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07/04/2000 12:54 AM




Thank you,

Mikhal and Nadja Silverhair

06/26/2000 9:04 PM

As I enter, the feeling of deep rooted happiness embraces my very soul. I silently slipped beside my beloved and wrapped her within my arms.

"This place fills me with joy, but having you in my arms is far more fulfilling..."

I cough lightly to remove the tightness in my throat. I then proceed to walk to the back of the inn and chop some wood for the fireplace.

06/26/2000 9:14 PM

ooc- do you have aol? if you do look up nadjadragonlance.

Dear I have missed you.

*reaches for him and moves closer to press a kiss to his lips*

Love concurs all

06/26/2000 9:21 PM

My dear I miss you too. I love you.
(OOC: My address is mikhal@pinoymail.com)

06/27/2000 8:45 PM

"Ah You Sicken Me Mike."

Mertonius enters and gives his cousin a resounding kick in the ass and whacks him over the head.

"You've been impersonating me for the last few weeks!"

Mertonius then stalks out of the bar.

06/27/2000 9:07 PM

*rushes over to her huband and picks him up.*

"Mikhal are you ok? Please tell me. If it makes you feel better I love you.'

*Bends over behind him and kisses his butt.*

'There feel better?'

Love concurs all

06/28/2000 9:14 PM

A lady, carrying her travel bags enters the bed and breakfast. She notices a pretty lady pick up a young man and kiss his derriere. She suppresses a giggle and offers them her aid.

"What a sweet couple you two are!" I would like to spend a few days if you have room." She smiles at the owners. "My name is Ingrid. It's very good to meet you."

06/28/2000 9:39 PM

*looks at the one named Ingrid as she enters. She blushes a tomato red color and snuggles close to her husband.*

'Of course we have room. Don't we Mikhal? Well what type of room do you want?'

*Walks over to the woman and takes her bags. She then goes over to the desk and takes out a book and a pen. She hands them over to Ingrid.*

'You might have known me before we were married. I am Nadja Half_Elven. Now I am Nadja Silverhair. This charming gentleman is my husband Mikhal Silverhair.'

Love concurs all

06/28/2000 11:22 PM

I look up at the newly arrived guest then smiled. I immediately turn to my wife, who was evidently fussing all over me again (which usually makes me feel good).

"I'm alright my dear..." I turn and kissed my beloved wife again.

"Anyway, welcome to our inn. Ignore my ever annoying cousin Mertonius (who is Marcus in real life)since he is a real bore."

I turn to my wife again and smile, "I think I need to check out our logs. The fire might die down in the fireplace if I don't start chopping up some fuel.

Walking steadily, I made my way to the back door.

06/29/2000 5:11 AM

*I stare after my husband with a lokk of loss on my face. It is evident that I love him deeply.*

"Well thank you for staying here. I serve dinner at 6:30 at night. The kitchen is always open. So if need be just go on in and make a snack for yourself."

Love concurs all

06/29/2000 4:50 PM

"Thank you for your gracious welcome!" My bags are full of paint and canvases. I am an artist, traveling the land to get new perspectives. Hopefully, I will give my art the life it has lacked for some time. Say, would the two of you mind being my subjects later this week? The painting would be a gift for your hospitality and friendship."

Ingrid walks over to the desk and registers her name. "I will meet you for dinner tonight."

Eager to take a nap, she softly padded up the steps to her room.

06/29/2000 10:28 PM

*I walk up the steps several hours later. I knock on the door and tell Ingrid it is time for supper.*

"Please join my husband and I for dinner and a drink afterwards."

Love concurs all

06/30/2000 6:15 PM

Ingrid hears Nadja's knock and invitation. "Oh! Is it that late already? Thank you, I'll be down soon."

She walks down the stairs to join Nadja and Mikhal. "Yum! That smells delicious! What are you cooking? Perhaps over dinner you can tell me the story of how you two met."

06/30/2000 6:21 PM

"We are having dinner of roast beef and home
made bread. I really should let Mikhal tell you the story."
Love concurs all

06/30/2000 9:07 PM

Mertonius pops his head in through a window and butts in.

"Hey, where's that no good husband of yours? I've got a thing or two to settle with him..."

