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01/19/2003 5:39 AM

A girl, rougly 17, dressed in black robes, grinned. She stood on the cliff, staring down at the small town below her. From what she had known, this town was one of the first to gain clerics of the old gods. Which gods, however, she did not know.

"Majesty, i pray they have followed the correct path." She says to herself and her dark goddess.

She jumps off the 50ft drop and lands with the sound and shock of a feather. Quietly, she walks into the town.

"Greetings, sir." She say to a local guard.

The guard attempts to peer under the black hood at this girl's face. "Hello, mistress, what buiness do you have in Everwind this day?"

"I merely wish to pay my respects to my god." She replies, with a hint of menace.

One would think girl worshipped Mishakal, the guard thought to himself, but she wears the robes of a Black Mage, and they worship evil gods.

"On normal circumstances, i would let you pass. But your color does arouse some suspicion." He says.

"Of course, i understand. I will tell you i am a devoted follower of the Dark Queen Takhisis, and her son Nuitari. I am here to pay my respects, and to find another girl i am looking for. That is all you will know."

"Yes, Mistress. I will not let you pass."

"Why is that, sir? You are no Solamnic Knight, Paladine wont help you. I will get past you, dear man."

"Au Contrare, Mage. I was a Knight." With that, he pulled out his sword.

But she only laughed. "Kyrias nasir okariso!"

The hilt warmed up, and he threw it into the ground. The entire sword melted until it was molten metal.

"Asrigana osi nagasama!"

The molten metal started to take form again. It turned into a statue of the Dark Queen. WIth that, the girl laughed and walked past the shocked Ex-Solamnic.

"I am Karina. Know this, Knight, for if you hear of the one with black orbs, you shall know who it is."


OOC: My first RP! Do you like? It revolves around a cleric/mage (myself) who is looking for someone else. YOu can either play the girl or not, just i only i have two things about her. She has to be rougly 12, and a street-rat type. If you want a discription of Karina, go here


but i warn you, SPOILERS!

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01/19/2003 6:10 PM

OOC: This looks good! Extraordinary for a beginner. Im not gonna be the one your looking for, just someone you can meet up with.

IC: A sulking figure in a brown cloak approached the black robed woman. He stared at the dead guards body and shook his head with a sigh. His face was covered in shadow by the hood of his cloak.

" Is thisss your doing?" The cloaked figure hissed from behind the shadows of the hood.

" Whatsss one like yourssself doing in Everwind?" the mysterious figure asked, staring at the womans black robes.If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

01/20/2003 8:18 AM

OOC: Quesh, I don't think the guard's dead, just rather taken aback


A pair of yellow eyes watched the display with interest from behind a window in the town. Trochir's fork paused halfway to his mouth and a shiver of delight ran down his spine as he felt the playful melevolence which had been a part of the spell. So much energy... such power bound up in that casting... beautiful.

Leaving his breakfast for later, he threw on his red woolen robes and walked downstairs, to the street. This girl may finally provide some answers."Eyes that fire and sword have seen,
and horrors in the halls of stone,
shall look at last on meadows green,
and trees and hills they long have known."

-The Hobbit

01/20/2003 9:48 AM

Slightly on the borders of the town, a black-armoured figure watched the robed girl carefully. The skull-and-lily engraved on the breastplate showed his alliegence for all who dared to look, and a deep red cloak swirled around his ankles as the cold wind tugged it. He closed his eyes for a moment, his mind reaching out over continents to a secluded cavern, where a great Red Dragon dragon answered and soared into the sky, muttering a spell and dissapearing. A moment later a human figure popped into existance next to the Knight of Thakisis, black robes shrouding his form as burning eyes followed his companion's gaze to the mageling."Ah, they have a cave troll....."

01/20/2003 1:03 PM

OOC: I like.

A few hundred paces to the east, keen eyes watched with interest as the confrontation began and ended in a few brief moments. The sight of dark magic sent a delightful shiver through his body, it had been months since he had last seen another living being.

Perched on a tree branch, he now let the sun warm his body. A cool breeze ruffled his black feathers as he finished off the last piece of a dried worm. For months the memory of his lost master had provided him with an excuse to seek solitude, but now, he wanted more than anything to meet this dark robed girl.

Pushing his doubt aside he launched himself into the air, the warm updrafts carried him higher, then closer to the city outskirts. Circling the small town, he looked for a suitable spot to land. Not far from where the girl was he spotted a secluded alley and began his descent. Littered with rubbish, the alley was obviously a service entrance to an inn.....it would have to do.

