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07/17/2000 6:04 AM

*Ordered by the Gods to find a replacement and leave Krynn to help her friends in Medren...Kistar Dragonstar, the Silver Robe Mage, Choosen of the Gods, Mixer of the Magic now seeks a mage of like mind who will carry on her task, of spreading wisdom...of teaching those who see only the glory of magic how to see the responsiblities of the magic...she travels the world...sending out her silent call. Soon, she hopes, the ONE will answer that call...soon...for she must hurry, since the Dark is Rising to claim Loth Lorien...and then all of Medren...*

06/30/2000 1:56 PM

I suggest you post this approximately 500 more times.

Aestas writes to Kistar:

Dearest Colleague,

I work for Nuitari under the Black Robes and am very involved in my work...I passed the Test seventy years ago, despite threats from my elven family, who have since banished me. All i have is the magic, i live only for the magic, and i will do anything for it.

I was wondering what sort of thing you are trying to set up here- i need more information.

I'm not just a cheap carnival mage who sells petty feats of thaumaturgy...
I know what i am doing, am very well read and very powerful. not to brag or anything.

aestas tamwe jume

06/30/2000 7:15 PM

It is I Tarohl who serves all the Gods who is willing to help. What must I do?

07/01/2000 8:59 PM

U Must Be My Love Slave

07/01/2000 8:59 PM


07/02/2000 12:13 AM

I was a love slave once. It was very fun and educational.
Love concurs all

07/02/2000 12:51 PM

just once?

07/02/2000 2:29 PM

I want details!

*tongue is hanging to the ground*

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

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your balls all over your pants!'


07/04/2000 5:19 PM

Hahahahahahaha.. yeah details.

07/04/2000 11:52 PM

*Appears spectre-like* I am seeking one who will equally serve the Three Gods, who has no political ambitions and no predjudices. I need someone who can act as a teacher, a go-between with the Gods, a champion of the magic or the ppl, a watcher, a guide, a pathmaker, a gaurdian, or a judge. I need someone who is not afraid to take on the responsiblity of being the Gaurdian of the Magic...someone who will try to make the world view the magic as what it is...a beautiful gift and a terrible responsiblity. I seek a mage of any level or order who is willing to become a creature of Time in order to make sure that the Gods never decide to take the magic from the ppl. Someone who will always be worthy of their power because they never used it for their own personal gain, but for the sake of making the magic something better. It's very hard to explain. You must know in your heart that you can use the magic as the Gods intend you to, with little thought of yourself...you must be willing to put the good of the ppl and the glory of the Gods before your own needs and desires. Your job would be to try and make sure that the magic users do not forsake the Gods and the Gods do not forsake the magic users. Do you understand what I mean? If you do, we can continue by begining the Testing to see if the other Two Gods will accept you as my replacement...if not, I must continue searching.

07/13/2000 7:54 AM

Considering this is my search, that comment was
uncalled for.

07/14/2000 12:06 PM

Dear Kistar_Dragonstar

My application for this role is not as impressives as moany of the other but I'm willing to give it a try.
I have a vast knowledge of magic, it's history, workings, outcomes and the like. I love to sit and discuss possiblities and what ifs. I pledge to noone and everyone for my robe is the color of mud.
I am a renegade, a brown robe, who does not follow the orders principles but educates all who are willing to listen. I teach how and what I see fit. Never giving to much power or responsibility to anyone.
I am a guide. I help people on their journey for knowledge about "the art." I mold and shape young willing souls to tap into the arcane and learn it's secrets.
I am forever, for when My body has laid to rest, my knowldge will still be spreading, encompassing more and more.
I am your choice, for there is no other like me.
I am The_Thorn

07/14/2000 4:49 PM

Dear The_Thorn

Were _you_ a love slave?


Joe Ghostbuster- "You're all perverts! Except me."

07/17/2000 6:04 AM

I have never been a love slave but I have been a slave of long. Recently I have fallen for someone who has decide that she is not ready to return my affection. But like the infinity sign, love is a loop, and if I move on I will find someone who wants to share love with me.

