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09/20/2002 6:18 PM

OOC:Join when you want

IC: "OOO elder why must I go?"
"Becuase the Inn is closing now go I shall tell you another storie tomorrow"
Then the little kid ran out of the inn of the last home to his awaiting parents.
"Ok fizban time to leave I have to close up now"
"Ok ok will you let an old man get up."

OOC: Just started it wanna see were it will go join in.The gods will come there wrath will be great the sins will be forgoten we will belive again

09/22/2002 6:33 AM

((OOC: Oi, you know, you won't be regarded as a 'newbie' if you:
aren't repetitive
Pay attention in english class
have a storyline in check when starting a thread
have a good variation of characters with different races and powers
don't play god
read a book once in awhile
have an imagination
use punctuation
This isn't directed only at you, but from what I've analyzed from senior roleplayers here, these traits usually sort out the newbies from experienced roleplayers/good writers))

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