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11/15/2002 4:37 AM

((OOC: I got this idea from a manga based on Dungeons and Dragons... 'Been playing with the idea for awhile, but decided to put it up and see how it goes. For now, only eight players...You can be Guardian and Player or have a NPC as your Guardian (You control the guardian, though). Let's see how it works out...))

"Hey book-face, let's see you put me down like this!" A high-school quarterback socked Kevin in the mouth. He felt the iron-like taste of blood roll over his tongue as the world turned black for a split second. He fell, crashing into the concrete floor in the dark alley. The quarterback, dubbed 'Gunner' was standing over him, a scowl on his face and the rest of the high-school football team laughing in the background. Some of the cheerleaders were there too, laughing alongside the rest of the team.
Laughing at me thought Kevin as he tried to stand up.

"Get back down, punk. Oh look, his glasses fell off." Kevin fell onto his hands and knees, searching for his glasses. He saw them. They were blurry but he saw them.

A sickening crack stopped his hand from venturing near what remained of his brand-new glasses.

"That'll teach you for showing me up in class." The quarterback kicked him down again, and, motioning for the others to follow, left the alley.

Kevin sighed and headed home. A way to take out his anger was there.

Opening the door, he found his mother watching TV but did not greet her. They had gotten into a fight awhile ago about his new hobby and stress management.

Kicking his sister off of the computer and out of his room, he quickly booted up the system he had hungered for the very second he had woken up that day. As soon as the system finished loading, he took out his treasure, goggles and gloves...all connected to a box connected to the computer.

He placed the goggles on his head and watched as everything changed. He was no longer in his room, but in a town called Palanthas. The dirt and the blood was gone. Looking at his reflection on a window, he noted his athletic build with pride and drew a double-bladed sword with even more pride than his body could ever manage. The blades increased all of his stats incredibly while one was a summoning blade and the other an elemental.

"Sylar." Kevin turned around at his 'game name'. His Guardian, an elf druid stood at his side.
"You're late," she accused, pointing at the sun. "Did you know how long it seems when you're trying to dodge every single person that passes you by for sake of your steel when you're in this place?!"
A couple of patriotic Palanthians glared at her as she walked by.
"Vaea, you're too impatient for an elf. Be more patient, alright? It's better roleplaying." he sighed and interrupted her before she could remark back. "I need to blow off some steam. What's the newest mission we could take?"

Vaea looked as if she would ignore his comment, but shook her head and said, "A floating citadel's been sighted. They say a powerful mage is controlling it and you need to fly with a dragon to get up there."
"So we could just ask a silver."
"Where would you find one?"
"The knighthood."
"The Dungeon Masters wouldn't let you off that easy."
"I know, but it doesn't hurt to try, right?"
She looked exasperated but waved him on.

A couple of kids ran by their legs, shouting, "There's gonna be a lynch! The Thieves' guild's gonna lynch a player and his guardian for walkin' into their base! It's in the bad part of town! c'mon! Hurry!"
They pushed and shoved each other, trying to get in the lead.

"You know, we could always use allies."
She didn't answer and looked the other way.
Sylar looked at her, rolled his eyes and began to follow the kids.
"C'mon. I'm not going to waste a good hundred gold to revive you if you die by yourself in this place."

Scowling, Vaea followed him, making sure he knew she was as reluctant as she could be.


Back in the real world, a crisis was breaking out.
"Children all over the world have been falling into comas, which our sources now indicate is the afteraffects of death in a virtual reality game commonly known as "Lost Saga". Doctors have been analyzing..."
Kevin's mom switched the channel. She had warned him..."Then calm me...with your sword!"-Madoushi, Final Fantasy Unlimited

"Then fight me, Eisenthalas, and may I be damned to Chemosh if I do not see you writhe and disintegrate by my flames."-Ansulyrion, Fire Dragon

11/15/2002 8:07 AM

Ram punched in Kevin's number while he adjusted his headset. School had been the usual waste, boring to the point of uselessness. He needed a friendly voice, and he'd heard that Kev had been attacked again... in Ram's mind it was an attack, anyway. Maybe this time I can finally convince him to let me do something about it... His eyes strayed to his bokken in the corner, the wooden kendo sword resting alongside various other fencing equipment. If Kevin wasn't so worried about what Gunner would do if someone stepped in to defend the people he beats up, I would've already given that ogre a taste of my blades...

Ram suddenly realized that the headset ws buzzing a busy signal in his ear and keyed it off. He wasn't surprised. Whenever Kevin had had a bad day, there was only one place he could be found- Krynn. With a sigh, Ram headed down to his basement.

VR technology had come to the forefront of computer gaming only a year or two ago, and although it was still very new, scientific advances made it extremely realistic. Games like WizCo's Lost Saga had become immensely popular, but in Ram's oppinion, some people, like Kevin, took it overboard. Besides, Ram was an old-schooler- he still maintained that nothing held a candle to the classic pencil and paper RPG's. No matter how good the technology got, it was still not as social an experience. Oh well, time to put my mask on...

Ram flipped on the lights in his basement, revealing a scrambled computer setup sprawling over a couple of tables. Most of it was junk, true, but it was useful junk... as soon as he had put the gauntlets on, Ram picked up a fencing sword and secured it to his belt. Apparently a normal electric sabre used for point-fencing, its wires ran not to a scoring device, but into the computer setup. Ram still got a kick out of that modification every time. He pulled down the helmet and loaded his character- Ramael. Almost nobody knew Ram's full first name anymore, so he felt quite safe using it online.

The white towers of Palanthas resolved around him and Ramael stood in one of the city's squares. Checking to see that his sword was, indeed, at his side, he turned and walked to the nearest posting wall. A Guardian had been one of the first things that Ram had dispensed with- they were too obviosuly just a gimick to help the insecure. Ram found protective wards just as effective for when he camped. However, it did mean that he had to check the news himself.

Gnoll raiding parties? Not Kev's style... Dragons on the northern frontiers? Someone will already have jumped that one.... Floating citadel...? Just then, voices reached Rameal's ears. "Yeah, the two of them just blundered in! The thieves are hopping mad, looks like they're going to hang them today!" Bingo... although I hope he knows he's going to get himself killed if he keeps this up...

Ramael took off at a run, cloak billowing out behind him as he made for the Thieves' Quarter."Eyes that fire and sword have seen,
and horrors in the halls of stone,
shall look at last on meadows green,
and trees and hills they long have known."

-The Hobbit

11/15/2002 2:38 PM

OOC: That is freaking awsome!!! damnit, I'd join, but I'm only here every weekend or so..ahh...hey...I could try to make it work..how about it? do you mind if I only come around every so once and a while?I hadn't known him well but now i wish I had...
I'll never be able to let it go...never have a life of my own...
Don't worry...you'll be avenged. ~Cain (Unnamed story)

11/15/2002 5:27 PM

Ashlynne threw her coat and books on her bed with a cry of frustration. They just couldn't leave her alone...She lay down across her bed, tears stinging her hazel eyes. She rolled over and stared at the ceiling of her room...plastered with different fantasy pictures...

