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10/26/2002 11:30 PM

My name is Yugo, and I found myself upon a beach five days ago. It was hot and humid and the jungle lay not far from the sea. I had no memory of my former self and I didn’t know where I was. I laid on the white sand, thinking for many long hours and then suddenly I remembered my name and my family. I remembered where I lived and what fancied me best. But I did not remember how I came to this forsaken land, but I was determined to find out.

Later I traveled along the sandy coast until I found a town nestled between the sea and the jungle. There were smelly humans, much like the people of the plains were I used to live long ago. When I approached, the humans ran for the safety of their homes and shut the doors behind them. I wondered why they were afraid of an elf; and so I asked the guards at the watchtower.

Then they found out I was an elf their fear turned to anger and they went about, cursing behind my back. Afterward the guards escorted me firmly to a building with silver-clad Knights walking in and out, to and fro. Later that evening they questioned me and I them. They said this land was Nordmaar, and the surrounding waters: Courrain Ocean. The humans called the city Jotan, and they said they never seen an elf in many an age. They also said that they never heard of my land or the world of which I was born. The Knights of Solamnia said I was lying and they didn’t believe a word I said.

So they threw me out of their castle and warned me to make no such trouble or they would be off with my head. It seemed weird to me that I could speak their language, but I cast it aside for the time being and walked to a place where I could dine. The folks there stared at me for a long while and they gazed upon my ears and grimaced.

I sat down for some drink and fodder. Afterward I took out three gold pieces and the maid stared at me with hatred.

She said “That won’t do here elf. Is that all you got?"

Three pieces of gold was a lot! and she wanted more, so I gave her three other. “Look elf, gold is no good. Where is the steel?” I stared at her in disbelief: gold was a lot more than steel, at least where I come from. I took out a piece of steel and she snatched it out of my hand in a heartbeat. I had a lot of steel on me; maybe I am richer than this entire population. I decided to hold my moneybag a little closer to my gray-clothed body after that.

I spent many nights at the inn and wondered what I would do next. I needed information. I needed to be familiar with Nordmaar and the surrounding lands, if any. I wanted to know more about this world in which I found myself. And I wanted to know of the elven lands of which the Solamnic Knights spoke. Maybe the elves of this land would know something.

So I left my room and headed for the breakfast table. Looking for anybody who was not angered at my presence.
Old Tom Bombadil is a merry fellow,
Bright blue his jacket is, and his boots are yellow.
None has ever caught him yet, for Tom, his is the master:
His songs ar stronger songs, and his feet are faster.

10/26/2002 11:56 PM

Ballsar Rockhard drained another mug of ale with a loud belch. "Bring me more ale!" he bellowed. "And no more of this pigslop you have been serving me! I want the best, you hear?" When the taven girl brought him a cup of the same ale. Ballsar eyed it strangly. He threw his head back and drained it in one big gulp. "Now that is better, get along with you!"

The dwarf was an adventurer of much reknown. He had traveled the length and breadth of Krynn. Sure, he was interesting to look at with his purple leggings and black and yellow striped shirt, but the wicked looking battle-ax that hung from his hip meant that he put up with no nonsense.

"Anoth....wait...just a second." Ballsar opened his front pocket and looked inside. "What was that?" he whispered. "Oh, ok....Well, I will walk you soon"

"Another Ale!!" Ballsar bellowed finally. He planned on getting drunk tonight. It had been a hard day. Complete with mad wannabe kings, half-naked dancing men...the whole nine yards.

It wasn't unti later that Ballsar noticed the depressed looking character sitting near the breakfast area. He didn't have the look of a local. But judging by the looks of him, he had money. With a smile, Ballsar kept his eyes on the young male.

Boredom's not a burden anyone should bear.

10/27/2002 6:30 AM

Awesome, it looks like u took a lot of time doing this, good job

10/27/2002 10:16 AM

Yugo saw the half-drunk dwarf as he sat at a stool belching his heart away. Later the dwarf turned his head toward him and for the rest of the time he was looking half-heartily at him.

