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07/16/2000 5:02 PM

*This is sometime after Khellendros flew off into the grey to retreive Kitiara's soul and Malys was struck by the dragonlance by Dhamon, Pyranthas Bronzeblade, Templar Master, Grandmaster Swordsman, Explorer/Treasure Hunter was far away from it all. He was in a distant land. He came back with questions about his heritage. He went back to his elven homeland and found out that he was the last of his order, the Templar. Even though he no longer belonged to the special force of elves know as the Templar, he stilled lived by their code. Saddened by this loss, he went to see the Speaker and found out the Speaker's crown was stolen. He went and retreived the crown and during this mission he met a woman who he beleived to be much insane known as Autumn the Warrior. She was a crazy one indeed he thought, trying to steal the crown back from him so he could not forfill his task and return it to the Speaker. He returned to his homeland for a few years and then bought himself a ship and set sail in hopes of finding new lands to explore. He visited port after port. On one of his travels to Mithas, the elf met a 14 foot tall minotaur, not including his horns which add another 2 feet to his height, named Mingaz which he made his first mate and became his best friend. One night he arrived in a port off the port of Kalaman. He met a mysterious old wizard in green robes. The wizard went by the name of ohhh what was it again? Oh yes Fizban. He told Pyranthas tales of a Lost Temple in which his order once had on an island somewhere out in the sea out past Qualinesti, and this is where this stoy begins.*

What do you think Mingaz? Does it sound like something we should look for?

*the minotaur looks at him.*

You know I am always in for a good voyage.

Ok then, let's head out to sea then. Get the rest of the crew abord the ship. I will be aboard shortly. I want to talk to that old man once more.

*he turns around*

Where did he go?

I'm here, behind you.

*the old man looks up at him.*

Old man, will you accompany me on this voyage?

Oh well... ahhh let me see... oh sure, why not. I haven't gone on an adventure in years. Shall we begoing now?

*Pyranthas smiles at the oldman.*

Yes, I am Pyranthas Br-

Bronzeblade, yes I know my son, I know who you are. Well, I am Fizban, now let us go.

*Pyranthas stands still shocked. How did the old man know his name. He then runs to catch up.*

06/29/2000 11:49 PM

*covered in a ratty animal skin of unknown origin, the warrior sneaks aboard the ship and crawls across the deck, making animal sounds, and finds her way to the captain's quarters and begins digging thru drawers and cabinets*

06/29/2000 11:53 PM

*Pyranthas, Mingaz, and Fizban get onboard the ship.*

Raise anchor!

*Mingaz bellows.*

Fizban, You may say in my guests quarters. Mingaz take him there please.

Yes Captain.

*Pyranthas walks into his quarters only to find a "rat" sniffing around in his draws. He places a crossbow to the back of her neck.*

Stand slowly and do not make any sudden movements and you shall not be hurt.

06/30/2000 12:17 AM

*her hands go up slowly and she stands, letting the ratty animal skin fall to the floor, revealing a head of curly red hair and a body of black leather and some old blue dragonscale armor*

Calmly, with back still to Pyranthas, "Hello Cap'n," she hisses.

*a small smirk crosses her face and she flicks a glance to the hilt of her sword and then to the window of the cabin*

06/30/2000 9:38 AM


*he hisses at her.*

What are you doing on my ship.?

*He backs up some and keeps the crossbow on her.*

06/30/2000 9:55 AM

OOC - hope you dont mind the 'intrusion', lol, a new char is fun! This is Tarakona, but w/o Elts!!

Then, from behind her, a great black cat-like animal bares its teeth and snarls at Py; curled protectively around Autumn its ivory claws flex and make rake marks in the wooden floor, making it clear his intentions if provoked to do so*

OOC- have fun wit him jen, he here for you!!;p

06/30/2000 9:58 AM

*Pyranthas looks at the beast and the with in a few seconds his sword is in his hand and the beasts head is rolling on the floor and his sword is back in his hilt and the crossbow is pointed back at Autumn.*

Why are you on my ship?

06/30/2000 10:12 AM

Turns slowly, hands in the air, and grins at Pyranthas, "I just thought I'd pay you a visit," she says innocently, "Miss me?" looks at Tarakona's head, "You can be a real pain in the ass, Cap'n!"

Lowers her hands and slinks toward Pyranthas, "Put that away," nods to the crossbow.

Looks around the cabin, "Where ya going?" hand goes to the hilt of her sword.

06/30/2000 10:24 AM

*Pyranthas stares at her intently with his emerald eyes and slowly lowers the weapon. and motions for her to sit down on the leather couch in his cabin. He then walks over to his dsk and sits on it.*

Now what am I going to do with you? You crazy, insane human of a warrior, always following me around looking for that crown which I no longer have because I gave it to the speaker, who it belonged to. Shall I throw you overboard and make you swim he distance to shore? Or shall I spare your life again and then leave you on some deserted island?

06/30/2000 10:42 AM

Sits forward on the couch, knocking her knees together, feeling like a little girl being scolded by daddy. Taps her chin with a gloved finger, "Such choices you give me, Pyyyyyyy," snakes her head to glare up at him, her eyes gleaming then they soften, "I'm sorry. Don't be stern with Auty," bats her eyes.

06/30/2000 10:50 AM

*Just then Fizban walks in muttering to himself.*

Oh oh oh hello Pyranthas, and who is this lovely young lady? Is this your sister? Well please to meet you Miss Bronzeblade. I am Fizban... er... Fizban the Fabulous.

*the old man bows.*

My... my.... my...

*Pyranthas stutters.*

06/30/2000 11:03 AM

Stands, "Why yes, er, Fizban," stomps over to Pyranthas and claps him on the back, "My 'brother' here has asked me to join him on this little pleasure cruise," reaches up and gives Pyranthas a few noogies then stomps over to Fizban and whispers something to the old man who chuckles.

*turns and regards Pyranthas, big grin of triumph on her face. silently wonders why she feels all nervous and shakey around the strange old man. takes a couple steps farther away from the old coot*

06/30/2000 11:14 AM

*The old man places a hand on her shoulder and whispers a few words and his hand glows. He then lifts it.*

Oh well this should be a woderful trip. Where going to find a lost temple, but I'm sure he already gave you that.

*he looks at Autumn again*

You took troubled child. Is something wrong? I sence the influence of an evil being on you, and his grasp his rather tight on you. It was a former employer I can sense. This employer was very evil, he was non other than the dragon Khellendros. Oh my dear, evil Khellendros is indead. I can remember when you was such a nice girl before you worked for him, back in the days when you were looking for your father's sword. Oh well. Well, I'm going out on the deck. See you two later.

*Pyranthas looks at the old man as he leaves.*

I get a feeling of peacefulness when I am around him. I feel so calm.

*Pyranthas shakes his head.*

Now... were was I... Now what am I going to do with you? I guess I have to take you with me now that the old man know your here and thinks you are my sister.

06/30/2000 11:24 AM

"Man, that old coot gives me the creeps," shivers and brushes off her shoulder where his hand was, "A lost temple, hmmmmmm?" begins pacing around the cabin, scheming as best as she can these days.

Stops in front of Pyranthas, "What do you got for grub and drink around here, cap'n?"

06/30/2000 11:28 AM

Grub? I have no grubs on this ship!
Ask the old man if you want some grubs. I'm sure with him being a wizard and all he must have some for spells.

*grabs a bottle of wine from his cabinet and pours himself a glass.*

Oh, how rude of me. Would you like a glass?

06/30/2000 11:36 AM

"I mean food, oh, nevermind!" she flexes her muscles and sits on the desk, "A glass of wine would be splendid."

06/30/2000 11:39 AM

Oh! Oh yeah... food.

*he pours her a glass of his elven wine, and then goes to his cabinet and grabs some cheese and bread cuts off a slice of each for her.*

Here. Have this.

07/01/2000 7:44 AM

Finsihes her wine and scarfs down the bread and cheese then commences pacing around the room, "Yummy. Now, Pyranthas. I want new clothing and armor. I look like crap!" turns to him and flings her arms in the air, showing off her tattered and mismatched attire.

Looks at him expectantly, "Well? Snap snap, Cap'n, and while you're at it, what's with this temple thingy?" taps her toe impatiently, "And you never replaced my dragon, and I want my own quarters with a private bath. And a cut of any treasure you find. And decent food. And," looks around for a piece of parchment and a quil, "Let me make you a list."

07/01/2000 8:53 AM

Who are you to just demand all of this huh? I do not have to do any of this. You are just a mere stowaway. I could kill you if I wanted to, but I won't because that old wizard thinks you are my sister, and because of that, I have no choice but to give you your own room. It will be the room next to Mingaz. Those are the rooms with the baths. I have 3 others besides my room. Mingaz's room, and the two guest rooms. The other minotaurs don't care as much about baths, but Mingaz is something else. Now, the armor, well, we shall see. You will pitch in with your share of work. I don't care what is done, but as long as you help out alittle to earn you keep. We sall talk about treasure at another time, and yes I do owe you a dragon, and I never got you the chance to get you one last time. Now, there is some food in your quarters, but this is not a cruise ship. You are lucky what you get. There is a varity of cheeses, vegtables, dried meat, and bread. I also beleive there is a flask of wine inthere.