Unicorns, Pegasi, Dragons, mages, warriors, barbarians....she turned her eyes to the computer in the corner. She brushed a stray auburn curl away from her eyes. She sat up, shooed her cat off the chair and sat down...she booted up and then locked her bedroom door...she hated when her little brother interrupted her free-time.

She connected, and entered her password....she slipped on the gloves and the visor...then clicked "Connect" and Her world Reformed.

Ashlynne opened her eyes to stare dazed at the silver dragon that lounged before her. her "guardian". The silver grinned and winked one blue eye. Ashlynne stretched, feeling the silver dragonscale armor shift with her, her long auburn hair tumbled wildly down her back in rich deep red curls.... She smiled back and checked to make sure all was as it should be. She turned and looked behind her....

"well Sivarl....looks like I'm just in time..." She said softly as she began to walk towards Palanthas. Sivarl nodded, and shifted....a White robe mage, with silver hair and blue eyes. Ashlynne wore armor of a fighter not a true knight...the perfect pair...mage and fighter...constantly watching the other's back....together they walked towards the city.Do you ever question your life?
Do you ever wonder why?
Do you ever see in your dreams,
all the castles in the sky?

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11/15/2002 5:43 PM

((OOC:I don't mind. We could write you into the background if need be. Howabout you, sylvan, Kalia? Oh, and thanks for clearing up the VR systems and all. I was going to do it myself, but you did it far better than I could have.))

"We'll sell them!" someone shouted. "Nobody's a better slave than a player and its guardian!"
"No, burn the mage and throw the fighter into the arena against a Berserk Draconian!" The theives were having the best time of their lives, making the two poor prisoners tremble more and more at every way they could be executed, which became more gruesome by the second.

"This is horrible," whispered Vaea in Sylar's ear. "We should stop them."
"Hold on. I want to see what happens."
"You're disgusting."
"You're an elf."
The two, covered in cloaks, and their hoods hiding their faces, made their way to the middle of the crowd.

The thieves had finally gotten to an agreement. Actually, the guildmasters, two players acting like player and guardian, had agreed for them. The prisoners were to be hung over a bonfire, so if the hanging didn't work, they would be slowly burned until death.

"Alright, time to end this. As soon as they are let go, I'll jump in to catch them. You just cut the ropes with your throwing daggers."
"And if I miss?"
"Then we're wading in a pit of cobras. Ok...three...two..."
A shout came from the edge of the crowd.
Oh no...
"In the name of the Solamnics, I cannot allow you to hang these people without a proper trial!"
A knight, dressed in full armor, made his way through the crowd, holding a glittering sword in his guantleted hand. His guardian, a cleric of Paladine, walked right behind him, throwing suspicious looks at the gathered crowd of ruffians and scoundrels.
"Let's leave," whispered Vaea into Sylar's ear.
"Let's do, I-" Sylar whirled around at someone's touch to his shoulder, his hand on a dirk at his belt.
"Ramael!" he murmured, relieved. "How'd you find-"

"Get no closer!" a crazed voice shrieked out from the stands.
The three turned back to the prisoners. The mage was holding something dark and...digital...in his hand and holding it up high.
"If I activate this, everyone will be trapped in this world until I feel otherwise!"
Someone, most likely another player, murmured , "It's a virus...We should get out of here..."
But at that moment, one of the thieves, a reckless player, lunged at the mage, who shouted something. A bright light blinded the crowd the crowd for a split second.

When they could open their eyes, the mage and his guardian were gone.

"I'm going to try logging off," said Sylar immediatly. He closed his eyes and brought up the menu, found the log-off control and mentally pressed it. Another screen was brought up and said, "That control is restricted. You are not authorized to use this function."
Sylar opened his eyes and looked at both Vaea and Ramael.
"I can't do it."

"Then calm me...with your sword!"-Madoushi, Final Fantasy Unlimited

"Then fight me, Eisenthalas, and may I be damned to Chemosh if I do not see you writhe and disintegrate by my flames."-Ansulyrion, Fire Dragon

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11/15/2002 8:33 PM

As Blade returned home he turned his attention to the Lost Saga game that his mother had gotten him only a couple of days ago. It was true that Blade's real name wasn't Blade but it was Ben. He didn't like the name so he decided to make himself a nickname. Everybody at school now called him Blade. He liked it.

As he put on his glove and visor he inserted his password and the computer showed a "Cannot get in" Sign. "What the?" As he tried again it did the same thing. After awhile he decided to see what was up. He was very good with computers and stuff like that. Once he saw what he needed to do and saw what the problem was he typed in a code that would deflect the virus long enough for him to get inside and see what was up.

Once he did that he quickly typed up his password and in a flash he was by the board that posted the latest news in Krynn. As he looked about he heard a kid shout about the Thiefs Guild causing the virus and headed right towards there. In here his name was of course Blade.. He was trained to be a ranger. He carried his ever so trustworthy blade.. He called it the Ranger Blade because not many people were skilled in being a ranger.. Of course he knew that a couple of people from his school were probably already their.

Of course he did not have many friends at his school, yet he new them not really well. As he picked up his pace to not miss anything he saw the group and walked towards the side to not be seen by them. He didn't like to intrude on people especially if they were starting a quest. His friends didn't have this game so he knew no one except the group. "I'll just find out what happened on my own."

He walked through the crowed for alittle while but didn't hear a single word of what happened. He didn't like this at all.

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11/15/2002 9:34 PM

OOC: Let them all come.


Ram gritted his teeth in irritation. A script kitty was the last thing he needed this afternoon, and it was slowly breaking his RP concentration. "Forget the bug for a minute, Kev, stay with the game. We've got the initiative with everyone so distracted." Time to do something noble... well, semi-noble...

Dashing through the crowd, Ramael made it over to where the prisoners were being held and came up against two able looking rouges, sabers already drawn to ward off the crowds and torment the captives. As the swords flashed in his direction, Ram pulled his own steel to meet them.

The two thieves slipped into the confusion with delighted looks on their faces. Nothing like a little coin to battle a good rouge. I think I actually knew those two.... He motioned for the prisoners to head towards Sylar and Vaea, then ducked into an alleyway and brought up the systems menu. Frowning to himself, he started working furiously at the code. "Those bastards are going to get it if I ever see them again... and where in the name of EQ is a DM when you need one?""Eyes that fire and sword have seen,
and horrors in the halls of stone,
shall look at last on meadows green,
and trees and hills they long have known."

-The Hobbit

11/15/2002 10:19 PM

Vaea and Sylar greeted the two prisoners. Vaea was cordial and happy, glad to be helping the helpless. Sylar was slightly disgusted. He had expected to find allies. What he found now were two newbies who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.
A pack of thieves and rogues were launching themselves toward them. Lightning crackled from Sylar's blade as he sliced the air to fend off the oncoming horde.
"We should get out of here," said Sylar. "I can't even use my weapon properly with all these people around."
"That's what I've been trying to tell you!" said Vaea in a high voice.
"Yeah, well, I wasn't listening..." He motioned for her to run as he reached into his belt and threw out a gnome contraption that was supposed to identify real gold to fake gold. It didn't do anything until it reached a coin of solid gold-from a watching noble- and blew up in a cloud of smoke and gears.

