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10/02/2002 2:04 PM

OOC: Feel free to join in, newbie's oldies, etc ;) If someone wants to play April they can. I will be playing Larkin. This festival is for numerous villages, so the more characters the merrier.

It was that time of year again. In a few hours folks from the neighboring villages would be enjoying themselves at the annual Starlight Festival. The festival had become somewhat of a tradition for the towns that neighbored Solace. Held in a small village named Swindle, the festival attracted merry makers from miles away.

It was early afternoon and the town of Swindle was at its busiest. The town baker was busy making pies and cakes by the hundreds (he relied on neighboring bakers for help more than he would ever admit). Wives and young maidens were busy putting the finishing touches on their evening attire. They would soon begin decorating the whole town with all sorts of trinkets. The men of the village had provided a fine fare of venison, and boar, which was slowly being roasted to perfection. It was a given that Otik would provide a hearty helping of his famous potatoes.

At the heart of the small village, April was busy sewing the final stitches on her dress. Her favorite part of the festival was about to begin….decorations. As dusk drew near, the guests would start arriving, it was imperative that they be welcomed in stunning fashion. “Come Mother, we must not wait any longer”, she said excitedly. Her mother simply laughed. She clapped her hands in an attempt to gather the attention of the others “we shall start the decorations in…..5 minutes” she ordered. A few murmurs could be heard throughout the group as the ladies hurried to finish the final touches on their dresses.

Larkin had been on a hunt all morning with his father, they had been very successful. He sat with a group of men and watched as they dug the final pit and placed the deer onto the smoldering coals. “In a few hours that meat will melt in your mouth” one man said.

Standing up and heading back home his thoughts returned to April. Just one week ago he had first kissed her, now his days were filed with thoughts of her, and nothing else. He had no doubt that tonight she would look more beautiful than ever, but he had strict orders not to visit her until the party began. In a few hours his wait would be over.

In what seemed like no time at all, the village was decorated in grand fashion. Larkin had put on his best clothes, for he too wanted to make an impression.

As dusk settled on the small town, small candles were lit and a huge bonfire roared in the center of the village. Everyone would soon be arriving.

10/02/2002 2:26 PM

Trevalor came out of his small cottage on the edge of town. He could almost smell the venison and wild boar being slowly roasted to perfection. The venison he was supposed to be treating. Trevalor was a herb master. Skilled in everything pertaining to herbs: spices, healing herbs, special concunctions to help the fever or just a simple recipe for the perfect taste of spice. He gathered some choice herbs and spices from his stock, and left quickly. Trevalor was young, still only 19 years of age, and he was considered handsome.

He had a wiry frame, tanned and well toned muscles from the hard work in is private garden. His skills were well reknown, and he often had elves all the way from the Qualinesti forests who came to learn what they could from him. He fit well in the village of Swindle, and he dearly loved it. The Starlight Festival was also his favourie time of year. All the beautiful maidens to dance with under the stars.... He sighed. Right now he had business.

As he neared the large town square, he saw the decorations were starting to come under way. A small man, of ripe old age, wiggled his fingers at a tree, and magical motes of light suddenly appeared.
He recongized the wizard as Yiath, a friendly old man whom he had befriended. He waved as he passed, to the far end of the sqauere where his services were needed.
He inhaled deeply, amazed at the fine catch before him. He instantly got to work, picking choice spices and herbs from his pouch for flavouring the meat. They would taste exquisite, he knew. He dumped an entire small pouch of a brownish red spice, called liklatft, used by the Khur barbarians.. It gave it a heady taste, and a bit of sweetness added.

OOC: Thats all im going to post for now, i hope its alright! I have to go do my homeworj now... *sigh* i'll post again in a little while. :)

10/02/2002 7:57 PM

Mooplo was sitting on a crate watching the village people decorate for the festival.
Mooplo is a raspy voiced gully dwarf. He has grey hair, and is fairly old. However, he does not know HOW old. Like many gully dwarfs, Mooplo isnt very smart. He was armed with a slingshot and a small hammer strapped to his back. He also wore a small helmit which covered his head. He was a true fighter, famous for taking out the legs of his enemies. He was well known in the town for the time he took on a goblin thief. Nobody expected HIM to be the winner. However, the fight ended with the goblin at Mooplo's feet. There were many other instances where Mooplo saved the town from goblins.

Mooplo took a deep breath and rose from the crate. Mooplo planned on having a good time at the Starlight Festival.

If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

10/02/2002 8:39 PM

Simon sat under a large tree and watched the preporations for the festival. He was eager to see what happened.

OOC: Sorry couldn't post more. got to go I've walked into the fires of Hate, stared into the eyes of Pain, fought off
the minions of Sorrow and slew the demons of Fear, anyone else wanna try their luck with this Dark Child?

10/03/2002 12:40 PM

(( I call dips on April!!!!!!))

