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09/26/2002 9:45 PM

((OOC: Any anime fan's out there? Anybody know about Ranma 1/2? Well two things, I need to redo, with other experienced players, the war of the lance, starting from the inn of the last home. I'm giong to play Ryouga Hibiki, becuase he's the only man who could get lost and find himself in the land of Dragonlance.

Ryouga once got lost in the forest of Okinaw (about 2 miles long) for a month... just goes to show you how stupid some people can be.))

Running into a town, near the brink of madness Ryouga Hibiki looked around, he was petrified. Ryouga was in a place where people lived in the tree's in little wooden houses. People also were dressed funny, they seemed to not like his clothes either.

"Where are you Saotome?! I know you got me into this Ranma! I'll find out how!" Ryouga screamed, getting a strange look from a man walking by, walking into a place with the sign "The inn of the Last Home." he sat down and looked around, seeing an old man telling stories, and a large table that was occupied by a bulky man and a frail man in red robes.

"Strange people here." Ryouga said, noticing people dressed in furrs by the bar. Looking arund the inn amazedly Ryouga sighed, he'd find his way home somehow."If you have to ask why my knife is also in his back, you're not paying attention." Black Mage, 8-bit Theatre, Http://www.nuklearpower.com/comic

10/01/2002 2:31 PM

while I'm not too big on the Ramna series I think this could lead to something good. Like a generalized Anime DL RPG! I'll make it to attract players! Thanks for the inspiration."Are you sugesting that coconuts migrate?"

10/01/2002 8:33 PM

Hiroshi and Daisuke looked up and noticed the man who just entered the Inn.

"Hey! Look! Dai! It's Ryouga Hibiki!" The pale-haired boy waved frantically.

"At least there's a familiar face here." The dark-haired boy replied.

The frail man in red robes turned towards the two boys and stared balefully at them.

"Eeeeek! He has weird eyes! The skin's gold-colored too!" Hiroshi pointed and gasped.

"Don't you dare insult my brother!" The bulky man rose up from his chair.

Daisuke glared accusingly at Hiroshi. "See? You got us into trouble again. First, you mistook dwarves as children, then, you peed on that scary-looking walking armour who called himself 'Soth' or something. And now this?"

The frail red-robed man whispered something.

"Huh?" Hiroshi leant forward.

The frail red-robed man whispered something again.

"What? Can't hear ya!"

"Yeah, I'll do it, Raist!" The bulky man nodded. Unlike Daisuke and Hiroshi, he could hear perfectly well what his brother said.

The bulky man lifted Daisuke and Hiroshi up and tossed them out of the inn.

Eliar spat in rage and clapped his hands twice, ten male dwarves in pink dresses pop out from the floorboards and dance a graceful ballet.

"In your dreams man,
Swim very well I can,
Zap you with my lightning,
Until you start crying."

-Eliar Swiftfire in the 'The Future Fellowship'

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