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12/08/2002 4:39 AM

"Teliente Vardis!" (lit. Taste my Blade)

The young man lashed out with his scimitar, his weapon whistling through the empty air where Mertonius stood a moment ago. Aaric Tharkaine gritted his teeth as he deflected the mid-body thrust of the skillful warrior-mage.

He definitely knows the fight has just only begun. He knows his master well enough to understand that he was only lucky to manage to even wound the once immortal lich.

Having given up his immortal search for a means of reviving his wife, the ancient lich decided to move on and pursue a fruitful life. However, it seems that his past sins have finally caught up with him...

Aaric Tharkaine, his bastard son to the Queen of Darkness, managed to worm his way into the close cabal of Mertonius's mage guard, hiding his unholy roots and unhallowed past, slowly, patiently bidding his time.

"Nethal y ma'tharia, sul. Ymaraien yaal entu-ei tsa-masks'a!"
(Stop this foolishness son. Ymaraien (colored dragon aka Takhisis) is only using you for vengeance!)

"I'y'l, akranta! Akrante-ei I'y'lo yaal Aaric! Y-ei tracante Aaric!" (No, father! Mother is not using me. This is my choice!)

Mertonius, defeated, bowed his head...

Aaric's scimitar struck...



Adrian Carsum, writer and sorceror, struggled against the vague demons that relentlessly plagued his dreams. The young man slowly raised himself, his legs dangling from the high bed. He grinned ruefully as he brushed back and hooked a stray lock of hair over his left ear. No more than 5 feet 3 inches in height, it was readily apparent to any observer that the young man was half-kender and half-human, a very strange combination indeed. The devoid of the national sickness of the kenders called Wanderlust, he is, however, as curious as the next one. And also apparently gifted with magic... Something rare in these dark days when it has been years since true magic was practiced.

"What does those dreams mean... What are they...What is this voice that keeps calling to me... to go to...Solace?"

Shaking his head clear of the visions, he made plans to go to that place...

(This story is set approximately 19 years after the Dragons of Summer Flame. I guess I better see you guys at Solace, when I arrive there :) )

12/08/2002 11:23 PM

"Damn chill wind. I'm definitely going to destroy Krynn..."

Aaric stared at the empty expanse that was once the Abyss, now his personal training plane of existence for his legions. A short sojourn into Krynn, trying to find out where his archnemesis was hiding, obviously brought to surface his intense dislike of the world.

"Never found a place so full of...ugh... niceness and heroes. It makes my stomach churn. I can't believe my mother actually helped in creating such a place..."

Several shadowy forms materialized out of nowhere, immediately kneeling before their young master.

"We have found him, ss'zarath (great lord). It seems that he is going to a town called Solace... He has sense great power near there..."

Aaric rubbed his chin, " Hmmm, that is where the Tomb of the Last Heroes of the War against Chaos was fought... He must have found where the accursed sorceror Joao Marco hid the Heart of Darkness..."

"Should we ambush him master?"

"No, it might alert him of our presence, just observe him for now. Don't try anything foolish. The last group that did that paid with their lives...and their souls. You could actually still hear their screams inside my pet pit fiend. He did devour them whole,didn't he?" Aaric grinned maliciously at the kneeling figures...

"We will not fail you ss'zarath. We shall try to find out what his true purpose for going to Solace, at once!"

"Good....very good. Don't disappoint me..."

12/09/2002 9:00 AM

OOC: well...against my better judgement...I'll join. I'll also set this as the original timeline I had set for Kalia...she is still in her human form, and doesn't know she's a dragon yet.

BIC: Kalia frowned, she noticed someone lingering around the Tomb of Last Heros. She leaned over the railing of the Inn of the Last Home, her gold eyes straining. Her silver hair fell loose over her shoulder. Her adoptive family was still within the Inn, though Caramon had called for her, she ignored him. She watched the young man closely...and then decided to get a better look.

She ran down the stairs, her white robes nearly tripping her. She moved cautiously towards the tomb, watching him intently... Finally, she stepped out in the open. "Hello? Is there something I can help you with?" she asked softly.

12/09/2002 9:47 PM

Adrian looked up from where he was kneeling. He wasn't that tall to begin with.

"Ummm, sorry. I guess I was too engrossed in my work I didn't notice anyone was there..."

The young half-kender took his spectacles off to get a good look at the young girl. He smiled, blushing lightly as he brushed back his long raven jet hair.

"Are you from around here. I've just arrived from someplace very far from here and I don't know much about this place."

He knew this as a lie, he had studied Solace for most of his 4 years studying at the distant planar city of Sigil using the various tomes left by his father, Joao Marco.

"Quite a beautiful place. I've never seen such large tress before. Not that very many where I stayed..."

Adrian turned to his small pack and the staff that lay amongst them.

"Do you know an inn where I can stay for a while? I've been on the road too long and a nice bath and a warm meal would help..."

12/09/2002 10:01 PM

Kalia nodded, she was intrigued by this stranger. "yes, I live there myself actually..." she turned. "come on...it's this way" she called, her silver hair flashing in the failing sunlight.

"Papa? Mother? we have a guest!" she called. Caramon looked around the corner from the Kitchen. "Will he be staying?" He asked, smiling.

Kalia turned towards the Half kender. "well mr....oh...I'm sorry...I didn't get your name... I'm Kalia...Kalia Majere." She smiled, holding out her hand to the half-kender.

12/09/2002 10:32 PM

The young half-kender took the girl's hand and shook it, his pony-tail (he never liked wearing his hair in a top knot) bobbing side to side as he shook hands with everyone.

"Adrian Carsum's my name. I'm not from here you know 'coz I came from a very far place, very far, farther than the horizon or something like that, if there is anything farther than that of course. Hey, you're Caramon Majere, the brother of Raistlin Majere! Cool, My dad knew him, Raistlin I mean, though they only met once, my father and your brother I mean. Is it really true you still have his room in this inn, Raistlin's Room I mean. May, I see it?"

Adrian watched at their wide mouth horror.

"I guess, kender are not allowed in that room...Ok...Oh, I almost forgot, I'm taking a room for at least a week or so, I need to investigate that huge amazing tomb near by. I'm looking for something..."

Out of breath, Adrian slumped on one of the high backed chairs.

12/10/2002 6:54 AM

Kalia giggled, she always had a soft spot for kender, something that amazed her adoptive family. She had such endearing patience with them. "well Adrian Carsum, it's nice to meet you." She said, as she plucked her dagger from Adrian's hands without a single word of chastisment.

