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07/17/2000 2:40 PM

For those of you that were here before the reset,or crash or whatever the hell it was that set the forum back, there was a place that people could go to settle thier petty differances.

The only rule is that no one dies, and no one takes a double turn, being no one types two moves, and no one attacks me without challenging me first.

A new rule is that no supernatural powers will enter the Arena.

If one person swings, i will make a decision, and all of my decisions are final.

NOW!Have fun and kick the crap out of each other!!!!

07/02/2000 6:46 PM

Mischiem comes into the 'arena'...

"Hey, Fredo! Turn and face me!"

07/03/2000 10:19 AM


07/03/2000 12:37 PM

No, wait! I gots a question. What do you mean "supernatural powers"? 'Cause see, I'm a mage, but if you want, I can pretend to be a warrior or something, but I've never been here before so I'm not sure what to do at all.

07/03/2000 1:02 PM

When Fredo turns, Mischiem unsheathes his sword and stands in a fighting position.

07/04/2000 9:01 PM

That doesn't answer my question, Goddamn it!!!

07/06/2000 5:06 PM

Fredo not-o, but i'm not the one to answer it.

Mischiem turns slightly and acknowledges Leana with a quick look up and down. He sheaths his sword and smiles at her.


Come here often?"

07/06/2000 5:33 PM

*Jordie walks into view*

Oh my god! That pick-up line is older then my great-

*Walks up to Leana*


Can I buy you a drink?

(;) bwahahahahahhaah!)

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/06/2000 6:33 PM

Hey, that's pretty old! No, actually, it was a joke, because since this forum was just started, there was no way she could have come here before today... DUH :) You know, you're all right.

Mischiem puts an arm around her waist.
'Me 'n this little lady would make beautiful children together.'

07/07/2000 3:54 PM

Leana twists gracefully out of his grip.

"Not unless you got a haircut.":)

07/07/2000 5:24 PM

"Is my present haircut not in your favour? I like it...and most girls do, too."

Mischiem has short blond hair, really short, and it goes forward on top...i have a picture in e-mail of what my real hair is and they are just the same.

07/08/2000 1:48 PM

"Well, not really a haircut, you just need to spike it...yeah! Spike it! Ooh, spikes are sexy."

07/15/2000 7:48 PM

It Is spiked, didn't I just tell you? It goes forward like flat right? Right to the top of my forehead, in those spikey deal things. Is that your favourite hairstyle?

07/16/2000 5:16 PM

"Ooh, yes. Well, not really though, it's my favorite blonde hairstyle, though. To beat that, Jordie, you gotta look like the guy from Sleepy Hollow. Well, or like Neo from the Matrix...or if you were Freddie Prinze Jr...."

07/17/2000 12:08 PM

OOC: leana that should all have been ooc...whatever...yeah... looks like you're into dark-haired men, I see?

07/17/2000 2:28 PM

ooc: of course,I like James Bond, too. You should talk to Aestas (formaly known as Jessamine) She likes blondes.

07/17/2000 2:40 PM

OOC: Than hook up with me Leana.
I'm like a younger, non-british James Bond!


Joe Ghostbuster- "I love the Smurfs. They're just so *cute*!

08/01/2000 1:50 PM

Sounds great to me, we should make a match-maker thread...

08/04/2000 8:41 AM

What is this, I thought we came here to kick the crap out of each other, not play match maker.

The Thorn challenges The Full Monty to a match by swinging his staff at his leg to trip him.

08/04/2000 12:33 PM

"Sounds good to me. Hey, Thorn, you couldn't scratch me if your life depended on it!"

Her legendary black staff appears in Leana's hand.

"Care to defend your title?"

08/04/2000 2:01 PM

"The master is always ready to teach," replies the Thorn.

The Thorn holds out his hand and a plain oak staff appears in it.

"Are you ready young mageling?"