*goes to his desk and pulls out a key and tosses it to her.*

There's the key to the door. Now go.

07/01/2000 9:19 AM

*catches the keys and bows mockingly, then smirks an 'i'm up to no good' smirk and leaves without a word*

*bypasses her quarters and heads directly to the deck and goes and leans over the railing, then looks to the hot sun in the sky*

*strips to her underthings and tosses the ratty clothes and armor overboard. then stretches and lays on the deck to catch some rays*

"Ahhhhhhhhhh...this is the life."

07/01/2000 9:28 AM

*Pyranthas walks out on the deck, dragging the big kitty and it's head on deck and then tosses it over. He then sees Autumn almost naked and then flips out.*


*he then stomps into his cabin and slams the door.*

She is drive me nut!

07/01/2000 9:46 AM

*practically jumps out of her skin at the sound of Pyranthas's screaming. raises her head and regards him*

"Yes daddy," crawls to her feet and slinks away to her room, but not before slapping Mingaz on the butt and ratta tat tatting on Pyranthas's door, "I will be good girl now, Cap'n."

*goes to her room and finds a familiar looking chest at the foot of the bed. opens it and coos in delight. begins yanking out clothing made from the finest of fabrics. wraps a pink feather boa around her neck, and pulls shoes and junk jewelry and hair accessories and shoes galore out of the chest, tosses these things about in a frenzy. soon the room if filled with clothes, hanging from the door knobs, cluttering the bed and the floor, smothering the furniture*

*the others on the ship can hear screams of delight as Autumn tries on different outfits*

Looks in a reflecting glass, "This will do nicely," she is wearing thigh-high black leather boots, red velvet leggings, a white silk sleeveless shirt, and a vest of shiney chainmail, "Where's my gloves?" finds them and puts them on.

*straps on her boomerang bootknife and slips on her sword and belt, then lays on the bed and rolls around in all her new clothing*

07/01/2000 8:33 PM

*Pyranthas shakes his head as he hears her banging on the door.*


*he then sits at his desk looks at a book. The then wonders what kind of mischief Autumn is causing on board his ship. Maybe he should have just thrown her overboard, but then again, there was Fizban who thought that she was his sister.*

Oh... what am I going to do with her. I have to drag her with me if we find that temple. Oh E'li, show me the path in which I may find my way.

*he then goes into a silent prayer.*

07/01/2000 8:47 PM

"mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..." rolls off of her bed and stretches like a cat, then wades thru a sea of clothing and exits her quarters.

BAM BAM BAM *knocks on Pyranthas's door*

"Lemme in, Cap'n. I'm ready to be good girl now," grins.

07/01/2000 8:51 PM

*He finishes his prayer and then he lets out a sigh. He walks over to the door and then opens it.*

What do you want You little pest and what whore hose did you just walk out of. Geesh!

*walks over to his desk and sits down.*

Oh... come and have a seat. Don't forget to shut the door.

07/01/2000 9:00 PM

Snickers, "You really must learn to lighten up, Cap'n," enters and kicks the door shut with a bang.

Strides across the floor and sits on his desk, "Whatcha lookin' at?" starts flipping thru papers and knocks a glass of wine over, "Oops!" bites her lip and giggles and wipes up the mess with dry papers, "So, er, about this temple..." stands up and looks at the mess then at Pyranthas.

*puts a little more distance between her and him*

07/01/2000 9:06 PM

*He can feel his anger boiling up inside of him. I could kill her right now. I could I could do it and nobody would even know.*

Thank you for ruining my notes.

*lets out a heavy sigh*

What am I going to do with you. You are a big pain in the ass that's what you are.

*He sees a few daggers sitting on his desk. He makes them levitate into the air and then he makes a pushing motion with his hand and they fly towards his dart board and each of them striking the bulls eye.*

What ever shall I do with you.

07/01/2000 9:17 PM

"Wow!! That's good!"

Leans forward and drums her fingers on his desk, "I can be of use to you, you know that Pyranthas," stands and with hands on her hips announces, "I'm broke. Flat busted. I could use the job, if your willing to pay for my swordarm, that is."

07/01/2000 9:20 PM

Well... I guess I can afford to do that. I have plenty of money in my coffers to back me up. So I think I can do that. First thinks first though I am the boss around here. Second thing is Mingaz is my second in commands. If he give you a comman you do it. Do you have that?

07/01/2000 11:38 PM

Straightens and salutes, "Ey ey, Cap'n," turns on her heel and stomps out of the room and begins pacing the deck.

Waves 'hello' to Mingaz and seeing that he is not amused, frowns and goes to look out over the railing, "There are not nearly enough lifeboats for all those aboard."

07/02/2000 2:52 AM

Oh boy... what am I getting into now.

*he grabs a book of elvish poetry and begins reading it>

07/02/2000 11:49 AM

*notices the old coot, Fizban, and decides to have a little chat with him*

Swaggers on up behind him, "Boo!"

Fizban jumps and spins around, awfully nimble for an old man, "My, my, my! You scared the beejeebers out of me, young lady," he fumbles with his tattered hat, straigtening it (kinda) on his head."

She can't help but giggle at this, "I want to know, Fizban, how did you know of my employment with the great Khellendros?" eyes him carefully.

Fizban straightens and suddenly looks not so odd and feeble minded, "Great you say? Hmmmmm...yes, he was great, but insane and evil...utterly and completely out of his mind, if I do say so myself," he looks into her, "A good girl like you should have never joined forces with such a man."

"Dragon, a god," she corrects.

"Hmmmmm...yes...now, what did I do with my lunch?" Fizban looks around confused again, "I am certain that I set it down here somewhere. Say, Mingaz good fella, you haven't seen a cheese sandwich running around here have you?" he begins walking to the giant minotaur and shouts back at Autumn, "You would do well to use your skills walking the paths of light, warrior."

Autumn just stands there blinking, "I need a drink."

07/02/2000 2:32 PM

*Pyranthas walks up behind her not making a sound because of his boots of elven kind.*

Yes, because you are now under my wing, you have joined the forced of light, and you do not need a drink. I'm having the minotuars toss all liquor overboard as we speak. I explaned to them I need them to be able to be full aware of what we are going to be doing and they follow my lead. They would all give their lives to me.

07/02/2000 3:15 PM

"ACK!" spins around, "Don't sneak up on me like that...sheesh!"

"Fine. No drinky poo," looks way up at him, "And, would you sacrafice your life for one of your crew?" raises her eyebrows at him, "Because I would, for those under my command. I once had a large army, and closest to me were my 12 personal guards. I would have glady taken a blade in the heart for any of them, even though their job was to protect ME."

07/02/2000 3:26 PM

Of course I would. I have worked with my crew for years, but that's enough about me and big deal about you commanding a big army. It was the army of Khellendros. Khellendros was a weak dragon. I killed him very easily. He couldn't use his magic because I was protected against it with my ring I have, and then, I am quicker than him. My Sword acts as a ground for the lightning which he breathes so I felt nothing. In the end, He was reduced to teeth and claws, and then that is when he "lost his head."

07/02/2000 3:39 PM

"Grrrrrrrrrrrrr," stomps away and goes to the railing and leans over and throws up and starts to ball hysterically, thrashing and screaming.

"EMINENCE!!!!!! YOU ABANDONED ME!!!!" falls to the ground motionless.

07/02/2000 3:45 PM

See what evil leave you with? Nothing. It leaves you with nothing in the end. It would be a wise choice to for get about him and to join the forces of light. Evil only leaves you alone, while goodness leaves you with love and happiness. Also evil only turns upon it's self.

07/02/2000 4:15 PM


"Huh?" lifts herself up on her hands and feet, red sweaty curls hanging in her face as she looks up at him.

Lunges forward and hurls herself at Pyranthas's legs and pounds and claws him there and tries to knock him down, "I hate you! I do...I do...." breathes hard then slowly calms.

*pats his boot and crawls away*

"Ehem...sorry bout that," leaps to her feet and runs to her quarters and locks the door.

07/02/2000 4:31 PM

*He walks after her and then pulls out a spare key. He walks in and then slaps her.*

If you ever do that again, I will kill you. Do you got that? Clean this mess up!

*He walks out and then slams the door and storms up to his cabin on the top deck*

07/02/2000 5:09 PM

*throws a vase at the door and it shatters. kicks the clothing and shoes about the room*

*stops then...paces and paces and paces about her quarters. the glass on the picture frames begin to crack. a window blows out, crystal goblets explode, the ceiling cracks*

"I feel better now."