When he had reached the more respectable part of Palanthas, he took the hood off of his head and walked up to Vaea and the former prisoners, who were waiting for him.
"Thank you both so much!" A low level mage looked at him with eyes full of reverence. "Where did you get an item that could do such feats?"
"We found it in campsite where a group of rogues had camped. Evidently they had stolen the hoard of a dragon and were roasted alive by it. The dragon missed it because one rogue had fallen on top of it, hiding it from view." Vaea said it crossly. She had told Sylar not to steal in such circumstances, but, as usual, he had ignored her.
The two newbies edged away and said, "Well, thank you again for saving us...we'll be leaving now...."
"Yeah, go on," said Sylar, who turned back to Vaea as the two scampered off, horrified of someone who had stolen from burned carcasses. He smirked while saying, "Did you see where Ram disappeared to?"
"We'll run into him again. We always do."
Sylar looked displeased about the whole turn of events. Ram was a good roleplayer and an even better character. It was useful to have him around.
"Now about that dragon and citadel...where do the knights keep their silvers?"
"You honestly think that they'd just let you ride one."
"Why not? We'd be doing their dirty work, and we'd be killing a mage for them."
"There's a bond between dragon and rider, you know."
"As I said, It never hurts to try."
"Under some circumstances, yes it does."
"Shut up and come on," he said fondly and began walking towards the knighthood's base in Palanthas. Vaea followed, sighing.

At length, she said, "What are you going to do about logging off? You can't take your VR gear off until you've logged off unless you want your body to go through a shock you may never recover of."
Sylar kept walking, and said, "It's an excuse to play longer. You can't get rid of me that easily." there was a foreign edge of worriedness in his voice and Vaea didn't persue the subject."Then calm me...with your sword!"-Madoushi, Final Fantasy Unlimited

"Then fight me, Eisenthalas, and may I be damned to Chemosh if I do not see you writhe and disintegrate by my flames."-Ansulyrion, Fire Dragon

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11/15/2002 11:32 PM

Ram was vaguely aware of an explosion out in the street as he kept trying to hack the virus' code. Boy, Kev, I hope that wasn't you.... Working through the system, he managed to figure out a bypass for some of the virus' effects... an escape tunnel just in case there was a problem. Ram liked being one step ahead of the GM's, but he didn't dare activate the bypass, since it would make the script cleanup messier for WizCo's employees when they got to it. For now he was content, and sifted his attention back to the game.

Looking out of the alleyway, Ramael saw a mess of people... Knights and theives were everywhere shouting at one another and the general crowd wasn't helping much. Not my buisness, though. Looks like the others got out okay. Turning, he made his way carefully through a series of alleyways until he found one that turned out onto a street he knew. Now where would Sylar go... ahhh yes, the citadel. He's probably heading to check on the job offer.

Ramael's steps turned him towards the Knights' stronghold."Eyes that fire and sword have seen,
and horrors in the halls of stone,
shall look at last on meadows green,
and trees and hills they long have known."

-The Hobbit

11/16/2002 4:48 PM

WizCo was in chaos. The multi-server had disabled all of the GM's powers to merely watching. They could log off, but watched helplessly as characters died over and over again.

Finally the doors slammed open. One man strode out, looking fiercely at all of them. The loud room quickly became silent as the man walked down the hall towards the lead programmer.
"I want to know what's going on. Now," snarled Pete Adkis in the programmer's ear.

Pete Adkis, founder of WizCo, had resigned from his position until not long ago when VR had finally become available to use in roleplaying. He knew his work and the employees respected him with as much respect as they could muster.

"Y-yes sir. Right away sir," the man began to furiously type under his boss's angry shadow.
Stopping, he looked at the screen and then back to Pete.
"It's a script change, sir. We can unscramble it, but we would need to locate the source of the change. To be more precise, the player who actually made it. However..." he trailed off.

"What is it? Spit it out," said Pete, looking at him.
"If someone happens to change the script again, say, to let themselves out, we would have to change the script from inside the game while having the source captured."
"So lock people from entering the script."
"It is locked, sir. However, people have ways of entering..."
Pete uttered a profanity under his breath and looked at the screen, which showed Krynn's map.
"Well? What are you going to do about this before someone decides to change the script?"
"We already have a backup plan, sir. We use some of the trapped players to locate the source, then let one of our GM's in, capture the source long enough for us to change the script."
"Do it."


Vaea stopped, putting a hand on Sylar's arm. She had her eyes closed.
"What is it?"
"A new mission has been posted. Evidently WizCo's not doing too well with the virus. If we can locate the player who set the virus loose...They promise instant master levels to both player and guardian to whatever class they choose."
Sylar whistled softly.
"Master level in any class, eh? I think we should go along with that. Where should we start?"
Vaea opened her eyes and looked at him.
"The player was a mage. We should look for the tower of Wayreth. They have the records of the mages who walk upon Krynn."
"Pity, I..." He stopped, looking past Vaea's shoulder.
"What is it?" she turned and saw a lady, dressed in shining silver dragonscale armor coming their way with her guardian. The mage next to her was equally as exotic as she was, but naturally.
Vaea waved a hand in front of Sylar's face, but he didn't respond. She sighed and backed off to watch Sylar make a fool of himself.

Sylar strode up to her, blushing furiously.
"Excuse me, but I've never seen your face in these parts. Are you new to Palanthas?""Then calm me...with your sword!"-Madoushi, Final Fantasy Unlimited

"Then fight me, Eisenthalas, and may I be damned to Chemosh if I do not see you writhe and disintegrate by my flames."-Ansulyrion, Fire Dragon

11/16/2002 5:01 PM

Ashlynne turned, startled... Her hand straying instantly to the sword at her side. "No, but I haven't been here for a long time..." she said, her hazel eyes narrowed in suspicion. Sivarl frowned, and rested his hand on her shoulder. She turned, and read his expression carefully. He shook his head, and let his hand drop.

Ashlynne nodded slowly and turned to Sylar. "well...looks like we're in the same boat." She turned, surveying the chaos in the city around them. "Perhaps we should pool our efforts...and try to find this moron together?" she said, relaxing her grip on the sword.Do you ever question your life?
Do you ever wonder why?
Do you ever see in your dreams,
all the castles in the sky?

11/16/2002 6:03 PM

Looking at the newly-drawn picture of Raistlin, Kaist curled her lip in discust. "Way out of proportion, his staff looks like its about to hit him on the head," she moaned and rolled of her bed to the screen saver of flying cups of thera-flu. Shaking the mouse impatiently, she slides on the gloves and goggles she bought at the electronics store.
"this game had better be worth all that money," she mumbles. A screen popps up implying that the network is infected with a virus as soon as she logs on. Some simple hacking and Kaist enters the game right outside the tower of high sorcery in Palanthas.

"Good graphics, good resolution...SHIRAK..great effects..."Kaists eyes light up as a small sunburst appears in her outstreatched palm. "I think I may like this game..."

Kaist's raven-covered robes swished about her feet as she wandered the city mindlessly aimlessly in awe. "so this is Palanthas... No wonder Raist chose to live here..." In her mind she pictured her weathered copies of Legends series...

After an hour or so, Kaist was getting bored. Very bored. "o...k...how do you sign off?!" The manual was sitting on her computer desk...unread....