08/04/2000 8:35 PM

*The lich looks a The Thorn and Leana and laughs...mockingly*

Come..come...how would you two "mage babies" harm each other?...whack each other with your rattles?

How would you fools like to face a real master of dark magic?

*Zanatose would have grinned, if he had lips...Archimedes resided in his left hand...also known as the Staff of the Arch-Necromancer, the intelligent weapon was actually quiet for once...anticipating the battle ahead....*

Master of Things Twice Born
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08/05/2000 1:19 PM

Leana cackles quietly to herself.

"I'm afraid you'll find I have few more tricks up my sleeve than a normal mage."

Her staff sings in a high pitched tone as she twirls it in her hand. At first it just seems irritating but as sound get higher and higher it becomes unstandable for all around. Finally it is so high any human must flee for his life because the sound is so torturing.

"I look forward to proving that to you..."

08/05/2000 1:54 PM

The lich cracks his knuckles with an audible pop before holding his own weapon with two hands...Archimedes doesn't look happy at being helo sideway, but still keeps his trap shut for fear of what his master will do should he complain...

"I will even give you the first strike my dear...as a show of my sportsmanship"

Zanatose knew his immunity to magical weapons spell would set off immeadiatly when she tried to strike him...yes...he did love is contingency spells...

"Well...what are you waiting for?"

((OOC: Just so ya know what Archimedes looks like...Brian, of CitadelRaven.Com did an excellent 3D rendering of it for me. It is located here... Archimedes of the Huddled Masses (http://www.citadelraven.com/items/mwarchimedes.cfm) ))

Master of Things Twice Born
RealmsOfEvil.Com (http://roe.rpgconsortium.com/): The Site for Role-Playing Villainy

08/05/2000 2:38 PM

The Thorn has heard enough from the haughty lich. He now knows that he has no qualm with Leana, as that was just the pupil rising to challenge the teacher.

"We will defeat you," he states to the lich.

The Thorn holds up his staff and stares at the lich. Slowly a large silver eye grows out of the end of his staff, like a crystal. Given the advantage of first attack, the Thorn swings his staff at Zanatose. At the last moment he changes his swing so his staff connects with Zanatose's own weapon. It is then that the Thorn's magic staff activites, drawing out much of the magic and energy from Zanatose's weapon.

08/05/2000 8:07 PM

*Leana stands unsure for moment on what to do, then noticed Zanatose's magical shield waver and ran in for the hit...*

ooc:I'm not sure it's fair to actually attack someone in combat with another. My Goldeneye (the game) morals suggest strongly against it.

08/05/2000 8:14 PM

Archimedes's screamed as negative energy was sapped from his body with the attack...however...he was connected to a plane of existence...his power was virtually unlimited...but this angered the lich to no end...just as Thorn attacked the weapon, the lich disappeared....

Then Thorn heard something...something cutting the air behind him....

Leana, as she runs into attack watches as the lich disappears from in front of the other wizard and appears behind him...the staff cutting through the air...the adamantite hand aimed right for The Thorn's head....

((OOC: The spells Zanatose currently has in affect are, Improved Contingency, Immunity to Magical Weapons and Improved Blink.))

Master of Things Twice Born
RealmsOfEvil.Com (http://roe.rpgconsortium.com/): The Site for Role-Playing Villainy

08/05/2000 8:44 PM

Nexus sits in the vast library of Black Bone Keep, and studies the detailed formula from one of his master's books... the ebon horror known as Zanatose... taking advantage in the fact that his master is on some current jaunt.

He senses a shift in the negative energy that is infested in the place... fearing the worst, Nexus casts a magic mirror and pears into the negative energy plane...

As the divination travels futher, he knows the source of the disturbence... his masters staff... something was poweful enough to attack it.

With futher divination, Nexus see's his master in a titanic magical dual in some off-track prime world.

Without futher delay, Nexus grabs his scythe and his pouches, and opens a portal to the etheral plane... linking Faerun with the other world...