"I can show you to your room, while you dinner is being prepared." she turned, waiting for him, at the foot of the stairs.

12/10/2002 9:27 PM

"Oh gee, thanks! And uh... was that your knife, you dropped it you know. You should be careful, there are many thieves and very nasty people around" Adrian grins, rubbing the back of his head ruefully ^.^'

Adrian composed himself and followed the young girl in white, occasional turning this way and that to stare and gaze at things he supposedly have never seen. He occasional stops and hurries up to avoid being left behind.

"This is my room huh? Thanks!" >^.^<

Before Kalia can turn and leave, Adrian takes hold of her left arm and slips a small gemstone. A tiny carved icon of a rosebud is encapsulated within.

"Here, take this. I hope you like it..."

12/11/2002 2:13 PM

Kalia blinked, and stared at the gem in awe... "This is the Majere symbol....Where did you manage to find such a thing? Father would love to see it!" She exlaimed, the pleasure evident in her expression. Her hand tingled, and she could feel an energy from the stone.

She looked at it closely, but couldn't discern anything overtly magical about the gem....but there was definitly something to it. "Thank you Adrian...Come on down to the Common Room when you're ready." She turned, and dissapeared down the stairs.

12/11/2002 3:02 PM

OOC: This sounds like fun, but who to use. I think Darkness would do well. About this time he is confused as to which side he is on, and can be swayed to light or darkness very easily. He has lived for over two hundred years thanks to Fistandantilus' bloodstone and draining the life of a dragon with it. The experience left his eyes red and he never ages.

BIC: Darkness had traveled the world over many times, but not once had he visited Solace before. He had heard many tales of what had transpired here many years ago, and finally he decided that it was time to pay tribute to those that gave their lives defeating Chaos. He had hated himself for not taking part in the war, but his own selfish desires led him to other persuits. He slowly walked down the hanging bridge leading to the inn of the last home, his soft black velvet robes trailed behind him almost appearing as if they were his own shadow. His robes bore no runes of protection, they were not needed for none dared to face this man. Darkness was about six feet tall, with a slightly muscular build which was uncommon in most mages. His hood was pulled over his head and his glowing red eyes were all that were discernable of his face.

As he entered the inn he noticed a beautiful young lady leading a kender upstairs. "An inn that welcomes Kender, how unusual." he mused to himself. He took a seat near the fireplace to warm his weary body. He had travelled for weeks across the lands in hopes of finding himself. He hated much about his life, all he had ever known was destruction. Now for the first time in his two hundred years on Krynn had he doubted his mission in life. That is why he was here. He pulled his hood down revealing long black hair that ran under his robes and nearly halfway down his back, he kept it tied up tight so it wouldnt get in his way. His face was very angular, almost like an elves, but his eyes could tell you that he was not. Those eyes held the souls of every man he had ever slain, he could not remember how many that was anymore. Now he wanted nothing more than a peaceful life, and maybe here he could find it.

12/11/2002 5:10 PM

OOC: you've given me an idea, darknessfalls...:) you may be the key to Kalia finally remembering who and what she is ;)

Kalia had come back down the stairs, had started to say something to her foster sister, Dezra...but faltered as she spotted Darkness...his red eyes seemed to hold her soul and keep her still.

She gasped and wrenched her gaze from his, her shoulders trembling her hand clenching the gem that Adrian had given her tightly. So tightly, the she felt the faceted edges cut into her palm. The sharp pain cleared her mind suddenly, and she dared a second look.

This time, his gaze couldn't hold her...and she stared steadily back. "Greetings, stranger....is there anything I can get for you?"

OOC2: remember, Kalia is a white robe mage, newly passed in her tests. She, miraculasly (SP) left the tests without a noticible physical or emotional scar...but she does suffer from nightmares....one where she can only remember the shadowed wings of Dragons.

OOC3: hey, I heard this song last night, and wanted to share it with you...I think it fits your character DarknessFalls

"THE DARK" By Savatage

Feel the darkness climbing
every note is dying
Silence is refining
every thought in his heart

thought in his heart

Still the Fates are weaving
every note that’s bleeding
ashe sits there seething
all alone in the dark

Alone in the dark
Alone in the-

But in the night
the Darkness breathes
if he wills it to be
before his eyes

The music dies
but he will always hear me
He sits alone
the cards are shown

As he embraces the dark
the only sound that he will hear
is there in his-

Someone is whispering softly to me
the shadows of things that no one can see
they are there for you
if you want them to be

you want them to be
you want them to~

But in the night
the Darkness breathes
if he wills it to be
before his eyes

The music dies
but he will always hear me
He sits alone
the cards are shown

As he embraces the dark
the only sound that he will hear
is there in his-


12/14/2002 4:35 AM

Adrian adjusted his robes, carefully removing his father's memento, the amulet of rage, and placing it near the window sill...

He didn't realize he was being watched by inhuman eyes...

(OOC: Prepare for combat everyone. And, Kalia, you better get Caramon ready ;) )

12/16/2002 9:20 PM

Darkness stared at the girl for a long moment. At first she was frightened at his appearance, as were many, but she quickly recovered. This shocked the mage, not many could even look him in the face once but this woman could look at him without fear. Her beauty amazed him, but it was not humanly beauty he could tell. Her features were similar to a humans, but something was not right. Darkness could sense an unusual aura about the woman, a power not meant for a human. Shes a....I wonder if she knows. Why else would she be here, she must not know of her heritage. "My dear," he called to the woman, "would you care to join me?"

12/16/2002 10:14 PM

Adrian felt it at the moment he lowered his defensive shields. Only his inborn kender reflexes saved him as a throwing star flew past his head. With the agility of a panther he dodge the thrown weapon in a fluid and inhuman manner, a catlike grace in his motions as he dodged three more from the darkness.

The window.

In the instant that the first star struck the far wall, he had already pulled out a sickly green crystal shard. Intoning a word of power he pointed the object at the window, and a sizzling popping sound, a sound similar to someone dropping a melon, came as brains and bits of skull came flying into the room, splattering onto the curtains and sheets.

Adrian stood up, gazing at the corpse lying in front of him...

"By the vanish gods, we're surrounded!"

With that, he came dashing out of his room, the strange crystal glowing eeriely...

12/26/2002 6:07 PM

Kalia was about to reply to the stranger when she heard Adrian cry out. She whirled, her hair like a pair of silver wings.

