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09/20/2002 4:51 PM

The overly large snowbank quivered. Beneath the snow of a hundred years, rose a large beast of unparalleled size. Large eyes icy blue eyes the size of pools blinked, and great icicles that had formed over a hundred years fell to the frozen floor of the undergound cave, smashing into a million pieces and making a slight ringing through the large cave.

An immense body shimmered with perfect white scales, looking like a mountaintop crowned in snow. A crown of graceful horns of various sizes adorned his head, and spikes ridged along his back all the way to the tip of his tail, where they got smaller on the way.
Great leathery wings of pure winter white spread, and stretched. The dragon that rose from the bank of compressed snow was an ancient colossal wyrm.

Shiver, the Breath of Winter. Memories flooded his mind of great wars, dragons vs. dragon, fighting for the glory of his Queen. The same Queen that abandoned him and his kin when she was defeated by the human knight, called Huma. He remembered, the Cataclysm, how it rocked the world and shook Krynn to it's foundations. Soon after that, he went into a deep sleep, forgetting about the world.

Now, a hundred years after the Catalcysm, Shiver rose from his bed of hard packed snow, and returned to the world. A wall of ice stood before him, the entrance and exit to the solitary cave. Such was not an obstacle for a white dragon.
With a swipe or two of his great claws, he destroyed the ice wall. He was the sun glow faintly through the mists of the hot springs that was in a pool not far from the cave where he dwelt for so long. Now, he would return to his castle, his keep. Frigid Keep.

(OOC: All are welcome to join. This thread is to be roughly 100 years after the Cataclysm. Simple rules: NO killing off or god-moding other characters, I don't really care if you swear, no '1 post' characters, and.... that's it. Have a great time :))

09/21/2002 2:17 AM

OOC: I'll play!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The snow leopard named Anoka, had been hunting for food for her cubs. It was sparse this winter but she continued on her quest. Her young were hungry.

Then she felt the ground shake from beneath her feet. Anoka was a skilled huntress. She had been treading the snow-capped mountains all her life- sensing avalanches and snowdrifts was second nature to her. She could not believe that she had made such an elemental mistake and had trod too far out on the ledge this time. Hunger had clouded her senses.

The ground quaked again. Anoka was able to spring back just before the snow collapsed before her. She was breathing furiously, both from the narrow escape and the fear of what might have happened had she not reacted so quickly.

She was recovering her breadth when she saw the white figure riding the sky. The white wyrm was huge, larger than any she had seen before. The dragon fear hither at once and she was immobile as the dragon flew by, barely glancing at the lone tiger camouflaged in the snow.
So long and thanks for all the fish...

09/21/2002 5:14 AM

(OK. Shiver, is the main nemesis, and in his castle he has a very priceless artifact, that many have tried over the years to recover, and have been unsuccessful. A band of mixed-matched races will band together and retrieve it from the cold grasp of the colossal wyrm. It is prophesized... :))

09/21/2002 7:23 PM

The male tusker ran through the snow with ease. Ronjo was his name. His thick, gray, walrus skin made him very visible in the powder white snow. He has been running for days now. His large, black, oval shield was strapped to his back. He carried his spear in one hand as he ran. His spear was not his only weapon, he also had his two foot long tusks which jutted out of his walrus-like face. Tuskers were famous for two things, their horrible smell, and their lethal tusks which they fought with often. Ronjo wasnt very smelly, he swims often and washes in the icy bay. He only wore a cloth around his waist, for that was all he needed against the cold.
He was on a mission. His tribe sent him on a quest to find and gather information on the fortress known as Frigid Keep. His people know little about it and are curious about its where-abouts. As time passes, tuskers become more civilized, they are not the bloodthirsty pirates they once were. At least not the tribe Ronjo came from.

He made it to the high peak he was running to. He could get a view of his surroundings from here. In the distance he saw a wyrm flying in the clear blue sky. He has but heard of these creatures. Dragons where only myth to him. His tribe leader told him that their would be strange creatures that he would interact with on his journey. He decided that the direction the wyrm flew was where Frigid Keep must lie. He looked around but saw nothing resembling a fortress. This would be easier if he could fly like the wyrm. It would be hard following a flying creature. Ronjo was certain he would lose it in a matter of hours. Already the dragon was fading. He decided to take a rest for the day. He would get back on his journey at dawn. He found a nice cave, not far from the peak. Ronjo rest his things on the cave floor then went to stand outside. In the distance he saw a snow leopard pacing in the snow. Ronjo picked up his spear and began running towards his prey.If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

09/22/2002 6:15 AM

Steam rose up around him as he cursed with palpable anger at the surrounding lands of snow he stood in. What was his damned human name again? Ah, that's right, he thought, Blaze. Short and to the point, just like those soft, annoying beings that had dare cried out to him to rid them of some great wyrm that had been dormant in his long, fought for land for decades. He hated this part of his land anyway. This one showed no glory over a defeated dragon, a clan of wyverns. No one wanted this wasteland of snow and icy wind. He, himself didn't know why he bothered to fight this oversized lizard that called itself a dragon because it had wings. Why not just give the cursed place over to it and get it over with?

He smiled. He knew why. This dragon was rumored to be colossal. Blaze had recently fought against a gargantuan dragon over its hoarde of treasures, and, well, it had been fun.

Steam again rose into Blaze's nostrils, breaking his thoughts.

Cursing again, he left his true, powerful form and entered that pitiful one that disguised him as a human. Brown hair, tanned skin and crimson eyes. A white tunic and a flametongue at his side. How could humans actually see power or charisma in each other?

Blaze looked down with disgust at the human running towards the snow leopard for food and its skin. This was a human that actually seemed to have a purpose for doing something. However, because of his low opinion of humans, Blaze half expected the human to make 'friends' with the leopard. Whatever a 'friend' was. Even so, he watched silently as the hunter stalked his prey.

((OOC:Heh, Blaze isn't a dragon. First one who guesses what Blaze is gets the golden Cupie doll!))

09/22/2002 8:09 AM

Shiver, unaware of anything but the great icy citadel that rose before him like a jutting spire of ice, flew slowly and without a care in the world. He knew that none dared stand up to him, and his great treasure that was stored in the citadels icy depths was safe from any mortal.

Or so he thought. But his mind was too preocupiied with hunger, so he went on the hunt. After a few minutes of slow glidng and careful stealth, he came upon a family of white seals, and he swooped down from the cloud that hid his humoungus body.

The seals were finished quickly though, and he knew he wouldn;t have to eat for some time now. That's what was special with white dragons, among other things of course. Once sated, a white dragon doesn;t have to eat for a while and he stays sustained.

09/22/2002 9:18 AM

OOC: Not first post new bored.

IC: The slug move along the tunnel slowly spiting its acid on the rock and munching down of breakfast about its 300th but no one really counted. Oshek sitting on top of the slug sleeping. Then there was a shudder and the whole mountain shifted like an avalanche and Oshek woke up with a start. “What the hell was that then there was another shutter and whole tunnel below collapsed trapping the Dwarf in the snow. Was stuck in the snow and so was Oshek with a Snow leopard staring at him and not just a snow leopard one that look hungry.

09/22/2002 9:49 AM

Anoka eyed the dwarf with some mild curiousity. She had never eaten dwarf before but hunger was clawing at her insides. She thought of her cubs. They too would be hungry and would grow worried if she was away from them for too long.

The dwarf looked hairy and grisly. She could just imagine all that hair getting stuck in her jaw. She sniffed the air above the dwarf, and then tested the snowfall experimentally. It was not sturdy.

And then she heard the soft foorfall of the tusker. Anoke spun her head around and stared at the man who was running forward, his weapon raised.

The hunter had just become the hunted...So long and thanks for all the fish...

09/22/2002 1:14 PM

OOC: wee fun I might get ate now if only I could move

IC: When the beast turned Oshek slowly slowly tried to wrigle out of the snow and grab his throwing axe on the snow 3 feet away if he could just reach but it was no use his big slug tapped his leg and he was stuck probably about to be turned in to dinner for this beast and maybe cubs if thing mated.

09/22/2002 7:02 PM

OOC: that messed up the setting big time! So we are in a snowy field/ cave! riiiiight...............Jorza can that damn snow leopard of yours talk! Is that gonna be your character? Or can i kill it?If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

09/23/2002 1:56 AM

Anoka eyed the warrior warily. She held firm her position and growled, just for good measure.

The dwarf amused her, but she doubted if she would make a meal of him. She thought againof the orphaned cubs she had adopted along her travels.