This made the elf cringe, for in the dwarf’s eyes he saw greed. In his world he was an exiled prince left to fend for himself for his father’s crimes he was accused of. He knew the look very well.

Yugo sat with his back to the wall eating his meal. He groped his short sword in case any trouble broke out. If this dwarf was anything like the dwarves back in his world, he knew they were a force to reckon with....Old Tom Bombadil is a merry fellow,
Bright blue his jacket is, and his boots are yellow.
None has ever caught him yet, for Tom, his is the master:
His songs ar stronger songs, and his feet are faster.

10/27/2002 5:06 PM

He walked in with a black cloak tied around him and sat at a far away table and awaited to be served. He was a Solamnic Knight yet he was not a true one for he was actually a elf who had asked a wizard to make him look more like a man so that he could be trained as a Solamnic Knight yet when they figured out who he was really they threw him out and with that his ears returned. He was not ashamed of his elf heritage yet he so wanted to be trained as a Solamnic Knight. He looked around and saw to his surprise an .. elf. Like himself he knew what the elf must be thinking sense this town did not like elfs. He then saw the greedy looking dwarf and thought of how back in his hometown, how the dwarfs had took over his town and made his family mine for their jewels... He escaped and promised himself to return and take back his hometown. He did not hate dwarfs yet, dwarfs who were greedy like the ones in his hometown he resented. He sneered under his cloak and walked over to the other elf and sat down by him. "Hello thy weary traveler. What Brings you to these parts.?"

10/27/2002 10:13 PM

"Hello thy weary traveler. What Brings you to these parts.?"

Yugo looked wearliy at he Knight who sat across from him. Didn't they just throw vulgar curses at me not long ago?

He let his accuseings slide for the time being. His mouth seemed to loath what he alreadly said a dozen times before.

"I really don't know, Knight." His gaze fell to the Solamnic's sword. "I just found myself upon the beach one day to a world unknowned to me. I am seeking any other kind of elf like myself. Maybe they would know something. Maybe not. If you don't have any useful infomation I would rather leave you to your supper."
If you can hear a piano fall
You can hear me coming down the hall
If I could just hear your pretty voice
I don't think I need to see at all
I don't think I need to see at all.

10/28/2002 3:39 AM

"Ah, I see". "Well if you are looking for information not very many people like giving it away." He watched the elf's eyes go down to his sword. "I see you are looking at my sword." "Do not worry for i am not here to cause a disturbance." He pulled down his hood to let him see that he too was an elf. "As you can see i am not a knight after all." He smiled. "So now that you know that i am an elf just like yourself it seems if you want answers you'll have to go into that forest just outside here." He points out a window to a far away forest. "It won't be an easy trip. Sense that is not were the elves live yet they do live farther away."

10/28/2002 8:56 AM

Journal Entry 2

The elf I had just met agreed to take me were the Elvenkind live. Everyday that goes by I lose faith. I don't think I'll ever return to my world, but then there's always a chance.

The elves on my homeworld have an ancient saying:
As the world passes you by,
The thought of friendship ne'er dies,
Everything is possible if given a chance,
Life will hold onto you, so feel its embrace,
E'en death will try to pull you asunder
Yet you must strike back,
Everything is possible,
So lose yourself within it.


He looks at the Knight's ears and relaxes just a little.

"Thank you young elf! I see we must be on our way. I will pay you handsomely for such a feat."

The two elves walk out the tarven door. Yugo waited for him to lead.

If you can hear a piano fall
You can hear me coming down the hall
If I could just hear your pretty voice
I don't think I need to see at all
I don't think I need to see at all.

10/28/2002 1:58 PM

He walked outside and started to head out to the forest. "I have to tell theirs not many things pleasant in that there forest." He shuddered at the memory of his past in those forests. "You see in that forest there is no getting away from it. It is like a dream that feeds on your fear." He adjusted his sword to make it more comfortable. "Their are many dark things in there. One time long ago, there was a battle between the elves on the other side of this forest and these humans. The humans thought they were stronger and decided to go through this forest. Out of the 500 men that went in, two came out but one was so insane he died of it. The other one had a dream about it and died in his sleep from the dream." "That was years after that though." He tensed as they suddenly started to get closer. "I think once we get inside we draw out weapons cause anything can come out of there and attack with the flash of lightning."