"Adrian!? What are you going on about?" she called, as she started to climb the stairs

12/27/2002 11:50 AM

Teona Lars, Elf maid and Shagith (Pathfinder), raised the hood of her brown russet colored tunic, shifted the Longbow by her side and peered into the darkness, safely concealed within the thick branches of the ancient Vallenwood.

She moved with the stealth and sensuous grace of a cat, skipping lightly from one branch to the next, till her elven vision had a clear view of the skirmish taking place within the inn. She armed her longbow and waited.

Waited for the shadow to show itself, wondering if the attacker were the same Dark Elf, she had been tracking all the way from Silvernesti.

12/27/2002 7:46 PM

Another sizzling pop came when Adrian pointed the crystal shard at another form that came to close behind Kalia.

"Down on the floor! Those things are Orthian tiefling assassins!"

One of the figures came crashing through the stained glass windows, immediately crouching in an inhuman manner. The humanoid figure looks like an elf with lightly purplish skin. A pair of goat like horns sprouted from its head.

It threw several darts at Adrian who immediately materialized an Improved Mantle spell to protect himself from the attack.

The young man, like a truly accomplished archmage, drew out another item from his bag. In the shape of a golden coin, he tossed it at another shadowed figured. Fey energy flickered as his Shock Sphere spell expended itself, vaporizing another assassin.

A half concealed tiefling appeared behind Kalia. Adrian's crystal flashed an unholy light. A dagger flashed menacingly...

"Vitae Negatis Necro Potentis!"

The creature was immediately reduced to a pile of rotting flesh, though its final attack took its toll.

A dagger lay buried at Adrian's side.

12/27/2002 8:21 PM

Kalia whirled at the sight of flashing silver....her gold eyes wide with shock as she saw Adrian fall. "Adrian!" She cried, moving quickly to his side. Oh Gods of light....what do I do now? She thought frantically. almost immediately a soft, serene feeling decended upon her...and a soft prizmatic light surrounded her.

As though in a dream Kalia reached out her hands, the light stronger near her palms....and with one hand she pulled the dagger free, the other, she lay on the wound....

The aura around her shifted, seemed to Coalesce, the sinous form it created was soft edged and out of focus....then the aura fell apart....as though it where never there...

Kalia's eyes blinked and she looked at her hands in Awe....with just a touch of fear in them. She stared at the dagger in her hand and back at where it was in Adrian's side.....and still could not completely comprehend that there now was no wound.

12/27/2002 8:47 PM

Teona let loose one of her arrows, watched as it buried itself into the flesh of one of the strange assassins, and then relocated to another tree. She reloaded her bow and waited for another to show itself. She could see the woman hovering over the prone figure of the man through the broken shards of the window. Then she heard a twig snap, and her eyes darted from the pair and into the night. Her eyes searching.

12/28/2002 6:20 PM

"Damn you all! Didn't I say explicitly that don't attack the mage!?! He is as powerful as his father and has friends with him! Damn you all! Why do I surround myself with such incompetence?"

With that, Aaric tapped into the reserve of mana that were kept deep within his citadel. Surges of energy swirled around him as he kept piling and piling it at his fingertips.

He pointed his fingers toward his scrying sphere...


Bolts of energy suddenly wrapped each and every assassin that stalked the streets of Solace that night, their screams of agony lost before it left their throats. A sense of wonder, fear and awe filled those who saw the sight. Adrian's throat constricted as he realized that this was just a sampling of his foe's strength...

"Heh, at least we survived this night..."

With that, he collapsed in exhaustion.

12/28/2002 6:39 PM

Kalia cast a furtive glance at Caramon, who met her gaze with eyes that where full of sorrow....as though he knew the decision that she had already made.

Carefully she gathered Adrain in her arm, easily lifting the half-kender in her arms. Caramon moved to help her, and the two of them carried him up the stairs.

"Will you go with him?" He asked softly, the burly man's eyes filled with a certainty that she would.

"Yes... I have to find my place in the world father... something tells me I wasn't destined as a small town mage....I'm sorry...." She murmered, remembering all the stories of Caramon's brother, Raislin.

"No, no... when a strange dragon brings a foundling child to me, begging me to raise you....I know that you are destined for something great Kalia, I just wish time wasn't so stealthly in it's passing....." He said with a sigh as he lay Adrian on the bed.

"I'll stay up here for now father....to watch over him. Ask Dezra to heat some water for tea...let me know when it's ready, I'll come down."

Caramon stared at her for a long moment, and nodded. He walked slowly from the room. Kalia stared at his back as he left, then shifted her gold eyes to Adrian's sleeping form.

"just what where those creatures....and what where you doing at the tomb...." She mused, watching him sleep.

12/28/2002 7:54 PM

The Shagith watched, awestruck as the energy spheres unexpectedly enfolded the mysterious assassin that she had been targeting from the tree. She watched as he vanished into the night. There was strange magic running amok in Solace and she did not understand it. However, one thing was clear to the elf maid. This had naught to do with the dark elf she was hunting. There was another force at work here.

Grey eyes studied the dark. What goes on? She brooded over her next step. She was keen to pick up Etesian’s trail once more. She knew the Speaker would not take it kindly if she sidetracked from her duty; but her curiosity was aroused.

If there were a danger, was it not her duty, as a loyal citizen of Silvanesti, to find out whether this danger was a possible threat to her people. Teona Lars grinned. If asked, that was the excuse she was going to supply to the Speaker, and she hoped she would be able to solve this mystery without the elf ever hearing of her strayed path.

12/31/2002 9:03 AM

Kalia dozed at Adrian's bedside, as sleep overtook her....the dreams came again....on the wings of dragons

She was running in a lush landscape....she could hear the sounds of water from behind, the crash of the surf on the sand....the sun shone down overhead, making her smile up in pleasure of it's warmth. She ran playfully with another that she could only barely see, then....she was flying.

A thrill of pure joy mixed with fear and made her shiver with delight. The wind in her hair felt odd, but she reveled in it anway....she froliked in her flight, pulling barrel rolls, diving climbing, soaring in a freedom that she couldn't ever remember having. With a sudden shock she realized her body wasn't her own....she spotted the scales of a dragon....and odd feathered wings.

The shock plunged her dream into a nightmare.....

Her wings buckled, seemingly unable to hold her weight She screamed as she fell....through the sky, past the earth....and a blackness that surrounded her tried to smother her soul.

Chains of fear kept her locked in place, as a five headed dragon loomed above her.