She had stayed as a leopard for too long, she realised that now. She was starting to think like a leopard. Anoka eyed the tusker and then decided that it was probably time to change back to her other form.

The incantation was brief. The woman was of middle years with long silvery hair and amber coloured eyes. The snow witch, Anoka stared at the tusker.

"I would appreciate it if you did not kill me straight away warrior", she said in a mild voice.So long and thanks for all the fish...

09/23/2002 4:23 AM


IC: "I have got it this all I dream I am still sleep ha funny very funny then oshek starts pinching and smaking him self try to wake up from this very strange dream.

09/23/2002 7:54 PM

" Well, that makes conversation easier." he said to the woman." I am Ronjo, tusker warrior of the Yoklay tribe. I will not kill you, do not worry

Ronjo relaxed his spear arm. Ronjo began stroking his tusks in wonder.
" I see you are hunting. Are you in SERIOUS need of food? I have some dried fruit in a cave just up that hill. However, i do need meat as well. That is why i was running at you. Maybe we can eat the dwarf! What is your name lady?

OOC: Okay im gonna take a guess at what your character is. A FIRE BREATHING GRIFFIN!!! that would be cool. I PATENT IT

If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

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09/24/2002 1:17 AM

"My name is Anoka", the woman said. "I thank you for your offer of food but it is meat that I require. I don not hunt for myself alone".

She regretted the burden she had inflicted on herself, two leopard cubs were a tiresome chore to feed. But she had been in her cat form when she had encountered them, and her cat instincts had overtaken better judgement.

Anoka eyed the dwarf who continued to stare at them from his hole. "Perhaps we ought not to eat the dwarf", she said with some amusement. "Though I have never tried dwarf meat, it does not sound very palatable". She smiled then, for the first time.

"Let us give him a hand out of his hole", she suggested. So long and thanks for all the fish...

09/24/2002 4:20 AM

OOC: You can eat me if you want don't really mind eheheheheh wait till my worm attacks if he ain't dead :)

IC: The the Tusken boy came in to view "AAAAAAAAAAAA tusk boy and tiger woman very odd and no dream o no No Don't talk to her she is trying to kill me no no no don't come near me. I warn you I am tought and stringey no soft meat Waaaa ooooo don't Eat ME (He don't know your lanugage very well) Hey tusk boy attack her kill her she is evil she turned from tiger to human to try to kill you oooo plz don't talk and Save me. With that Oshek take big dring out of a pouch and chuggs the rest.

OOC: Hitting me on the head to but me out of my misserey or just bite my head off :)Throwing away Spirties is like wasting a Life

09/24/2002 4:29 PM

OOC: Hey Doombug, lets try typing in English shall we? And its a tusker (half-man, half-walrus) not a tusken, this isnt star wars. And where did you get boy? Its a MAN BABY!!! Try using periods and quotation marks.

" Hello dwarf. What are you doing in these parts?!" Ronjo lifted Oshek out of the hole. " I am Ronjo, a tusker warrior from these parts. I will not eat you nor kill you. In fact you could be of great use for me. I am on a mission to Frigid Keep and i hear dwarves have strong backs. You can carry my things there! If you ever resist i will be forced to kill you. Dont worry dwarf. You will gain respect in time! Now follow us to my cave!" Ronjo snarled at the dwarf. He had missed his servant from his village. He was very pleased to meet someone to replace him.If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

09/24/2002 5:36 PM

OOC: lol ok I was just writing as my Dwarf would but sure thing man and o ya that an insult I ain't no slave but my Dwarf might be :)

IC:I am here expanding tunnels for an outpost over there about 500 miles but now we must restart this one ooo I can't go back that 10 generations of work lost. "Hello Ronjo I also have herd of Friged keep and but myths of Dragons and great treasure of whats inside.Thanks for getting me out of that hole I would say you have saved my life from dieing of cold or hunger. So I must do that same for you. I shall stay with you untill I save your life or die trying" Holds out his hand "By that way would you happen to have any ale in that cave of yours or only dried furit".

OOC: I love ale!!! you mean I try and kill you in your sleep to by the way maybeThrowing away Spirties is like wasting a Life

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09/25/2002 10:02 AM

Anoka raised her eyes heavenward, and then shrugging her shoulders, followed the warrior and the dwarf to the cave.

She knew that she would have to leave these two in a while and go and collect the cubs. She would also have to go hunting again.

She was curious about the dragon she had sighted earlier. Dragons were never good news.

It could be a problem, she thought.

"Do you know what awaits you at the Keep tusker?", she asked.So long and thanks for all the fish...

09/25/2002 4:28 PM

OOC: hey jorza, can you make Anoka have a call for her cubs to come to her. Or they could just arrive because they tracked her scent.

"Well, not really, my tribe sent me to find out exactly what is there. I only know it is a dangerous place." He looked at Anoka with concern. " You dont really wanna come do you? Oshek doesnt have a choice, buy your cubs need you, i would understand if you left."

The tusker entered the cave first resting his spear on the wall. The two others entered soon after.

" Now that we are out of the cold, we can discuss our plans, and tell eachother of what we know about Frigid Keep, for i am clueless."If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

09/26/2002 1:09 AM

OOC: good idea...I was wondering what to do about them. Anoka might have to do a spell to speed up their growth pattern- atleast that way they'd be useful in a fight....


Anoka entered the cave with the dwarf and the tusker. It was warmer inside, away from the cold wind that haunted this place.

She considered the tusker's question.

"No", she said truthfully, "I do not want to willingly venture into a place of evil tusker, I am at heart a solitary animal- but the creature that has returned to Frigid Keep will not remain there for long. I feel that I must seek the evil out, before it turns its mind to seeking out others. This place has been my home for many years now and I feel that I must protect it". So long and thanks for all the fish...

09/26/2002 2:04 AM

OOC: I'd quite like to join in if thats alright, i have yet another character that i wanna try out......basically if you think Psylocke from the X-Men then you're toasty hot. Not sure if i wanna be female or male in this one.....i'll see....but is it alright for me to jump in?Come see my site : http://pub63.ezboard.com/bthedream60488

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09/26/2002 4:07 AM

OOC: I am ok with it just do it creatively :) lol like I need to tell you

IC: "Anoke is it?" "it would do a little good if you told us what you saw going to the castle it might help see what we will have to do to destroy it."
and with that Oshek droped to the ground and was soon fast asleep and the last of his spirtes that he found hiding in the pouch he had.

OOC: nothing like a warm glass of malk or spritits to put a dwarf to sleep in seconds eheheh :)

Throwing away Spirties is like wasting a Life

09/26/2002 5:32 AM

Anoka laughed at the antics of the dwarf. And then she remembered his question and her face grew pale.

"I saw a white dragon- the largest I have ever seen, heading north towards the Keep", said the witch-woman.

"He is well rested and now hungers for past glories", she said cryptically. Anoka had never come across the white dragon before but she had heard tales of it. She was old enough and wise enough to know that the dragon was a foe. "There will be troubled times ahead for the people of these planes".

Exactly how old the witch-woman remained a mystery. It was just known that the snow-witch had been living on the snowy planes for many years. Some said she was cursed. The answer was not known.

But one thing was clear...she seemed heart set on facing this dragon. In the back of her mind, she seemed to be remembering tales about a dragon called Shiver.So long and thanks for all the fish...

09/26/2002 4:37 PM

OOC: if this thing lives, it could be great. I have so many ideas!

IC: " I have seen this white dragon as well. I am on an important mission to find Frigid Keep but i dont know where it is. My tribe leader told me that if it is possessed by any evil at all, to send word IMMEDIATELY. If you say that this dragon is heading there, i wonder if i should go back and inform the tribe. However, this could be my only chance to explore outside my region, i have waited for this day! We shall find this Frigid Keep. But which way should we go? The dragon went across those mountains. However, there is an isthmus going across a body of water near-by, which would be less dangerous to cross, but who can tell if it leads to Frigid Keep."

The trio thought a long while about this. When suddenly Ronjo had an idea.

" Oshek, how large are those tunnels you were talking about? Is it a possible route?If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

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09/27/2002 4:33 AM

OOC: oo in to the tunnels ;)

IC: Oshek wakes up "I they are big but the only entrence now is of the that mountine" Oshek points to a far off mountin where the tips disaper in to the clouds. "I they are on top of mountin Katadin were the snow leapords live hugh tride/or pack" But with our witch woman it should be no problem.

"Well Anoke what do you think will you help us?" after that Oshek goes back to bed.

OOC: Its very very late I would suggest you do that same :)Throwing away Spirties is like wasting a Life

09/27/2002 4:36 AM

OOC: is Darksage a 2 post guy??Throwing away Spirties is like wasting a Life

09/27/2002 5:59 AM

"Agreed", said Anoka. "I will help". She turned to the dwarf.