07/31/2000 5:53 AM

I am following up on the application I put in for this position. When you come to a decision, please let me know either way, as I may be able to help the new apprentice (if it isn't me).

07/31/2000 8:41 AM

I must consult with the Gods of Magic to see if you
are to be the next Silver Robe. You seem to have been
doing exactly what I have done without speaking to
Solinari, Lunitari or Nuitari. They will inform me if
you are to be my successor...I must seek their wisdom
and visit their moons. I will return with the answer anon.

*Fades slowly from view to the muttering of a soft spell.*

-by the way, enough with the Love slave nonsense.
It has no bearing on my search.

08/01/2000 12:11 PM

May your search be speedy and your knowledge true.

08/03/2000 8:51 AM

*The presence of Kistar Dragonstar becomes tangible once
more. Slowly, she fades into view before the one called
"The Thorn." In her hands is a book, a keyring, and a length
of silver cloth. Quietly, she raises her face, her tri-coloured
eyes glinting in the sunlight.*

Thorn, your heart has been found pure, your intentions noble.
This is my last visit to Krynn for a long time. The Gods have
left it to me to chose. You are the one I find worthy of the
few who have showed an interest. You shall become the Gaurdian
of the Magic, the Teacher of the Mages, the Chosen of the Three
Gods. You shall be my successor as the Silver Robed Mage. If you
wish, and the Gods approve, you may establish an order of the Silver
Robe. Here, then, Chosen One, are the Keys to the Tower of the Silver
Robe. And the spellbook that will give you the power to blend the
three magics in one spell. And the cloak that marks you as the Chosen One.
Tradition states that you wear the colors of the three gods beneath it,
but that is your choice.

*Holds out the items listed.*

Take them, and with them take your place in the scheme of things.

*Waits paitently for The Thorn to take the items from her, so that she
may leave.*

08/03/2000 1:23 PM

Pip silently sits and suddenly realizes that a keyring and a length of silver cloth have "fallen" into his hands. Puzzled he looks at the items closely. He looks at Kistar and begins to say something but realizes the stander-by is busy.
"Well, I don't want to disturb Kistar while standing there like that. So I'll just hold on to these items for now. Wouldn't want Kistar to lose them after-all"

Pip Brightmead of Kendermore
a.k.a. RealmKeeper
The Realm of Heroes (http://www.heroesrealm.com)
The Registry of Heroes (http://www.heroesrealm.com/registry)

08/03/2000 1:24 PM

The Thorn reaches out to the items. He dons the robe of silver over his own brown robe. He slips the keyring onto a length of chain and drapes it around his head. He then reaches fo the spellbook.

"Thank you, I shall not let you or the Gods of magic down," he says. "May your journey be peaceful."

08/03/2000 1:27 PM

Oh?!! Was that yours?? You must've dropped it, but I found it for you, all is well now. :)

Pip Brightmead of Kendermore
a.k.a. RealmKeeper
The Realm of Heroes (http://www.heroesrealm.com)
The Registry of Heroes (http://www.heroesrealm.com/registry)

08/03/2000 1:27 PM

The Thorn then turns to the Kender. "Thank you for holding those for me little one. I will not forget you service. If you ever have a question for me just ask and I will find your answer."

The Thorn turns away and fades out.

08/03/2000 2:02 PM

Pip, stunned, tries pathetically to think of a question in order to keep The Thorn's attention. In frustration he gives up and thrusts is hands into his pockets only to realize something new has found it's way into his pockets. He pulls out his new prize, "Hmmm, what's this? Wow, a dagger with a small diamond in it's hilt. Now who could've dropped such a nice dagger? Oh well, I'm sure it's owner will turn up." He returns the dagger to a pouch and begins skipping along down the trail.

Pip Brightmead of Kendermore
a.k.a. RealmKeeper
The Realm of Heroes (http://www.heroesrealm.com)
The Registry of Heroes (http://www.heroesrealm.com/registry)

08/04/2000 8:55 AM

Before Pip makes it too far down the trail he hears a voice in his head.

Little one, you are special and I will be keeping an eye on you. The dagger is a gift, and is now yours. Take special care of it, you will need it in the future.

And then the voice is gone.

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