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07/08/2000 1:51 PM

In the orchard next to the long waterfall, there is a small valley where it's always sunny in between the shady trees. This is where Mischiem comes to relax, so why shouldn't you? the door's always open (well if there was a door it would be)


06/27/2000 6:43 PM

*Lor walks in unaccompanied by Cal. she sits close to the waterfall, but not close enough to get wet. she pulls out a book and starts writing in it*"Two minus one leaves none."

06/27/2000 7:18 PM

mischiem sits indianstyle,
except with one leg up so that he rests his chin on his knee as he watches Lor from deep brown eyes.

"Is there a reason you are sitting next to my waterfall?" he smiles faintly.

ooc: whos cal

06/28/2000 7:44 AM

(OOC-Lor is a female black mage and Cal is her 'bodyguard' so to speak)

"It is a relaxing atmosphere for me to write in my journal." Lor responds, not looking up at Mischiem. "If you have a problem with that you can take it up with my spells.""Two minus one leaves none."

06/28/2000 1:33 PM

Oooo somebody get me a tetanus cuz i just got a Fox bite! (as wayne would say, hehehe)

Mischiem crosses his arms and rubs his chin with his thumb...
"oh kay....." he says.

OOC: poor cal, he must be freezin over there

06/28/2000 7:12 PM

*the tall Qualinesti elf climbs up in a tree and then lays down.*

06/29/2000 7:39 AM

*Lor stops writing for a moment and looks up at Mischiem*

"How do you spell your name? I need to know so I can correctly record it in my journal."

*she stares at him through uncaring eyes, seemingly emotionless*"Two minus one leaves none."

06/29/2000 1:40 PM

"My name? Uh, my full name...Mischiem...yeah. M-I-S-C-H-I-E-M. say, a journal...can i like, give a shoutout?"

Mischiem gives a wathaaaaaaaaaa to Pyranthas, silently, so that Lor will not look up and glare at him again...

06/29/2000 8:34 PM

*Tanin strides up to the nice place and plunks himself down on the cool grass. He has
obviously travelled far and needs to rest. He pulls out a small letter and reads it again.
He then puts the note away and lifts his head up.*
"I'm on my way to Southern Ergoth and I'm very thirsty. Is the water here fresh and

Counting Sheep Doesn't Make You Tired,
It Makes You A Shepard!! :-D

06/29/2000 10:02 PM

*Pyranthas sits in the tree and then picks an apple and eats it. *

Ahhh... this reminds me of the lds days in Qualinesti before I was a templar.

06/30/2000 6:35 AM

sits tentatively

"Southern Ergoth? Where in Southern Ergoth?"

she asks casually, though her lower lip is trembling.

06/30/2000 6:51 AM

Mischiem watches casually, though his lower lip is trembling. He bites it almost till it hurts.
As he looks on this meeting between two beautiful people, he sits with his chin in one palm, the elbow of that arm in his other palm, crosslegged on a large rock.

As Tanin looks up, Mischiem nudjes Lor and points to Aestas and Tanin-
"Hey, do you think they're gonna hook up, then? hey?" he giggles infectiously.

06/30/2000 8:48 AM

*Lor looks up at Mischiem and then to where he's pointing. she shakes her head and goes back to writing*

"It is none of my concern if they do or don't, so I don't care one way or the other. Now, let's see, 'Today I came upon a nice vale that was poisoned by this vile character by the name of Mischiem.' That should describe today pretty well.""Two minus one leaves none."

07/02/2000 12:17 AM

*Enters and picks a shady spot to recover from the other night when she was attacked. She walks favoring her right side. She is in great pain.*

"Ok as long as no one touches my left side i will be fine."

(OOC thanks py)

Love concurs all

07/02/2000 11:37 AM

*Tanin reads his letter again, this time more carefully*
"It doesn't say where the bandit attacks are. I suppose they might be random.
I'm going to a small Solamnic outpost down there. You can accompanie me if you wish."

Counting Sheep Doesn't Make You Tired,
It Makes You A Shepard!! :-D

07/02/2000 12:47 PM


Aestas looks at him intently.

"Did i ask if i wanted to come w/ u? No....i asked where you were going. i wish to know what this outpost is and why you are going there. who do you answer to, Tanin Majere?"

07/02/2000 2:47 PM

*Pyranthas swings down fron his tree and then places an hand on Nadja's side and his hands glow, completely healing her. He then runs off.*

07/02/2000 6:36 PM

*Looks at Py with a look of disbelief.*

"Why did you heal me?"
Love concurs all

07/02/2000 6:40 PM

"whoops, looks like he ran off...s'ok, Nadja, hell come back. when you gotta go, you gotta go, right?" Mischiem looks at Lor.

"well then. Vile? hmm...must be your time of the month. PMS, right? You know, they wanted to call it Mad Cow Disease instead of PreMenstrual Syndrome, but that name was already taken....would you like some Midol, or are you just gonna wait it out? I should have known; you looked kinda bloated...i figured you could have been pregnant or something."

He smiles sweetly and dismisses her from his mind, turning to talk to Tanin.

