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01/05/2003 10:21 PM

OOC: I am going to add on to a short story I sent to dragonlance.com you are free to countiue my journey with me...

BIC: The hot wind blew hard but Drath Thuul didn’t seem to mind. He and his men traveled the North Shore region in Estwilde, setting up camps along the way. The mountains loomed before them and it was a grand site to behold.

But Drath Thuul had no care for beauty, for he was born from ash, jealously, and hatred from his Father, Father of All and of Nothing. His magic supported his soulless corpse that is to say-- Chaos’s magic supported him.

He voice was that of a lion’s roar and his body was that of obsidian scales. He swept upon the land like a foul disease and his followers only followed because it was he that summoned them. His fiery gaze kept them in check, for if they lit with amazing fury, Thuul would send the back to the Abyss.

He had no shadow, for the glowing of the lava between his scales banished the darkness complete. He was in human-like form now, but he could change into the Fire Dragon. Yes, he is unique, chosen by Ionthas (Chaos) himself. And Drath Thuul was proud because of it.

Before long, the hot wind shifted south in their direction as if it dared them to do what they came to do. He took this as a good omen, as if his Father agreed.

They traveled farther south until the western lands swallowed the sun and spit the three moons out into heavenly existence. Another omen. Yet a little while later dark and heavy clouds came from the east sending Estwilde’s shattering rain upon them and loud thunder crashing against their ears.

The rain did not phase Drath Thuul in the least. He kept on marching toward his target. Letting silence fill the empty places of his heart, he spoke to no one, not even a command. His Legion followed without question or without much needed rest.

Thuul did not even heed the warning calls of the birds or the animals of the mountains of his coming. He only knew that he would come and no one would stop him.

They scaled the steep cliffs and rugged valleys, crumbling rock face and tortured hills, and trudged through the ice-cold streams that cut deep into the echoing mountains. The white and red moons were high in the sky when they caught site of the village.

Drath’s summons, strong earth elementals, looked at the small smattering of houses that laid before them, with no expression on their faces. Their limbs creaked and groaned as they paced back and forth, awaiting Thuul’s commands.

The daemon warrior, Drath Thuul, uttered a few words into the thin and silenced air.

“Foul ash and muck stone, foul ash and muck stone. Muck stone and foul ash.” Drath’s spell was complete when three more beings came from the earth to bare witness to the power of Thuul. More elementals to match the village’s defenses.

Afterward Drath consulted a book he summoned out of thin air with a single undistinguishable word. The book’s cover was made out of an alligator’s soft underbelly hide. This is the place, thought Drath.

He changed into his larger form, a prominent fire dragon waited for the warning call of the village.

The village was ancient yet it had few modern advances. The inhabitants were human mountain barbarians, and time seemed to slip by them year after year.

The storm did not stop it only grew worse and by the time the warning call was made the strangers were already upon them.A fire dragon flew in the air sending flame against the wet houses. The thatch roofs quickly burned, defying the wind and rain. The earth giants crushed them as they sat unknowingly against their doom.

The screams of the barbarians excited Thuul, not out of the fact of pure fear, but out of the unblemished and cruel chaos that fed his fire. Bodies littered the ground later the bloody water took them with it.

As if the storm could take no more, a distance figure caught Drath’s eye, sending the storm away and the rising sun’s rays touched the destruction beneath.

A being Drath had never seen before floated to him. It had no wings of any sort. Its skin was a dark gray and it wore no clothes. The being had large beady black eyes and its hand supported long slender fingers. A being of strong magic no doubt, Thuul thought to himself.

“What are you creature and why did you call away the storm?” Thuul’s deep voice reverberated against the mountains.

“I am a huldrefolk, and I came to stop you.” His voice was high-pitched but Thuul knew it to be a male.

“Why? Do you know of my plans?” The lion’s roar shook the very foundations of the still remaining houses. He was amused at this creature and he pursued the conversation further.

“Yes I do. Ionthas has sent you to birthe more of his armies. This place was to be the very breeding grounds for ultimate chaos and devastation.” The huldre showed no fear.

“What?! How did you find out?!” Rage erupted in him and his fiery eyes blazed a fierce red. The plans leaked somewhere! But where? I must find out.

“It doesn’t matter, Drath Thuul, daemon warrior. I was sent to tell of your so-called father’s true self. Ionthas says he cares for you and that you will receive a high reward if you carry out his orders, but does he give you an everlasting soul? Has he given you the right to make any decisions whatsoever? I didn’t think so. Have you even questioned if his orders were right or wrong? You follow blindly Thuul, for others before you, who were chosen, did not come to the same fate as Ionthas promised you in the first place. Did you remember your brother, Thuul?”

This is a trick! He’s trying to spread doubt into my mind. I can’t let him, but... he had to hear more.