With a firm grip on his scythe and a sinister smile on his rotting face, Nexus jumps into the portal...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Pierced from below, Souls of my treacherous past
Betrayed by many, Now ornaments dripping above

Lich NexusHigh Proxy of Death3rd Vertabre in the Brotherhood of BoneVassal to the King of Chaos

Anarchist Aristocrate- Chaos Inc.

08/07/2000 6:55 AM

The Thorn hears the sound of metal cutting the air. He instinctively falls to his stomach, as Zanatose's weapon passes where his head was just moments ago. The Thorn rolls over to where Leana now stands.

"The lich does not play fair," he says to Leana " don't hesitate to play the same way, our lives may depend on it."

The Thorn the stands erect, holding his staff out in front of him parallel to his body. He begins chanting words of magic. His entire body begins to shimmer in silver light.

08/07/2000 9:33 AM

Don't play fair?

*Leana makes a gesture with her hands like the parting of water*

That can be soo easy...

*Suddenly Leana falls to her knees, groaning and grabbing her head. When she looks up again her eyes are black, as is her skin. With a hedious unholy roar she rises to sky. Shaped like some sort of snake, wings sprout from her back. Her legs form muscled and powerful. At first it seems she has turned to a black dragon but she is larger than any dragon, much larger*

Master Thorn, You'd be amazed what documents can be found in the Silver Tower's library...

*Her eyes flash at Zanatose. She then looks to a wall on the opposite side of the arena. Zanatose slams against the wall in the blink of an eye*

08/07/2000 9:58 AM

"Many documents can be found there, it's how they are used that is important, and I believe you are using them correctly," the Thorn says to his pupil.

The Thorn gathers the silver light that has coalesced around his body. He focuses into a beam that shoots out of the eye at the end of his staff. It is pure energy of the opposit plane Zanatose comes from. Like a giant sword of energy, the Thorn repeatedly strikes the dazed lich all over his arms, hands and his weapon.

08/07/2000 12:48 PM

((LOL...you guys are forgetting that Zanatose has magic resistance..90% actually :) ...heh heh heh..also...undead cannot be "dazed" as they have no real grasp on pain or shock anymore...just so you know that.))

"Fool...that paltry magic cannot harm one such as I"....

Zanatose moves forward as the magical planar sword moves in and out of the lich's body as if he was air...expertly twirling the staff above his head...Archimedes lets out an inhuman roar as Shadowfire sprays both Leana and the Thorn....Zanatose watches as the fire licks up the stone walls near him...turning the ancient marble into little more than dust in seconds.....he waited to see what it would do to thier flesh...

((OOC: Just so you know...He is taking damage...however hes not going to reveal that to his enemies...it would raise thier moral and he doesn't really need that....LOL...also...it is bad form to automatically assume that your character hit...since this is pretty much a freeform game, it is more like a story and not an actual competition....you write what your character is doing...similar to what I did with Zanatose swinging at Thorn with Archimedes and wait for the other person responds...in other words...don't automatically post that you hit and the person takes damage...there has to be some sacrifice here on both sides or none of us will ever get any hits in...comprende?))

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08/07/2000 1:50 PM

*Jordie walks in with his newly spiked hair and 'hmpf's'
at the display of magic.*

'Damnit!' he spouts 'I'm gone for five minutes and look at the
mess you're making!'

*He comfortably leans his back against the nearest wall still
standing and watches the show. One of the shadowflames comes
straight for him but he doesn't seem concerned at all. As it touches
him his black armor flashes for a second and the flame simlpy

'Good work, shadow.'

*Jordie pats his irritating, but undoubtebly effective armor.*

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

Paperweight of discord and bodyguard of The Man for Chaos Inc.

08/07/2000 2:17 PM

As the fire rains down upon the Thorn he lifts his staff to protect his face, the brown robe he is wearing is burnt to ash but his silver cloak flutters untouched. The Thorn lets out a gasp of pain. Seeing Jordie not touched by the fire the Thorn raises his blistering hand and swings it towards the lich. Suddenly, Jordie is lifted off his feet and propelled through the air at Zanatose.