Kalia woke with a cry that woke Adrian as well.....she was shaking, wide-eyed and covered in a cold sweat.

01/01/2003 4:57 PM

Adrian awoke to the sounds of someone crying. He stared into the bleak darkness when he noticed it was coming from his side.

Careful as not to startle her, the young half-kender wrapped his arms around Kalia, his voice whispering in a light soft tone...

"Don't cry Kal, it's only a dream. It would be gone by morning. You'll see..."
(OOC: Remember those lines? :) )

With that, the young wizard settled her against his own travelling blanket. He settled into the side of the tree, watching the fires die down.

There were several of them, a few others joining up with them as they left Solace to investigate the rumors of a sudden rise of a new dark lord at Neraka

A dark lord that somehow answers to the description of the man who killed his father...

01/01/2003 10:46 PM

They had been traveling for some time now. Teona Lars studied the moon and tried once more to appease her conscience. The dark elf was her priority, and yet she had welcomed this distraction, one that was actually beginning to take on a serious nature in her mind.

Her teacher’s words seemed to haunt her mind. “Pathfinders are warriors of the forest Lars. They are protectors of nature and masters of animals. They are adept at both weapon and magic, and use them both, to protect their forest against any who seek to bring harm to their charge. They are so well in tune with nature, that they make excellent trackers and scouts. Few can lose a Shagith on their trail!”. Was that not the reason why they had sent her after Etesian.

Yet at one point, her and Etesian had been friends. It was a war between her heart and her mind. Between an old loyalty and duty. She returned to the company of the others. She knew little of them and thought perhaps an introduction to new friends would prevent her from dwelling on the severed tie of an old friendship.

01/03/2003 11:26 PM


Aaric struck down one of the few survivors of the ill-fated attack on Solace. His eyes burned with an intense light of hatred, anger and frustration.


His anger rolled forth, encompassing the entire throne room, numerous subordinates running for their lives. Some where to slow and were instantanously slain when his eyes (and ire) fell upon them.

A figure in the shadows approached Aaric and laid a hand on his shoulder.

"You need not worry young one. It was not in vain. He's coming, bringing a treasure worth more than that gemstone..."

The words piqued Aaric's interest.

"He brings..???"

The figure's hooded head nods sagely...

"The Vessel..."


Adrian eyed the dark elf warily, not sure if he could trust her. He adjusted the stirrups and reigns of his riding pony to best suit Kalia, who was still asleep, and led it slowly down the path, his glance shifting from the trees and sides, to the dark elf.

He is not overly fond of the so called "dark elves" due to the fact that his father died at the hands of Aaric by the betrayal of the one called Dalamar.

"Hell, at least he got what he deserved..." Remembering the screaming form of the elf as he was disemboweled by Adrian's summoned golem.

He continued to eye the dark elf with the gaze of a hunter, judging if he has the strength to survive an attack and defend Kalia in her defenseless state...

The young mage sighed and shook his head, I must learn how to trust people again. Not all elves are cut from the same mold, as all kender... Grinning to himself.

01/05/2003 8:20 AM

OOC: okay...I missed something....when did we get outside? lol....last I remember we where still inside the Inn.

BIC: more peaceful memories flited through Kalia's dreams now...memories of a childhood with the most gentle man she knew...Caramon...her foster family....the three remaining children of the Majere family... She had heard the story of Sturm and Tanin....and it saddened her to see Palin still in greif for his lost brothers.

It was Palin who helped her in her magic, and he marveled at her quickness and abilities. It didn't take her long to complete her test. a test that she still has nightmares about....about what?

"hmmmm?" She mumbled as the shadows of dragonwings cleared her mind. She felt the familiar movements of a horse below her, and she sat up gently, as not to startle the poor beast.

"Adrian? where are we going? Papa! Gods above, he'll be worried!" She cried, looking back in the opposite direction.

01/05/2003 10:36 AM

(OOC: I hope it isn't too late to join?)

Kori looked around outside the common room window. His obsidian-like eyes strayed to the stables. There, he could see three figures mounting their horses. Where would they be going this late at night?
One figure he recognized as Kalia, in her white robes, and one as the half-kender whom he had noticed in the common room.

This sparked his interest. His fingers tingled as if sparks were dancing around them. And sure enough, little motes of electricity were were dancing around his fingers. It always happened when he got excited.

He drowned the rest of his ale, and picked up his cloak. He left a steel piece on the table, and waved his goodbye to Caramon. Caramon caught his gaze for a second, and he knew what he intended to do. He was going
with them. He'd always had a boyish infatuatution with Kalia.

Ever since they had first met. It was at the Academy, where they were both preparing for their Tests.
He heard that she did good, but he was not so lucky. He was forever scared, on his right cheek, was the shape of a crescent moon. His light brown hair and green eyes, were forever turned to an obsidian black.

But he counted these as a small sacrifice for the magic. But ever did his Tests haunt his sleep at night.
He strapped his pouch and quickly donned his dark cloak. Running down the stairs to the stables, he whistled twice in different intonations, and a black mare came galloping his way, to meet him at the entrance. It nuzzled him affectionately, and he stroked its mane.

"Come, Dusk, we set out on an adventure." Quickly he mounted and rode on after them. He guessed he could catch up with them at the ravine if he rode swiftly, and took one of his own secret paths.

01/05/2003 9:30 PM

Adrian's hand grasped Kalia's wrist, his eyes looking deep into hers.

"Your family would be safer when *we* leave Solace. For you to go back would only spell disaster..."

He smiles lightly, brushing bag his long dark hair, a lone moon glimmering against his dark spectacles.

"Don't worry, I know your father. He's a great hero right?"

At that moment, Adrian was all kender and pulled Kalia close.

"Hey did I tell you about the time when this huge dragon came to live at our home at Kendermore... You see, we have this neighbor, Willy Longbottom, and he's trying to be a mage...."

I don't like it when she frowns, I don't know why, thought Adrian. He glanced at her as they furtively walked amongst the shadows, away from Kalia's home...and into the great wide world beyond...

01/05/2003 9:48 PM

Kalia looked back one last time towards Solace, and listened half-heartedly to Adrian's tale.


Meanwhile Ayslynn returned to Solace...his pale hair falling loose in his bright blue eyes. He wore simple, dark traveling clothes. He reached the inn, and noticed the mess...he spotted Caramon and Tika in the back...Tika was crying, and the big man seemed near tears himself.