A small group of people were conversing nearby. "Hey. um... are you all playing the Lost Saga game?" She asks meekly with an strange smile on her face...

I LIKE mages.
-kaist, the thera-flu chugger

11/16/2002 7:32 PM

((OOC: Kiastraist, let me point something out to you as another roleplayer: If your character just started he or she would start at level 1 and would not start at the Tower of Sorcery in Palanthas. Besides that, good character. ;) ))"Then calm me...with your sword!"-Madoushi, Final Fantasy Unlimited

"Then fight me, Eisenthalas, and may I be damned to Chemosh if I do not see you writhe and disintegrate by my flames."-Ansulyrion, Fire Dragon

11/16/2002 8:22 PM

As Ramael walked steadily towards the Knights' stronghold, he suddenly heard furious talk break out on all sides. Turning, he saw a parchment materialize on one of the town message boards, huge red and black lettering covering the paper. What on Krynn...? Reading it quickly, the swordsman snorted in disgust. Instant Master Levels... see, twinks are why I left Everequest, you idiots!! Spit, and I'll bet Sylar's all over it too...

Continuing, Ram soon caught sight of his friend and the elf in the street. He was just about to go over when a woman in armor walked past and Sylar hailed her. Oh blood, that's all we need... Sylar never gives up does he? Wait a minute... isn't that dragonscale she's weaing?

Walking over to Vaea, Ramael nodded a greeting to her and waited for Sylar to finish his discussion."Eyes that fire and sword have seen,
and horrors in the halls of stone,
shall look at last on meadows green,
and trees and hills they long have known."

-The Hobbit

11/16/2002 9:31 PM

AS he watched the group part he decided to follow the player and guradian. As soon as he stopped he looked at a message board. "Hmm.. it seems that everybody is gonna go after this player now." He hid in the shadows of a store while he watched Sylar start to talk to a girl. He then saw Ram coming towards his friends.

"It seems they are gonna get some help from different people." "What should I do? I could join them.. yet I don't like to intrude on people. I could go by myself and look for the player who made this virus yet I probably wouldn't find him without help." He pondered about what he should do.

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11/17/2002 1:52 AM

Vaea sighed as Ramel strode up to her.
"I really don't see any time for this. Someone, most likely his sister, will probably end up walking in on him and taking his gear off manually by morning and get him into a hospital because of who knows what and he's just standing here trying to flirt with some higher level than he."
She turned her gaze to Ram.
"Where have you been, anyway? You always just disappear like that. Didn't your mother teach you any manners?"
Seeing as she wouldn't elict any response from him until Sylar had finished talking/ trying to flirt with that other character, she leaned against the wall in a huff, snapping at a random passerby.

"You are, evidently a higher level fighter than I am," said Sylar, glancing at Ashlynne's more well fitting dragonscale armor. Though not acting stupidly anymore, it didn't stop him from admiring his counterpart in disscussion. "And your guardian looks and feels formidable. I don't know if my guardian and I could be of any help..."
Glancing over his shoulder, he saw Ram and Vaea, the latter glaring at him. Not wanting to poke his guardian any further than he had already, he called both over.
"Let me introduce you to Vaea, my guardian, and Ram, my best friend so far in my life. Ram, Vaea, this is Ashlynne and...uh..."
"We can leave the introductions for later," snapped Vaea. "There are newbies all over the place looking at us and some of them are thieves. Let's get out of here."
She strode quickly away, toward the gates.
"But Vaea, I thought we were going to get a dragon..."
"NO, we were going to go to Wayreth, but we wouldn't need to borrow one with me and your new friend's guardian there."
Sylar looked at her, confused, then sighed and began to follow.
"I suppose we should start at Wayreth then, unless you have any other decisions."
He looked at the rest of the group."Then calm me...with your sword!"-Madoushi, Final Fantasy Unlimited

"Then fight me, Eisenthalas, and may I be damned to Chemosh if I do not see you writhe and disintegrate by my flames."-Ansulyrion, Fire Dragon

11/17/2002 5:35 AM

"Lemme get this straight," Kaist sighed to the older rogue, "Some mage guy set a virus into the system preventing everyone from leaving. The game controller people promise really high levels to whoever defeats this mage guy."
"Yes." The rogue nodded.
"Grr. Screw that. The first time I decide to test my new game, I can't even hit exit."Fumed Kaist impaitiently, but suddenly brightened. "Well Ill get my moneys worth!"
"look, Mage. You need to find some more powerful people if your going to take on the Big Mage. You're only Level one. Minimal spells, minimal life... and there are no cheat codes." The rogue shook his insane hair, long, blonde, and blue at the tips. "and if you havent noticed, those kender over there have 'borrowed' a few things."
Kaist's face turned a bright crimson as she eyed the kender who had her favorite pencil, with gold eyes all down the sides...
"please help me," she said softly.
"certainly! I'm Wendro." He snatched the pencil from the kender and gave it back to Kaist, who hastily concealed it.
'Now lets find some stronger allies!' Kaist says, ignoring the cries of the dissapointed kender, they wander back to the Tower of High Sorcery...
I LIKE mages.
-kaist, the thera-flu chugger

11/17/2002 5:58 PM

An ammused look came over Ramael's face as Vaea berated first him and then Sylar. The swordsman greeted Ashlynne by way of appology. "You'll have to excuse Vaea, she's by far the most impestuous elf you'll ever find on Krynn. Her suggestions, however, are usually not bad ones... if we're looking for a mage, Wayreth is the place to start."

Suddenly, Ram bowed low, his cloak falling over his leather armor. "Ramael Veram, m'lady. We would be honored if you would join our humble party.""Eyes that fire and sword have seen,
and horrors in the halls of stone,
shall look at last on meadows green,
and trees and hills they long have known."

-The Hobbit

11/17/2002 6:13 PM

"Wayreth huh? well...we're quite a distance from the tower..." Ashlynne mused carefully. "What do you think Sivarl? Willing to take on a few passengers?" The white robe mage smirked but nodded.

"Don't mind him...he normally doesn't speak much." SHe turned, tossing her mane of auburn curls over her shoulder, as she rested her hand on Sivarl's shoulder.Do you ever question your life?
Do you ever wonder why?
Do you ever see in your dreams,
all the castles in the sky?

11/18/2002 3:59 PM

Wendro and Kaist roamed the streets restlessly.
"if we are to find stronger allies, we need to look stronger..."Kaist mused."Right now i look like a Wannabe starter..." Out of the corner of her eye Kaist spotted a mage-ware shop.
Wendro and Kaist exchanged glances and with two crooked evil smiles ducked inside. The shop was full of the overwhelming scent of...MARJORAM!
"May I help you?" a red-robed lady asked.
Kaist plopped her elbows down on the counter.
"I LOOOVE marjoram! tell me all about it! iwant to raise marjoram and be a marjoram farmer!' she ranted in a really fake high squeeky voice. 'marjoram may be the most dee-licois herb on the face of Krynn!'
and so the lady ranted on about the uses of the herb while Wendro relieved her of some dusty relics.
after a while Kaist was going insane and never wanted to hear the word Marjoram again, whether Raist put it in soup or not!
so she said, 'My dear thank you for the talk and i will come back soooon and you can tell me all about marjoram in ice cream! come on Wendro, lets go.' and she didnt leave without her complimentary little bundle of marjoram.

