4 foot), the merlin sword (Big ass), the indian style sword (low quality construction, but cheap), the machete, the sai, the 35lb bow with about 30 arrows, the tomahauk, and the felling axe. Oh, and lots of pocket knives.))

(OOC: And yes, I do know how to use them. I'm in my third year of fencing saber and foil.)

01/20/2003 12:13 PM

OOC: this has nothing to do with the other threads what-so-ever. this is a "What if?" Senario, and is basically on it's own. :) my other OOC: posts tell what I am looking for :)

I'll wait till tomorrow to move it on.

01/20/2003 6:10 PM

Sasha slumped down in his seat in front of his computer, throwing his gloves onto his bureau. Nagain datta neh... he thought, as he tried to pull his brain back to normal after several hours of Japanese class. This course is going to kill me. As his system booted up, he rustled through some of the clutter on his desk- bag of half-eaten m&m's, chopsticks, CDR's, Nerf ammunition... nothing particularly interesting.

Windows XP started up with the typical string of error messages and alerts, and he noticed that his BBC news ticker was being wierd again. Any other day he might have closed it, but he hadn't checked in a day or two, so he double-tapped the icon to start it back up.

"WORLD NEWS, 20 January, 2003: Blair backs US Iraq plans * two killed in Jerusalem suicide bombing * Court reviews GM food case * Strange phenomina grace US skies * ....."

Sasha tapped on the link for the first story and got himself thoroughly depressed with the latest idiocy of the world's leaders. By the time he was through with it, the ticker had cycled around again to "Strange phenomina," and since Sasha really didn't have anything else to do, he clicked on it.

The picture that headed the article made him furrow his brow, and he scanned the text quickly. Rash of accidents? Telepathic messages? An "eye" in the sky? A thought hit him and he scrolled up again rapidly. An "eye"...? Oh my gawd....

Pulling up his AIM window, he flashed the link to a friend of his. "You're not going to believe this..."

01/21/2003 8:36 AM

oooohhhh I'll join, I'll join!...but I have a bunch of appointments right now....hehe...oh the fun of college....but I'll make sure to write later this afternoon! Thanks for leaving me a opening sasha!!! :)

01/21/2003 11:27 AM

Returning from the archery shop, James quickly read the news from all over the world about the strange eye in the sky. 'Scientists perplexed by it, ... militaries ineffective, ... polititians worried about large scale panic, ... religious fanatics going crazy,' ... all the expected stories. And not one of them had a clue what it was.

Except one. Doing a search for 'Raistlin' and 'eye' resulted in a single story by a reporter who happened to know a little about a series of books called dragonlance. He drew some startaling conclusions about the eye, but was dismissed as a nutcase in the journalistic community. James wondered who to call. Other people from the dragonlance forum? He didn't know where any of them lived. His friends around town? Fine, but then what. The big question was, "When and where would Raistlin arive, and with what forces?"

01/21/2003 11:29 AM

(OOC: To go along with the fencing experiance, I've also been a member of amtgard for three years, which uses more practical sword fighting styles.)

01/21/2003 12:33 PM

(OOC: I can't resist this one. My character is going to live in the Netherlands. Though for practicallity I'll call him Jack. Who is me. My real name is Jan Jaap, which is why I changed the name. This also gives a neat time difference.)

Jack was sitting in a bus listening Bowling For Soup. He had just finished his first day at his new Internship and was heading to be on time for Karate practise.


It boomed through the bus and his earphones. He pulled of his earphones and looked around. The bus suddenly halted, looking out the windshield he could see traffic standing still. People were out of there car staring and pointing at the sky. One of the passengers cried out and pointed at the sky.

Jack moved to the other side of the bus to look up. He could see the eye in the sky. He immediately recognized the hourglas pupil.
[i] Strange, how could Raistlin be doing this [/i], he thought to himself.
Logic couldn't explain this, but he knew if this was real it was going to be bad.

The busdriver apparently decided that his schedule was important so he moved around the traffic. Other cars started moving again as well.


When he got home it was on the news of course. Karate was canceled much to his dissappointment. But other things were of more importance of course.

He rushed upstairs. He had the whole house to himself for the week, with his parents in London and his sisters out and about. And immediately whent online to find out more about this. And to talk to his friends.

Somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, a small rabbit sat nibbling some gras. He saw the eye but didn't heed it. It never cared for such things. It also saw a small yellowish light flikkering. Then it appeared to be getting larger, and larger. Suddenly it crashed into the ground in front of him.
The rabbit sped into some bushes for cover. When everything seemed calm it moved to look at whatever came there.

All he could see was a silhouete of a tall figure, with a strange thing poking from his shoulder. It spoke, "Raistling what have you done." the rabbit didn't understand of course. But somehow it new that somthing bad was going to happen.

(OOC: Can I use Crimson as dimensional traveler? If not then I'll remove that part.)

01/21/2003 1:17 PM

Malcolm drove up on the bike
"You should go home, its not safe out"
After seeing she was not paying any attention to him he put back on his helmet. The suddenly a hugh eye flashed in the sky.
"Thats it, I am going home"
Malcolm spun his bike around doging traffic heading towords his home.
After getting home Malcolm rushed into his room turning on the TV and booting the computer. When the computer was booted Malcolm logged on to rpgconsortium to see if anyone has seen the samething.

OOC: So how we all going to meet??

01/21/2003 1:58 PM

OOC: Mwhahaha....you sure you want me to be myself.....lol

IC: Martin sat in the lecture theatre, coping down the notes from the over head projector. Applied biology was one of his better lectures, Quantative Techniques was just mind numbing to say the least. Heriot Watt University...one of the better for sciences in Scotland, and the one he attended. It was his second term of first year, easy enough so far, but gettin just that wee bit harder.

Stewart was in the lecture hall, and every now and then, his eyes would stray to Martin, and like wise. Stewart was the only one with a lap top in the theatre.....a bit of an english toff pot, but cute none the less. The lecture finished. Martin and Miche stood up, pulled their jackets on and headed out the door.

"You comin fae the bus?", Michelle (Miche) turned and asked. Stewart came out behind them. "Nah, ah need tae stay back fer a bit, meetin Becka up'n the libaray. Sorry, but am staying at her flat.....i'll see ya the morrow though...", with that Miche walked out the side doors, walking the path up to the temporary bus stop some 15 minutes away.

He sighed, and headed for the libarby, but stopped in the uni book shop and bought two books, Immunology and Microbiology.....after leaving the shop, he headed up the stairs, a sea of students swamping as he went.

01/22/2003 8:58 PM

OOC: Sasha so that we could hang out n' stuff....lol...I made us at the same college...hehe doesn't matter where but I thought that would be great if we had the opportunity to talk about things happening within the story. Wooo doens't matter where we are though. HAHA well somewhere cold so the beggining of my story doesn't seem confusing. I'm not sure yet what side I'll be on or if I'll get tricked....might go bad on this one.

IC: Liana half ran into her dorm room, mud covering her shoes. Her face was covered by her scarf to keep out the cold. A muffled voice rose out of the scarf.
"Curse this freezing weather.....stupid.....8 o'clock class......shouldn't have.......bah!
She takes off the blue hat she was wearing to reveal her chin length auburn colored hair. She paused for a minute as she noticed how her coat billowed out when she walked in the room. She laughs to herself because she always did think it looked cool. She hears the familiar tone of a aim message being sent to her. But is still struggling to get her boots off. She tosses those aside and grabs another layer of clothing to put on, tp get rid of her chill. She then plops down in her chair. Only one aim window is blinking.......
"Wooo, sasha wrote me!" Liana opens the window and begins to scan the message.....her usual smile turning to a raised eyebrow the farther down her eyes scan.

"Rash of accidents?, " she whispered to herself.....telepathic messages?.............an eye?....a hourglass shaped eye?" Suddenly and unexpectantly her eyes flashed with exictement. "Hour glass eye...no...it can't be!" She fingers flew over the keys as she went to type sasha a quick message.

"I'll be over in ten minutes!"

She began to throw on her coat when the voice sounded in her head.