“Yes you know what happened to your kin don’t you? All put to an untimely death just to create more of the same beings as you are. Just think of what you are doing Thuul that’s all I ask. I can’t stop you, but you will receive the truth.” Drath Thuul opened his wide maw and let out a jettison of flame. But the huldre popped out of existence before it even touched him. As if he was never there to begin with.

Drath Thuul saw that the earth elementals had vanished. No sign of them any where. The huldrefolk magic no doubt. He saw the destruction that was laid waste. Buildings and bodies alike torn asunder. The muddy grave seemed to shallow the village whole.

There were still humans left that stood terrified, dragonawe leaving them unmovable.

Drath Thuul could finish them off in one foul breath, but he didn’t. He knew that the huldre had defeated him with words. He had left a deadly disease in his mind that could breed and grow. Doubt lay heavy in his mind.

He would never be the same again. His tortured mind would always bring him unease. Yet he thought of a way to conquer this all.

Maybe, someday. But not today.

He left the area and settled back down along the coast awaiting his ship to return.
In the midst of this strife, whereat the halls of Ilúvatar shook and a tremor ran out into the silences yet unmoved, Ilúvatar arose a third time, and his face was terrible to behold.

01/11/2003 12:21 AM

OOC: Okay, I see how you people are... :(Live long and phosphorous. \ \\ //

01/11/2003 5:15 AM

OOC: Aw, don't be sad. Lemme give you a picture that would suit the title really well. Just the title, mind you.

Hehe, just playin with ya, brotha."Oh, and Kalia's advice about ignoring the posts of those who irritate you is a sound one. It's what I usually do when some self proclaimed "oldies" start reminiscing about the good old days and then complain about how this forum isn't as fun as it used to be."


01/11/2003 3:51 PM

Polton stood on top of a grassy hill overlooking the destroyed village. He leaned against his weapon, a long, wooden stick with a knob on the end, sort of like a club. Poltons red hair and beard covered most of his face. He wore a baggy shirt under a dark green vest. He didnt look like he was a leader of an attack force until fifty men walked up from behind him, lining up on top of the hill. They all carried basic weapons. Only three bore armor over their chest, and that was plain leather. One held a frying pan in his hands. Many held spiked clubs.

" Damn! We're late." Polton growled in anger, looking upon the empty space where a village once stood. " Lets get back home lads, before the storm hits." Polton turned around in dissapointment.

" Sir, whats that?" one of the men said behind him, pointing to a floating, gray figure.

" I dont know. I'm going down there to speak with him. Toto, Frop. follow me." Polton said, surprised at the sight of the odd creature. He began to walk down the hill, two men followed, one carrying a wood-cutting axe and a pot-lid, the other holding a rope with a lead ball tied to the end.

Polton reached the village

" Who is this who stays in a ravaged village after the battle? Did you do this?" Polton shouted to the creature, not far from him.

If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

01/11/2003 8:50 PM

OOC: I assume you mean the huldrefolk, if so here it goes:

BIC: “Hello there, Polton. Yes I know who you are, and no I did not do such a vile thing.” The huldrefolk pointed to the northward.

“Past the mountains and atop the salty beach, there is the one who did. But I pretty much have set him straight. He was a daemon warrior of special talents, chosen of his god, Ionthas. But now, he is confused being and I have planted the seed of doubt well deep into his mind.”

He hesitated for a moment and seemed to ponder the situation at hand.

“The humans need you and your crew’s assistance on the rebuilding of their homes. They are frightened now, but they will live. Help them, Polton. I beg of you. Do not seek out Drath Thuul, he is no threat to the villagers no longer.” The huldrefolk waited for Polton to answer.Live long and phosphorous. \ \\ //

01/12/2003 9:36 PM

"Thank you for clearing things up for me, weird gray man. Im still confused about one thing. Who are you? What are you? I do not wish to seek out this one sent by a god as you think. I came here to fight an army and hopefully save this town, one of our neighbors, but now your telling me gods were involved? This cannot be good. I will have my men douse the flames and rebuild this city and make it great." Polton whispered something to the men behind him, who then ran off to the ranks on the hill.

" I will do what you have asked of me. I will do this because for some reason i believe we can beat this man and those he leads. You say he is not threat to this village, but with such power, he must be a threat to another village far off. Can we put our trust in you to lead us?" Polton seemed very calm about the situation. He knew inside that if he went back home he would only be waiting for his own death and the death of his people.If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

01/15/2003 11:25 PM

"I am a huldrefolk, unnative to your world. I come from the Gray. I am a being of great magical power and yes I will lead you. But first we must gather round our supplies for the rebuild of the town. Follow me."

And with that they were off to the next villiage.Live long and phosphorous. \ \\ //

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