"How well do you know the tunnels? I would hate to spend the rest of life wandering aimlessly underground?".

ooc: Anoka does no mean to prick your ego Doombug- but she is a very hard person to get to know. She has not had much uman contact for a long time, but she will thaw with time....So long and thanks for all the fish...

09/27/2002 12:13 PM

IC:"Yes I know but I don't know what in them there used to be nothing but somthing might have found its way in to them"

"So we must be on our guard"

OOC: No problem I don't mind ;) but don't make me go :( ehehehThrowing away Spirties is like wasting a Life

09/27/2002 1:54 PM

OOC: Doombug, can you PLEASE read over what you write. There are SO many grammar mistakes in your posts, simple ones that are just careless look over your work man!

IC: " Then the tunnels shall be the path we take. However, there is one more important question, does it lie near Frigid Keep? Since none of us knows its where-abouts we must press our luck and try the long, dark tunnels. Their may be many evil creatures there. I hope i am not the only fighter in the group. If you do not have a weapon, i suggest you FIND one on our way to Katadin Mountain. Doombug, get the packs, we will be setting off now!"If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

09/27/2002 4:14 PM

OOC: Sorry for not posting so long! I have been getting alot of homework lately, and haven't found very much time for this. But I'm still very much interested, and will begin posting more regularly.
Note to Dark_Master: Lots of place left for more characters ;)

IC: After his hunger had been sated on a small herd of passing snow elk, Shiver went for a reconaissance over his realm. The tribes of snow-barbarians had grown in size and strength since he had last set foot on the outside world. His wisdom of great ages taught him patience. There would be time to make their tribe numbers more "manageable".
Below him, the miles of icy wasteland passed swiftly. Beautiful ice. Embracing cold. He found that the climate a little too high for his liking. That would change. Merging his power with that of the land, the air around him, he called his newly re-awakened power to his bidding.

In his mind, he coaxed the climate, turned it colder. Colder, it whispered back. Immediately, he could feel the temperature drop considerably, and the blessed cold envelop him.
His great body shivered in the exctasy. His magic was powerful. Powerful enough to change or influence the climate. But he knew it was a certain artifact at his castle-keep that powered the magic needed.
'It was so easy,' he recalled. 'The black robe was feeble. Thinking his power great enough to challenge mine.' He sneered. The magical trinket he carried with him was powerful. Too powerful for a mortal to wield, he thought to himself. Such a power would never fall into the hands of mortals ever again...

09/27/2002 6:51 PM

IC: "You arn't the only fighter and I can get my weapons from my dead worms out there..."Brrrrr did it just get colder" start up the fire I need to warm some ale it warm the cheast and eases the head just the thing for hiking. We can check the map on were to find friged keep but it moves so might not be in one place for long. Doombug goes out side moves to his worm take out 5 throwing axes and 1 hugh dwarfven war axe with faded runes.

OOC: no time to read over late for workThrowing away Spirties is like wasting a Life

09/28/2002 4:32 AM

IC: "Quite an amoury you've collected there doombug!", Anoka said, smiling.

Anoka herself did not need to rely on weapons for defence. Her magic was her art. It could be used for either healing or for combat. the choice was hers to make.
So long and thanks for all the fish...

09/28/2002 4:02 PM

OOC: Doombug, is your characters name Oshek or Doombug? You have said both! Make up your mind fool! Just kidding man. But really cut it out. Do you have a giant slug as a pet or something?

IC: " Oshek, wake up!" The sun was rising and the trio had a nice sleep. Ronjo was poking the snoring dwarf with his spear.
" We gotta get ready now. It will be easier to look for the tunnel entrance in the bright sunlight. It would be wise to plan our journey a bit more though. Do any of you two have a map? It will be useful. I am always up to blindly walking in a tunnel, but it could mean a lot of wasted time. Oshek do you know the tunnels well enough to find the nearest exit leading to Frigid Keep?"If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

09/30/2002 4:24 AM

OOC: Its Oshek anoke stared calling me doombug it's not I my pet worm they are the thing that dig the tunnels :)

IC: "All right all right I am up yes I have got a map but it maybe wrecked by the snow by now". Oshek gets up takes the snow and ice from his beard. "Yes I know the tunnels but friged keep moves arnound so it might not be there when we get there If we get there at all." "if we go throught the tunnels we will have to go past the worms breeding ground they can be very hostel" Oshek gets up looks for ale then turned to the fire and started warming up some strange liquid then drank it.

OOC: Like coffee hehehehehehehehehehehe :) ;) ?)Throwing away Spirties is like wasting a Life

09/30/2002 1:50 PM

" Well, the other paths may have worse threats than giant worms. Time is an enemy, I have decided that I will go through the tunnels, Oshek i need you to come with me. You have great skill dwarf. Will you accompany me?" Ronjo looked at the dwarf with a slight smile.
" And you Anoke. I will need your magic and your power. Will you face the danger that lies ahead?" Ronjo extended his arm in front of him and clenched his fist, waiting for the others to accept.

OOC: You know the thing where you put your hand on mine thing, yeah you got it! :)If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

09/30/2002 3:15 PM

IC: Oshek put down his ale clap a hand on top of Ronjo tightly and waits for anoke.

OOC: there eehehehehehe :)Throwing away Spirties is like wasting a Life

10/01/2002 1:24 AM

OOC: whoops! sorry guys, didn't mean to hold you up! And sorry Doombug! My bad for calling you Doombug instead of Oshek!

IC: Anoka eyed the two speculatively and then with a small smile, placed her hand atop the two others.

"We have a pact gentlemen, against a common enemy. Let us do right by our forefathers and see that Shiver brings no more harm to these plains".

She looked once more at the dwarf.

"Tunnels you say?". It seemed to be the agreed mode of travel. Anoka thought carefully before she started to weave her spell.

A bright flash of white blurred the men's vision for a moment, and then the witch woman was no more. Standing before them, watching the pair with perfect nightvision- was something else entirely.

So long and thanks for all the fish...

10/01/2002 5:17 PM

Ronjo smiled in relief.

" We shall be on our way. Oshek, you say the only way to the tunnels is through a cave of snow leopards? Anoke, perhaps you can speak with the leopards when we get there." Ronjo took his pack from Oshek and slung it on his shoulder with a smile and said " You have gained your respect dwarf."

The trio began their journey to Katadin Mountain, where the snow leopards lived.If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

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10/02/2002 12:29 PM

OOC: :)

IC: "Anoke what are you doing here anyways I mean way out here and what are you I have never seen anyone or thing like you?"Throwing away Spirties is like wasting a Life

10/03/2002 7:49 AM

IC: Anoka growled in response- in leopard, it could have meant anything....

OOC: you do pick your moments Doombug. LOL- Are you going to tell me now that you speak leopard?

So long and thanks for all the fish...

10/03/2002 3:01 PM

The trio walked through the snow. They were heading up a steep slope. They were nearing the cave when suddenly an object went flying down the mountain and landed a few yards away to them. Ronjo approached it. He ran back to the other two with a look of disgust on his face. " It's a bloody snow leopard!" Suddenly they heard clanking above, near the cave.

" The snow leopards! They need our help!" Ronjo did not hesitate. He ran up the remaining slope.

He was now looking at the cave in terror. Standing in the cave entrance was a huge ogre carrying an enormous flail. Ronjo guessed it was about eight feet tall! Further inside the cave, Ronjo saw about a dozen snow leopards backed up against the cave wall. Around the ogre lay a couple of larger male snow leopards, bleeding in the snow.

The ogre then caught glimpse of Ronjo. Ronjo lifted his spear and the ogre charged towards him. He was planning on thrusting it in the ogre's throat as soon as it was close enough. However, his plans were disturbed when a white wolf dove on top of Ronjo. It was two on one. Ronjo would surely lose this fight, alone that is.

Ronjo managed to flip over the wolf in time to say two words.
"Oshek! Anoke!" Ronjo yelled. The ogre was slowly approaching the hurt tusker.
If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

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10/03/2002 4:18 PM

OOC: I don't know lepored

IC: Oshek hearing the cry from Ronjo had now forgot about try to speak to a leopard. He charge towards the cry a stoped died with the sit he say. Ronjo with a hugh ogre berring down on hit with a wolf holding his down. Oshek thinking fast drew up one of his throwing axe and whiped at the wolf. With out seeing if the axe hit oshek drew out his big axe and the runes flared with life and the axe became fiery red and started to glow. "Damn you Ogre you are going to pay for what you have done!!" Oshek charges toward the ogre.