Liana stood there a moment looking about as if the speaker was in the room, although she knew she was alone. She finished putting on her coat, hat and scarf and ran out the door. The hall was eerily empty and quiet. There weren't the usual sounds of shouting and furniture moving. But it didn't register in her mind quite yet. Liana ran down the hall and burst through the front doors when the voice came to her again, softer this time.

"You know of what I speak? You know what I am capable of, don't you? As do I know what you are capable of, choose sides wisely"

The voice was soft compelling even but at the same time it induced a unshakable fear within her. Liana eyes darted around, but she knew he wasn't near. She had the look of a panicked deer. Her struggle for control over her emotions was evident on her face but suddenly her eyes focused and she took off, coat flying behind her, for sasha's room.

01/22/2003 11:19 PM

OOC: Heh, my dear Icedragon, are you suggesting a different name for my character? "Sasha" is kind of nice... an unusual name. Perhaps I'll use it. And I'm looking forwards to choosing sides as well....


"You know of what I speak. You know what I am capable of, don't you? Just as I know what you are capable of. Choose your side wisely." Sasha narrowed his blue-grey eyes and looked out his window at the windswept snow. Raistlin. I had my doubts before, but now there is no question.

Well...... none save one. The only one that's ever mattered.

He realized that he had unconciously grabbed his staff out of its corner and was clutching the warped stave tightly. He held it out and looked at it, examining the time-worn wood, now just beginning to warp and splinter slightly. He had always regarded the thing as slightly magical and treated it as such, though of course he had never actually been able to do anything with it. But he had long dreamed of a day when magic might return to the world. Perhaps that day has come. Perhaps I will finally succeed.

Looking past the staff, his bearded face broke out in a smile as he saw Liana come up towards his dorm. Our time has finally come, battle maiden... as I said once, you are the first that I turn to in this time. Our question is- where do we go from here?

01/23/2003 3:36 AM

(OOC: Might as well make it simple and have me going to the same collage too. I'd recomend mine (Cal Poly) but it doesn't really get cold here. In fact its been really hot the last few days. Come up with another collage town somewhere colder. Oh, and it's about 1:30 pm now.)

*Magic.* James thought. *Real magic has returned to the world at last.* James concentrated hard for a few moments, but nothing happened. "Not for me I guess." He said with a sigh.


the voice boomed around him. "Joy." He said. "Well, I might as well check the library while I'm at it. Five floors of books aught to be good for something. Driving to the campus, he noticed that the parking lot was unusually empty. Going into the library with a large duffle (Not that unusual really.) He headed up to the top floor to look around and start some research.

(OOC: Should be easy enough for you guys to find me. You've just added a fighter/scout to the group.)

01/23/2003 5:18 AM

Malcolm getting fed up with the Internet cause no one was posting decide to go back out into the weather this time bring his guns with him.
The motercycle started this time good he was going to need it he was heading to anywere another person knew what as going on. He let he senses guide him as he drove out of his drive way.

OOC: If anyone feels like it they can find me driving

01/23/2003 5:57 AM

Bryan stepped outside into the white snow. There was only a few inches, but it was better than none at all. He stuck his hands into his sweatshirt sleeves for warmth, and then stuck them into his pocket. Its really cold today. Good thing there is no school...

As he walked down the street, Bryan noticed, to his surprise, that several cars had crashed into the sides of houses and phone poles. The drivers and passengers of these cars were all facing the same direction, staring at something in the sky.

Bryan looked in the direction they were facing and gasped in surprise, almost collapsing onto the ground. It was an eye....

Raistlin's eye....

01/23/2003 9:09 AM

(OOC: Might as well make it simple and have me going to the same collage too. I'd recomend mine (Cal Poly) but it doesn't really get cold here. In fact its been really hot the last few days. Come up with another collage town somewhere colder. Oh, and it's about 1:30 pm now.)

OOC: Well, I'm in Vermont and we don't expect the temp to get above 0 degrees (F) today. We can be here, if you like >=P

01/23/2003 10:02 AM

OOC: It could be up in canada -40 C been like that for a week

As Malcolm opened his eyes he found him self still driving down the road. Malcolm stoped his bike when he say the figure on the ground in the snow stairing at the sky to the eye of Raistlin.
Could this be the person I was to find well then lets find out
Malcolm slowed down his bike and took off his helmet. "Hello who are you?"

OOC:I am with you UndeadDragon

01/23/2003 11:39 AM

Bryan looked up at the man who addressed him. He had a hard time recovering from the shock.

"I..I'm B..Bryan." He said shakily. "Wh... Who are y..y...you?"

01/23/2003 12:53 PM

Jack had heard the the choice of choosing sides. And new which side he was on. But He also knew he was alone. No one else had ever read the books and no one would believe him.

He was stil in his room getting his things ready. Looking around him he thought of what to wear. Fighting was going to be the case. So he decided on his karate pants, with a t-shirt and sweater over it. A pair of sneakers for light movement. After considering he decided to put on his Green Karate belt, just for principle.

He was about to get some other stuff when his cell phone rang.

"Hello", he answered.

"Yes hello, this is Crimson. I know this is gonna sound weird but I am real, and I am here. And so is Raistlin. a voice said.

Jack was too stunned too react.

"Just sit tight, I'll pick you up. We have a better chance over here in the US. Go online to find out where others who know of this live." Crimson said.

"But what about my friends?" Jack pleaded.

Don't worry about them. Raistlin will go after the ones that can hurt him first. Crimson said.

Jack found this a bit difficult to believe. But he decided that if Crimson wouldn't show up he would go out himself. Crimson hung up.

He went online to find others from the forum. He discovered several whent to the same College. He wrote down the location, and grabbed maps.

He also took a knife and attached it to his belt. And grabbed a loose broom staf there was lying about. And then he waited.

01/23/2003 1:24 PM

"Hello Bryan, I am Malcolm" Malcolm extends his hand to shake. "Do you know anything about the eye in the sky" Malcolm looks over at it and shivers. "If you need to go any were I can take you"

01/23/2003 1:37 PM

Instead of shaking his hand, Bryan grabs it and hoists himself up. He then brushes the snow off of his sweatshirt and jeans.

"Yes, I do know whom that eye belongs to, although it's confusing. To think, a character out of a book...?"

01/23/2003 2:12 PM

Heather shivered, the heavy hand knitted blanket wrapped around her shoulders. Her eyes where riveted to their moon, it's pale silver/white light shedding a cold light on the snow blanketed land. Behind this, so dark, it refused to reflect much light, was another moon, it's darkness eclipsing the stars.

Bast sat in her lap, his tail twitching ceaselessly. His golden yellow eyes locked on to her hazel/green eyes, and he meowed softly. Her hand rested on his back, when a sudden cold filled her very soul. The Cat hissed, and his furr stood out on end, and he bolted off of her lap. Without another word, she ran out the door, the air was freezing cold, nearly fourty below with the wind going as it was.

Her eyes where drawn to the stars above her, and there, between their moon and it's shadow was a new cluster of stars......directly above them....(OOC: no matter where you are, these stars will always be directly above you...magical, not real :)) "Gods...no" She breathed

The stars glittered coldly, standing out in bold relief in spite of the full white moon. Their shape was easily discernable....a Hourglass..... A strong wind made Heather gather the blanket closer, as she trembled in the intense cold. A soft sound made her look up, and nearly scream in fear.

The dragon that stared at her made her blood chill. It's eyes where gold, with hourglass pupils, it's scales where a light absorbing black, not even the starlight reflected against them. they where gilded in gold, but they didn't gleam in the moonlight. A golden hourglass with black sand hung around it's neck.

Join with me....I will make you a Queen.... came a soft, voice. the voice was velvet wrapped steel. Heather stared in shock, her face as pale as the moon that shone down upon her.

"No....this can't be happening" She shivered.

You know me.....Cleric....You know me.

Heathers' only response was stepping away from the Dark Avatar. Her hand clenched tight around the silver pentacle that hung around her neck.

Look, Heather, look at what I am offering....your dreams. I ask for so little, just let me rule you and you can have everything you want.

"Never, Master of the Past and Present. The future will remain free."

The dragon's eyes narrowed and the huge jaws opened wide in mocking laughter.