*lays on her bed and goes to sleep*

07/02/2000 5:44 PM

*Pyranthas walks back to her room to find it the way it was before except for all glass shattered. He stares at her sleeping body and then shakes his head.*

She couldn't of done that...

*he looks at the ceiling.*

Great... that's right at under my bed.

*He looks back at her sleeping body. He then walks back towards his cabin slowly.*

She couldn't have done any of that...

07/02/2000 8:53 PM

Wakes up several hours later, feeling sublime, remembering nothing, *Who busted all this stuff up? Sheesh!"

*fixes her hair and straightens her clothes and stomps across the mess in her quarters and exits. heads to Pyrathas's room*

"Look out world! I'm steppin' out!"

BAM BAM BAM "HEY! Cap'n!" time to teach me how to steer this rig!"

*chews on a fingernail as she waits outside his door*

07/02/2000 9:07 PM

*Pyranthas flings the door opened.*

You want me to teach you to steer my Ship!
I do not think so! I'm eating my dinner now. BYE!

*With that said, he slams the door in her face.*

07/02/2000 9:28 PM

"Jackass," kicks at the door then stomps around to the outside and chooses a window looking in on Pyranthas's quarters, bends over and presses her ass against the glass*

"Hello Cap'n!" she laughs and laughs and looks up to see Mingaz towering over her.

She straightens up, "Now wait just one second, big guy, see, this is like happy hello sign from ,well...." ducks between the min's legs and runs away.

07/02/2000 9:35 PM

*The minotaur does a few hand movements and mumbles a few word and this trips on the ground and she can not move. The minotaur walks over to her and stands over her.*

I may be a minotaur but I am not moron! I happen to be a cleric of the god Paladine. Paladine allows me to carry my axes, he is a great god. It is said that that he is back on Krynn in the form of an avitar as well as the other gods. The Captain shall not think what you did very is funny human.

*Pyranthas walks out of his room.*

Thank you Mingaz you may go back to doing what you were doing my friend.

*Pyranthas looks at Autumn and offers her his hand.*

I do not appricate you mooning me while I am eating my food, and I am sorry I slammed the door in your face. It was very rude of me.

07/02/2000 9:43 PM

*looks up at him and takes his hand*

"I apologize as well. At times, I get carried away."

07/02/2000 9:52 PM

As do I. You must never under estimate Mingaz. He may look stupid but he is extremely intelligent and has great manners. He was brought up when he was younger as a slave for noble man.. He grey up and the owner died, but the owner left Mingaz his estate and Mingaz then sold it and went home where he learned to sail. He learns extremely fast and he became a cleric of Paladine about a few years ago. He said he has seen enough evil in this world and wanted to drive evil from the lands. He has told me about visions of Paladine returning if the form of a man. I want to beleive him, but I am not sure if it is just a dream, but his spells have always worked since he was a cleric so I am wondering if E'li has been here all along?

*He looks ut towards the sea and then head towards his cabin.*

Would you like anything to eat or drink Autumn? If so, then come into my cabin and I shall get you some food.

07/02/2000 9:58 PM

*looks at Mingaz with new eyes*

"Hmmmm. Yes, I would like to join you for super," goes along with Pyranthas, "Any meat on this ship?"

07/02/2000 10:02 PM

I am having a salad and I do have some roasted venison. I have a magical box which keeps my foods that would normally perish cold, and another that freezes the stuff.

*opens his door and then get a glass and fills a plate up for Autumn. He fills the glas with Elven wine.*


*he sits at his chair and then goes back to eating.*

07/03/2000 8:34 AM

"Thank you, Cap'n" her stomach rumbles and she daintly places a napkin on her lap and takes a sip of wine with her pinky held out, then picks up a fork and digs in.

*her plate is empty in less than 2 minutes*

Wipes her lips, "I was hungrier than I thought!"

*leans back in her chair and watches him eat*

"It is obvious that you have dined with kings and royalty, Cap'n."

07/03/2000 10:06 AM

I worked for the Speaker of the Sun.

*looks up from his playe and then finishes off his plate.*

07/03/2000 10:24 AM

"Yes, well, I can tell...you are quite refined in your manners."


07/03/2000 11:50 AM

I am sorry the way I am at times. I have been away from my people for a long time. The last time I went to see them was when I returned the crown to the Speaker.

*stands up and takes her plate and then places them in a bucket of water in one cornor of his room.*

Being with these minotaurs, I have been harded a little, but I have had a hard life. I have lost those I loved and the life of a templar is not so easy. I have had many questions abot my herritage lately. I know I was born in Qualinesti and all, but there is something I do not understand, well why was i the only one in my family to be a templar. Most of the others have it in their family. I just never could understand it. I have done n extensive search on my family and I have found nothing on any of them being Templar.

07/03/2000 5:12 PM

"Yes, well," swallows her urge to be sensitive to his loss, "I can teach you much, Pyranthas, if only you would listen. Thank you for dinner, I am going to take some air on the prominad deck," laughs and leaves and goes to the deck.

07/03/2000 5:20 PM

*Pyranthas sits at the table of a bit, and then walks outside to the deck and walks up the the wheel.*

I'll take over Rockhammer.

*he takes over at the wheel and navigates the boat and hums an old elvish sailing tune.*

07/03/2000 5:38 PM

"Hmmmmmmm...." swaggers on over to Pyranthas, "Teach me, then I will teach you," grins up at him.

07/03/2000 5:43 PM

Teach me? What have you to teach me?

*He keeps his eyes on the sea. He senses a great source of Templar enegy to the Southeast.*

What the! I have never felt that much templar energy in my life! Could it be the temple?

*his body shakes a little.*

I can feel the energy enter my body. It is unbeleivable! I must get to this temple! Fizban, where are you?

I am here young elf.

07/04/2000 8:40 AM

"Nevermind, Cap'n, nevermind," watches the horizon.

07/04/2000 10:16 AM

*Looks at Autumn, and then closes his eyes and thinks about how foul he has been to her. She is working for me after all now, I might as well let her try navigating the ship. She's not totally brainless and she may be handy at the island when we get there.*

Um... Autumn, come here please. I want to applogize for the way I have been treating you. I have not been treating you like a human, but more like a kender or gully dwarf. I am sorry. I should not treat those who are employed by me that way. I never have in the past. I hae just never hired someone who was once my enemy before. I know you are not totally evil and you just want to have fun, but I am elvish and yes we can be very serious minded but it is all because of our long lives. We live for hundreds of years. I am going onto my 230th year soon. You do know that most elves my age would be getting grey hair now and be in there middle ages. I on the other hand have retained my youth because of what I am, because I am a templar, I have not hit my middle ages. I still look and feel like I did 150 years ago when I when I just passed into adulthood. I am sorry I should loosen up a little, but I have had a fairly hard life. The life of a templar is not easy. We raid ogre villages, killing the beasts. We fight in petty wars to help humans against hobgoblins, goblins, and ogres. We hunt down dark elves that come near the homeland. When the great great came, I am not sure what happened to the other Templars, but they were all killed in her folly. I am the last, unless of course they went to the temple to find answers. Sorry about all of this rambling on, I know you do not want to hear about my life. Now take the wheel.

07/04/2000 10:37 AM

*stares at Pyranthas in disbelief. is speechless*

Then after several moments, "Okey dokey," takes the wheel, "Your trust in me is touching."

*grins at him*

07/04/2000 10:50 AM

*He smiles and watches her closely. Noting that she is doing ok, he turns to Fizban.*

Now Fizban, what do you know of this temple we are heading to?

I.... don't know much about it. All I know is there is a temple.

Is that all you know about it?

Um.... let me think.... yes. Now I'm going to head down stairs and find that wonderfully behaved minotaur Mingaz. He is such a wonderful minotaur. I love playing chess with him. He beats me everytime.

*the old mage walks off and Pyranthas smiles*

You are doing... good...

*he sees a storm coming their way. A very big and powerful one.*


*Pyranthas then stands behind Autumn and places his hands on her's tightly.*

We are going to sail through this together. You're going to learn how to navigate thought this. I have been told I am the best sailor when it comes to sailing though storms, so it's time to teach you a little more about sailing. Lesson one, never take your eyes away from the sky and the sea. Watch the birds if there are any.

07/05/2000 4:56 AM

Allows him to guide her hands and movements as the storm approaches, "Gotcha. You certain we won't be smashed to pieces?" her eyes are wide as she watches the sea and the sky, and she is completely exhilerated.

*she hears the crew on the deck, but does not remove her attention from the sea*

"Ohhhhhh!" the storm breaks upon them

07/05/2000 10:40 AM

*The seas become very powerful and the storm pounds down at the ship and the sea. One wave picks the ship up and throws it back into the water. Then again, another wave lifts the boat up and tosses it again back into the water.*

I have never seen a storm this powerful before.