"well I have plenty of things for you!!!" wendro gloated. He removed many relics of great value and appearance,and they slipped them on and continued toward the tower...I LIKE mages.
-kaist, the thera-flu chugger

11/18/2002 4:34 PM

"Ok, so what are we doing? Are we going on an adventure? I want to go on an adventure!!! I've been on lots of adventures. Like once I helped this old guy find his hat, and he nearly killed me with a fireball! It was soooo cool! it was all big and hot and I'm sure it was an accident! He even apologized! And then once I met this dragon and..."
"OK Curtaintas, I get the idea. Now take a few deep breathes and maybe sit down." The frustrated elf had been putting up with this little kender all day, and was about ready to throttle her. "Just try not to pass out from lack of oxygen."
"Oh! I've always wanted to pass out! That would be so cool! But then I might miss something while I was unconscious. But you would tell me if I missed anything, wouldn't you? I mean, that's what gaurdian thingys are for, right, Kal?"
"I wouldn't be so sure if I were you Curtaintas. I'm about to...WERE DID YOU GET THAT!!!!! IF YOU'VE GOTTEN US IN TROUBLE WITH ANOTHER POWERFUL MAGE AGAIN........" Kaladral nearly passed out herself at the sight of the kender trying, unsuccessfully to stuff a large and old spellbook into her pouch.
"Gods, relax, I found this on the path. The people in front of us must have dropped it."
"Great. Just Great. Go and return it to them. Maybe they won't be mad if you don't hurt it, or open it."
"Yeah, ok, thats what I'll do. I'll just run up and return it. They should be glad I found it."
"I'm sure they will. I wasn't cut out for this type of work." Kal muttered under her breath as Curtaintas skipped off.

"Hey, umm, miss mage, ma'am, I think you droped this." Curtaintas shouted cheerfuly at Kaist."

11/19/2002 5:43 AM

The party reached the gates of Palanthas, meeting Vaea, who was impatiently tapping her foot.
"You all took your sweet time, didn't you?!"
Sylar ignored her and continued to talk with Ashlynne.
Pouting, Vaea walked by Ram's side until they were out of sight of Palanthas. Suddenly, she made a sharp turn off the road and into the trees. Sylar finally turned his attention back to her, apologizing for his guardian's rash behavior. Following her into the forest alone, he hadn't been walking for a minute before he heard a movement to his right.
"Look Vaea, I don't know how or why the programmers made you an elf and not a really impatient human, but this has got to stop..."
A large, crimson eye was staring at him from between the trees. A dragon's eye.
"By Gilean!" Sylar unstrapped his double-bladed sword and went into fighting position, though he knew was nowhere near a match against a dragon.
The dragon stood up full height, the sunrays glistening on its golden scales. And laughed.
A sweet, familiar, feminine laugh.
The dragon came eye to eye with Sylar, a mischievious glint in its eyes.
"Fooled you, didn't I?"
"How did you...? I didn't know you were a dragon..."
She laughed again and said, "I'm not. This is a new piece of magic I learned as a druid. Interesting, don't you think?"
"When did you get a ninth level spell?"
"When you decided to ditch the martial arts of a monk."
"Ah, then it hasn't been too long, has it?"
This time, the dragon ignored Sylar. Stretching its wings, it flew off towards the direction the other members of the party were waiting. Their responses, however, weren't ones near Sylar's. Ram seemed like he had known all along while Ashlynne and her Guardian remained unimpressed. Vaea felt slightly hurt, and didn't say anything as Sylar ran up to them, panting, "Was I the only one who didn't know she could do this?"
The three nodded affirmative, and he shook his head. They knew his guardian better than he did!
Sighing, he said, "Okay, Ashlynne, whatever mount your guardian could have provided for us shouldn't be better than Vaea right now. I suggest we use her as transport...If that's alright with you, Vaea."
Sylar looked away from Ashlynne, who was smiling like she knew something he didn't and looked towards Vaea, who didn't answer but nodded her head the smallest of a fraction of a degree. Seeing this, Sylar smiled and said, "Well, let's go!""Then calm me...with your sword!"-Madoushi, Final Fantasy Unlimited

"Then fight me, Eisenthalas, and may I be damned to Chemosh if I do not see you writhe and disintegrate by my flames."-Ansulyrion, Fire Dragon

11/19/2002 8:20 AM

"Personally, Sylar, I've learned to never, under any circumstances, underestimate a druid. That's extremely impressive, Vaea... I can see now why you were so impatient. Heh, gods know I would have been too!"

Reaching up, Ramael grasped one of the dragon's wingbones and managed to get himself up, then reached out to help Sylar. "Would you like to ride with us, Ashlynne, Silvarl, or will the two of you be set on your own?""Eyes that fire and sword have seen,
and horrors in the halls of stone,
shall look at last on meadows green,
and trees and hills they long have known."

-The Hobbit

11/19/2002 11:21 AM

Sivarl snickered, and moed towards the center of the clearing...with a flash of silver light, he returned to his true form. "At least I can claim my form as reality" He snorted, and lowered one gleaming silver wing for Ashlynne to climb up. Sivarl Shook his mane, and clawed at the ground, his eyes locked on Vaea.

"Couldn't be better? no...but it matches it....and he doesn't need magic to keep his form." she said softly, her hazel eyes glinting with amusement. "but even if she where a true gold, Sivarl here could out-fly her any day..." The silver raise his head in pride, winking at his chosen. "Well....what are you all staring at? Lets go!" she said, reaching a hand down to help up any who wished to ride with her.Do you ever question your life?
Do you ever wonder why?
Do you ever see in your dreams,
all the castles in the sky?

11/19/2002 12:39 PM

As he saw them about to departure he turned back and knew he couldn't keep up. Of course on foot he could but when they had two dragons it would take him forever to catch up. He sighed and turned around and started to head towards a alleyway. He looked around. "Sense I can't get out I shall just wait and let the group take care of this mage so I can get out of here."

He sat down on the ground and closed his eyes. He was trying to keep himself busy by meditating. Yet it didn't help one bit. He sighed and thought this was gonna be a long day before he was gonna be able to get out of here.

11/19/2002 4:11 PM

"oh Kaisty, another kender!!" teased Wendro.
"screw you.' kaist muttered and turned, and standing there was the most ridiculous kender she had ever seen. It ((ooc: hahahahaaa)) was clutching a terribly familiar book and waving it around although the book was twice the size of its head. 'thats that lame-brained kender that stole my pencil!'