Hopping over to a rather large pile of rubbish he took one last look down the alley....nothing. Closing his eyes, he began the words to a spell, the magical words slipped from his mouth with ease. His flesh began to burn, his body was racked with pain as each individual feather felt as if was being plucked from his flesh one by one. Within a few moments though, the pain had ceased, and in the ravens place stood a boy of about sixteen years.

As he dusted off his robes a sudden quiver ran the entire length of his spine, this was not the tinge of traditional magic though. This magic fed upon the strength of the storm, allowed him to harness it, use it to his advantage. Although the storm was still a long way off, small streaks of lightning shot across his pupils, he felt his magic increase.

As he emerged from the alley a sudden gust of wind blew through the town and whispered a single name……Scorn.

01/20/2003 3:41 PM

She grins at the Draconian. "Yes, It is. And, dear Sivak, get out of my way."

He pulls back in shock. "how do you know?"

"The Dark Queen tells me. Now move."

He hastily moves over. "I am ssorry, Mage."

She laughs. "Mage? Cleric? I am both and neither." Walking in, she only takes a split second glance to notice the Knight of Takhisis and his red-robed ally. "Greetings, Knight. What brings you to this place?"

"You, Mage. Who might you be?"

"I am Karina. I have last name. And you?"

"Not a matter, Milady Karina."

She nodds. "And your Dragon comrade?"

"Dont be insane, Mistress. That is not a dragon."

She smiled under the hood, but the Knight didnt see. "Quite sorry, Mistress. Shall I lead you into town?"

"I would be honored. Your name?"

"Sanur (u can change it if you want. all of it) An Kurath."

"Greetings, Sir Kurath."

THey walk into town. "The Armed Fool. Sounds good."

"I wouldnt let milady walk into such a infamous place alone."

"Go off, Sanur. The Dark Queen watches over me." With a confident step, she walks in.

Two men walk up to her, and glance at each other with disdain.

"I know i'm popular." She looks at all three of them. "But i must talk with my Queen."


OOC: I"m trying not to pull the Mary Sue thing, but if you want, you can make her seem less powerful. All of you (sylan, maug. and shuey) need to reply before i can say what she says to the Dark Queen!.

01/20/2003 4:56 PM

OOC: Dammit Doombug! You ruin everything! Im dropping out. If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

01/20/2003 5:31 PM

It seems that I am not the only one interested in this girl.

A tall, brown-haired man is standing just inside the common room, red robes still settling after his sudden stop when he saw the girl. His strange yellow eyes flash in the dim light, and his lip curls into a sneer as he glances at the others who seem to have gathered.

"Speak away, m'lady. Do not let my presence disrupt you.""Eyes that fire and sword have seen,
and horrors in the halls of stone,
shall look at last on meadows green,
and trees and hills they long have known."

-The Hobbit

01/21/2003 8:30 AM

She turns around, as if to walk up the steps to a room.

"Do you have a room to begin with, Mistress?" The innkeep asks. "I don't believe we have any vacancies."

She laughs, a cold heartless laugh. "Oh, you have vacancies."

He glances at her. "Right...freak..."

She laughs again, and turns to the yellow eyed man.

"You are a follower of the Dark Queen, Sir?"

"I am."

"I am looking for a girl, about this height, looking roughly twelve." She moves her hand to indicated that the girl is faily tall for her age. "She has teh street rat look, but i dont know her name. Brown hair, amber eyes."

"I'll look." He replies.

She nods, and pulls out a globe that looks alot like a Dragon Orb.

"What is that. Milady?"

"The Orb of Godly Talking." She replies.


OOC: Dont drop out, Quesh!

01/21/2003 8:35 AM

OOC: I dont understand the problem either, why would you start a character, and then just drop out because of Doombug?

Mistress - you cant just play peoples characters and have them say what you want, thats the point of all of us playing our individual characters.

01/21/2003 11:58 AM

OOC: Oops, sorry...i'm kinda new at this... .-_-


01/21/2003 1:44 PM

No big deal.

01/21/2003 3:57 PM

OOC: Doombug, all you need to do is join a thread to ruin it.If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

01/21/2003 4:10 PM

Whats wrong with doombug?