(OOC: That asshole Mike locked my computer up when he went on a night out with his 'barkada'. He took the keys with him and only returned this morning. :( )

06/30/2000 9:45 PM

I entered the room and note that my cousin Mertonius was again butting in my line. I resoundly slammed the window shutters, trapping his fingers. Pulling out a small carpenter's hammer I pounded his little appendages. After noting the screams of agony I made my way to my seat beside my wife.

"Please forgive my uncouth cousin Mertonius. He is such an uncivilized barbarian."

I look at my wife again then smile...

"Oh, the story... Well it was like this..."

I then recounted how I impersonated my passionateless cousin Mert and used him for various disturbing effects and how I met Nadja by acting like my cousin.

"I even went as far as wearing his stupid face."

07/01/2000 3:15 PM

I fell in love with him the minute I met him.

*Leans over and kisses Mikhal passionately.*

Ingrid if at anytime we discust you with our PDA (public display of affection) tell us. I am sure we will stop. Mikhal I forgive your cousin. You haven't even commented on my tounge ring.

Love concurs all

07/01/2000 4:44 PM

"What a romantic story! And no, Nadja, your PDA's don't offend me in the least."

Ingrid turns to see Mikhal pounding Mertonius' fingers under a closed window. "But your husband and his cousin are quite, um, interesting."

OOC: Mertonius, if your cousin did lock your computer up for so long, maybe you should 'sipahan mo yung puett nya'!) ;) Ignore the misspellings. I'm anything but fluent.

07/02/2000 12:11 AM

*I lean over and whisper to Ingrid.*

"I have gotten used to it. I just ignore them and let them play. I have had enough trouble for one day."

OOC_Mikhal i was jumped friday night. I have bruised ribs a cut under one eye which also is black.Love concurs all

07/03/2000 12:03 AM

After prying his fingers from the kitchen window, Mertonius made his way inside by the backdoor.

He then wangs Mikhal.

"Sira ulo ka talaga 'no? Ikaw na nga ang may kasalanan ako pa ang pagbibintangan mo!"

(Are you crazy? It's already your fault and your blaming me for it.)

Mertonius (Marcus IRL) sits beside and Ingrid and smiles.

"HI! I don't want to bad mouth the patron but I suggest that you carry some anti-motility drugs for the food here tastes like hell..."

07/03/2000 12:07 AM

*I get up and cross over to Mertonius. I step beside him and punch him in the face.*

"That is for badmouthing my husband and my cooking."

Love concurs all

07/03/2000 1:08 PM

Ingrid watches the family reunion with curious apprehension. "Oh my! Your family sure doesn't hold anything back!"

Laughing, she makes room for Mertonius. "I think the food tastes great! Here, have some!!!"

She watches Mertonius' eyes go wide as she flings a slice of roast beef toward his face.

07/03/2000 1:19 PM

Mischiem, clad in black leather and reflecting Aviators, steps into the Bed + Breakfast. He folds his arms and looks down at Ingrid, whose fingers are tainted with the odor of roast beef.

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to take you in for that, ma'am." he nods to Mertonius and stifles a 'get a freakin room' for the horny newlyweds.

Then he claps Ingrid's hands behind her and ties them.

Time to go.

07/03/2000 9:26 PM

"Yo Mischiem!!! Way To Go!"

Mertonius swipes a bottle of brandy from the table and hands it over to Mischiem.

"On the House!!!"

07/03/2000 10:41 PM

"You need not worry anything about my cousin, Darling. Mertonius (or Marc) was a real pain since childhood. He became like that after he lost his beloved Jigglypuff stuff toy."

I give my cousin a sympathetic glance.

"I think, honey, that it is time for a nice warm bath at the hot tub. I'll go out back and start the fire and fill up the pool with hot water again..."

Making my way for the back door I momentarily turn to my ever annoying cousin.

"You should pay for that brandy cousin. You don't have any 'On the House' tabs here."

07/04/2000 12:54 AM

Seeing Mischiem distracted and downing the bottle of brandy, Ingrid whirls out of the chair and kicks him in the nuts.

"What the hell is up with roping my wrists? I don't know what kinky fantasies you have at this B&B, but keep me out of them!"

She pulls her arms under her rear and to her front, then wriggles out of the binds. Suddenly not hungry anymore, she steps on the pain wrought Mischeim and marches back to her room.

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