Free? Free!!! You are amusing.... Last chance, join me and I will give you your dreams.

"I have my dreams, what you would give me would be a gilded nightmare." She said, her hazel green eyes bright in the moonlight.


The dragon reared back, as a Moten substance spewed forth. Heather cringed, a cry of protest escaping from her lips. Her hands raised in a futile gesture of defense. A second passed, and she looked up, the molten lava was stopped by a shimmering sheild of moonlight.

Prizmatic Aura surrounded Heather, Her mind reaching out without her presice control. The aura spread, and coalesed into a dragon that stood above her. The dragon's Blue eyes locked onto the dark avatar

It is you who is the fool....Alien God, you don't understand the forces of this world The crystalline dragon spoke, the voice oddly echoed, but it was the same as Heather's. She was kneeling on the icy concrete, her eyes closed, in peaceful concentration. The faceted crystal scales intensified the light around them, and the white feathered wings seemed to glow with a light of their own.

The Dark Avatar cringed away from the pure light

You will regret this....You will suffer

The dark avatar faded from sight, and the Crystal dragon faded into glittering stardust. The aura surrounded Heather once again, it's light fading , returning the night to it's dark splendor. She shivered once, and opened her eyes.

01/23/2003 2:52 PM

The libary was rather quiet for this time of the afternoon. Only about a dozen people were scattered over the various tables. He didn't complain though, he hated crowded places. Taking out his newly aquired book, Martin filpped open the first page to the contents list. Oh fabulous...., as much as he loved his classes and degree....some of it just wasn't as fulfilling as he wanted it to be, but none the less, he stuck at it...so far it seemed to be the only thing he was midly good at.

Several chapters later, he looked at his watch. God dammit becka, where the fuck are you?!, she was rarely late when the two of them were to meet. Maybe she had a reason. But he wasn't to find out any time soon. An odd shadow fell over his shoulder, silouetted on the table. Martin jumped in his seat and spun around. "Hey....mind if i join you?". It was Stuart. Shit....

"Ehh...sure thing....not like the seats are taken....", Great answer dip shit., Martin smiled. "Sorry, I was just in for a book....saw you sitting here and thought i'd introduce myself.....I'm Stuart....might seem a bit odd, but i've noticed you in the lectures and such....and I hate not making friends when i can..", he smiled.

"Oh well....yea i can see where that makes sense.....I'm Martin....", he hated his name. "And i've seen ya about aswell....obviously....soo....", but Stuart thankfully cut in. "Are you meeting somone here? I could go, just wanted to say hi thats all...", his voice dropped a notch, but something stirred in the eyes. "Well, i was suppose to meet a friend, but she hasn't turned up.....", Martin looked at his watch again. Sorry Becks, been waiting for this for a while now......, "Oh well, i'll catch her another time....you wanna go for a drink down at the Union??"

Stuart stood up. "Yeah sure....sounds cool....", with that they headed for the bar. Martin was partial to a drink every now and then.

01/23/2003 3:04 PM

"Wait you know that eye from a book to?"
"Thats Rasts eye right?"
Malcolm took off is helmet
"Do you know someplace we can talk if not I can take you some were"

01/23/2003 8:59 PM

Only natural magic exist as well as our current technology.

OOC: Hey, Kalia, I have been wondering what you meant about natural magic?

BIC: Bryan glared at Malcolm thoughtfully. Can I trust him...?

"Malcolm, I, uh, am not sure of any place we could talk... Truthfully, I don't get out much."

Then the eye blinked...

Bryan stared wide eyed; he had never expected the eye to actually blink.

"On second thought, we could go in my house. I... I really don't want to be outside with him staring at me."

Then Bryan turned and ran to his house, not caring if Malcolm followed or not. He then walked up to the doorway and put his hand on the knob, only to have it burnt. He yelped in pain and surprise. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed a dark figure in a window.

There's some one in my house...

01/24/2003 2:02 AM

(OOC: Bravo Kalia, that was amazing. Wonderful post. Oh, and dark master, I'm at the top floor of the library so I'm going to bump into you on the way out.)

James clunked past with his dufflebag through the library, when he saw a two men headed for the stairs down. He looked back at the stack of dragonlance books he was carrying, and books on magic. One of the men looked rather familiar.

01/24/2003 5:30 AM

Only natural magic exist as well as our current technology.

OOC: Ya I was wondering to
Malcolm was going to trust him he had nothing better to do and besides the eyes was creeping him out.
Malcolm walked up the walk behind him and waited for him to open the door. When he yelped Malcolm drew his pistols. "psssst whats wrong?"

01/24/2003 8:22 AM

Bryan turned, not surprised Malcolm had followed.

"Its the door... Some one is in my house...", he said.

Then an evil laugh burst out of his house, and the figure in the window twisted, then dissappeared.

Bryan reached for the doornob slowly, then when he put his hand on it, it was cool to the touch. He hurriedly twisted the nob and plunged into his house.

Everything was in order, the way he left it. Pictures hung on the wall in the hallway. His computer in his room was still on, with a mess on the desk. Bryan went over to the window where he had seen the figure, only to see a red mark on the floor where it had dissapeared. It was a rune.

01/24/2003 9:46 AM

Then an evil laugh burst out of his house, and the figure in the window twisted, then dissappeared.

"Wa wa What the hell was that." Malcolm put his pistols back in there hostlers and went over to look at the red mark. "I don't think its safe here anymore. Do you have any idea what the hell is happening?"
"The hugh eye in the sky a figure in you house burning hot door nobs." "It reminds me of book I read called DragonLance but how can that be happining here". This is all very overwhelming
"Lets change the subject for a minute. O ya something I forgot to till you I am a policeman".

01/24/2003 11:06 AM

Oh, and dark master, I'm at the top floor of the library so I'm going to bump into you on the way out

OOC: You do realise though that i'm in scotland yeah??

01/24/2003 11:30 AM

(OOC: Oops, sorry, forgot that. Different library then.)

James continued walking around the library, grabbing whatever books he could find, then sat down to read.

01/24/2003 12:07 PM

Crimson took a while to get there, so Jack took the time to look up some books. Allistair Crowley. That might do the trick. Of course that is powerfull magick. Trying to read some of the stuff he decided it was too difficult for him. Instead he went searching for practical stuff, talismans and such.

He didn't have any in his house of course. Checking the boards he found someone lived in Scotland. Which of course was closer than the USA.

The bell rang.

He went and answered it, and it was as if he looked in a mirror. Standing there in front of him was someone who looked just like him. Crimson.

"Hello." Crimson said.

"But how can this be?" Jack wondered, "You are me."

"Actually I am you from an alternate yet very similar dimension." Crimson corrected him.

"That would make sense." Jack said thoughtfully.

After that things went fast. They discussed where to go, and decided on Scotland. They went through the house looking for usefull stuff.

But only the staff was usefull.

And so they were of. But first to a city near by for some talismans.
The shop they went to was a mess. Looters had been plundering left and right. Crimson walked in and grabbed a dragon shaped talisman.
Giving it to Jack he "Wear this, it will protect you." Jack put it on.
After taking several herbs and other usefull items they went on.
Crimson flying with Jack on his back, to Scotland.

They landed outside the library. "Why land here?" Jack asked.
"Library is the best place to look for information." Crimson responded.
And so they walked in.
Two guys looking a like. One wearing a sword strapped to his back, the other carrying a staff in his hands.

(OOC: I figured I might as well hook up with Martin. As for natural magic it's obvious she meant wicka, and other things like it.)

01/24/2003 1:14 PM

OOC: Natural magics....use of elementals and such. I am wiccan, I use spells and magic to enchance my life, they are more like prayer spells, but, many have worked for me. The use of an elemental spirit, should be used, for info please email me

01/24/2003 1:52 PM

"Lets change the subject for a minute. O ya something I forgot to till you I am a policeman".

Bryan smirked. "Heh, I kinda figured that..."

Then a fountain of flame appeared in front of them, right on the red mark on the ground. The flames then materialized into a being. His hair was white and it went to his shoulders. He word black robes, with red runes running down his sleeves. His ear's were pointed...like an elf...

It's Geiren...