'hi kaist whats up i found this really cool bookand i think you dropped it what does it say can you read it to me alli see is a whole bunch of scrawly writing and- hey what are you doing i dont think-unh!' kaist smacked the kender in the side of the head with her precious spellbook Wendro stole for her. 'wow that was really fun do it again ive never been hit with such a heavey book before and-'
"Curtantas! shut up before she does some other nasty things to you! shes a mage can't you see!' an elf came running up out of breath.
Wendro eyed the elf and smiled a secretive grin. Kaist tossed the spellbook to Wendro and it hit him in the gut. 'hold that' she said with a glare.
About that time two giant dragons soared overhead. 'No!' Kaist shouted. 'why couldnt we have found them earlier!"
Wendro smiled and further stuck his hand into his infinity bag, a bag that can hold anything and everything, and pulled out two cloaks, a black and a green.
He winked and handed the black one to Kaist 'here. two cloaks of flight i found in that old ladys shop. When you wear them you say the proper word- flight- and they turn into wings- angel wings for good alignment, demon wings for evil, and dragon wings for nuetral.'

'WOW thats so awesome can i come too ive never been flying before exept when i feather-fell tryng to resque that old mages hat and-'
the elf looked at the ground, kaist looked at wendro, and wendro produced two more cloaks, a red and a purple.
'We still need more people.' whispered kaist.I LIKE mages.
-kaist, the thera-flu chugger

11/20/2002 2:29 PM

"Why are you looking for more people? Are we going to a party? Where? And do you have the the earth time? My mom'll flip if she can't wake me up for dinner." Curtaintas just realized that she had been playing a really really long time.
"It's about 8:00pm, Eastern Standard, and what does it matter to you why we need more people?" Kaist wasn't talking directly to Curtaintassle, she was really talking to Kaladral. Not that the kender noticed.
"Oh, I'm really late. Darn, I really have to go. Will you guys be back soon?"
"Kender, I don't think that Kaist is leaving anytime soon. I hope you and your charming gaurdian won't be either." Wendro also addressed Kaladral, but he used an entirly different tone from Kaist's.
"You know, I can understand common, you don't have to talk to Kal. I can stand eye contact. Well, see you!" Curtaintassle tried to turn off her game, but nothing happened. She tried again. Nothing. "Hey, what's wrong with my game? I really have to go home!"
"Are you sure its not working, Curttass?" Curtaintassle nodded, and there was a semi-whisper "YES!" from either Kaladral or Wendro. It was hard to tell which.

11/20/2002 2:43 PM

Kaist glared at Wendro.
"come on. Lets see who we can find."she turned, her cloak swirling about her and muttered 'flight'. she levetated of the ground for a few seconds and then took off down the main street of palenthas, the others behind her, curttas chattering like a kender, wait, she is one, and Kalandral and wendro lagging. Down allys and up streets they went before finding a depressed-looking ranger. 'Land' the party all said.
'hey ranger, would you like to join us?' Kaist asked. 'we are going to defeat the mage and get out of here, and you can come with us.'
'Kaist,' rambled the lamebrained kender,' we are inviting this ranger to the party?! he's cute. hey ranger whats youre name im curtaintassle! my friends-'they all coughed-'call me curttas! this is kaist and shes a mage and this is wendro and kalandral. they like each other and kalendral is my guardian and wendro is kaist's..i think... but anyway-'
'shuttup curttas!'wendro exclaimed, red as his friend-shield ring's. ruby.
Kalandral stayed back, her red cloak matching her face.
'well,' Kaist says extending her hand. 'what do you say?'
I LIKE mages.
-kaist, the thera-flu chugger

11/20/2002 3:11 PM

Hey, did you just call me lamebrained kaist? cause if you did, well.

Curtaintassle was having the time of her life. She had ridden around Palanthas in a magic cloak. She had been hit over the head with a large spell book. She was about to be strangled by her guardian, and she was stuck here the rest of her life!!!! No wonder she was a kender in this game!
"You know, I always thought rangers must lead fasinating lives, do you? you can tell me all about it when you join up w/ us. You are joining up w/ us aren't you? Please tell me you are. Cause if you do, I'll be able to give this back to you." Curttas waved the ranger's dagger seductivly out in front of him. Ha, Ha, let that weirdo mage call her useless and lamebrained now. She knew how much Kaist wanted more, powerful friends. She had heard Kaist and Wendro talking earlier on, when she had found that mage's "lucky lucky lucky hourglass pencil."

11/21/2002 1:33 PM

As the one who held his dagger infront of him he smiled. "I hope you know that not many are able to take a rangers dagger, good for you, yet usually a person who did take the dagger would usually die if the ranger ever found them." He smiled at the look on their faces. As the one held his dagger infront of him it disappeared right infront of their eyes. He was holding it in his hand and twirling it from side to side.

"Took you long enough to notice that it was gone. Yes you might think you are fast, but I am faster." He got up and looked at them. "Yes I shall go with you yet, know that this will take long and will be very hard. Others are looking for the mage to and will not want competitors so they might try to kill you.. if somebody else doesn't at first."

He put his dagger back into his belt and looked around at the people who were gonna be his companions in this little hunt for the mage. Yes they seemed to be mostly of newbies but he didn't mind. They had their guardians and he had his.. though his was in hiding. For his guardian he had chosen a dragon. Of course it could talk yet it always kept quiet. It was a Silver and was one of the things he liked about this game.

Of course it could transform into a human yet it didn't like the feeling of not being able to fly. So it usually staid up in the clouds. As he noticed his new companions wearing clothes that could make them fly he shook his head. "If you want to go faster than what those things can do." He pointed to the clothes that they wore to levitate.

"Then just say so." He smiled and waited to see if they wanted to go faster or just slow down the journey. Cause if they did want to use those levitating cloaks than it was gonna be a long trip..

11/21/2002 2:52 PM

((OOC: yes, my lame-brained curtaintassle i did call you lamebrained. you bent my picture of Legolas...))

"Sure you don't want a cloak of flight?" Kaist inquired, 'wendro stole a whole rack!'
wendro dug further into his infinity bag and began producing a neon pink cloak.
'wendro the hot ranger doesnt want that i mean look at it- its pink and ugly and for one thing i think he should have a blue cloak hed like it better. do you have a blue cloak wendro? do you have one with stars or something or maybe one with rainbows? no wendro the cloak is in your infinity bag not in Kal's shirt!' said the lamebrained.
Wendro stuffed the pink cloak back into the infinity bag and produced a deep blue one with some difficulty as he was currently affected by a jealously cast 'glitterdust' spell.
kaist muttered something about wishing she had a really powerful staff.
'the faster we get this over with the better.' Kaist mumbled and glared at her partner who was hiding behind the deep blue cloak with Kal. She looked deep into the rangers eyes. 'please.... fast is good...'
A suspicious smile plays across the ranger's face...I LIKE mages.
-kaist, the thera-flu chugger

11/21/2002 4:19 PM

Ashlynne sighed, and tapped Sivarl on his shoulder. He looked back at her and nodded, launching himself into the air. She didn't have time to fuss with particulars...she would go alone if need be.Do you ever question your life?
Do you ever wonder why?
Do you ever see in your dreams,
all the castles in the sky?

11/21/2002 5:34 PM

"Ok then hold on." He turned and whistled. The whistle carried far and wide. "He'll be here soon." As he said so a Silver dragon dived out of the clouds and flew right over their heads.

The breeze of it sent some people backwards. The dragon then turned around and landed by the ranger. "Hello Meryll." The dragon lowered its head and he petted it. The dragon then sat down so they could climb aboard. He jumped up into the air and landed on top of the dragons head.