10/28/2002 11:01 PM

The words of the elf knight disturbed him. Yugo kept looking over his shoulder with his short sword in hand. As they neared the thickening forest, the land in the west half-swallowed the sun in its downfall. The two treaded on faster now as if the descending sun threatened their very existence.

They passed several people on their way. They threw curses under their foul breath. Mostly talking in a strange language Yugo did not understand. He shifted his gray-clad tunic in a more comfortable position. He tied his blonde hair with a brown leather strap.

“So what’s this forest called again?” Yugo asked as a night owl flew overhead.Down in a hole and they put all the stones in their place,
I've eaten the sun so my tongue has been burned of the taste,
I have been guilty of kicking myself in the teeth,
I will speak no more of my feelings beneath... --Alice in Chains (Down in a Hole)

10/29/2002 7:45 AM

"The people of this town call it Nightmare Forest. They do because sometimes they have nightmares of themselves entering the forest. They even die from the nightmare... well some do." He stared at the forest. "We should move alittle faster now."

10/29/2002 8:51 AM

"That doesn't sound good." Yugo saw the sun leave and the night was in early blooming. The forest was dark and damp. It was eerie and the stank of old rotting wood. He had never seen a forest such as this before on his world.

"Hey, what's that up ahead?" They saw two golden orbs of light coming right at them. "Hurry lets hide before they see us." Yugo sensed danger.Down in a hole and they put all the stones in their place,
I've eaten the sun so my tongue has been burned of the taste,
I have been guilty of kicking myself in the teeth,
I will speak no more of my feelings beneath... --Alice in Chains (Down in a Hole)

10/29/2002 12:53 PM

He jumped into a bush and awaited for the things to past. "Come on, hurry before whatever it is sees us!"

10/29/2002 1:16 PM

Yugo jumped to the elf’s hiding space. The orbs of light drew closer and the sound of heavy footfalls could be heard.

Twigs and dead leaves crunched beneath the being’s weight. Yugo could now see them with his acute sight. Three tall and hunched over beings that wore long black leather long-coats came into sight. They held lanterns that held a strange golden glow. A perverse smell came to Yugo’s nose and hit him like a wall of bricks.

“Smelly beings no doubt.”

He listen carefully to their strange voices. He could understand what they said.

“Dallar left them standing there. Fresh meat for the Crawlers.” The middle man said and laughed as he rocked his lantern back and forth.

“What a sick disease them humans gave us. All of them shall have to pay. Dallar was the smart one.” The tallest one said as he spit on the ground.

“Its to bad his dead. He would have killed every human that crossed his vision. The rest he would’ve hunt down like dogs.” The last man said and they all had a very eerie laugh. The laugh carried through the forest and bounce off every tree like a demon screaming in the night.

“Wait.” The tallest one said and sniffed the air below his dark hood that hid his face. “I smell something... Elf.Down in a hole and they put all the stones in their place,
I've eaten the sun so my tongue has been burned of the taste,
I have been guilty of kicking myself in the teeth,
I will speak no more of my feelings beneath... --Alice in Chains (Down in a Hole)

10/31/2002 10:09 AM

Yugo started to run away, but the three beings did the running. They ran in the same direction as they came.

“Ha! Cowardly beings no doubt.” Yugo laughed at them. “Hey, how about we follow them? See what they’re up to?” They got up and headed silently down the trail. The moons had reached their highest and the night seemed to hang on them as if it didn’t want them to leave.

The cooing of night-birds was heard over their footsteps. Later on Yugo could hear a stream bubbling against its rocky foundation. They decided to fill their water canteens and hurried along afterwards.