08/07/2000 3:19 PM

((OOC: I think the 'fire' Zanatose is ...er... firing isn't
real fire, it's shadowflame. Negative energy, I believe.))

'Oh, how nice of you.' Jordie grins at the Thorn 'But I
can fly all by myself, thank you.'

Jordie adds his own powers, more then willing to damage
the lich. He speeds up and fire envelopes him. Just before
he hits Zanatose he turns 90 degrees, flying straight upward.
The fire sprays around the Ebony lich. Jordie couldn't see
if he damaged the Undead Lord or not, but he sure as Hell wouldn't
stay around to find out. With a thought he teleports next
to Thorn.

'Nice trick you pulled there, mage,' he says 'Next time though,
ask me beforehand.'

((OOC: Jordie's powers are pure elemental, so magic resistance
doesn't really work with them at all :) ))

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

Paperweight of discord and bodyguard of The Man for Chaos Inc.

08/07/2000 4:48 PM

((Ah yes...but his Ring of Elemental Protection would affect it...LOL))

The lich waves the flames away and pats out his robe...

"Damned interloper....you burnt my robe...I just enchanted this!"

Black lightning sprang from the lich's hand and arced to touch the ground in three places...as he does...shadows seem to form and flit about the room for a second before three, towering, red scaley brutes appear...they are Glabrezu...a strange jackal-headed demon with four arms...carrying four scimitars in each of its hands, each one seemingly made from a different element...

"Kill the fools....." the lich's monotonous voice sounds...

With that, the Tanar'ri leap forward to attack...one on each of the lich's combatants....

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08/07/2000 6:07 PM

Nexus regains his composure as he steps through the magical conduit into the other world... he notice a fact that dosen't sit well with him... he is cut of from the priestly powers of his god Myrkul... a power that has no sway over this realm...

But nexus is also a practitioner of the dark arts of necromancy...

He starts to walk to his master Zanatose... with each step a new image of Nexus forms... totaling 15 when he arrives near his master...

"Greeting old one", Nexus bows his skeletal head, "do i have your permission to attack these mortal maglings my lord"... "perhaps i shall deal with the elementalist... he should find my elemental skill quite horrific".


Pierced from below, Souls of my treacherous past
Betrayed by many, Now ornaments dripping above

Lich NexusHigh Proxy of Death3rd Vertabre in the Brotherhood of BoneVassal to the King of Chaos

Anarchist Aristocrate- Chaos Inc.

08/07/2000 6:20 PM

Just a little OOC info on the 3 Glabrezu's weapons...

The Fire Sword - This one is simple enough, it hits you, you have a chance of being engulfed in flames

The Water Sword - This one is nasty, if it hits you, you take cold damage AND have a chance of your lungs filling with water.

The Earth Sword - This sword, when it hits you, can cause you to turn to stone.

The Air Sword - This sword, if it hits you, will cause you to be stunned as it steals the oxygen from your body.

Just so you guys know :)

Master of Things Twice Born, Skull Lord of the Brotherhood of Bone
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08/07/2000 8:21 PM

*Leana sneers at the necromancer's fire. She grins with razor-sharp teethe*

You never delt with a drake before, have you?

*Before attacking again, she glances at Thorn*

I am afraid even with power from different planes I may not be able to help you...I have one healing spell, but I don't know what it does for magical wounds.

*She grins at Jordie*

Took you long enough! I thought you'd never get here, things were getting boring.

*The drake then dives low, swooping over the four-armed demon. It hits her with the Fire sword and she erupts in the fire, butthe flames dissapate in moments*

Child's play, you over-elaborate cooking stove! C'mon, take a half descent shot at me...

08/08/2000 12:02 PM

The Thorn grits his teeth, noticing the arrival of a second lich.