"Oh my god! What the hell?! You... You are Geiren!!", exclaimed Bryan.

Geiren blinked at him. He frowned, then said, "Quiet, fool. You do know whom that eye belongs to, right? Raistlin, a VERY powerful god in Krynn. He has somehow opened a... portal of some sort, which allows spiritual avatars from the world of Krynn to set foot on Earth. The portal is hardly opened, but if he opens it fully... anyone can go in or out. This worlds technology and Krynn's magic will clash, possible wars will erupt between 'fiction' and reality. Think of it, Bryan...magic! Isn't that something you have always wanted? To be able to cast spells from your fantasies, your dreams..."

Bryan bit his lip in thought for a few minutes, then he went to his knee and bowed his head.

"What shall I do, Geiren?"

OOC: Kalia, is it okay what I said in here? If not, I will edit it. :)

01/24/2003 1:59 PM


Smacks her forhead for her stupidity

Ack! Sorry I forgot to mention this....sorry!! I originally intended this to be along the alternate time line when Caramon and Tas went further into their future....when Raistlin succeeded as a God. He is a God here...not just your average mage.

Looks around


We've beaten Gods before...come on!!

01/24/2003 7:10 PM

OOC: Kinda makes it interesting... :)

01/25/2003 5:35 AM

Malcolm looked at the elf that just appered then diecide to just stand there to see what would happen.

01/28/2003 10:54 AM

Liana had her eyes to the ground as she walked towards sasha's dorm. She was biting her lip, a sign that she was deep in thought. Suddenly she looked up and realized she was already at her destination, Sasha outside pratically right in front of her.
"Morning Sasha!" she said as she smiled. She was unusually awake for this early in the morning, excitement was in her eyes. She paused as she looked sasha over and said "You heard his voice too didn't you?" She had a knack for noticing these things without being told

"Yes.....he mentioned choosing sides wisely" Sasha sighed "I feel as if this should be terrible news. We know the stories of Raistlen, we know what he can do! But yet...I feel as if our......"

"time has come." Liana finished his sentence with him as he smiled. He expected as much from her.

"Yes I can't help feel that too Sasha.......but I'm torn......I wanted so much for something to happen, some excitment in my life..........a chance to prove myself.......a chance for power.............." Liana's voice trailed off as her eyes seemed to focus on a distant point. After a few seconds she shhok her head as if struggling with something and looked back at sasha.

He just nodded, he knew, he understood some of what she dealt with, he dealt with it himself. "Lets go to the library, we need to do some reading."

Liana smiled at him as the turned into the sun and began to walk towards the library.

01/28/2003 11:20 AM

Sasha pulled up the hood of his green wool cloak and wrapped the whole thing closer around his normal clothing. He had had the garment for over a month, and loved the looks that he drew when he walked around campus in it.

If there's one way to get noticed in this day and age, it's to act like you're not from here. Everone always tells me I needed to be born long ago. But now that long ago has come to me, I wonder about how well my fiction and my reality will get along. Raistlin, it had to be you, didn't it?

He realized suddenly that it might seem like he was ignoring Liana as he walked beside her, and stole a quick glance from under his hood. He was a person as comfortable with silence as with chatting, but he often was wary of what other people thought of that. Liana always seemed to understand him, but he was never quite sure and always tried to chat with her about whatever came to mind.

Today, for one of the first times, there was plenty to talk about.

"...A chance for power.... but the price is the key. If ever there was a man I would not trust, it would be Raistlin Majere. We will have to be very careful, my friend.

"But those concerns are for later. For now we need to start planning. You should start by rereading everything pertinant to our black-robed friend in the books. The Winter Term ends in a week, and we have the next week off. We should get ready to go as soon as our finals are done, maybe even before that if we have to. We have to figure out where and when He's going to manifest himself most strongly so that we can be there too."

He gave Liana a full, mischeivous smile. "Because there's no power on Earth or in the Abyss that's going to keep us out of this."

01/29/2003 12:12 PM

*I wonder if this means forum people will become real as well.* James thought to himself. *Timesplit could be a big help with this. Oh well, guess that would be asking too much.* Looking out the window, he saw a man in a green cloak and a girl walking towards the building. "Well, it looks like someone had the same idea I did. Looking around and seeing that nobody else was there, James left his stuff and ran down the stairs to the lobby. Seeing the two people, he stopped them.

"You guys know what that eye is, don't you?" He asked, resulting in confused stares. "Come on, I'll need your help." He said as he started running back up the stairs.

01/29/2003 10:52 PM

Sasha squinted at the person... he thought he knew him from around campus somewhere, but he wasn't sure. Coincidence?

He shot a questioning look to Liana as he started to follow, taking the steps slowly but two at a time.

01/30/2003 3:59 PM

When the two caught up with him, James was looking through his gear again. He had on his traditional wide-brimed blue-camaflouge hat, a blue northface jacket, a fencing club T-shirt, and zip-off short/pants.

"I'm James." He said, introducing himself. "Sorry about that short intro down there, but I was worried about leaving my stuff alone up here." Seing the confused look on Sasha's face, he added "You've probably seen me on campus. I'm in fencing and Amtgard, go to Game Theory once in a while. Also part of WOW, PCF, SCE, and anime club. Guess those are all going on hold for a little while now. Judging by that cloak, I'd say we probably ran into each other at game theory once or twice."

James let up for a minute, and reaches into his duffel as he asks "So what are your names?"

(Game thoery is a club that meets at my campus and brings tons of board games, rpgs, and cardgames togather every week to play a little. Amtgard is a foam-sword fighting club. WOW is freshman orientation staff, SCE is society of civil engineers, and PCF is a very large church group on campus.)

01/31/2003 8:53 AM

Sasha looked James up and down for a moment before recognition lit his eyes. "Oh, it's you!" Sasha put out a hand and gave a firm shake. "I've heard all about your exploits at GT, and I've stayed the heck away from you at Amtgard; I've seen you swing a boffer before! I didn't know your name though.

In any case, I'm Sasha, pleased to meet you. This is my good friend and fellow fantasy fanatic Liana," he said, flashing Liana a smile. "I'm guessing that it's not just chance that we've all met here- what are you thinking of doing?"

01/31/2003 11:47 AM

"Well I was trying to go through the books again and see if there are any clues as to where he will show up. Can't really do much about him if he's on the other side of the world." James explained. "Course, I can't think of much to do to him even if he was right here." James looks at Sasha. "Hi, good to meet ya. Any suggestions?"

02/02/2003 6:01 PM

OOC: HEHE I want a cloak too!! Oh yeah and I have to work on homework....wooo how fun I know....so it's not to long this time!

IC:Liana watched the exchange between James and Sasha. She watched Sasha's face especially to see if this "James" was someone Sasha really did know. Seeing recognition dawn on Sasha's face cleared up her suspiscions for now.

"....and this is Liana." Sasha finished.

Liana flashed James a smile as she nodded in his direction. The hood of her dark blue cloak falling as she did. She didn't even notice, it always fell from her hair.

"I don't know how much we wil be able to read up on Raistlen either James, I mean we have what he did and how he did that. But these signs...... the warnings? He's never crossed worlds before, he's talked of it yes....but," she paused first looking perplexed then exicitement passing over her again "Well I feel terribly unprepared, lets go gather all we can." Liana suddenly bounded up the library stairs, flashing the others a grin when they didn't immediately follow suit. She was pretty sporadic like that.

She closed her eyes for a moment as she walked in the library. How she loved it in here. So much information, so much knowledge....so much to learn and use.....

02/03/2003 11:22 AM

(OOC: Um, Kalia, since you're running this thread, your welcome to send something at us or let us know when we find something usefull.)

"Here, take these just in case." James said reaching into his duffle bag. He pulled out a long hunting knife with an antler hilt and leather sheath, and a pair of short sabres. "The sabres are supposed to be wall hangings, brobably not to great in an actual fight, but they're small and easily concealed in those cloaks of yours."

"What about you?" Somebody asked.

James reaches into the duffle and pulls out the crossbow and a 4' sword. "I think I'm all right."