OOC: nice thinking man I didn't know how to atc when moving :)Throwing away Spirties is like wasting a Life

10/04/2002 7:51 AM

OOC: Nice one!

BIC: Anoka studied the orgre carefully. From her vast studies over the years, she knew that an ogre's weakest point was at the back of its neck.

Taking a cautious step back, the snowcat heaved its mighty muscles and dived at the orgre, its paws sinking into the furred back. Anoka ripped her teeth into the back of the neck of the orgre.

Her mouth filled with the vbile taste of ogre blood but she continues her attack regardless.

At the back of her mind- the fear grew. What had happened to the cubs? Had they been harmed by this creature? Her hatred grew and her attack became more savage.So long and thanks for all the fish...

10/04/2002 7:01 PM

OOC: Thank you. I couldnt have done it without Jorza's great idea of snow leopards and Doombugs great idea of having a snow leopard cave by the tunnel.

IC: Ronjo awoke. He was inside a cave, his head lying on a cloth. He touched his head and felt a slashing wound and one of his tusks were bloody, the pain was gone however. He rose to a sitting position and saw the ogre and wolf lying dead on the snow. Surrounding the wolf were snow leopard cubs, having a joyous feast. Suddenly a snow leopard came up to him and licked his cheek. He noticed Oshek rolling around playfully with a few of the snow leopards. He then noticed Anoke speaking with a large male.

" Anoke. What happened? What do the snow leopards say?" Ronjo rose to a stand, his flappy, webbed feet slapping on the cave floor.If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

10/06/2002 9:06 AM

OOC: lol I am getting attack by small baby leopards.

IC: Oshek standing up shaking the small leopards from his back and throwing a piece of wolf for them to fight over walked over to Ronjo. "So you finnaly woke up did ya sorry about that slash on your head must of hit you whenI threw one of my axes and the wolf on well sorry about that" With that oshek takes out a small pouch made out of wolf fur." "I guess you could say its a I am sorry prestent" "Open it up see whats inside".

OOC: Think of something I can't :)Throwing away Spirties is like wasting a Life

10/06/2002 12:14 PM

Shiver lay on the floor of the wide cavern, the icy cold floor beneath his belly comforting. He had been busy over the past few days, destroying ice barbarian villages, making allies of the walrus men, the thanoi.
He found that the humans bred too quickly, and he exterminated many males, of fighting age. He delighted in the sport, and it never failed to soothe his icy temper. That way, no one would dare stand up to him in his realm. Content with himself, he returned to his citadel, his Frigid Keep, the castle of a long dead mage.

The treasure lay beneath him, mounds of coins and jewelry, exquisitely cut gems, gleaming swords of elven and dwarven make, some magical he could sense. But atop his pile, of all the great treasures in his lair, was the Amulet of Harkuun.


A powerful artifact, wielded by a great mage known and feared by many, who lived in the time of the Kingpriest. He worked powerful magicks, and he was high in regard of Nuitari, the god of dark secrets and magic.
But he had been assasinated in his sleep, by another dark mage who was jealous of his power. He took from him his amulet, the Amulet of Harkuun. It was made of obsidian black pearls, from which dangled a large blood gem, that gleamed and glowed with an inner light.

It had the power to dry the blood from any man, to make it dust within his veins, among other things. It would grant unimagineable power to the wielder if he is of dark alingment, and so it went from the hands of dark mages to others, as they fought for the artifact.
It became lost, after one such mage brought it to the icey realms of the south. He made a great castle, calling upon the powers of elementals to build him a great citadel, a bastion for himself.
He died after awhile, the power within the Amulet too much for him to bear anymore. Since it had been dormant in the caslte, awaiting a new master. That's when he, Shiver, the Breath of Winter, had moved in and claimed the keep as his own, renaming it to Frigid Keep.

10/07/2002 5:27 AM

OOC: I think I'll just slip into something more comfortable so I can talk again

BIC: A change in the air, a slight murmur, barely audiable in the icy breaze, and the snow witch was once again standing before them.

They could tell by her eyes that she was pleased witht he outcome of the fight. The cubs were feeding- well, that was one worry of her plate!

"They thank you for your aid" she said, patting a snow cat affectionately. "They have seen the dragon!".

She paused then, her eyes darkening with hate.

"Shiver has been having sport Oshek- with your people and mine. He has killed many it would seem. He must be stopped!". So long and thanks for all the fish...

10/07/2002 3:40 PM

OOC: Hey Darksage, my guys a thanoi. So it would be easier if you allied with ogres, more variety that way. You can keep it if you want, but my tribe is not allied with you.

IC: " Oshek, hold on." Ronjo turned to Anoke.

" I suppose we are allowed into the tunnels in the back of the cave, are we not? Ask them where they are and maybe one can guide us through the cave. Are your cubs coming with us?"

Ronjo looked back at Oshek. He opened up the wolf-skin pouch. He felt something small. He lifted his hand to find a ring. He put it on with happiness.

" Oshek! Where did you get this? What can it do?"If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

10/08/2002 12:45 PM

OOC: Fun

Ronjo looked back at Oshek. He opened up the wolf-skin pouch. He felt something small. He lifted his hand to find a ring. He put it on with happiness.

" Oshek! Where did you get this? What can it do?"

IC: "You don't think I can guide use threw..." "Well you are probably right it has been quite along time" "O yes the ring I found it inside the wolf" "Really to think about it that might not have been a wolf at all" "Iy it might have been a witch like our friend anoke here" "I have read the small runes on the inside band and they say"

"Tho the ring looks it is just a ring the wearer will strike like a wolf move like a wolf and fight like a wolf"
But if you look at it the other way it says
"The way to the heart points the way to prize"

Since I don't know what it is I shall leave it to ya

Oshek turn and jumps and the cubs and continues to fight.
Throwing away Spirties is like wasting a Life

10/08/2002 1:42 PM

Anoka turned to the cats, and then after a few words were passed, turned back to her companions.

"Hylo - their best path finder has agreed to guide us through the tunnels to the keep. As for the ring my friend, it is possible that the wolf was a witch, but not one that I have met before. I have never seen a ring like that before, but my magic does not use artifacts. I draw my energy from the air above and the ground below. It is elemental force that I use".

The witch rubbed a cub affectionately, her face thoughtful. She touched their minds. She was saying goodbye.

"Now that Shiver has returned to his keep- I think it can be taken as read that he has put out a call to evil, and that we shall be facing many more denizens before we reach his lair.

I for one am looking forward to the challenge!".

The witch grinned.

"Shall we move on. I think it best to leave the cubs here for now. They are fed, and much safer than in a dragon's nest!".So long and thanks for all the fish...

10/11/2002 9:32 PM

" Yes we will leave now." Ronjo looked suspiciously at the ring. It began to glow.

" Oshek what the hell is going on!" Suddenly where Ronjo, a thanoi warrior, once stood, was now a small white bunny. The snow leopards glared at him with hunger. Anoke luckily held the hungry cubs back.If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

10/12/2002 4:01 AM

Anoka laughed openly at the twist of fate that had turned the mighty thanoi into a leopard's teatime snack.

"Well!", she said with some surprise, taking up the ring in her hand. She examined the ring cautiously- Anoka had no intention of turning into a rabbit herself.

"Ronjo my friend- I think you've swallowed more than you can chew with this ring. Anoka said a few words under her breadth, her eyes grew distant. There was a faint lift to the air and the rabbit turned into a wolf. She smiled appreciatively.

"Sorry Ronjo", she apologised- "just testing", she said, before Ronjo was once again turned into his human form. She handed the ring back.

The snow witch was smiling:

"I think we have ourselves an advantage here!", she said proudly.So long and thanks for all the fish...

10/12/2002 5:42 AM

IC: Oshek wondering why the cubs stoped fighting him and turned to see Ronjo had been turned in to a rabbit... After oshek laughing attack."I think it is time to be going."Throwing away Spirties is like wasting a Life

10/12/2002 3:32 PM

Ronjo was embarassed. Even the snow leopards were laughing at him. He then joined in and started to laugh. It just might have been the first time a tusker ever laughed at all.

" Well, im sure rabbit form can come to use someday, But not now, NOW we must leave."

Hylo led them farther into the dark cave. Ronjo held a torch given to him by Oshek. Next to him was Anoke who still had tears in her eyes from the laughing fit. Oshek had the rear and was singing some digging song

Ronjo continued following the snow leopard into the cave. Without warning, Ronjo tripped over a large rock. He flew down and watched as his torch went flying down a large tunnel right in front of him. That could have been him, falling to his death.