"what is going on!? Master Majere? Mistress? where is the girl?" He said, his eyes wide with sudden apprehension.

"Gone...we where attacked by odd creatures....there was a newcomer....half-kender it seemed...she left with him..." was all Caramon could mutter before Ayslynn ran back outside with a bit off curse.

Once outside, the man shifted without a second thought...the small opal dragon lept into the air. only 35 feet from nose to tail, his scales where smooth and where a milky white, with bright flecks of blue, green, and red. His wings bore him fast as he tried to find his charge....hope for the future would be lost without this girl....Kalia....who had once....long ago, when she and him had first met, called herself "Glimmer"

01/05/2003 10:05 PM

Darkness had heard the commotion of the night before and he did not want to intervene, not yet at least. He had dozed off, and had awoken the next morning at Caramon and Tikas sobbing. "Be I cursed to the Abyss," he reprimanded himself for sleeping so late. He closed his eyes trying to detect her presence. There, a mile outside Solace. He closed his eyes again letting the magic come to him and embrace him. Many colors surrounded his body, and the next instant he was gone.

The teleportation spell brought him before the group that had left Solace. "Kalia is it? I am sorry for not being present last night in the little scuffle, but I knew you could handle it on your own. I ask but one thing of you, let me join you in your adventure. I promise you, when this trip is over your sleep will no longer be plagued with nightmares. You will finally understand yourself and why you are here."

OOC: Sorry Ive been gone for so long, but Ive had some personal problems I had to attend to. Hopefully Ill be back for a while. And I hope youre not all mad at me >:).

01/05/2003 10:32 PM

Kalia stared at the man's red eyes for a long moment, as she felt that same cold fear that she felt the night before. this time the grip wasn't as strong, nor as long...she blinked and the sensation was gone.

She leaned forward a bit. "what do you mean?" she asked, the fear and awe evident in her voice.

"Don't bother....Darkness...." Came a loud voice...Ayslynn was flying above, his blue eys locked on the man.

OOC: I figured I'd have that Ayslynn and Darkness once knew each other...Ayslynn is a magic-created dragon....once empowered by the Dark Queen. it was he that freed Crystalamira form Takhisis's control.

01/06/2003 1:02 PM

Kori rode swiftly, and came to the ravine in a matter of minutes. He was sure he could catch up with them here, but looking around, he saw nothing but rustling trees and the path before him. His hopes sank.

He looked vainly back towards the road to Solace, but could see nothing. Although the path was quite slopy, he knew he shouldn't hope that they were just below a rise....
And their they were, walking at a semi-leisurely pace, with Kalia still asleep on a riding pony. Dashed hopes were rekindled. He decided to ride up and meet them, but thought better of it.

They would probably think him hostile, seeing as it was still dark out. He sat patiently and waited. Sure enough, soon they were there, almost right before him. They stopped.

He thought he heard the unsheathing of a blade, but he couldn't be sure. "Hail, I am only friend," he said holding up his right hand in greetings.
"I have ridden from Solace and followed you to this spot, where I hoped to join your party. I have skill in magic ,and I hope I can be of assistance on your quest."

He bowed graciously, out of respect, awaiting an answer.

OOC: To explain my character a bit- Kori has a kind of crush on Kalia, ever since they met at the Academy where they both were preparing for their Tests. He's had a boring life in Solace, working mostly as an archmagus's assistant at the Academy.
He seeks adventure, a quest to fulfill his life. May be a bit vain sometimes ;) Though young, he's tough and hardened by his experiences, and very skilled in magic. Hoping this is OK.

01/06/2003 1:46 PM

Kalia smiled at Ayslynn, she hadn't seen him in five years... she then turned her attention to Kori.

"Kori!" she said, smiling, though they where opposing magi, she was always caring to him...though some thought that this was very odd.

"well...I guess that is up to Adrian...." she said softly, turing to her newfound friend.

01/06/2003 2:34 PM

Kori blushed slightly. He smiled back at Kalia, and tried to make himself look more impressive. His smile was charming to most women, but the only one he wished to charm was Kalia.

Silently he hid his affections for her, taking on a more serious demeanor. He wanted to have a chat with Adrian about those creatures that attacked the inn, and why they were so keen on him.
But first he would have to wait for a reply from him.

Dusk pawed nervously at the ground, and he could feel the mare growing more excited. Something was wrong. He listened in the woods, but all he could hear was the soft rustling of the leaves in the trees.
The dull pony that Kalia was riding also grew more agitated. He looked at Adrian, hoping for a sign maybe that he was worried too. But he couldn't see much in this damn dark.

01/06/2003 8:29 PM

Darkness had felt the presence of the dragon overhead. It has been a long time friend. Why does this woman not know of her heritage, and why is she here? Im sure you have a good reason for keeping this from me, but when the time comes she must know. He spoke to the dragon through his mind. It had been a long time since they had crossed paths, maybe it was a sign of what path he should take.

01/06/2003 9:01 PM

Adrian lets go of Kalia's wrists as the others arrived. However, his eyes laid on Darkness the longest.

The half-kender walks over to the mage's side, "Darkness isn't it? You were a friend of my father, Marc the Chronomancer, right?"

Without breaking a sweat, Adrian slugs the mage, doubling him over, even though he only stood as high as Darkness's shoulders.

"Thats for not being there for my father!"

Uncontrolled sobs wracked the half-kender's frame.

"He...he....he needed your help at that time when Aaric betrayed Mertonius. He sent out a call to all his friends. But you never came. Not you, nor anyone else! You...you let him die for the sake of this world..."

Adrian collapses on his knees, tears starting to pool around his hands as he clutched at the dirt of the road...

"You...the whole lot of you... forsook him when he and the world needed you guys most..."

(OOC: Of course, the message never did came to Darkness and the others. Darthien, Marc's assistant, turned traitor and never delivered them magically. This is a fact that no one else knew except Aaric, who killed Darthien after the betrayal to cover up his hands. Adrian never knew this, so he blamed all of his father's close friend for betraying him)

01/07/2003 4:44 PM

OOC:... so, if I'm being ignored, I might as well leave this thread... -_-'

01/07/2003 10:54 PM

"Adrian, is it?" Darkness rubbed his sore stomach. "I am sorry to hear of you loss, but I had no idea your father was dead. He was a comrade of mine, and it troubles me to hear of this loss, but I never knew of his demise. Normally I would kill anyone who would dare lay a hand on me, but in memory of your father I will let that pass. Remember why we are here young one, we can settle what differences we may or may not have later." Darkness waited for the half-kenders response, not knowing whether to feel sorry for the man or not. But his gaze did not wander from Kalia for long.