02/04/2003 8:12 PM

A pained look entered Sasha's eyes as the swords were proffered, along with the assortment of other arms. For the love of gawd... in a library?? How did he even get those onto campus? Sasha held up a thermal-gloved hand, rejecting the sabre.

"No, thank you. I have my own equipment, and enough for her."

He turned and swept after Liana, catching up to her in the stacks while James repacked his weapons. She turned from her browsing as he approached. He made sure his voice wouldn't carry. "I'm going to grab a computer loft and take a look at travel arrangements. And make sure you don't stay too close to that James guy... he's brought a whole frisking armory right into the library, and if someone notices we won't want any part of the explanation. Come and find me when you've found a book, k?"

02/05/2003 12:14 PM

(OOC: LOL!! Maybe I did overdo it a bit, but actually as long as nobody looks into the bag, nobody would care about the duffle at my school. People see fencers carrying swords around all the time, so they've gotten a bit used to those too.)

"Whatever. I'll check these books and see if I can find anything." James watched them go off and smiled to himself. *Hmmf, well, let's hope their right.*

02/05/2003 10:14 PM

OOC: my school confiscated my prop sword (yes, prop sword- doesn't have an edge on it or anything!) and wouldn't let me so much as touch it until I took it off-campus. I'm just glad they let me keep my foil >=P

02/10/2003 12:16 PM


02/16/2003 5:23 PM

OOC: Hehe...is that bump for me? I'm not sure if James character has his own thing to do or if he was coming with me to find some books. But I can always change my post to fit whatever you'd like. LOL I'm not to sure what books to look for right now. Magic is available to us right?

IC: Liana looked back towards James as Sasha walked towards the computer terminal. "A whole armory huh" she thought as she gave a small laugh. Gods no they didn't want to be arrested or something. But her hand unconciuosly went to the dagger she had hidden near her back. She only had one but she had brought it along just incase. She always did. "Oh I'm such a hypocrite aren't I?" She thought as she walked towards the card catalog.

"What books......what books would be useful...." she said softly as she flipped through the small index cards. "Magic...hmmm that may help as magic will certaintly be apart of this." "Raistlen....yes we need to find all we can on him......hmm not to much though." Liana continued to ramble outloud as she wrote the call numbers down. Finally when her list was considerably long, she gave a sigh and shut the catalog drawer. She stood up and stretched her back wincing a little as she did. It always hurt her a little more then it normally should each day. She glanced once more at her list and started off to find the first book of many.

02/17/2003 12:56 AM

(OOC: I'm sitting at a desk scanning through some of the books I found. Not really sure what I'm looking for though.)

03/09/2004 7:23 PM

(OOC: bump)

03/15/2005 1:21 AM

Edmund Yeo yawned. The shooting of his short film will begin in two hours at a Chinese restaurant, it will be the second short film of his soon-to-be legendary directing career, and unlike his debut work, where he was the main actor, director, producer, editor etc. He didn't have to act in this one (although his roles behind the scenes will remain the same, gah.)

"Hm. Maybe I'll just hijack another thread." He muttered to himself. After all, thanks to their recent flurry of activities, the Thread Enders Inc. had seemingly came back to life. "Eliar's been doing all the work these days, I think I gotta use my other characters again. King Ai Mer Beech von Marderfarker? Bardus the Obscure One? Schtolheim Reinbach? Ah, headache."

03/15/2005 6:27 AM

"Use Marderfarker! And a gnome!" a voice cried out from across the world. "It'll be funny!"

03/15/2005 9:04 AM

Edmund Yeo, who was lying on his bed, sighed. The shooting had been tiring, but kinda fun. Another step for his soon-to-be legendary directing career.

"Use Marderfarker! And a gnome!" a voice cried out from across the world. "It'll be funny!"

"I hear voices too? ... interesting." He muttered. "Perhaps I am truly a doomed yet brilliant artist, or brilliant yet doomed artist, who is probably going to go nuts pretty soon, or die prematurely. Marderfarker, hmmm... the guy used to be funny because of his flamboyantness, and because he used to exist solely to give Princess Cassandra shit, but since then, he had been so stale, man. Hoo boy, I'm hearing voices, and I'm even replying to them. I must be going crazy, like Leonardo Dicaprio in The Aviator."

03/15/2005 7:16 PM

''may the fleas of a thousand reindeers rest upon your genitals''
- Eswiftfire - The Future Fellowship 2

"...even though there were quite a few people, had I not been representing the site as a whole, that I'd of liked to shoot in the face with a bazooka."
- Dark Elf Damien

".... I can't help but be amazed every time I see this sig of Undead's." Alex thought as he stared at the screen. Then he scratched the pimple on his nose, which was beginning to annoy him.

Hmmm... must.... have..... coffeee...

He gets up to make coffee.

03/15/2005 7:19 PM

Edmund smirked as he stared at his computer screen. The Lakers had just gotten trashed by the Sixers. Allen Iverson scored 36 pts while the pathetic Kobe Bryant could only muster 20 pts.

Then, he clicked on the other browser and looked through the thread 'World's Beyond' in RPGC.

"Hmmm... I know, I'm going to turn this into a blog."

03/15/2005 7:25 PM

Alex walks into the kitchen,wondering why something seems different.

It just does.

Like something's changed.

He opens the fridge.

Crazy buggers. Like Raistlin would come here.

He purs sugar, coffee grounds and milk into cold water, microwaves it for 2 minutes.

03/15/2005 7:30 PM

Then he drinks the coffee, and walks back to his laptop.

The cat is sleeping on top of it, because it is cold today and the PC is warm.

It purrs at him as he walks in, then yawns.

"Damn cat. Gerroff!" Alex says, semi-affectionately.

He doesn't know whose cat it is.

Hey Swift how you going is what he types in (after removing the cat).

I mean the film, how was it? DId you get good shots this time?

03/15/2005 7:32 PM

Edmund looked at the clock.

11:30 am

Too late for breakfast, too early for lunch. Perhaps he will wait for another half an hour before going to the university's refectory for food.

03/15/2005 7:35 PM

Yeah, lots of great shots. My actors are pretty good. You should check out the guy who played Buttons, man. He rocks. Too bad about the sound though. Wasn't clear enough. Might think of buying a microphone or something.

Edmund typed, replying to Alex's message.

It's kinda strange, the next shoot will be on Friday, with a completely different set of actors. Felt as if I'm shooting a completely different movie.

03/15/2005 7:38 PM

After typing in his questions, Alex wonders if he should go finish his set of Japanese tea mugs. The sort without a handle.

The pottery studio will close soon, he doesn't feel inclined to go.

Not today, he decides.

03/15/2005 8:24 PM

Sometimes, I see things. Not dead people, of course, but other things. I think I'm starting to hallucinate. It's kinda sad when your love life's messed up, and you got into such an ugly fight with the girl you're in love with... just a day before your birthday. Many times, when I see someone from the distance, I would think that it was her, hope that it was her. Only to find out it ain't her.

I've not seen her for almost two weeks. Yet these two weeks feel almost like an eternity... will I ever see her again? Will we ever talk again? To see her smile? To hear her speak? To see her frown? To see her cover her ears whenever there are flies around? To see her chuckle softly when I say something stupid?


No, that's not the time to think about this.

All I want to do is finish my shooting, and then, I shall look for her. After all, it was said that those born during the Year of the Rat (and a Piscean) will have bad luck with romance on March. Might as well wait til' April.

Edmund shakes his head softly when some unwanted thoughts have invaded his head. Sometimes, he wishes life could just be as uncomplicated as a Dragonlance book. Just look at Palin and Usha, all he had to do is tell her that he cares for her, and she collapses into his arms. Look at Tanis and Laurana, all he had to do is turn away from the darkness and join the light again, and she falls into his arms. Look at Caramon and Tika, smooching suddenly after some fight with Draconians.

Things are so easy for them.

03/15/2005 8:40 PM

Having defrosted a chicken. Alex wonders how he is going to cook it. Should he microwave it with an egg? Or microwave it with tomatoes and vege?

Decisions, decisions.

03/16/2005 3:44 AM

This is a joke.

Staring blankly at the computer screen, Edmund shakes his head in disbelief.