"Just what we need," he mutters to himself. He quickly glances around the badly damaged arena. Behind the liches seems to be the only undamaged wall and to his delight are eight grotesque gargoyles perched for decoration along its top.

The Thorn quickly utters several words of magic and then throws a handful of dust in the air.

"Fight minions with minions," he says, and commands the newly animated gargoyles to attack the deamon advancing upon him.

08/08/2000 5:16 PM

A kender walks up to the stands with a bag of popcorn, finding a good seat to watch the fight. Once he does, he begins to taunt the gargoyles. "Sticks and stones can Breck my Bones, but you gotta catch me first.And with those crossed eyes, I wouldn't count on it!"The gargoyles glare at Jastom and begin to chase him. "Whoa!" yells the kender, and runs into the Vicious Chicken post.

08/08/2000 7:06 PM

Nexus watches the strange kender with mild amusement, thinking he as drawn the attention of the gargoyles, yet he disappears as quickly has he came... leaving the gargoyles attention back to the battle at hand.

Nexus and his multiple images start to walk around the arena... taking note in the mage who animated the gargoyle statues.

Immediately going into the gestures of a spell, Nexus forms a small sphere which begins to pulse in all colors of the light spectrum... finally stopping on black.

With a final look to the Thorn, Nexus and his images chuckle as he throws the chromatic orb at him.

Pierced from below, Souls of my treacherous past
Betrayed by many, Now ornaments dripping above

Lich NexusHigh Proxy of Death3rd Vertabre in the Brotherhood of BoneVassal to the King of Chaos

Anarchist Aristocrate- Chaos Inc.

08/09/2000 7:50 AM

Five feet from the Thorn, the cromatic orb hits a barrier that flashes silver. It's the remains of the energy that the mage stole from Archimedes. The orb dissipates, leaving the Thorn staring at multiple images of the second lich.

I must narrow down this problem, he thinks. With a quick gesture of his hand, five magic missles fly out, each one aimed at a different lich.

08/09/2000 4:22 PM

(OOC... good form Sir)

Silver streaks of pure magical energy strike the images of the lich, Nexus... disapating five of the mirror images of himself... leaving 10 remaining.

Nexus grits his teeth in response of not antisipating a magical protection barrier around his opponent; and wasting a spell that should have paralyzed him, if not kill him out-right.

Not making the same mistake again, he pulls out a diamond and begins the gestures of another spell...

Nexus thrust his boney hands outward, and pulls them apart, about two feet apart... then thrust his hands up into the air as if holding something up...

A shadow falls upon the Thorn as Nexus speaks the final incantation of the spell... summoning a huge wall of ice... directly over the Thorn.

With a quick movement and malovent gleam, Nexus drops his skeletal arms down, the shadow grows as the wall of ice plummets down...


Pierced from below, Souls of my treacherous past
Betrayed by many, Now ornaments dripping above

Lich NexusHigh Proxy of Death3rd Vertabre in the Brotherhood of BoneVassal to the King of Chaos

Anarchist Aristocrate- Chaos Inc.

08/10/2000 9:52 AM

The Thorn lifts his staff directly above him, so the eye on top is staring at the wall of ice rapidly descending towards him.

"Nazfib," he shouts, creating a jet of heat that heads directly at the ice. I hope it can burn through enough, he thinks to himself, otherwise I'm screwed.

08/10/2000 11:40 AM

Jordie notices the Tanar'ri and grins in sheer delight.

'Glabrezus!' he exclaims 'I haven't fought one of those
in at least a month.'

As he pulls his own elemental blades out of their sheats,
he sees the wall of Ice rapidly descend upon the Thorn.

'Oh no you don't.'

Pointing his fire falchion at the ice as he defeats
the first attacks from the glabrezu with his lightning
fast scimitar. A huge ball of fire shoots from the
blade, hitting the wall of ice. Most of the wall evaporates
intstantly by the intense heat of the fireball.

'You can thank me later,' he smirks to the Thorn.