Yugo stared at a patch of ground and thought inwardly to himself. “I think these are their tracks...” He sniffed the footprints. “... smells like it too. Ugh!”

They followed onward into the dreaded night.

OOC: Need more people, please! I thought the two could run into some people on the trail through the woods and could help them track down the three mysterious beings. Maybe DarkDalamar20's greedy dwarf could happen to stumble unto them. Falling faster now, I seemed to redeem myself in my insanity. All the bad things I have left behind, all the good things. Wait, wait a minute... Falling faster still. Why, why have I jumped?!

I just wanted to find my place amongst the stars.

10/31/2002 3:49 PM

Ballsar was crunching through the dead branches that littered the ground. Something had been along this was recently, but what it was, he couldn't say. The dwarf had his fill of Ale back at the inn, now it was time for a little adventure. He walked off the path to releive himself, swearing everytime a branch smacked him in the face. It was then that he heard whispering. He tied back up his pants and as quiet as he could, circled around to get behind the voices.

There were two of them. An elf, and that one in the inn that he had been eying. They seemed to be hiding from something. What could it have been. There wasn't anything dangerous around here. Or at least, that is what Ballsar figured.

"Hey, guys!" He bellowed. Snapping through the branches and walking loudly towards the two. "Long time, no see." He smiled, showing his pearly white teeth that contrasted greatly with his black beard. The two's eyes widened as they saw him, the were motioning him to be quiet, he guessed.

"What? What is it?" he asked loudly. "Oh..." he sneaked closer and crouched between the two. "What are we looking for? A merchant's wagon? Dragons? Skeletons?" he laughed. "You two need to take a breather."

He stood up and pulled the elf onto the dirt road "Come on, you pointy eared elf. Get up here!"

He made enough noise for an army. But Ballsar was a one man army. At least...that is what he told himself before snuggling up with his teddy bear at night. Boredom's not a burden anyone should bear.

10/31/2002 9:36 PM

"Shut up you fool!" Yugo spat at the dwarf who looked confused. The three unlikely beings ran away into the night without another sound.

"How 'bout you come with us dwarf and find out what those uncanny creatures are up too. They said something about a disease of some sort. And they cursed the humans for it. I don't know who they are but then again I'm of outlandish origin anyway."

He looked around, and the knight was nowhere to be seen.

"Hey wait a second? Where's what's his face? He was just standing right here!" Yugo sniffed the air for his scent, but the wind had all blew it away long ago. Falling faster now, I seemed to redeem myself in my insanity. All the bad things I have left behind, all the good things. Wait, wait a minute... Falling faster still. Why, why have I jumped?!

I just wanted to find my place amongst the stars.

11/01/2002 8:10 PM

The Knight looked back and noticed that they had not followed after the smelly beings. He sighed and was a little glad that he had put marks in the ground with his blade so they could follow him just incase. But he wasn't sure they would know what to look for but he couldn't turn back he had to puruse those beings. He kept on walking and putting in marks every few steps. He hoped they would fined the track soon. As he didn't want to fight these three beings without backup.

11/01/2002 11:46 PM

Yugo, and the dwarf not far behind, decided to follow the three beings’ trail.

“Maybe the Knight’s already on the trail.” Yugo said much more to himself than to the dwarf.

They walked for about two hours and they caught sight of a scar in the land. “Yep, it most be him. But why did he drag his sword? Maybe his hurt. C’mon Ballar, or whatever your name is. Be quick like will ya? You dwarves are just too short!”"Who farted!?!"

11/02/2002 9:16 AM

Ballsar grumbled to himself about the attitude of his companion. "Hey, boy. I might be short. But I could defeat 20 ogres when you are still dying from the first one's spear."

He smiled as the man glared at him.

Ballsar fingered the blade of his ax. Nice and sharp, he thought to himself. "I'm coming. What are we after anyway? I don't want to get dragged along on whatever freaky sideshow you have planned."

"Oh well, I wonder where that elephant is..." Ballsar mumbled and walked next to the man down the trail. Boredom's not a burden anyone should bear.