"Well come on. We must get going you know." He walked down to the dragons back to help up the ones who needed help up. "Lets just hope we don't get in a dragon fight or its gonna get rough."

11/21/2002 9:32 PM

Ramael looked startled at the other drgon's sudden accelleration.

"Vaea, let's go, they've already got a lead and you can't fly as fast!""Eyes that fire and sword have seen,
and horrors in the halls of stone,
shall look at last on meadows green,
and trees and hills they long have known."

-The Hobbit

11/22/2002 12:25 PM

Kaist smirked."great..."she said and again wished she had a powerful staff.

Curtaintas was ecstatic to put it in minor terms, so typing every thing she said is an impossible task, so to put it shortly she said, "wow a dragon i cant believe the hot ranger has a dragon do we get to ride it?'
The ranger smiled and gave Curt-tas a boost to sit in between the shoulder blades of the silver dragon. Kaist tried to scramble up on her own, but the dragon's size combined with the fact the draggy didnt like evil black-robed mages made it very difficult, so finally she accepted the rangers' boost. Wendro, attempting to be the dashing hero, 'helped' the lady Kal to her seat on the lower neck of the dragon, but ended up losing his grip about the time Kal was high enough he could see under her skirt. with a wordless glare, the ranger pulled Kal up. Wendro leaped up himself and did not look at all comfortable straddling the draggy, even though he was behind Kal.
The ranger turned around to confirm if everyone was ready.
The party was ready to ignore the lamebrained ((ooc: hahaaa!)) kender the entire trip, and ready to go.I LIKE mages.
-kaist, the thera-flu chugger

11/22/2002 1:13 PM

((OOC)first, i didn't bend Legolas, Mare-Mare did, and second, if you call me lamebrain one more time, I won't even bother to try to stop laughing in french when you say "voici mon (or should i say ma) pere. Il s'appelle Raistlin. Il ect. ect. and since my grade is already down, there won't be a thing you can do about it.)
While Kal and Wendro were doing some umm, intresting stuff ( not that Curttas was watching, but she asked Kaist later) and Kaist was making sarcasic remarks ("Well, this is certainly a new in flight movie concept, There are kender aboard, you know, lets keep it pg"), and the ranger was wondering why he didn't just get his dagger back and run in the first place, Curt was sorting through Wendro's infinity bag. So far she had found a marble with swirly stuff inside, a feather, some "stop the bunny madness" propiganda, a few cloaks, a year's supply of marjoram, the spell book that she had found for Kaist, arrows, a large staff w/ a little map of stars on it, a dead rat, 5 lbs. of thera flu, and a map of palanthas' underground tunnels.
"Woww, I bet you could stick my entire family in here, including Uncle Lockpicker, and still have room for a UMPH."
"I'm sure you could, Curt, but try..to..stay out of trouble, I'm not coming up there, I'm busy."
"Yeah, you sure do look busy, Kal. I mean, whats more important, being a gaurdian or being "busy" w/ Wendro" Neither the sarcastic Kaist or the pre occupied Kal noticed that Curtaintassle had fallen into Wendro's infinity bag.

11/23/2002 12:38 PM

OOC: If you don't mind, I think I'll just hang around, and be a rogue kind of person. That way, If you need someone to talk to, well, here I am, and I won't effect the story in any way, seeing as how I culdn't reply for a week. Got me? So, I'll just be writting now..

BIC: David sighed, locking his door to his room, the darkest room a person would ever see, and pulling into his chair by his already booted computer, that turned on as the lights did. He took a sharp glance around the room, noting the black contrast to the sheets in the dark-walled room. He had just finnished watching DBZ, and now it was time to play. His mother wouldn't be back for another three days or so, and he was on vacation from school, so this gave him plenty of free time. He ran a quick hand through his bright red-against-black hair, putting on the gloves and visor in a most professional way, turning on the game and putting in the password. Nothing. He sighed, watching the error on his screen with a slight impatience. He cracked his knuckles, typing in a virus access code learned a few months back, smiling as the world fell over him.

It was a square that he ended up in, somewhere in a town. He leaned back against a tavern wall, not too completely interested in he conversations, only catching a few words or so about some crazy mage trying to trap everyone in the game. He shifted a foot, hearing a small metallic noise from the large sword on his side. His black hair fell down to about waist length, his unnaturally white-blue eyes glaring over the chaos. It was no big deal. He was a rebel. This was the kind of adventure he could deal with. A person came up to him, a small character of sorts, a friend from school playing as a gnome. (who knows why)


"Jesus Mazin, keep it down, you're hurting my ears." The gnome sighed, leaning beside him, trying not to think what her body would look like starved to death in her room with videogame equipment on. His freind's actuall name was Madison, and she was the freak outy kind of person. David, his name in Krynn was Jaemon. The two kept together in things like this. Jaemon(david) didn't realy keep these things on a serious level. A virus? No problem. It's not like he had anywhere to go soon anyhow. He picked himself off of the wall, stalking through the croud to the nearest inn for a drink. His trenchcoat flared around him like a cape, convincing even the bravest to move from his way. He had a habbit of hurting people when he wasn't in the right mood. But today? He just needed a drink.

OOC: So? This guy will just walk around in the sidelines. He's not going to be involved in any RPing if not needed. Just the the thrillseeking go-getter in the game. (that reminds me of a vampire) I'll draw a picture of him one of these days. And Mazin? She's not involved at all either unless needed as well. They go as a pair. So, if you need directions, just go to Jaemon!! ^^

Thanks for letting me in.

I hadn't known him well but now i wish I had...
I'll never be able to let it go...never have a life of my own...
Don't worry...you'll be avenged. ~Cain (Unnamed story)

11/23/2002 7:46 PM


hey phobic! can we use your character and when your not on kinda stick him into the silent background, smirking secretly and making sarcastic comments? we wont do anything with him you wouldn't do! :) we promise!!
do you mind if we leave the gnome? the kender and her will get in a big fight...

curttas, soaringeagle, if he says yes and im not on, pick him up with meryll, and if he says no, continue unnnafected by his existence! ;)I LIKE mages.
-kaist, the thera-flu chugger

11/24/2002 8:25 AM

OOC; yeah, we got you covered kaist. hey, can you get lost in an infinity bag? i hope not.

11/25/2002 12:20 PM

Sivarl flew straight and true, his body straight, his wings held out to their limits, his magics speeding him along.

Ashlynne glanced behind her....wondering just where everyone had gone.

OOC: Starblade? what happened to you?We dare to ask for more
That was long before
the nights began to burn

Who would thought we'd learn
You cant make promises
based upon tomorrow
Happiness Security are words we only borrow

is this the answer to our prayers
is this what the gods have sent
Understand This isn’t what we meant

11/26/2002 5:25 AM

((OOC: Gomen, Sorry! I'm back...Don't ask -_-))
The party upon the backs of the dargons had hardly been flying for an hour before both Vaea and Sivarl snarled to their passangers, "I smell blues."
"We don't have time for this," muttered Sylar.
"Vaea, fly into the clouds. That should cover us, for the most part." Vaea flew up and plunged into the overcast sky. Sylar noted that in the corner of his eye he could see Silvarl do the same...after a little bit of coaxing and finally a sharp word from Ashlynne. He smiled.
They flew onwards, covered now by the clouds. After the smell of the blue dragons disappeared, both dragons flew back into open air, expecting to see mountains.