Is this a cruel joke by fate? Or is this a sign of sorts? All I did was think about her, post about her on RPGC... and I really ran into her in the afternoon.

It was supposed to be an uneventful day in the university, where he was heading towards the chancellery to make his payment for his lost key (bad luck!). And there she was, speaking (or rather, listening, since she rarely speaks) to a guy he knows. Things became mindboggling from there, he wanted to avoid her then, but found it to difficult to do so. Thus he walked over and greeted them.


She never established eye contact with him. Not once. Silently, he wanted to fall apart. Yet she laughed slightly, the soft melodious laughter of hers, when he delivered some of his jokes. Then, she walked away, waving only to his friend, but not him. But later, whilst speaking to his friend, Edmund found out more about her, the mystery guy who had wanted to go after her last year.

A rapper guy from a European country, that was the only thing he knew about the guy last year.

Yet this time, he got the person's name, and learnt that something bad had occurred between the girl he loved, and the other person. Thus things never worked out for them in the end, and that was when he himself entered the picture, declaring his love for the girl. They managed to spend sometime together, even though the girl had never told him how she felt back then. Things were going well for him... until a month ago.

Then, everything fell apart. She wasn't ready for a relationship, she didn't feel anything for him, she wanted only to be friends. Blah blah. That was all.

The girl he had missed so much during the loooooong semester break... gone.

The fight they had just a day before his birthday party.

"Holy shit." Edmund gasped to himself.

And this guy... after learning that guy's name, he went straight towards his good friend's house (also the screenwriter/partner of his short film) and told him everything.

That was when everything became insane.

His good friend KNEW that person he mentioned. After all, THAT GUY WENT TO THE BIRTHDAY PARTY! The very same guy he wanted so much to kill last year!!!!

"Dan? You mean Dan? The guy went to your birthday party two weeks ago! Remember him? He's the one with the cute Japanese girlfriend!"

"Oh my god... it's THAT Dan???? Shit yeah! He WAS rapping during my birthday party! And I thought he was so COOL!" Edmund shrieked.

03/16/2005 4:21 AM

The chicken was delicious.

He'd used mushrooms out of a can. Sliced in butter. Coles was good for things like that, little cans at less than a dollar.

It had been difficult to figure out, but once understood, the principles of microwave cooking were easy to apply. First the meat, till almost done, then the rice, while the veggies soaked.

The meat on the rice and in again. the marinade smells heavenly. Then once more with veggies on the top, 30 seconds, just to warm.

Dinner. Total cost: about $5.80.

She came in when he was almost finished.

[Dinner?] Her mandarin is perfect. He wishes his was the same.

"Uhm." Chicken gristle, its tough in his mouth. He crunches it slowly.

[It's early isn't it?] She looks tired. The yellow glow from the fridge light reflects of her specs as she rummages inside.

She brings out grapes, green in a white plastic bowl. Coles special, $1.98 a kilo. She eats them without even washing them. He is amazed. They talk about uni. He's almost out, she's not even in yet.

He can't remember her name.

She's worried about starting Uni. Worried about her English (which is really quite all right).

He tells her about classes and lectures and assignments. About lecturers who are liked, and the ones that are despised. All the time, he thinks of her name.


Is his fellow peer mentor.


Was his project partner way back in his early days.


Still has problems with her computer.


Is the coolest administrative staff ever.


Coolest lecturer. Reader of Neal Stephenson. Radical. Brilliant.


Who is not female, but whose name manages to pop up, somehow.

A blank face. An identity but no label. He can't remember her name.

Emily, Katherine, Joanne, Sophie, Chanti, Monique, Ri Mae, Kaoru, Nim.

Nope. Not hers.

Kimberly, Lisa, Yuki, Sam... these go back even further.

He rummages in his mind. The answer doesn't come.

others have said on human memory:

"it shaketh again the liquid medium they all floate in, and rooseth every species lurking in remotest corners, and runneth over the whole beaderoule of them; and continueth this inquisition and motion, till eyther it be satisfied with retriving at length what it required, or that it be grown weary with tossing about the multitude of litle inhabitants in its numerous empire, and so giveth away the search, unwillingly and displeasedly."

Memento is a film about a man with memory problems. Frustrated, he makes notes on himself. Carves into the body that which the mind cannot hold. But there is no context to interpret them.

Freud talks about memory as a mystic writing pad, paper on wax that remembers impressions. Two layers of consciousness lying one atop the other. Pcpt.Cs.

The girl is gone.

03/16/2005 7:56 AM

"I never realized that you were that in love with her." The girl says.

Edmund nods slightly. "Yeah, unbelievable, huh?"

The wind blows slightly as both of them are walking through the student village. Night has descended upon Perth. The entire place is dark, illuminated only by the pale glowing lights from within the student flats.

"Let's take a seat here." She says, pointing at a bench. "Tell me more. I can't believe so many things have happened to my best friend last year, and I didn't know about it."

As he is seated, he chuckles silently. "Yeah, we used to hang out quite a lot last year. When I told her that I've fallen for her, I gave her many opportunities to reject me, but she never did. I could go to her place to watch The OC all the time, or watch DVDs with her, or have dinner with her, or go out for a movie with her, yet she never pushed me away. That's why I thought I had a chance."

"Maybe she treated you only as a friend." The girl says. "She doesn't feel the same way you do for her."

"That's pretty obvious, because my feelings for her are insanely unhealthy." Edmund says wearily. "But sometimes, I just felt that, there was this little 'something' she might have had, for me. Maybe not 'like', but some sort of fondness or something. It's kinda bad to be an emotional person. People like me are destructive, when they are happy, they are too happy, when they are angry, they throw temper tantrums. When they are in love, they would write poems, make videos about it."

"You did those?" She raises an eyebrow.

"Yeah. But in truth, I became greedy. Last year, I loved her selflessly, loving her without hoping to get anything in return. All I wanted to do, was to make her smile, to make her laugh, to spend time with her. But this year, I wanted something in return. And that was when I screwed up. She's the opposite of me. Quiet, private, guarded, mysterious, introverted..." Edmund says.

"And you, you are a different. A happy, cheerful person who makes friends easily with others. Why would you fall for her?" She looks genuinely curious.

"I guess... maybe it's because she's everything I am not. And strangely, she resembles the heroine of my novel. When I see her like that, always alone by herself, I want to work very hard to make her happy, you know. It's hard to put these into words. I wish I hadn't forced things, or try to persist at stuff. I wish I could travel back in time and undo the stuff I've done. I had EXPECTATIONS when I came back to Perth, and these EXPECTATIONS killed me." He says.

She looks sympathetic. "It's going to be very painful for you, if all you can do, is to treat her merely as a friend."

"But maybe that's the way things should be like. I will not expect anything anymore. I want to go back to what I was like last year. I never wanted anything from her, or expect anything at all. I just wanted to be with her. Not as a girlfriend, just to be with her. For now, let me finish my short film. Then next month, on April, I will let her be my audience, and give her a flower. I will give her a flower not because I want anything from her, I will give it to her because I want to. That is all."

She gazes at him wordlessly for a moment. "Walk me home?"


And thus, they continue walking.

"I've known her for five years. And if she intends to celebrate her birthday here. I might think of doing something for her. But only if she chooses not to return to Singapore then." She says.

"Then I will help you." Edmund says softly. "I have tons of ideas."

Suddenly, both of them are standing in front of her house, and she opens the door. Turning back to him, she smiles sympathetically, comfortingly. "Good night, Edmund, try not to think too much."

Edmund returns the smile. "Thanks."

Then, he begins his long trek home.

What a day.

03/17/2005 11:51 AM

Another day has passed.

The credits of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is playing before the four people who are huddled in the tiny bedroom.

"That's a great movie!" S says, walking over to turn off her laptop computer.

"No shit, I told ya this is one of my favourite movies of last year!" Edmund agrees.

"Zzzzzz..." R, the girl who spoke to Edmund the night before, slumbers.

"What just happened? I'm seriously lost." J says, obviously confused.

S looks at J and groans. "Are you kidding? It's pretty simple. The whole thing happened in reverse chronological order. The beginning of the film IS the ending. Everything's just messed up chronologically. It's kinda like Pulp Fiction."