01/08/2003 1:25 PM

OOC: Sorry Kalia, I thought we were out of Solace, I was just responding to this bit:

There were several of them, a few others joining up with them as they left Solace to investigate the rumors of a sudden rise of a new dark lord at Neraka

Maybe I got it wrong. Whoa- and she's not a Dark elf, she's chasing one, and she got side-tracked....happens alot with her....what else have I missed? Sorry- went on hols for a bit and this thread really took off in a grand style.


History. It was abvious to the Shagith that there was a lot of bad blood lying in their past - tying them together. It was something she understood. She would not speak out in a personal matter. Instead she watched the shadows for another attack.

01/09/2003 4:57 AM

Adrian held back his tears and turned away, obviously in pain. After a few stiffled sniffles, he rub the back of his arm across his eyes and said.

"We better get going, all of us. We musn't...*sniffle* musn't stay to near Solace too long. Come on. Let's go..."

And with that, he started for the shadows, his long white cloak shimmering in the light of the full moon.


"Hurry, you must, Mase. Heart fills hatred his. Find him, you must!"
The ancient reality master, Joda, taps the arcane seals that bind the gateway to Krynn. To his side stands a tall dark skinned man, a strange crystal with a hilt at his side.

"The seals must be undone master Joda. I can scarely believe that the Dark Master Shada-ur was actually this powerful enough to seal Krynn from the Yed's Eye Council..."

The old Jaluvian Reality Master shook his head, "Begun now, the Moon Wars has. All hope fades. Find the Vessel and Heart we must!"

01/09/2003 3:12 PM

His name was Yoda. He was a Jedi...

(Sing along if you know the words).

01/11/2003 8:53 PM

Aaric stalked the hallways of his citadel, his eyes blazing as he made his way down into the bowels of the spawning chambers.

"Are the dragon spawns completed? Have they been augmented already?"

"No my lordship. We are just about too...arghhhh!"

No one admits inefficiency before Aaric and lives.

"Have the lesser dragon spawns at the ready. Ambush them when they reach the end of the forest..."

01/12/2003 7:42 PM

***Two Weeks Earlier***

A Solemn ceremony can be seen being preformed in a chapel in Solanthus. Despite the seeming importance of the occasion, few are in attendance. Among the audience, a kender, a man in a blue coat, and a man in dark leather clothing sit together in the front row. Kneeling before the Solomnic Grand Master is an old man with long white hair. A sword of intricate design is held by the Grand Master, its blade resting on the man’s shoulder, its empty scabbard at his side.

"For your continuous service to the knighthood over a period of 40 years, and the great deeds you preformed for us during the chaos war, and for your dedication to a cause which you knew could not take you, you are hereby bestowed Lordship of the land of Tokanthas. May it prosper under your leadership, Lord Javert Roguesbane. Rise, my friend.

The old man rises up and faces the Grand Master, tears soaking his face. For a moment, he turns to face a previously un-noticed lady sitting next to the kender. She too weeps as he turns back and the old man grasps the Grand Master in a friendly embrace.


“So this is the place.” The old man said to himself. “Hasn’t really changed much since back then I suppose. More places on the ground, but I guess that can’t be helped. Well, might as well head in and get a place to spend the night.” The man continues down the path towards the town and talking to himself.

“Should have gone and got that guy myself. These new marshals don’t have a clue what they’re doing.” He started getting a little angrier. “But I suppose that ‘Lords’ just aren’t allowed to do that.” He says as he kicks a stone down the path and grabs a branch of a tree. “Instead, I get stuck taking the bounty from the local jail to the nearest Solomnic council as an ‘Official Escort.’ I’ve had just about all I can take of this “Lordship’ life. I want to be back in the hunt!” As he yells the last part, he throws the stick deep into the woods in front of him, causing a great racket as it knocks leaves down the hill.

(OOC: Javert is on his way south, alone, to pick up a prisoner and bring him to Solace. He is actually not expected for quite a few more days, so he can join if you would like. If not, I needed this post as character development so he could get his lordship. Also, I don't care which group finds him first, as the ensuing comotion will most likely draw the other. If you don't want him in the party, just say the party is heading south and not going through the same forest.)

01/13/2003 10:26 AM

The Shagith was resting under the tree when the explosion in the leaves above, and then the rain of twigs and leaves upon her head disturbed her slumber. She brushed the leaves from her tunic and rose to her feet, as agile as a cat.

Slanted eyes narrowed in anger. The Grey misted over until they became dark and angry. Teona pulled the brown russet colored hood over her long golden hair and disappeared into the forest. She armed her Longbow and began to stalk her prey, curious to see who this new adversary was. She noted the staff, and began to follow the trajectory of broken twigs and leaves.

01/13/2003 4:55 PM

((OOC: Although I don't plan to, just for the sake of argument, Javert is one of the few who probably could lose a Shagith, 20 years ago. Now it's a bit iffy. Not that he's trying to right now. For refrence, he's around 60.

Don't care for your translation of the To be/not to be, but I guess that's personal opinion. Seams to take from multible point though, not all the same speech.

Back to our story, let's wait to see if the rest of the party heard it as well))

"Oh well. Guess I can still be watching for new recruits. Must be better thatn that last one I helped train."

01/13/2003 6:12 PM

Several lean and dark cloaked figures approached Javert as he made his way through the forest. About half a dozen in all.

"Have you.....*weeeze*shhh*.......seen this man and woman?" The figure held up a strange looking scroll with an exact image of a young 'boy' in a dark cloak and a young woman in white. The speaker, its strange, raspy metallic voice echoed in the forest. It, the being, towered over Jovert by an excess of 70 cm.

"**Weeeze*shrssshhh*Weeze*... Answer old man, before I...*shhrhhhh*... am tempted to cut your head off..."

The lead figure signalled to his companions. The five pulled out strange, leather wrapped crystals that seemed to glow an eerie green light...

01/13/2003 10:32 PM

Teona Lars watched the encounter from the branches of the tree, her grey eyes absorbing every detail. They widened at the sight of the green fire. The scent of Dark Magic made her senses press on to further vigilance. She began to bring to mind the charms she had learnt from the cradle. Her arrow at the ready, she waited to see what the old one would do next. Perhaps he was not a bumbling old fool after all- the odds were five to one. Perhaps not an ordinary man...