April looked at her aging mother. " Mother, please, can we just now?" she begged, itching to open the boxes of decorations. " Please?" Her mother looked at her. " Well, since you did do all of your chorse, then yes." April walked calmly towards the boxes and started to decorate her house." Let's Roll!" Todd Beamer, Flight 93

10/07/2002 6:15 AM

Larkin stepped out the front door and made his way over to the bonfire. Many final preparations were still taking place, and only a few guests had arrived. He saw Trevalor on his way to tend to the meats, small bags jangled about his side, most filled with spices no doubt. Larkin raised his hand and gave a shout "I want that seasoning just perfect", he joked.

He looked around, still there was no sign of April, maybe she was busy, he thought. He picked up a stick and half heartidly tossed it into the flames. "I wonder what time the festivities will begin", he said to himself.

10/07/2002 3:51 PM

" Larkin! Hows life treatin you my lad?" Mooplo walked over to the fire by Larkin and reached up to pat him on the back.

"I know who your lookin for. Your looking for that girlfriend
of yers, April! Just so happens i saw her decoratin her house with her mother. Go get her lad! Hahaha! I'll catch you at the festivities alright?If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

10/07/2002 5:07 PM

A night came and went. The next morning when everyone awoke. They noticed a massive tent with a sign hanging over the entrance. There was noice aplenty inside. There was sounds of hammering, braying of animals, boxes being broken, and others being hammered together. The walls of the tent were pushed out every once and awhile as something inside ran along side of them.

There was a rustling at the entrance, someone was trying to get out of the tent flaps but having a hard time of it. After much cursing and screaming at the uncooperative tent flaps, a hairy figure finally made his way out of the tent.

"Stupid tent!" The dwarf kicked the walls, which subsequently were pushed away by his foot, causing him to lose his balance. The dwarf went down in a heap of hair and dust. He quickly stood up and looked around to see if anyone noticed him.

By then, people were gathering around the tent in suprise. Where had this tent come from? Many of them asked. It wasn't here the night before. The dwarf smiled and rubbed his hand together. He reached into the tent and pulled out a gully dwarf and threw the figure onto the ground.

"Sit like this!" he put the gully dwarf on its hands and knees in front of the tent entrance. After getting his balance, the dwarf stood up on the gully dwarfs back to hang a sign above the entrance. The gully dwarf yelled out from the unnacustomed weight on its back. It screamed like a monkey flying through a tree. Once the dwarf was done, he jumped down off the gully dwarf's back and kicked it back inside the tent. The hairy dwarf quickly followed. People moved closer so they could read the sign. "What does it say?" someone in the back shouted.

"It says, Rockhard's Amazing Circus," someone in the front yelled back. Once the people had talked enough, the dwarf came jumping back out of the tent in a rush, scaring many of the people who stood in front. He wore a large tophat that was too big for his head, for it often fell down over his eyes.

"Good day!" He bellowed, pushing his hat back onto his head. "I invite you all to the most wonderful circus ever to grace the land of Krynn. We have an elephant! A caged Kender! And even a rabid Draconian!!!!" He yelled. "Come and enjoy Ballsar Rockhard's famous travelling circus!!!"

Boredom's not a burden anyone should bear.

10/08/2002 11:12 AM

(( hey guys, i will try to stay with the story, but i wont be on as often...._

April finished her task. She ran to the door, hoping to see Larkin. " Larkin.......... Larkin!!!" she yelled over the people, looking for him." Let's Roll!" Todd Beamer, Flight 93

10/08/2002 11:07 PM

King Ai Mer Beech von Marderfarker the 14th, undisputed ruler of the exotic regions of Marderfarker walked past the tent, followed by his group of scantily-clad dancers. Then, he noticed the dwarf.

"Hmm... he looks familiar." The king said, frowning.

He started to think...

... and think...

... and think...

"Nah, can't remember." He shrugged and walked away.Eliar spat in rage and clapped his hands twice, ten male dwarves in pink dresses pop out from the floorboards and dance a graceful ballet.

"In your dreams man,
Swim very well I can,
Zap you with my lightning,
Until you start crying."

-Eliar Swiftfire in the 'The Future Fellowship'

10/08/2002 11:21 PM

The dwarf stood outside his carnival tent, ushering the hundreds of people into his magnificent circus like experience. It was then that he noticed the gayley dressed character being followed by his many man-toys.

"Now....wait...Where have I see that person before? There is no mistaking that flamboyant walk, those pink leggings..." The dwarf watched the character walk off down the street.

"I know him..." but Ballsar Rockhard could not place who it was.

Inside the tent, an elephant trumpeted. "I'm coming, Santa!" With one last look at the receeding character followed by the half-naked men, Ballsar re-entered the tent to the oohs and ahhs of the spectators. Boredom's not a burden anyone should bear.

10/10/2002 6:27 AM

April loked and looked. Finally, she saw Larkins dark shadow. She quietly walked up to him. " Larkin? Its me, April." she smiled. She was wearing a light blue dress. A sash of sparkely dark blue fabric fell just below her waist. Her blonde hair was down and a wrath of lilies made a crown above her head." Let's Roll!" Todd Beamer, Flight 93

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