"Bah. Pulp Fiction's way cooler." J enthused. "At least it had guns in it. This one's pointless, illogical, boring, confusing. Why would they still want to end up together again if they knew that as time goes by, they will start growing tired of each other?"

"Zzzzzzz..." R continues slumbering.

"This is pseudo sci-fi, man, not some documentary. It ain't supposed to be THAT realistic." Edmund points out.

"Exactly. I like this way more than Pulp Fiction, to tell you the truth." S says. "It's more coherent, sentimental."

J shakes his head. "Nah. Pulp Fiction has the most badass ending ever! And a badass crime lord got sodomized. Haahaaa!"

As J and S continue their bickering (which is almost a daily routine), Edmund turns his attention to R, wondering how long is she ever going to sleep. Or is she actually going to spend her night here, in S's room? It's too late in the night, and he knows that if she wants to walk home, he has to accompany her.

"Zzzzzz..." R slumbers. She has already curled into a ball, covering her own face with the pillow.

"Hellooo, are you going to wake up or not?" J taps R in the shoulder, gesturing at Edmund. "You can't really make this poor guy here wait, you know!"

"Cut that out, J!" S growls irritably at her flatmate, then, gently, she leans forward and whispers in R's ear. "Hey, R, are you going to stay over? Or are you returning to your flat?"

R shoots awake all of a sudden, and stares murderously at J. A murderous stare not entirely dissimilar from the female ghosts' in the horror films, Ring and Grudge.

"Whoa! What did I do?" J hisses in fear.

"I'm... going home... bye guys..." R moans groggily and stumbles out of the room.

"Yeah, see ya." Edmund waves to J and S, and follows after her.

Minutes later, she manages to navigate through the treacherous routes within the Student Village (not exactly treacherous, but since it's pretty damned dark, anything could seem unnecessary treacherous), and back into her own flat, he walks off alone again.

It's almost 2 in the morning, and he's hungry for some cereal. Oh, and also to work on the International Marketing oral presentation that is due next week.

Busy. Busy.

... how happy is the blameless vestal's lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
- Alexander Pope's Eloisa to Abelard, 1717

03/18/2005 4:22 AM

He feels sick. The ice cream settles on his stomach like lead. The clock ticks time merrily away, he wonders if he should start.

But no, he just doesn't feel like it. He closes the book and stares at the screen and I just operated on my first patient logs on.

Dissect someone's brains? He types.

No... it was an arm injury. The reply comes back quick.

Dissect someone's arm then?

You like dissection a lot don't you?

:D is the reply he gives.

03/19/2005 5:59 AM

"Tell you what, her birthday may be 3 months away, but I already have an incredible idea." Edmund says, standing before R's doorstep.


"I'm going to put together a video of many, many people wishing her happy birthday." Edmund says. "Every one of her friends here. Our friends. Et cetera et cetera."

"Hm. Intriguing." R grins.

"Yeah, and I'll show her the video during her birthday. She'll melt. Totally weep, man." Edmund pumps his fist.

"No, she won't. She's too cool for that." R says.

"Anyway, that's three months away, so I'll work on that later." Edmund ponders. "Now, for something less long-term. I intend to look for her next month, after I've finished making my short film. I want her to be the first person to see it. Of course, for the sake of not having her slam the door on my face, can you be there as well?"

"Ooookay. I have dinner at her flat everyday, around seven. So just be there." R says.

"Cool. After I show her the short film, I intend to give her a flower. Yep, hm... do you think it's better if you're there when I give her? Or do you think it'll be better if we're alone?" Edmund asks.

"It's all up to you. If you want to be with her alone, I can just excuse myself." R shrugs.

"Nah, wait, I think it'll be better if you're there. So she won't toss the flower into my face." Edmund says.

"SHE'S NOT THAT MEAN!" R is exasperated.

"Okay, so, what kind of flower would she like? Roses?" Edmund asks.

"I never knew that. Although, back in Singapore, she used to receive lots of gifts and flowers during Valentine's Day." R grins.

'WHAAAAAAT???" Edmund stares. "REALLY????"

"Of course, don't you find her attractive?"

Edmund says something that he is going to repeat when he speaks to Alex on the Net few moments later.

"Goddamn it, when I heard that she never had a boyfriend, I thought, well, maybe she's one of those wonderful chicks in the world who is unappreciated by anyone!"

R is unimpressed. "Riiiiight."

03/23/2005 12:52 AM

Today I made a sandwich of cheese and spam.

The rat king ate it, and took it on the lam,

it ran past Mae, Bo and Tam,

up the steps and then did cram

its head beneath the sleeping tatam-

-i mat, the rest of its body, was...

oh fsck it. this poem sux.

03/23/2005 6:13 AM

3 days ago, I saw Her in the distance, an hour before midnight, walking through the student village with R. I tried to give chase, but stopped myself, for, I knew not what to say to her.

2 days ago, playing basketball, I shot one 3-pointer after another, missing some, making some, then, in the distance, She appeared again with R, walking towards the Recreational Room to listen to this whole anti-crime seminar. Anti-crime indeed, since quite a few cases of theft have been happening in the student village lately. Damn, I should've gone to the seminar too. Just to see her again. But then, I knew not what to say to her.

1 day ago, at the flat of a friend, I watched Hong Kong soap operas, then, looking out the window, it was Her again. Walking alone towards the bus stop. Is she meeting up with another guy? Asked the jealous, possessive bastard within me. Not really, you crazy fella. She was just meeting with me at the bus stop, so that we could go see Be Cool. Answered R hours later. I silently kicked myself for acting like a stalker. How the mighty have fallen! The depths I've sunk into!

A sign? I have not seen her at all during the past 3 weeks since our fight. Yet during the past week, she had actually appeared four times before my face. This is... strange.

Today, I woke up. Gripped by a sudden uneasiness within my heart. What if she's still angry at me? What if after I finish shooting my short film, and she doesn't want to see me when I look for her in her flat? Oh man. After taking a shower, I went to a friend's flat to work on my law assignment. Then, I headed towards the university for brunch. It was 11:30 in the morning.

Scorching weather, 40 over degrees, according to the radio. WTF? Thought it was supposed to be autumn soon.

My badass shades couldn't protect me from the scorching sunray.

Panting and wheezing, sweating endlessly, the short walk to the university became an insanely long one.

I ran into Her.


Face to face.

Competely unprepared, I saw Her walking down towards my direction.

Holy shit! Is She going to freaking ignore me? Is She going to be angry at me forever? Is She going to-

"Heya!" I waved at Her as we moved nearer towards one another.

"Hey." She smiled. That dazzling smile that haunt many of my dreams, daydreams, imaginations blah blah.

"Finished your classes?"

"Nope, there's still one other at 1:30pm." She answered in her soft, melodious voice.

"Goodbye, then. I'm heading off for some FOOD!" I grinned widely.

"Bye bye." The smile remained as She waved to me and walked off.

It's great seeing you again. I thought. Then, chuckling softly to myself, I continued my way to the university.

03/24/2005 4:59 AM

Results for the Electronic Marketing test are finally out, but Edmund's terribly unhappy.

Of course, judging from the scores of most people, it's quite a difficult test, with quite a number of people failing or getting mediocre scores. Heck, only two people in the entire course were able to get perfect scores for it.

Edmund happens to be one of the two. But that isn't the case.

There can only be ONE. Why the hell is another person getting perfect score as well?


03/24/2005 7:42 AM

It had been a tough day, and getting worse. For one thing, the DVDs he had burned were not working well. Files had been corrupted. Data was missing. He was never going to buy E-Link products ever again.

And now, he realised he didn't have backups of the files to burn them again.


In addition, the external hard disk he had sent for repairs had come back - still malf'ed up.

More joy.

03/26/2005 9:16 AM

Being a Buddhist, the concept of Easter is rather foreign to him. All he knows is that some large giant bunny is involved, and said large giant bunny will go around giving chocolate eggs to people.

And thus, he purchased some Easter eggs from the supermarket couple of days ago, feeling that he should just join the bandwagon and eat Easter eggs.

Of course, a dastardly idea comes to Edmund sometime later.