" Wow! That was close." Ronjo got up and watched as the orange light went down in the depths of the tunnels.

" Oshek, get the rope."If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

10/13/2002 7:36 AM

"Strike the rock with the hammer,Destroy the rocks with the worms, the all mighty rock protects it's children,we children of the ground ,..." Oshek starts singing in some kind of dwarfven. Oshek hearing Ronjo swings of his backpack to the ground a gets out some rope. Oshek walks over to the ronjo and hands over the rope. (Oshek is quite drunk)Throwing away Spirties is like wasting a Life

10/14/2002 1:28 AM

"I'm surprisedthat hylo didn't sense the hole Ronjo", Anoka said, coming over to inspect the hole more closely.

At the depth. the slight flicker of the torch could be discerned. "Let me make some light to aid us on our way down", said Anoka.

She whispered a few heathen words. There was a slight stir to the damp air in the tunnel, and then a dim green lumination filled the tunnel.

"I know it's a bit spooky gentlemen but its the light from the moss growing on the rocks. I have just enhanced it a little and for a short duration so that we may safely descend".So long and thanks for all the fish...

10/14/2002 3:19 PM

" Alright friends, heres how its gonna work, the rope can only hold a certain amount of wait so i'll go down first with Hylo on my back, after that, Anoka, you and Oshek come down together. Dont come down till i make my call at the bottom.

Ronjo got down onto the rope. He signaled to Hylo who jumped on his back. He got a new torch from Oshek and held it in his mouth. He slowly accended down the rope. The green light lit the way. He finished the 60 feet of rope and made it to the bottom. He was just about to yell up when suddenly, from the darkness, came a loud, repetative booming sound.

Hylo hid behind Ronjo in fear. Ronjo got his spear from his back. In fear, Ronjo hurled his torch into the darkness. Revealed in front of him was a large hairy beast on all fours. Ronjo did not know what it was. It had two large curling horns that were worn from bashing.

" Oh damn." Ronjo muttered to himself.

" Guys! Get down here fas..oof!" Ronjo was interupted with a slam to the gut by the horns of the beast. Hylo ran at the beast. It landed on it;s back and dug its claws inside the beasts skin. Ronjo recovered and hurled the spear at the beast's side as Hylo distracted it. It roared, shaking the whole tunnel. The beast made a sudden jerk, causing Hylo to go flying into the tunnel wall. Ronjo needed a rescue once again.If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

10/15/2002 12:18 PM

Oshek being drunk as he is got out a new rope grabed on to it with on hand,After looping it around a hugh chunk go rock took out his battle axe whispered a few words

"spirts helps the soul go on" The axe flares in to life with fire dancing along the side. Then Oshek Jumps off the side and flys toward the bottom...

OOC: Think of a funny or good thing to come on this :)Throwing away Spirties is like wasting a Life

10/15/2002 2:28 PM

Ronjo was backed up against the wall. The beast came closer and closer. Ronjo thought this was the end, when suddenly Oshek, the flying drunk dwarf, flew down the shaft and landed right on top of the beast, knocking them both out. Ronjo laughed with joy.

" Great work Oshek!" Ronjo patted his unconcious friend on the back. Ronjo then lifted his spear and finished the beast by planting the tip right into its head.

Ronjo waited for Oshek to REGATHER himself.

" Now we just wait for Anoka."If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

10/16/2002 1:25 AM

Anoka sped down the rope in quick time.

"Sorry guys- better latethan never!", she chortled. she eyd the beast speculatively. "So what have we here?".

She went to see that the dwarf had not sustained any permanent injuries, and once she was satisfied that he was no more than knocked out, gathered the green light around her till it glowed like a soft globe in her outstretched palm.

"It's a mamouth!", she said with some suprise. "I thought them extinct". She examined the tusks carefully. It was a very old animal by its condition.

"Iwonder what it was guading so ferociously? We may be getting close gentlemen", she said to ehr companions. "Shiver is known to transport all manner of beasts from the past- he has the power to cross time. he is an old and powerful dragon".So long and thanks for all the fish...

10/16/2002 6:18 PM

" Well, if Oshek was correct, we still need to pass through the giant worm breeding grounds. That could be very dangerous."

The three continued their journey through the tunnels. It was beginning to get very boring. All they did was walk for about 10 hours. The trio and the snow leopard rested by an intersection in the tunnels. There was three possible directions.

" Oh well Oshek. What now?" The three sat and thought. When suddenly Ronjo had an idea.

" Wait, Oshek, you said that the breeding grounds would be on our way to the tunnel exit right? So all we have to do is find a clue to figure out which direction is right. Maybe a sound or a smell. Hylo might be able to help us there. Im guessing he has the best senses here."If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

10/17/2002 12:08 PM

"Yes that will tell us were to move and I know just what to look for a small pile of rocks in kind of a circle and I would need rock from that circle to tell where to go."

Oshek looks around and finds one he picks it up and bites into to it

"Not that way keep looking" I will check the left some one else check the middle and right.Throwing away Spirties is like wasting a Life

10/17/2002 6:14 PM

" Uhhh okay." Ronjo looked at the dwarf in confusion. Why was he biting rocks? Ronjo walked over to the right entrance. He picked up two rocks and slammed them onto his tusks. He was suprised that one ran strait through one of his tusks. However, the other didnt. In pain Ronjo yelled to Oshek.

"Hey! I think I found it!" He slipped the rock off his tusk and showed to hole to his dwarf friend.If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

10/17/2002 6:17 PM

" Uhhh okay." Ronjo looked at the dwarf in confusion. Why was he biting rocks? Ronjo walked over to the right side entrance. He picked up two rocks and slammed them onto his tusks. He was suprised that one ran strait through one of his tusks. However, the other didnt. In pain Ronjo yelled to Oshek.

"Hey! I think I found it!" He slipped the rock off his tusk and showed the hole to his dwarven friend.

OOC: one of you can explain the journey also. So how about one of you bring us to these BREEDING GROUNDS.

If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

10/18/2002 1:50 AM

The three companions ventured forth through the cave enterance that Ronjo had found. Oshek and the leopard led the way, Ronjo next and the snow witch kep guard at the rear.

The green glow of the moss lamp began to fade into nothing as the hours drifted slowly by. The three began to despair that they would never reach the reeding grounds of the worms but they kept on gong. At last the magical lamp in her hand faded into nothing, along with ehr hope and Anoka stopped walking.

"It is no use- we will be walking in this darkness forever!", she cried out. Oshek trned around and shook his head.

"Not long", Anoka, he promised. "I can almost smell them now". Oshek cheered them with one of his silly drinking songs and for once, the out of key notes did not annoy the snow witch. They cheered her spirits and gave her new hope. If they were still capable of laughing at their predicament - then they still had a chance!

Before long, Anoka and Ronjo were singing along with the dwarf. They were all badly out of key- they would never win a karoke competition- but they were smiling once more!So long and thanks for all the fish...

10/18/2002 11:30 AM

After the singing Oshek looked around. The glimmer of light went in to his eyes... "We are almost there"... Oshek starts hiting the walls in till and old part of the rock is shown. On the rock there is carved "O BS" (Oshek Blood Smash)

"It my name I knew we were going the right way I was the one who made this tunnel."

"about 20 mins of walking and we will be in danger of attack by worm they will come shooting through the wal... BOOM A wall starts breaking on the other side of the tunnel. It creaks and a hugh worms bursts in the tunnel in front of them. "On it a mother be ready to fight" Oshek draws his axeThrowing away Spirties is like wasting a Life

10/18/2002 8:52 PM

" A mother. But where are its babies?" Ronjo yelled above the commotion. At that moment three giant worms slammed through the opposite side of the tunnel.

" Oshek, those dont look like babies!" Ronjo lifted his spear and thrust it into a baby worms side. He yanked it out and gave his command.

" Run!" Ronjo sprinted down the tunnel. He looked back at the baby worm chasing him, the one he had stabbed. Its razor sharp teeth glistened in the faint light made by the torch in Ronjos hands. He turned a corner and found himself in a large, oval shaped room. In it lay about fifty giant worms, all sleeping. Ronjo froze. Silence was interupted when the worm behind him sent him flying into the center of the room. The worms awoke! Ronjo held them at bay with his torch, but time was ticking. He thought about his friends, and how they were doing. He was happy for them, they were probably in a better position than Ronjo was at the moment.

" Oshek! Come here fast!" Ronjo yelled as loud as he could, still fending off the worms. " Do you have any explosives or anything like that? Something that helped you in digging, you know, when the worms werent hungry anymore!" He was backed up against the wall now and he was surrounded. He yelled out some final words.