*Fizban stand on the bow of the ship jumping up and down with glee, thinking it is a ride of his life. Just then, the ship is lifted by one huge wave and flung and it is smashed into some rocks concealed by the storm and Fizban is splattered against one along with several mintaurs. Pyranthas, Autumn, and Mingaz and a few other minotaurs land on the beach of and island all knocked out.*

07/05/2000 12:21 PM

"ACK" PHOOEY!" spits and sputters the salt water and sand from her mouth as she comes to, plastered with sand...it's everywhere on her.

Spies Pyranthas's body and crawels over to him, "Psst! Hey Cap'N," shakes him, "WAKE UP!!!"

Stands and begins poking him with the toe of her boot, "Wakey Wakey!" looks down at herself and throws her hands in the air, "Oh GREAT! My red velvet pants are RUINED!" plucks a sand crab from the ground and puts it on Pyranthas's face.

"What are you lookin' at?" she snarls at a minotaur who is tending to the other mins on the beach, then begins scan the beach.

07/05/2000 12:47 PM

*Pyranthas wakes up and then comes around he sees the crab on his face and yells*


*the crab pinches his nose.*

AHHHHH get it off get it off get it off.

*He then sends a charge on energy into the crab and it is blow off his face and into the ocean. Pyranthas stands up and looks around. He then brushes the sand off his cloths.*

Good thing all of my belongings are on my.

*He then feels a rush of energy hit him.*

WHAT THE! I have never felt anything like that. That is quite the surge of templar energy.

*he looks around and he then sees Fizban's hat. He walks over and then picks it up. He then kneels and preys.*

I will not forget you old man... E'li rest his jolly old soul.

*mingaz comes over and places his larg hand on Pyranthas.*

It will be alright my friend. He has departed to the arms of Paladine now. He shall be in good hands now.

Ok I take it this s the island we were heading to. Now lets go find that temple.

07/05/2000 12:57 PM

*hides a smirk and a giggle as she sees Pyranthas deal with the crab*

Dives in the ocean to clean off, then stomps across the beach to Pyranthas, coated with sand again up to her knees by the time she reaches him, "Blasted beach. Look," points over there, "There seems to be some kind of trail over there thru the brush, and there are tracks."

07/05/2000 1:05 PM

*He looks at the train and then takes a look at the tracks.*

They look normal boots. One of them is really small... like that of a kender. The other one is either elvish or human. Let's follow them.

07/05/2000 4:05 PM

"Kender," she hisses and clenches her fists and grins and charges down the path.

07/05/2000 4:10 PM

*They travel down the path and they see a small camp up ahead. It is empty. There is trash thee and a few bones. Pyranthas notices a few marbles and a piece of string. Also there is a broken dagger and some blood.*

Blood... there must have been a fight here or something.

*Pyranthas looks around the trees. Nothing he notices.*

Let's keep going.

07/05/2000 4:18 PM

Looks at the crap that signifies kender, "Yup, definately kender, or a kindergartner, but who can tell the difference."

*removes her boomerang bootknife and follows after Pyranthas*

07/05/2000 4:25 PM

*Pyranthas draws his long sword. The steal glow and then turns back to normal. Mingaz pulls two large battle axes out and holes one in each hand. The other five minotaurs wield either axes or two handed swords. The group walks up away and there in the path is the body of a kender, and over it is a creature that looks very reptilian. It sees the group and makes a noise and about 20 more of these creatures come out. Pyranthas looks around ands sees the creatures each have clubs and a few have crude versions of maces and others with stone spears. He looks at a few of the trees and finds the bodys of many elves, elves that he knew... templars that he knew.*

By E'li gentale hand! They killed the the other templar!

07/05/2000 4:38 PM

Looks at Pyranthas with wide eyes and quickly scans the carnage, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" throws her boomerang bootknife which cuts thru the throat of one of the creatures then it spins around and returns to Autumn's hand, but not before stabbing thru another like a missile, "Take that!"

*puts the knife between her teeth and draws her sword with the enemies blood dripping down her chin. one of the creatures charges at her, drooling foul goo and she scissor kicks it into un consciousness then drives her sword into it's chest*

07/05/2000 4:44 PM

*Pyranthas runs into battle and moves quickly and looks as if he is dancing with his sword as he kills four of the creatures as it takes Autumn to kill one of them. Mingaz hacks away at the lizard men and crushes them easily with his great axes. One tries to run away so he hurls his axe and it lands in the back of the lizardman. Pyranthas spins arouns swiftly deflecting blows, and destroying their weapons with his sword. He moves with much grace and kills the lizard people with ease. Once they are dead, Pyranthas looks around.*

Anyone hurt?

07/05/2000 4:49 PM

"Huh?" looks at the dead lizardmen, "Oh. OH! BLEH!" removes the bloody knife from her mouth and spits, "Plooey! I hate it when I do that!"

Wipes her chin, "I'm fine, you?" steps around the bodies.

07/05/2000 4:58 PM

*A voice that sounds as hollow as the the deepest depths of the ocean comes from a figure who walks towards the group. He is wearing a tattered black robe and he lowers his hood to reveal a skeletal face.*

You have killed my servents, You shall now pay!

*the creature begins casing a spell. Pyranthas runs forward and slashes his sword across this new creature's head and shatters it's skull.*

I will pay for nothing lich. Let's go.

07/05/2000 5:07 PM

Smiles broadly at Pyranthas, "Dang, Cap'n!" follows after him and admires the crushed skull of the lich.

"Let's find this temple," stomps along, "OUCH! Blast it!" looks at her torn pantleg and the blood caused by a wicked black thorny bush, but keeps moving along, "I really must get some leather on...these trousers won't do at all."

*feels dizzy*

07/05/2000 5:11 PM

*Stops her and then looks the wound over. He then touches the wound and closes his eyes and the wound heals.*

You should be ok, if not Mingaz can help you out.

*He moves swiftly until they find that the path forks. One path heads up a great mountain and the other one leads towards a small keep.*

Which way?

07/05/2000 5:23 PM

"Thanks big guy," considers the paths, "Sheesh, if its the temple we want....well....we could wander around that mountain and not find it or we could see if there are answers to direct us to the temple in that keep there."


"I say the keep, we can always back track."

07/05/2000 5:35 PM

Good idea. Let's head towards the keep.

*Pyranthas leads the way and then makes his way for the keep door. He knocks on it and it slowly opens by itself. Pyranthas looks at the others and tightens his grip on his sword.*

Come on.

*He walks in and looks around, and soon a zombie walks in.*


*it is then followed by another one.*


*a few skeletons come in and join them.*

Great we've go to the house of the dead.

*Mingaz steps forward.*

I banish thee the the depths of the abyss! Begone you evil spirits!

*The skeletons and zombies fall to pieces and turn to dust.*

Shall we continue?

If there is evil spirits in this place, it is my duty to Paladine to banish them.

Ok we shall continue then.

07/05/2000 5:53 PM

Stands in the doorway, "Maybe I keep watch out here. The dead and me...well...well," shivers and looks around then hurries up and walks close behind Mingaz, her sword in one hand, the other hand holding onto his belt as she looks around scarey-eyed.

07/05/2000 5:57 PM

*Pyranthas walks with his sword in hand and he notices the building has no light. He says a few words and the blade of his sword glows and light is sheed into the room.*

This keep is a spawning pool of the undead, and I sence a being of very great powers here. A very powerful dead being...

The lich... it must be here.

07/05/2000 10:18 PM

"Oh GREAT!" lets go of Mingaz and tosses her hands in the air almost impaling another min, "Watch out," stomps over to Pyranthas, "This UNDEAD thingy, this LICH thingy was NOT in our contract!"

*looks around the room*

"Hold me," she whimpers then chuckles then turns serious.

07/06/2000 9:15 AM

Are you scare Autumn?

*Pyranthas looks at Autumn and smirks.*

You certain seem scared.

07/06/2000 9:20 AM

Shivers, "Nope. Eheh. Not ascared at all."

"So, where do we begin? Show me some ghosties."

07/06/2000 9:33 AM

You want to fight ghosts? If they touch you know what happenes? They age you seven years. You dont want to get touched by a ghost do you?

07/06/2000 11:23 AM

"Oh puleeaase, Pyranthas," she snorts, "You're scaring me."

*fully intending on running the other way if a ghostie appers, she grins at Pyranthas and Mingaz*

07/06/2000 2:37 PM

I know your want to run away from here if a ghost appears and there is nothing humans like more as there youth and heads up here comes some ghouls.

Yummy yummy flesssh!

*five ghouls enter the room with a dozen skeletons, and a fast moving skeltal warrior walks in after the rest.*

Kill them all! Our lord demands that nobody gets to his throne room.

*The ghouls and skeletons move towards the groud, and Mingaz walks forward and looks at then. He says in his booming voice.*

I banish thee!

*All but the skeletal warrior turn to dust. Pyranthas now steps forward.*

I'll take care of him.

*Pyranthas runs forward and meets the blade of the undead warrior. The two of them battle hard.*

You have great skill elf.

So do you. What were you in your previous life?

I was a high master swordsman.

Really, well guess what I'm a Grandmaster. See ya later.