The edge of a scimitar swishing past his head reminds
Jordie of the fight at hand. With an offensive flurry
that would confuse the most skilled of weapons-masters
merely by watching it, he regains control of the fight.
He even pushes the Glabrezu, who thought itself at the
advantage, back on its heels. The Tanar'ri snarls and
bares its teeth at Jordie, who responds by slamming the heel
of his boot in the side of the demon's face.

'Bad, bad dog,' he scolds it before he rushes back in, his blades
weaving a hypnotic dance. Beautiful, but ultimately deadly.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

Paperweight of discord and bodyguard of The Man for Chaos Inc.

08/10/2000 3:39 PM

(OCC- Bad form sir... attacking the wall of ice and the demons makes two turns... naughty, naughty Jordie... :P)

The wall of ice cracks into multiple blocks as its density is greatly reduced by the combined efforts of the elementalist and the Thorn's fire, yet multiple chunks rain down on the Thorn...

Nexus regards the elementalist with contempt as he goes through the gestures of another spell... with a delicate movement of Nexus' skeletal arm, the remaining blocks of the wall of ice float up into the air a meld together, forming a large ice-lance.

With a look at Jordie, who is knee deep in a pile of demonic whoop-ass, Nexus shoots off the ice-lance... in a direct line of fire to Jordie's back...


Pierced from below, Souls of my treacherous past
Betrayed by many, Now ornaments dripping above

Lich NexusHigh Proxy of Death3rd Vertabre in the Brotherhood of BoneVassal to the King of Chaos

Anarchist Aristocrate- Chaos Inc.

08/10/2000 8:08 PM

*Suddenly the lance stops, pointing straight up into the air, and then shooting upward faster than the eye can see. One of the deamons stops his attack on Jordie to see where it went, only to find it shooting down at him*

Looking for this?

08/11/2000 4:28 AM

((Oh yes, I am very a naughty boy. As punishment I'll
get Denise Richards to spank me later this night :) ))

Jordie's boot connects with the Glabrezu's face a second
and a third time, taking out all its teeth and realligning
its jaw.

'Well aimed,' he grins as another Glabrezu is crushed
by the Ice lance.

He spins around, his swords coming out three times at
the stunned Demon in front of him. The first two taking
off both its upper arms, the third neatly relieving its
head from its shoulders.

'One more left,' he says as he stops his spin, realligning
himself with the final remaining Tanar'ri.

((This better, sir? Two kicks and three swipes equals
five attacks......one round.))

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

Paperweight of discord and bodyguard of The Man for Chaos Inc.

08/11/2000 8:06 AM

Jordie turns to see the remaining deamon struggling with the gargoyles. Normally this would be an easy fight for the Glabrezu, but he is not fighting one or two but eight gargoyles. One of the gargoyles is down, two more are injured but it appears the Tanar'ri has taken some damage too.

The Thorn avoids several pieces of falling ice, finding some neutral ground. He again cast his magic missle hoping to further deplete the number of liches that they face (once again five missle streak at five of the liches).

08/13/2000 8:48 PM


*Leana's wings give way and she fall, turning back to her human form as she hits the ground*

Damn it! Well, I never said I comPLETED the research..looks I walk from here..Anyway, who's next?

08/14/2000 12:27 PM

The Thorn follows up his spell with one similar to the liches. After completing the spell there are now six Thorns, each moving and doing their own things.

08/18/2000 8:28 AM

The Thorns huddle together, as if planning something big. For some reason the action around them seems to have come to a standstill.

08/25/2000 11:55 AM

The Thorns realize that through all of the battling, they are the only ones left in the arena. A quick ending to a vicious battle, they think. Suddenly on breaks into a little jig. Soon other Thorns are joining in the dancing while several conjure musical instruments and start playing. The Thorns' festivity lasts for some time. When the eventually become tired, they meld back into one. "Time to go back to the tower," he says to himself as he slowly fades away.

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