" Dammit Oshek! Blow up these mother f*cK@$!" In seconds Ronjo was toppled on by giant worms. If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

10/19/2002 7:25 PM

Oshek running after digging in his pack drew out a small rock "It may look small but it pack's a punch for these things watch" Oshek taps some runes and the thing starts to glow. Oshek then throws it in the opposite way... " RUN LIKE CRAP" ...

OOC: BIG BOOM RUN LIKE CRAP SOME ONE MAKE UP END :)Throwing away Spirties is like wasting a Life

10/19/2002 7:41 PM

Ronjo lay, covered with blood. He was confused, for he felt no pain. He kicked off the giant worms that were lying on top of him. He jumped on one and began thrusting it with his spear. He wondered why the worm wasnt fighting back. He lifted his head and looked around the room, realizing it was full of dead giant worms.

" God bless you Oshek." Ronjo had heard the dwarf screaming down the tunnels. Luckily the worms covered him, protecting him from the explosion.
Ronjo ran back to the tunnels. He saw small foot prints and began to follow them. After a mile of running he found Oshek.

" Good work back there. Hey, where's Anoka?"If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

10/19/2002 8:01 PM

" I don't know I throw it and ran but I think she is all right she can take care of here self and the leapord is with here so I think she will find us in time" Oshek sits down and lites a fire

OOC: On at the same time :) :) ;)Throwing away Spirties is like wasting a Life

10/20/2002 5:40 AM

It had happened in seconds. She'd barely had time to collect her thoughts. One moment she was starring at the open mouthed mother worm, and then suddenly Ronjo and Oshek were battling three more and then silence. The darkness had entrapped her. The smell was foul and the air humid. By her side Hylo growled pitifully. She silenced the leopard with a hand, she suddenly realised where they were....in the belly of the giant worm.

Anoka shook her head- she had been in far worse places but she could not thing of any that had smelled quite so wretched. The witch rose to her fett, and began the incantation. A white light spread out before her and all around her and the leopard.

THe expolosion rocked the tunnels. Worm meat went flying in every direction. Loose rocks crumbled and fell from the ceiling. Anoka wiped the grime from her face and arms. Shje smelled of worm! She wanted a bath very badly but she kenw that it would have to wait.

Tapping Hylo on the back, she set off, following the tracks of the baby worm, hoping that it would lead her in the direction on Oshek and Ronjo. But for the moment they were seperated.

She had not travelled far when she came to the open cavern that was the worm's nest. She could detect the smell of dwarf sulphur in the air, from the explosive that Ronjo had used, and guessed what had happened. There were no sign of her two companions however. Hylo was smelling the ground, trying to pick up a scent, when his ears suddenly pricked up!

Anoka stilled and then here eyes focused into the shadows where a shape was shifting and forming from the shadows. her blood ran cold. It was a death wraith- another of Shiver's pets.

As the demon began to take shape before her, Anoka knew that it was too late to run. She spoke to Hylo through her mind.

Run! She said. Fetch Oshek and Ronjo. I will fend the creature off for as long as I can. So long and thanks for all the fish...

10/21/2002 12:21 PM

OOC: I am making a website is it ok if I put this story on it :) ? I will give you credit of course

IC: Oshek was just getting ready to cook some Famous Dwarf Stew when Hylo came bounding up the path and started to move its head "Hey its Hylo I think its trying to tell us something"...

OOC: Thats as much as I can do don't know leapord :)Throwing away Spirties is like wasting a Life

10/21/2002 12:50 PM

OOC wow! i haven't been to this one in awhile, and look how it blossomed! wow. by the way Doombug, feel free to use the story. I only started it, you guys made it happen ;)"You cannot reach them. We tried once, yes, precious. I tried once;
but you cannot reach them. Only shapes to see, perhaps, not to touch.
No precious! All dead." -Gollum

10/21/2002 1:44 PM

OOC: Hey Dark Sage! Come join the party! Three is a good number, but fours even better! Oh yeah guys, im gonna be gone for five days, so after this post dont wait for me, ill catch up when i get back.

IC: " Wheres Anoka!" Ronjo jumped up. " Come on Oshek, i think shes in trouble. Hylo lead the way!" The snow leopard led them to a small tunnel. Ronjo heard sounds of battle.

" Anoka!" Ronjo turned and saw Anoka fending off a wraith. Ronjo charged it with his spear but was flung onto a very hard rock.If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

10/22/2002 1:54 AM

Anoka was very upset!

The wraith was far too experienced to be fooled by any of the illusion spells she had cast at it so far. It seemed that the role of the dice was playing agains her this time.

She tried one more spell, but the wraith banished her invisibility spell with an easy spell of its own. The snow witch knew when she was out of ehr depth. She hoped that by the end of this adventure, she would have wracked up enugh experience to deal witht he wraith on the return journey.

She saw the hunter and the dwarf come running into the cave and quickly went to them. Ronjo had been thrown to the ground and Anok and Hylo quickly went to stand over him.

Anoka turned to Oshek.

"We must retreat", she said. "This wraith is no novice and my magic is not strong enough yet to battle with him".So long and thanks for all the fish...

10/24/2002 6:08 AM

OOC: sorry to hold you up been very very sick lattly

IC:"Ok run one more trick I have and it only works here"
"NOW RUN" oshek reachs into his pack and draws out a horn " now its time to run very fast lotta worms coming "BMMMMMMMMMMMM"Oshek blew threw the horn write away the rock started to move and then the Wraith just got eaten by a worm. " That won't hold him for long and there are more worms coming. " NOW RUN Oshek starts dashing down the pathThrowing away Spirties is like wasting a Life

10/25/2002 3:42 AM

Jorza and Hylo picked up the inert Ronjo and ran after Oshek. The last thing the snow witch wanted was to be swallowed by a worm again. So long and thanks for all the fish...

10/27/2002 12:13 PM

Ronjo awoke to find himself lying on snow. He stood up in suprise.

" What is this?! Have we made it out of the tunnels?" Ronjo was extremely confused, but excited at the same time. He remembered being slammed against the tunnel wall by a wraith. He heard a horn blow then lots of commotion. Every thing after that was blank.

" What has happened?" He asked Anoka, Oshek, and Hylo.If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

10/30/2002 2:29 AM

"It's alright", said Anoka- "we had a few problems with the wraith but Oshel blew on his horn and we ran away before a worm came to collect its dinner".

She looked around her. The three of them had made it out of the tunnels and were standing on the edge of a large cliff. the snowy plain was laid out before them on one side. the other was the sheer wall of rock.

"It looks like we have a mountain to climb", said the snow witch.
So long and thanks for all the fish...

10/30/2002 11:15 AM

Oshek takes out his rope and throws it up to a bit of rock and starts to climb

OOC: Short and sweetThrowing away Spirties is like wasting a Life

10/30/2002 2:51 PM

Ronjo looked at the rope akwardly. He walked right up to the wall and began to climb, not using the rope. He was at the top and looked out, over the horizon. In the distance he saw a large black fortress floating in the sky. Towers of ice shot up from the floating citadel. Ronjo thought he caught glimpse of a dragon. He was so amazed, he looked down at the others to see if they saw. When he looked back, it was gone.

" Hey you guys! I saw it! I saw Frigid Keep." Ronjo chanted, shaking his spear in excitement. He looked down from the mountain and saw a large bay. After that there was large, dry planes of ice. The fortress disapeared in clouds over the plains.

" Im going down there!" Ronjo was so excited. It had been a long time since he's seen water, his favorite thing. He dove right off the cliff, head first. His companions looked at him like he was insane when he zoomed by them, heading head first towards the bay. He landed smoothly in the water with a splash then came back up and waved to the others.

" Brrrrr! I've never witnessed it this cold!" Ronjo shouted up to his friends, 150 feet away.If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

10/31/2002 5:14 AM

((OOC: I'm too late, right? I kinda got grounded for my grades :( ...Neways, I've kept up, and I'm inclined to keep doing so.))

Blaze smiled coldly...the only thing that was even remotely cool in the inferno he had made of the worm's nest. Flame was everywhere, raising the heat of the cavern to such heights that even a fire dragon would have had to struggle a little to keep itself from having the heat burn through its hide. The lesser worms, however, did not stand such a chance. They writhed in the heat until they disintegrated, leaving but ashes on the floor. Blaze, still in human form, stepped on the ashes with his foot and kept walking...until he heard a deep rumbling from the fingerlike hallways that extended in all directions. Blaze made sure he knew which hallway to follow before he turned and faced the mother worm, who seemed powerful enough to keep from dying under the intense heat.