01/16/2003 4:10 PM

Kalia Sighed, suddenly weary. She conversed little with anyone.

Ayslynn conversed well with Darkness, the two aquaintences talked quietly to themselves.

"Kalia is as she is for her own protection. You know who she is, what she is...you where there when the Dark Queen tried to steal her power... Untill she has mastry of the power incarnate that she is, she will stay as she is. For her protection....and Ours." Ayslynne murmered softly. The Opal draon kept his distance from the group, his sapphire eyes locked on his charge.


"Adrian?" Kalia murmmered sleepily. "what is going on? who was your father? I'm sorry he died...She consoled softly, tears shimmering in her gold eyes.

01/17/2003 12:12 AM

"Well, I'm afraid I can't help you with that." He says patronizingly. "If you come in to town with me I can help you fill out a wanted: alive bounty on them." Javert move his hands slowly up to on top of his head to show he is not looking for a fight, then slides them down through his long white hair to rest on his neck as he speaks. "You might have the town doc take a look at that weeze while you're there."

*Well, I can get the first three right out, the other three could be trouble.* He thinks to himself. *If only I could get my sword out without drawing attention. Could try that, it worked on him..., plus I've got that still...* Javert goes through these mental calculations in his head at lightning speed while he waits for the creature's responce.

(OOC: Let's go, I'm up for some whooping.)

01/17/2003 12:16 AM

(OOC: Wow, I just added that up in my head. I forgot he had so many hidden weapons. Um, Yeah, mert, don't read that about the hidden weapons. And is it all right for me to kill these creatures?)

01/17/2003 2:33 AM

(OOC: You can try killing the other four. It would be tough, coz... They are Dark Yed Eye's Council!)

The large figure backed off as the other four moved forward to face the old warrior. The four brought up their crystals that suddenly flashed, creating four foot long energy blades. The lead figure turns around and disappears in a flash of light.

The four strangely clad warriors took their position around old man, still apparently ignoring the other one perched above amongst the trees. Their lightblades made strange 'woom' 'shrish' sounds as they spun them around deftly.

The one at the old man's right lunged in to attack...


Adrian walked silently beside Kalia, occasionally glancing at his companions. He knew that Aaric is up to something, but what he doesn't know.

"Ummm, Kalia... Did you ever had that feeling that you are very alone in the whole wide world when everyone somehow has someone for them...?"

When the young woman turned to him, Adrian blushed and smiled, "Uh, sorry about that...I was just...thinking...speaking to myself..."

01/17/2003 10:53 AM

Grey eyes studied the ensuing tableau. A smile played over her lips. The old one had remained cool under his collar, so far. Quick fingers danced over the arrowhead. Her nails rapped against the feathered tips impatiently. Was he waiting for the creatures to make the first move? She wondered why, when their purpose was so obvious.

01/17/2003 11:53 AM

"Guess not, huh?" The former Marshall asks. "I'm affraid I'm going to have to question you about those."

Having positioned his elbows facing towards the necks of the closest two figures. Pulling two strings attached to his fingures, he triggers two spring-loaded knifes to shoot through the elbows of his coat, embedding themselves in their throats. They clutch at their thoats as the fall weezing to the ground (esp. if they were weezing before).

Javert slides a painted knife out of his hair (Yes, it was tied in there. Why do you think he keeps it so long?), spins and throws it at the next closest creature, embedding it in it's leg. The creature continues to advance, as does the one to its left. "Damn." Javert swore at the missed shot. *These guys are too tall.* He thought quickly. Kicking his right shoe to the left, a pair of knives shoots up into the air from both, which he grabs out of the air (one in each hand) and backs away from the figures. He throws the right one one at the neck of the un-injured creature, which cuts it in half with his sword. *Well, that's not good.* He thinks as he continues to back away. The creatures fan to either side as he draws his sword. *I hope this thing is strong enough to use on this.* He thinks.

(OOC: Got to go to class. I'll continue this in a few hours when I'm back.)

01/17/2003 2:30 PM

(OOC: I know somebody is going to ask this, so I'll say it now. Javert has 25 knives for throwing/launching, and four fixed in place. 17 of the knives are concealed. He also has a very special sword and parrying dagger, some non-throwing knives, and some other surprises. Less one concealed throwing knife now. The sword is magic, that's why I'm saying the 'light sabres' don't cut it in half.)

*I hope this works.* He thought as he prepared to block an attack from the injured creature. He pushed his sword against the green light. It held! "Well let's get going then." he said to the surprised creature. Spinning behind the creature, he attacked with his sword. The creature turned and managed to block it, but left himself open to the knife still in Javert's left hand. Javert threw it strait into its chest and it fell to the ground as he drew his parrying dagger.

Javert turned just in time to block the rush from the last creature with his sword. They engage in a close combat, and Javert blocks with the dagger. The blade slices through part of it and nicks Javerts left arm. Javert grimaces and renews his attack. "You see this sword?" He asks. "This sword's name is Justice. And now it's being delivered to you!" He shouts as he slashes across the creature, slicing from the armpit to the other side of the neck. The creature collapsed to the ground in two pieces.

Javert grabbed his arm as he sank to the ground. The blade had cauterized the wound as it passed, and it was not too serious. "Maybe I am getting to old for this." He says, then looks at the bodies. "You can come down now." He says to apparently nobody. "And put that bow away while you're at it. Give me a hand with this thing, I think it's still alive." He says the last part as he gestures to the creature which had been injured in the fight.

01/17/2003 3:29 PM

Kalia smiled in returned then raised her gaze to the stars above. "Yes..." She breathed, her voice barely a whisper. "Yes, I have...many times..." She lowered her gaze as two tears struck the back of her hands....they shimmered there like a pair of liquid crystals.

"Many times....." Her voice broke, and her hands clenched. Her silver hair fell over her shoulders...hiding her face.

Ayslynn had chosen his white eagle form, and was pearched delicately behind Kalia. He turned his head towards her and then looked back to Darkness.

It may be for her own well-being...but her hold on her identity is slipping....I worry for her.... He sent silently.

01/17/2003 5:00 PM

Teona smiled and then obligingly put away her Long bow. She had never been one to interfere with a fellow man’s sport but she had noted the injury and was willing to aid the old man with his burden.

She skipped down from the high branch, landing on her feet with easy agility. Lars revealed herself from the trees and pulled back her hood as she stepped forth. She was Elven. Of that, there was little doubt, with the same elven eyes and elven ears that denoted all of her kind. She had long golden hair and grey mist colored eyes. Her face revealed little expression, except perhaps the amused disdain that all elves held for the other races.