*Pyranthas then moves four times faster than his normal speed and then hacks the creature up. He turns to the rest and grins. He looks behind Autumn and yells to her.*

Hellhound! Watch out!

07/06/2000 4:22 PM

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" leaps in the air and grabs hold of a ceiling beam with her free hand and swings herself up and over and hanging by her legs she slices the hellhound in quarters, it's body parts lay twitching and writhing.

07/06/2000 6:33 PM

Ok, he said something about a throne room. Let's find it. There must be something the lich is hiding here.

*He walks ahead of the group and disappears into the allway. He then appears in front of a tall knight with blacken armor and glowing red eyes.*

You may not go any farther mortal.

*he points at Pyranthas and says in a voice that sounds as if it came from the depths of the earth.*


*Pyranthas stands looking at death knight.*

Very well then. We shall fight by sword then. My you fight with honor.

*The death knight then draws a long sword for each hand.*

07/07/2000 7:59 AM

Leaps from the ceiling and stands near Mingaz, "Pyranthas, are you NUTS?!"

07/07/2000 9:17 PM

*Pyranthas battles hard against the death knight.*

You are very skilled in the sword sir knight.

I was once a grandmaster.

No kidding, that's what I am. I have fought against another grandmaster before. It is such a honor to fight against you. Where were you from?

*They battle on and on.*

I was from Qualinesti. I was a weapon high master there. You remind me on one of my pupils before I became a knight.

What was his name?

Pyranthas Br-


Yes... how did you know?

I am Pyranthas Bronzeblade. Master Aquanthas? It is you?

Yes... it is me.

*the two both stop and look at each other.*

What made you come like this?

I did a horrible deed as a knight I killed many knights and then I ws killed by another knight for my crimes. My punishment was this. I am now damned as death knight.

I am sorry. Are you sorry for your crimes?

*there is silences from the death knight.*

Yes.... I am sorry. I wish for this curse to be broken. Pyranthas... destroy me. You have the power, and before you do, to destroy the Lich, you must destroy the jewel in his throne. It is on the top of it. It is a large red ruby. You must destroy it.


*Pyranthas gets the grip on his sword and thenmoves it around fom side to side and whispers a prayer to Paladine to forgive the knight for his crimes. He then swings the sword and cuts the death knight in half.*

Rest in peace my friend.

*Pyranthas bows his head.*

Let's go. Onward to the lich.

07/07/2000 9:36 PM

*watches the battle with lust and fervor*

"Good form, Cap'n! Get 'im! Get 'im! WHAT THE?!" stops and stares wide-eyed as the two chitter chat, "Gimme a break!" throws her arms up and paces around.

"Get a load of that," she complains to Mingaz with a thrust of her thumb at Pyranthas and the Death Knight, "Do you hear violins?"

*returns her attention to the two chatting and breathes a sigh of relief when the Death Knight finally falls*

"I just love reunions," wipes an imaginary tear from her eye and follows after Pyranthas.

07/07/2000 9:40 PM

*Pyranthas stops and looks at Autumn.*

He was my teacher and I am sorry for what happened to him. He was a great friend and was lke an older brother to me at one time. Now let us move on. We have a lich to destroy.

07/08/2000 9:18 PM

*Pyranthas walks in the chamers, followed by Mingaz and his remaining crew. He sees the throne and starts to walk forward towards it.*

Where do you think you are going?

*Pyranthas looks around to see the Lich.*

Since I know magic does not effect you, I will have to destroy your party then...

*Pyranthas looks at the lich and then slashes his sword at it, by the lich disappears behind on of the minotaurs and then touches it with it's freezing grip and laughs as the minotaur dies from it's freezing touch.. He then kills off the rest of the crew with a spell of unknown power. Mingaz looks at the Lich and sneers.*

That spell should have killed you...

My faith is in my god! Paladine shall protect me!.

*Mingaz then prays and then a magical hammer appears and strikes the Lich.*

ARGH! Curse you minotaur!

*He walks up to Mingaz and grabs hold of his wrists.*


*Mingaz shivers and then preys again and he stops shivering he then looks down at the lich and growls. He then headbutts the lich and watches it fall back.*

Paladine has protected me from your icy touch!

*Pyranthas stands in the center of the room. He concentrates on his anger and making himself angry. His anger level rises faster than it has ever before. Light flares up around him and his long blond hair turns white. His green eyes also white. The lich spins around and stares at Pyranthas as he glows.*

What the... Your power is like nothing I have ever felt before elf.

The temple... it must be lending me it's power?

*Pyranthas constantly powers up and then he stops glowing. He throws his jacket on the floor to reveal his extremely muscular body. He holds his sword and stares at the lich.*

07/09/2000 8:42 AM

Stands hidden behind a pillar whispering frantically to herself, "Ok, er, Paladine. I know you and I are not very friendly with one another, and I suppose oneday your big finger's gonna come down and squash me, or maybe you even have a little fiery mountain with my name on it, but umm," peeks around the pillar and sees Mingaz resist the lich's killing touch with his faith, "It's never to late to make amends. Right? I mean, c'mon, I'm not all that bad. Once, when I was little I nursed a baby bird back to health and, well, I ended up stepping on it, but it was an accident, I swear," peeks around again and sees Pyranthas starting to get freaky, "Oh brother."

Comes outa hiding and runs to Mingaz, "You ok, big fella?" looks at Py, "Have you ever seen him like this?"

07/09/2000 5:46 PM

Not quite like that. I can feel the power just radiate off from him.

*Pyranthas and the Lich stare each other down.*

What are you?

I am Templar. I am the most powerful living Templar. You shall so be destroied Lich!

*Pyranthas swings his sword ten times faster than he normally would swing his blade.*

Prepare to die again Lich. Your days of evil have ended.

07/10/2000 4:56 PM

*Pyranthas focuses his energies into his sword. The blade glows and he then swings it and a beam of energy comes from it and the lich is cut in half. The elf then walks over and slams is blade into the gem in the throne. He can hear the screaming of the lihes soul as he destroies the gem. He then turns to the group and changes back to normal, and becons his jacket to him. He places it back on and then walks towards then door.*

Come on. Let's get to the temple.

07/10/2000 10:52 PM

*stands in fear and awe at what has just happened*

Suddenly, "Wait!" Autumn tries to shove pass Mingaz but the minotaur is like a brick wall...she decides to go around him and runs to Pyranthas and flings her arms around his neck, hanging from him like a monkey from a tree.

"Um, sorry," drops from him and runs a gloved hand thru her hair, embarrassed at her emotional display, "I am just glad you didn't get hurt is all," looks at the floor and walks pass him and into the next chamber muttering to herself.

As he passes Pyranthas slowly, "That woman is crazy, my friend," Mingaz says with a shake of his head a pat on Pyranthas's shoulder.

07/11/2000 2:18 PM

It is ok Autumn.

*Pyranthas looks at his first mate and smiles.*

I think not my friend... I think not.

*Pyranthas and Mingaz walk out of the house and then walk towards the fork in the road and meet Autumn there.*

Ready to climb this mountain?

07/11/2000 5:00 PM

Has regained her composure. Runs her hand thru her hair again and looks at Pyranthas with a small smile and then to Mingaz, "Darn tootin! Let's go."

Walks along, "That was some fightin' in there, Cap'n," nods her head, "You should be proud of yourself."

07/11/2000 5:32 PM

*looks at her blankly*

It was nothing I am not used to. I have killed liches before.

*he starts to climb the mountain and the three get to a point where it becomes a cliff. *Pyranthasa starts to climb it hand over hand. He moves quickly up over it and then gets to the top and throws a rope down to Autumn and Mingaz.*

Grab hold of it and I will pull you both up.

*Mingaz grabs hold of the rope and then looks at Autumn and then gets on his knees.*

Wrap your arms around my neck warrior.

07/11/2000 5:53 PM

Looks up at Pyranthas, shading her eyes, then at Mingaz, "Er, if you say so big fella," wraps her arms around his neck and laces her fingers together...her arms are stretched as far as they will go.

Yells up to Pyranthas, "Don't drop us!" feels Mingaz cringe as her mouth was right by his ear, "Sorry bout that."

*has Mingaz in a death grip as he stands. when her legs start to dangle, she wraps them around his chest as best she can*

07/11/2000 6:00 PM

Have faith in him Autumn.

*Pyranthas grabs the rope and gives it a hard tug. The minotaur and Autumn begin to lift of the ground. Pyranthas goes through his transformation and he pulls them up quickly. When they reach the top, Pyranthas sits down of a little bit and changes back to his normal form.*

Boy Mingaz you are heavier that what I thought.

07/11/2000 6:15 PM

Opens her eyes and gets to her feet and looks over the cliff, "That's some drop!"

*moves away from the cliff and looks around them, taking in the surroundings, making mental notes and familiarizing herself. absentmindly removes a pouch and pulls out a strip of dried venison and passes the pouch*

07/11/2000 6:28 PM

*takes a strip of venison and then sits down and meditates once he eats the meat. After he meditates, he stands up all refreshed and ready to go.*

Shall we go now?