01/21/2003 4:25 PM

OOC: You'll see..........after about the first 20 posts. Lets just say he sucks at RPing.If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

01/21/2003 5:11 PM

(OOC: Give him a chance. I've seen people a lot worse. You haven't been here that long yourself Quaide, so you really shouldn't be saying who can and can't be in a thread.

Welcome to the forum. I really don't care who's in a thread with me, and so far this looks good. I seem better at crashing treads mid-way through than joining at the start, so I'll join in later.)The sword, it thirsts to drink of man.
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01/22/2003 2:01 AM

Doombug, IF you do suck, that's and "IF" Quesh, then here are some tips

Grammar. Put spaces between ur quotes like this
"I told you so!" He said

Then THe other ugy walked.

It makes it easier to read.

01/22/2003 5:39 AM

well I can tell I am not wanted, well then time to find another rpgforum after FF2 is done and worlds beyond I am gone

BYEWhoa Whoa Whoa, I am just trying to join I am not running for Jesus

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01/22/2003 5:47 AM

OOC: So what if he's new and isnt that great at RP'ing, its all about enjoying yourself and the genre. You said he ruins posts after about the 20th post, well you ruined this one on your second post. Instead of just telling him he sucks, you could give him some pointers to help him along.

01/22/2003 5:50 AM

OOC: They do I am just horrible :( well people say soWhoa Whoa Whoa, I am just trying to join I am not running for Jesus

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01/22/2003 8:30 AM

I have lots of crap to say to you men! (Yes, i am a girl)

Doombug: Shuey's right. if your having fun, it dosent matter what other people think. the only thing that matters is taht you can almost spell and we can read it. that's all that mattersm, the rest they can shove up there asses. (see. we all make mistakes!)

Queshu: Dont be an ass. If you say he sucks, then we need a legimate reason to believe. And if yuou say that, give ways on how he can improve. this works better. And dont be so harsh on the poor guy.

Shuey: Try not to get yourself get yelled at by Quesh. ^_~

-Karina Majere
Princess of Darkness

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01/22/2003 5:38 PM

OOC: its not a matter of Doombug being new. Example: Princess is new and shes pretty damn good.

Also, i have given SO many pointers to Doombug, but he just cant stop his bad habits.

So its easy for me to get mad at him when he does not listen to anyones advise. Also he has a reputation of ruining what i send my characters to do.

Maybe its just me. Sorry for ruining this thread SYLVAN! It shouldnt be that bad. I just dont want to do a thread if Doombug is in it.

I guess i can give Doombug some more advice.

1. One thing you never do Doom is use periods. You just keep going. Do you read much?

2. Spelling is one of your worst problems, i cant go through every word. One you seem to get wrong a lot is ' huge'. You've been spelling it hugh for a long time. Little things like that get on my nerves.

Obviously many of you people have never been in a thread with Doombug. I've been in about 5 with him. So, im a lot more impatient with him than all of you. So dont go yelling at me and accusing me of being an ass. Im one of the nicest people in these forums. And a damn good RPer. Say all you want about that, your opinion means shit to me.If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

01/23/2003 5:25 AM

Did you even read my last post I will not be staying its ok. I am just going to finish with FF2 and worlds beyond then I am gone. I have been in alot of storys with Quesh and I do try but thats all I can do. Quesh you got you wish I am leaving so be nice to the rest of them cause we did wreck the story. Sorry Princess we should have done this some place else I would copy your post and re post cause we wrecked this one. Worst Comment
OOC: You'll see..........after about the first 20 posts. Lets just say he sucks at RPing.

01/23/2003 5:30 AM

Quesh: *sigh* men....

Doombug: Dont leave! We all love you here!

And, oh, i feel loved! S'all right, i'll think of something else. Infact, it think i'll start one today.

Does anyone know how to keep yourself logged on so you dont have to log on every time u open the window?

01/23/2003 6:09 AM

*sigh* I've had about enough of this. I'm not even in this thread, but I had decided to check it out, only to see that Queshu is starting crap with Doombug AGAIN. My god, Queshu, will you leave the guy alone? Can't you see that he's trying? Doombug did nothing but join the thread, and you just decide to think that he is following you?! Ya know, maybe it's just a coincidence? The guy likes to RP and have fun. Do you want to take that away from him just 'cause you don't like him? Think about it. What if I decided I didn't like you and decided that I didn't want you to have anything to do with my characters and make you want to leave? PUT YOURSELF IN HIS POSITION! ''may the fleas of a thousand reindeers rest upon your genitals''
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