07/02/2000 9:21 PM

*Tanin looks sternly at Aestas.*
"My apologizes for interpreting you wrongly. I thought
you were worried and wanted to make sure everything was ok. I take it that's not the case.
I don't see why who I answer to is important. Anyways, I must be off. I will be gone for 31 days.
Not that I care. I have no care left."
*Tanin sits for a moment lost in memories of a beutiful lady at a small inn. He then shakes it off and
gets up and leaves*
(OOC I am gone for 31 days with maybe a few brief visits to the board.Cya later!)

Counting Sheep Doesn't Make You Tired,
It Makes You A Shepard!! :-D

07/03/2000 12:41 PM

Aestas leans back against the tree and sighs. The image of Tanin's face burns always with an aching, stabbing drill of pain in the corner of her heart.

07/03/2000 1:05 PM

Mischiem senses tension between them, then he hears the thing about a beautiful girl in an inn and goes to Aestas...

"What's all this about? How do you know Tanin? Your the beautiful girl aren't you?"

07/03/2000 3:49 PM

*Pyranthas climbs into a new tree and starts meditating.*

07/03/2000 4:00 PM

"No, i don't know what you're talking about, so go talk to Lor again. This place is driving me bugshit i'm leaving. Bye." she nods to him and Lor and Pyranthas , then turns to go.

07/04/2000 7:31 PM

*Lor sighs as peace more or less returns to the place*

"Now I can concentrate again. Especially if that noisy man Mischiem leaves. Pyranthas is nice and quiet, I mind not his presance."

*Lor writes some more in her journal, taking special note of her surroundings*

"And if you think that I'm having a bad day, think again pipsqueak. I am having a perfectly fine day excepting your presance. If you really want to see me po'ed, stick around for a couple of days when my time has come, then you will see crankiness at its peak.""Two minus one leaves none."

07/04/2000 8:00 PM

*Pyranthas meditates and then begins to float into the air. Unknowingly, he floats over Lor.*

07/05/2000 12:44 PM

*Lor looks up as a shadow falls over her book*

"Excuse me, sir Pyranthas, but, what are you doing over here? Come to get rid of that. . .thing over there?""Two minus one leaves none."

07/05/2000 12:50 PM

*Pyranthas opens his eyes and then starts to fall. Pyranthas eyes flare and he then flies into the air and then lands on a tree near Lor.*

Thing? What thing would you be talking about good lady?

07/05/2000 5:43 PM

Mischiem laughs.

"hey, Py...well, this good lady comes to my home to write in her journal and complain about Yours Truly, although she does not realize i won't follow her if she goes and she Can Leave Any Time Her Majesty Wants.

I suggested that her asinine thinking was a result of the female thing, but she kindly informed that it would be in a few days and that i could, if i so pleased, stick around to be there... maybe you'll have more luck."

Mischiem draws small smiley-faces in the condensation of the lemonade pitcher sitting next to him on the grass, seemingly unaware of Lor's spiteful glare.

07/05/2000 7:30 PM

*Lor beams at Mischiem and places her journal in her robes. she slides down off the rock and uses it as a prop for her head. she lies down and closes her eyes. she then makes a slight jesture in the direction of the 'home owner' and the pitcher of limonade he made a smiley face on rises up and empties its contents on Mischiem*

"That wet thing over there Pyranthas.""Two minus one leaves none."

07/06/2000 2:47 PM

Ah... I see, well I must get back to my meditation.

*Flies to a mossy rock and then sits down on it and begins his meditation again.*

07/06/2000 4:50 PM

"Thanks, baby. You're the cat's ass. I didn't know you cared,"

Mischiem sits for a moment, watching his prey from glittering- Mischievious- black eyes, a simmering, sweet smile playing on his face.

He chuckles deep in his throat and crawls over to her lying innocently on her back. His spiked hair is lemonade-wet and he's sopping all over; he grabs her in a drenching bear-hug and rubs his head on her tummy.

"Yeah, who's the loser now? Heh heh heh."

07/06/2000 7:20 PM

*Lor starts and shrieks in rage. she glares at Mischiem and puts her hand on his head. he flies fifteen feet before smacking into a tree. the air smells of ozone from the small lightning bolt Lor used to knock Mischiem off her*

"See who CAN laugh last!"

*Lor laughs as she starts to smell the burnt hair of Mischiem's*"Two minus one leaves none."

07/07/2000 9:21 AM

"Hey, my fried Jordie is master of fire and lightning, and i think that he just erased all that!" mischiem gets up and shakes himself off.

"You're still wet, and i didn't get burned. i think You're the only smelly singed thing in here...Lor...hey , you know what your name rhymes with?"

07/07/2000 8:58 PM

*Pyranthas hears whats going on and wakes up out of this trance and gets between the two with his sword spinning around.*

Alright! This is a place of peace. You! sit over there. Lor you stay there and I'm going swimming.

07/08/2000 1:51 PM

"Thank you Pyranthas."

*Lor lies back down. her robes begin to quickly dry out. they dry so fast that it must have been magically induced. not a trace of the sticky limonade can be felt or smelt*

"And Mischiem, if you even so much as hint to that again, I will personally have your scalp for use in trading with natives.""Two minus one leaves none."

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