07/11/2000 7:22 PM

*Pyranthas starts on his way, and he walks up ahead and then sees a swamp up ahead. He stops and then frowns.*

Swamp up ahead. More of those lizard men wil be there and possibly black dragons.

07/11/2000 7:26 PM

Grimmaces, "Swamps. Black Dragons. Ee Gads!" trudges along.

07/11/2000 7:30 PM

*Pyranthas walks along the path and sees something in the grass. He sees a large silver nugget that is perfectly spherical about three foot in diameter. He lifts it up and notices that it is a leathery and warm. He then notices a larger sphere about four feet in diameter that is gold. He goes to touch it but then stops and looks at Autumn.*

Do you want that one? As treasure of course...

07/11/2000 7:36 PM

"What's that?" sees what Pyranthas is holding then follows his gaze, "Yeah I want it!" twiddles her fingers then reaches for the smaller golden sphere.

Pokes it a couple times then picks it up with both hands, "It's warm and, what the heck is it? Is it..."

07/11/2000 7:44 PM

I'm not sure, but I think they could be dragon eggs. Mine must belong to a silver and the other one must be a gold.

*Pyranthas holds it in his hands, his medallion glows and the sphere moves.*

What the heck... it's reacting with my medallion...

*The sphere cracks a little. Pyranthas then looks into it and sees something living inside it breathing. He sets it down.*

Come on... come on you can do it.

*the sphere cracks some more, and then a head pops out of it.*

It looks at Pyranthas with it's eyes which are blurry.

Come on young one. Come on.

*The hatchling then gives a powerful push and brakes free. It then lays down on the grass and spreads it's wings so they may dry. At the same time the other egg begins to hatch also.*

07/11/2000 7:58 PM

*stares gape-mouthed at the little silver dragon and backs away, stumbles and lands on her ass, setting the golden egg that is cracking on the ground*

"Oh...my...I may have known it's mother! It may eat me!" scrambles away on the ground then watches as a dragon emerges, "Ummmmm....what do I do?"

*the golden dragon is fully out of it's shell and stretching and resting and looking directly at Autumn, blinking trying to focus on the woman*

07/11/2000 8:04 PM

*Pyranthas sits next to the silver, which he has taken to right away, and talks to it.*

Why hello young one. Are you hungry? Are you hungry?

*He sees a rabbit and then throws a dagger at it killing it. He then lifts the dead rabbit up with his templar powers and pulls it to him. He pulls his knife out of it and then gives the rabbit to the silver hatchling.*

There you go. Boy are you a hungry one.

*Pyranthas sees the gold looking at Autumn.*

I think he likes you Autumn.

07/11/2000 8:14 PM

"hmmmmmmmm....." looks at the gold dragon and sees it take a small movement in her direction, "I'd nurse ya little fella, but I'd like to keep my...what?" sees Mingaz shift uncomfortably and roll his eyes.

*Mingaz leaves for a bit then returns with an armload of assorted dead animals and places them on the ground*

"There," Autumn tosses the gold a fat rabbit, "Breakfast is served," smiles and takes a seat and watches the gold.

07/11/2000 8:18 PM

What is your name?

*Pyranthas's medallion glows again.*

Your name is Krystalis. What a very pretty name for such a beautiful young dragon.

*Pyranthas runs his hand along the hatchings neck.*

07/11/2000 8:31 PM

*grins at Pyranthas's parental instincts and soft heart*

*moves closer to the gold dragon and reaches out a hand and touches him gingerly. feels his heart beating*

"And your name is Auranican..." for some reason she does not question how she knows this.

*pats him on the head and watches as he tears into another rabbit*

07/11/2000 8:35 PM

*Pyranthas hands Krystalis another rabbit and watches her tear into it and devour it quickly. He looks over at Autumn and notices something about her, somethimg familar about her and how did she know that dragon's name. Pyranthas knew it cause well he didn't really know for certain himself.*

Autumn, may I ask you a question?

*he sits and strokes Krystalis's neck.*

07/11/2000 8:38 PM

Rubs Auranican's snout, "Ask away," glances at Pyranthas quickly then turns back to stare at the gold.

07/11/2000 8:40 PM

*He kisses Krystalis on the forehead as she goes to sleep with her head in his lap.*

How old are you?

07/11/2000 8:47 PM

*Auranican settles down but tries to keep his eyes open. Autumn keeps a hand on his neck*

Looks at Pyranthas and smirks, "Somewhere between 26 and 28. I'm not sure. All I know is that my birthday is near the harvest moon...hence my name," frowns a little, "I've been fighting since I was a teenager you understand...more than 10 years with the sword. Why?" goes back to watching the gold dragon.

07/11/2000 8:53 PM

I sences something about you. For some reason you do not seem that young. You certainly look that young but there is something about you I can not quite put my finger on. Something familiar. For some reason I beleive there is another reason you are here with me.

*He looks at Krystalis and continues to stroke her neck.*

07/12/2000 8:19 AM

Flicks a glance at Pyranthas, "Hmmmmmmm..." pats Auranican, who has lost his battle to remain awake, then gets up and stretches.

Walks over and stands by Pyranthas and takes a swig of her flask, now filled with plain water, "And, what reason would that be?" stands watching the horizon.

07/12/2000 8:34 AM

Well, I'm not sure, but I just have that feeling.

*He looks at a few rabbits and somes them over to him with his templar energy. He looks at Krystalis and then places his water skin to her lips and pours a little water into her mouth. Krystalis opens her eyes slightly and drinks from his skin. She drinks and drinks and drinks, but the waterskin never goes empty.*

Good girl. You hungry?

*Gives her the rabbits and she eats them hungryly and then drinks a little more water from the skin. She then falls back to sleep with her head in Py's lap.*

I just have a feeling about it... Autumn, do you ever hear voices?

07/12/2000 8:51 AM

Raises an eyebrow at Pyranthas and chortles, shifting on her feet, "Yeah, all the time...especially after partaking in a fair amount of dwarven spirits!"

Thinks about this and stops laughing, "Why? I'm not crazy if that's what you're getting at," gets a little defensive, "I've had...had...problems," she spits the word, "But I'm not insane!" finishes her flask and stands there thinking.

07/12/2000 8:56 AM

Sorry I asked.

07/12/2000 10:29 AM

Looks at Pyranthas out of the corner of her eye, "No, I'm the one who should be sorry," baps herself in the forehead, "It's my temper," she is shaking and so she takes a deep breath and plops down on the ground.

*Auranican opens a eye and scoots over and rests his head on her feet*

She looks at the gold resting as she speaks, "To answer your question, yes. It's been plaguing me for as long as I can remember. But, I don't ever pay attention...I shut it out...I have ways of doing that. I never knew either of my parents, but I understand that mum went insane, or something. I have always thought that maybe I was taking after her...maybe that is why I took up the sword...as a way to be more like my father...a warrior, not a nutcase," shrugs then grins, "That, and I love a good battle."

07/12/2000 8:22 PM

Never shut those voices out. You are not a nutcase, nor was your mother. You see I also hear those voices. I have always heard voices. It is a templar trait. It is how my powers communicate with me. I beleive, it is possible that you are maybe and I do say maybe half templar, but what troubles me is that you are not half elven. It just doesn't seem right.

*Pyranthas looks down at Krystalis*

07/13/2000 4:51 AM

"Hmmmmmmmm...." considers this, "How would I know for sure?"

*Auranican raises his head and moves away. helps himself to a rabbit, laps from a puddle of water, then stretches his wings and flaps them a couple times and yawns. sits and watches Autumn, Pyranthas, and Krystalis*

07/13/2000 10:08 AM

Well... I'm not sure. I was never the one who identified the templars when they were young. I myself wasn't found to be a templar until I was in my childhood years, when I was in my mid 60's. I was most of the time away, but I do remember my training, but as a child I always listened to the voices in my head. I'm not sure why, but it helped me in my training to be a swordsman.

*He looks at the medallion around his neck, a platnium one with a sword and shield below and eye, with the symbol of Paladine above the eye.*

I was with the Templar for a while, but I then left and I have become a wanderer.

*he scratches Krystalis behind her ears. The dragon growls lightly, which sounds like a cat's purr.*

Even though I was their leader, I never had any deal with training them. That was the job of another. Can you hear the voices now? If you can, what are they telling you? Listen to them... let them communicate with you. Do not fight them.

*Pyranthas sences something coming up on them. He moves Krystalis's head and then stands and turns around to see a lizardman in bone armor and a bone mace and a spear hung on his back.*

I... mean you and your friend no harm Templar.

*Pyranthas cocks his head and looks at the lizardman and places his hand on his sword.*

How did you know I was a Templar lizardman?