Blaze unsheathed his flametongue and threw arcs of fire at the worm, arcs that would have killed any but the most skilled fighters and mages. The worm, however, shrugged the flames off like one would a fly and lunged at Blaze. Blaze smiled and avoided the worm's tackle.
"I suppose I should 'warm up' before my real fight,' he said to no one in particular.
His form changed rapidly. The blind worm couldn't see him, but it could smell him and feel the heat of the cavern rise to even higher heights, and it began shuddering convulsively. No longer was the cavern large to blaze, who had to nearly stoop in his natural form. Fire and smoke filled the room, both finding their sources in the balrog that sent gargantuan columns of fire at the worm, killing it slowly, piece by piece. Blaze feasted with ravenous hunger.

The companions felt a shudder as the caverns they had just escaped collasped in upon itself. A single form came running towards them, bruised and scarred. Looking up, the stranger called out to them for help, then fell facefirst into the snow, a strange-looking sword hanging at his side and an even stranger jewelled bracer on his arm. He was smiling contentedly, a trail of blood down the side of his mouth.

10/31/2002 4:59 PM

OOC: Your great! Sure you can join! A balrog in DL, sweeet!

IC: Ronjo was overcome by confusion when the bay got very warm all of a sudden. He got out of it in fear, standing on the grounds at the exit of the tunnel. He was looking at the water in bewilderment. In moments, a man ran out of the tunnel exit right before it collapsed.

"Umm....Hello." Ronjo had never been so confused in his life. The man did not answer but just fell to the floor. Ronjo poked him with his spear. He did not move.

" Oh!" Ronjo yelled in anger. " Anoke, get back down here fast! Im not good at this stuff!" Ronjo shouted up to his friends on the cliff.If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

11/01/2002 4:01 AM

Anoka did as ehr frind bid and made a hasty descent down the cliff. She looked at the collapsed form before her. A balrog? Well- she had seen many things in her long life and this was no surprise to her.

She whispered a few words oer the inert form and slowly brought him back to health.

"Well friend", she said to the balrog. "What might be your story?". So long and thanks for all the fish...

11/02/2002 4:23 AM

((OOC: Sorry i didn't clear this up. Blaze is in human form.))

11/02/2002 1:16 PM

OK- lets just say that the witch was able to use her intuition a nd scrying powers to identify that the human lying on the ground was not quite what he appeared to be.

BTW: Welcome to the game!


Anoka rose from her kneeling position by the human and called her companions around her.

"We should proceed on to the castle", she said. "Our new companion can tell us his tale on the way". She turned to the warrior.

"Since you sigted the Keep, best that you lead us. Hylo and I will watch our rear. I suspect that the closer we get to Frigid Keep, the more surprises the white dragon will have instore for us". The sno witch was beggining to realise that Shiver had a very bad sense of humour. First a mamoth and then a death wraith...what ever next?So long and thanks for all the fish...

11/02/2002 1:49 PM

" Okay, follow me. Hopefully we will get to the other side of this bay by sun-set." Ronjo jumped back in the ice cold water. He waited in the water for the others. After all were in, Ronjo kindly allowed the shivering Hylo on his back.

Ronjo swam with ease. He made it to the other side within hours. However, he looked back and his three companions were only a little passed half way. Ronjo sighed and began to pet Hylo in boredom.

When Ronjo looked up again to check his friends progress, he noticed something else that sent shivers down his spine.

Behind his friends he thought he had seen a large white tail of some sort of serpent. He rubbed his eyes and looked again. SPLASH!!!! A humongous serpent head rose from the depths, standing 15 feet tall out of the water. Its teeth snapped at the air threateningly, revealing its many sharp teeth.

" SWIM! SWIM FOR YOUR LIVES!" Ronjo screamed to his friends, who had not yet noticed the giant white serpent.If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

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11/02/2002 5:22 PM

Blaze, after finding himself somewhat disgruntled by the snow witch's power intuition, felt himself reluctant in going into the water. He could not summon an Undine, though he felt himself wishing he had a water-enchanted creature to do his bidding. He sighed as he cast greater endure elements upon himself and slowly walked into the water. He noticed the snow witch regarding him with scrutiny. Shrugging, he swam, or whatever it was called.

Something tingled inside him. The warning increased by the demi-human's shout, Blaze whirled around, fending off a giant fang with his blade. The air sizzled around him again as the blade glowed threateningly, almost as threatening as the glowing eyes of its master.

The serpent glared at the sword and its owner for a moment before turning around and looking at 'The easier prey'. Blaze smiled a thin-lipped smile and kept on his way. If the witch could look through his magic, than she would most likely survive this with a couple of scratches or maybe a wound.

It was a good way to assess her power if Blaze ever came to a fight with her.

11/03/2002 2:12 AM

Anoka had never enjoyed swimming and the sting of the cold water did not make the experience any more enjoyable. She felt the rise and swell of the icy tide against her skin and then heard Ronjo shouting out the warning to them. She turned in time to see the approaching serpent.

She glared at the approaching serpent in annoyance before holding her breadth and diving deep into the water. It was a long way to the sandy bottom but she used her magic to aid her, turning herself into a mermaid on the descent down. The serpent followed her, so she knew she had to work quickly. She realised that this would give Oshek time to make it across to the other side and was glad for her friend.

She swam swiftly, her tail fin flicking like mad till she reached the edge of a rocky reef. Embedded deep in the rock, she found something she could make use of. The fossil was only a part of the Coelacanth, a 400 million year old fish- but she brought it to life with her magic. The "living fossil," came to life under the guidance of the witch's magic. The serpent paused as the giant Coelacanth began to swim towards its prey.

Anoka knew that the outcome of the battle would be inevitable. Her Coelacanth was far bigger and would win. She swam to the other end of the shore and changed back to her human form. She climbed out of the water, shivering.

Casting here eyes about, she saw the pile of drift wood and set it alight with a few words. The wood burst into flames and they all drifted towards the fire to warm themselves. Hylo came to her side and Anoka gently patted his head.

So long and thanks for all the fish...

11/03/2002 4:34 AM

"Frail beings!" snarled Blaze under his breath as he watched them all crowd around a pathetically small fire.
"Let us keep going," he said, forcing a smile with his human mouth. The large ruby set upon his bracer glowed as he summoned an elder fire elemental.
"We can make better time if we keep walking. We are all going to fight the dragon, I presume?"
The snow witch knew he was a balrog. So what? The rest of them didn't know at that was good enough for now. They refused.
"We should rest for now, for the sun is setting."
Under his cloak, Blaze's hand clutched his sword in exasperation. He almost felt their burning flesh under his blade, but he controlled himself.
"Very well. I will scout ahead and see what is to come."
Beckoning to the waiting elemental, he strode away from the fire, his eyes glowing red as soon as they were turned away from the others.

Ahead of him was a frozen forest, sparkling like crystal under the newly lit stars. The fire elemental provided enough heat for the disguised balrog to feel comfortable as he entered the forest. A let out a sigh. A sigh that nearly killed him.

The branches above him shattered and fell in a deadly barrage of spear-like frozen branches. Many did not make it through the heat that the fire elemental made, but one particularly large one managed to make it through and make a gash upon Blaze's arm. He swore and cursed his frail form, making even more fall. The elemental guarded him this time, though it slightly wounded itself in the process.

Keeping quiet this time, he left the forest the way he came, deciding to tell the other travellers about what was ahead. Not that he cared about them. He just needed guinea pigs to test the might of the dragon.

Blaze hadn't lived this long without being cautious.

11/04/2002 12:41 PM

Ronjo waited for the Blaze to be out of sight.

"Hurry. Pick up your stuff. There's something about that man I do not like. He is an ungrateful bastard!" Ronjo began to march across the plains of ice. He heard sounds of wood burning and branches falling.

" Damn! We should have left him at the tunnel entrance to die." Ronjo whispered to Oshek and Jorza who followed behind him.If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

11/14/2002 2:15 AM

"That man is a Balrog", Anoka said, as she followed behind Ronjo and Oshek. "And I agree that he is not to be trusted".

She patted the snow lepard at her side. She could tell that Hylo was missing the others.

"The cause is worthwhile old friend", she whispered to the large snow cat. "Shiver cannot be left alone to cause havoc to our world".

The continued to march till they reached higher ground. In the distance they could see the burning forest.

"What the devil is that fool up to now?", demanded Jorza angrily. She cast her eyes about the sky for rain clouds. She did not like to meddle with nature but she was tempted to call on the winds- anything to stop that blaze from getting out of hand. So long and thanks for all the fish...