11/02/2002 5:57 PM

They cautiously followed the trail and in no time they reached a low ravine. The light from the dawning sun could be seen from it’s eastern hiding place. And it beamed down on the blazing pandemonium beneath.

Thousands of little beings rushed the around with metal gadgets in their hands flashing it wildly in the air while speaking in high pitched voices. “Itdidnotwork! Thetransformerblewandthefusebitme.”

They spoke to fast while they circled a large building that seemed to lead underground. Yugo spotted the three beings as the took there long coats off.

It wasn’t three beings at all, it was six. The top persons jumped off the back of the others, it was some sort of disguise to make them look bigger. They did not notice the elf and the dwarf.

“Who are the strange little creatures? Funny insignificant creatures no doubt."Who farted!?!"

11/02/2002 8:06 PM

When the beings finally got to the ravine they took off the coats and to his surprise they were six beings! He lowered himself incase the beings saw him but they did not. Then he noticed the elf and dwarf on the other side. It looked like they followed his marks but went off track. He silently crept around the ravine and ended up behind them. "Well you two finally made it didn't you." He grinned. "Now i am not sure what they are but, well when they get made they really get mad.I have studied them before but i don't remember the names of them." "Lets just see what they are up to then we will continue ok?" He made sure the beings had not heard him.

11/03/2002 7:10 PM

“Are these little creatures related to you dwarf? They don’t look it but their about your height.” Yugo watched them run around as if everything was wrong.

“Thethingamiggerspitoilinmyface! Thisgrimyhumanswillpay! Therapidandhygieniccleansingstationhasbeenputtodeathbythoseawfulbein-gs.”

Yugo could not understand a word they said. Until now.

“RUN! Elvesdwarvessdespicablecreaturesonthehorizon!”

And the funny looking beings all ran to the central building that led underground.

“Protectthemerchandiseatallcosts!”Repeat if desired.

11/03/2002 8:10 PM

Ballsar bristled, "How could you mistake me for those...those...Things!. Those are gnomes! How can you not recognize what they are? Where you are from anyway?"

The dwarf shook his head, "Bah! Forget it. They aren't a threat! They only they could do is blow us to one of the moons!" Ballsar laughed and ran after some of the departing gnomes.

"Hey! Wait, I want to talk! Come on, you smelly buggers!!" He bellowed loudly. Boredom's not a burden anyone should bear.

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11/03/2002 9:28 PM

Yugo and the Knight followed shortly afterward trying to keep up with the surprisingly fast dwarf. They entered the small building just before the gnomes shut the doors.

“Eeeekkk! Thereinherewithus! Somebodytellthehighnoble!” And with that the fled down a flight of stairs. That had to have been twenty or so of these gnomes running about madly.

They saw a great machine of some sort squeaking, popping, and grinding of great wheels when they entered and it went into the lower portions of the floor. It seemed to be working all wrong, by the cries of the gnomes.

“Send me my royal brigade!” A gnome shouted from the dark below, or was it a gnome?'Hey, Tom Bombadil! Whither are you going?'
said fair Goldberry. 'Bubbles you are blowing,
frightening the finny fish and the brown water-rat,
startling the dabchicks, and drowning your feather-hat!'

11/06/2002 11:14 AM

The creature who spoke climbed up the flight of stairs with a growing interest. It wasn’t a gnome at all, it was a minotaur.

He wore dark red robes and he held a large spear in one hand. His left eye was yellowish and swollen. He spoke in a throaty growl.

“Who dares enter hear, a place where disease is not welcome to spread.” As he spoke the gnomes clung to his robes in fear.

High above a large and tightly woven net fell atop the three. Then they all fell in sleep.

Yugo awoke with a ringing in his ears, he looked around. They were in a jail cell.

“Oh, just great! Look what you gotten us into dwarf! How do you suppose we get out?”'Hey, Tom Bombadil! Whither are you going?'
said fair Goldberry. 'Bubbles you are blowing,
frightening the finny fish and the brown water-rat,
startling the dabchicks, and drowning your feather-hat!'