"Hmm... what if I give these Easter eggs to Her?"

Just one single thought, one simple thought. And here he is, the night before Easter Day, standing at her doorstep, knocking gently on the door. Justin and his Japanese girlfriend are there as well, whispering words of encouragement and support.

No answer.

"Maybe I'll call R." Edmund says, dialing her number via his mobile phone. "Hey, R! Are you in Her flat? WHAT? You're not? Crap, this means I'm only giving the Easter eggs to her, without you around? Er, okay. I shall call her, then."

Edmund turns to his two companions, shaking his head.

"Oh shit, I'll have to call Her. What if She chooses not to answer the phone?"

"Gambatte!" Says Justin's Japanese girlfriend.

"Yeah, try it!" Says Justin.

Not entirely encouraged, Edmund starts dialing, and waits.

Hello? Comes a soft voice from the other end.

"Hey! Are you in your flat now?"

... yes.

"Cool! I'm standing outside! Mind opening the door?"

Hm. Okay. Wait. First, hesistance, followed by mild dissatisfaction, and carefully-concealed annoyance. Far different from the soft chuckle She gave him last year, during their last night together when he visited Her flat for the DVD marathon after the rest of Her flatmates were gone. But then, it's understandable, considering the unhappy crap both of them have gone through during the past few weeks, and also the hour (it's 10 minutes to eleven, not exactly a good time to seek Her).

Moments later, She swings open the door and looks questioningly at him.

"This is for you." Edmund says, putting two Easter Eggs onto her hand.

Momentarily taken aback, She musters herself, smiles and says thank you softly. Then, She turns Her attention to the two standing behind Edmund.

"Er, yeah, that's Ai." Edmund explains, gesturing at Justin's girlfriend, who greets Her.

"Hi." She smiles... in slight confusion.

"Well, that's all. Good night!" Edmund waves. As she says her goodbye too and closes the door, he leads the other two away.

To hear her say 'thank you' to me again... and that smile.

"So... can we have the Easter Eggs yet?" Justin asks, interrupting Edmund from his emoting.

Edmund passes two Easter Eggs for the couple. "Yeap. Oh, and I gotta give one to R as well. Spread the love, baby, spread the love for Easter! I'm the Easter bunny! It's good Karma."

And thus, the trio continue their way.

03/26/2005 4:06 PM

What Alex did to celebrate Easter:

Stayed home all day.

03/30/2005 10:19 AM

"Cut! Good take!" Edmund yells happily.

There are sounds of clapping behind him while his two cast members sigh in relief and grin back at their friends who came along to witness the shooting. Edmund clap his hands too, entirely happy with the performances of his cast. He has spent three of the last four nights, or four of the last six nights, shooting the short film. The schedule's been more hectic than he has originally planned (which is 2-3 days of shooting per week).

A few days ago, a girl he knows via MSN laments the fact that he hasn't been able to write anything for a long time ever since he has begun preparations for the short film (in fact, he wasn't involved in writing the script either). But his reply was:

"I'm still pretty much a writer, or rather, a storyteller. But instead of putting words on paper to tell a story, I'm putting images onscreen to tell a story."

Being a filmmaker has been a dream of his ever since he was a mere child, even before he discovered his passion for writing (that didn't happen until he was 13), and the opportunities to make his own short films have been something he has never expected before he came to Perth, Australia. After all, Malaysia has never really had a film culture. Mentioning to someone in Malaysia that you want to get involved in anything related to showbiz will earn you weird looks, as if you've just farted in a funeral.

Thus, he is content.

When he goes home, he marvels the screenshots of his short film (slightly photoshopped, of course).

(http://tinypic.com/2ikhuq" alt="Image hosted by TinyPic.com">
03/30/2005 9:12 PM

Alex wonders where the time has gone. He has two presos due tomorrow, one due next week, a proposal due the week after. He also has a client waiting for the project drafts for the interactive CD for the Sydney Youth Centre, including the animated storyboard for the intro sequence.

In addition, the photo editor, the web department, AND the editor in chief want him to review the design for the Student Leader, and come up with suggestions as well as a feedback survey plus a draft for a better look for the online paper. They also want input on the print version which will be coming out in the later half of the year, but which is already being designed now.

His brother wants the new redesigned logoes for the company, plus the new business card layouts. He also has a few projects that he wants Alex to look at.

Alex looks at this list and says holy shit, i'm fscked.

04/02/2005 6:58 AM

Edmund felt dirty for making Terri Schiavo references. Bad karma, man. Other than that, he was in his room for the entire day, surfing the net, watching the anime, and currently, watching an Italian film, 'Vipera', starring Harvey Keitel.

When midnight comes, he'll start working on his advertising law assignment. He always work better after midnight.

04/02/2005 11:40 PM

2000 more words to go for the Advertising Law...

After working on it until 5am in the morning, Edmund slept, and woke up sometime around 11.

Not much to do then. Made himself dinner, went off to university to recharge his Internet quota, surfed the internet for a while.

1:30pm came. He went to the anime screening of the lame-ass Anime Club in university. He was a committee member after all, making an appearance was necessary... even though it was going to be a brief one.

The anime Mai Hime ended, Tactics started playing. Although he didn't really feel exactly thirsty, he felt like buying himself a Fanta.

And thus, he left the hall, and headed towards the vending machine to buy his drink.

... then, She appeared. Carrying Her guitar, holding Her camera, scanning Her surroundings.

Trying valiantly to conceal his excitement and surprise, Edmund ran towards Her.

It seemed that She was working on a project for her Image Literacy class, and She was supposed to take photos of her guitar at various places in the campus.

So, Edmund was forced to make a choice.

1) Accompany Her as She works?
2) Return to the mindnumbing anime screening, and sits there for 4 more hours?

Took him a grand total of 0.00000000000000000000000000000001 second to choose (1). It didn't last long, She had already taken a number of photos before that, and this was probably the last photo She was going to take.

And thus, he watched as She set up Her guitar in front of the travel agency in uni, and took a photo of it. Although She remained silent throughout the entire time, he loved watching Her work. He loved watching Her work that passionately and diligently over something.


It was done. She started walking home, and he walked with Her. They spoke a little. Simple small talk. How many days of classes do you have per week? Seen any movies lately? What kind of music can you play with the guitar? A woman of few words, Her responses were usually brief, usually not more than one sentence (or just a simple nod). Yet it mattered not to him, for, he could do all the speaking for Her if She wanted to.

They reached Her flat in the end. She said goodbye and walked in.

Standing alone by himself, he briefly wondered what would've happened if he had exited the anime screening a minute later, or choose not to buy himself a soft drink at all. Sometimes, things between him and Her were so magical and weird that it was impossible not to believe in the hands of Fate.

04/03/2005 1:51 AM

Alex cursed.


Various onlookers looked on amusedly at the cursing man who was standing in the middle of the road, holding two burst plastic baggies, amidst the jumbled heap of dented tins and broken glass that had been his groceries.

"FSCK!!! BLOODY HELL!!!" Alex added for emphasis. Just in case there was someone in the next block who hadn't heard him.

Then he resumed the undignified process of bending down to salvage what he could, while car drivers honked angrily.

"Get the fsck out of the way, a**hole!!!" Was repeated several times. "Stupid Son of a -" was also heard.

After two whole embarrasing minutes of scrambling here and there to scoop up tins, smearing bits and fragments of beef pie on himself, and cutting his fingers on a shard of broken glass, Alex finally made it to the other side of the road.

It was not a very surprising end to a day where he had burnt his dinner, and eaten it anyway, even though the plastic container was semi-melted and he was undoubtedly poisoning himself with toxic chemicals.

04/04/2005 6:52 PM

Alex sat before the computer and typed.

"This is the last post for this impromptu blog. Due to management protest, I shall cease recordkeeping activities here, and move it elsewhere."

04/04/2005 8:26 PM

"Ditto." Edmund typed.

I'll probably move all we've written onto swiftyworks.com. He messaged to Alex via MSN.

After that, he got up from his seat and exited his bedroom. His International Marketing mid-term test was just an hour away. Time to get ready.

It was a fine sunny day.

So fine it was that he felt like rejoicing.

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