11/15/2002 5:16 AM

Blaze smiled and waved the flames away. The trees remained locked in cold ice, glimmering like silver and blood crystals under the two moonlights.

Frigid Keep was located upon a lone, steep and frozen mountain in the middle of the forest. The travellors would have to pass through the dangerous forest if they wanted to reach the lair of the mountain.

A powerful, ancient aura surrounded the forest, nullifying all magic that entered it. Blaze's own magic made, to him, barely a spark of the raging inferno he would have had if things had gone his way. But they hadn't and he was forced to improvise. Taking out his sword out of its sheath, he summoned his familiar, a human shaped demon with wings, he sent it over the forest, to find the whereabouts of the mountain. As soon as the shadow of the demon had flown over three yards of the glimmering trees, a large, crystalline spear erupted from under the trees, impaling the demon, who let out a horrifying shriek.

Blaze scowled. So he could not fly over the damned forest. He had to walk soundlessly. Like an elf! He snorted disgustedly and strode into the damned trees, soundlessly. Everything was fine for an hour...until he something grabbed him with a cold and jagged hand. Turning around, he found a frozen tree, holding him with a hand-like branch. Slowly more and more hands grabbed him, held him. Finally, he was held by all sides. They were ready to pull him apart...until a voice above them snarled 'stop.' the tree branches did not shatter and fall by the hundreds like spears. The trees moved away.

"Shiver wishes to see you." It was a voice. Most likely an air elemental.
"Tell Shiver to go shit ice, since he seems so fond of the stuff."
"very well. I will come to pick up the remnants of your carcass-"
Blaze shot an arc of fire from his sword towards the voice, which ended abruptly.
In exasperation, he...

((I want to see how you guys solve this before I present the solution that I had made when I made the forest.))"Then calm me...with your sword!"-Madoushi, Final Fantasy Unlimited

"Then fight me, Eisenthalas, and may I be damned to Chemosh if I do not see you writhe and disintegrate by my flames."-Ansulyrion, Fire Dragon

11/15/2002 4:01 PM

OOC: Starblade. We already discussed where Frigid Keep is. It moves in the sky. Its not in a forest! If you wanna control a thread this much, start your own.

IC: Ronjo placed down his spear and began making another fire. He felt relieved when he was away from the balrog. He took out a pot and poured water in it. He put in some slices of fish and held the pot over the fire.

" Im hungry. I'm cooking some fish i found down there." Ronjo smiled at Oshek and Anoka. Hylo ran up and grabbed a strip of fish out of the pot and devoured it. Ronjo shook his head in frustration.

" Where should we head now Anoka? Do you sense anything?" Ronjo asked the woman, who was currently summoning the rain.If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

11/15/2002 5:02 PM

((OOC:Sorry then. I guess I got carried away. :p))"Then calm me...with your sword!"-Madoushi, Final Fantasy Unlimited

"Then fight me, Eisenthalas, and may I be damned to Chemosh if I do not see you writhe and disintegrate by my flames."-Ansulyrion, Fire Dragon

11/19/2002 3:10 AM

Anoka whispered to the rainclouds and sent them hastening over to the fire. She felt tired and weary. The only thing she could sense at this moment was the same weariness and tiredness in her companions.

"We should make camp and then press on at first light. Hylo will take the first watch and then I".

It was a cold night. It felt as if she had laid her head to rest on the ground for only a bare moment before the tremors began. Anoka jumped to her feet. Hylo was growling fiercely at an unknown shape in the shadows. Rojno and Oshek were already on their feet, weapons at hand.

What approached? She tried to send her mind scanning further afield but her energies were low. Her mind was easily deflected.

"Expect trouble", was the only advise she could give her friends.She feared no danger, for she knew no sin.
Doomed to death, though fated not to die.
Panting and pensive now she ranged alone,
And wandered in the kingdoms once her own.

11/28/2002 3:40 AM

ooc: Is this thread dying? Anyone want to do a slavage job or shall we just let it float into the abyss with all those other unfinished stories of mine?

If anyone's game- I'm willing to carry on playing!

She feared no danger, for she knew no sin.
Doomed to death, though fated not to die.
Panting and pensive now she ranged alone,
And wandered in the kingdoms once her own.

11/29/2002 4:55 AM

ooc: Is this thread dying? Anyone want to do a slavage job or shall we just let it float into the abyss with all those other unfinished stories of mine?

If anyone's game- I'm willing to carry on playing!

I kinda got bored but I will join back in it just took way to long we were alwas close to it but couldn't get there so I am up for playing more.Throwing away Spirties is like wasting a Life

11/30/2002 5:50 PM

OOC: Lets finish this biotch!

IC: Ronjo stood quickly as he caught glimse of the horizon. There was an army, no doubt about it. Two armies! They were facing each other.

One army was easy to recognize. It was the Highlanders. The men from the mountains who loved gold and dressed in animal skin. Good, solid fighters. The other army was about three times its size. There were different species within the army. There were ogres in the front, thanoi ( like Ronjo) mixed with the ogres, and white wolves were mixed in the battlements. Some thanoi were mounted on the wolves. The army must be about 5,000 strong! However, the most threatening thing about this army was the floating citadel above it. Flying around the citadel was a huge dragon, the one the group had seen before.

" Frigid Keep!" Ronjo said in wonder. " Those tuskers! They wear the mark of my tribe! This cannot be!" Ronjo began to crumble to the floor.

" The Highlanders! They're fighting for their freedom! Nows our chance to fight. We have an ally! We must get others help." Ronjo shouted to the others.

" They arent attacking yet. They are still camped out. They will wait till morning!" Ronjo told the others. " Who else can we turn to?"

The sun was already setting and the trio had little time to decide.If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

12/01/2002 2:23 AM

OOC: How about...?

Anoka rose to her feet. "They have a dragon", she said. "The odds can only be evened in one way. We too must call upon a dragon. One as ancient and powerful as Shiver himself".

Anoka began to whisper the words under her breadth. An ancient incantantion, the words of which had not been spoken since the age of Might.

"Rise", she whispered. "Hark to our call. Rise and defend the future of our lands".

At first there was silence. Then a strong wind began to come to life. It arose swiftly and from the West. The clouds parted.

The battle cry of the giant was deafening to all ears. The dragon brought with it the new sun, the bright light glinting off it's gold scales, dazzling its opponent. Kale had awoken. He came to answer the call of the snow witch.
She feared no danger, for she knew no sin.
Doomed to death, though fated not to die.
Panting and pensive now she ranged alone,
And wandered in the kingdoms once her own.

12/01/2002 5:44 AM

OOC: ok watch this

IC: Oshek grabs his horn and blows hard but this it in controled burst like calling something the Osheks worm burst from the ground he jumps on it and wait 'sThrowing away Spirties is like wasting a Life

12/01/2002 6:18 PM

" Damn! Oshek that will help, but how much? I doubt it can help us win! The dragon is good, but Shiver is strong in magic! No, this is not enough. We need another army." Ronjo thought a while.

" Oshek, can you get anymore of those worms? Send Hylo to get the snow leopards. If they love this land, they will fight for it! I will go down to the Highlanders. Oshek, after you summon more worms, come down to the Highlander camp. Anoka, can you create any more creatures with your magic? I'm looking for quantity more than quality at the moment. Send your dragon to the Highlanders. We must let them know we are an ally. I will head down now." Ronjo began climbing down the cliff towards the campsite........If your expecting a kick in the balls and you get a slap in the face, its a victory!

12/02/2002 4:32 AM

"Right right getting more" Oshek stumbles backward the blows his horn again but this time the way they hured in the fight but more controled and about 5 mins 100 male warriors dug up from the ground. Oshek starts to move them all to the highlanders campsite.Throwing away Spirties is like wasting a Life

12/03/2002 5:17 AM

"Let battle commence!".

Anoka watched as Kale flew into the fury. More magical creatures? She thought about the request.

Quantity not Quality? She whispered the words of magic and wonder that drifted across the icy air. The ground shivered. The earth errupted. From the bowels of the snow covered earth ancient creatures- creatures that had been asleep for many many years and had nto seen the light of day for many a century came to the fore.

Anoka smiled. "I give you the great ancestors of my snow cats" as a host of saber tooth tigers leapt into the battle.

The snow witch fell to the ground, completely drained. She needed a moment to catch her breadth. And then she remembered the Balrog. Would he be a friend or a foe int his battle she wondered. She feared no danger, for she knew no sin.
Doomed to death, though fated not to die.
Panting and pensive now she ranged alone,
And wandered in the kingdoms once her own.

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