I am Bassssilissssk, Protector of the Temple which you are looking for. I ssssenced your power Templar. You are powerful. I also noticed that you where the garb of a Templar warrior. I have been trained by other Templar to learn the ways of the Templar and to learn how to identify a Templar.

*Krystalis stands up and looks at the lizard man and hisses at him. The lizardman looks at the silver hatchling nervously.*

07/13/2000 11:34 AM

*Pyranthas looks at Krystalis.*

It is ok Krystalis, I sence no evil in him.

*looks up to Basilisk.*

Basilisk can you take me and my friends to the Temple?

*Pyranthas says as he walks up to the lizardman, who towers him by a foot and a half.*

Yesss... I sssshall. Thissss way my Lord.

*Pyranthas follows behind him with Krystalis close behind him, and Mingaz behind the silver. Pyranthas stops and looks towards Autumn.*


*Krystalis lets out a little shrill to the gold. Pyranthas reaches down and pets the hatchling*

Let's go.

07/13/2000 6:29 PM

*Pyranthas walks on and looks behind him to
see if Autumn is coming. He shrugs his shoulders and walks on behind Basilisk.*

07/14/2000 8:07 AM

Runs and catches up, "I was listening to the voices in my head. Sheesh!" looks at the lizardman and shakes her head, "This journey just gets stranger and stranger."

*Auranican walks with Krystalis*

07/14/2000 9:09 PM

*Pyranthas smiles at Autumn and allows him mind to wand. Every so often he would look at Krystalis to make sure the hatchling was still there.*

How much further Basilisk?

Not much. Jussst through the sssswamp.

We have to cross the swamp? Is there anything to worry about there?

Yesss. There is a Black Dragon there and there are the Lizard men of the Black Death tribe. They all work with the dragon know to usss assss Plaguebringer. He isss very powerful and evil.

*Pyranthas frowns. He pets Krystalis on the head and keeps walking.*

07/15/2000 12:12 AM

Absentmindly strokes Pyranthas's back as they walk, "Oops, sorry," strokes Auranican's neck instead, "Ssssssso, Basssssssilisk," chuckles at her little joking and sees no one else finds it funny, even the hatchlings give her disapproving glances, "Um, what I was to say is...." gets an emotion she struggles with and suddenly turns to Pyranthas, "I don't want to put the two little ones here in harms way."

Looks worriedly at the two dragons then regards Pyranthas, Mingaz, and Basilik...whispers, "A black dragon would see our coming as a frigging gift!" frowns and carasses the hilt of her sword, a fiercely determined and deadly look settles into her face.

*the air around her sizzles, setting static to her cropped red curls*

07/15/2000 9:16 AM

*Pyranthas doesn't notice the static around her.*

Well, I've killed quite a few dragons in my day... even legendary one. We shall be safe. Blacks are not the most intelligent of dragons. They are a little brighter than the whites but not much.

*He sences great evil the the swamp. He squints his eye and draws his sword so fast there is a spark. He begins to power up instanly. He powers up even quicker now being closer to the temple. He transforms and walks ahead of the group.*

Let's go.

*Krystalis hesitates seeing Py like that, but then she follows him, and Mingaz and Basilisk.*

07/16/2000 1:06 PM

*takes the rear of the group besides Auranican*

07/16/2000 5:02 PM

*Pyranthas's mind goes wild scanning the area. He sences seem ten times as strong on this island and seem to get stronger as the approach the temple. They make it to the temple with no problems. The temple is a tall building with many ancient ruins and carvings on it (temple that is kinda like the temples created by the Mayans in SA.) Pyranthas walks towards the great doors and enters, followd by the rest.*

07/31/2000 6:47 AM

"This is the temple you seek, or is this another haunted house?" touches the hilt of her sword as she passes thru the doors.

07/31/2000 6:33 PM

Yes, this is the temple.

*Pyranthas closes his eyes and feels the raw energy crawl over him. He sees a great alter and walks to it. There lies an opened book. He looks over it. It is in a language he has never seen before. The momment he touches the pages, the words form in his head. He stands there reading it, page after page after page. Crystalis looks up at him and then curls around his feet.*

07/31/2000 11:42 PM

Watches Pyranthas and rolls her eyes, "Oh sheesh," she chuckles and nudges Mingaz looking for agreement and finding none in the minotaurs stern face, "Heh heh, yeah," walks away from Mingaz and goes to Auranican.

Leans close to the dragon, "Is ok baby, he is just communing with ummmm...he's at school now...in his head," pats the young dragon who grins a little and rubs his chin against her back.

"Dammit!" Autumn rubs her temples, "Pyranthas, hurry up!" closes her eyes and whispers to the voice in her head, "Shut up."

08/01/2000 3:08 PM

*Pyranthas stares at page after page of the tome. He removes it from the Alter and then walks towards another hallway reading as he goes. He lets his mind tell him here to go. Krystalis is close behind him.*

"The templar are the most powerful and oldest of the races. They were created secretly by Paladine as a secret weapon incase evil tried to take over. They were given great powers of the mind and were infused with the elements. The templar were the masters of the elements. Many of them could only master one element, and there were a few that could master a few. only the most powerful could master the use of all elements and were considered the most deadly of Paladine's children. Many of these defenders of good lived with the elves and even intermingled with them where their numbers were low where they looked so close to elves. The only differance was they are more charismatic and their skills with weapons were way above the average warrior. A very few intermingled with the Ogres before they became completely corrupted by Takhisis. A few of the Templar chose to follow the Dark Goddess and they lost many of their powers, but they gained their own power from Takhisis. These Templar lost much of their charisma and took the forms of deamons and were brought to the Abyssal Plane where they are now the called the Tanar'ri..."

*Pyranthas walks into a libary and reads some more and then goes and sits at a desk.*

"Once every 10,000 years, there is a great warrior who rises up above the rest and leads the people against the armies of Tanar'ri which leave the Abyss to help bring Takhisis into the world. The only way the Tanar'ri may return to Krynn is by summoning them. All it takes in one Tanar'ri to return, and then the others shall follow."

*Pyranthas reads this and then places the book down and closes it and pulls another book from the book cases behind him and goes back to reading. Krystalis looks at him a little worried. He reads book after book after book, not stopping. After being locked in the room for three days, he walks out with a mind full of knowledge.*

I am no elf... I am a Templar, a special Templar... I am the son of Paladine... the I am the son of a god.

*He then walks to the alter and places his hands on the alter and closes his hands and he is enveloped by light and the temple begins to quiver as Pyranthas begins sucking the energy from the temple.*

08/01/2000 4:31 PM

*for three days she sits with Mingaz and Auranican*

"This is nuts," raps on the door to the room where Pyranthas is, "Hey!"

*turns and shrugs at Mingaz then Pyranthas opens the door and announces that he is the son of Paladin*

*Autumn's jaw drops and she watches as he fiddles around on the alter, causing the temple to quake*

Once he is finished she goes to him, "Ahem, Cap'n? What the heck is going on here? And, if you are the son of Paladine, maybe you could put in a good word for me, eh?" elbows him.

08/01/2000 4:45 PM

*Pyranthas looks at her with glowing eyes. They stop glowing.*

You see I was born many years ago... thousands of years ago. You see 10,000 years ago there was a great war, not on this plane but on another one. I was the leader of the army of good. When we defeated the evil army, their leader cast a spell on me which reversed my age until I was a baby again. I was then brought to the temple and place in a special tomb when the temple stored my powers and hid my memory of who I was. It hid the knowledge and my powers in it. I have been lead here by Paladine, my father to return to lead in another war which will happen on this plane.

*He looks at Autumn again.*

You see my mother was a Templar. Paladine feel in love with her. She was his favorite creation. Never had he made anything so beautiful, and he has tried to recreate her ever since.

*he thinks for a moment and then looks at Autumn again and smiles.*

I do not need to put any words in for you to my father. He has already spoke to you... he was with us on the ship in the form of the wizard Fizban.

08/01/2000 4:56 PM

"Geez, you're old," smiles at him and for some reason actually believes everything he has told her.

"So, what does this make you, half-god?" listens as he tells her about Fizban, "Wha...?"

*sways on her feet and holds onto Mingaz*

08/01/2000 5:51 PM

*Pyranthas smiles and then beckons his dragon to come to him.*

Krystalis also was placed under the spell. Except she could not hatch until I returned to this island.

Bronzeblade Keep


08/02/2000 7:53 AM

Slowly Basilisk and another man enter the room. The other man is dressed in brown robes, is wearing a back pack of brown burlap and is carrying a large book.

Basilisk moves up to stand next to Mingaz but the man in brown remains in the back of the room, out of the way, listening to the conversations that are taking place.

08/03/2000 4:47 PM

"Paladine touched me...." is in disbelief.

Pats her gold dragon hatchling Auranican on the head and smiles at Pyranthas, "I surely have friends in high places...you, um, are my friend, Py, no?" finds new respect for the Templar and feels herself getting warm and fuzzy and so switches her attention with a nervous grin.