11/06/2002 11:45 AM

"ME? How is this my fault? You were the one scared of a little gnome. How was I to know that there would be a minotaur in here?" Ballsar got up and paced around the small cell. He tripped over the still comatouse knight and flew into the bars. Even with the dwarf's bulky body, the bars didn't give.

"Well, they took our weapons. I can see them hanging on the wall down the corridor. I don't see a guard though...wait...yes. There is a guard. But as to what it is, I don't know. I only saw its shadow as it walked in front of a torch. Looks big though." He turned back to Yugo.

"Well, if you are so smart. Why don't YOU get us out of here. I am sure you have a plan!" Ballsar grumbled and leaned against the bars waiting for any forthcoming ideas. Boredom's not a burden anyone should bear.

11/06/2002 3:10 PM

As he woke up he noticed the two bickering about making a plan. He rose and looked around the cell. "I wonder what they are doing here?" "I think we should keep quiet for now and figure what they are doing here." He loooked at the outlining of the guard. He rubbed his head as he noticed that he must of bashed his head against the ground while the net took the three down. "Well lets just get some rest and see what is up in the morning." He looked outside to see it pitch black.

11/07/2002 12:41 AM

"You are about the dumbest dwarf I have ever known! Running after those werid little beings like a dog in heat! C'mon man I was trying to get you out of trouble. Too late though." Yugo said with a half of smile upon his pale face.

He looked around for anything that would give way. Nothing... They were totally shut in.

"Maybe a stone's loose our something. Make yourself useful dwarf and find us some loose stones. And I'm not talking about in your head either cause we all know there's a few loose up there. And hey knight, what's your name again? Listen for those guards and warn us if anything happens."Up woke Willow-man, began upon his singing,
sang Tom fast asleep under branches swinging;
in a crack caught him tight: snick! it closed together,
trapped Tom Bombadil, coat and hat and feather.

11/07/2002 12:58 PM

"Me? Dumb? Shut your mouth you foreigner, or whatever you are. I have been in places like this hundreds of times and I am still alive, aren't I?" Ballsar walked over to the cell's door and rattled it softly. "I can get us out of here..." he sniffed.

Ballsar walked back towards the rear of the cell, roughly pushing Yugo out of the way as he walked by. He reached the back of the sell and to the amazement of the two in there with him, he started doing jumping jacks. It was comical to see a dwarf doing such an exercise. But everyone was so shocked that they didn't say a word. After about 5 mins of the exercise, Ballsar bellowed and ran full-force towards the cell door. At the last moment he turned his shoulder and ran into the door. There was a loud crash as the door blew off its hinges and crashed into the wall.

"See, I told you I could do it" Ballsar smiled. He was talking to Yugo, but was looking in a totally different direction. The crash jarred his brain more than he cared to admit. "Now, we get out of here!" he smiled and took a step towards the guards room. It was only a step, for he quickly fell on his face unconcious. Boredom's not a burden anyone should bear.

11/09/2002 9:30 AM

Yugo saw the Ballsar fall to the floor. He quickly came to his side, but he was out of it. “Come on Knight lets get out of here.” Yugo picked up the dwarf, but he wasn’t the least bit light.

They trudged through the hollowed halls and cautiously went to the guard room. Surprisingly there was no one there. The dwarf was getting heavier still and Yugo’s patience was growing thin. He found a mug of cold water on the guards’ table and splashed it on Ballsar’s face. It didn’t seem to phase him in the least.

They saw a stairway and it was their only way out. And they heard the great machine roaring slightly above it. “Man, I gotta carry this heavy rock up those stairs! Urgh!” Yugo saw their weapons on the far wall. “Knight, get us our weapons and we shall be on our way.”

Yugo heard gnomish voices squeaking in a panic and then a small explosion. The machine must not be working properly, this should give us a diversion, Yugo pondered to himself. Or maybe not. Life is a journey, and with every step we reach a point of no return.