Her bow was formal and courtly. “My name is Teona Lars. I am of the Shagith of Silvernesti. I can heal your arm, should you wish it old man”.

01/18/2003 12:02 AM

Adrian limply bowed his head as they made their way through the forest.

Come on, say samething Adrian! a voice echoed in his head.

"Umm... I think we've walked far enough. You wouldn't mind setting camp here, would you?"

Without letting Kalia reply, the young half kender set up camped for his companions. A warm fire was going and several bed rolls were spread out after half an hour...

(OOC: The camp is set only a few tens of meters away from the fight. You may go over and set up camp with Adrian and Kalia if you like.)

01/18/2003 2:40 AM

"Silvenesti?" The man asked. "What brings you out this far from your homeland? And I'd be very gratefull for any help you could give."

Noticing the creature starting to move, he looked at the elf again. Maybe we should take care of him first. Looks like a campfire up ahead, when can drag him there, and maybe you could take a look at the arm then. He walks around to the other corpses and retrives his knives from them, placing them back in their launchers. "I tear more coats that way." He jokes.

01/18/2003 9:57 AM

“Agreed” said the Shagith.

She went forward to lend a hand with the creature. A sharp rap at the back of the neck with the edge of her hand sent the creature swiftly sailing back to dreamland.

“We should try to question this one further”, she said, binding his arms behind his back with a thin silvery cord of unknown substance.

“I am hunting a dark elf”, she said as way of an explanation. Without much success, her mind added, but had she been really trying? She pushed the matter to one side and focused on the old man.

“And you are?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.

01/18/2003 11:44 AM

"Javert Roguesbane, Solomnic Marsh... No, wait. Old habbit I guess. Lord Javert Roguesbane, of Solomnia." He says with a grin on his face. "I used to be a Solomnic Marshall, up until two weeks ago. Basically I was their official 'unofficial bounty hunter.' That is, until they 'promoted' me. Don't get me wrong, I've wanted to join the knighthood all my life, and I'm grateful, but once you've been a hunter for almost 50 years, it's hard to give up the chase."

"I've gone all over this land, both here and on Taladas. Met a lot of people. If you're Silvanesti, and hunting something this far from home, I suppose that would make you a ... what was the word... Shawgith?" Seing the surprise on her face, he continued. "Don't be so surprised. I met some on a few of my trips to Silvanesti. Not the warmest welcomes I've had, but a very beautiful country. Guess our occupations are fairly similar you could say, well, former occupation in my case."

(OOC: He's still a little bitter about the knighthood waiting till he was 60 to make accept him. He understands their reasons, but still doesn't like it. He also still misses his old job.)

01/18/2003 12:04 PM

“It is always difficult for a hunter to give up the chase. I cannot imagine anything harder to do”, she said with feeling. It was the first sign of true emotion to escape from the elf maid. She was not one to give in to sentiment often.

“I can understand your heart’s ache”. She turned her eyes to the creature on the floor. “Now I suppose we should carry this one to the camp. They are good people- a half-kender and a woman. I have been traveling with them for the past few days”.

01/18/2003 12:54 PM

Kalia slipped down from the horse and stretched her sore muscles. Ayslynne returned to his dragon form, but kept the form small, as he preferred to stay in his true form. But as he knew that his size, though on the furthest side of small for dragons, usually upset most humans. He was even smaller than the pony that kalia had ridden.

"I can help set up wards...." She said, and turned to walk the perimiter of the camp without saying another word. As she walked, the same silvery mist surrounded her again, and she said no word as she walked, but a pale silvery flame rose up from the ground to meet her hand that she held paralelle. The flames touched her hand, like a cool breeze then dissapeared unseen.

Ayslynn watched his charge closely and was startled to actually be able to make out the vauge shape that writhed in the prizimatic aura around Kalia...her true self was struggling to free herself.

01/19/2003 10:06 PM

Adrian simply stared into the fire...

Remembering past times with his father and his uncle...

Adrian, remember that never use your magic against the weak and oppressed. No matter how hard it may seem at times, you know your heart would carry you through...

"I know father...I know..." he whispered into the silent night...

His preternatural senses however, flamed as he sense to individuals approach the camp site.

"Who are you! Show yourselves!"

01/23/2003 3:20 AM

"Calm down!" Came the reply. "We just had a little run-in on the road and were hoping to share your fire." Javert and the Shagith step into view, draging the thing behind them. "I am Lord Javert Roguesbane, of Solomnia. And you?"

01/23/2003 2:38 PM

"Relax Adrian....look at the wards...." Kalia said softly, her hand resting on Adrian's shoulder. The flames on the ground had returned, and they burned a soft blue.....friendlies.....

"If they had ill intent, the flames would roar high, and would be a brilliant scarlet. They're okay..." She said.

02/02/2003 3:58 PM

(OOC: Blimy, I think I killed it!)

02/02/2003 5:14 PM


Easy now, Gov’ner.

Don’t be so quick to take on all the credit. I‘m sure I did me part to bring about its downfall-

Anywayz, maybe it ain’t dead yet.

Maybe, it's just waitin' in a temporary coma...?

04/07/2003 1:20 PM


04/07/2003 3:22 PM

(OOC: You gonna add something to that bump? Like an answer to Javert's question?)

04/07/2003 4:08 PM

OOC: well...sure why not?

BIC: Kalia smiled and looked at the newcomers...the low blue flames died away, and would only return if someone new where to approach.

"I am Kalia Majere....This is Adrian...." She made a sweep with her hand, indicating their fire. "Please, be welcome here...." She said, her gold eyes kind.

04/07/2003 6:02 PM

"Kalia Majere?" Javert asked. "I belive we've met before." He moves closer to get a better look. "It is you! I haven't seen you since... the Ansalon Ball! How have you been?" Then he remembered the injured thing he was dragging. "Oh, sorry, that will have to wait for later. These things attacked me on the road. This is the only one still alive. I have a feeling they were trying to set an ambush for somebody besides me, and figured we might want to question him here later."

(OOC: They were also in "Bounty Hunters II" togather, with mirror and Marc. They may have been in threads since then, but that's about where I stopped the timeline. Maybe it's time to have another party like that ball?)

04/19/2003 10:32 AM

(OOC: Kalia?)

03/09/2004 7:22 PM

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