Vaea nearly crashed into a shining obsidian tower. Maneuvering swiftly, she made her way to the gate, and landed, turning back into an elf.

Sylar looked up at the twin obsidian towers and whistled.
"By Majere, that's a fine sight to see."
"And not many are welcomed to it," said a disembodied voice.
Sylar, turned towards the voice, though there was nothing to see.

"Welcome, travellers and guardians. You stand before the Tower of High Sorcery. We are surprised that you are the first to seek our aid. Many, of course, have turned to the knights. We are gratified that you would place your trust in us and promise that we will help in any way we can."

I swear that sounds like a commercial...
"However..." the voice paused, as if seeking affirmation about an order from a master only he could hear.
"There is one in your party that may not enter."
A translucent hand appeared and pointed towards Sylar.
Sylar frowned.
"Why not?"
"You are not from this world or plane. We cannot let you enter a place of such arcane power."
Sighing, Sylar turned back to his companions, but stared at Vaea.
"I guess we were keeping more secrets from each other than we thought..."
Vaea, who looked shocked for a second, regained her senses and said, "Then I'm not entering either."
"Yes you are."
"Make me."
While the two were bickering, the specter turned towards Ashlynne and Ramael.
"There are refreshments inside the tower waiting for you. Enter now, if you wish."
"Fine!" Vaea walked towards Ashlynne and Ramael, scowling and her nose up in the air.
"Let's go, and leave HIM here."

Sylar, who looked smug, shouted to Ramael just as he was entering the gate...
"If I see a scratch on either of those two ladies, I'm going to kick your ass!"

When his companions were out of sight, Sylar's face fell. Staring at a cloth-bandaged hand, he thought, Was this power really worth it?


The companions who had entered the tower were quickly given a luxurious dinner and then sent to Mages Hall. As Vaea stared about in wonder, a hooded red robed figure walked towards them.
"Welcome, travellers. I am Faeroia, Head of the Red Robes." Taking her hood off, she let fall a cascade of black, shimmering hair and revealed her cold, gray eyes. Too flawless to be a player.

"I can see that you are surprised. Only the Head of the Conclave may be a player. Governing all the mages of Krynn is not something humans can do without help."

Her eyes saddened.
"We do not have what you are searching for. However, we do have information that could be valuable to you."

"The bug player is known as 'Mortis' and before this, was a commonly known and wanted PK. He is a mage of the blue robes and his guardian is an assassin."

She waited for the information to sink in.
"Yes, he is a renegade. We have not put much effort into tracking him until this time, for he has not roused trouble for the conclave. Right now, however, the other heads are currently at work, making a spell that will enable its user to track the chosen target."

"The spell, I am sorry to say, is powerful, and only one qualified as a Head may use it." She glanced at Silvarl and added, "And the user must be human."

"I will join you, but I cannot right now, for I am currently assigned a position and, as a NPC, cannot go against that. However, if a high priority assignment is offered and I take it, I retire from my past assignment."

She looked at them, one by one.

"Therefore I ask guardians to relinquish their players or their players relinquish them...The one named Sylar is being asked right now."

Vaea shook her head, but looked in a state of despair. She was sure Sylar would relinquish her. She waited, getting ready for a new assignment for herself. It never came. Her heart soared.

"He has refused. Both Sylar and Vaea have refused the offer. That leaves us with you, Ashlynne and Silvarl."
Both shook their heads in perfect unison.
"This is a problem...this spell may be the only thing that can solve this situation Lost Saga is in..."
((OOC:*Pokes Ram in the ribs*))

"Then calm me...with your sword!"-Madoushi, Final Fantasy Unlimited

"Then fight me, Eisenthalas, and may I be damned to Chemosh if I do not see you writhe and disintegrate by my flames."-Ansulyrion, Fire Dragon

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OOC: sure. do what you like with him. He's just the information guy. but, he can do other things.I hadn't known him well but now i wish I had...
I'll never be able to let it go...never have a life of my own...
Don't worry...you'll be avenged. ~Cain (Unnamed story)

11/28/2002 1:11 PM

Kaist's first impression of Meryll's flight was far from fear. It was pure escasy! Kaist was possibly the biggest thrill seeker on the face of the earth. Hanging onto the Silver mane for support, she scanned the streets for any possible companions. a very strong-looking guy stuck out immediatly. his trenchcoat fluttered about his ankles like a cape and his blac hair was a wave down his back. A gnome tagged at his heels like Curtaintas to Kaist's.
'Down there." Kaist pointed to him and the ranger steered Meryll in his direction.
'HEY!' Kaist shouted to him over Merylls wingbeats. 'CARE TO JOIN US!?'
Blade glanced up and squinted to see the blackrobe more clearly. 'at least someone is doing something...' he thought sarcasticly.
Blade's withering look silenced the chatterygnome who shoved a device in his face.
wincing, blade took the device and the ranger helped him up onto Meryll's head.
-kaist, the thera-flu chugger

12/02/2002 2:14 PM

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Rammael smirked at Faeroia. Even the AI's are begging for our help. It's another good point to tabletop games, they don't crash!

"Well, my dear mage, you may be in luck. I dispensed with my guardian long ago, for reasons of... taste. But since the game entitles all people with less than a year under their belts to a guardian, I can easily get ahold of another one. In fact, I believe that you are authorized to recruit new player guardians, are you not? Get one for me, then I'll give it to you to be your spell-carrier.""Eyes that fire and sword have seen,
and horrors in the halls of stone,
shall look at last on meadows green,
and trees and hills they long have known."

-The Hobbit

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I don't think I'll ever get to rp again....*sob* oh well, I give good ideas!!I hadn't known him well but now i wish I had...
I'll never be able to let it go...never have a life of my own...
Don't worry...you'll be avenged. ~Cain (Unnamed story)

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why not rion?THATS ALRIGHT!
-kaist, the thera-flu chugger

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I can't get to the library when I'd like to, untill spring, since my name's been taken at my house. I have to manage. But hey. keep going with the story, I don't want to mess it up.
I hadn't known him well but now i wish I had...
I'll never be able to let it go...never have a life of my own...
Don't worry...you'll be avenged. ~Cain (Unnamed story)

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im out of ideas and no one else is posting. Hello???THATS ALRIGHT!
-kaist, the thera-flu chugger

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We seem to have lost our DM. Void: 3, Threads: 1."Eyes that fire and sword have seen,
and horrors in the halls of stone,
shall look at last on meadows green,
and trees and hills they long have known."

-The Hobbit

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whaa? Hehe. Hey there Sylvie!! Just curious. We never talked before. How about you tell us about yourself. It's a shame you left the one thread I made. It thinned out after we lost cassandra (phew) just me, alanded and two other people..wait..threee I think. Esty is trying to put some cameo thing on it..but untill I write more often..yeah. We shut it down for now. It's going back up again as soon as I can write more frequently.I hadn't known him well but now i wish I had...
I'll never be able to let it go...never have a life of my own...
Don't worry...you'll be avenged. ~Cain (Unnamed story)

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