11/09/2002 3:38 PM

He walked over and grabbed the weapons. He put his back on his belt. He then threw Yugo's weapon to him. He placed the axe on the dwarfs back. "Ok lets go." He grabbed hold of the dwarves feet and helped Yugo heave the dwarf up the stairs. "This is not gonna be easy." He saw that after the explosion, the gnomes were moving around fast and that trying to not get caught seemed impossible. "Ok you ready?" "Lets do this."

11/11/2002 5:59 PM

Ballsar woke up just as the trio reached the top step. "Huh? Where are we?" He muttered. The two carrying him quickly dumped him on the ground uncerimoniously. "Well, that was rude!" Ballsar mumbled as he stood up and brushed himself off. He still had rubble from crashing against the wall stuck to his clothes.

He looked around and saw that his two companions were quiet and were looking quite interested towards the top of the stairs where the sounds of gears grinding together could be heard.

"Well now, We can meet our host!" Ballsar grabbed the ax from his back and looked at Yugo and the knight. "If we are going to get out of here, I want to at least know what the Minotaur is doing here with a bunch of gnomes. Ugh, gnomes..." the dwarf spat.

Without looking to see if his companions were following, Ballsar stomped up the stairs with his ax smacking against his palm. It never occured to him that the machine that the gnomes were building could be potentially dangerous. Boredom's not a burden anyone should bear.

11/12/2002 12:08 AM

"Ballsar! You idiotic dwarf, come back here!" It was too late Ballsar ran screaming at the top of his lungs. The smoke from the small exploison was fading quickly and the gnomes could be seen running around madly.

"Come on Knight. Lets go after him." And they both drew their weapons. Yugo, out the corner of his eye, saw movement. He looked behind him and a gnome was there staring blissfully.

"Hello there. My name is Gobbler, nice to meet you!" The gnome did not speak in a high-pitched voice or spoke too fast.

"Do you like my humble home?" The gnome transformed his figure before Yugo's eyes. He didn't believe what he saw. The Knight and Ballsar had already gone off.

It was the minotaur dressed in red. Then Yugo knew no more.Life is a journey, and with every step we reach a point of no return.

11/12/2002 6:17 PM

As he followed the dwarf a explosiong occurred. It sent him sailing in the air and landed in a cloud of smoke. "Dwarf wait!" He yelled through the smoke but coughed as the smoked got into his lungs. "Must get out of smoke.."

As he walked rigidly a couple of gnomes carrying the sleeping net that they made threw it at him. "Not this time boys." He moved to the side as the net sailed past him. The gnomes fled in terror. He looked back to see that the elf was nowhere in sight.

"Oh this is just great." He looked around and saw that their were many doors to choose from. He went to one and heard a voice. "Yugo?" He walked in and saw a couple of gnomes arguing. He tried to grab one but was sent flying by a club.

"What.. the..?" He said as he gasped for air. Over him he saw a towering giant that seemed to protect the gnomes. "You shall not hurt my friends." The giant said. He seemed to have been a smart giant. Great just what he needed. As he tried to pull out his sword the giant hit him over the head.

The giant then picked him up and slammed him against a wall. "Ah!" He screamed in pain. The giant threw him around like a rag doll until he was not able to stand up. "Ha, pathetic man." The giant said. "I am not a man.. I am a elf!" The knight thrusted his sword into the giant. The giant then threw him right through a wall. He was no longer awake.

11/13/2002 1:04 PM

Yugo awoke to find himself in a loud room. The walls were made of metal and there was strange runes etched into the floor. The knight was unconscious on the floor behind him, he was stripped of his armor and weapons.

He heard the clanking and the bellowing of the great machine. He then realized where he was. In the machine!

OOC:Hey guys, any ideas where the story should go from here? I have some ideas but I'd like to hear what you all have to say.I tried to love you, I thought I could
I tried to own you, I thought I would
I want to peel the skin from your face
Before the real you, lays to waste... AIC (Love, Hate, Love)

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