Turns to see Basilisk and a newcomer in brown robes enter the room. Nods at the lizardman, then stares at the robed one, "Hello. And what god are YOU the son of?" giggles in disbelief.

08/04/2000 5:45 AM

"Neither of my parents are gods. I am known as the Thorn. I am the guardian of the three magics. It is my job to gather information and the events here where worthy of my notice. I have come to chronicle them," states the Thorn.

08/05/2000 3:46 PM

Thorn, you have come to the right place then if it is knowledge you are seeking. I too and still searching for knowledge of the past now that I know I am Eli's son. The libary here is filled with lost and ancient knowledge.

*looks over his shoulders to the libary.*

Bronzeblade Keep


08/06/2000 3:13 PM

"I'm hungry," she complains, "C'mon Auranican, let's go hunting," she and the gold dragon leave the temple and come back with many rabbits, "Rabbits, I'm sick of rabbits."

*cleans and begins roasting the large rodents, but not before tossing a few to Auranican and setting aside some for Krystalis*


V.P. of the Pandemoneous Rootbeer Popsicklus and Consort to the Man for Chaos Inc.

08/07/2000 6:47 AM

"You library holds only minor interest to me," say the Thorn to Pyranthas "it is the events that are taking place wich desire the most attention."

08/07/2000 7:03 PM

Hmmmmm... well there is not much happening here now, but there shall be a great war coming. One that our time has never seen. I foresee it. Many will die.

Bronzeblade Keep


08/08/2000 12:10 PM

"Yes, so it is written, but for what side and the total can be altered. I believe that you have that power. You may also need some allies in the coming war. I will fight alongside you when the time comes. There is also several others that may be of help. One is my apprentice, Leana. Another is a special little kender who I owe a favor. The third is a powerful elementalist called Jordie. There is a purple dragon, Skylarke, who if convinced might help. Finally, Autumn and her blue dragon may be of assistance. There are some you should be wary of accepting help from. The hooded one should be avoided, I have witnessed his deeds and his soul is impure. The decision is up to you. The fate of many could rest in your hands. Whatever the outcome, I will be there to record it. What say you?" asks the mage.

08/08/2000 3:23 PM

Hmmmmm... You are wise mage. Only thing I wish I could foresee is where and when this war shall take place. I do fear it will take place within the next 10 years.

Bronzeblade Keep

08/08/2000 5:01 PM

A kender, who was obviously eavesdropping, runs up and says "This should tell us!" He pulls a Crystal Ball out of his pouch.
"Now, how does this thing work?......It used to....Really it did!.....Don't you believe me?"

08/08/2000 5:35 PM

When the war begins, I feel I shall know. I need to crystal ball to reveal that to me little kender.

*he hears a roar outside.*

The black... I shall return.

*Py walks out of the temple and looks at the Black Ancient Wrym and eyes it. The wrym eyes him back. It then slaming it's head downward so it can bite the elf. Py draws his sword with lightning speed He then dashes for its gut and slashes with his masterfull skill and carves yhis name into the creature's stomach within his attack. The creature screams in pain. He leaps into the air and flaps his wings so he could be protected from Pyranthas's melee attacks. Py does a back flip and then powers up and goes into his Super Templar form. He smirks at the dragon who begins the open his mouth to spit forth it's powerful stream of acid. Py then hurls his right arm up at the creature and a giant fireball explodes from his hand and engulfs the dragon's wings. The monster falls to the ground and Pyranthas attacks him like quicksilver. When he finally kills the dragon, he walks inside with the horns on it's head and throws them on the temple floor.*

Elder Black Wyrms aren't as powerful as they thing they are...

Bronzeblade Keep


08/08/2000 6:04 PM

I'm going to my chambers.

*walks to the libary and then sits and cracks a book*

Bronzeblade Keep

08/09/2000 3:18 AM

The kender reluclantly hands him the crystal ball, but follows to make sure he gets it back when he's done!

08/09/2000 5:58 AM

*The Pyranthas looks the ball over and sits at a table with the kender.*

Well little one, I'mno mage, but I can see what I can do to get this working. Is there maybe a command word you need to say? If not, I might be able to channel my Templar energies into it to activate it if it, unless it is broke.

Bronzeblade Keep

08/09/2000 7:38 AM

The Thorn eyes the dragon horns on the floor. These could be of some use in the future he thinks to himself. The Thorn walks over and places a hand on each horn. Slowly the horns begin to shrink. When they become the size of apples, the mage withdrawals his hands. He places them inside his robes, in a magical pocket.

He turns and walks outside the temple, to see the remnents of the loser. "What a mess," he says to himself. he gathers up some brush and banks a fire next to the body of the black. Slowly the blaze catches, engulfing the dead wurm in flame.

The Thorn heads back into the temple, thinking that Templar energy must be studied more.

08/09/2000 6:34 PM

"FOOD!" Autumn enters the temple with the gold hatchling Auranican, carrying the roasted rabbits, "Damn black dragon was drawn in by the noise and the smell, the stupid thing!"

"Hello," she says to Thorne, "What's that?" points to the kender, not even noticing the ball.

*nibbles on a rabbit*

08/10/2000 7:24 AM

*Pyranthas closes his eyes and the ball begins to glow. It then shatters.*

Damn! I place too much energy into it. I'm sorry little one.

*pulls out a small diamond and hands it to the kender.*

Krystalis come here.

*The silver hatchling comes running over to Py. Py whispers something to her and then she goes over to the kender and she licks his face and lies at his face.*

Bronzeblade Keep

08/10/2000 9:33 AM

The Thorn looks at Autumn. Never passing up the chance to answer a question, even the simplest, he replies "The is one of Reorx's children. It is a Kender. The are a race that is full of like and don't know what fear is. They're very dextrous, being able to pick locks and disarm most traps with ease. The also have a tendency to find items of yours that you have misplaced in their pouches."

Finished with his explanation, the Thorn looks to regard the broken crystal ball. "What a pity," mumbles the mage.

08/10/2000 10:20 AM

'Well I can't help it if your items fall into my pouch or you aren't watching them carefully enough.'

08/11/2000 6:28 AM

Looks at The Thorne oddly, then turns to Pyranthas, "Nice going, fumble-fingers," shakes her head.

*Auruanican strides his golden body on over to the kender and sits down in front of him, studying him*


V.P. of the Pandemonious Rootbeer Popsicklus and Consort to the Man for Chaos Inc.

08/11/2000 7:57 AM

The Thorn turns to Jastrom, "I appreciate when you find my items for me little one," he says. "It would do the world much good to have your kinds hope."

The mage gathers up the shards of the crystal ball and places them in a pouch. I will deal with this when I get home, he thinks. "What are your plans?" he asks Pyranthas.

08/11/2000 8:46 PM

I am not sure Thorn. I know I will have to assemble a great army of warriors at sometime, but I am not sure when.

Bronzeblade Keep

08/12/2000 12:25 PM

"Well," sucks on a rabbit bone then tosses it away, "I'm in. I need a good battle."



V.P. of the Pandemonious Rootbeer Popsicklus and Consort to the Man for Chaos Inc.

08/12/2000 9:26 PM

"When that time comes, look me up," replies the Thorn. "You will be able to find me in the silver tower. If I am not at home, leave me a message and I will find you."

With a quick smile to the kender, the mage fades out.

08/15/2000 3:39 PM

I shall Thorn. I shall call upon you when the time is right.

*He watches the mage fade away, and then looks at the kender.*

So, where did you come from little one? How did you get to this island.

*Mingaz and Basilisk sit in the cornor playing a game of chess and Krystalis sleeps behind Py, chair.*

Bronzeblade Keep

08/19/2000 8:43 PM

Py looks around. Where is everyone?

Bronzeblade Keep

08/21/2000 10:51 PM

Autumn knocks the kender on his arse as she passes, "Hey!" slaps Pyranthas on the back, "Let's go slay a dragon. I saw one out back!" thumbs behind her, "Really!"

Autumn motions to a window in the temple and as Auranican raises his juvinile golden dragon head curiously, a big black dragon grins and licks the window ledge, "You feeble mortals, I am huuuuunnnnnngggggry," the dragon hisses and grins.

Hi. I'm happy.

08/22/2000 7:16 PM

*looks at the black and then runs at it like lightning and slashes his sword faster than ever and then leaps back and the dragon falls to pieces.*

What dragon?

Bronzeblade Keep

08/27/2000 6:16 PM

Walks back inside and then sits down on the floor and begins meditating.

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08/27/2000 6:35 PM

Puts a boot to Pyranthas's arse, "Stop that. We're leaving," grabs her bags and heads outside with Auranican, "Coming kender?"

Heads back to the beach, "SHIP!" points to the sea.


Hi. I'm happy.

08/27/2000 6:43 PM

I have stuff I have to do here. Maybe we shall meet again another day. I need to prepare for what is coming ahead Autumn. I wish you good luck. Krystalis come here.

*pets his silver hatchling.*

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